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Science/Technology / Re: Emeka Nelson Makes Truck That Is Powered By The Waste It Carries (pics) by larger20(m): 5:12pm On Apr 13, 2016
This needs to stop even though its a joke. You will never see this type of feature on Linda ikeji blog or other professional blog sites. I dont think it adds value when we have Innoson motors. It just create black stereotypes for your foreign visitors.

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Crime / Re: Smugglers Caught By Customs Officers In Oyo State Recently (Photos) by larger20(m): 7:41pm On Nov 24, 2015
Dont call them smugglers. That term is used for illegal transportation of goods or services. Just a bunch of guys trying to evade the law to save on taxation. Leave them alone. Who loves the tax man anyways?
Politics / ... by larger20(m): 7:31pm On Jan 22, 2015

Celebrities / Re: Photos Of Warri Billionaire Ayiri Emami & Family by larger20(m): 11:04pm On Nov 08, 2014
You are part of the problem. Every time a successful person enjoys his money, haters must hate, haters must use big fonts to trumpet their hate so that the world notice. If he was helping rehabilitate displaced victims of boko haram, No media will pick the story up. In case you are ill informed, Media only focuses on sensitizing stories to get higher viewership and there is nothing to sensitize about in helping displaced victims of boko haram. It is the Nigerian Governments Job to do that so leave the man alone.


Politics / Re: Photo: What Ngige told me after Obiano was declared winner of the election by larger20(m): 5:14am On Dec 02, 2013
This is a credibility bomb. why would you put this on the home page? very reckless miss information...

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Crime / Re: Update On Adaobi Obih's Murder - Roommate Wanted For Murder by larger20(m): 12:04am On Nov 25, 2013
There is an update on this. The man has been taken into Custody. See below

UPDATE: Columbus Police received notification from the U.S. Marshals Service that Ryan Klug, the man who was wanted in connection with the murder of 26-year-old Adaobi M. Obih has been taken into custody in the Galveston Texas area.

Authorities had been tracking Klug near Galveston since last night.

Representatives from Columbus Police will be going to Galveston to continue their investigation.

COLUMBUS – Columbus police obtained an arrest warrant for a man wanted for murder.

They’re looking for 36-year-old Ryan Allen Klug, who they say is now the prime suspect in the murder of 26-year-old Adaobi M. Obih, who was found dead Tuesday in an apartment. Police initially said Klug was a “person of interest” in the case.

Columbus police don’t think Klug is still in the area and said multiple law enforcement agencies were looking for him.
Adaobi M. Obih

Adaobi M. Obih

Police were alerted to Obih’s death after she missed work Monday and Tuesday without notifying anyone. Concerned coworkers contacted her apartment complex to ask about her. Police also contacted the property manager to request a welfare check, according to the arrest affidavit.

A maintenance worked went to check on the woman and said, “It’s not good, there is blood everywhere” after going to Obih’s apartment.

A neighbor said he noticed that the door to Obih’s garage spot was open and had been open for at least 24 hours. Klug, who police described as Obih’s roommate, parked his vehicle there.

The maintenance worker told police there were no signs of forced entry at the apartment and that only two people would’ve had keys: Obih and Klug. The maintenance worker told police he found Obih with a “large amount of blood around her head” and said it appeared clear that she was dead.

Police talked to Obih’s boyfriend, who revealed that he’d texted and called her multiple times but never heard back. The last message he received from her was at 12:17 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 17. When she failed to respond, he went to her apartment, saw her car in the parking lot and knocked on the door. Obih didn’t answer.

A neighbor who lives in the apartment below Obih’s said it sounded like someone was moving furniture during Sunday afternoon. “It went on for more than three minutes,” the neighbor said, adding that it happened shortly before tornado warnings went off for Sunday’s storms.

Police said Klug had texted a pastor asking him to call. When the pastor did so, Klug answered and said he couldn’t talk at the time.

Further investigation found that Obih had been stabbed multiple times and her throat cut. A blood trail went from the woman’s bedroom to Klug’s, and police said it appeared “the assailant attempted to clean up in the bathroom area belonging to Mr. Klug.” They also found a bloody towel in Klug’s sink. Police located a plastic bag containing a bloody sock and other clothes stained with blood, including blue jeans, boxers and a shirt. Police said the “amount of blood on these items was significant.”

Police found a trail of small blood drops leading from the apartment to the garage where Klug parked his vehicle. His 2008 silver Subaru Legacy was not parked in the garage.

Klug works for the Indiana Department of Transportation, and police contacted his supervisor, who told them Klug’s behavior had been “off” lately. He sent a text message Sunday saying, “sick tomorrow, then vacation next two weeks.” His supervisor said the message was out of character and also violated the department’s vacation time policy. Klug did not return texts or phone calls, his supervisor said. He didn’t show up at work Monday or Tuesday.

Klug’s stepmother and father said they hadn’t heard from him for several days.

His brother told police he’d spoken with Klug about two weeks ago. Klug wanted to get back with a girl he’d dated. The relationship ended about a year ago. His brother told Klug to call her; he said Klug discovered she was dating someone else and told him, “I’m losing control.”

Read more: http://fox59.com/2013/11/20/man-wanted-for-murder-in-death-of-columbus-woman/#ixzz2lbhfBOck

Crime / Re: Update On Adaobi Obih's Murder - Roommate Wanted For Murder by larger20(m): 8:32pm On Nov 24, 2013
what do you mean a nigerian man wont do this? havent you read of nigerian men killing their wives and girlfriends, attacking them with acids, and oh yes! using them for rituals? i laugh at your comment that says nigerian men are golden. Oh! i wish. The world is just full of wicked people of which nigeria(ns) are no exceptions.

Excuse me, I said "Good Nigerian Man" read it again...
Crime / Re: Update On Adaobi Obih's Murder - Roommate Wanted For Murder by larger20(m): 7:45pm On Nov 24, 2013
This is why you date your own...A good Nigerian Man is golden and will never do this...even a bad one will not go this length....Unless of course he is a lunatic...


Properties / Re: Reasons Why You Must Own Your House by larger20(m): 1:10am On Oct 08, 2013

There is no right or wrong here...Renting Vs owning really depends on our unique situations. For me, I prefer renting because the money I make investing in a year can buy me a house but why buy if i can continue to re-invest and make more? I enjoy my flexibility of living in some of the hottest properties in San Francisco bay on lease..
Politics / Re: USA Minimum Wage Vs Nigeria Minimum Wage. by larger20(m): 5:39pm On Oct 06, 2013
Well People need to realize this comparison though somewhat unfair relates to the minimum.

A man on minimum wage in the USA lives waaaaaaaaaay (for emphasis) better than a man on minimum wage in Nigeria.

No question about it.

Well then it is no longer an issue or minimum wage if it comes to that...It becomes governance issue.
Politics / Re: USA Minimum Wage Vs Nigeria Minimum Wage. by larger20(m): 11:07am On Sep 15, 2013
Pstsmith: I'm tired of people always comparing us with America...as if that will solve anything...we will get there!!

I live in California and trust me when i say you don't want to live for 10/hr here.......California is just too expensive.....to live in a comfortable apartment here, you need to pay about 1200/month and that does not include heat/gas/electricity. California car insurance and fuel is one of the highest in the country. It cost about $4.2 per gallon to fill up your gas tank here, now compare that with Nigeria...

California rich vs poor income gap is too wide but mostly because majority of the poor Californians has defaulted to government support..


Investment / US Stock Markets by larger20(m): 10:40am On Sep 06, 2013

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Family / Re: Should Two Sisters Marry To The Same Family? by larger20(m): 5:56pm On Jul 04, 2013
I have seen this happen where 3 sisters married 3 brothers from the same family. 4th sister also married a cousin of the three brothers. It worked...they are all living...No divorce..

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Properties / Re: Reasons Why You Must Own Your House by larger20(m): 1:05pm On Jun 29, 2013
Maybe in Nigeria.....I actually favor renting Vs buying a home and here is why

1. You Stay Flexible

Do you have every aspect of your life planned out for the next several years? Whether or not you do, things can change quickly. Renting gives you flexibility. You can pack up all your things and move with short notice, and maybe an early termination fee. Compare that to the process of selling a house, which can take months.
2. You Have More Options

With the housing market at a low, people are reluctant to sell their houses and condos. So they turn to renting instead. As a result, the market for renting is bigger and has better options than the buying one. Rentalads.com is a rental property website with thousands of rental choices. It allows you to search your options and select your choice with the click of a mouse.
3. Owning Can Be More Expensive

Some people balk at renting because they don’t want to spend money on something they’ll never gain ownership of. But homeowners also spend a lot of money on fees and taxes that never apply to their principle or equity.
4. Renters Insurance Is Affordable

Renters insurance is significantly more affordable than homeowners insurance. Even with the lower cost, you can still get substantial protection and coverage.
5. Rental Rates Are Steady

Right now the housing market is low, but it won’t always be. It’s always changing. Remember the roller coaster? In contrast, rental rates stay the same. There is some variation, but it’s not as frequent or as drastic as variations in housing costs.
6. Someone Else Does Repairs

When something breaks in your home, you are the one who has to fix it or fork over the cash to replace it. A new refrigerator alone can cost thousands of dollars. Some rental contracts require the landlord to take care of most repairs and replacements.
7. The Issue of Taxes

Renters don’t have to pay property tax. Sure, you might be required to bear some of the expense in your monthly rent. But the landlord will have to deal with the brunt of the cost and most of the tax paperwork. Another reason why renting a house is better is that homeowner tax deductions are overstated. In fact, half of homeowners don’t get a tax break.
8. Vacation Homes

We all envy the people who can afford to own vacation homes. Well, now you can be one of them for a fraction of the cost. Vacation homes are available for rent all over the US. The expense is reduced, but the novelty and fun are not.
9. Renters Have Less Liability

Lightning strikes without warning. Washer pipes break and flood your basement. Renters who are without fault don’t have to carry the liability when the unexpected occurs.
10. No Mortgage!

Anyone who’s had a mortgage knows how draining and time consuming it can be. The stifling legal requirements and procedures. The piles of paperwork that look like gibberish. The long process of modifying or refinancing. Not to mention the risk of getting overcharged by your lender; which has become a common problem recently. You can easily avoid all of this by renting.

Source: http://www.10reasons.org/renting-a-house/


Politics / Do You Agree With Joel Brinkley That Nigeria's Squandered Opportunity? by larger20(m): 11:42am On Mar 24, 2013
Technology Market / Re: Can I Buy Laptops And Phones Online From Nigeria? by larger20(m): 9:46pm On Oct 26, 2012
This site is new and their prices are attractive. You can buy your laptops here

Fashion/Clothing Market / Re: The Best Online Shopping Site In Nigeria? by larger20(m): 9:38pm On Oct 26, 2012
www.wmnigeria.com is probably the best shopping site right now. They have great deals at cheap prices


Travel Ads / Re: Cheapest Way To Ship Goods From USA To Nigeria? by larger20(m): 8:54am On Sep 15, 2012
Before you buy anything from USA, make sure you check out www.wmnigeria.com prices. Chances are it will beat the retail price of the item you are buying....I use them all the time so I know what I am saying and they ship to Nigeria

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Romance / Re: I Impregnated Our Maid Because My Banker Wife Was Never Around. by larger20(m): 4:46am On Jun 24, 2012
Why do you need a maid if you dont have children yet? and how the hell in the world you didn't see this coming if the maid leave in the house? what is the man doing at home when he should be working during the day time ? I think there is more to this story. Whoever wrote this story made it look juicier to sell a good story but the truth is that there are still more questions then answers.
Business / Luanda, Angola, An African Country, 2nd Most Expensive City To Live In by larger20(m): 1:42am On Jun 14, 2012
FOllow the link for details. Who knew?

The most costly expense in Luanda is renting property, similar to number 8th ranked N’Djamena. Despite the average monthly cost of renting a luxury two-bedroom apartment falling $500 compared to last year, it still remains high at $6,500. Consumer inflation in Angola was more than 11 percent year-on-year in March.

[Related: 10 cities with amazing deals for renters]

The country is the largest recipient of foreign direct investment in sub-Saharan Africa with inflows of nearly $10 billion in 2010, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Its main overseas investors include China, Portugal, Brazil and the U.S. and expatriates from these countries are sent to oversee local operations in Luanda.

Monthly Rent, Luxury 2 Bedroom: $6,500
Cup of Coffee: $3.90
One Gallon of Gasoline: $2.38
Daily International Newspaper: $5.46
Fast-Food Meal: $19.94*

*Replaced by club sandwich and soda in absence of any comparable fast food outlets.

Autos / Re: =n: - sold pls remove by larger20(m): 10:12pm On Jun 02, 2012
The car has been sold
Romance / Re: Nigerian Version Of Mr Right by larger20(m): 1:12am On May 11, 2012
Its not just Nigerian women...any woman could easily desire these things.....
Career / Re: Zenith Bank Sacks Marketers & Managers by larger20(m): 3:58am On Apr 26, 2012
From the look of their financial audit results, they are in red which will explain why..See below..

Business To Business / Re: dd by larger20(m): 4:04pm On Apr 11, 2012
Business To Business / dd by larger20(m): 2:04pm On Apr 09, 2012
Technology Market / Seeking Tech Companies In Need Of $200k - $1million To Get To The Next Level by larger20(m): 2:04pm On Apr 09, 2012
Autos / =n: - sold pls remove by larger20(m): 9:56pm On Jan 03, 2012
car has been sold!
Career / Re: Which Nigerian Bank Pays Best? by larger20(m): 7:37pm On Oct 04, 2011
It really should depend on a lot of factors. All of these post here with figures seems like entry level candidates salaries with little or no experience in the banking sector. Experienced employees that bring their assets to the table makes a whole lot more i am sure. If i should work for a bank in Nigeria via consulting company like accenture, I should be making 50 X that figure in a year in Nigeria because I will bring a lot to the table.
Webmasters / Re: Your Favorite Nigerian Website(s)? by larger20(m): 6:04pm On Jun 19, 2011
Autos / Re: Car Buying Tips, Advise, Guidelines. by larger20(m): 12:33am On Jan 28, 2011
This is a very broad question and some cars might have specific needs others will not have however the general rule of the game will all depend on your budget and I will recommend buying a car in good or excellent condition even if its from a common brand name like toyota or mazda than buying a BMW or Lexus at the same price but comes with a lot of issues.  ovetime these luxurious cars tends to attract more fees and that includes during clearing at the port of entry as well as parts replacement down the road. The Mileage in a car is a good indication for the life line of the car and this can be tempered with in nigeria. I have heard of bad news of mileage mis-use in nigeria. So shine your eyes well well.

If buying from abroad and have some extra padding, I will recommend that you pay for a full body check or diagnostics of your car before any commitment as this will help you clear way for lots of headache down the road.

Make sure you find the current worth of the vehicle from sources like http://www.kbb.com/ and anything else untop of that is the overhead you have to pay whether purchased in the country or outside the country. Its better to work with people you can trust of refeered to by someone else as they tend to build better reputation up from there.

If you are intrested in saving cost from buying USA cars, please send email with details of the car to the address below or call the number,

info@largerinc.com or call our business line at 650-877-2438

Thanks for your business
Autos / Re: The Preorder Mess by larger20(m): 7:53pm On Jan 27, 2011
You can pre-order your vehicle from USA. Will give you a generous idea of how much it will cost from start to finish so there is no surprises and you know what to pay for in each step. Generally steps includes the following.

(1) You will get email with the book value of the car you want to order.
(2) if the book value meets your budget, then get ready for taxes, shipping and handling + clearing fee at the port of entry.
(3) All of these will be paid by you at each step before a service is rendered. We strictly adhere to No pay No service. 

We strongly advice that You find the difference b/w buying the car in nigeria and the final tag from pre-order calculation before commiting your money. Thats usually our advice. What we have found out is that pre-order is usually significantly cheaper. We operate in honesty, integrity and with highest standard of professional conduct in business. We carefully evaluate all cars in USA to perfectly match your needs. 

If you are intrested, please send email with details of the car to the address below,

info@largerinc.com or call our business line at 650-877-2438

Thanks for your business

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