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Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 7:41pm On Aug 10
@Coquinoqui, sorry for my late response. But I don't think the issue is any issue at all. Just have ready any form of evidence you can get....it does not have to be a certificate. It is even likely that you will not be asked for any proof of education however it is recommended to have all the documents as we don't always know what the CO will ask


Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 10:41pm On Jul 25
Pls House, With respect to the RFE Letter. Where would the Circumstance of meeting Letter be Addressed to or is doesn’t require any address ?? Does it also require signature ?? & Date of the Writer at the end of it ??
Should be addressed to USCIS. The address should be the same address where the initial petition was sent. And yes, every formal letter should have a signature and a date.

Note also that they need very extensive documentary evidence that should be submitted along with the letter.
Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 10:33pm On Jul 25

Thanks Man I will look into this and contact my brother. Do I need to legalise it?
I know the US Embassy in Nigerian don't require you to legalize it. I don't know about the Embassy in Senegal though.
Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 1:22am On Jul 25

Check the Nigerian embassy where you stay or you can use online services like nigeriacrb dot com
@Coquinoqui, another option would be to do it through someone you trust in Nigeria, maybe a family member or close friend. All they need to do is go to Alagbon and meet an officer there who would serve as a liaison. You don't need to be present to get it done however your fingerprint will be needed. The officer should know how to work through that. He might need you to print the form over there in Senegal and affix your fingerprints on them and then mail them over to your contact person in Lagos.
Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 3:51pm On Jul 23

Our case has left uscis to nvc in less than 5 days after approval, the approval notice expires 15/11/2021 does this mean I must travel before the expiry date?
No I don't think so. However you must schedule your visa interview before that day (15/11/2021). The visa you'll get after your interview will tell you when you must travel.
Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 3:50pm On Jul 23

I just found out she did not send original copies of her document to uscis rather she sent photocopies. So I misunderstood the word 'original document' what they meant is photocopies of her original document I must bring to the interview . So no she didn't send original documents.
Oh ok, good.
Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 5:07am On Jul 22

Yes Original copies of my fiance birth certificate, divorce certificate and certificate of neutralisation were sent to uscis, so am wondering if they will ask for original copies again for interview
You didn't answer my second question. Did USCIS request for the original copies themselves or you both just decided to hand in the originals?

And to answer your question, yes the embassy will request to see your originals. However they won't need original copies of your fiancée's documents since she is not the one going for the interview. They will only need photocopies of her certificates from you.

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Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 5:18pm On Jul 21

OK thanks boss. Will find out about Senegal because I also need to do police clearance certificate here in Senegal and travel to Nigeria for another. So I need 2 pcc

I read Divorce certificate, affidavit of support even nutralization certificate of Petitional should be original copies but I only have scanned copies of these documents, how I am supposed to get the original documents for the interview if those documents are already with the embassy from nvc?
You submitted original copies to USCIS? Did they request for original copies?
Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 2:47pm On Jul 21

Which documents would you advise me to start preparing now? Does the police clearance certificate expires every 3 months or 6 months?
Congrats, you are one step closer smiley.

I don't know the validity of Police Certificate for the US Embassy in Senegal but for the Embassy in Lagos, it's 1 year (I hear its been extended to 2 years, not sure though).
Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 2:41pm On Jul 21

Boss quick one we submitted a sworn birth affidavit during the filling process I hope that won’t be an issue??

If you are from Nigeria I doubt if a sworn birth affidavit would be enough. What happened to your birth certificate? They will need a govt issued birth certificate/attestation from NPC.

But since you've submitted, there's nothing you can do now than to wait. I will however recommend you get the NPC Birth Certificate/Attestation and keep it in case they request for it in the future.

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Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 2:08am On Jul 01
Hello house,

With a heart of joy, I have come to announce my approval after a long wait, To God be the Glory at last. Thanks to all the contributors in this forum especially @Legitbachelor,
Wow, congrats @DankbaresHerz. So happy for you. Come on over to the States, we are waiting for you but your fiancée is waiting for you the most cheesy


Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 2:04am On Jul 01
Pls House, As regards my RFE The letter of intent to marry is it going to be a single one for Me & My Fiancée & Signed or It’s Separately ?? And is to to be writting only by the petitioner ?? Cos it seems the first one we submitted and chat printout from Facebook it’s cos most of it shows it was printed and packaged from my end and send to her before she mailed it out from her end .. Pls Proffesional advice is needed ASAP !
I honestly think that it doesn't matter whether the letter is written together or separately. What they want is beyond a letter. They want real verifiable evidence. That's why things they will need are things like screenshots of chats you guys had on marriage plan, marriage budget plan, pictures of your marriage proposal, pictures of you with her family and of her with your family, screenshots of money transfer between you two, etc. Those are the kind of verifiable evidence they will need along with the letter.

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Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 6:29pm On Jun 21
thanks very much just praying not to get a RFE . I read on vj which most people r saying USCIS is much interested on how u Met in person (the two years requirements. We included a note on how we met in person sha
Yes they are more interested on the physical meet.

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Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 5:52pm On Jun 21

Then you can attach a letter to uscis explaining to them that website is no longer functioning.

Load the website page and take a screenshot of the screen and print it in a word documents and attach it so they can see it with their eyes
You may also want to give them your username along with that of your fiancée incase they want to look at the archives (which I very much doubt).
Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 3:24pm On Jun 21
Pls House, I need more knowledge about this cos I don’t even know where to start at this Junction.
So based on what they wrote here, they need need more information/evidence for two things. First is Circumstance of Meeting and the second is Intent to Marry.

Circumstance of Meeting
They need more evidence on how you two met. For instance, if you two met via a middleman, then evidence such a picture showing three of you or a chat between you or her and the middleman will help. Also an affidavit from that middleman will be needed.

If you two met via a dating app, then a Screencshot of the first chat between you too will be useful.

If you two met via a social function which you attend in the States or she attended in Nigeria, then evidence such as the flight ticket, boarding pass, visit visa, details of social function (eg invitation card) should be provided.

Also details of the actual physical meeting should be provided. Pictures, boarding pass, chats, affidavits (if there were witnesses of your first meet) can serve as evidence.

Intent to Marry
I'm guessing you guys wrote an Intent to marry letter in the initial application. They however need more evidence. They need answers to questions such as, did you or her visit more than once? How long was the visit? Did you propose? Who were present during the proposal? Do you guys have any future marriage plans such as date, venue, costs, etc? Did you guys send money to each other frequently? Did you guys send gifts to each other? The answers must have verifiable evidence.

Note however that your fiancee don't need to provide all the evidence to these requests in response. She should provide the much she can. They will review her response wholistically. As long as she was thorough in her response and can prove that you guys love each other and are ready to make sacrifices for each other (in the name of love), you guys will be approved.

For those who are yet to send in their petition, I always recommend to frontload as much as you can in the initial submission.

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Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 2:17pm On Jun 21
Pls Any One With an Existing Concrete Format that Entail all this request to pls help me on this .. I will edit to my own personal Event. ������
From what I can see, it seemed that your fiancée did not frontload enough pictures, chats and documents.

When mine sent in her petition, the chats took about 20 to 30 pages. We did not printout all the chats but we made sure all the important chats where we professed our love and discussed our future was mentioned there. Also we made sure the chats we had each month was represented. This is to ensure it is well spread out.

Also we attached lots of photos that we took by ourselves and that we took together with friends and family. They say pictures speaks a 1000 words....that's true. Those USCIS will get loads of information from those album than from the filled form.

We also attached receipts of items I purchased for her and account statements showing some money transfers that happened between us.

At the end, the document my wife submitted during the petition stage was like a big textbook. However my wife made sure to label and file each document properly so that the officer that would be assigned our casefike won't have difficulty reading it.

From what the USCIS guys sent, I think they just need evidence to show you guys are really serious about getting married after getting the approval and visa. I recommend your fiancée type a letter to USCIS responding to each request and attaching supporting documents to serve as evidence. I also suggest she properly labels each document she is attaching so it will be possible for the USCIS guys to reference it whenever they want to.

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Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 6:42am On Jun 17
Update on our case- So we received RFE today for our case but they've not emailed my fiance what additional evidence they need yet. NOA1 was nov 2nd 2020 and got feedback 16th June 2021 that's 7months and 2 weeks. What are the common reasons for RFE?
There are many reasons. So it will be difficult to guess. It could be the Birth Certificate (wrong format), or tax returns (not filed properly), or income (below poverty line), or Divorce Certificate (not filed properly), etc. Just wait for the request.

Sorry for the delay. I'm sure it will be resolved. Regards.
Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 3:14pm On Jun 15

Regarding my fiancée Visa journey, I'm waiting for my window period to begin the removal of the conditions on my greencard. The window period is 90 days to the expiration of the greencard.
Update on my Visa Journey.

We will be moving to our new apartment soon. When that is done, I intend filling the Change of Address Card, AR-11. It can either be done online or via paper but I think they prefer we use online unless the person is a victim of domestic violence or something.

I am told it's a serious offence not to let USCIS know of your change of address so I'm taking no chances. However I've heard stories of people having mailing issues after informing USCIS of their address change, I just pray I won't fall in that category. I don't even know how easy for mails to get delivered to the new address.. I've never had issues with mails in the house where we are staying at the moment. What I will do when filling the AR-11 is to put the new address but still put my old address as the mailing address since we still have family in that address.


Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 2:57pm On Jun 15

My GC was approved yesterday.
K1 journey is now finally over. Shout out to everyone for the massive support in here & more grateful to God Almighty.
Congrats. So happy for you.
Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 2:47pm On Jun 15
Guys, please has anybody used the immigration lawyer on visajourney.com before? Are they effective? They asked for my card for payment and am just trying to be careful to avoid stories that touch oo
Why would you need an immigration lawyer? Is your case complex? Being denied a Student Visa in the past will not affect your Fiancée Visa application. It will be adjudicated based on its merit and not based on your previous visa denials.


Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 2:45pm On Jun 15
Guys I safely arrived the US last week, I had a very smooth session at port of entry, I was just asked the address I'll be staying and that was it. All the best to all of us
Wow you are finally here, welcome Treasureprince1 to the land of opportunities.


Travel / Re: USA Spousal Visa Process/ K3 Visa by LegitBachelor: 2:27pm On Jun 15

Thanks buddy
I am in the process of getting it corrected at the moment ...very frustrating and tedious
Just as Alphamalekings recommended, make sure you fix your Passport issue. It's even better you forfeit the whole immigration process and start afresh than use the wrong Passport as it will come back to hunt you in the future. The mistake you made was to delay in getting your Passport. That should have been the first thing you should have done before starting the immigration process. But that's by the way. Just see it that the error is fixed asap.
Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 2:56pm On Jun 04
Hello House Good Evening!!!! Please I want to know if I can apply for the K1 visa via online or it has to be on paper mode application... plus secondly is it only I-129F we submit with our supporting documents and when we mail them or other forms would be attached also. Have been confused here. Read and made research’s on here but haven’t come across yet .... please kindly help me . Need your assistance
Just as Mayorr89 rightly said, i129F application is done via paper. However note that it's the fiancée in the States (the US Citizen) that sends in the application. It is recommended that he or she fills the form correctly and attach all supporting documents. The form can be gotten from the USCIS website along with the instructions on how to fill it.


Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 1:52pm On Jun 02

Yes you can start the Immunization process and then complete the rest in the States....if you want to. Whether you actually complete the process or not is irrelevant in your K1 process.

However you must use the recommended clinic where you will be assessed by health professionals. Things like blood pressure, urine analysis, X-ray, blood test will be done. Again, the results are irrelevant in the K1 process except if one is diagnosed with a treatable infectious disease. In that case, the disease will need to be treated before you go for the visa interview.

However, each country's medical requirement is different. The country you reside in might be more thorough in regards to the medical examination. However the underlying similarity is that you won't be denied visa based on your medicals.

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Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 1:47am On May 25
Good day. If one was arrested but later released the same day after questioning and lack of evidence, does the person need to indicate on the DS form that they were once arrested? Besides, the police were intimidating and wouldn’t let go unless money was dropped.
How was the question asked on the DS form? I can't remember exactly how the question is asked. That will determine your response.

Also where was the arrest done? In Nigeria? Was Statement taken after the arrest? If no Statement was taken, I'll be leaning towards saying no need to indicate it on the DS form. But again, like I said earlier, I also need to know how the question was coined in the DS form.
Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 6:24pm On May 21

Long time legit... hope to see your update on life in US soon
Yes O, it's been a while. Trying to cope with the very fast and demanding culture of the US. It's very hard for a lazy man to survive here in Yankee o....lol. If one is not careful, one will find himself or herself living in makeshift shelters with his or her family within a matter of seconds. But if you are hardworking, you will survive smiley. If you are hardworking and also innovative, you'll become a billionaire cool. That's the good thing about the US.

Regarding my fiancée Visa journey, I'm waiting for my window period to begin the removal of the conditions on my greencard. The window period is 90 days to the expiration of the greencard.


Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 6:11pm On May 21
@legitbachelor, sharpman, selec500, drenimarcus, Mekusa10 and so many others that helped me in one way or the other, God bless and keep y'all, I'm officially no longer the lastborn in the house cheesy
Wow congrats cheesy cheesy cheesy

So happy for you. Patience is truly a virtue.
Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 2:49pm On May 19
Hi wale1437,

If he is a permanent resident in Ghana and has documents to that effect then the visa interview will be in Ghana. All she needs to do is provide the permanent resident documents when filing for him.

And yes, it is important that he goes to the interview with the divorce letter. I will even advice that she includes it in the document she will submit when filing for him. The US government don't joke with bigamy. It's a criminal offense.


Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 2:43pm On May 19
Hi lucaschukwuka,

Like you said, it's almost impossible to get that waiver. So you have to figure out how to meet.

Regarding your second question, it all depends on the VO that's interviewing you. The VO needs evidence to show that you will go back to Nigeria after visiting. Having a fiancée in the US is not an evidence, rather it suggests you might not go back to Nigeria. So I will suggest you don't make any reference to that unless you are being asked.


Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 2:16pm On Apr 01
Hello House,
I’m so impressed to be on a forum like this as i have gone through to read so much success stories as regards K-1 fiancée Visa which bring about my question.
1. After submitting to the USCIS, How long does it takes to get the Next NOA2 ?? Cos my case was received by USCIS Oct 19th 2020, which has make it Over 5months now.
Hi Lakeside, it usually takes an average of 6 months, I think. The duration might change now due to the pandemic. If you go through the entirety of this thread you should have an idea on how long it might take.

2. What do I & My petitioner needs to start putting in place ahead of the NOA2 In terms of Documents & Finance?
I recommend you read the entire thread. For example, this link listed the documents you'll need before the visa interview: https://www.nairaland.com/4800968/usa-fiancee-k1-visa-thread/27#78272256

3-. Like how long does it take for the whole process to be completed after the NOA2 Has arrived and Approved since it’s going to get to the NVC ?
It usually takes 2 weeks or thereabout. Again, this thread should provide answers if you read it from the beginning to the end. It's a tall order, but it can be done.

4- After that generally how long is the time between NOA2 and NVC and then INTERVIEW?
NVC sends it almost immediately to the embassy. So the limiting step is the embassy and it all depends on how busy the embassy is. It is recommended you shoot the embassy an email the moment you've confirmed that the embassy has gotten your casefile from NVC. There is a website that you can use to track your case file. I can't remember the website link but you'll find it on this thread if you read through thoroughly.

Any assurance that if things goes smoothly by the special Grace of God, Can Checking out of this country be ascertain this Year ??
Yes it's possible. And like you pointed out...you'll need God's Grace...we all do.

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Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 3:59pm On Mar 29
Pls sir I apply for B1/B2 US visa what are the likely question they do ask via interview
Wrong thread.

The right thread is the Visit Visa Thread: https://www.nairaland.com/5807124/usa-visit-visa-part-4
Travel / Re: USA Fiancee (K1) Visa Thread by LegitBachelor: 4:11am On Mar 29
Good day. Can I have your mail? Or group chat or something? What documents sir?
Have you gone through this thread from the beginning. The documents are stated on this thread. I know this thread has amassed so many pages but you can do it. Just dedicate time to read the entire thread

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