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Programming / Re: I Just Bombed A Technical Interview by li2pac1717: 3:34pm On Feb 23, 2023
That is my thought too. HashMap inform of JSON is widely use in the industry for user informations and other. They deal with Api a lot of time and most of the time JSON object is returned in form of HashMap. Even in big companies like Google and others.

I will still use my hashmap but use interger as the key... that value will be helpful when select a random
Programming / Re: I Just Bombed A Technical Interview by li2pac1717: 3:22pm On Feb 23, 2023
I think you are overthinking it bro. I believe what the interviewer is testing here is how to deal with real life problem like this. HashMap would be fine. You can create a class Lottery and explain to them that a user have to have a unique ID. So store data of the class, such as id, name, and others. That way you can use random module to pick a random id number in the range of the id and get name from the hashmap of users using the randomly picked id. I think this will be enough.

To do extra, you can think OOP. Create two class, one for lottery and Person. So the Lottery class will inherit from person methods add, and remove user. You can then put only the random method in Lottery. I wouldn't code this in interview but just explain to them that if we have a bigger system, this is help in scaling and code maintenance.

grin Too much pressure that i couldn't even think straight. The question is not even that hard simple data structure question that i can't even believe i bombed it. Chai.

I was asked to implement a Lottery system. that has the following functionality.

1. add_user(string: user)
2. remove_user(string: user)
3. pick_random_winner() -> string

Yes that was how easy it was but i bombed. Immediately i saw add and remove my mind immediately went to the king of all data structure HashMap grin but boy i was wrong a vector would do just fine, the problem here is the functionality to pick_random_user and the function signature. how do you do that with a HashMap if data are stored anywhere in memory? meanwhile in Array everything stored contiguously. But i was busy thinking of speed embarassed

In as much as hash map would be good for add and removal in 0(1) time. it's bad for random access.

could use HashSet but random would still Bleep you up.

My bad implementation.

struct Lottery {
map: HashMap<i32, String>,

impl Lottery {
// first problem realized here, what would be the key? and i don already talk say na hash map go good for this things o chai grin

fn add_user(&mut self, string: user){
// But this would not work it doesn't work that way. it would have made sense if the function has a signature for key.
self.map.insert(user); error, where is the key ? cry

fn remove_user(&mut self, string: user){
//no key can't remove anything tongue

fn pick_random_user(&self){
// impossible!!! no key no random - even if there was a key it doesn't reorder it self unlike Vector. This might be possible in language like python grin

Now for a better implementation, that only came to my head as i was not overthinking immediately after the interview.

struct Lottery {
user: Vec<String>,

impl Lottery {
fn add_user(&mut self, string: user){
// we just insert

fn remove_user(&mut self, string: user){
// linear search and then remove
if self.participant.contains(&participant) {
self.participant.retain(|x| x != &participant);

fn pick_random_user(&self){
let random_gen = // algorithm that generate random number
let random = random_gen % self.user.len();

Anyways we move!!. Best advice? CALM DOWN! Technical interview are fun but trust 9ja network to Bleep you up.


Politics / Re: Akeredolu, Malami Clash Over Restructuring by li2pac1717: 11:45am On Jun 17, 2022
You were making sense earlier then you spoilt it with your last quote that "Nigeria is too big for black men to rule". So you want another slavery instead? I hope one day you are able to go to western environment to taste racism, then you will get a bigger picture of slavery.

Both of them are right to some extent...the governors in it's arrogated powers is controlling the local government and the federal government on the other hand,with the huge allocation in their disposal, has fail to protect lives and property which is their primary duty,due to nepotism,bigotry and profligacy which ensures the unbearable condition of the common man...
all I can say is that Nigeria is too big for black men to rule..
Politics / Re: 2023: Challenges Before Osinbajo by li2pac1717: 11:48am On Jan 24, 2022


Most people forget that to fund presidential campaign is very expensive. If APC picks Osibanjo over Tinubu, it will be almost impossible for Osibanjo to get funds from South West since most rich people in South West are in Lagos and they loyal to Tinubu asf. This mean Osibanjo campaign funds will come from Northern Cabals. I fear these Cabals will later hijack is government by calling in favors. Thus, the northern cabals will only still remain in power and continue pushing their agenda where Buhari left it.
Politics / Re: 2023: Northern Elders, ACF, Against Nnamdi Kanu's Release - Ohaneze by li2pac1717: 8:43am On Jan 07, 2022

I thought that part of country still want to vote Atiku, another Northerner. Smh
Phones / Re: 5G License Auction: MTN, Mafab Communications Win Slots For $273m by li2pac1717: 9:28pm On Dec 13, 2021
I'm not concerned on who wins, my concern is what NCC will do with the 273 million dollars(N111,984,600,000.00), ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN BILLION NAIRA, some people will start doing night vigil on how to steal it without trace....

Lol. You think building 5g infrastructure is free and cheap? The money they make today is not even enough to build a standard one for half of the country.
Politics / Re: Wike: Invasion Of Mary Odili's Appartment Was An Assassination Attempt by li2pac1717: 5:50am On Nov 01, 2021
Some South Easterner will still prefer to vote a Northerner over Tinubu. They never learn..smh

Source: https://dailypost.ng/Invasion-of-Supreme-Court-Justice-Mary-Odili-was-assassination-attempt-Wike

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Business / Re: Dangote May Forfeit Refinery Project To Nigerian by li2pac1717: 11:30am On Aug 10, 2021
In a sane environment Sahara Reporter would have been banned with there several fake news or assumptions. I searched every where too and the commencement day of the refinery is still scheduled in 2022. I wonder where they see that 2025 they have been saying for few months now.

As much as I don’t like Dangote because of his monopolistic tendencies in whatever sector he ventures into, I wouldn’t wish a govt takeover of the refinery.

Sometimes we have to enthrone reason over whatever primordial sentiments we might harbour.

If AMCON takes over the refinery, what’s the guarantee it won’t become just another Warri, Port Harcourt and Kaduna refinery?

Or become like Ajeokuta Steel plant?

Since AMCON took over Keystone, Enterprise, Heritage and one other banks, I don’t think those banks have been anything close to what they used to be.

But why will start of production at the refinery be pushed to 2025 for a refinery touted to be above 80% completed and is projected to start production by first quarter of 2022?

I doubt the veracity of this new claim abeg.
Travel / Re: British Airways Plane's Nose Collapses At Heathrow Airport (Pix, Video) by li2pac1717: 12:09pm On Jun 19, 2021
Lol. You think everyone is rich in UK? They also have 2% rich population like in anywhere in this inequality world. I know nigeria has less middle class than them which is what we are all fighting for. We can only achieve it when we believe in ourself and not just thinking we are low class and they will always be better than us. We should embrace what we have achieved from the slavery era and keep pushing. Hopefully we get good leader not like the current dullard or better split up if that will help us all. But inferiority complex is a disease that kills even the greatest mindset my brother.

Oga,keep kwayet jhoor...

Many talented people have been hussling and trying to make a name for themselves but the Nigerian society doesn't favour talent and hard-work,infact,it's the criminals and wicked that are cashing out big,another proof that karma is rubbish

Before u start ranting about the few poor people that made it from grass to grace,u better talk about how only one in a large number of people are making it,most of them even go through dishonest means
Travel / Re: British Airways Plane's Nose Collapses At Heathrow Airport (Pix, Video) by li2pac1717: 11:49am On Jun 19, 2021
Inferity complex will kill u. How do you know naija did not prepare for this? The only way you can't make it in your region is if you believe you won't make it there and you won't make it. No be curse my brother.
Lol...the only thing that came to mind is how much of a cruise-control we are on in this country. Imagine the more than enough response to the problem,even though anticipatorily. That gives an insight into the preparation that the problem still defied.


In Nigeria, everything is left to chance, yet we still have such favourable numbers. Na God just dey help us sha...

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Politics / Re: South-West Is The Safest Part Of Nigeria - Garba Shehu by li2pac1717: 12:52pm On May 31, 2021
To both yoruba and igbo arguing. This is not colonial era and we need to stop living to the comments of this white people. Even before this insecurity issue, they never portray any african country as a good place to come. I currently stay in the US and I can tell you that the crime rate in US is insane, especially the gun violence. So many people as gone to grocery store, gas station, mall, and never return because they are been killed. Another recent gun violence happen in Miami and California like few days ago that claimed a lot of lives. I bet you won't know that cause you think white land are heaven. Nigeria security is bad now but I believe it will be short term as soon as this Buhari of a thing leaves or we restructure or may be even split up. But for now, south west is definitely the safest place in nigeria based on the news I read on nairaland and other sources.


Region of head hunters


Politics / Re: History Of Chief Of Army Staff Appointments From 1999 Till Date by li2pac1717: 11:21pm On May 27, 2021
Exclude South West from your religion fight i beg.

There is a serious battle between Christians and Muslims, between the North and the South, I see the south coming out victorious in this Battle.

This I have seen.
Programming / Re: Can Developers Do Without The Use Of Google Or Stackoverflow? by li2pac1717: 3:21pm On May 26, 2021
Capital NO

Hey guys, I’m a network engineer but I want to try the software developers industry.

Although I use python in my field for network automation.

I just started with JavaScript and I’m wondering do I have to cram the whole JavaScript language ?
Or how do you use array, functions, object etc in building real life software or application.

After learning JavaScript basic what next?

Lastly can a developer do without google or stackoverflow or any developers community forum?

Politics / Re: DSS Operative Detained By Sunday Igboho Boys In Osogbo (Video) by li2pac1717: 9:04am On May 17, 2021
Typical Yoruba muslim, see his ground slamming forehead.

You just want to divide yoruba by religion at all cost. Don't you see that promotion of religion segregation leads to most violence we now experience in Nigeria? Your statement is as violence as boko haram killing people. FYI: Yoruba will never divide because what join us together is our tribal heritage and not religion. Just get sense abegi.


Business / Re: Ooni Of Ife And Aliko Dangote On A Tour Of Dangote Refinery by li2pac1717: 8:16pm On May 12, 2021
But Dangote isn't a businessman

He is a product of the northern oligarchy who need to control one nigeria economically

It's like how ibori created ayiri through government patronage

If ibori or Deazeni invest all looted money in SS or SE, do you think you won't create oligarch also to control your regional economy?
Programming / Re: Why So Many Junior Developers Struggle To Get An Opportunity. by li2pac1717: 1:36pm On Feb 24, 2021
Nigeria not even poor up to Chinese level 50 year ago and they solved it. Am not saying you should solve nigeria problem, but contribute some solution to the problems. That is called thinking outside the box which is a good key to getting visa sponsor job. Let me tell you a secret, you might know more than most managers in your current job or the ones that will interview you in the future. What catches them most is your story as you already mention. There are many problems in Nigeria. Prove to them you are problem solver by working on some of the problem and not just a figure head that wait for direction.


The greatest problem in Nigeria is poverty. No amount of code can solve that one. Even God has removed his hand from Naija matter.


Programming / Re: Why So Many Junior Developers Struggle To Get An Opportunity. by li2pac1717: 1:16pm On Feb 24, 2021
Very good post. You absolutely nailed it. But disappointed you have to call where you from zoo. Not sure if you are part of ipob warriors but neverthelessyou seem knowledgeable. Working on a project that actually solve issue in Nigeria might land you a visa sponsor job cos employer want people that are creative not people that see issue and decide to do nothing buy just condemn everyday or give up. Just a word of advice.

Tech is honestly the best industry to get into right now. The opportunities are numerous. Almost every job vacancy out there is tech this tech that, developer this and developer that. I stayed in school for 4 years studying for a useless engineering degree and I have never in my life seen a vacancy for the rubbish I studied but there are tech roles every day. But in spite of so many jobs in tech, a lot of new developers struggle to get opportunities. I started being active in the tech community recently and I am meeting developers who have been coding for 5 to 7 years but have never had an opportunity. Talking with them has led me to discover that it's actually not the tech industry but a few of the reasons I am listing below.

1. You follow the trends: A lot of us developers love to focus on the sexy trendy stuff. Newsflash, what is sexy and trendy isn't used and even when used is used by very few companies. So millions of people who have struggled to learn the sexy stuff are all going to fight for those few roles out there. Take for example the latest coolest CSS framework tailwind. It's really cool and hyped up and it's like the go-to framework right now but the thing is in the industry people are still using bootstrap. People are learning tailwind but they don't know the number one CSS framework out there. Just because something is cool and sexy doesn't mean that everyone is going to switch to it overnight.

If you give junior developers a chance between Angular, React, and Vue. A lot of people are going to pick Vue. They will say it's sexy and cool and has a ton of GitHub stars. There are jobs using Vue but they are so few compared to React and Angular that you would be pigeonholing yourself by learning that. Theres a whole of difference between coding for fun and coding to get a job.

2. You have unrealistic expectations: This is something I usually see on Reddit cscareerquestions but it seems to becoming a norm amongst everybody. People believe that if your salary isnt starting at 100k USD a year or you dont work for a tech company, you arent a developer. Its so elitist and unfortunately a lot of developers in Nigeria are beginning to have this mindset. They learn HTML, CSS, JS. They have built absolutely no projects but because someone said you need the knowledge of DSA to get a job they immediately start grinding leetcode day and night with the hope of getting into Google. You learnt to code from a Udemy course and you really want to compete at DSAs with people who went to MIT. People who have been doing competitive programming since 5 years old. People who get gold medals at the international olympaids of informatics like its nothing. grin grin grin. Funny enough, I also had this mindset when I was learning to code but corrected myself later on. The truth is that not every tech job out there tests with DSA or needs knowledge of DSA and not everybody must work for a big tech company. This reasoning is so flawed. It is like saying every lawyer must work for law firms like wale olanipekun and co or every engineer must work for exxonmobil. There are a ton of jobs that will pay you well as a junior developer like really well and you need not struggle to get them. They wont test you with DSA. They would only look at the complexities of your projects and go through them with you. By well paid I am talking of 500k and above. Ask yourself how many people asking you to do DSA in Nigeria have not yet worked at Google. There are even whatsapp groups dedicated to DSA and if you cant solve one you are kicked out. The person giving you DSA is not working at Google or Facebook hmm give yourself a brain o.

3. You do not know how to cut off the bullshit from social media: There's so much information out there today but if you don't know how to cut off the bullshit from what you need, you would waste your time. A lot of influencers and creators are putting information out there for themselves. They follow the algorithms and put out what is going to give them the most value in terms of money for their time. If I put out WordPress content, nobody will watch it but if I go out there and make MERN stack tutorials I would be getting millions of views but to be truthful you do not need the MERN stack as a junior. No one is using MongoDB in prod. Very few websites use Nodejs. You are just limiting yourself with that. If you want to be a full stack developer look at things like C# and Java springboot. Those pay really really well and there are even certifications you can acquire in those frameworks that can help get you opportunities at enterprise companies that use them especially if you don't have a computer science degree.

4 Your projects are not worth paying for: People put out calculators, todo lists, tictactoe games and a lot of bullshit on their portfolio and wonder why they aren't getting interviews. You have applied for 100 jobs and haven't been called back and you absolutely do not know the reason why. Nobody is going to hire you with a to-do list and a calculator on your portfolio. Even if you get an interview, is a calculator something you are going to show your interviewer. What happened to making a social media application, a chat application, a blog, an analytic tool, a dashboard. Something that people actually use in the real world every day. I remember one of the first interviews I have, one of my projects was a payment application I used paystacks API for. Everything was done with HTML, CSS and Javascript and once my interviewer saw the project and the button I used to connect the API, he made an offer to me immediately. Your projects matter especially as a beginner. One solid project is better than 100 garbage projects.

5 You don't research: Honestly, in this tech thing, I take what everyone is saying as bullshit. The senior developer I work with an Australian guy was telling me to learn web assembly if I really want to get a job with visa sponsorship which I so desperately need. I am tired of remote especially doing it from this shithole zoo of a country. I went to Linkedin Jobs and various countries indeed websites and I couldn't even see up to 500 jobs total in web assembly. Why would I waste time learning something that has no jobs because it might be relevant in ten years. Nodejs came out in 2009 and it is still not relevant in 2021. What is the probability that web assembly will be relevant in 2031. Research. When people tell you to learn a technology. Go to linkedinjobs and indeed and check how many jobs exist for that technology worldwide. People always advise you from their own point of view but the point of view of a senior developer in America, Europe or Australia is not the same for you a junior developer in the world's poverty capital.

Tech pays provided you do it right men.


Phones / Re: Full Features Of Harmony OS, As Huawei Unveils The OS For All Devices (Photos) by li2pac1717: 5:05pm On Aug 11, 2019
Only that you forget to include developing countries because the only thing they can afford Is Chinese made phone....all other Chinese phone maker will switch in future as trade war with USA intensify.

It will stop Harmony OS for the very reason it beat all of the other OSes you mentioned.

Harmony OS only has a future in China (and maybe Russia).

Huawei can see the future, that's why they're diverging away from the smartphone market.

Travel / Re: Which Country To Migrate To With N4 Million? by li2pac1717: 12:00am On Jul 08, 2019
You realize it is money trying all that and 4m would have finish...loool
Try a masters program or phd scholarship to canada...if you had a job already in nigeria you apply for immigration to canada.........

if that do not work then try bahamas.....(why....once you get your passport as a bahamian it is free visa to canada.....and the money you have would be okay for you over there.....you could also decide to stay back in the bahams and start life there....there are so many nigerians living and working in the bahamas.........

but overall....the best country to live in is the united states...i live there.....but i would advice you to go to bahamas or canada for now.

once you are in the bahamas....you are almost in canada

good luck

Travel / Re: Which Country To Migrate To With N4 Million? by li2pac1717: 11:41pm On Jul 07, 2019
You can not invest in any developed country with 4m. Your option if you are desperate to leave Nigeria is to go on a student visa. But dont be surprise if your 4m finish in a month in a developed country. Upon getting there, have it in mind that you coming to work and struggle twice and face bullshits than in Nigeria. I am currently in USA if you need any help. Best of Luck.
Please I Need Your Opinions On Which Country To Migrate To With I N4m

I have decided to escape from this country in search of a saner climate for work or business.To be sincere i have raised 4million naira only in cash but don't want to invest it here due to unfavorable climate .so as a chemical/petrochemical engineer.Kindly list out 1st world countries i can relocate to and the steps to take to achieve it.
Your kind input would forever be appreciated.


Crime / Re: Mile 12 Boy Pursues SARS With Stones And Bottles From Their Area(Video) by li2pac1717: 10:02pm On Jun 12, 2019
What step have you made personally to make it in life?
9ja is gradually becoming a failed state and a joke!!.and if as a nigerian youth you don't have plans of leaving this shithole... You have failed yourself too
Business / Re: Huawei Is Selling Off Its Undersea Cable Business by li2pac1717: 1:55am On Jun 04, 2019
If you live in USA you should know how Dow Jones and other stock equity has fallen so rapidly. Atleast there is 24 hours electricity in USA

And how do you know I don't live in USA?

You can see your ignorance?
Business / Re: Huawei Is Selling Off Its Undersea Cable Business by li2pac1717: 10:02pm On Jun 03, 2019
Dude i live in USA. I have better exposure than u

USA can't fight China alone?

This guy is a clown. Next joke please grin
Business / Re: Huawei Is Selling Off Its Undersea Cable Business by li2pac1717: 9:33pm On Jun 03, 2019
It is so funny to see the level of ignorant on Nairaland. Do you know Huwai just launch the first 5g in UK. Meaning Europe is not onboard with USA. USA cant fight china alone.
Where are those ignorant clowns shouting China will deal with USA? grin

Let them come and see now.

Huawei is as good as dead if China don't beg Trump.

Whether you like it or not, America is your master.

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Business / Re: Huawei Is Selling Off Its Undersea Cable Business by li2pac1717: 9:29pm On Jun 03, 2019

My brother, Donald Trump wants most of those American companies with giant factories in China, like Apple and Boeing, to pack up and return to the US.

It's American First, and it's not going to be funny!

You so funny. China wanted to even ban Boeing themselves to promote there aicraft maker COMAC. Also, Apple need China like China needs Apple. But Apple needs china more because china is a country and will survive
for so many years.


Business / Re: Huawei Is Selling Off Its Undersea Cable Business by li2pac1717: 9:26pm On Jun 03, 2019
There are selling a stake in the business. The company is not own by Huawei. They are just highest shareholder in company. Stop misleading people with fake news.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 14 by li2pac1717: 12:30pm On Apr 03, 2019
Hello, please does USA embassy now confirm Bank Statemnet for student visa?
Politics / Re: ICPC Freezes SURE-P Directors’ Accounts, Seizes Vehicles Over N3bn Fraud by li2pac1717: 3:17pm On Mar 17, 2016
We are the 20th biggest economy with vey low middle class. Is that what you want? If we didn't fight corruption, the rich we just become richer even if we are 5th biggest economy. Think with your brain

Investment / Re: Stock Market Loses N811bn In 10 Weeks - PUNCH by li2pac1717: 1:39pm On Mar 14, 2016
You problem is lack of knowledge. What happen in international market will definitely affect Nigeria. Usa and china stock market loose trillion of dollars since the beginning of this year. Don't take your leaders as God. They are just trying there best to change things. It is not very easy. Ebele and and his pdp have spoil this country than what you can think of
what are u saying now? leaders are elected to turn challenges to opportunities. i did not vote for him to start attending cocktail parties. i voted him with the same mindset shareholders of a company have by appointing directors who can turn the fortune of the business for the best.

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Investment / Re: Stock Market Loses N811bn In 10 Weeks - PUNCH by li2pac1717: 1:34pm On Mar 14, 2016
Politics / Re: Fuel Scarcity Worsens,See The Current Situation In Nigeria(photos) by li2pac1717: 9:57am On Mar 13, 2016
Gej can rot in hell, and middle finger to you
"The choice is there for Nigerians to decide whether to move forward or go back to the era of underdevelopment". - GEJ 2015.

Enjoy it guys, you asked for it.
I laugh to scorn all the foolish app supporters everyday.


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