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Politics / Re: Naira Scarcity: Protesters Shut Down Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway by midetinz(m): 8:37pm On Feb 14, 2023
The media will destroy this country with their nature of reportage.
I was at Otta axis today and what was shut down was JUST JOJU Junction, a subset of otta and NOT Lagos Abeokuta express way!!!!
Why enlarge or overhype a crisis situation that could escalate to shut down the whole nation or cause WAR by extension?
A lot of families had not even recovered fully from the Biafra war of 1967....what exactly do we stand to gain by heating up the polity with our beer parlor analysis? If you are tired of the country, either Japa or keel yourself and leave the lot that believe in a workable Nigeria....
My Tenkobo.
NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 2:24pm On Dec 10, 2020
Wow! Quite a journey, Op. Life moves on, regardless of how other people may feel/think we've treated them. Life must not be lived on the basis of mere emotional feelings but by reason and personal desires. I learn from that.

Op, abeg, kindly forgive the barrister and move on grin

I be human o. Not Christ. Lol.
Unfortunately for the barrister,he has a natural I.D on him in him limping limbs. Technically,he has no hiding place. I emphasized on his ordeal to let us appreciate how dubious some human had been since Adam.
Thank you @ur advice. Noted.
NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 8:09am On Dec 09, 2020
On getting to Abuja, we parked for purpose of brief relaxation and I made a personal request to God to help me get a seat anyhow. My limbs were loosing sensation and my arm was aching.
We continued our journey from Abuja and when we got to okene or so,in the middle of the night, the vehicle developed a mild fault. We all used the opportunity to stretch our nerves and also ease ourselves. What I find surprising was that most babes in the bus squatted in front of the bus with it's full light on to ease themselves. That day,I knew the difference between need and want. They cared less about been "seen" but cared more about safety as the surrounding bushes were thick black. When we left, our trip was calm and blessed with the midnight coldness. I got used to my new found ordeal and started asking myself some questions about what next.
I flashed back to my Gombe life and appreciated God for his glory. I got two certification trainings and had learnt barbing up to commercial threshold. Likewise,I had about N90,000 cash with me. I should not forget to mention that two months to the end of the service year, the allowee was reviewed to N9500 from N7500.
When we got to ilishan in Ogun state, about 30% of the bus population alighted and that was the FIRST time I heard of the school BABCOCK. I guess it was their first NYSC or so from the school inception as they did athimgs as a team.
I got to Lagos around 12noon having left Gombe at 2pm the previous day.
I immediately called my friends in Gombe town and send messages to others outside Gombe town that I was in Lagos. NO ONE believed me and felt it's possible I had impregnated one of the indigenes. Lol. But I hadn't. I just wanted to continue life as soon as I can.
I got my first job about 8months after NYSC. Before then I has bought two good phones from my savings for me and my girlfriend.lol.
I wrote series of letters to Layla through the post office with severt words of encouragement. Shortly after that period, networks fully got to major parts of Gombe and Layla was able to call me one fateful afternoon. She cried, she stopped, we spoke at length. She said she thought I was joking when I told her I will leave after POP. She accused me of not beign considerate of her feelings. I encourage her to have a different perspective that we were never meant to be "if not for NYSC". She later thanked me and said she always received my letters with pride and joy.
Fast forward 5years after NYSC, I got married to my heart throb. Facebook was around then so I showed Layla few pictures and encouraged her not to also settle for less. She also got married 3years after marriage and showed me pictures of the ceremony.
At present, we are both married with kids but I am still looking for Barrister OLATUNJI.


NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 7:57pm On Dec 05, 2020
So sorry for the delay in update. My phone has been misfiring since perhaps it is due for a replacement.
Permit me to flash back a bit on an issue that happened at the tail end of the service year.
Gombe state usually pay a thousand naira per month for corp members and it is usually paid as annual arrears. As in by the 11th month, you are entitled to N12,000 bulk payment. For this particular year, the state government appealed to corp members that the payment will be delayed for two months,two months after NYSC. This didn't go well with most corp members and there was only ONE bank in Kaltungo, Biliri axis which is firstbank. Out of desperation, corp members were teased to align with their CLO to pick the payment on their behalf for ontoward transmission to beneficiaries. This was agreed upon for two reasons
1) The guy intend to stay a while after the POP day
2)He has a firstbank account and remember there was no transfer thingy then.
Till date, I always knew the CLO could have connived with the local government officials cos the guy,(OLATUNJI-real name) had always been funny since I know him.
Sorry,I mentioned his real name cos I intend to still collect my 12k if I see him even if it's 30years time.
He is a law graduate and limps on his right leg. Uea, I have to be that descriptive cos we all signed a list of our names authorizing him to collect the money on our behalf. The money was paid cos I confirmed from the next batch corpers which I met during a job hunt but BARRISTER OLATUNJI hadn't been reachable ever since.
When I got to EKWOS park in Jos, I waited an additional 2hrs before the faulty bus got to Jos. When it had been fully repaired and it was time for departure to Lagos, I was told that my seat position has been sold in Bauchi and the only option I can explore is to "manage" with the bus. I was ready to do it as my mind is shutdown to be in Lagos . When the bus was set to depart, I was told to manage on a make up seat. O thought it would be nice but after 1hrs trip, timglit sensation almost crippled me and I voluntarily opted for standing. Lol. I stood from the outskirt of Jos till Abuja, a 7 hour journey.........
NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 10:20am On Dec 02, 2020
In the last month of the servt year, I looked back to reflect on the journey so far. I rated myself above average as I had been able to learn, unlearn and relearn. I had also been able to travel round more than 50% of Gombe state with a dash in visitation to Jos. On financials, I have saved about 80% of my annual allowee perhaps due to my affluence filled Layla. Despite this I had also seen about two job offers from Kaltungo and Akko respectively but I couldn't sign the dotted lign because the pay wasn't that tempting and I hadn't imagined staying outside southwest as at then.
While o was packing my luggages in preparation for the POP, I realized that most things I had as necessities where actually burden cos I couldn't travel with them. I had to give out most of them as gift to my loyal yaros.How grateful they were!
On the day of the POP I travel to EKWOS office in Gombe to buy a ticket. I was told the luxurious bus will leave by 2pm prompt and that I should be sure I could meet up. O ignored all the doom saying and insisted I need the ticket. Having paid, I left for the POP ground. The program ended arounfld 1:30pm but my name and call up number wasnt called until around 2:45pm. I picked up my certificate and immediately headed for the park. Before I got to the park, I was imagining Layla urging me to stay till weekend but I shrugged off the feeling, Lagos or nothing.
On getting to EKWOS park, I was told that the bus had left. I asked were will the next stop be?Jos was the reply I got.
Without thinking twice, I began negotiation on with a taxi man to take me to Jos. The man said he will change 4/5k and I agreed. We commenced the journey to Jos and I think just when we left Bauchi, we say the EKWOS bus had developed a fault at theboutsirt of Bauchi. The taxi driver asked me if I would join them there(I have my ticket with me) bit I told him I can't be stranded after paying to avoid beign stranded. Off to Jos we went.

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NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 6:30pm On Nov 29, 2020
The harsh weather in the Northeastern part of Nigeria is common knowledge and I remembered most corp members found it extremely difficult coping with the reality. During heat, to avoid outright dehydration and meningitis, you must frequently drink water and also bath. You dare not allow your bare skin to touch the wall(especially unpainted) directly. Rain comes with very wild whirlwind and quite fiercely too. To an extent, i felt the snake world must have released it's contents willingly as survival in a non ventilated arena could have been suicidal.
We tried to survive and blend with life against all odds. For times when Layla was off on holidays, I had some few natives ,male and females alike to roll with. I ate tuwo like I'd known it since birth. The two species(masara and shinkafa) are just fine for me. But I consumed much of donkwa then. It was consistently spicy and came very handy during cold. Donkwa is tanfirin. I was skeptical about kulikuli cos I heard it is usually prepared by lepers(lol. A rumour though but it stuck to my head). The hausas don't usually like to eat bulk meat with food but they can eat meat alone as food. Because of their sugary affinity, they ensured they always had Maggi in their pockets in case the food is not tasty enough. I one met an hausa man in a local restaurant and when he was served demo with soup, he emptied ONE CUBE of Maggi in his served soup before eating.
They could conveniently use the lid quantity of oil of lacasera to fry three eggs. The art mastery of Mai Shai and tea mixing is beyond havard standard.
As the service year was rounding up, i began intensified effort on hausa language learning, mistakenly I could have started earlier but I learnt quite a few and I learnt fast which I still use sparingly in Lagos market. I bought a life goat which has been well fed and matured for N2000 in Kaltungo market. I got someone to slaughter it but had no preservation skills. None of the chunk wasted though as it ended in delicacies.
Layla was prepping her mind for my departure. It was a very tough one on her the day I told her I have just 2months to go. She was very cold but made me assure her that we will exchange letters. As at this time, network presence was getting better but not up to 40% coverage.


NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 6:38am On Nov 28, 2020
Of course there was but it was mutual with the goal post Predefined. I couldn't delve into much details as we no dey romance/sexuality section. Lol.
NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 6:37pm On Nov 27, 2020
The month of May was Layla's birthmonth and our relationship has blossomed into a very envious one. On her part, she had tasted the excitement of dating a better exposed guy and she was enjoying every bit of the relationship. She always urge me to stay back a bit after NYSC as she is not prepared to let go but I had assured her that I will be leaving Gombe on the POP day irrespective of the challenge posed. She knew I was the very determined type and she'll sometime cry whenever she envisaged that all these razmatazz will end soon. She knew I was always concerned about her and I didn't see any convinction to date any lady during our pairing.
Along the line, one hausa politician son threw a birthday bash for her. She invited me though and of course I went but was not exactly impressed(perhaps jealous). I told her during dance time that I will celebrate her birthday for her in a unique and unforgettable manner
All she did was to giggle and said "Lagos boy".
Why it was seemingly cool to roll with her was because of her affluence. She never asked me for a dime and I was also careful not to Dole out a dime from my HARD EARNED N7500. Good thing was we both chrished all moments. In the course of thinking through how to create an indelible impression, I consulted with one of my sociable islander who sold the idea of having the celebration on top of one of the tall hills of Biliri. The idea was endorsed hook,line and sinker but we escalated it into a picnic amidst corp members. Luckily, every serving corp member bought into the idea and a date was agreed upon. it was as if the corp members were starved of fun as voluntary donation sufficed for all we needed(snacks and drinks e.t.c).
Having perfected the plan, I told Layla that I will be celebrating her Bday with all the serving corp members in Biliri. She was awed as she couldn't control her blush frequency. She was particularly impressed that graduates of the federal republic of Nigeria will be her guest for her Bday(NYSC was so big a deal as at then Sha). In no time, the rumors spread around the town and she was extremely ranked as the happening babe in town. Fortunately for me, because I still play football with the natives, they saw me as a sure Ally and never allowed any threat of any type to come my way. To finetune my plan, I had told my pals from Kaltungo, Akko e.t.c.
On the D day, we all converged around 4:15pm at the foot of the hill (I had forgotten the name o) and by 4:30pm, we started climbing. It was fun all the way as both male and female corpers were fully dressed in crested outfit as we also had a professional photographer. We climbed, we rested. We also shared chilled drink as we climbed. Layla forgot about the stressful aspect of the ascend and was just happy. After about a hour of hill climbing, we got to the Apex of the hill. And from there, we could assess about 80% ariel view of the local government. What a beauty to behold! Everybody was frenzied about their present position. While the eating and drinking was ongoing, my friend echoed " A round of applause for our dear Layla who is celebrating her birthday today" . A thunderous clap ensued which lasted for more than 10 minutes. Layla was obviously impressed and whispered to my ear; "pls don't leave me forever". For my mind I replied "For wia??"
Sincerely, I loved Layla but I had a girlfriend in Lagos which I knew I was going to marry and I doubt if anything can stop that from happening.
By 6:30pm we were all exhausted with fun, dance ,gist and yabis and we started descending the hill. It is far easier to descend of course and In no time, we were at the base of the hill.
Everibody was happy.
Layla was delighted.
Promise made, promise kept.


NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 8:50am On Nov 26, 2020
I was batch B of the service year hence mobilized in September. The month of March of the next year was tragedy dotted as we post two corp members to the hands of death.
The first was a particular guy(I'd forgotten his name) who was a frequent traveller to Lagos from Gombe. On this particular trip, he had gotten to Kara just before Berger, the entry point of Lagos on lag-ibadan express way. The bus he boarded from Jos(a J5) developed a fault and the driver appealed to passengers to help in pushing the vehicle off the road. The dude was part of those that took up the task. While the brief pushbwas on going, a blood thirsty trailer rammed into them from the rear killing about 6 of them instantly. RIP.
The second guy was a sickle cell anaemic patient who developed crisis while in Lagos during visitation. The corper community was thrown into mourning mood as both guys were lost within 5days interval. So we decided to observe a candle light possession in their honor. On the day of the candle light, the host town were very shocked as they haven't seen such before. We had previously informed the Mai and a town crier had disseminated the info regarding the candlelight. During the candle light possession, corpers were seen weeping profusely while the host community were showering us with "sannu" as they shared in our mood.
I could have been the third victim......
A friend of mine serving in Tundun wada local government came to me to inform me about his interview at the embassy for his proposed trip to US. Having convinced me with documents, he dropped the bombshell. He needed me to help him with clearance and headcount at his LG especially to avoid service year extension as it was a toxic offence those days. At this point we got an achaba man for the job, negotiated with him and paid him upfront for to to&fro service (yes, you can trust Hausas very well then, I don't know of now). On the D day, after my clearance, I swapped my passport with his on the poorly laminated ID card and with the aid of the bike man, we zoomed off to Tundun wada. On getting there, I was just on time. Names were been reeled out for clearance and headcount. I had to repeatedly remind myself of my new name in the wada ordeal.
When my new name was called ,I stepped forward to append a signature. Though I was with the Fez cap, the Z.I(Zonal inspector) immediately adjusted her seat and said "you look and walk exactly like my cousin" how come I hadn't noticed you since all these months of clearance? What is that your name again?she asked. I was about to answer her when the state coordinator called on her to confirm something. She quickly told me to see her after clearance to boost familiarity. After signing, I remembered that her last question about reconfirming my name is indicative that she might never recollect lt or be able to trace it(moreso,I signed while she was with the SC). On this note I hurriedly left the scene and echoed "achaba! Achaba!! Achaba!!! Till I got one that was ready to travel to Biliri. I mounted the bike and we vamoosed......
If I had been caught, I will surely had earned about 3-6months extension and I could have "died".
That friend of mine made a success of the interview and he travel immediately after NYSC. He is still in the U.S.

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NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 7:36am On Nov 24, 2020
Few days after the burial, she came back to town and our friendship elevated to a noticeable zone.
It was about this time I decided to explore a place she told me about;TULA. What interested me about TULA was that I heard there is a "high profile" prison there were top Nigerian leaders has been kept. Gist had it that when Abiola was taken to TULA, he said;" why should I be sentenced in Nigeria and I will be taken to Cameroonian prisons?
One thing very commendable with NYSC life I'm the north as at then was that with your crested best, you can go to a village and insist to be hosted by the Mai or the village/town leader
They will welcome you with their little resources but with delight written all over their faces.
So in company of my squad, we went to TULA. I can't remember the specific distance but it was around around two hours. On getting to TULA, one natural security feature I observed was that the entrance has two hills beside each other with a space just enough to take a vehicle at a time. One of the rocks was like a semicircle while the other,like a square. The one vehicle per car entrance was so elevative in nature such that if your vehicle "gear one" is not strong enough, you can NEVER have an easy entry into Tula
When we finally got in,I observed that TULA had nothing like a pole or electrical wiring which means they don't have electricity neither do they plan to have as at then.
Before my NYSC, I had a negative predisposition to easterners but that day, I respected them additionally when i saw an ibo man who own a supermarket (shabbily to standard of Tula), with an Inscription of "cold drinks available" . How ironical in a place with no hope of electricity!.
We got to Mai TULA palace where we intend to spend the night and the Emir was very glad to receive corp members as visitors from other areas of Gombe state. Glaringly all corp members originally posted to Tula has achieved there redeployment as soon as arrival.
After the palace gist and excitement, the Mai gisted us that truly, the Tula prison is the ONLY federal establishment in Tula. Coincidentally, it has hosted many top government officials. He told us that the reason for this is because there is no hope of a jail break as death is guaranteed with such. This was because the window in every cell of tula prison borders with a next village(can't remember the name) which happens to be a valley, a deep one at that and hence without helicopter aid, Nobody can engage in a jail break through the window. We also talked about several things and when it was evening the palace insisted they will host is with what Lagosians love best-Jollof rice!!!!. May God not forgive whoever brought up the idea as the resultant food came out VERY controversially. Yes, you will taste the Maggi sauce but it was nothing compared to a concortion talk more of a jollof rice. Our team lead insisted we should painfully enjoy the "sacrifice" so that our host won't feel bad.
The night was so long though we slept on a fantastically woven may with padded effect. In the morning, we were set to leave for Biliri but put of curiosity, I told my team that we should visit the Tula supermarket for a chilled drink. Lol.
On getting there the Ibo man told us he was doing "fantastically well" in the deserted Tula. He said the whole of the town depends on his shop for everything and hence he sees himself as their Dangote supplies. I asked for a cold drink, but the man laughed hysterically asking me if I ever saw an electric pole. I asked him why the Inscription of "cold drinks" ? He said it was just an advert to ensure every visitor MUST visit his shop and end up buying something, whatever thing. He said he always put the drinks in water overnight and by morning,it won't be "hot" again.
There is a local drink across Gombe, alcohol of course called KWALI.it was a local gin and I remember that a 4L paint bucket sells for less than a bottle of any beer.
Our trip back was very smooth and the Tula experience remains a point of reference.


NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 9:15pm On Nov 22, 2020
Amidst the popularity brouhaha, I noticed a rather calm but pretty lady called Layla(not real name) who appears to be from an influential family. With further probe, I confirmed she came from a state up north Gombe and she is a princess of major town there. She was usually in convoy of a driver who commutes her to and fro school. Overtime we became friends but I never fell for the temptation of asking her out. We were seen together at virtually every public gathering and the guys from the school gave a nod at our new friendship.
Female corp members weert suddenly dissing is but I jokingly reply them that the princess presents with natural unaided beauty which was a rare northern gem.
One fateful day, while I was deep in gist with fellow lodge members, she walked in all teary into the corpers lodge. "Corper dude", I will like to see you. And the next seconds, she said I lost my immediate brother just now and I am on my way to our town. And with that she hopped into her car. When I got back to our common room, I narrated the ordeal to my guys and the general consensus was that I should be there the next day to console with the family.
The next day, the "mumu me" embarked on a journey of about 2.5hrs up north Gombe state. When I got to her town, locating here was quite easy(via the palace). With my created best, I entered the palace environs and asked to see her. Her mum came back with the "errand man" saying she doubt if it could really be me. While trying to describe myself further she screamed my name in disbelief and her grieve for a while turned to sheepish smile. After my consolation and all, I announced my departure and she promised to check on me once back in Biliri after her showers of appreciations.


NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 4:53pm On Nov 21, 2020
For the Forum CIDs kindly note that these were reports of early 2000s.

Two strange things were my observations about Gombe state as at then
1)they don't reject torn currencies (as in very torn) but you also must not reject anyone given to you
2)If you board a bike/okada(called achaba), you can stop at will in the course of the trip to exchange greetings (as long as brief) without affecting your charges(lol).
It makes the axis presents a serene non violent ideology at most times. Despite the language differences I could quote for free that there was no violent encounter between indigenes and corp members.
The phrase "how old are you" reconfirmed my doubt about the average age validity of my "students". Overtime, I gained unparalleled respect from the class set through my ability to deliver lecture seamlessly for an hour or sometimes two ,without any notes or draft. The students are sometimes amazed at my level of accuracy even though my little shorthand knowledge always rescue me in difficult times. I was hell bent on selling my handout as o had always wanted to author a "best seller", lol. But I was not too much in a hurry to do that as I felt that in order to achieve about 98% success in sales, I must learn to be their friend. Having achieved my brilliance threshold, I hinted the class that I will come back to the school premises in the evening to participate in the football game(the school has boarding facilities).
Perhaps out of disbelieve or intent to make a profound jest at me, the pitch was filled with spectators to witness the game. Summarily, most of the spectators were left in awe at the level of my football skills. At this point I was very popular across their hostels and even the guys were quick to guarantee me a sure babe in case I will be later interested.
The following morning I made an announcement of my course handout which should be ready within the week. Virtually all students with financial ability paid up front for the handout. The profit was more worthy compared to the effort.

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NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 4:34pm On Nov 21, 2020
Gombe get airport ooo
I'm from gombe
BTW what part of gombe are u kiss

Kindly try to double check your statement before making a discrediting statement.
Gombe state HAD NO airport before 2004.
Closest was Jos.

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NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 4:30pm On Nov 21, 2020
The story will be compy God willing.
About "that"? When we get to the bridge, we'll surely cross it.

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NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 1:10pm On Nov 20, 2020
On the second month of my NYSC year, I registered for a certificate course but was immediately faced with the challenge of attendance as classes only hold in Gombe town. After attending few classes, I prophesied on the effect of weekly transportation on my allowee then decided to attend class once in two weeks while I make up with notes from course mates.
At my third month, a request letter from the school of tech came asking for my resumption with the school.
Who am I not to resume when I had perfected my plans ab initio on hand out production for sale to my students as my lecture guide. On getting to the school, my first observation was that about 60% of my students to be are older than I am with respect to age. I met with the school principal(principal is used for tech schools) and he assured me of his special support with emphasis to my relationship with the matured ladies as virtually ALL of them are married. Through our discussion, I was able to draw conclusions that an average indigen is very skeptical of corp members and their sexual looseness. They see corp members as a virus whose effect are eventually damaging. That immediately gave possible meaning to about three kids called "corper" in my Lodge.
In my Lodge,there are four calm guys whose primary attraction as at then were never the TANGALE girls.
My first day in class was fun but equally embarrassing. A lady in her late 20s, openly asked me during question time. she asked "how old are you sir" and the whole class bursted into a thunderous laughter. I was annoyed but I kept my calm. I responded to the class that I was old enough to impact new knowledge. The class gave a joint applause.


NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 7:27am On Nov 18, 2020
Yeah. It's autocorrect effect.

Welcome back Brother.

It's "Ba Shiga"
NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 5:09pm On Nov 17, 2020
Despite the obvious derail from average "Lagos economic life" , Biliri presents as a hilly town. So many fine nature appearance. Most of the hills as seen from afar, appears to gracefully disappears into the sky as if it was intentionally hiding its peak. The sunny nature of Biliri is above average and it is quite dusty. Other local governments I could still remember are Akko,tundun wada,Tula,kaltungo, e.t.c.
I will later delve into my visitations to those local governments. I toured Gombe state.
After the Local govt chairman representative speech, we were dispersed to our various PPA. On getting to my place of primary assignment,a government parastatal, I was informed that I will spend about three months with them asy service has been specifically "required" in a school of technology. I did my best to quickly adapt to my new environment and I must confess that the hausas there were convincingly friendly. For instance, with your crested best in the market and the ability to utter "lafia kalahu" to greetings, you are guaranteed of about 50% discount on local item purchased. In fairness, for those of us that served during that time, the uprise of Boko Haram and hausa volatility remains a shock. Those features could not have been predictable in centuries to come. Despite their convincing friendliness, we were sternly warned from camp NEVER to toy with their girls or wives. As a matter of fact, once you know at an hausa resident, you must be sure you are told to enter before you do so, otherwise death could be a possible verdict. And for houses where "na Shiga" was boldly written, pls DO NOT enter even if you are told so.
Few days into my work days, I met with two guys who seems belong to the elites category. Needless to say, they are rich too. Unfortunately, they are Scrabble addicts. They could play Scrabble from 8am till closing time without opening a single file for scrutiny or action. One of them was shocked when I challenged him to a Scrabble game, he couldn't believe he heard me rightly but he was surprised when I defeated him in a very competitive game. With this common threshold, our trip became friends from Scrabble.
This friendship granted me audience with some top shots and emir to which could have granted me some good stuff but I was still myopic on issue of living in Lagos State or obodo oyinbo

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NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 7:53pm On Nov 14, 2020
On observation that I was posted outside Gombe town(though disappointed), I saw a guaranteed exit door in due time from my various love proclamations.
On her side, she sensed a major threat to her camp dating but I was quick to remind her how strong she was during the endurance trek when I was dead tired. The babe has got a strength of a man no doubt. A true warri babe indeed.
I made a little findings about my new about to be abode and I was told that it had similarities with another neighbouring local government called Kaltungo in terms of natives and snakes.
Yes, snakes! Kaltungo was referred to as "snake island" those days. Solely because the weather of that axis seems unbearable to the reptilia. I was rightly informed that the weather induced heat usually forces the snake out of hiding and during their sojourn, they bite at will. Lol. The guy conclusively told me that it was best i wear my boots to bed.(I later knew he was hyperbolic on the boots but very true about the snakes).
The second similarity was the TANGALE tribe which cut across both local governments. The TANGALE girls are easily describe with adverbs similar to that of Calabar girls.(I won't say much on this).
A bus arrived at the camp from my dear local government with BILIRI LG roughly inscribed on the banner courtesy of terrible hand writing. Biliri is about an hour journey from Gombe town. We arrived at Biliri safely in company of fellow Biliri corp members. Shockingly, NOBODY was on seat in the local government office to welcome us.
Chai.....we were lost on our next line of action.
After about an hour, the chairman office was opened by on bitter-kola loving dude who continuously chew the bitter kola as of his life depended on it. At that moment, I was scared of so many things. Top of my list was DEATH. I did not understand till date why I had such premonition. Primarily becauy the ONLY Place with phone network was just Gombbe town. Tactically, we were cut off from the rest of the world. Some moments later, the representative from the LG chairman welcome us and gave assurance of network present soonest. This really got on my nerves as I was dead sure he had no immediate influence on such economically dead part of the world......


NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 6:27pm On Nov 14, 2020
You are indeed a good-looking writer sir

Thank you sir.
NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 6:23pm On Nov 14, 2020
On the issue of "love", I knew ab initio that I must program my heart not to fall in love because the area brother I mentioned earlier has entirely convinced me that love during NYSC is usually borne out of furstration and boredom. So yes, I was seen to love but I knew I never fell an inch.
With my football skills induced lover, my committee of friends expanded considerably so offers kept coming for free lunch dates et al.
I kept a very tough register about daily bathing cos I could not engage in crowd bathing which boys readily do. No personal physiology reason though except that the only night I tried it, the other dude kept splashing soap foam on me(unintentionally). So I decided that I must wake up by or before 4 to bath in the cover of darkness or forgo bathing for the day. Unfortunately, the weather condition for the early morning was best described as very cold.
Permit me to mention briefly that the feast of "endurance trek" kept a deadly impression till date. Guys, we trekked for 7hours non stop because of the expanse of The landmass.
Just before the final day in camp, a friend informed me that my name was posted with the sports list and 4 names(including mind) was market with Gombe United FC. At first ,I never considered it as a good news cos I never planned for football as an option for career but once hinted that it was a sure hint for beign posted to town,Gombe town, I was a bit excited.
On the final day in camp, our postings were sorted. She was posted to Gombe town. I was not posted to Gombe town despite popular resolution, I was posted to BILIRI......

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NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 7:32pm On Nov 13, 2020
Mallam Sidi" is the name of the town where the NYSC camp was located then,(I don't know of now) I got to Mallam sidi on the first day of the camp and at about the time the camp commandant was about to address the Corp members.
"You are welcome to the NYSC camp, Gombe state. For the next three weeks,you don't have a brain of your own. We will do the thinking for you henceforth. We will tell you when to sleep and when to wake up" roared the camp commandant amidst other things.
I can't remember vividly all that happened but will do my best to recap(it's almost 20years now).
We were paid N500 as bicycle allowance, N1000 as transport allowance and told that our monthly allowee will be N7500.
I did my best to enjoy the three weeks. I was in platoon 8 . I didn't participate in marching as such but I played football to the peak. During the course of training for team selection, a guy insisted that I must be in the football team, eventually I was chosen as part of the first eleven and I justified my selection 100%.
When we got to the final of the football competition, we were to play against platoon 6.
The event was quite colorful as few big men from Gombe town were invited and the then coach of Gombe United was physically present. Due to my dribbling skill,I was left to play a free role and ended up scoring the only goal for platoon 8 in the match. It was a sweet solo effort which met a thunderous celebration from the crowd. Platoon 6 was equally good, hence they ended up equalizing before the sound of the final whistle.
The game was to be decided by penalty shoot out. As at then I was the talk of the camp and my friendship circle was boosted by male and female alike.
The first taker for platoon 6 lost his penalty while we scored ours. The captain at that point suddenly changed the sequence of our penalty players by insisting I play the FINAL penalty of the game so that once the other players could score theirs, mine was a guaranteed goal and then we win the cup. At first, I thought it was a fantastic idea but sooner regretted it as EVERBODY else scored in the shootout. I was enjoying the popularity I had garnered all the while and I could not risk any wrong penalty,turned me to an alien.
While the last taker in platoon 6 was celebrated, I pretended to be very pressed and must visit the gent as a matter of urgency. I was granted just 2 minutes to offload, but I knew I will NEVER come back to the field except if the match has ended.
I left the field and after about 5mins of waiting, another player was asked to take the kick from our platoon and he scored seamlessly despite beign an average player. The whole camp was agog with celebration and I came out of my "hiding".
I knew you were never pressed, you couldn't handle the anxiety said Mary, a fellow Corp member from a difft platoon. I agree to her submission and we laughed over her detective skills. She was my first "camp love" lol.


NYSC / Re: Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 6:13pm On Nov 13, 2020
I went to a federal school in the southwest. A majorly sought after tertiary institution in the southwest. I'll pass for a social personality but I don't party extremely. I am so fun to be with but traveling was NEVER my hobby.
Before the receipt of my call up letter,I had never stepped beyond Oyo state. I has schooled all my life in the southwest.
When I received my call up letter, I saw GM and I asked the closest student to me; what is GM?
Surprisingly, the dude told me "I don't have an idea". I received the green colored letter in good faith, headed home and went to consult with a bro who also schooled in southwest but in another federal school.
He exclaimed; my instinct has told me you will also likely be posted there..... You have been posted to GOMBE STATE,the bro said.
I was quick to ask him what distance is Gombe from Lagos? And he said 23hours! Amidst giggling.
Based on the timing of camp opening at Gombe, knew I must leave within 48hrs but I was extremely skeptical cosni just lost a friend to a road crash the day before.
I kon dey reason am....person wey dey go Ibadan here get accident die, me wey go kon travel for 23hrs? E don be for me.
Those days ONLY, EKWOS LTD travels directly to Gombe state from Lagos. I thought of the option of flight, but as at the year I was talking about, Gombe has no airport. The closest was Jos and taking a flight to Jos then embarking on additional 4.5hra to Gombe doesn't make much of street sense to me.
I eventually settled for direct bus through EKWOS at Maza Maza. At this point let me mention that night trips was the usual option for long trips and I was scheduled to leave with the 3pm bus having paid N4,500.
On the D day,I got to the park with mixed feelings for 2pm but the bus didn't leave until 5pm. I had equipped myself with various soda drinks and snacks. Surprisingly, I felt my first hunger pang after about 6hrs travelling (traffic delay inclusive). It is the norm to have at least 3fully armed escort in each traveling bus. I was seated in No3 ,just behind the first escort in the bus. Due to the fact that I was hungry, I opened my soda drink in the silence of the dark night around 8-9pm. The squeaky sound of the soda was quite loud in the night and spontaneously, the escort corked his gun in readiness for defence from perceived attack. I immediately submitted my drinks to him as I was scared to the marrow. He laughed at the level of fright I displayed and we both laughed afterwards. I think we had a stopover at lokoja where we relaxed ,ate and eased ourselves.
We got to GOMBE the next day we left Lagos at around 3pm.


NYSC / Jewel Of The Savannah. by midetinz(m): 5:45pm On Nov 13, 2020
I can't call this an inspiration per say.
Perhaps,I was infuriated with few NYSC stories shared so far on Nairaland which were either uncompleted or too short for a year sojourn.
I am not entirely bad as a writer but my last consideration for writing as a career dated back at secondary school when it became a regular feat to win essay competition at state level
So yes, I could be a bit Rusty in writing but I assure you of completion of my sojourn throughout NYSC.
And yes, i was posted to the jewel of Savanna- GOMBE STATE in early 2000s.

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Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by midetinz(m): 7:28pm On Nov 05, 2020
Please help!

Toyota corolla 07 not showing battery light but other dashboard light working and car is not starting

It has been driven earlier today without showing any ish

Have you checked your "kick starter" components?
I experienced similar thing once in my yaris
Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by midetinz(m): 7:39pm On Aug 28, 2020
Nissan Pathfinder 2002 idles roughly at first start in the morning.
Starting has to be done like 3 separate times of "start and quench" before engine revs itself o be normal for the rest of the day. What could be wrong sirs?
Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by midetinz(m): 11:35am On Jul 02, 2020
Toyota Yaris with good battery(it was driven less than 24hra ago) gave a whining sound on start attempt. A kazeem told me to hit the kick-started with an iron rod to solve the problem then fix later. I remember someone did same on the car 2years ago prior to replacement of the cabon brushes.
Pls what is the logic behind hitting the starter with an iron rod?
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by midetinz(m): 9:29pm On Apr 14, 2020
Please gurus in the house, I just got a new redmi 7a.
Despite displaying 4G as internet strength for the MTN sim,the service is "annoyingly slow.
I even tried to sign in to Google play store to access basic apps, it was just displaying "checking updates" with the blue background for more than 15 minutes despite switching on data.
Had to shut it down out of furstation.
Pls help a friend here. What can I do?
Phones / Re: Infinix Note5 Stylus For Sell. by midetinz(m): 10:11pm On Mar 23, 2020
lasu area, lagos and 33k is d price..

I dey ajangbadi.
20k cash on Friday?
Car Talk / Re: Has Any One Ever Purchased A Vehicle From Owode Market? Share Your Experience by midetinz(m): 10:22pm On Mar 09, 2020

I made this request on Saturday morning and also ensured I sent a WhatsApp message to @Tpound.
No doubt I have my very strong reservations about owode market but the consistency of @Tpound to requests made me felt I could take a "risk" with some thousands of naira.
My primary observation was that he was prompt to respond to WhatsApp chat and ready to give occassional update on events concerning your request. He got the tyres,sent me the pictures as requested and then asked the golden question of purchase or not.
At this point,I was a bit sceptical to spare my money on a "ghost transaction" but because he usually picks his call promptly hence I sent the money,agreed on delivery point and he charged a very minimal amount for logistics.
He delivered the tyres today in my absence and confirmed with the recipient before delivery.
I got to delivery point and was super delighted with the quality @Tpound delivered without any form of supervision. That implies about 48hrs from request to delivery which is equally commendable.
@Tpound was proffessional,calm,time conscious and apt with specifications. Ironically,I have not seen him physically till now,yet he was almost a perfectionist at handling my request.
If @Tpound could bring the legit part of owode to bare,he deserved some good accolades.
Thank you @Tpound,I am a delighted customer!
Car Talk / Re: Has Any One Ever Purchased A Vehicle From Owode Market? Share Your Experience by midetinz(m): 10:11pm On Mar 09, 2020
@TPound. Pls I need 2units of tyres 245/70R16.
What is the cost bro.
Ready to buy if it can be ready even today.
Thanks man.

I made this request on Saturday morning and also ensured I sent a WhatsApp message to @Tpound.
No doubt I have my very strong reservations about owode market but the consistency of @Tpound to requests made me felt I could take a "risk" with some thousands of naira.
My primary observation was that he was prompt to respond to WhatsApp chat and ready to give occassional update on events concerning your request. He got the tyres,sent me the pictures as requested and then asked the golden question of purchase or not.
At this point,I was a bit sceptical to spare my money on a "ghost transaction" but because he usually picks his call promptly hence I sent the money,agreed on delivery point and he charged a very minimal amount for logistics.
He delivered the tyres today in my absence and confirmed with the recipient before delivery.
I got to delivery point and was super delighted with the quality @Tpound delivered without any form of supervision. That implies about 48hrs from request to delivery which is equally commendable.
@Tpound was proffessional,calm,time conscious and apt with specifications. Ironically,I have not seen him physically till now,yet he was almost a perfectionist at handling my request.
If @Tpound could bring the legit part of owode to bare,he deserved some good accolades.
Thank you @Tpound,I am a delighted customer!


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