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Sports / Re: John Obi Mikel: Comparing Him With Lionel Messi by mochafella(m): 10:48am On Aug 04, 2010

Man U fan i hail una oooo, the biggest haters i ve ever seen, the poster is a man u fan forsure. I bet u, had it been mikel went to man u in the 1st place, by now he would ve been playing in turkey or qatar were u will not know the name of the club he's playing for. Where are the likes of saha & manucho. Saha played his heart for man u with talent and skills, yet fergie still did not appreciate him, keeps the guy on bench,. Even when the guy comes from bench, he still performs excellently. I can't advice any black player to play in man u because they will ruine his carrier.

Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke will probably disagree about ManU ruining black players.

I think the disappointment some Nigerians feel is due to high expectations. It seemed for a while that he was Okocha's heir-apparent in the Super Eagles, especially after the 2005 WYC and the game against Zimbabwe at the Nations cup. Needless to say it time to stop wishing he will re-emerge as an attacking midfielder and see him as the defensive midfielder he has become.
Politics / Re: Welcome To The Real Lagos- Has BBC Seen This? by mochafella(m): 12:37am On Jul 14, 2010
I doubt that is real, looks like artwork or a model
Music/Radio / Re: Lyrical Game by mochafella(m): 4:55am On Dec 05, 2006
"I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell
I am a hustler baby, I'll sell water to a well"

You don't Know - JayZ
Foreign Affairs / Re: Should George Bush Also Face Trial? by mochafella(m): 4:42am On Dec 05, 2006
4 Play:

So the US did not invade Iraq for its own oil interests but For Bush's interests.Bush staked all his political capital and sent 150,000 Americans to war in Iraq just line up the pockets of his friends.Not even his own pockets but that of his friends .Do u really beleive that?
Okay I'll spell it out so you know even if you disagree.
US benefits: Political and Resource access.
GW & friends benefits: "Free" oil to sell on the international market, miltary contracts at tax payers expense.

At no point are those benefits mutually exclusive. We can argue the importance of one over the other to GW who made the final decision to invade, but they are not exclusive.

4 Play:

Who are these friends of Bush for whom Bush spent his poltical capital.Do they have names and how much have they actually made from Iraq?Please enlighten me
I think you overrate the importance of political capital when he has no higher office to aspire to. Money also has a habit of smoothing ruffled feathers.

4 Play:

What the oil shock did was to reduce dependence on oil ,hence the low oil price for 2 decades-this helped plunge many oil producers like Nigeria into debt which they just came out from.
I would really like to see your evidence of that. Especially the one that "closely" links low prices of the late 90's and the oil embargo of the early 70's.

4 Play:

YOU CANNOT SIDELINE UR BIGGEST CONSUMNER .You can't sideline a nation that takes one in four of every barrel of oil produced,it is impossible.There will be a collapse in the oil markets.Japan and China combined is only one-third the size of the US economy,they can't afford a premium on oil if the US can't buy it
Its been done once, it can be done again. You make it seem like the Arabs need to sell so much oil to survive. They don't. They can get by with supplying/selling less. Need I remind you that China has 4 times the US population and most want to live life like the Americans. I don't have recent figures but they won't remain the smaller economy for long.

4 Play:

The link u gave does not even in anyway support the assertion that Bush and his pallies are smuggling Iraq oil and making fortunes.
I hope you can give me a stronger reason than "priorities" for leaving the exports unmeasured. I await your explanation.

4 Play:

With all due respect this is a symptom of the Bush Derangement Syndrome I talked about earlier
Please do me a favour and keep your conversation with me civil. I presume you can argue positively.
Music/Radio / Re: Lyrical Game by mochafella(m): 3:52am On Dec 05, 2006
"Lie go dey rush from mouth like water rush from tap"

Truth don die - Femi Kuti
Foreign Affairs / Re: Should George Bush Also Face Trial? by mochafella(m): 3:35am On Dec 05, 2006
4 Play:

What it is ,is a catalogue of the corruption and incompetence that has attended the reconstruction programme in Iraq .But that is a far cry from suggesting as u do that the US is perhaps milking Iraq oil through the unmetered oil .

The link even starts with the claim,that the US has spent 30 billion dollars of its own money and 20 billion dollars of Iraqi money,much of it unaccounted for.That leaves a net surplus of 10 billion dollars of US money.How is that stealing from the Iraqis by the US.

Is the proof that the US invaded Iraq for money lie in evidence that it can't account for 20 billion dollars of Iraqi money.Having spent 30 billion dollars of its own money on reconstruction and a minimum of 60 billion per annum on military operations.Does the maths stack up.How can u spend 30 billion dollars in order to steal 20 billion dollars and this does not include the cost of invading Iraq
Quick question. How do you do the math on unmetered oil? You also need to avoid conflating GW's and the US's interests. The US is paying for reconstruction with tax-payers money, GW and his pallies are pumping out unmetered Iraqi oil and making fortunes. I hope you can see there is a difference.

4 Play:

Resource/energy security could easily be acheived by a return to the status quo of the 80s,which Saddam was more than welcome to.The nations that sell oil to the US depend more on such sale than the US.Often for them, oil revenue is often their sole revenue and they will be loath to do anything that jeopardise the continued supply of their sole resource
Flat wrong, the US suffered more from the Iran induced Oil shocks of the 70's than Iran ever did. Besides who needs the US as a consumer when China/Japan will gladly pay a premium to have an assured/exclusive supply. Even the suggestion of a hike in prices drives US consumers crazy not to talk of the adversity of a reduction in supply.

I repeat if the GW/US wanted democracy in the mid-east along with anti-terrorism successes, Afghanistan offered more than Iraq did.
Music/Radio / Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? by mochafella(m): 1:28am On Dec 05, 2006
Stuntin' like my Daddy - Lil Wayne ft Birdman
Music/Radio / Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? by mochafella(m): 12:41am On Dec 05, 2006
Put am well well - Lagbaja
Music/Radio / Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? by mochafella(m): 11:28pm On Dec 04, 2006
Ghetto story (remix) - Cham ft Alicia Keys
Music/Radio / Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? by mochafella(m): 11:21pm On Dec 04, 2006
Iyogogo - Onyeka Onwenu
Foreign Affairs / Re: Should George Bush Also Face Trial? by mochafella(m): 9:41pm On Dec 04, 2006
4 Play:
I have no knowledge of Iraqi oil been siphoned by America.Where this is done,it is by corrupt Iraqi Govt officials especially at the oil Ministry -much like what happens in Nigeria-and criminal elements including Iraqi insurgents.America has not made a dime out of Iraqi oil revenues.

I feel it was down to the following factors;the desire to remove what was seen as a rogue regime who in the light 9-11 might collaborate with Islamists,the bebelf that Saddam had WMDs or at least intent to acquire them in the future,a desire to show American military prowess,a perception than a friendly democratic regime in the Middle East will help combat Islamic extremism,a desire to use National Security to help REpublicans defeat the Democrats as it was Bush's key strenghte.t.c

You give the Iraqis too much credit. You do know that the Americans were in charge from the invasion in March 2003 till June 2004 when they handed over. That's over a year of unmetered oil.
Here's a BBC documentary you should listen to that gives "reasons" why the oil was left unmetered.

Sending the troops currently in Iraq to Afghanistan, actually hunting down Osama and "staying the course" in Afghanistan will achieve more than invading Iraq ever will. Afghanistan gives you a democratic example, revives a failed state, gives you a valid National security success rather than the Iraq disaster and a chance to show military prowess in a country that has thwarted both Soviet and British invasions.

As for WMDs, I think Iraq was the least likely source for terrorists to acquire such weapons. Iran, North Korea, Pakistan and the former Soviet republics were and are all more likely sources for extremists to get their WMDs. A.Q Khan in Pakistan is already on record as providing WMD-for-hire services.

Iraq was about resource/energy security, the question remains is it actually illegal for one Nation-state to declare war on another.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Henrik Larsson Signs For Manchester United by mochafella(m): 11:53pm On Dec 01, 2006

I don't like the idea of signing a player and after one season, he becomes rusty or gets tired, that's what a henrik lasson can offer for us

He is not being signed for the long term or even a full season, its a three month loan deal. Quit whining.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Should George Bush Also Face Trial? by mochafella(m): 10:39pm On Dec 01, 2006
4 Play:

Are u saying that the reason Bush invaded Iraq was to enrich Dick Cheneys former colleagues at Haliburton?That to me seems implausible, that he staked his political capital to enrich former colleagues of his vice-president.A lot has been made of the fact that Haliburton got a lot of exclusive contracts after the Iraq war but we coveniently forget that Haliburton has been given such exlusive contracts since the Korean War in the 50s long before Bush became President and Cheney CEO of Haliburton.Do u know who got exclusive contracts from the Clinton adminstration during the conflicts over Kosovo and Bosnia?-HALIBURTON.
That's fine, your opinion. Halliburton as a company in this scenario is not my concern. It might as well be Shell or Chevron. I'm more concerned about the un-metered oil being taken out of the country. How do you explain that?

My concern about Halliburton would be as a tax-payer in the US since the no-bid contract is with US money not Iraqi resources.

I did also mention political control over Iraq's resources or is that implausible as well?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Should George Bush Also Face Trial? by mochafella(m): 8:14pm On Dec 01, 2006

Mocha bro, that's what many Bush apologists believe. They believe that as long as the US parliament approves something, it becomes right and binding over the rest of the world cheesy

Erm, from what I can see any country can take advantage of the same loopholes in the UN charter. Does anyone know a section of the UN charter that mandatorily prohibits war, except in self-defence.

I know for example that Japan previously(1945? - 2003) had a non-violent constitution that specifically prohibited deploying combatant troops outside the "home islands". This was changed after the Iraq invasion so they could send combatants to join the coalition. However they are the only country I know that has such a statute.
Romance / Re: What Single Men Hate Most in Ladies? by mochafella(m): 1:31am On Dec 01, 2006

I'm new to this site so I didn't know about What Do Ladies Hate in Men? thread.

Romance / Re: Friends With Benefits: Am I Playing With Fire? by mochafella(m): 1:06am On Dec 01, 2006
Oops she's catching them feelings. Skate. lipsrsealed
Culture / Re: Igbo Kwenu ! Kwenu Kwezo Nu ! Join Us If You Proud To Be An Igbo Guy/lady by mochafella(m): 12:52am On Dec 01, 2006

The man, sonny was just being a smart businessman,making good use of his God-given noodles

Businessman I definitely agree with, I remember seeing at least one video of Sunny Okosun singing "Islamic-oriented" songs and then showing up a few years later as a gospel singer.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Should George Bush Also Face Trial? by mochafella(m): 12:17am On Dec 01, 2006
4 Play:

the invasion was done carried out under the mandate of UN Security Council Resolution 1441,which required Iraq to comply with all previous Security Council resolutions or face "serious consequences".
Well, if that makes the war legal, then those asking for a trial are wasting their time. Frankly based on what I have read, setting aside moral arguments, any war is legal provided the combatants' parliaments agree to the war. i.e Nigeria can invade Cameroon tomorrow if the Nigerian parliament agrees with OBJ to do so. yikes.

4 Play:

I posed a question to those who sat that the US invaded Iraq for oil to explain to me precisely how US oil interests is furthered by such an invasion.Till now I have not got a feedback
I assume this is directed at me. I do prefer to beleive that the war is more GW & friends handwork than some nationwide conspiracy however here are my reasons.

Halliburton has being pumping Iraq's oil, unmetered, since the invasion/occupation started. I also sincerely doubt they are paying the Iraqi government full price for the "declared" barrels.
Political pressure, a friendlier government than Saddam's will make it easier to control global energy prices regardless of Opec's oil quotas.
Resource access, Iraq is one of the big three in terms of oil reserves. Iran and Russia are the other two I beleive. Oil despite anyone's protestations to the contrary is the dominant source of world energy and will remain so probably for the next half century. Wouldn't it be nice to have one of the big three firmly in your pocket.

Those are the reasons why "US" interests are furthered by the invasion.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Should George Bush Also Face Trial? by mochafella(m): 9:22pm On Nov 30, 2006
Haven't been here for a minute, but I'll ask a random question, simply because I do not know. Is it illegal to "declare war" and invade another country. If we were to set aside the moral and "good-neighbour" reasons why countries do not attack each other. Is there actually any statute or a part of the UN charter that makes it illegal for the US to invade Iraq. I know this below is part of the UN charter, but its more "elective" than mandatory.

"All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations."

I ask this because it will simply be difficult to prove that G.W wanted "genocide" in Iraq. Yes I think he wanted Iraq's resources or at least a war where he can vote money into people's pockets and probably didn't really care who got killed. However if it can't be proven that the war was illegal based on some statute or that "genocide" was the intended result of the conflict then it becomes difficult i.e. virtually impossible to try him.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Should George Bush Also Face Trial? by mochafella(m): 6:47pm On Nov 22, 2006
Na wa oo

Shooting war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Typing war on Nairaland.

George Bush just dey cause war everywhere. He truly is a war criminal cheesy
Family / Re: Divorce Notification by mochafella(m): 8:03pm On Nov 21, 2006
I remember this. It was a Viral marketing campaign earlier this year for CourtTv. The billboards are real and were in several cities in the US, but the "divorce", "Emily" and "Steven" were fake.

More info
That girl Emily
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manutd Vs Chelsea (battle Of Old Trafford) by mochafella(m): 5:51am On Nov 19, 2006

What a lecture!

Indeed. Gives it to ManU "because of history" and forgets to provide the "historical facts" justifying the decision. cheesy
Food / Re: Guys Of The Board: Can You Cook? by mochafella(m): 5:39am On Nov 19, 2006

mochafella what are you talking about?? grin and how can you make quotes for me when i did'nt do it. i gotta ask seun how you did that. shocked
Hmm, scared enough to retract your posts. Have no fear, Ikamefa won't tell your other women you are hitting on her.
Food / Re: Picture Of My Kitchen by mochafella(m): 5:32am On Nov 19, 2006

Hmm very interesting. Didn't i see you sleeping over night at the embassy?

e ya doh! bussin tables, dishwashin n alla that musta taken a toll on you. no vex, u for just go on welfare, it's d new thing now,,,Oshi grin
grin grin grin grin grin grin. Nuff said.
Food / Re: Guys Of The Board: Can You Cook? by mochafella(m): 5:18am On Nov 19, 2006

hope you got that message smiley

are you logged on Yim?
ikamefa, abeg log onto yim 4 jammin's sake
TV/Movies / Re: Favorite Commercials by mochafella(m): 12:16am On Nov 18, 2006

Remember those St. Moritz ads? where they used that nice song. . .

Sounds like the songs from Lighthouse family, "Ocean drive" in particular.

1 Like

Romance / Re: Things I Can't Do For My Girl by mochafella(m): 11:55pm On Nov 17, 2006

when you come christine me to mukenke grin
i am happy with that . . . .infact my husband will agree to wash mine or we divorce


lmao grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Can A Woman Be Nigeria First President? by mochafella(m): 8:52pm On Nov 17, 2006

It's a question that has been the talk of the day everywhere ,everyjunction,can a woman be nigeria's first president??

Huh? undecided
Romance / Re: [poll] Would You Prefer to Marry a Virgin? by mochafella(m): 8:36pm On Nov 17, 2006

i never knew it was wriiten on the profile pics . .*thinking aloud*

Nah, more likely tatooed across the backside. cheesy

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