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Nairaland / General / Re: Please Is 31 Years Late To Start Over Again by much30: 5:16pm On Oct 10
Anything and Everything has to do with the way you perceive life. I am 40yrs now but I started again from from scratch. I don't want to give my life history here. But don't give up, tomorrow will always be better, learn from your mistake and move on. Don't give up, don't allow pride to control you. If it requires you to work for someone to earn and save, please do. It is never late for anyone who is alive. Trust me. Just remember in any thing you do put yourself first. It's not selfishness, it is wisdom. [quoteauthor=Gudguyonly post=106618408]Hello Nairalanders

I am battling with depression, although i have been trying to console myself but nothing seems to be working for me again.

I am a graduate, but even before my graduation i made up my mind that i will not work under anybody and be earning salary, be it government or private companies.

I started a business and i was making more than 200k a month. My dad got me a federal Government job, but i refused to go, because i was so sure about my business success because i have given it all that i could.

Suddenly, the business crashed, its not profitable again, i have been trying to revive it but nothing is working agin, i almost finished my savings trying to revive this business, i cried so many times, i wanted to join my childhood friend in his business that seems to be booming, he first agreed, but after i started investing, he started acting in a strange way that it got clear to me that he doesn't want me in his business. I also incurred losses there.

I don't want to complain to my father because i don't even know what to tell him.

I hate myself, i blamed myself, please if you don't have any good advice to give me don't comment, i am begging you in the name of god.

Even though i don't know what business to go into with the little money i have. Please my question is at 31 is it not late for someone to start all over again?

Please lalasticlala help me push this to the front page so thay i can hear from more intelligent Nairalanders. [/quote]
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: First Class Students With Second Class Upper Certificate Jobless In Nigeria by much30: 9:33am On Aug 12
Jobs are for sale in Nigeria.First, you must have connection, then you buy the job.The prices range from N200k to N1m. Nobody want to know your grade.If you like have first class.You just stressed your self for nothing, rather we reward BBN that promotes immorality.
Yes, you are right. That was how I was ask to bring 1.5 million naira for employment in a federal polytechnic located in south eastern Nigeria even with my 2-1. Life no balance.
Politics / Re: There Will Be No Election In Anambra – Simon Ekpa by much30: 3:48pm On Aug 11
Oga NOOO!!!!!!! start with your state Ebonyi, an Aba man can not dictate what will happen in Anambra state. It has never been done. We anambrians will surprise you on that day.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: First Class Students With Second Class Upper Certificate Jobless In Nigeria by much30: 3:44pm On Aug 11
I had the following grades;
Department - Banking and Finance
Ist Degree - 4.21 - Best Graduating Student in the Department
2nd Degree - 4.75
School - Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra state
Ambition - to be a lecturer in banking and finance department, since i also have industrial experience from the sector
(and yes achieved those feat as a mother of four kids), yet no show since i don't have anyone, my hope is only on God. it is well.

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Politics / Re: IBB Reveals 7 Qualities Nigeria’s Next President Must Have by much30: 1:43pm On Aug 06
He doesn't have the right to talk, when he had the chance, he messed Nigeria up. Better for him to shut up and respect his self.

Politics / Re: Soludo’s Fate Uncertain As Court Declares Umeoji APGA Candidate by much30: 8:03am On Jul 29
Career / Re: Business Process Outsourcing?? by much30: 3:36pm On Jul 18
Please I have a new company and I need the services of a professional financial expert to guide me on what books I need to keep and what products to focus on. I manufacture electronics and power supply systems. I also do home automation devices locally. I need a business expert to discuss with for a professional fee on what to do, what to look out for, how to maximize profit and what books to keep.

I downloaded a software called QuickBooks but I don't understand it. Its not my field. I rather pay a professional now

Whatsapp me on 08067553843, so that we can talk. I can be your virtual accountant/bookkeeper. Cheers.
Politics / Re: Anambra Election: Personal Particulars Of Candidates Released By INEC by much30: 1:37pm On Jul 16
Bunch of Jokers. Come and carry out election in Anambra state without Soludo let us see.

What will you do

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Studying Banking And Finance by much30: 12:56pm On Jun 23
Let me understand what you mean, are you talking about title or opportunities in both fields.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Studying Banking And Finance by much30: 7:06pm On Jun 22

Yes, you may not want to work in govt but other may want. In treasury and academic department, you will be SUBSUMED by other titles and Banking and Finance Officer

No, I disagree with you. In academics you can start from Asst. Lecturer while in treasury department- treasury officer
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Studying Banking And Finance by much30: 5:59pm On Jun 22
Banking and finance graduates are not trained to work with the government offices from start except for maybe treasury department. We are trained to work with the private sector which is more lucrative. Maybe apart from lecturing job because I love academics, I won't like to work for the government. I may also manage bursary or treasury department.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Studying Banking And Finance by much30: 4:18pm On Jun 22
Also mind you that Accounting software are taking away jobs from accountants, anyone can be accountant provided you can use Accounting software or app easily and can interpret your financial records. And this software are so easy to learn that even a secondary school holder can use them.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Studying Banking And Finance by much30: 3:51pm On Jun 22
My friend with B.Sc in banking and finance is currently in a government secondary school as a bursar and seriously rising in her career. If you have a B.Sc in banking and finance joined with Ican or Anan certification, you can attend to any level you want to attend to in your career. I know of an uncle who read Banking and finance, and also a chartered accountant who owns a chartered Accounting firm, infact he has passed the business to his children and the man is so good in auditing work. An aunty who is currently among the current council members in ICAN at national level, she has bank and finance both in her first degree and second degree, A person who ready Banking and finance and has ICAN is better equipped than someone who read only Accounting with ICAN. Because the former can handle and understand financial modelling and analysis. Accounting students were not taught to analyze businesses school. An accounting graduate cannot analyse your business except he learnt that from somewhere. And who says that government work is more lucrative than private work? It is only Nigeria that people are paying millions as bribe just to get a government job. In this era of mergers and aqusitions, startups and entrepreneurship, any Banking and finance graduate who knows her onus will make it, but the person needs to be well equip with the right certifications and skills.
Have you even thought of treasury management, this is a pure finance field and one can get the certification from CIBN. Risk management another good Field, capital market, these are finance core specialty. If I start to mention areas, infact, the whole page will be filled. So, pls allow the young man to follow his passion. If certain courses like sociology, psychology, religious studies etc still exist in Nigeria universities, I don't know by banking and finance won't exist. Please before you make assertions ask questions or investigate.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Studying Banking And Finance by much30: 7:56am On Jun 22

Don't be deceived when you hear Banking and Finance, It is Banking majorly. If you doubt me ask those who studied Geography and Regional Planning, Accounting and Finance, Sociology and Anthropology, Medicine and Surgery etc. The truth is that, while the former is the core subject upon which first degree is based, the latter shows a specialist area that is also offered in the same department/university perhaps at postgraduate level. In some cases, the latter is not reflected in your degree result. NOTE I said in SOME CASES. Where it may appear, it is there to deceive the less informed members of the public.
Come to think of it, how practicable is it for anyone to earn two distinct degrees within 4years that is the same time to earn one.
Untill very recently, there was no recognition or career path for graduates of Banking and Finance in the public service. Please find out
In summary, Bank and Finance is not popular and of lesser prospect. Accountancy may be a better option.

Oga, where did you get this theories from. I studied banking and finance, both first and second degrees and my certificates bear both names. Please, talk what you know, Abeg.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Studying Banking And Finance by much30: 7:45am On Jun 22

Uncle thank you someone also advice me on ICAN he is doing very well

I'll stick to your advice

The rest advice apart from few are rubbish

I am a lady. Well done, God will bless your efforts. Cheers
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Studying Banking And Finance by much30: 11:47am On Jun 21
Is Banking and finance a lucrative course?

What are the pros and cons while studying in college?

What are the challenges someone will encounter?

I read banking and finance both in first and second degrees and also warming up for a third degree in same course.

If you study BKF, you can work as an accountant especially if you know how to use Accounting software, you can also work as a finance officer in any organization that has the department. After studying it, get an ICAN, ANAN or ACCA certification. Work in any organization that has a good Accounting department, learn financial modelling, learn advance excel, if you are still young get a CFA certification. Then the sky is your starting point. Come and thank me later because you will be swimming in millions, and remember to pay your tithe to me �.

Almost all courses in the Nigerian universities are useless because "this is Nigeria". Follow your heart and work out your destiny.

Learn Accounting software
Get certification
Learn advance excel
Learn financial modelling


Education / Re: FGC Nise PTA exonerates Ekumankama of allegations, says petition laughable by much30: 4:46pm On May 14
Do mind him, God will punish them for all their bad deeds in that school. They will never go unpunished for the inhumane treatment they are giving to our children.
(PTA member)
Career / Re: Secondary School Teaching Vs Lecturing: Which Of These Two Jobs Should I Choose? by much30: 10:26pm On Oct 06, 2020
Hello Nairalander,
I really need advice concerning making a choice between the two jobs before me. My family members are divided over which job I should choose.

I'm working in a highbrow secondary school and my start up salary was N75,000. After three years, my salary is now N96,000.00. I just got a lecturing job with a private university and my gross salary according to the appointment letter is N88,000.00. My father wants me to continue with my teaching in the secondary school but my mother and fiancee are pressuring me to write acceptance letter to the university and accept the offer. There's no time, both the university and the secondary school will be resuming on 12/10/2020 and I have to make a choice between now and Thursday. My fiancee is already calling herself "wife of a lecturer" and threatening that she will quit the relationship if I did not accept the university offer. My mind is in the secondary school because there is free lunch and N150,000.00 housing allowance per year, but the university doesn't give lunch and housing allowance.

Should I go and become Mr. Lecturer and sacrifice my secondary school benefits?

I will advise you to listen to your father, continue with the secondary school and aim to become a principal in one of those aisen schools. Most of those private university can own you for months, I am talking from experience. To make money through text books may be nearly impossible because they don't have much students as compare to public universities. Why not continue with the secondary school, get your PhD then apply in public universities and by his grace you may get job. Listen to your father.

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Career / Re: Olumide Akpata Biography: 9 Things To Know About The Newly Elected NBA President by much30: 1:09pm On Aug 04, 2020
Born in 1972 graduated in 1992, so by the age of 20 he finished his degree in law. Hmmm, I hope you are correct about the date of birth. Acquiring a degree in law takes about 5 or 6 years if I am correct, please do the mathematics.
Celebrities / Re: Mother Of “mummy Calm Down” Boy Might Lose Employment And Travel Visas – Journal by much30: 4:46pm On Aug 02, 2020
She shouldn't have recorded whatsoever she does with her child, it is her duty to discipline her child but to expose it to the internet, it is a "HELL NO". I don't understand why a mother will expose her child in such circumstances to the internet. I hardly post my children pictures in the internet. I don't like exposing my kids. The internet is so vast that you never can tell who the pictures will get to and what the person will use it for. I have learnt to be careful with the internet.


Agriculture / Re: CATFISH MART. A Platform That Connects Catfish Farmers Directly To Buyers by much30: 5:14pm On Jun 05, 2020
Pls I am into catfish farming and processing. Pls add me 08067553843
Business To Business / Re: Abbatior Butchrey Sausage Business Plan by much30: 9:02am On May 29, 2020
Is it possible for a catfish farmer to start a cold processing fish business using a blast freezer (I mean producing an iced catfish in cartons for sale)
Pets / Re: Join The Biggest Pet Store In Nigeria On Whatsapp by much30: 2:53pm On Apr 13, 2020
Pls add me 08067553843
Politics / Re: Amotekun : Southern Nigeria's Make Or Mar Moment by much30: 5:07am On Jan 19, 2020

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Food / Re: Snacks And Nylon Sealing Machine by much30: 9:03pm On Jul 28, 2019
2000 only . Whoesale deals are also available
i reside in onitsha, i need one. how can i get it.
Events / Call For Your Catering Services by much30: 11:05pm On Jun 16, 2019
Are you a busy professional, Do you live in Onitsha or it's environs, do you need well cooked delicious home food, why not call Joella kitchen on 08067553843, so that we will take off the stress from you.
Call us now on 08067553843 and you will be glad that you did.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Experience Accountant In A Filling Station! Pls I Need Your Help by much30: 10:55am On Apr 17, 2019
I just got engaged in a filling station, to my surprise no records have been kept so far, and the managers are playing smart, the truth is I have little experience in this field, I am willing to learn ......
all opinions are welcome....... you can also reach me oluseunolutobi@gmail. so we can chat

if you reside in onitsha i can teach you how to keep proper accounting record using an accounting software but for a fee. grin grin grin
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Sales by much30: 10:20pm On Feb 13, 2019
The moment you decide to commit suicide because you can't meet Your sales target, finally... I love you all
so why will you commit suicide for not meeting your target, you really need Jesus in your life.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: With Bsc And ACA, I Still Dey Beg For Food by much30: 6:02pm On Nov 30, 2018
learn any accounting software and start a freelancing accounting/bookkeeping business. thank me later.

I have sent several applications for an entry level accountant but no one has called yet. Please nairalanders, HELP ME.
I acquired BSc Hons in Accounting and also a chartered accountant.

I only need any placement at all cos I can't imagine getting chartered and still owing debts for meals bought at mama Togo's place(ie a local canteen close to my residence).
Please assist a brother as am over 28 IE age is not on my side
Education / Re: Is A Female Of 23years Too Old To Start 100 Level In The University? by much30: 3:44pm On Nov 30, 2018
I am a lady, a mother of 4 kids.


Sir, you're an inspiration to us..
Education / Re: Is A Female Of 23years Too Old To Start 100 Level In The University? by much30: 10:32am On Nov 30, 2018
I start my first degree full time at the age of 32, after years of working in the bank with OND and after 4 kids. Made CGDP 4.21 (best graduating student in my department), Already done with my masters now. It is never late.
Good evening, please someone close to me is 23yrs old, she is confuse if she should go to the university because of her age, though she have N.c.e certificate.please what is your advice to her?


Business To Business / Re: How To make above 40k every week working as a freelancer by much30: 10:40pm On Jul 30, 2018
thank you sir

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