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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 20 by Mudicua: 3:46am On Sep 21
Congratulations to your sister. Please if it is not too much to ask, what course is she going for and what school?

Hi all!
My sister got PPR on friday!
I handled all her application process as I did mine also (2020) Her timeline is attached below. It was quite a frustrating process because her classes started second week of September and they required her to be around. They almost canceled her seat as she wasn’t able to do registration without study permit. I contacted the MP and they said security and background check has been passed but eligibility is yet to start. We decided to risk it by paying 3k Cad part of tuition. So we started sending mails and pleading with the school for more time because there’s no option for deferral and the $500 confirmation fee will be forfeited. She was eventually allowed to register and did the online portion of her classes. I was so stressed even mine wasn’t this stressful because I got medical request 6days after I submitted my application, even before biometrics.
Documents submitted are:

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 20 by Mudicua: 9:03pm On Sep 20
Hello everyone,
Please I have a question.
To find out why someone is denied, which is better to use, ATIP from the IRCC website, or GCMS (from any of the online GCMS sites) notes?
I am asking cos of duration it will take to get back the notes.

Please suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 18 by Mudicua: 1:33am On Mar 01
Hello Everyone,

It has been ages. grin cheesy

I just dropped by to say happy new month.. and encourage everyone to keep their chin up, and be positive.

Thanks to Frank, Lekiboboe, Awys, Justmellow and all the gurus in the house who still keep this forum thriving.

I will try to drop by more often.

Y'all have a beautiful month of March. May it bring you all great news.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 18 by Mudicua: 2:24am On Feb 02
Congratulations. This is great news.

Permit me to share my story to inspire or boost someone’s hope.
So, this is my story?

• I started this journey mid-2019, so I applied in Dec 2019
• 22nd of Jan 2020, I was refused [Reason—Purpose of visit]
• Remark: In my application, I made a blunder of wrongly applied for a wrong course [Ordinary diploma]
• Then I changed my school and course [Post graduate program]
• Re-applied in March 2020 [ Then covid19 lockdown activated and the waiting period started……]
• 14th August did upfront medical and passed 10th September
• 20th September got AIP
• Then, no update again [Webform enquires and emails activated]
• 10th December BVL dropped [Then no update again, another session of emails activated]
• 13th Jan, Boom! PPR dropped [Abuja Embassy]
• 18th Jan, LOI and passport stamped.
• 21st Jan passport delivered
• 31sts Jan, Landed in Maple Canny.

Additional timeline:
• Sponsor – Self
• Good travel history
• Study gap - 16yrs
• Age – 40+
• Application type - Paper based
• Both applications were handled 100% by me (No agent)�

I encourage every one of you to never give up, even if not for anything but for your children’s future.

Please join me to thank God Almighty.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 18 by Mudicua: 6:32pm On Jan 29


Applied November 8 with my 4 months old baby.

BVL January 29th
PPR January 29th

Fully Funded scholarship at McGill University.

I looked for scholarship for 4 Years!!!

Faculty of Engineering.

Ph.D.1 (No masters)

I switched from my undergraduate major to a new one.


Thank you Nairaland Family for your assistance from the beginning of my application to the end.

Special thanks to @ JustMellow and Frankrobbn.

God bless you guys.

Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Mudicua: 3:10am On Jul 25, 2020
Unfortunately IRCC or CIC have their own mind and their own ways.
Their ways cannot be explained at all. grin

Rather than worry your head about why IRCC is acting the way they act, try to channel the energy into the things you can do at the moment to make your application fast (such as sending emails, updating your application with new info if you have any or if need be, keeping the school abreast of your situation and exploring other possible options they have).

So, send an email to the office attending to your application (infact add other IRCC offices that serve Africa), asking for update on your application, and tell them the reason for asking and why it is urgent you know what is happening.

Also contact your school on other possible options such as deferring to next term.

However bear in mind that you may not be able to attend school this fall. Key word is MAY.
At this rate, we know you cannot meet the deadline date even if you get a PPR this night.

You will need to send it for counterfoil... that takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to get back.
Then your travel plans and preparations...(airports are still closed so entails more logistics to get out of Nigeria)

Still keep your hopes up... and fingers crossed you get feedback (a positive one) from IRCC soon.



But how have they concluded eligibility review for people who applied in June and yet people like me that applied since March 8, got my medical request in April. Did and passed the medicals in May. Yet nothing. And my school resumes September 8 and just emailed me that I will be provided letter to show at my home country border and Canadian border to enable me cross.

They will also provide 2 weeks quarantine plan including airport pickup, accommodation, food, etc for $800. They also said I have to make it to Canada before August.

So I wonder why they are so fast with people who don’t have a complete application and a lot of people with complete application are still hanging.

August 15 is approximately 3 weeks from now.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Mudicua: 12:18am On Jul 24, 2020
So I assume you are in the agricultural field... or more like plant science or anything that has to do with plants or seeds. lol..
Well first things first... do not rely on only one supervisor.
Have you gone to the department's profile page to check for other potential supervisors?
I am certain there will be other persons also in the field.

Look at their profile, read some of their work and then contact them if the first one you sent to do not reply by when she said she will be back.

https://agbio.usask.ca/faculty-and-staff/plant-sciences.php (I am assuming this is the department, hence my posting the link grin)

As for the bolded it depends on what you and the professor agrees on... usually Skype, Zoom, Webex works. That is up to you both.
I think not just CV, but also a copy of your research proposal would be helpful in the decision making of a professor.
However if she is interested, she will ask to see your research proposal.

Good luck.


It absolutely helps!
Thanks alot.
I meant university of Saskatchewan and my programme does require a supervisor as it involves genetic improvement of a named legume.
I came across her publications online that she worked on same test sample, so I figured my research topic might interest her.
I visited the university website where I got her email address.

What is the nature of the interview, Skype or what?
Just want to know so I prep myself. I attached my CV but not my research proposal with the mail I sent to her. Was it okay or I should have attached my proposal?
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Mudicua: 7:33pm On Jul 23, 2020
I love this your response,

Everything is here.

Over here there is dignity of labour. Wash plate, cleaner, serve food. So far you are able to legally survive. Who would have thought one day that cleaners, garbage truck drivers and delivery men will be termed "essential workers"? but this pandemic brought to fore that all jobs no matter how we see them are very important to the economic survival of the society.
Many of the professional and hot cake jobs we see people hold here are built on the foundation of the washing plate and cleaning jobs they held earlier. I have seen someone's CV that said over 10 years experience in service delivery and i noticed that he started working as a teenager cutting lawns during summer, then while doing his bachelors he was a barista, a dishwasher, a cleaner, a front desk officer and gradually rose on the ranks to be a customer service professional today. All his experiences cannot equate a person who graduated tops with masters in personnel management or service delivery.

And that is what they look at here. The ability to deliver... not fine credentials.

Thank you for this.



Lol @ washing plate. If you know what people are doing to survive in Canada, you Will know that “washing plate” is not a big deal and it is well respected. The most important thing is how and why you are washing plate.

I have not spent up to three years in Canada, but I have been a security officer, warehouse employee, cleaner, kid lunch supervisor, Teaching assistant, food delivery driver, etc. I have done many job you will call odd jobs except wash plate. but, you know what, it does not matter anymore because I have a very good professional job now that acknowledges my education in Nigeria and Canada.

No education can give you automatic ticket to a job(s). To add water to your garri small, after your education, you will hear the phrase “you don’t have Canadian experience” a lot. Many graduates end up doing hustle job because of this. they never planned to do it but they are at least independent and okay.

If you think “hot cake“ program is the solution, ask those that studied oil and gas related course before 2015 but graduated after the industry collapsed. At the end, your knowledge, perseverance and network will prepare you for great opportunities after school not your program.

Will you believe if I tell you several professional jobs will never ask for your certificate after you resume your job, but will fire you immediately if you can’t do the job your claim you can do. This is why experience, knowledge and skills are more important than your program of study. No one cares about your education if you can’t solve a problem. Plate washers are solving one through their service.

All the best.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Mudicua: 7:19pm On Jul 23, 2020
When you say Saskatchewan do you mean the province or the university?
There is Uni of Regina and Uni of Saskatchewan.
And both schools take Nigerians.
What course do you intend to study? Does it require you getting a supervisor?
Also how did you send the email? Do your research interest align with the potential supervisor?

These are some things you need to put in mind while sending an email to a supervisor.

Now that yu got an auto email.. the professor may be on leave. Do not forget it is summer and they can still take time off. However you can read up about the other potential professors suggested and contact them if you cannot wait. The thing is even if you send an email to them, they will most likely want to schedule an interview with you to get a feel of who you are... and if you are a match.

With regards to funding, it is the prerogative of the department to determine if you get funding. But yes, international students get funding.

I hope this helps.


Good morning all.
Please how well does Saskatchewan take Nigerians for PhD? I've written to a professor requesting to be my supervisor, but got an automatic response that she's away until next week. I was referred by the mail to other potential supervisors to contact. Should I go ahead and contact them or wait till next week and see if I can get a response?
Also, are there fundings for international students in Saskatchewan schools?
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Mudicua: 11:58pm On Jul 19, 2020
Please house, I'd appreciate some explanations on this subject. Severally, I've heard people emphasize that Canadian Universities only accept 2.1 for Masters programme, while on the other hand, some 2.2 CGPA( say 3.41/5 up to .49) end up getting 3.0/4.0 or above after WES evaluation which is the minimum acceptable CGPA for most Universities. Do these Universities grant admission with evaluated result or our naija result?

I asked this cos my brother's CGPA which was initially 2.96/5 came out 2.98/4 after evaluation, and he's currently running his Masters in the US. I think i should be able to run a master's programme with CGPA of 3.46/5 after WES evaluation. Please someone should throw more light on this before I make the wrong decision.

But US is not Canada na.

First of all US and Canada are not the same so why would you want to compare both?
it is like saying schools in UK takes 3rd class graduates for masters, therefore schools in other places would also do so if you can do an evaluation of your certificate. Forgetting the schools have their own admission guidelines.

To piggy back off that, some schools in US can even take a 3rd class degree in for masters especially if you have work experience. Not so much so in Canada.

Moreover, schools are independent institutions and what persists in one school may not necessarily occur in another school even within same county, talk more of schools being in a separate country. You have to do a lot of research and digging to find out schools that may have similar admission requirements across borders.

As for WES, some schools in US and in Canadian do not use WES cos they rely on your transcript and not WES evaluation in making decisions.
However if you think you should be able to run your masters, then go ahead and do a WES eval, and then send it in for your application.

I would also advise that you contact the schools of your choice and just find out your admission chances with what you have. That way you will know what to do exactly.


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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 11:39pm On Apr 08, 2020
Bros, I greet you ooo. Long time. I hope you are doing well.
I sent you an email a couple of times.
Stay well.


Drivers license or national ID
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 6:41pm On Mar 20, 2020

Thank you Jesus!!!

Approval Alert. I will give full gist later

BVL 02 March
PPR Dropped on the 19th March.

I went to VFS today in Abuja and was told they are not collecting Passports for now but it says we have 30days to submit the passport.

Anyone has any ldea what we should do


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 5:22am On Mar 20, 2020

Long post alert!!

Alhamdulilah Robil Al-Amin....


Pray for the world! Cheers...

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 6:39am On Jan 31, 2020
This is what happens when people have false expectations about a place they are going to. The notion that you can work to survive is what puts people in a lot of trouble on this travel abroad journey.
This journey entails a lot of financial obligations no matter how we want to think otherwise.
why put yourself in a quagmire thinking things will work out just like that?

Even in Nigeria, we pay tuition and fees before we start school or register for classes... max before exams.
Why do we sometimes think abroad where things are much more organised is where we can get away with it?
The perception is a false perception and I think your friend has to rethink this decision.

Your friend is setting himself up for trouble, and these are my reasons below:

1. His chances of pulling that off is very slim for the following reason:
a. He has to be enrolled /registered for courses and he cannot do that without paying tuition.
b. Even if he does not pay and feels he can work, he cannot really work with the study permit cos he is not enrolled, and as soon as he tries to use that or his SIN to work, it will be noted in the system.
c. That puts him on the streets. (which i am sure he will not like)

2. He can get to Canada without paying the tuition, but as soon as he gets here he has to pay. Some schools can do payment plan that enables him pay in installments. That way he does not pay the 18k at once.
So my best advise is that he should have some savings or some money from Naija to get him by for the first few months, (accommodation and fees) until he gets a job, and be paying tuition little by little.

I do not know much, but these are my 2 cents.

I wish him well.

Yes please Good evening a friend of mine got admission there for his diploma which is about 18k Canadian dollars but thinks he can go there without paying and get a job to pay but I tried telling him it’s not possible ......please what are the consequences if one enters without paying the said fees I need to show him this,as I believe you or the knowledgeable people in the house can help me out with this....As he plans to file for visa.....
He has paid the 500$ To accept the admission now he plans to file for visa

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 6:24am On Jan 31, 2020

PPR today.

Must say a very big THANK YOU to my Nairaland found friend, brother, adviser, encourager and so on @frankrobbn1. He master minded all my applications, beginning from choice of school, program, admission, SOP etc. He really tried for me.

Timeline: (online application)

Submission........ 9th Nov, 2019
Medical request..15th January, 2020
Medicals done ...23th January, 2020
Medicals passed.25th January, 2020
Bvl..........................29th January 2020
PPR........................30th January 2020

Submitted Documents;

. All CIC forms
. Data page with stamped pages (valid USA and Canada visa)
. Offer letter (university of Windsor) September 2020
. My husband and 3kids data page and stamped pages
. SOA (my company acct N14, bank of America acct $11, joint fixed deposit N10m) self-sponsored.
. Receipt from Uwin $4 CAD
. CAC documents
. Letter from my mum stating she will take care of my kids while I'm away.
. My Business LPOs and sale Invoices

Travel history with family;
UK, dubia, USA and Canada.

Let me add that I have 14years study gap.

Good luck to you all expecting.
It will end in praise as Frank will always say.

Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 7:41pm On Jan 27, 2020


God bless you for the bolded.

When I applied in 2018, the advise I got on this forum were from people who have never been to Canada. Also, that you are in Canada or have been granted study visa does not make you a guru in Canada visa. As far as I am concerned, no one is a guru when it comes to USA and Canada visa's.

I am even tempted to say that people who were delayed, took time to study notes, followed and observed patterns and have been on this forum for so long know more than me who is in Canada when it comes to study permits. I applied only once and got my visa. I may never know as much as the individual who applied thrice and learnt from it.

Who can apply for study permit in Canada?

No one has the right to discourage anyone from applying to study in Canada. The best we can do is guide applicants on how to convince the Visa officer, make them avoid common errors and the rest is on God.

CIC has not been consistent in [b]how [/b]they grant visas to applicants, most especially Nigerians. Also, there are too many gaps in the list of documents on CIC website for study permit applications that is subject to different interpretations. I also think Canada allows their visa officers to apply discretion at will when it comes to study permit applications from Africa.

I know at least 3 Nigerians in Fanshawe that are in their late forties, been away from school for so long (over 10 years) and still got visa's. The recent one I saw was a woman almost 50 and she was given 1 year visa for a PGC course in Fanshawe college. How on earth do you explain that?

If you have the money, the right documents and want to study in Canada, apply.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 7:40pm On Jan 27, 2020
Most likely by the end of February you should be getting a response from them.
Usually U of S starts to send out admission decision from mid February through March, depending on the program you are applying to.

Best of luck.

Good day all,
I applied to university of Saskatchewan master of public policy (MPP) Program. When do they release their admission decision for fall every year?

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 7:32pm On Jan 27, 2020
Austacus, how are you doing? Been trying to reach you.
Please check your email oooo.


I am pretty sure He didn't get banned. Canada will never ban you without clarifying to you in the protection Act.
Lemme clear you real quick
the ban comes with any of the following reasons in Canadian immigration and refugee law

Genuineness of relationship:  subsection 12(1) and subsection 4(1)

Medical Inadmissibility:  subsection 38(1)

Misrepresentation: subsection 40(1)

Criminal inadmissibility subsection 36(1) and subsection 36(2)

Express Entry: wrong NOC, employment letter, insufficient evidence

Security Reasons / Terrorism:   subsection 34(1)

In his case, I didn’t see subsection 40(1) (2) or (3) that talks about inadmissibility for misrepresentation or any of the protection Acts above. Whereas he also didn't get a procedural fairness letter.

He should be very proactive HE MUST NOT REAPPLY WITHOUT GCMS NOTE. He also needs a break to examine the authenticity of his previous application before reapplying.

All the best.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 7:28pm On Jan 27, 2020
Same here.

I am busy though, but will gladly help with info as much as i can

Anyone coming to the U of S should feel free to contact me for any info. Would be glad to help in any way I can.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 9:07am On Jan 24, 2020
1. When you say accompany what exactly do you mean? If it is to go with him on the trip, then Yes you can accompany him, however also bear in mind that if you are denied (hopefully not) he will have to go alone and you will have to pay for unaccompanied while he is travelling.
But if you mean to move and be with him, then that might be tricky.
2. All the documents necessary alongside what you mentioned I would believe.
3. Yes, he is underage. So he would need to have adult supervision so to speak. (So yeah, you have to find one).
4. Yes if it is paper application, and no if it is online application. Duration varies from 4 weeks to 14 months, with less of the latter though (given the trend i have seen here)

I do not know much, but thought to give my 2 cents.
I hope this helps.

Good luck!

Good evening all. I am new here. Please, I seek some clarifications. This concerns our son, my stepson whose mother died before I married his father. He already got an admission to study at University of Manitoba and we are on the application for a study visa for him. My questions are
1. Since he is 16 years can I accompany him (actually, someone told us that it is possible)
2. What documents apart from marriage certificate and his late mum's death certificate do I need to submit with the application
3. We were told that we need a guardian for him in Canada, is this true?
4. Is passport collected with the submission of application for the visa and for how long?
Thanks in anticipation
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 6:45am On Jan 23, 2020
Wish you same.
Will send an email to you.

Please awaiting your response.


Sorry jare. Happy new year
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 6:40am On Jan 23, 2020
A very big lie... big one is what the agent is telling you.
My friend finished her masters 7 or 6 years ago, and is currently in Canada doing another masters.
That is all I am going to say!!

Good evening everyone, i am new to this thread. Firstly i have gone through most of the previous discussions and i must appreciate everyone here who has made this thread what it is today.

I was told something and i am here to verify the claim ; An agent told me that the canadian embassy WOULD NOT ISSUE study visa to a masters degree applicant who graduated from the University 5 years ago. According to him, they prefer you come for your studies within 2 years of finishing your BSc.

Pls, how true is this as i am in a dilemma. Thanks.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 6:38am On Jan 23, 2020
I agree with you.
Some things that happen ehn can be shocking.
My friend who is pregnant had an emergency situation over the Christmas break and thankfully her husband was around to rush her to the hospital around past 1am, they were not attended to until like almost 3am if not past.

The bus system in my town fails a lot... the transportation sucks, but na Canada ba...
Today the TTC or rail system in Toronto had an issue that people were delayed for as much as 4 hours... and could not get to work on time.

Lols... las las each system has their issues.


lol, you will be shocked that many things that happen in Nigeria also happen in Canada?

I accompanied a friend to the emergency centre of London ON Victoria hospital last year October. When we arrived at the hospital around 8pm, my friend registered at the Nurses triage station almost immediatley but we had to wait till 5am before a Doctor could attend to her.

Who would have imagined that a wait time of almost 9 hours in an emergency clinic, in a city with less than 500,000 people, was possible in Canada?

P.s It is not a one off situation, many people say it is the norm in that hospital.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 6:28am On Jan 23, 2020
Not in all cases do you get full funding.
Most likely in US schools than Canadian schools.


PhD is supposed to come with full funding. its even the cheaper alternative to masters.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 6:27am On Jan 23, 2020
Thank you very much my brother.

I will share his timeline. His own was fairly easy cos it is a spouse work permit.
Submitted application November 2019, medicals was first week in December, and passport request 2 weeks ago.


Hello Mudicua,

I hope Canada is treating you well. Its been a while. He can submit both PP (old and new). He can as well decide to submit just the new PP since the old PP number will be affixed in the new PP, either way is okay.There will be no need writing a letter.

Do well to also share his application timeline so we know when he submitted and when he got approved.

All the best

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 6:22am On Jan 23, 2020
Gracias friend.


Yes sure he can. Let him submit it with the old passport. It is very simple

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 6:21am On Jan 23, 2020
I think you should apply for a PhD. It is not too late.
I am in the social sciences as well, and while scholarship may not be easy, you can get it if you strategically follow up on what the professors are doing or their field of research, and apply using that info or background knowledge.

I know someone who just got into a school here for his PhD... even up to his flight ticket was paid for by the school or rather the research office/supervisor he will be working with.

My two cents...
Good luck.


Yes, I'm a big fan of OZ!
Seriously, bro, PhD in Canada will be very costly, and I'm from a Social Science background and usually, not much scholarship is attracted to it.
About the EE, please, I thought it is for people who are currently employed? My last employment was in 2015. I have two master's degrees, so what are my chances?

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 6:12am On Jan 23, 2020
It depends on the process you did in applying. I did not submit my passport until it was requested for.
Usually when you do online applications, you are not required to.

I do not know about paper application.


Good morning.

I would like to inquire if the embassy will hold on to my passport during the process of seeking for a visa since i need the passport to also chase other country's visa simultaneously.


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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 6:11am On Jan 23, 2020
Lolz. than you.

I am not in Nfland. I am in Saskatchewan.


Congrats on your Japa.

Please are you in Newfound? I have certain questions i would like to ask.

Thank you.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 6:09am On Jan 23, 2020
Thank you very much.
It is sis sha... cheesy

Hi bro, it s been a while.
Since his current passport will expire in less than 6 months, he should submit both to CIC cos CIC won't accept only the old(almost expired passport). Submitting both will do
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 8:33pm On Jan 20, 2020
Thank you.


My 2kobo is to submit both passports
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Mudicua: 7:44pm On Jan 20, 2020
Hello everyone.
Hope you all are doing well.

Been a while i came here, school work and dealing with winter wahala in Canada takes so much time off my hands.
Hope our Nairalanders in Newfoundland and Labrador, Halifax, are safe ooo. Please make una no use the weather play oooo. It aint funny being out there in this blistering cold. Frostbite is real!!!

Please I have a request to make, and it is quite urgent.
@JustMellow, @Frankrobbn1 @Naijaforeigner @Qudkom, @mcobex @Austacus @Bracha and others in this house, please your responses will be greatly appreciated.

My brother got a PPR, but has less than 6 months left on his passport. We though it is better for him to get a new passport, but we want to know if he can submit the new passport to CIC given his application was done using the info on the old passport.
If so what are your suggestions on how best to do this? Can he submit both? Do we have to a letter to CIC to explain the new passport?

Has anyone experienced this before, or been in this situation? If yes, what did you do?
Please everyone, your advise will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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