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Career / Re: Aero Contractors Sacks 95% Of Workers (with Pictures Of Staff Protest Today) by musiwa19: 4:15am On Mar 19, 2013
how was she a thief. goodluck was only victimize people..

if goodluck had destroy their business what did goodluck expect.. this is why we need to leave that country.. if you had your own country, you will help her out.

you have the worst president in nigeria history. he lack knowledge to lead a country.. look, he has destroy nearly all area of nigeria. aero contractor.. o my God, goodluck govt most really be very very bad.

you see before the all problem i warn you people.. when you see on coming problem you react. it is not by prayer... it is about doing the right thing. goodluck have destroy everything nigeria. i have said return back to pre independent.. before this. that way you dont have problem.. that way, they can fix their problem in the north before all of this..

i once live in the north, so i know how they react to thing, they are nor believe, dont expect them to value human life.. this why why to save human life.. i said just remove us.. you see if we had done that.. you would save what ever adenuga and other had, even oceanic bank etc would still be alive.. at least they would be running within their own area.. that why i said at that time go for benin republic at that time.. you will not have ben feeling the effect like you feel now.. just a little effect.. but you people did not listen to me..

if you had gone for pre independent.. they will be dealing with their problem.
Travel / Re: Dana Air’s Operators Certificate Revoked by musiwa19: 3:22am On Mar 18, 2013
supaeagles, the owners of dana are nigerian even while they look india.. did you not read their profile.. Like i once said.. northerners crash that plane... because of the satellite pictures.. 100% telling you the truth.

this is why I said remove the airport from the federal and give them to state..

You cant withdraw license, you can only suspend their license till they meet airline requirement.. But I am telling you. northerners crash that plane.. because of the satellite pictures.. it is the third airplane northerners are going to crash.. and you dont want to listen.. till they crash everything..

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Sperm Selling Business Booming In Ghana by musiwa19: 7:39pm On Mar 17, 2013
Abrantie, hmm. if a woman is so desperate to want to go for sperm bank.. It means she is desperate.. And If I had a female child who nature may make her not have children, what will i do. will i allow my child to be childless. Even Jesus will not do that.. the letter killed. I will do a woman who approach me instead of her going to sperm bank.
Politics / Re: Babapupa: I Started Preaching To Large Crowd At 13yr By Musiwa by musiwa19: 8:44am On Mar 16, 2013
when the deeper life was only one church.. I was one of the workers.. and many of the people i trained, today are pastor in the church. And the deeper church only , have over 5000 churches in Nigeria and another 1000 church abroad. I later move to the redeemed church where i became the church administrator of that particular church.. nearly 1/3 of the redeemed pastors knows who i am. they have more than 20,000 churches, Do you still think I have influence.. I dont want to continue... because there is a living God and he works in ways that NO man knows. do you still want me to continue... I am laughing.. I forgive you people.. for all you have said in the past...
Politics / Re: Babapupa: I Started Preaching To Large Crowd At 13yr By Musiwa by musiwa19: 8:36am On Mar 16, 2013
Do you still believe I can determine who become president again. i laugh ..... you know i once said, i can fire your president.. I was not telling lies.. I have so much influence to fire him. you can go and ask him..he is still alive. Do you think I am still a fraud.

I forgive all of you because you were ignore ..
Politics / Re: Babapupa: I Started Preaching To Large Crowd At 13yr By Musiwa by musiwa19: 8:01am On Mar 16, 2013
do you think i am fraud..
Politics / Re: Babapupa: I Started Preaching To Large Crowd At 13yr By Musiwa by musiwa19: 7:45am On Mar 16, 2013
do you think, i am fraud. do you know anybody in this picture that you know. do you still think i am fraud..
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nairaland & Other Internet Sites Are Designed For Fraud - NSCDC by musiwa19: 7:40am On Mar 16, 2013
nairaland, i know is a fraud, they hack too..
Politics / Re: Babapupa: I Started Preaching To Large Crowd At 13yr By Musiwa by musiwa19: 6:59am On Mar 16, 2013
Politics / Re: Jonathan - Alamieyeseigha Is Crucial To Nigeria's Economy by musiwa19: 6:59am On Mar 16, 2013
Alamieseigha has nothing to do with why people stop blowing up pipeline...
Politics / Re: Babapupa: I Started Preaching To Large Crowd At 13yr By Musiwa by musiwa19: 5:52am On Mar 16, 2013
do you see crowd
Celebrities / Re: Larry Koldsweat Prefers To Be A Yoruba In Another Life by musiwa19: 3:24am On Mar 16, 2013
i know why he said so because yoruba prefer to have the most honest person in power when compare with igbo people this is why igboland is not develop. the yoruba people hate people steal

you see the man who built this stadium, as been taken to court for increasing the price.. but igbo governors who did not build anything are walking free in igboland with that money.. because yorubas hates people who steal.


Politics / Babapupa: I Started Preaching To Large Crowd At 13yr By Musiwa by musiwa19: 3:11am On Mar 16, 2013
babapupa: i started preaching to large crowd 13 by musiwa

so i am been honest with you. and i have always spoken up against the govt.. you can see online student fight govt in nigeria.

this people where counted.. this picture show . the number of people who return their card back. that i can decide your governor faith.. you dont know me. do you still believe if i was running i will beat Goodluck..

do the calculation.. it is 11 million.

Politics / Re: Fashola Flags Off First 24–hour Primary Health Care Facility. pics.. by musiwa19: 3:04am On Mar 16, 2013
bishop oyedepo just built this.

Politics / Re: Fashola Flags Off First 24–hour Primary Health Care Facility. pics.. by musiwa19: 2:55am On Mar 16, 2013
look how ondo state one looks like.

ondo state have built more health care facilities more than the federal govt of nigeria have built in 4 years.. like david cameron said it looks like there is money in that system.. they are only stealing it.


this is another one in ondo state

Politics / Re: The Newly Constructed LAGBUS Washing Plant. Pics. by musiwa19: 4:42pm On Mar 15, 2013
Politics / Re: The Newly Constructed LAGBUS Washing Plant. Pics. by musiwa19: 5:03am On Mar 15, 2013
ore why are you showing this.. is there someone in the picture, you think, i know.. i dont think so.. Ore mi o ro pe fashola le wo ile.

idi to wa ni be ni. oro awo ni, ko se oro internet. month before ijo ebo. goodluck ma so fu efcc ko lo ko gbogbo file contract eko wa. so e ma to ra yi je.

Ki ni to tu wa be ni pe. even ti fashola ba wole ni ile yoruba. se eru pe hausa ko ni mo candidate ti won wa ni. won ma mu candidate won ni party emi. even ti won ba mu ni pdp. won ni joka won ni won fe lo.

E mi ma won ile. idi re, ni middle belt, goodluck ma claim pe christain ni o. lo fe nu fashola ni awon ipinle bi plateau, taraba, benue, nassarwa,ile okoro. awon hausa ma mo inu ti won. fashola ma so pe awon mo ile yoruba . o ma re pe fashola or tinubu ti loss.

Sugbon to ba je e mi. christain ni mi.. I am not just an origin christain. I am born again. gbogbo state ni e re.. ni mo kan.. plateau, taraba, benue, nassarwa,ile okoro. Goodluck ko le so pe, oyun lo mi. se e re deeper life.. a won eni ya mi ni won kan ki ni ti a ko. ni take off gbogbo won. so gbo gbo ipinle, ere gbogbo eko ti fashola wa. ti mo ba so pe fashola ko ni wole leko. ki won lo kan ibo nu, fashola ko ni wo le, ti o ba free and fair. a bi se eru be iro ti wo so pe tinubu lo mo ayo salami ni. awon acn overnors won mo, won de mo bi to se dupe fu olore. e ni ti won ba se lo re ni akoko, ti o mo bi to se dupe. se won tu ma se mo re ni ile yoruba. NO.. to ba se pe tinubu lo so pe, iro ni tinubu pa. ti e ba believe, ki governor step down, ko tu contest, ko wo ba ya owu o ma wole. ti ba so pe acn governor ko kan ko ni pada, ko si e le yi to ma bada. oro awoni. e mi ti mo ko iwe yi, mo le je ki won gba garri lo wo governor.

o tu ni oro asere kan ti mo le so, oro awo ni. bi wo se so ni ile yoruba. ni ile iya oke. mo ni ipinle mejo ni owo mi .
Ko se eye ni wahala. olokoro ni goodluck se oro be owo gba fu fashola. o ma baro. ko ni gba fu fashola. sugbo ti o ba gba fu emi... ore le de ti mo ni lowo ju 40 lo , ni mo ti fe ejo so. wo de ma ro mi lowo. oro awo ni... ti goodluck ba so pe, mi won ile.. ki le ro pe, o ma se le si goodluck..

ti ba ti so fu yin e believe, o ma soro fu tinu abi fashola la ti wole. sogbo ma wole. oro awon ni. ko se oro internet.

sugbo di best ni ke o ma de 2015. ka da gbogbo ru.

Politics / Re: BREAKING!!! Northern Elite Express Fear Over US Drone Base In Niger Republic by musiwa19: 11:58pm On Mar 14, 2013
I told you to remove us a long time ago. You did not listen.. Una no dey hear word. if una dey listen to my advice.. una for no dey trouble. You see now.. se me see wahala.

yar adua was listening to my security advice before he die.. if you people had believe me too that i was telling you the truth. you would not have had problem. i was only trying to save your life.

i am not 419, i am a good person. unlike your leaders. we are not the same.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab read engineering in britain he may have calculated the coverage area of some cities and know your people were in trouble.

Ibadan 5 million population


Bauchi 5 million population


Politics / Re: Owners Of Oil Wells In Nigeria Unveiled By Segun Adeniyi by musiwa19: 8:25pm On Mar 14, 2013
Politics / Re: Owners Of Oil Wells In Nigeria Unveiled By Segun Adeniyi by musiwa19: 7:04pm On Mar 14, 2013
most of them are not the real owns of the investment. if it was, Ile ife would be the most beautiful city in Nigeria. the way it ways is if i have a friend abroad.. He give me $10 million dollar to go and drill for oil in Nigeria because he can not go and live in Nigeria.

In return for his $10 million. I pay him a return each more from the day, we start selling oil. This is how most of them is.. It may be $1 million per month for over 4 or 5 years.. which is like $60m for investing in $10m. that is the way it works.. So my friend is likely to get back his investment in the first 2 year and others years are profit. while some of them they own 30 or 40% share in it.. and cover up for the man who own the company.

Like i can get an oil license for example..

some of this investment are also by countries or govt who use nigerian as proxy to invest based on if they trust that person.
Politics / Creating Itsekiri State Are The Least Developed In Delta By Musiwa by musiwa19: 3:10pm On Mar 14, 2013
itsekiri state are the least developed in delta by Musiwa
Politics / Why We Reject The cal for oil license to be revoke By Musiwa by musiwa19: 2:32pm On Mar 14, 2013
Why We Reject The cal for oil license to be revoke By Musiwa

Even while some of this people have worked against me trying to save the lifes of 200 million nigerian. I believe no license should be revoke.
if they revoke oil license thousand will loss their jobs that is not good for the economic.
Religion / Re: Cardinal Jorge Mario-Bergoglio Is The New Pope by musiwa19: 9:28pm On Mar 13, 2013
he most know how to play football.. i hope. congrat.
Politics / Goodluck Have Pardon Obasanjo And Musa Yar Adua,i Go Die Laughing By Musiwa by musiwa19: 2:09pm On Mar 13, 2013
Goodluck have pardon Obasanjo and Musa Yar adua,i go die laughing By Musiwa

una go kill person you nigerian..

all of you now chief zebudiya
Politics / Chingyjant:: by musiwa19: 1:34pm On Mar 13, 2013
Politics / Re: Keyamo Declares For 2015 Delta Governorship Race by musiwa19: 9:26pm On Mar 12, 2013
keyamo i think is from bayelsa state and not delta state.

he was fighting sylia in bayelsa , check your record

Politics / Re: Please, Suggest A New Name For APC by musiwa19: 6:45am On Mar 12, 2013
Politics / Re: Things About IBB, Nigeria's Military President by musiwa19: 5:31am On Mar 12, 2013
Politics / Re: UK,France,italy,Greece hostage killed: We have to divide Nigeria - Musiwa by musiwa19: 4:53am On Mar 12, 2013
i mean the picture of them been killed.

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