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Music/Radio / Re: Seun Kuti On Burna Boy's Underwear Performance - Fela Never Wore Pants On Stage by mustafar1: 8:11pm On Oct 23, 2013
As someone who has followed afrobeat from a very young age. I av never watched a video of fela performing with pant on stage. He might rehearse while in his pant but that was at the shrine which was living his house. The only other time I saw fela in pant was at some interview he gave during lekki sun splash back in the day. But even at that he didn't perform in pant at those concerts.
Webmasters / Re: Should Facebook And Twitter Pay Tax In Nigeria? by mustafar1: 7:32am On May 25, 2013
In reality, tax on advertising revenue can be imposed as Witholding or VAT and it would be the duty of the company who advertises with these social media to withold and remit the money to the relevant tax agency I.e. VAT to FIRS and WHT to state where that company is resident.

VAT is 5% WHT is also 5%
Foreign Affairs / Re: Oscar Pistorius Charged With Premeditated Murder by mustafar1: 11:30am On Feb 19, 2013
Law is blind.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Non-alcoholic Beer For Muslims, Is It Haram? by mustafar1: 7:34pm On Jan 03, 2013

No sir. Fayrouz is a premium soft drink not a beer.

im not saying otherwise. my point is, it is made with the same core ingredient as bavaria 0% beer. even zobo can be made into beer if u add sugar, yeast and allow it to ferment.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Non-alcoholic Beer For Muslims, Is It Haram? by mustafar1: 11:27am On Jan 03, 2013

I have had a taste of Fayrouz and trust me it is nothing like this. This tastes and smells like beer but then it has no alcohol content in it.

ok then, the beer made by bavaria is made from the same raw material fayrouz is made from. fayrouz is carbonated to give it that softdrink look and taste and also the fermentation stage of beer making is skipped so no sugar cant change into alcohol so it all boils down to the manufacturing process.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Non-alcoholic Beer For Muslims, Is It Haram? by mustafar1: 11:13am On Jan 03, 2013
we already have this in the nigerian market. its known as FAYROUZ made from barley malt.
Autos / Re: Grab This Very Clean Mazda For Just 570k 08097930879 by mustafar1: 5:06pm On May 06, 2012
Good car. Is it an auto gear or manual gear? Cos wot am seen in d pic is manual gear
How many year old is it on nigeria road?
Your location pls
Can I pay 450k?
Politics / Re: What Is The Big Deal About Fashola? Nonsense! Pt 2 by mustafar1: 9:12pm On May 05, 2012
Please explain what you mean by multiple tax?
Sports / Re: Super Bowl XLVI: Giants Vs Patriots by mustafar1: 11:23pm On Feb 05, 2012
GIANTS! Final answer. brady should expect a sackfest like he experienced in 2008. We'll hit him till he feels the pain in his bone marrow.
Politics / Re: Fashola To Tenants: Deduct 5% From Your Landlords’ Rent by mustafar1: 10:22pm On Dec 15, 2011
It's an idea quite alright, but the issue of failure of remittances the govt is trying to fix would still remain. Tenants and landlords are both nigerians and the same reason why the landlords don't remit to govt is the same reason the tenants won't.
Politics / Re: A Look Inside Nigeria's Floating Slum by mustafar1: 5:00pm On Nov 13, 2011
those houses have recently been cleared. anyone who house isn't on land was relocated out of there to a better and more befitting location.
Health / Re: Disabled, Still I Stand – Lizzy’s Story Of Hope by mustafar1: 12:37am On Oct 11, 2011
ok i commented but i still couldnt comment with my blog name. i guess next time i stop by i might just leave a link to my blog although the posts on there are be quite old. as you had said, theres no holding you back. theres a limit yet no limit to the things you can do for urself. my sister plays tennis, goes horse riding, travels around by herself, drives herself around and even does interstate etc etc etc so i know what im saying when i say theres no limit to what you can do.
Health / Re: Disabled, Still I Stand – Lizzy’s Story Of Hope by mustafar1: 9:09pm On Oct 10, 2011
i've read a lil about you on here, on bella naija and your blog. i actually understand what you are going thru, my younger sister was involved in an accident and broke her back as well. im a blogger as well (although ive not blogged in quite a long minute) so i'll be coming to your blog to check up on u from time to time. im glad to hear you have a good support system(family and friends) around you cos thats what you need smiley maibe i can be an anonymous part of ur support system although im not as anonymous as i make myself believe smiley

PS: i tried leaving a comment on ur blog and it says somn about my google account not having access to comment yada yada yada.
Politics / Re: Jonathan’s 100 Days In Office: What Are The Achievements by mustafar1: 9:35am On Sep 04, 2011
100days wasted like the 100days before it.
Politics / Re: Why I Visited UN House The Day After The Bombing - GEJ by mustafar1: 9:53pm On Aug 29, 2011
Yaradua days seems way better than yours as slow as he was. . . .
Business / Re: Should Unemployed Person Pay Tax? by mustafar1: 6:03am On Aug 26, 2011
i am not making assumptions or adding conjectures. our tax law is the one making such assumptions. i agree with you some of it really doesnt make sense and might be bullish but when it comes to the law and the people very few laws are made to favor the ppl especially when it comes to revenue generation. e.g. the fact that one can only claim a maximum of 2000naira for each dependant relative and also claim a maximum of just 2 dependent relatives or the fact that a tax payer can only claim 2500 as allowance for each child he has and has a maximum of 4children he can claim.

in essence, for a dependant relative e.g. our aged parents. even if we spend 1million of each one in a year. when we compute our return. we are only allowed too reduce our liability by 2000 whether we spend just 2k on them or way more and same applies for children.

it seems you are trying to make sense out of the situation (what our tax law dictates), trying to put a human face to it. theres a reason for the saying law is blind. laws are not set to favour us.
Business / Re: Should Unemployed Person Pay Tax? by mustafar1: 1:02am On Aug 26, 2011
if i failed to explain anything you had asked, please direct my attention to it and i'll do my best to explain.
Business / Re: Should Unemployed Person Pay Tax? by mustafar1: 11:24pm On Aug 25, 2011
Most of these things you listed are not about right or wrong. they are simply what the law says and most of the issues you have raised all boils down to the same thing. What the nigerian tax law says, whether capital gains tax, personal income tax, company tax, petroleum profit tax and the list goes on. hence at this point i'll like you to note that im not here to prove to you whether something is right or wrong. i'll simply explain what happened and led to the sitaution being what it is.

having established the above,

1.) Is it right and lawful to ask someone who does not work or earn any income within a domain, to be asked to pay INCOME TAX?

Going by what the PIT Law says and which i have stated a few times here already. because a potential tax payer does not work or earn income within the boundaries of nigeria doesnt mean that income is not liable to be taxed. actually it is not, it only becomes liable if he brings in a portion of it into nigeria. and the tax would only be due on the portion which was brought in. going by this, i would say it is right and lawful to request the someone you speak of to pay income tax because he must have earned such someway somehow and not necessarily thru paid employment.

2.) Is it right to just slap Tax on people, without verifying that they actually owe the govt?

the onus is on the tax payer/potential tax payer to prove he doesnt owe any taxes through filing. if he files and he proves he doesnt owe then he is cleared for that year and that would be reflected on his tax clearance card.

3.)Why should the government be using "Force" (area thugs, Mopol, e.t.c) to extort money from people who dont owe them, in the form of Tax? Should Govt not provide evidence to its citizens, to show that they owe them Tax?

could you please state an instance where thugs were used to to extort money from people who dont owe them? but if i'll speak on this anyway, i'll say thats the distrain unit of the internal revenue service (whether lagos, delta, jigawa or federal) they are the ones who are allowed by law to have armed police officers accompany them when they go out to distrain (lockup) companies. they dont only go with police officers, they go with a camera crew who records how events unfold. let me state that the reason why a company would be distrained is if after several notices a company still fails to comply and prove that they remitted all PAYE withheld from their employees salaries to the relevant tax authority or the amount withheld and remitted tallies with the number of employees.

4.)Why should Lagos state be taxing residents, on the same item of Tax that the Fed have taxed them on, and even the LGA is joining the fray?

i really do not understand what your point is. but if i'll attempt to respond. i'll first state that, the taxes collected by all the different levels of government are parallel. local govts dont collect taxes, they collect levies, dues, and the likes. state governments collect mainly PIT in their domain, some CGT, etc and federal govt collects petroleum profit tax, company income tax, CGT for companies, PIT for the FCT, excise duty, import duty etc etc.

5.) Why should they resort to threat and "pay first and complain later" syndrome, just to extort  money form people who dont owe them a dime?

this might be a crude way of doing things but if after paying it is established that the taxpayer didnt owe in the first place or didnt owe as much as he had paid, the tax payer gets a rebate which he uses in the future to offset any tax that might be due to him then.

6.) After paying all Port duty (if car was imported) and all prescribed Registration fees on a car and used it for more than a year, is it right for the Govt to be "scheming Residents data" from the E-Reg database and using the "price of such vehicle" to impose tax (Now, INCOME TAX o!) on the people? Do you pay income Tax on the price of a car? Where is the income my brother?

MVAA is a government agency, same as lastma, lawma, lasaa, lamata etc etc. for better working of govt, they share certain information amongst themselves and thus the source of the information the revenue agency used in issuing a best of judgement assessment (BOJ) on the individual that registers a car and but on further checking did not have any records of having paid income tax. you asked if one pays income tax on the price of a car. it is assumed that the money used in purchasing his car is his total taxable income.
hint: if he can prove that the money spent on buying the car was solely from his wife and the wife had paid taxes thru PAYE then he would be let off.

7.)Which "information provided by the individual" at the Tax office is not totally true and can you furnish us with the "true information"?

it was claimed that someone at the tax office said, the govt just randomly picks and slams them with a demand notice. they do not randomly pick, a demand notice would be sent to a potential taxpayer who registers a car but doesnt have any records of paying taxes previously. a demand notice would be sent if a taxpayer claimed to have made a certain amount of money as income from all sources. he was assessed tax based on that and late along the line he buys and registers a car hitting above his income level. e.g. mama tunji who is a trader declares a tradit profit of 200k for a tax period. she is taxed on the 200k then sometime afterwards she goes to register a car worth 1.5million she would be issued an upwardly revised assessment that would come in the form of a demand notice and would have to prove that the money used to purchase the car had previously been taxed.

with that i hope i have explained (i dont intend to convince you) the substance you have raised and how it relates to the tax laws of the Federal republic of nigeria. and if you feel the law is bullmanure, then we might as well all not complain about how our country has turned into a lawless country or better still we all do as we please in all departments.

thank you my brother/sister lastpage for having me. you have succeeded in keeping me awake this late while you sleep grin
Business / Re: Should Unemployed Person Pay Tax? by mustafar1: 4:28pm On Aug 25, 2011
What substance do you wannt us to address. Educate me and I'll takee it from there.
Business / Re: Should Unemployed Person Pay Tax? by mustafar1: 4:06pm On Aug 24, 2011
Does it matter if the tax laws are set by the federal govt? Yes, its level of implimentation is up lagos state to decide but then as someone said, filling of taxes is different from paying taxes. Filing n having a zero liability means Ɣ☺ΰ ® not liable to pay anything and ur tax clearaance card would reflect that. But soneone not employed doesn't also mean he can't pay tax, he might have share dividend he collects, he might collect rent from a property he inherited, he might be involved in some form of trade.

As regards the individual who brought in a car from yankee and was issue with a 420k tax, the nigerian tax law states that taxable income includes,"income earned in, derived in, accrued in or brought into nigeria. . ." That is the basis with which the car was being taxed using what is called, "best of Judgement" assessment. The information provided by the individual at the tax office is not totally true.

If there are anymore questions I'll be glad to explain or comment on them. But if any name calling or mudslinging occurs I reserve the right to ignore.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Police Harassment @ Jibowu Railway Track by mustafar1: 11:34am On Aug 21, 2011
so with your logic, because theres no sign saying not to be on the tracks. it is ok to be stuck on the tracks. . . .
Politics / Re: Nigeria PDP David Mark And Chime Sulivan-Are worthy leaders for the future(2015) by mustafar1: 11:22am On Aug 21, 2011
hahaha! i laugh with a gapped tooth. by 2015, David Mark would have committed one of the crimes IBB and BUHARI committed to be unsellable to the people. he would be some minutes away from turning 70yrs old.

on a more serious note, he falls in the category of our leaders who have failed us. he cant be brandished as the next fresh air after the delusion we currently have and call fresh air(GEJ)
Islam for Muslims / Re: Nairalanders Iftaar - Season 7 by mustafar1: 10:16pm On Aug 20, 2011
my sierra leonean hajia. . . you know I have wanted to attend since it started 2years ago. Alhamdulillah i have. May Allah(SWT) grant us all the priviledge of experiencing another and another and another. . .
Islam for Muslims / Re: Nairalanders Iftaar - Season 7 by mustafar1: 10:00pm On Aug 20, 2011
Thank you Majorolla for the iftar. May Allah continue to bless you. Amin. To those that attended today's iftar, May Allah accept our actions as an act of ibaadah. Amin.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Police Harassment @ Jibowu Railway Track by mustafar1: 9:49pm On Aug 19, 2011
see this dude that didn't go to driving school, neither did he read the driving code or does he know the rules of driving blaming the police for his own error. there doesn't have to be a sign saying dint stay on the railway tracks for you to know not to. heck, simple common sense would tell you not to. if theres traffic, u make sure u have enough space to clear the tracks b4 u move forward. its that simple. you trying to rubbish the police for wat happened to you makes it obvious you need lessons on driving rules, psychiatric evaluation, should be made to cram the whole road safety drivers manual etc etc. summary, YOU ARE A BAD DRIVER!
Politics / Re: Reuben Abati: From Government Critic To Apologist by mustafar1: 8:17pm On Jul 18, 2011
this man was throwing darts and arrows at the delta state inauguration lecture just some months ago. anyway, wise men say. the best way to shut a critic up is by giving him a job" which is exactly what GEJ did and less than a week into it. he seems to have shed his 'social crusader' skin
Politics / Re: Fg Pegs Carrying Capacity Of 9 New Varsities At 500 Students by mustafar1: 10:58am On May 05, 2011
GEJ said in his only 'debate' that the schools would av a capacity of 500 per level by the time the schools get up to 400/500 level. Why u guys are crying wollf now is beyond me. He has helped ease the strain on current schools, abi no be as una GEJ supporters for NL talk am be that.
Food / Re: What Is The Effect Of Cooking Without Onion by mustafar1: 7:43pm On Feb 21, 2011
Food / Re: 7 Dollar Meal In Naija by mustafar1: 2:19pm On Feb 03, 2011

lets talk about, Amala 150 Eran hmm hmm
Politics / Re: I Will Be President - Dele Momodu by mustafar1: 9:51pm On Jan 28, 2011
Watch him change his tune after being made information minister if GEJ muscles his way to stay put till 2015.

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