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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by naijacentric(m): 10:34pm On Jul 04, 2021

I don't know why I find it difficult to believe this is true sha. What if he also have an Android phone? I mean he has right to preference. Someone working for MTN must use MTN simcard? Someone working for Zenith must bank with Zenith??
na big lie jare grin
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by naijacentric(m): 2:01am On May 28, 2021

I really understand how you feel. I can see you are really looking for options, I see you have made inquiries on Ukraine, Turkey, Togo, etc.

If you are very loaded, I would advise you to just focus on going to Turkey, I don't know if your guy in turkey replied to you.

These countries are not Nigeria, you would need to spend the required duration by law in the country before you are able to apply to Germany.

Having a residence permit does not guarantee that you would be interviewed.

You would get an interview date ooh even after paying for your residence permit.

On the interview day, the VO would turn you back.

A lot of people I know have experienced this and I don't even wish the crescendo of emotions for my enemy.

You can still give it a try anyway. We are all adults, and it is up to you.

this is false, haba if you have permit they would interview you 100%. Nawa to you!

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by naijacentric(m): 11:26am On May 19, 2021
[quote author=dipotol post=101661240]Hello my nairaland fam. Been a very long time, I literally spared all day to read all the posts I've missed, about 15 to 20 pages. Lol

Don't mind me, I'm just concerned to know the present condition. I was initially sad it's still the same story but with the last 2 pages, ADs are flowing this May. Gut!

I pray God settles everyone. Let me firstly reinstate this fact someone earlier mentioned, let's be cautious of what we post here. I had an experience on my interview day(last year) and the embassy staff referenced this page. So, I'm sure of what I'm saying. My point? They know what's going on, they have always known but for reasons best known to them, AD na wahala.

For those of us trying other countries, I wish us well and I even need update of easy eu countries to process o, lol ( for my guys in naija tho). So, please anyone with useful info, kindly reach out.

Dont let us give up. Na who give up mess up. Germany is very cool and worth the struggle( once you enter, you would technically forget all these struggles, as I was readingthe thread today, na so I dy remember the struggles 2019/2020 but we thank God) The weather is getting more friendlier and I personally thank God for His favour I'm still enjoying. Let me use this opportunity to advise those going for interviews soon and those coming very soon not to come to DE with the mentality that " na Europe, we no need God again", hmmmm. Getting to Germany na big deal, settling in na another bigger deal. For without Him, we can do nothing...

I'm online at the moment to answer any questions or any clarification

One love bosses![/quote}
bra you dey europe and you are still religious grin i guess the ancestors have not shown the way! Even my oyinbo friends know the truth about christianity and islam in Africa. I bet you don't know king Leopold of Belgium. I won't go further Fela don talk finish......
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by naijacentric(m): 8:01am On May 10, 2021
Hi guys please who has a copy of an appeal letter! As guidance to write one.
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by naijacentric(m): 4:31am On May 07, 2021

What happened to quality to motivation letter? He has to share some relevant points on the interview day. Perhaps that provides an insight.
A Motivation Letter or Statement of Purpose becomes crucial when:
1. You're having a second degree or higher degree
2. Switching major
3. Applying from a disadvantaged country as a citizen
4. Buttress on your future and humanity development.
5. Wide age gap between your most recent qualification and your newly applied course. It is often mediated by good working experience but for most in Nigeria, the jobs weren't even there! I graduated 2009/early 2010 (education gap of 10 years!), studied Zoology (I am now studying Environmental Science at University of Cologne) and at a low ranking University, DELSU Abraka, a meager 3.6 CGPA, abandoned an MSc course at OAU, Ife from 2011-2015 (which I eventually stylishly used as work and research experience).

An appeal could still work if the pointed errors are adjusted and Fintiba should stop confirming 853€ blocked amount and implement the new 861€. People should continue to ask questions particularly on a forum like this for guidance and help.
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by naijacentric(m): 4:29am On May 07, 2021

The reasons for denial is too long, appeal won’t make any sense. The Embassy in Cotonou is more strict than Lagos and don’t accept most stuff you guys submit at DE Embassy in Lagos. You friend should find more genuine reason to go to DE, start afresh and learn from his mistakes.

This goes also for those applying for second Bsc and those whose course can be run online.
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by naijacentric(m): 4:29am On May 07, 2021

Three major reasons I see here.

1. Insufficient blocked account.
2. No letter of presence.
3. Current semester enrollment certificate

I dunno if he can appeal based on these major faults.


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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by naijacentric(m): 4:28am On May 07, 2021

Here's how I would appeal if I'm in your friend's shoe:
1. For reason one, a letter of presence in your school will suffice.
2. For reason two, updating your blocked account with the correct amount and providing proof for that.
3. For reason three, a good motivation letter (well crafted) giving at least three well-thought reasons for a second BSC will do a good job. This is really helpful if you have some experience in the field you're going for the second BSc. You will also need to give reasons why you can't go for master's instead in the same field. I strongly believe he can be considered if his reasons are sufficient enough.
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by naijacentric(m): 3:03pm On May 06, 2021
Hi guys my paddy was just rejected, please how should he go about it? Should he appeal or start a fresh application? The rejection letter is below...

Schr gechrter Mr mudiaga, the German embassy in Cotonou regrets to inform you that your application for a visa cannot be granted after the examination has been completed on the basis of the applicable immigration law provisions. The main reasons for the rejection of your application will be communicated to you below: You have applied for a visa to start a bachelor's degree at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences in accordance with Section 16b (1) of the Residence Act. A prerequisite for this is that a current notification of admission is presented. The notification of admission presented relates to the winter semester 2020/21. There is no notification of admission for the current summer semester 2021. You also submitted a certificate from the University of Applied Sciences confirming that the winter semester 20/21 will only take place online. Entry to Germany is not required to participate online. The submitted proof of financing is not sufficient. The blocked account has a monthly blocked amount of € 853.00. However, according to the current regulations, this must be € 861.00 Furthermore, you have already completed a bachelor's degree in Nigeria. The application does not explain why you would like to start a Bachelor's degree in Germany again. Incidentally, the inner-German immigration authority in Hamm has refused to give its required approval. For the reasons mentioned above, the application for a national visa is rejected. Sincerely, On behalf of your visa section at the German Embassy in Cotonou You can file an action against this decision at the Berlin Administrative Court within one month of its notification. You also have the option of having this notification checked by the Cotonou diplomatic mission within one month of its notification (remonstration). During the remonstration, you can continue to file a lawsuit against this decision within the above-mentioned period, but this will end the remonstration procedure and the decision will only be checked in the legal proceedings. If the visa application is rejected after it has been checked by the diplomatic mission abroad. if another decision is issued again (remonstration decision), an action can then be brought against the administrative court in Berlin. Please give reasons for your remonstration and enclose suitable evidence, if this was not done with the visa application.
Music/Radio / Re: Meet Nigerian Musicians Who Are Talented But Not Popular by naijacentric(m): 12:24pm On Apr 21, 2021

Incase you don't know na me talk They are yet to sell their souls too........ grin
really! Have they started selling soul in naija? I thought it was only in America.
Travel / Re: DON'T LISTEN TO Anyone Who Discourages You From Travelling Abroad by naijacentric(m): 7:54pm On Apr 07, 2021

From my experience so far, I would say the racism in Germany is really not bad.
I have not personally experienced any major racism throughout my 1.6yrs in Germany.
Some people might not want to sit down beside you inside the train or inside the bus but I really don't see it as racism. People usually sit down beside people they are familiar with or people they are closer to.
Also, you might find it a little bit hard getting a shared apartment among white people, from my personal experience, they prefer sharing apartments with fellow white people.

In other cases, you might find it hard getting some job if you don't speak German, it's not racism, it's just that you don't speak the language of communication in that company.

I won't rule out the case of racism, but to the best of my knowledge, it's not really bad in Germany as I heard before coming.
What I will say about Germany is that it's a very hard country
They expect so high from people and they are not easy to please, you need to go hard to achieve things in Germany because anything you do, you must do it well to retain your seat.
It's a country that takes no shit, if you mess up, you will face the consequences, no mercy, no forgiveness, they give you the punishment according to your offense.
So when you misbehave, don't beg, if you do, you are most likely wasting your time. Just wait for the punishment associated with your misbehavior.
bros i heard it is hard for naija guys to get german babes, that some guys had to travel to other countries like Netherlands or poland to look for women. I also heard german guys are rushing naija ladies. Me wey like woman how will i do it like this? I would die of depression o! Please your advise is needed mr basalt!

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by naijacentric(m): 7:49pm On Mar 11, 2021
Hi guys i am asking for a friend, is it possible to bring in one's girlfriend/fiance/wife with a child for a visit like a holiday then the person goes back? Who knows how it is in bremen city or knows anyone who had enjoyed such privilege? Thanks!
Crime / Re: Headless Body Of Lady Found In An Uncompleted Building In Delta (Graphic Photos) by naijacentric(m): 4:22pm On Mar 09, 2021
What exactly do South Westerners do with human parts? I just don't get it.
one day we would catch you physically and beat you up you agent of the devil. You were paid by your master to divide the people of the south!!!
Politics / Re: Rewane: My Respect For Osinbajo Grew After Comment On Crypto Ban by naijacentric(m): 4:19pm On Mar 09, 2021
It's funny how the e-rats up there are praising Osibanjo.

Sincerely speaking Osibanjo is a disgrace to the church, the legal and the academic community.

What did his comment change about the ban on cryptocurrencies?

He should have directed the CBN governor to lift the ban on cryptocurrency, or better still.meet his principal and press on him to order the CBN to lift the ban.

It's unfortunate that he just commented like everyother Nigerian, yet he is the number two citizen, the question now.is," OF WHAT USE IS OSIBANJO BEING THE VP?

A whole lot of things are going wrong in the country today, from security, to Economy, to education but he has been conspicuously silent.

In this case his silence is no longer golden but may be see as assent to the numerous ills bedevilling the nation.

For those that may argue that he has no powers to act, he can simply resign to show his disdain for this disasterous administration. That would have made him more honourable and a whole lot of Nigerians will respect him the more and definitely vote him if he contests for.president.
it is the nema money and efcc wahala that is why the yahoo pastor can't resign. Or should i say he is also like them maybe a gentle devil grin
Politics / Re: Akeredolu Orders Indefinite Suspension Of NURTW In Ondo by naijacentric(m): 4:00pm On Mar 09, 2021
touts, abegro, street urchins be like 5&6 for SOUTHWA$TE
shut up this was in the south yeast grin
Politics / Re: I Am Not A Criminal - Iskilu Wakili Breaks Silence by naijacentric(m): 3:48pm On Mar 09, 2021
Na war go end all dis rubbish na just small time!


Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Commissions Newly Upgraded Glover Memoriall Hall by naijacentric(m): 6:56am On Mar 04, 2021

Eko baje ti.

God Bless the SW
God Bless Tinubu
God Bless Fashola
God Bless Ambode
God Bless Sanwo-Olu
shut up
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Commissions Newly Upgraded Glover Memoriall Hall by naijacentric(m): 6:56am On Mar 04, 2021
This is just so beautiful, lovely and cute.

We will keep saying it, Slow and Steady we will get to the country of our dreams.

Good governance Sanwo-Olu.
God bless Lagos State.
God bless Nigeria.

The second image below is that of Congress Center Memorial Hall in London,
Who can tell the difference between the Memorial Hall of Lagos and London if not told?
Lagos is even more beautiful than London in the images!

God bless all the positive and good minded souls of Nigeria, to those one that keep saying they live in a zoo, may they continue to bleat like Rams (mehn mehn mehn) cool on a daily basis �

We Rise!
BMC u no dey tire because of how much rubbish and buhari!
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by naijacentric(m): 6:53am On Mar 04, 2021
I have not heard of anyone, but I think there is a space for this information when you are filling your visa application form. Child and dependent.

Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by naijacentric(m): 6:52am On Mar 04, 2021

once You enter first then apply for family reunion visa for the kids and hubby not student visa
the child is a baby her first child. That is why i asked! Thanks.
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by naijacentric(m): 1:13pm On Mar 03, 2021
Hi guys does anyone know any lady who came into germany with her child as a student? Asking for a friend, i want to know what to expect if a student has a child and wants travel for studies.
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Commissions Ajeromi Ifelodun LG Secretariat Burnt During EndSARS Riots by naijacentric(m): 4:54pm On Feb 20, 2021
Shame on those that burnt the building in the first place. They shall know no peace wherever they are.

Never again should the kind of affliction that was brought down on Lagos last year be allowed to occur again. Lagos shall continue to rise and shine to the envy of haters. Kudos the the Lagos state government for rebuilding what was destroyed. “Ile Oba tojo, ewa lobusi”.

Eko oni baje!
shut up
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Flew His Suya Man From Lagos To Ghana To Prepare His Special Suya by naijacentric(m): 5:15pm On Jan 08, 2021
That’s how they spend money when God blesses them. When they blow all the money away, they start begging poor masses to donate for them and start blaming government for their misfortunes. That’s how the other one that died married three wives at about forty years, if he had lived to 80 years, only God knows how many wives he would have married
nawa to you na suya go kan wreck person funny man grin
Celebrities / Re: Lizzy Anjorin: DNA Test Has Overtaken Coronavirus Test, Plenty Homes To Scatter by naijacentric(m): 3:12pm On Jan 07, 2021

Abi o ! Let's see what she has to say to that bro.
which mumu pastor grin
Celebrities / Re: Lizzy Anjorin: DNA Test Has Overtaken Coronavirus Test, Plenty Homes To Scatter by naijacentric(m): 3:08pm On Jan 07, 2021

You and NEXTD18 are speaking from the emotional side of the divide, even though you both are try to expatiate on a salient point.
The truth is women are easily swayed; whether educated, intelligent, spiritual, religious or not. Although with all of this quality the degree or rate of yieldedness would vary significantly.
Now to the issue of paternity fraud from Eve as regards the birth of Cain and Abel, nothing can be farther from the truth. No such thing existed, they both shared the same father and mother. In our present day don't you see children of same parent killing each other in cold blood?
For argument sake if we assume the fruit(name of fruit not mentioned) eating by Eve was a sexual intercourse with the serpent, remember she also gave it to Adam to eat, so does it mean Adam also had a gay relationship with the serpent? of course you know this is impossible!
think further man you were getting there before you missed it.so why did God reject cain?
Celebrities / Re: Lizzy Anjorin: DNA Test Has Overtaken Coronavirus Test, Plenty Homes To Scatter by naijacentric(m): 5:41pm On Jan 06, 2021
Paternity fraud didn't start today.

I have every reason to believe Cain and Abel weren't the biological kids of Adam, but belongs to Serpent and Eve because of that "Apple" drama.

With time, people will understand that women are serial cheats and can only close their legs in their graves.
you are a wise man i wonder why religious leaders are hiding it?like will it destroy the world, i fear who no fear women grin
Education / Re: Don Davis' Parents Demand N100m Compensation From Deeper Life School, Uyo by naijacentric(m): 12:00pm On Jan 05, 2021

Nurudeen, I can't argue with a nonentity who couldn't pass Jamb properly and had to settle for one useless Biology course. Go and meet your village people with strong alfas cos your case is hopeless.
ode you go search me for google your papa thunder fire all your family. Idiot shows you are a keyboard warrior na because nairaland na faceless forum. oloriburuku!!! FACE ME SQUARELY low esteem thwart.
Family / Re: How Much Is The Cost Of A DNA Paternity Test In Nigerian Hospitals? by naijacentric(m): 12:59pm On Jan 02, 2021
Why would you even marry a woman you don't trust well enough in the first place?

It serves you guys right because when they say marry in the Lord, you'll laugh yourselves to scorn now you're all running Helter skelter like headless chickens looking for DNA that is not lost.

I want big boobs, I want big bumbum, I want beautiful face. At the last, no peace of mind as every man wants her too.

Marry the will of God and have some peace.

Nobody should come for me o. It's just daybreak and my brain is still initializing.....

na dem o it would happen to your brothers yama yama
Education / Re: Don Davis' Parents Demand N100m Compensation From Deeper Life School, Uyo by naijacentric(m): 12:57pm On Jan 02, 2021

Fool, my pikin no for go Deeper Life School because I no fit enter the church sef.
Na so one idiot lie on top my head that year. Later when I handle am, e dey send foolish people like you to come beg me.

Tell that foolish woman to go to court and stop disturbing us here. Useless woman wey don folo everybody fight finish.
e pain am son of the devil go back to hell with your lies deeper life slave grin
Education / Re: Don Davis' Parents Demand N100m Compensation From Deeper Life School, Uyo by naijacentric(m): 12:46pm On Jan 02, 2021

Me? Deeper Life? Omo you don miss am. Na your papa be Kumuyi slave.

That woman na thief and she get luck say those Deeper Life people dey cool. Make she try am with person like me.
mumu u dey deny ur god of man ur pikin go suffer d same thing maybe u sef fit cash out poor bitch ass fool i am sorry for you.

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