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Romance / Re: Lady Falls Down, Cries As Her Fiancé Proposes To Her On Her Birthday (Photos) by Nairalandmonika: 10:19pm On Apr 30, 2021
I hate this theatrics of modern marriage proposal.
If u check well one or both are cheating
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Just Got This Invite ......please How Real Is It by Nairalandmonika: 9:43pm On Apr 30, 2021
Nairaland is the last place to come and seek for advice

Whether they've heard about that thing or not it's scam to them smh

Op good luck with whatever you choose tho.

Shey u heard of the girl that was kidnapped yesterday, if she had done what the op did m sure she will be in her father's house chilling by now.

Nairaland has saved many people from kidnappers

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Nairaland / General / Re: What Is The Biggest Lie You Ever Heard But Discovered Later? by Nairalandmonika: 12:24pm On Apr 27, 2021
That God exists
Crime / Re: Bandits Kill DPO In Kebbi, Eight Other Policemen, Vigilantes by Nairalandmonika: 12:21pm On Apr 27, 2021
I won't be shocked if Military take over govt any time soon...... What is happening in Nigeria now is enough reasons for a military coup against Buhari.

How can Nigerians be killed, maimed & kidnapped on daily basis under the watch of a democratically elected govt?

Currently, Pakistan has 1,204,000 soldiers fighting terrorism, while Nigeria has only 120,000 soldiers..... How will Nig. Soldiers win the war against terrorists, bandits etc?
Lol, Nigeria top military men are politicians, they are all cashing out so they won't do anything drastic.

As for the Nigeria military population it will keep reducing because it's no longer attractive. People no longer look up to them.

We are on our own in this country.
Crime / Re: Bandits Kill DPO In Kebbi, Eight Other Policemen, Vigilantes by Nairalandmonika: 12:19pm On Apr 27, 2021

They have finally entered kebbi, the only peaceful state in the north.
War is coming and it will start from the north.
Business / Re: Amazon To Open African Headquarters In South Africa by Nairalandmonika: 6:19pm On Apr 21, 2021

Nigeria doesn't even have a large market. Nigeria has a large population with low purchasing power.
Celebrities / Re: Comedian Mercy Ada Jesus Is Dead by Nairalandmonika: 6:18pm On Apr 21, 2021
To live long, desist from cursing your elders undecided
Business / Re: Amazon To Open African Headquarters In South Africa by Nairalandmonika: 6:05pm On Apr 21, 2021
Giant of Africa my ass. It’s hard to find any youth that hasn’t given up on this country.
Core norther hausa n Fulani youth
Business / Re: Amazon To Open African Headquarters In South Africa by Nairalandmonika: 6:04pm On Apr 21, 2021

How can he convince them? A country full of internet fraudsters? Sorry, even I wouldn’t dare and I’m not even Buhari’s fan.
Omo when it comes to internet fraud give it to Russia n China, what Nigeria boys do is deceive old white naive female to reap them of their money.
That's not the reason tech companies are not investing in Nigeria. The major reason is cost n complexity of doing business in Nigeria.

Secondly, infringement of human right.
Another thing is lack of basic amenities.

The only good thing Nigeria has is a large market, so these companies has decided to serve Nigeria from afar.


Business / Re: Amazon To Open African Headquarters In South Africa by Nairalandmonika: 5:58pm On Apr 21, 2021
wailers food don ripe again....reno omokri and co
And u are happy about this, tech company dodging Nigerian like a plague, the so called giant of Africa.
Politics / Re: Senate Confirms Halilu Shaba As NASRDA DG by Nairalandmonika: 6:09pm On Apr 14, 2021

Interesting fact about nasdra, their yearly budget is about 2billion naira, they spend 1.5billion on salary.
This agency have workers just receiving salaries n doing absolutely nothing.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need Your Advise On What I Should Do Next by Nairalandmonika: 1:22pm On Apr 13, 2021
God didn't want you to be anything since he is nonexistent. Life is what you make of it; the purpose your life has is the purpose you give it. You are just a victim of bad decisions.
The only reasonable advice so far
Religion / Re: Pls Help! A Church Is About To Render My Brother Useless by Nairalandmonika: 12:28pm On Apr 12, 2021
I feel so .. how can someone donate 14million worth of electricals to a Church... we have not checked the cash, I only saw 550k transfer he made yesterday
It's very possible, I have head pastors say close ur account for the work of God.
Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 11:24pm On Apr 11, 2021
What I meant was that they fought a war at all. and it was an economic war of independence not a political war. it was a war between onojie agba and oba ozolua where it was recounted that oba ozolua lost his life in that war. Even akure rebeled at some point which cost the deji of akure his life in the early 19th hundred and even at that she was a vassal up till 1914. what I am trying to sell to you is that it is easier to sell me an Uromi independence which you can't even sell me as she was an integral part of the country because of the strategy employed by the ruling class in the country to ensure loyalty of all vassal state in the country. most oba mothers came from esan then itsekiri, there were so many chiefs from different part of the country to ensure oneness of the country. You can't remove the itsekiris from the Benin country. Go and read up on the policy of the oba in monopolizing trade in the Benin country and how it affected the Europeans who sought to remove him in order to control trade in the country
You seem so adamant, u refuse to understand what I'm saying.
Can u tell me the history of itsekiri?
Have u even read the history of itsekiri?
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Burns UN Facilities In Borno, Attacks Workers by Nairalandmonika: 12:44pm On Apr 11, 2021

And nnpc wants to build the world largest gas plant in this same bornu

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Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 12:34pm On Apr 11, 2021
He is of itsekiri origin you idiot just like the iyase was from anioma ancestry, they were seen as part of the empire and country therefore men who distinguished their selves were selected from all areas,my major talking points is not on the Nana whose seat was political my major point was pre British era did you read about any Benin warri war like the Benin agbor war, the Benin Uromi war, the Benin akure war, was there a warri military outpost prebritish era, you know nothing Jon snow. if at all there was one in warri, it was seen as a sub part of the Benin stool, even mothers of the different obas were gotten from other areas to ensure their loyalty to the stool. Ologbosere was distinguished and was brought in from that axis. Benin was a country and a smartly ran one at that
See as u are confusing urself, so in ur claim uromi is not part of the Benin kingdom but warri is?
Are u serious?
Warri is pretty young when u compare it to the Benin kingdom but that doesn't mean it was under the Benin kingdom.
The fact that there was no war between the itsekiris and Benin doesn't mean they were under the Benin kingdom.

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Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 12:30pm On Apr 11, 2021

Who b dis, you from ogun state what do you know about itsekiris
Mumu you from kaduna what do u know about warri or Benin, u just open ur dirty mouth to talk rubbish.

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Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 8:50pm On Apr 10, 2021

Now i see youre Bling or you just have some blindness towards the thought of we edos

You mentioned kanem borno Songhia as empire but failed to recognized benin as empire... Lol
Tell me why you classify those twp up there as empire and noy benin... Before i will begin to take you serious

Again itsekiri were undee the benin empire and were never independent from Edo as they constantly pay homage duly till the empire was put to an halt
Which dirty homage

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Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 8:48pm On Apr 10, 2021
Guy I would want you to read up the connection between the OSULAS AND THE AIWERIOGHENE family with the itsekiris and why the ologbosere fought to protect the sanity and sanctity of the Benin empire and of which he was later tried and eliminated by the British alongside with other chiefs in 1899. warri was wealthy at some point wealthier than Benin and Uromi but she was a sacrosanct part of the empire even up till the fall of it. UROMI fought wars of independence with Benin even agbor fought wars of independence with Benin but not warri and you expect me to take you serious. There was an esan army an esan outposts but I have not heard or read any of a warri outposts
u be really mumu, so u have not head of the war nana of itsekiri fought with the Britain. reading all ur post u just sound so ignorant. U are talking from a Benin point of view without even reading the history of iwerri (warri).

U just dey shout ologboshere up n down. Warri ologboshere is different from Benin ologboshere. Warri has all Chief Benin has. From iyasere to ologboshere, u just name them.

The kingdom was form some 500 yrs ago when immigrant from ile ife living in the coastal region adopted a Benin prince to be their king.

The prince did something which Benin people said was against their custom. the king nuwa, knowing thay people are not happy with his son (ginuwa), sent him to form his own kingdom outside the Benin kingdom. The king took the first soon of all his chiefs to accompany his son.
After travelling through the Benin rivers for days. The prince n his entourage met with these settlers who had their origin from ile ife. As soon as they saw him jumping out of the boat, they knew he was royalty n they adopted him as their king.

They together (the Benin prince, the first son of all Benin chief, the settlers from ile ife) form the tribe itsekiri and called their land the iwerri land.

Which is what we call warri today, never at a time has warri being under Benin kingdom.

In itsekiri, the King belong to the people n the people belong to the king. It's a symbiotic relationship.

I repeat read history of itsekiri by JOS Ayomike b4 engaging in this argument.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Naval Officer Escapes From Kidnappers - Pictures by Nairalandmonika: 9:36am On Apr 10, 2021
Nigerian Naval officer escapes from kidnappers den after disarming one of his abductors and using the weapon to kill them

A Nigerian Naval officer has regained his freedom weeks after he was abducted while on his way to Kebbi on leave.

According to former Army spokesperson,. S.K Usman, who shared the story online, the brave Naval officer, AK Bala, successfully disarmed one of his abductors and then used the weapon to kill the kidnappers.

Source: https://twitter.com/skusman/status/1380548696375496704


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Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 9:29am On Apr 10, 2021

so the itsekiri - a coastal people - had interactions with the Portuguese.. Oh wow what a surprise...
It's ridiculous that you would think a coastal people having contact with the Portuguese means the Portuguese were exploring and mapping out the hinterlands

Also the records of intermarriage between itsekiri and Portuguese were by itsekiri nobles, mostly princes who had gone to Portugal or other Portuguese colonies. Not by Portuguese settlers

im not expecting fools to take knowledge seriously. I'm not here to engage in one senseless back and forth
It's left for you to take those names and dates in the screenshot or provide information on any European explorer or cartographer who ventured into the hinterlands to map out territorial boundaries

This is basically common knowledge that Europeans were afraid of malaria until chloroquine was invented. So if you are looking for someone to entertain you, go find that person elsewhere
OK resolve to insult when u don't have anything reasonable to say.
Chloroquine that was invented 1940 when Europeans had already colonize most of Africa.
U could have easily sited ur source if u wanted to be taking serious
Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 9:21am On Apr 10, 2021
Young Man you should know history is not sentiment, warri was a part and parcel of the Benin empire. your king is being refered to as ogiame-literally translate to king of water, the riverine kingdom in the empire,the name ogie in Benin loosely refered to as Duke under the Benin king who is the Oba. warri was a part and parcel of the Benin kingdom. The itsekiris were not the only ones who got married to the Portuguese, even the Benins and the Esans did too under the supervision and the tutelage of the Benin king. The Benins were never riverine people, so the itsekiris who were always refered to as jekri traders or the middlemen always come in handy here. I for one would think they were even sent by the oba of Benin to help administer trade and bring these people the Portuguese in this case to the hinterland and the palace of the oba of benin. I believe that's how they got to their present location as they are now isolated from their yoruboid brothers. they were not always around I believe they were sent for. you coming to say this is not enough and does not change the fact of history. warri was always an integral part of the Benin empire and is still under Benin traditionally. If them leave una now una go say na Ife he come from God pass una e come carry the name ogiame put for body
guy I am telling u history and u are refuting it with ur assumption, u should go n read on the history of itsekiri by William Moore or JOS Ayomike b4 having this argument.

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Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 9:53am On Apr 09, 2021

do you want proof? Go read the letter Dore Numa sent to the people of agbassa after acquiring their land with Ogbe Ijoh lands to form the old Warri Township courtesy of the British.
which letter, the one u forged.
Business / Re: Dangote, Flour Mills Petition FG, Oppose New Sugar Refinery by BUA by Nairalandmonika: 9:33am On Apr 09, 2021

wetin consign us with there own matter
Are u seriously asking this question?
Are u stupid or what, u donno how monopoly affect all of us.
If only dangote controls all the sugar refinery in Nigeria he can sell at any price he likes and u don't have any choice but to buy at that price.


Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 9:25am On Apr 09, 2021

As usual the expression of a useless lowlife with a brain defect and no direction in life. Isn't your entire life's worth based on Nairaland from one moniker to another. When you get owned on this one you will delete it and open another one to keep posting the same trash all over again, how many times have I attempted to educate your silly self? But you are beyond being educated or informed. I have trashed this nonsense notion of European maps with you last year and the year before, given sources that state clearly that Europeans only began to fully explore the hinterland in the 19th century but basket brain here can't learn anything grin
Here's another article saying the same thing

I don't have time for your nonsense this year.. So take your trashy existential insignificance out of my mentions
you just posted a screenshot with no source and expect anyone to take u serious
Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 9:22am On Apr 09, 2021
Lol. Crazy people on this forum

One mumu is still bringing European maps of the 18th century, when Europeans never left the coast, to draw conclusion on Benin's boundaries when no boundaries are even indicated on said map grin
Guy u don't know what u are saying, the Portuguese did left the coast and interacted with the itsekiri, in fact they even married itsekiri people.

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Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 8:56am On Apr 09, 2021
i say itsekiri nation, where chief ologbosere was from. Itsekiri nation was part of benin kingdom. Is itsekiri not part of warri?
itsekiri is not part of Benin kingdom, more than 500 yrs ago, some people migrated from ile ife to this region know as warri, then a prince from benin which his chiefs came from Benin to the same region, the people from ile ife pledge allegiance to the prince n they formed the iwerre kingdom, while the name of the tribe was itsekiri.

So the kingdom was name is iwerre and the name tribe itsekiri. The iwerre nation has grown and mixed with other kingdom now. And it's what we know as warri today.

So the itsekiri nation was never part of the Benin kingdom

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Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 9:25am On Apr 07, 2021
i read Ola Rotimi's historical drama book, Overaenwen Nogbaisi.
As at 1897 when the british troops invaded benin empire and bundled the oba to calabar, warri was part of benin empire. And the people they mentioned in the book were the itshekiri nation. Chief Ologbosere was from Warri, strong man.
It's in the book that it was stated that akure was part of benin empire.
So when then was warri a kingdom?
Lol, warri was never part of the Benin kingdom, I donno what ever history u have read.
Warri was already established b4 the British came.
The Portugal even arrived first b4 the British, and the first people they made contact with was itsekiri.
Warri was never part of Benin kingdom.
Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 9:20am On Apr 07, 2021

if you don't know things, meet someone that knows it an learn,
it was a war at Agbarha-Otor that made many Urhobos to migrate from there centuries ago...
some urhobo clans today that migrated from Agbarha otor are:

Idjerhe(Jesse) kingdom
Oghara Kingdom
Mosogar kingdom
Agbarha-Ame(Agbassa) Kingdom.

they are communities in Agbarha otor today that still bears names of these kingdoms.

Agbassa people didn't meet any Olu or itsekiri when they settled at their present location.
the Olu was still in the waters then with his itsekiri people.
even Chief Dore Numa had to apologize to the Agbassa people for this.
U guys can change stories sha,
Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 7:37pm On Apr 06, 2021

When you finish bleating, I challenge you to go to Effurun or Ekurede Urhobo or even Alaka to say your nonsense Olu of piss and sh1t grin grin

The mofuka Wan bundle all of us to pay obeisance to their fraudulent stool of power. Make una come Agbasa come do rally say una Olu die na weda una no go follow am
Lol, funny enough u guys chased agbasa from agbara, u cared them out, it was the olu of warri that had mercy on them and gave them that land today, u are talking about agbasa as if they were in good terms with urhobo, if not that agbasa youth are not learned, their loyalty is supposed to with the people that help them out not the people that cast them out, u really should go n read about agbasa n how the olu help them.
Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 7:32pm On Apr 06, 2021

Effurun is not Warri.Effurun is uvwie local government area.which has grown towards warri as a result of development.
Itsekiris cannot claim to own Warri.Warri belongs to urhobo,ljaw & itsekiris. Warri has Ijaw domain subject to PERE. itsekiri domain subject to OLU.Warri has urhobo domain.subject to OVIE.
Till eternity ijaw land of Warri remains ljaw land.itsekiri land remains itsekiri land.
Urhobos have their own king. callled OVIE.
Ijaw king PERE. Itsekiri king OLU. Itsekiri oil wells remain itsekiri oil wells.Ijaw oil wells remain Ijaw oil wells.Urhobo oil wells remain urhobo oil wells

Ovie of Agbara in warri for example.
Agbarha comprises of seven patriarch towns of otovwodo-agbarha in warri;igbudu in warri;Edjeba in warri;Okurode,Ogunu,Oteghele and Ukpokiti.Those are exclusively urhobo domains subject to IVIE urhobo king.Agbarha and Okere-urhobo of warri.

Gbaranmatu;Isaba and Ogbe ijoh are exclusively IJaw domains in Warri subject to lJaw king-Pere
Itsekiri domains are subject to king-OLU
Awo changed the traditional title of the Olu of Itsekiri to the Olu of Warri.

The court ruling states unequivocally that the Olu of Warri is a mere titular appellation and his over-lord's powers are limited to Itsekiri traditional homesteads.
Warri belongs to itsekiris;urhobos & ijaws.
Itsekiris;urhobos & Ijaws all have oil.3 indigenous people;3 different tribes,3 different languages.3 different people subject to 3 different kings & they all know their boundaries. If anybody trespasses his boundary,it would be another Warri crises replay.

P.S The name "Warri" was coined by a Portuguese explorer and has no origin with the Itsekiri titular name of "Iwere". This is a historical fact. Furthermore, other names of places in the Warri Axis such as "Forcados" were also colonial coinages. TRADITIONAL WARRI WAS NOT IWERE in itsekiri.NEITHER WAS IT WARE in IJaw

Warri is made up of three local government areas; Warri South LGA which is dominated by the Urhobos of Okere and Agbassa and the Itsekiris, Warri South West which is dominated by Ijaws and Itsekiris and Warri North which is mainly dominated by the Itsekiris with Ijaws as well.
The ijaws,urhobos & itsekiris of warri all have different traditional rulers with trsditional titles in today's traditional warri.
The name "Warri" was coined by a Portuguese explorer and has no origin with the Itsekiri titular name of "Iwere". This is a historical fact.

- In pre-colonial and colonial times, there was a marked division of territory in Warri. The Ijaws occupied the islands and shores in the Warri South West Axis, the Itsekiris occupied the islands and mainlands close to the coastal areas in Warri South and North while the Urhobos occupied the hinterland with the exception of Okere-Urhobo and Agbassa urhobo who occupied coastal regions
- The Agbassa (Agbara-Ame) People of Warri South Local Government Area were migrants to Warri from their home town of Agbarha-Otor just like the Idjerhe(Jesse) and Oghara people of Ethiope West.
NA URHOBO;IJAW & ITSEKIRI LAND the Portuguese dash Warri. The British moved itsekiri OLU traditional palace from ode-itsekiri to Warri mainland.
The Olu of warri is the monarch of ITSEKIRIS ONLY. so he can add OLU OF NIGERIA to his title should he want & copyright it also.THE URHOBOS,IJAWS Of WARRI.do not give a fvck about the title of the king of the ITSEKIRIS OF WARRI as far as he sticks to collecting royalties from ITSEKIRI BOUNDARY ONLY & ITSEKIRI OWNED OIL WELLS ONLY
The Olu or Ogiame (King) of Warri now only rules the Itsekiri people living in the town of Warri in the Delta State of Nigeria as a traditional leader..




But urhobo are fund of taking itsekiri land, look at what u guys are doing in odion road.

Some of u have secretly start naming some part of odion road, odion urhobo. Over the next few yrs u will later claim odion urhobo is ur land and concocting one story.

I understand the itsekiri land n urhobo land have developed n merge together, but still u guys are not being truthful. The name warri was coined from iwerre. U don't expect us to drop out name simply because other people now live amongst us.
Culture / Re: Prince Tsola Emiko To Succeed Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli by Nairalandmonika: 7:26pm On Apr 06, 2021

what is and Co?

U must be really crazy to say Ogunu is an itsekiri enclave.

tell me one notable itsekiri man from Warri city dead or alive and I will mention names of urhobos from Warri city
Go n learn the history of ogunu

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