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Music/Radio / Re: Lucky Dube Shot Dead In Johannesburg by New(m): 10:20am On Oct 19, 2007

When will all these attacts on Nigerians abroad stop? cry cry

Maybe one day but Lucky is from South Africa and not Nigeria


Seun, do you perhaps have a source on which you based your fact.


Seventh United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems, covering the period 1998 - 2000 (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Centre for International Crime Prevention)DEFINITION
Note: Crime statistics are often better indicators of prevalence of law enforcement and willingness to report crime, than actual prevalence.Crime Statistics > Total crimes (most recent) by country
VIEW DATA:    Totals     Per capita  
Definition     Source      Printable version    

    Bar Graph     Pie Chart     Map     Correlations  

Showing latest available data. Rank   Countries   Amount  (top to bottom)    
#1   United States: 23,677,800  
#2   Germany: 6,264,720  
#3   United Kingdom: 5,170,830  
#4   France: 3,771,850  
#5   South Africa: 3,422,740  
#6   Russia: 2,952,370  
#7   Canada: 2,476,520  
#8   Japan: 2,443,470  
#9   Italy: 2,205,780  
#10   India: 1,764,630  
#11   Korea, South: 1,543,220  
#12   Chile: 1,409,940  
#13   Mexico: 1,363,710  
#14   Netherlands: 1,305,640  
#15   Poland: 1,266,910  
#16   Spain: 923,271  
#17   Thailand: 565,108  
#18   Ukraine: 553,594  
#19   Finland: 530,270  
#20   Denmark: 504,240
Computers / Re: How To Block Some Websites On A PC by New(m): 11:25am On Aug 02, 2007
An easier non technical route is to click on tools in internet explorer -> click on the security tab -> click on restricted sites -> then click on sites and add the web address you wish to block.
Health / Sickle Cell Prescription Petition To Prime Minister - Urgent (uk residents Only) by New(m): 10:50am On Jul 24, 2007


Please sign this petition urgently as adults (aged over 18)
affected by sickle cell disease are not entitled to free
prescription whilst people with diabetes, cerebral palsy, cystic
fibrosis etc which are also long term medical conditions are
entitled to free prescription. It has only 1200 odd signatures and
we need the rule changed.

Shortcut to the petition:

Computers / Re: How To Monitor A Wireless Laptop Connected To My Cafe? by New(m): 2:04pm On Jun 14, 2007

a simple solution would be to provide your clients/customers with accounts that expire after a month and charge a fixed cost at the begining of each month.
Politics / Re: China Launhes Nigeria Satelite. by New(m): 4:08pm On May 15, 2007

thats how much we suck. We need other countries launching sattelites for us. We used to build our roads now the Chinese are doing it. What next. We will be contracting out our government jobs to the chinese? They will be supplying us water and telephone service and repairing our military vechiles?

News like this makes me ashamed to be from Nigeria.

The UK doesn't launch its own satellites. it uses the European Space Agency. I believe, in western Europe, only France and Germany launch their own satellites
Romance / Re: How To Toast White Girls In London? by New(m): 5:09pm On Apr 27, 2007
Thats what the man wants. Its his choice if he wants a particular race to mix with.
Romance / Re: How To Toast White Girls In London? by New(m): 5:02pm On Apr 27, 2007
you can chat girls up anywhere busstops, tube, tube stations, opticians, snooker hall etc. just don't appear brash and use either an english accent or none. Some girls don't understand  Africans (attitude and accent) until they get to know you.

'Nice top you've got on' or 'what beautiful eyes you have' is a start (with a smile). Always works for me.
Education / Re: Nigerian Emerges Best Student Mathematician In Africa by New(m): 4:20pm On Apr 26, 2007

All this is Bullshit!! Real Bullshit. Make them go Use Mathematics collect money for Bank. Mathematics is the worst applied sciences ever known. they are always solving rubbish, solutions that wouldnt improve mankind I HATE MATHEMATICs for real

Maybe you should reconsider as Mathematics is the basis for Engineering, Information Technology (Hardware/Software), Design, Aerospace, Rail, other Vehicles, Manufacturing etc., without which we will never advance
Politics / Re: Musa Yar'adua Is The New President Of Nigeria! by New(m): 3:49pm On Apr 23, 2007

if  20+ million voted for the asthmatic guy

and 6 million for the shameless thing

2 million+  for the greeedy fellow

what happened to the other 80million + voters

Seems like even half of the country's population didnt vote.

Demonstration of craze , crazy demo indeed.

Baba lo n soro

Only about 40million people are legally allowed to vote. (18+)
Jokes Etc / Caught Speeding by New(m): 10:26am On Mar 29, 2007
my car has so much horse power that is fun to drive,
but I tend to have a heavy foot on the accelorator pedal,
I blame it on the six-speed gears,
I got stopped for speeding the other day,
I thought I could talk my way out of it,
until the policeman noticed my dog in the back seat,

Jokes Etc / The Best Blonde Joke Of The Year - So Far by New(m): 10:22am On Mar 29, 2007
A man was in his front yard mowing grass when his attractive
blond female neighbor came out of the house and went straight to the
She opened it then slammed it shut & stormed back in the house. A
little later she came out of her house again went to the mailbox and
again, opened it, slammed it shut again. Angrily, back into the house
she went.

As the man was getting ready to edge the lawn, here she came out
again, marched to the mail box, opened it and then slammed it closed
harder than ever.

Puzzled by her actions the man asked her, "Is something wrong?"

To which she replied, "There certainly is!"

(Are you ready? This is a beauty, )

My stupid computer keeps saying, "YOU'VE GOT MAIL!"
TV/Movies / Re: Nigeria has a Satellite in Orbit! (NigeriaSat-1) by New(m): 6:30pm On Feb 16, 2007
I can't believe people are moaning 'cos we've taken a step into space (still playing catchup) instead of applauding. Yes people are starving, yes we have unstable electricity supply etc We are playing catch up. Best to start now (which we have) than sit back with arms folded and watch Benin republic pass us by.

here is a plus.
allAfrica.com: Nigeria: Nigerian Satellite Aids Tsunami With DataNigerian satellite, Nig-sat 1, has been actively involved in the mitigation of recent Asian Tsunami disaster, by supplying satellite images of the affected ,
allafrica.com/stories/200501200228.html -
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: I Need A Wife Who Will Partner Me To Build A Business Dynasty by New(m): 1:24pm On Feb 04, 2007
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: I Need A Wife Who Will Partner Me To Build A Business Dynasty by New(m): 3:21pm On Feb 02, 2007

Me neither. The last time I went to Batchwood was when Sway went there to perform. . . I might be going to Kandi for the Valentine day bash thing. I'm not too sure yet. It's free so it'll be good fun!

Cool. Ok to send you an email?
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: I Need A Wife Who Will Partner Me To Build A Business Dynasty by New(m): 6:21pm On Jan 24, 2007

Good question, now it's my turn. Name 5 bars/clubs in Hertfordshire. (The font does not apply!)

Yes, I go to Batchwoods and Kandi at the town centre occassionally.

Haven't been to Batchwood in a loooooong time.

I'm not good with names but I usually go to the Italian rest at the Galleria and a couple of rests/ bars at Stevenage Leisure park and when I feel lazy (not wanting to drive into London) i go to the clubs up there  sad .
There are also a few bars in Hitchin

Be nice to c u out sometime  smiley
Education / Re: Who Are The Most Educated Nigerians? by New(m): 5:19pm On Jan 22, 2007

Hello, i guess i am in great need here . After d 2006/07 jamb n post-jamb i ws given an admissn to study medicine n sugery at unilorin bt rit am stil sourcing for the fees 4 d sch n medical txt books . I ve tried to raise a certain amount nw from odd jobs like carring blocks 4 builders n using d money as capital 4 recharge cards sales plus d amount my elda brother whom i stay wt could give me bt stil nt sufficient 4 d fund because of time contraint. Please i beg all of u out ea toassist me in cash n kind to actualiz my dream to bcoming a doctor .my dilemma goes byond this bt i knw God help me out. This is my email 22559698@yahoo.co.uk

yahoo hoo! Send me your acct details and i'll pay some money into it. Also paste a picture of urself on Nairaland holding up a placard with these words ' I AM A TOSSER'. hope your dreams come true.
Car Talk / Re: My Overheating 5 Series Bmw by New(m): 4:16pm On Jan 22, 2007
What year is your BMW and its model. I believe this (overheating) is a known problem in pre 98 3 models and pre 96 5 models. The only thing you can do is to find a specialist and get it fixed.
Education / Re: Who Are The Most Educated Nigerians? by New(m): 4:00pm On Jan 19, 2007
According to the CIA fact book,  age 15 and over that can read and write is 68% of the total population
male: 75.7%
female: 60.6% (2003 est.)

couldn't find any geographical data but talking with expats that have worked all over Nigeria, Igbos are the most educated followed by Yorubas and finally the Northern peoples (due mostly to uneducated women)

PS: I am not Igbo before anyone asks.

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Business / Re: Is Nigeria's Gdp Really Only Comparable To The Island Of Hawaii?! by New(m): 5:41pm On Jan 18, 2007
Here's a list of the top 50.

Rank Country GDP (purchasing power parity) Date of Information
1 World $ 60,630,000,000,000 2005 est.
2 United States $ 12,310,000,000,000 2005 est.
3 European Union $ 12,180,000,000,000 2005 est.
4 China $ 8,883,000,000,000 2005 est.
5 Japan $ 4,025,000,000,000 2005 est.
6 India $ 3,666,000,000,000 2005 est.
7 Germany $ 2,480,000,000,000 2005 est.
8 United Kingdom $ 1,818,000,000,000 2005 est.
9 France $ 1,794,000,000,000 2005 est.
10 Italy $ 1,667,000,000,000 2005 est.
11 Russia $ 1,584,000,000,000 2005 est.
12 Brazil $ 1,536,000,000,000 2005 est.
13 Canada $ 1,111,000,000,000 2005 est.
14 Korea, South $ 1,101,000,000,000 2005 est.
15 Mexico $ 1,064,000,000,000 2005 est.
16 Spain $ 1,033,000,000,000 2005 est.
17 Indonesia $ 869,700,000,000 2005 est.
18 Australia $ 635,500,000,000 2005 est.
19 Taiwan $ 630,000,000,000 2005 est.
20 Turkey $ 584,500,000,000 2005 est.
21 Iran $ 569,900,000,000 2005 est.
22 Thailand $ 550,200,000,000 2005 est.
23 Argentina $ 543,400,000,000 2005 est.
24 South Africa $ 540,800,000,000 2005 est.
25 Poland $ 505,200,000,000 2005 est.
26 Netherlands $ 497,900,000,000 2005 est.
27 Philippines $ 412,500,000,000 2005 est.
28 Pakistan $ 395,200,000,000 2005 est.
29 Saudi Arabia $ 346,300,000,000 2005 est.
30 Colombia $ 341,100,000,000 2005 est.
31 Ukraine $ 329,100,000,000 2005 est.
32 Belgium $ 322,300,000,000 2005 est.
33 Bangladesh $ 305,900,000,000 2005 est.
34 Egypt $ 304,300,000,000 2005 est.
35 Malaysia $ 287,000,000,000 2005 est.
36 Sweden $ 268,300,000,000 2005 est.
37 Austria $ 265,800,000,000 2005 est.
38 Switzerland $ 240,900,000,000 2005 est.
39 Greece $ 238,200,000,000 2005 est.
40 Algeria $ 235,500,000,000 2005 est.
41 Vietnam $ 235,200,000,000 2005 est.
42 Hong Kong $ 234,300,000,000 2005 est.
43 Czech Republic $ 204,400,000,000 2005 est.
44 Portugal $ 200,600,000,000 2005 est.
45 Norway $ 196,400,000,000 2005 est.
46 Chile $ 189,900,000,000 2005 est.
47 Denmark $ 189,300,000,000 2005 est.
48 Romania $ 181,800,000,000 2005 est.
49 Nigeria $ 175,500,000,000 2005 est.
50 Peru $ 167,300,000,000 2005 est.

as you can see Uk, France and Italy have similar GDPs. since France appears on the map it can be easily replaced by Italy or the UK
Jokes Etc / Re: Joke by New(m): 4:24pm On Jan 12, 2007
Funny. finally realised that the baby couldn't be his.
Jokes Etc / Re: Chinese Proverbs by New(m): 5:45pm On Jan 10, 2007
grin grin funny
Jokes Etc / More Blonde Jokes by New(m): 12:43pm On Jan 10, 2007
Q. Did you hear about the new blonde paint?
A. It's not real bright, but its cheap, and spreads easy.

Q. What did the blonde’s left leg say to her right leg?
A. Between the two of us, we can make a lot of money.

Q. How does a blonde part their hair?
A. By doing the splits.

Q. What did the blondes right leg say to the left leg?
A. Nothing, they haven't met!

Q. Why do blondes wash their hair in the sink?
A. Because that's where your supposed to wash vegetables.

Q. What's a blondes favorite nursery rhyme?
A. Humpme Dumpme

Q. Why did the blonde like the car with a sunroof?
A. More leg-room!

Q. Why don't blondes use vibrators?
A. They chip their teeth.

Q. How does a blonde like her eggs in the morning?
A. Fertilized

Q. Why is a blonde like a doorknob?
A. Because everyone gets a turn.
Sports / Re: Liverpoolfc.walking Alone? by New(m): 6:27pm On Jan 08, 2007
I think we have the right players but the mentality and managment appear to be lacking something
Jokes Etc / Trouble Sleeping by New(m): 2:38pm On Jan 04, 2007
A woman seated herself in the psychiatrists office. "What seems to be the problem?" the doctor asked.

"Well, I, uh," she stammered. "I think I, uh, might be a nymphomaniac."

"I see," he said. "I can help you, but I must advise you that my fee is $80 an hour."

"That's not bad," she replied. "How much for all night?"
Autos / Re: Price Of A Golf 4 by New(m): 5:42pm On Jan 02, 2007
By golf 4 are you refering to the 97-02 model? If you are a 2001 2.0 GTI(115 bhp) model costs between £4000 and £5500 about 1mill Naira.
Jokes Etc / Re: Outsourcing by New(m): 12:54pm On Dec 14, 2006
Outsourcing- The concept of taking internal company functions and paying an outside firm to handle them. Outsourcing is done to save money, improve quality, or free company resources for other activities. Outsourcing was first done in the data-processing industry and has spread to areas, including telemessaging and call centers. Outsourcing is the wave of the future.

So basically, Santa's services has been outsourced to Indian where it is cheaper!

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