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Education / Amazing! Three Naija Siblings In Elite MBA Schools Simultaneously by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 4:16am On Apr 11, 2019
News like this makes me proud to be a Nigerian sometimes despite all the brouhaha in this country. This is an inspiration to all of us looking to enter Harvard or Duke oh keep pushing. One day, we'll get to tell our success too.

"They may be the only trio of siblings who are enrolled simultaneously in the MBA programs at Top 20 U.S. business schools." Up Naija! Not everytime yahoo yahoo, slay mama. Let's be careful in picking our role models for the sake of the next generation in this country.

Read about this Momoh family her I cannot shout - https://poetsandquants.com/2019/04/08/three-siblings-3-elite-mba-programs-can-they-make-it-4-for-4/
Romance / Re: Who's The Hottest? Flavour, Iyanya, Lynxxx Or Peter Of P'square (photos) by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 9:56am On Nov 19, 2016
Remove iyanya from that list. See im black belle. Phucking hate the guy. Always pulling of his shirt when performing, even if itz outside on a winter season, he'll say "I feel hot out here, shudda take off my shirt".

Romance / Re: Pls Work This Bedmatics For Me by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 1:33am On Jul 14, 2016
I can't deny some things are true especially with Romance and Office calculations.
I don't agree with your Equations & Statistics though...but still entertaining.
Politics / Re: if you dont know any of these, you shouldn't be discussing nigerian politics by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 8:03am On Jan 08, 2016
I've got goosebumps allover right now. This thread is the ish!

Mad goosebumps!
Fashion / Re: ... by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 6:09am On Oct 23, 2015
She is gorgeous!!!!

She has my vote 101%.

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Politics / Re: Response To Attack On Healthcare Professionals Due To Death Of Uniport Student by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 10:09pm On Aug 31, 2015
Deceased hon, not diseased.

Good analytical piece.
Politics / Re: The Nigerian Media And Their Influence In The Presidency by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 3:45pm On Jan 14, 2015
Thank you.
I don't think it requires heavy research to figure out the people running for presidency. Heavy research is, however, needed to figure out what these people represent.

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Politics / The Nigerian Media And Their Influence In The Presidency by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 2:19pm On Jan 14, 2015
Having been in Nigeria for 10 months now, I have observed the workings of the Nigerian economy in all sectors - financial, educational, and political. For a country with mediocre journalism, the level of influence the media has on the economy is overwhelming. Let's focus on the political sector for now given the looming elections.

It was disappointing when over 20 gentlemen in various departments in my office confidently stated that there are only 2 candidates running for office when asked who the other candidates were. Watching the Sensitization Workshop on Non-Violence this morning definitely broadened their level of awareness, hopefully. With 14 hopefuls in the running, why are only 2 being sensationalized by the media?

The Nigerian political setting is not an either/or affair – it’s not either Republican or Democratic, it’s not either Liberal or Conservative – it is made up of different parties that are not categorized as Rep. or Dem. It is therefore, critical that all candidates represented by all parties are fairly introduced to the citizens of the country. Some may not even stand a chance (e.g. the candidate today who, during the Sensitization Workshop, stated that if he was the president of the country, he’ll eradicate the insurgency in ONE month). Even the current president, who has arguably failed in the area of security, had to laugh.

Do we blame this myopic outlook on the media? In other words, are the media been compensated backdoor to depict a certain reality to Nigerians? What is the trigger for media bias? Maybe the media are lazy to actually investigate themselves on who the candidates are and what they have to offer. Afterall, we keep hearing of the Boko Haram massacre resulting in hundreds and thousands of fatalities, but who is the journalist that actually went to these villages and towns to depict an accurate account of the lethal events? It took a journalist from Australia to go into the Sambisa forest in Northern Nigeria while the local media cowered in their respective offices and wrote tittle-tattles and hearsays on the kidnappings through their various forms of medium.

Or do we blame the Nigerian citizens? Do the citizens of the country have a herd mentality where it’s what the media reveals that counts? Is it necessary to swallow whatever the media waves in one’s optical view? Is it laziness on the part of the citizens to look deeper into what is really going on in the country and to realize that the media may not be a true depiction of reality? Why can’t the country’s citizens drift outside the prevalent box and make a decision as individuals not a collective unit?

Everyone in the country seeks change. Some say President Goodluck Jonathan is the charm, others agree General Muhammadu Buhari is the messiah for the change the country needs. But almost everyone is picking one of the 2 based on the general understanding that his/her candidate is the lesser of both evils. Why do we even need to pick a candidate that is ‘evil’, just because his own evil isn’t as evil as the other’s? Why can’t we shuffle through the other candidates been shut out by the popular media, hear them out and maybe find a ‘good’ president from the stone the builders rejected.

They say Goodluck is clueless and slow and corrupt. They say Buhari is a militant and an extremist and senile in his old age. A lot of Nigerians have opted not to vote because they don’t think either candidate can effect change. Why not seek information on the other lesser-known candidates and vote for someone in the pool? These two are not the only gladiators in the ring, but for some reason the media has tuned the majority of its citizens’ minds to this effect. A lot of other Nigerians feel obligated to vote, and will vote for either of the 2 because they have no knowledge of any other candidate.

The Sensitization Workshop video capture in the morning was distasteful and ignorant due to the way the media represented the event. The cameras were constantly on Goodluck and Buhari, even when other candidates were on the podium making their speeches. Why? When I listened to what the only female candidate, Professor Comfort Sonaiya, had to say, I was saddened that this is one voice that the vast Nigerians would never get to hear and appreciate. When she spoke, she garnered a round of applause from almost everyone in my department, but still they stood their grounds stating that a woman can never govern a man as women belong in the kitchen. Whether she’s the change highly needed and prayed for, they will never know due to the fact that she was born a woman. A couple of other hopefuls made good sense when they spoke on the podium, while others would be termed with the popular Nigerian word – “learner”.

For a country laden with a passion for education, it is a wonder that one of the 2 giant gladiators ferociously portrayed in the media has his highest qualification listed as WASC on the INEC website. This must be the West African Senior Certificate? A high school diploma? How does one who only has high school education be able to effectively promote higher education for the citizens of a country who place education in high regard?

Some Christians say they will vote for one over the other based on the fact that a Muslim leader will not be ideal for the country. Has the Christian leader been effective? Do the traits of a leader include his/her religion?

I believe when there is a separation of emotions based on tribes, religion, and s-ex organs from the vision of what a Nigerian president should be or look like, then the citizens of the country will be truly ready for change. Until then, the media will keep influencing the minds of the people, mentally steering them to vote for one of 2 select individuals.

May this giant of a nation find the change it seeks this year!


Politics / Re: Aluu 4: We Remember Them Exactly Two Years Later. October 5, 2012: by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 12:27pm On Oct 09, 2014
Rest in peace perfectly.
Romance / Re: If you had to marry another tribe/ethnicity apart from your own which wud it be? by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 12:26pm On Aug 19, 2014
missbronze: No.., still in Italy with ur mother.

She sent her love to u.

Now ignore the e-diot.
Culture / Re: What Are The Chances Of Success For An Arranged Marriage? by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 12:53pm On Jul 17, 2014

Why are men like you quick to point the blame finger on the women only? What about the men sleeping with these women that ain't loyal? What about the guys on Badoo, Facebook, Twitter and other soical apps chasing these girls up and down? What about the men buying these ladies Brazilian hairs? What about the men patronising these próstitutes on Allen Avenue? What about the men sleeping with students before they pass them? Why did you chose to blame the girls and leave the men that chased or patronised these girls? Why are you such a hypocrite? So if a man patronises a harlót, you will cuss the hoe and praise the men that paid over the odd to get laid? What's the sense in that?

If you must blame, blame both parties. Stop this hypocrisy. When a girl says she doesn't want séx till after marriage, it's your ilk that will still stay they can't "buy a non-tested good." Y'all are quick to blame the female genders, blaming them of the same crime you are championing. Mtcheewww!!

Oh how I love you so!


Family / Re: Is There Anything Wrong With Bein A House Husband by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 10:56am On Jul 16, 2014
Victoriousvic: Hian! This thread was created since 2008! shocked

Doesn't mean it's relevance still doesn't hold in 2014.


Family / Re: Is There Anything Wrong With Bein A House Husband by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 10:49am On Jul 16, 2014
Siena: There's nothing wrong with it, no. As long as both husband and wife are in total agreement, and both are well aware of the roles they'll be playing. Looking after children as well as running the home is a job in itself, and sometimes more demanding than regular employment.

That's the undiluted truth bro. Wish there were many more men and women with this train of comprehension.
Nairaland / General / Re: Lack of exposure and Illiteracy which is worse off? by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 10:26am On Jul 16, 2014
soulglo: Nothing more sad than an ignorant educated person. A formal education is nothing in the grand scheme of things. I'd rather be friends with a person with no formal education than an unexposed formally educated person who has no original thought or belief of their own. These are the type of people that cannot make a decision without their pastor or parents. They are existing not living. Filling up space and not contributing anything to the human race.

I'd rather make conversation with an illiterate than someone with no exposure. Less frustration in my opinion.
Romance / Re: If I Tell You Im A Virgin, We Get Married And You Find Out I Lied.reactions? by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 2:10pm On Jul 14, 2014
I dont really see sex as that important in a relationship neither do I see virginity as something that important but the fact that you lied......I won't get a divorce but we gonna have to redo every conversation we have had grin

Wow! Awesome reply.
Politics / Re: Five Years After The Sosoliso (flight 1145) Plane Crash; Any Lessons Learned? by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 5:30am On Dec 11, 2013
RIP sweethearts.
Romance / Re: The Right Time To Ask My Boyfriend For Rent Money? by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 3:24am On Nov 02, 2013
A lil harsh ko a lil brown ni!

I resemble persin wey dey marinade meat wiv butter? undecided

LMAO @ harsh ko brown ni

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Romance / Re: Am I Just Stupid Or She's Playing Hard To Get? by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 2:32am On Sep 21, 2013

Can you read? angry

Romance / Re: Your Breakup Experiences With Someone You Really Loved?? by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 2:37am On Sep 20, 2013
REALITY101: I used to be the one saying its over until karma hit me so hard few months ago smiley ahitt ain't funny mehn (earlier this year) I didn't see it coming. I'm pretty sure those females I dumped in the past some via voicemail, voice-note and text experienced worst than myself during the breakups cuz it sure sucks especially those that I didn't give a reason for the breakup.

I didn't cry but I wish I did instead of eating up my inner flesh lol. Even though I had a multiple FWD/RDS it still hurt and I still felt empty and lonely. Then I rather spend my lonely time with a bottle of Ciroc, vodka or any kind of liquor than getting punnny. I didn't tell my friends cuz they'd think I'm kidding, I couldn't tell my mom for 2 reasons #1. because she will be more heartbroken than I am lol #2. I thought I was gonna fix it.

But one thing I didn't do is to beg her to come back or to be with me "NO WAY" I tried to work things out but she seems to be more on undecided side so I had respect her selfish decision.

But the one thing that hurt me so much"then" was she returning all the major gifts that I gave to her during anniversaries..jewelries, gadgets and the car which she loved the most "childish huh" maybe not.

Through it all, I realized that we were two different people in all aspect of life from culture to social personality.

My regret! Getting my family involved into the relationship.. They love too much especially my mom... That babe is sweet.. I mean my mom smiley

Self lesson! I was kinda of dbag sometimes in the relationship, said a few mean things to her which I wish I never did, not because I wished she was still with me rather because It ain't just right no matter what. At least I know better now "hopefully"

Bottom line is, I am happy and I guess she is as well.

I still wish I ended it myself smiley

I laughed in the beginning, and then midway I felt sad, and then I laughed @ "I still wish I ended it myself". Tsk tsk tsk...you'll be alright.
Romance / Re: Your Breakup Experiences With Someone You Really Loved?? by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 2:27am On Sep 20, 2013
I had to leave the best lady on earth cos of her haemoglobin electrophoresis(genotype) status.she's dead now-complication of her status,but her memory still remain fresh.we parted on apeaceful note but it remains the hardest decision ever.RIP Aweni.

It is well
TV/Movies / Re: Five Ridiculous Questions With Obvious Answers Asked In Nollywood Movies by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 1:09am On Sep 18, 2013
alotofgrace: na only for norliwud u go see ghost wey look ryt look left b4 him cross road

bbahahahaha...Stop! Really though? LOL!!!
Fashion / Re: Warning. Say No To Bikini Waxing by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 1:37am On Sep 13, 2013
topup: And no one has even mentioned in-growns. I think because of our hair-type, black women should try to shave/wax less but groom and trim often because, that way you can get rid of a lot of hair, but not ruin your bump-free skin.

I was watching on tv how this dark skinned woman was so used to waxing, but then she had developed terrible bumps as a result. The bumps were awful.

I'm not sure if there are any black women out here who can testify to no bumps when they shave their legs or their bikini area. It's just a tough situation, no hair is in tongue

I think you got it the other way round hon
TV/Movies / Re: The Day They Came (A Short Sci-fi Film) by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 9:26pm On Sep 08, 2013
This was definitely a breath of fresh air. You'll go far if you don't get discouraged and keep pushing your talents. If you decide to start taking on investors, you've got one here. Uh-mazing job!
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Wants Access To My Scholarship Money. by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 4:35am On Aug 02, 2013

You gave her the damn info....jeez...pls feel free to hand over your balls and spine, bruv, cos you're now a confirmed wussy maga. Feel free to pick up your brand new vagina on your way out.

Fashion / Re: Miss University Nigeria 2013 Contestants(Raw Photos) by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 4:07am On Jul 26, 2013
Yield: Beautiful girls.

I think so too.
They're all beautiful girls.
Romance / Re: Wife Worked In Same Company With Her Husband , Trouble Vs Wahala = ? by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 4:19am On Jul 20, 2013
Every company has a corporate handbook on ethical and unethical behavior. Issues pertaining to conflict of interest are in this handbook. Most companies usually advise that if your decision-making skill is/will be clouded due to conflict of interest, someone has to be moved to a different branch. If that's the only company location, one of you gats to go (not in all cases).

Now the husband has handled this issue in a personal way instead of a professional way. The relationship he has with his wife has clouded his judgment and he is now incapable of handling his responsibilities in his workplace with fairness. You can look at it as a case of discrimination and unfair judgment.

Take it to the HR person at work and hope he/she escalates the matter. If nothing is been done, get a lawyer. Everyone has a right to be treated fairly both in their personal and professional space. Good luck!
Romance / Re: Guys in Yankee/Jand: Why Would You Bring A Girl From Naija back here? by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 3:04am On Jul 20, 2013
Most of the guys I know in Canada that got married to girls based in Nigeria did so because either:
1. They had been dating them for years even before they moved here, or
2. They are in their mid-30s to early-40s and the Nigerian girls here that they're interested in are not interested in them

I've never met a guy that told me he got married to someone based in Nigeria 'cos he thinks she's better than the Nigerian girls here. Just happens that time was running out and girls here still have a lot they'd like to accomplish before they get married.

That's my own personal experience with this topic.smiley
Religion / Re: Have You Praised Him Yet, Today? by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 7:13am On May 03, 2013
Thank you Lord for everything - for the good times and the not so good times. You give and you take away. Blessed be your name Jesus.
Romance / Re: My New Babe Has Yam Legs: What Do I Do? by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 7:06am On Mar 12, 2013
2buff: Yam legs = thick legs = hawt

Different strokes for different folks. I don't have 'em but I think they look cute on some girls.
Politics / Re: Is The Civil Defence Commandant An Illiterate? by NIKKnJAZZ(f): 7:45am On Mar 08, 2013

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