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Family / Re: Should Husband And Wife Have A Joint Account? by Ninokingz1(m): 12:13am On Jul 11
I have to login just to comment on this topic..

Well, I won’t fault people’s views on this matter but to be sincere, I’m a bit uncomfortable with so manywriting on this issue.

We all have to understand that what works for you FAMILY A might not work for me FAMILY B. So I will suggest when writing your views or opinion, base it with wish is working for you being either AorB.

Finally, as for me, I have joint account with my wife and it’s working so very well with us. You wish to know how?

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Education / Re: “The Suffering Boy Has Graduated”- Man Who Did Menial Jobs To Sponsor His School by Ninokingz1(m): 7:05pm On Jul 10
Congrats, you’re a VIP.
My advise for you is to look forward on been an entrepreneur than working for someone. You’ve molded yourself to withstand turbulence and storms, this is not the hour to relax. Keep your eyes on the goal, remain focus and you will wear the crown.

Aptly said...
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Dated Someone Whose Status Is Above Yours? by Ninokingz1(m): 6:52am On May 28

I do not know why but I really like this story. I wish you both all the best in life.

Thanks mate.

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Romance / Re: Have You Ever Dated Someone Whose Status Is Above Yours? by Ninokingz1(m): 3:30pm On May 27

Please still expecting the remaining of the story.

Fast forward to 2016 she had her internship at UBTH which happened to be our best moment of relationship from there, move to Akure for her service year while me at the Nigeria French Language Village. Though it a bit closer and easily accessible to me but still our time at Benin was the best of all, in fact, that solidified our relationship of today. Our intention was to marry in 2018 but I got to finish school and there was not much left with me so I had to hustle for another one year and finally got married in 2019.

I’ll say it’s one of my best decisions so far. Babe, if you ever got to see this just know that waking up each morning beside you is a feeling I can’t explain.

And finally, help me wish her happy birthday tomorrow.


Romance / Re: Have You Ever Dated Someone Whose Status Is Above Yours? by Ninokingz1(m): 9:17pm On May 19

Please still expecting the remaining of the story.

Just mention me through this tomorrow.
Career / Re: Should He Stay In Nigeria Or Move To UK? by Ninokingz1(m): 9:11pm On May 19

Are you in Nigeria or the Uk?
You are surely not in the UK.

I’m in Nigeria.

You wish to see me?
Career / Re: Should He Stay In Nigeria Or Move To UK? by Ninokingz1(m): 9:01pm On May 19


a cleaner in UK is still a cleaner

How much value is the cleaner adding to society.

You ppl and ur poverty mentality.

My guy went to UK to do masters back in the day, after doing masters the only steady job he could get was menial work. he could not survive corporate world they were firing him left and right.

Spending all that money to do masters and UK corporate world is tough espeically with heavy naija accent.

The guy abandon his menial work and came back to naija.
He don build house now all the other foilks in the UK still dey do their menial job.

Is that life?

Nigeriais bad we know but remeber we all die eventually.

Everybody wan go abroad hussle come back come die for naija

Unless u are a footballer or in medical field UK is a waste of time and life

Do you know what examples stands for?
Did you read through the lines I did advise him on his career pad?

Shallow minds yapa for here that’s why I rarely comment or quote in this forum since it’s a norm in nairaland that if you wish to quote someone it has to start with insult.

My only words to you is go back and ask your friend to tell you the truth.
Career / Re: Should He Stay In Nigeria Or Move To UK? by Ninokingz1(m): 1:43pm On May 19
A cleaner doing a full time job in UK is paid better than a Director in Federal Civil Service.

But if his reasons for leaving Nigeria is because all his friends are in UK then it’s not a good one. On the aspect of being lonely might be true depending on the part of UK he’s planning to stay. (But don’t forget white babes the rush Nigerians o, lol).

For there’s nothing special in UK might also be true but don’t forget that nothing too special is in Nigeria too. At least, you will see usefulness of being a human in UK.

For career wise, as an IT personnel that guy will get a better Job that will pay him nothing less than £60k p|a all he has to do is doing a little upgrade courses here.

Finally even if he ends up as an Care Assistant, at the end of every month, he goes home with nothing less than a million naira after Tax and 500k savings after monthly expenses.

So, how many Jobs in Nigeria can guarantee you that?


Politics / Re: Hundeyin Replies Akpabio: Authorise MTN, Airtel To Release Voice Records by Ninokingz1(m): 1:10pm On May 14
Back then, Akpabio was like a model to all growing and aspiring men both in CRS&AkwaIbom so all these political situations in find himself now ain’t great to some of us who believe so much in him then.

Please his advisers should advise him right on this particular issue cause if he continues threatening this David of a guy he ll end up regretting big time. There are plenty powers backing that guy to reveal much that eyes and ears of men don’t know about Akpabio and i know they’ve got plenty of evidence already so silence or amicable settling is the best at this point.

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Romance / Re: Have You Ever Dated Someone Whose Status Is Above Yours? by Ninokingz1(m): 9:03am On May 11

Kindly share more details

So I met my wife of today in 2013, she was then the newly inaugurated youth fellowship VP while I acted in the capacity of Media Director. She was young, smart and beautiful and almost rounding up Uni and from a comfortable family. Me in the other hand, just got admitted into Uni but and an hustler. Her personality attracted lots of attention to her, big boys of the fellowship won’t mind driving down to campus, pick her for meetings and going to drop her with intentions you know, lol �.

So, I and the president whom at this point have turn good friends got jealous of her and frustrated her to resign her office. Na joke o hahahah. But for real at a point she was sidelined from the scheme of things and she knowing her worth left her office. Resignation letter wasn’t made known to the fellowship members cause we knew what the feedback will be. Fast forward to 2015, something happened to me in the same fellowship.

I got blackmailed and my friend who was the president left me, I had no one by my side. She i mistook an enemy reach out to me and said I should be calm that everything will be fine and viola, a day after I got a call from one of the guys who did the blackmailing apologising which prompted me to ask who ask him to do this, he said the Vice President. The saga now brought us a bit close, at this time She’s done with University while I was at my 2nd year, we became good friends, started visiting each other. We developed great respect for each other.

She never looked down on my status knowing everything about me. I was doing lots of running around for her From sorting for venue where she ll host her guests after her Induction and so on. During this period, I have known everything I needed to know about her. Though, her 1st and only boyfriend became so uncomfortable with her around me but he couldn’t help cause him too be the Bleep up big time then.

Fast forward to my birthday that same 2015, my girlfriend was there my classmates were all in my house and she sat at my bed with my girlfriend viewing my Foto album, funny right? At this point I was not thinking anything of going into relationship with her cause of her status and knowing that she had a guy too. But after the party, everyone left and one of the closest female in my class told me to go for her that she likes me, I objected that I’m okay with my girlfriend and I don’t wish to break someone’s relationship too. She persisted that if I don’t go for her I will regret it. At 9pm that day I summoned courage and reach out to her, though I started developing feelings on her pro to this day but I had to oppress it in cause I thought she ll bluff it off.

Reach out to her to know if she got home safely which she said yes and I said ok, now told her there’s something I’ve been longing to discuss with her. She laughs, told me to keep the discussion to myself that she wasn’t ready to be called a boyfriend snatcher. Though I and my girlfriend of then were having so many indifferences but still trying to see if we can make it work and she too was having so many challenges too in her relationship which to a certain level I knew of. At the end of the night she was like ok just wait until we get to see again, we ll sit down and talk face to face. I pleaded for us to see the next day which after much pleading she obliged. She came and set her objectives of life to me pointing out that she is not ready to date lots of guys in her life that if I’m sure that I will be serious for tomorrow then she’s ok: Then we met and discussed and she agreed giving me change and in just 3months into our relationship, our heading pad was clear.

To be continue.


Travel / Re: Sad Truths About Living Abroad by Ninokingz1(m): 8:04am On May 11
but why the black to black attitude? Are we no longer brothers?

That’s what I can’t say. If I Narrate the foolish things some blacks do you will go mad this morning.
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Dated Someone Whose Status Is Above Yours? by Ninokingz1(m): 1:52pm On May 09

Gentle reminder
Still expecting your story

So sorry, since then I’ve been buried with office duties.

I should be off on Tuesday. So just drop another mention as reminder. Tnx
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Dated Someone Whose Status Is Above Yours? by Ninokingz1(m): 6:23pm On May 03

Kindly share more details

That will be tomorrow which I’m off duty. Between na long epistle oh.
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Dated Someone Whose Status Is Above Yours? by Ninokingz1(m): 1:31pm On May 03
Yea and we are happily married.


Travel / Re: Nigerians Abroad Share Funny Incidents Of Culture Shock. by Ninokingz1(m): 12:03pm On Apr 17
Mind was my first day at work, my manager offered me a cup of tea made by her very self. I couldn’t just place it for a whole manager of a company in Nigeria going to make you a tea. Hmmmmm. But still I love my culture.

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Politics / Re: Tony Kabaka Visits MC Oluomo (Photos) by Ninokingz1(m): 8:28am On Apr 04

Nothing thugish about been a bus driver , bus conductor , Bus fleet owner or Chairman of Transport Union trade union in Nigeria's most populous State

This Danfo drivers work far more than some overly entitled pompous stupid graduates we have.

I never said Danfo drivers or their conductors are. Get the facts right. Even in this two categories mentioned, we have good ones and the thugs who are empowered by this MC of a guy. I’ve been a steady Lagos goer since 2012 so I know what I’m saying. Let me refer you to the clash between the union leaders that happened in 2017 which the other leader died. When you get the details and fact please do come back.

Meanwhile, I like the way you put your debate. Straight to the point of discuss, no insult. Keep it up.

Happy Sunday.


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Politics / Re: Tony Kabaka Visits MC Oluomo (Photos) by Ninokingz1(m): 8:21am On Apr 04

We didn't know that being the chairman of NURTW in Lagos state, the largest trade union in Nigeria is thuggish.

When people like you see other people doing better in life than you, you get mad and upset instead of looking for better ways to better your own life.

Sad people, always think they are better than other w=people when in fact they are nothing but bad bele, hateful and bitter enemy of progress.

Smiles, sorry dear. I won’t go details neither will I start saying this or that about myself here. But I’m so grateful that in my age, am doing pretty well for myself and family.

Nairaland is a non facial community so no need bragging or looking down cause I know they’re peeps who are billionaires here through legitimate ways not of that your master your defending.

I can never bad belle/ hateful on someone like him. On the issue of him being a thuggish, the records are there for all to see.

Happy Sunday.

Politics / Re: Tony Kabaka Visits MC Oluomo (Photos) by Ninokingz1(m): 9:46pm On Apr 03
Some comments here make me realise why the country is where it is now.

Celebrating peeps who are living through means of being thuggish. And imagine someone saying one of them his kids are abroad, through which means?. SMH

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Business / Re: Access Bank Acquires Grobank, South African Bank by Ninokingz1(m): 2:43pm On Mar 31
thank u very much. These guys deduct money 50# twice ... Last Friday and yesterday, even when I no pay or withdraw. Dem say na account maintainance

The same reason I’ve to dump their fucking ass back then. I don’t have to go hustle under the sun and you stay under AC office to steal my sweat.


Family / Re: My Wife’s Salary Was A Mystery Until I Discovered How Much She’s Truly Worth* by Ninokingz1(m): 10:56am On Mar 26

That family cannot be addressed as beautiful but a burden... They can only work together to make it beautiful but not without scars and emotional wounds.

Some of your points are right but NO family can be describe a burden except the two said so. Yea, some women can be funny most times but as I said Earlier, the can still work things out.
Family / Re: My Wife’s Salary Was A Mystery Until I Discovered How Much She’s Truly Worth* by Ninokingz1(m): 11:03pm On Mar 25

In 2016 she told me her salary was #50.000 And then two years later, when she got promoted, I asked about her salary and she said, “Oh these people, don’t mind them. They added only #5000 to my old salary. Because of her meager salary, I’ve taken up so many responsibilities in the house without complaint. I pay for utilities and pay for food. I pay the fees of our two kids, clothe them, and take care of their medical bills. When my wife sends me a grocery list, she adds sanitary pads. She buys dresses and clothes, comes to show them to me, and asks me to pay for them. She started talking about a car when our second child came in. Things weren’t good on my side so I asked her to give me some time. She said, “I’ve saved something. I can add it to what you have so you pay me when your money comes.”

I agreed and took that money from her, topped it up to get her a car. For three months my ears never rest. She would wake up at dawn and ask me to pay what I owed her. I got tired and paid the money when I didn’t have much in my account.

One evening, I turned my laptop on and saw a lot of emails. I checked and it was my wife’s email that had been opened. I asked her, “Did you use my laptop?” She answered, “Yeah I was checking something.” I told her, “Then you didn’t log out.” She answered, “I forgot. Please log out for me.” I was about to log out when something caught my attention. I saw a mail with the subject, “January Payslip.” I opened and started going through. When I saw her gross salary, I was shocked. #400,734? And this girl has been crying poverty?

I went through the details. That night I couldn’t sleep. I was angry. I felt let down. I felt cheated. I felt played. We’ve been married for six good years and my wife earned that much without my knowledge? How much she earned didn’t bother me a lot than what she was using that money for. I decided not to talk immediately but rather do a little bit of investigation.

All my life I’ve held the view that it wasn’t right for anyone to go through their partner’s phone. It’s an invasion of privacy and it breeds mistrust in the relationship but that night, going through her phone was the only way to find out what I was looking for. I started with her best friend. Nothing much was found. Her family had a Whatsapp group. I read the messages there. I got few hints. I went through the chat with her father and that was when I realized my wife had bought a piece of land and had started building. Her father was in charge of the project. He had sent photos of the various stages of the building. At some point, her father said, “Thank you for helping out your brother. He would have been home had it not been you.”

She has only one brother—her senior brother. I went to look for the chat between them. Her senior brother lost his job and was home doing nothing so my wife bought her Hyundai i10 to use for Uber. Every week, her brother rendered an account and they split the money. From all indications, my wife was doing well for herself while she plays poor so she could rely on my salary. Why would she do that? I thought I was being a supportive husband so my wife could be proud of the man she married. When we bought land, it was her name and my name that appeared on the land title. That car I bought for her with a loan from her bears her name. I didn’t mind. I believed what’s hers was also mine. 

The next morning she realized I wasn’t looking well. I was boiling on the inside but looking for a good opportunity to start the conversation. When I calmed down a little, I asked her, “So why would you do that to me?” She asked, “What have I done?” I answered, “You bought land, you never told me. You started building on it, you never told me. When are you going to tell me?” She was shocked. She asked, “Who told you all that?” I said, “Your father did.” She stood quiet for a while. She asked, “Why would my father tell you all that? What were you people talking about” I said, “I don’t know. You can ask him.” 

We left it there. Some minutes later she came to me with her phone: “My father wants to talk to you.” The phone was already on a loudspeaker. His father was clearly angry. He asked, almost shouting, “You said I told you my daughter has a building? Where did I say that and when?” I asked, “Is it not true that my wife has a building project going on that you’re supervising?”  He asked me, “I told you that?” I asked, “Is it true or not?” After the back and forth I told them, “I read your messages last night. I saw the pictures. I read the various budget you had sent to my wife. I read the confirmation of the money receipts that you sent her. You’re a man. Would you be happy if your wife does this to you?” He started fumbling. He started apologizing saying he thought I was aware.”

My wife stood there motionless, didn’t know what to say. When her father hung up, I told her everything I knew, from her salary to the car she bought for her brother. I said, “Yet, even your sanitary pad, I buy them. You think I’m a fool? You’ll use your money to acquire your own properties and live on mine because you’re my wife? I hear. We’ll see.”

Trust was lost. Love was broken. We had to find a new way of living our lives going forward. Her father called me every morning and evening apologizing for everything and sometimes taking up the blame so I didn’t have to blame his daughter. I told him, “The emotional state I’m in right now, it would be hard to think straight or think forgiveness. Just give me space.” Three days later, they were in our house. The father, the mother, and the senior brother. They came to apologize. “Don’t let this break up the beautiful marriage you both have. If nothing at all, consider the kids and be lenient in your judgment.”

I listened to them. My position was still the same. “I need time to clear my mind. Just leave me alone to think.” From last month to this moment that I’m writing this, my wife had changed totally. She doesn’t ask for money but the house is being run smoothly. She has started paying for things she never paid for but that doesn’t move me. She has taught me a very great lesson and I’m taking it seriously. That in everything, I have to look out for myself and my family first. Last she told me, “If you want us to change the names on those properties, we can do so.” Guess whose name is on the property…her father’s name.”

I told her, “You don’t need to change anything. They are yours. You suffered for them so you can decide what you want to do with them.” The land I bought has our names. I’m selling it and take my money back. The car she’s driving has her name. I put a for-sale sticker on it some weeks ago. She agreed she’ll pay for the car. I’ve given her two months to pay up or I sell it and take my money. She’s getting the message and I’m glad. Each one for himself, God for us all. She keeps asking if I’m going to leave her. I keep telling her I won’t but if she wants a divorce, I will gladly give her. I’m not going to leave the marriage. I would give us some time to heal and see what may happen but when it comes to money, I’ve taken the lesson she taught me through her actions. 

*What's your take?*

I had to login my account after so many months reading as a guest.

My brother, I’ll tell you how I was able to manage the same situation with my wife. Don’t let go the marriage please. Sit madam down tell her at this point both of you need to make it work by taking responsibilities . Trust me whatsoever you ask of her now she’ll gladly do without no second thoughts. So tell her at the end of every month, both of you’ll have to save 70% of your monthly income for your family then the remaining 30% can be use for personal purposes. This is what I’m using to run my family. Please don’t let anger destroy your beautiful family. Just try your very best to forgive though I know it can be so painful after putting whole lots.
Travel / Re: Sad Truths About Living Abroad by Ninokingz1(m): 3:40pm On Jan 19
I agree with the opportunity to get connected in RCCG. I have been a beneficially. I think the best thing is to know how to relate with them in the Church.

You’ve said it all
Travel / Re: Calabar's Monorail Shows A Glimpse Of Nigeria's Intracity Public Transit System by Ninokingz1(m): 11:07am On Jan 19
That stuff is death. The last moved of that thing should be in 2018. Till date if you think am kidding call any calabar base dude who knows what’s happening around him and ask when last the monorail was use. Even though we’ve had whole lots of convention and activities in that master piece edifice and dignitaries stays in the Tinapa’hotel which the monorail was meant to take them TO&FRO from the convention centre. Until Nigeria as a whole are ready to learn the ethics of maintenance please they should stop wasting the tax money on this kinda projects. My own cent.
Travel / Re: Sad Truths About Living Abroad by Ninokingz1(m): 7:06am On Dec 25, 2020
but why the black to black attitude? Are we no longer brothers?

It's what I can't say but at the same time it better you keep to your self to avoid stories.
Travel / Re: Sad Truths About Living Abroad by Ninokingz1(m): 6:53am On Dec 25, 2020
I agree with the opportunity to get connected in RCCG. I have been a beneficially. I think the best thing is to know how to relate with them in the Church.

Travel / Re: Sad Truths About Living Abroad by Ninokingz1(m): 11:41am On Dec 24, 2020


Boring repartee!!!! undecided

Oh so you can't point the attacked line out?

Waste of time.

My last word on you. Merry Christmas.
Travel / Re: Sad Truths About Living Abroad by Ninokingz1(m): 5:31am On Dec 24, 2020

None of your business yet you opened ya fat mouth to attack OP abi?

Why you sounding pained na?

Sorry, shoe get size. Go search am not a regular comments giver here cause of kids like you who can't read with understanding but rather rush to abuse with stupid words.

Single out one PLC I did attack the writer if not pls get out of my mention. Since you don't knw the differences between counter writing and attack.

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Travel / Re: Sad Truths About Living Abroad by Ninokingz1(m): 11:34pm On Dec 23, 2020
OP your no5 is shit. Ain't no fucking truth in it. If e happened for the church wey u be attend no mean say na so e dey for all RCCG branches in UK. As a matter fact for those planning relocation, the best thing to do for yourselves is locating a 9ja church o if not eh you dey alone for der.

My official 1st job here was connected to me by a brother from the church. In the RCCG parish I do worship we are to ourselves the family members we don't have here.

I can't so deal with most of you who will run to Nairaland to either run Nigeria down or the whole Africa because you've gotten the opportunity of leaving. Though, I will agree with some of your assertions especially Black to Black kind of giving attitude but still it's none of my business.


Family / Re: Abroad Sisters, Stop Shaming Us by Ninokingz1(m): 4:39pm On Dec 17, 2020
It's not only a Nigerian thing, put the whole Africa nations in it. I know of a Ghanian lady who got here through her hubby, hubby help in getting her a good paying job but as we speak there's so much trouble in Paradise. They lady won't contribute for bills, she won't contribute for child care, she won't contribute for upkeep and it just recently we found out that she got a story building completed for her FAM and put them in a monthly stipends without the knowledge of her hubby. So dear, there's so much Africans f*****king up over here. Some'll get to see you walking pass and throw their face away. Mhen let me stop here cause e don the pain me.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Everton Vs Chelsea - (1 - 0) On 12th December 2020 by Ninokingz1(m): 8:43pm On Dec 12, 2020
link plsssssss
Politics / Re: Umahi: "I Was Forced To Borrow N5bn To Fund PDP Campaign" by Ninokingz1(m): 3:17pm On Dec 01, 2020
I can't just place it right now. His advisers should caution him now cause words said can't be taken back.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Southampton Vs Manchester United (2 - 3) On 29th November 2020 by Ninokingz1(m): 4:47pm On Nov 29, 2020

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