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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 3:25pm On Apr 02
house please how good are these names?

i have done outbound countless time yet no response.






the pandemic is affecting sales. This two are good.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 12:00pm On Apr 02
Now that expireddomain//net is now fore sale which alternative software is resourcefull for hunting expired domain
where did you get this from? Expireddomains.net
Phone/Internet Market / Re: My Experience Transacting With A Nairalander (damzyofficial23) by nkeona(m): 12:09am On Apr 02
Damola You broke the code lipsrsealed
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 11:52am On Mar 31
Congrats to Team Epik

We are the best registrar in the business (2020 Edition)

Special Thanks to everybody that voted

#Be Epik
1.Do you people send reminders to buyers that made an offer which i accepted but are yet to pay? Because i have some offers with no response from the buyers.
2. Do your platform display to the buyer that a domain is still under 60 day lock and it is not transferable? A buyer sometime ago asked me what is 60 day transfer lock and why is the domain not transferable.

cc: cdor
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 10:12am On Mar 31
Hi famz, between

city+autotransport and city+cartransport

Which is better?
About to close a deal on auto transport the potential buyer owns car transport.


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 7:41am On Mar 30

Lol... You now well. Just got the joke.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 5:29am On Mar 30
grin grin grin cheesy


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 5:12pm On Mar 29
It is important we all don't encourage e-beging or e-donation in this thread.


Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by nkeona(m): 12:25pm On Mar 24
Yes you rejected the visa in the dream (do not attach big meaning to this) because even if you are sleeping, you are not death and have no control over your actions! shocked In truth your spirit man is still alive and can make conscious decisions. And that is why I was explaining to you the essence of knowing the will of God so you can claim what rightly belong to you, whether asleep or awake.... when God says YES, no man can say NO... so when you know His will for your life, reject any voices that contradicts your faith in HIM. Because there is no differences between dreaming or being awake. It is not possible for the devil to give dreams, I mean to determine what you are dreaming because he is a mere spirit, but he can attempt to interfere... we call these voices that contradicts the will of God. The appearances of the things you see in a dream or in real life does not matter much as when the voices are contradicting Christ will for your life.

Secondly because I do not teach deliverance the way this forum is postulating, I will encourage you whether you are born again, and even possessed or oppressed by a demon as people in this forum may be insinuating because of that dream... I said the same thing with the authority God bestowed on me to be His minister... you cannot believe that the devil should possess or oppress you one second after you accept Jesus as your personal saviour. unless you have not given your life to Jesus, you better do right now. Bible states clearly that there are voices in this world, but anyone that contradicts your FAITH IN JESUS, whether in a dream or in this forum where someone said (because you were lied by a voice that you are having problem with a demon) you should waste your saliva to pray about it or seek false prophets, you should believe in that lie and be controlled by satan. It does not matter, the moment you believe a lie.... that is why many people here are used unconsciously to say unscriptural things in the name of deliverance because they do not know their authority in Christ or how the power of God works... it works with what you believe in and confess with your mouth. REJECTING or CLAIMING a thing is very scriptural for your deliverance to be complete because man is not a firewood, we are given freedom by God to make good or bad decisions.. but a child of God uses the power of God more to their own advantage if they believe, confess and practice scriptures like binding and losing, or decreeing.... because Bible says whatever we ask IN HIS NAME (bible never stated what you should ask anyway) you will receive it.

So seeking God to hear if really He wants you to travel out is very vital (so you do not die while crossing the sea... just joking shocked), you must ask Him exactly where He wants you to go, if at all that is what He wants, because these dreams seemed to indicate that you might be destined to travel out. No devil is preventing you....you are preventing yourself by being ignorant of God's will for your life and the authority you possess in Christ.
Thank You very much sir. More wisdom
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by nkeona(m): 8:16pm On Mar 22
Hi, felt that what Charles told you was a bit harsh. Although you should listen to some of the things he said but not all. I will correct the things I felt was a bit out of order.

Although I have advised here severally that in this forum people are regarding dreams too much, the reason I said that was that they should put their trust and faith in God more than dreams... however by no means should you disregard your dreams as Charles said. If you do, you might miss out when God is speaking to you... because sometimes as shown in the bible, He speaks to us through dreams. Now the question is not what you dream about alone but knowing God's will and doing it when we had dreams. My teachings may seem strange to the casual but not so if you really are grounded in the WORD... I am truly a prophetic teacher.

I am more interested in the dream to travel abroad and less interested in the TB Joshua dream because some of of us feel that he is not a true man of God, and you could have had that dream because you have ever attended his church or have been listening/following his sermons.

The dream to go abroad I felt was completely God given because you happened to be in a church and was given a prophecy by a pastor (MOG). I am abroad TODAY because I had exactly the same type of dream like yours... but I will tell you how I cracked the key. In my own dream I was in a church and Pastor Paul Enenche walked up to me and prophecy that he sees me abroad in a foreign land. And this is where we miss it... when I woke up, I did not do anything about the dream for more than a year. I did not pray, I did not claim it or reject it, I did not seek God about it, so nothing happened. shocked

If God speaks to you, you must respond to Him, if devil speaks to you, you must resist him or ignore him. If you do nothing in both cases, then you are failing to take up your responsibility as a child of God. That is why I encourage people in this forum to spend time to know their AUTHORITY AS A BELIEVER... this is the will of God, than seeking interpretation of dreams from others.

1. The authority of a believer is that if you have any dreams that troubles you, you must call to God and JESUS directly to ask for the understanding... it is what God tells you in respect to a dream that matters more than the dream or any dreams... the bible says a child of God hears from the Father unless you are not a child of His.

So after one year of having this dream, I went to God in prayers about it... and this was the lessons He taught me.

2. If you receive a dream you believe is from God, you must open your mouth and tell God you accept that He gave you the dream and you also accept to do His will as stated in the prophecy of that dream... if God meticulously took you to a church in a dream and made a man of God to prophecy to you... we children of God represent God on earth, and you do not acknowledge it... then it will not work but wait for you.

So after one year, I went to my knees and acknowledge that God gave me this dream and THAT I HAVE ACCEPTED TO DO HIS WILL no matter the condition. Then I asked God.... PLEASE TELL ME WHICH CITY DO YOU GOD WANT ME TO GO? Remember that I saw Pastor Paul Enenche in my dream... but I did not come to God telling Him it was that pastor's word, but His will. WHEN GOD SAW THAT I HAVE FULLY ACKNOWLEDGED HIM, that I will acknowledge that HE SPOKE TO ME DIRECTLY, God told me the name of the city immediately.... He said SICILY (for those who do not know, Sicily is in ITALY). Today I am in Sicily to cut a very long story short.

My brothers and sisters...if you think God is speaking to you acknowledge and make sure you confirm with God.
Sir i really appreciate for your kind words and lessons your words brought to my remembrance of a dream which i had two years ago.
In that dream i received a call and the caller told me that my visa was ready for collection and my response in that dream to the caller was when did i apply for a visa to come and collect it so i rejected the visa in that dream.

I will follow your instruction and pray about it.
Thank you sir.
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by nkeona(m): 8:07pm On Mar 22

First of all, I ask you to listen to what I have to say and take my advice.

Disregard these dreams.
Remember dreams can come from God, Satan and yourself.

In most cases Satan and demons twist dreams and give a false perception. I call these "Counterfeit dreams".
Only by discernment and through the gift of dream interpretation will a person know what dream is true and false.

No doubt, God most likely has a plan for you to travel out. But this plan might not include you going with your supposed girlfriend. I hope this gf is your "fiancee" and not the other type.

And also, there might be a demon causing you not to travel, but it isn't up to the demon to keep you down, but it is up to God when He says the time has come, then no demon will be able to hold you down, you will escape from the demon no matter how hard the demon tries. You just have to remain in God's favour and do what He loves so that the enemy doesn't have any advantage over you.

The second dream about TB Joshua telling you that you're a moon is a blatant lie of demons. That is a demon talking to you right there.

Did God ever say that you are a Moon? Is that what God's word says about you?

God-given dreams are always in line with God's word. They agree, not disagree.

Satan and demons mix half truths with lies and feed them to you so that you believe it has come from God.

The first dream's manipulated objective is for you to take your gf with you when you travel, and this might not be a wise decision if God says otherwise. Instead, trying this will make you toil so hard that you'll miss out on the opportunity to travel out alone by yourself. (You see the demonic objective here?).

And the second dream is to see yourself as some sort of deity. They just blinded your vision by fixing all those churches there for you to believe the demonic doctrine.

I believe your dreams are more than what is. I believe demons are trying to indoctrinate you. And they're so cunning about it. Be careful of that gf. Is she the one you want to marry?

No matter how good these dreams might feel to you, I advise you to forget them. And that gf of yours, be careful about her.

That's my advice. God bless you.
thank you sir
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by nkeona(m): 11:03am On Mar 22
An interpretation of this dream will be appreciated.

I saw my self in a church which I don't know the pastor or the name of the church but i knew i am in a big church with large congregation. While sermon was on going i stood up and left with my girlfriend an usher ran towards us and told me that the pastor is calling me. I returned back to the church and the pastor began to prophecy he called my name and said he is seeing me travel out of this country and also said i shouldn't leave my girlfriend finally said there is a particular demon i must get rid of before i will be free.


This dream was last year. I saw myself in a very big open place seated in this place were people. I saw the Lords chosen church and their G.O preaching to them i moved further and saw deeper life facing another end and their G. O preaching to them salvation ministry on another end so many churches all in that open space but they were not doing the same thing. So i moved further and sat with another group of people later on tb Joshua came on and preached for a while and later on approached me and asked me to stand up he took me outside and ask me to look up which i did then he asked me what did i see i told him i see the moon he said that is me that i am a moon.
Politics / Re: Sanusi Lamido And His Wife, Sadiya Ado Bayero (Throwback Photos) by nkeona(m): 9:35pm On Mar 11
The hypocrisy in the North is overwhelming

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 12:14pm On Mar 06

I am speaking out of experience and you re telling me is not true
you are not entirely wrong. From my portfolio i noticed i can't change some of my domains, I believe it is a new update.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 4:04pm On Mar 05
Despite Epik's contributions to this thread, we have recorded little to no sales report from there. It wouldnt be bad idea to try them out guys or are you having problem on how to list your domain name there?
it took me about 20 message exchange to convince the buyer before he paid. Epik

Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 8:04pm On Feb 21

We will ask the buyer if he is willing to hold the domain name at the present registrar

If the buyer agrees, we will create a holding account get the domain pushed to our account, then we push it to the buyer.
thanks moving to Epik ASAP
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 3:58pm On Feb 21

Thanks for the wonderful review, We really appreciate it.

We have the vision of becoming the Ultimate domainers' best friend by providing Swift, Legendary Customer Support. We are always open to suggestions on how we can improve on the wide range of services we offer.

As for our marketplace, it is worth mentioning that Epik is the only Marketplace that gives all the details of the prospect (Name, Email Address, IP Address...) to the domain owner for inbound enquiry, thereby putting them in a better position to respond with a befitting counter-offer. Also, our broker team is always on standby to help shoot the moon and close deals on Inbound enquiries.

Warm Regards

Epik Nigeria
what happens when a domain not up to 60 days is sold using epik lander.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 1:00am On Feb 21
Rob may be viewing this thread. grin grin grin
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 3:27pm On Feb 12
Waiting for your first sales report since last year.
grin grin
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 11:56am On Feb 12
You're funny. You want him to share how he pick names? Nobody here will share his strategy accept general knowledge. The few sales report shared here are by His Grace. I laughed when someone was bragging that he didn't pay for any training. Most valuable information are not free.
learn to speak for yourself.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 1:09pm On Feb 11
Iykepromotions, I will stay on the path of self-restraint by stating here that you refund my money; no need spilling out all that transpired - just do the right thing.

There would have been no need to call you out on this public space, if you hadn't blocked me on whatsapp and held to your guarantee (both on your site and during a chat.) You can still stand by your promise by refunding my money.

We live in times where we are all connected no matter how it may seem as though we are far. Don't give the wrong impression of trying to deceive another . I have so far chosen my words very carefully.
Drop the names you registered or iyke suggested to you here who knows someone might be interested in acquiring the domain from you at your purchase price or a little bit higher. I believe you don't see a future in this business.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 8:14am On Feb 01
"Hi Timothy Moses,

Thank you for submitting your request. We have received your request and are working on responding to you as soon as possible.

For your reference, here are your case details:

- Case: 00132642 
- Subject: Texastechfirm.com
- Description: Hello,"

This was the messaged I got after contacting an end user...please, what should my reply be?



Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 7:51pm On Jan 30
Been outbounding since december last year no reply till date..
House could there be something i might be doing wrong
For those who have business always experience low sales in the month of January. With most businesses minimising their monthly budget. If you notice some reported sales here were sold below $200. My point is relax the sales is coming


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 11:06am On Jan 30

Hi bro. Regarding the Lesotho/Iceland PayPal, I received a small fund on the account, wanted to withdraw after an hour, but my account was temporarily limited due to security reasons.

However, I scanned and uploaded my ID and within 15 mins, I regained full access to my account. Moving forward, I initiated the withdrawal to card again but the transaction was placed "pending."

Their reason? They said they have to review the withdrawal for security reasons which might take up to 3 days. Kindly note that this is my first withdrawal to my Africard.

Please, am I safe? lipsrsealed
Paypal tip:

Whenever paypal asks you for any verification respond within 24 hours and as soon as you submit your verification call their support and explain this is hurting your business and if this continues I will look for alternatives.

Tried this on 2 paypal limited accounts both opened on immediate basis.

Also when they ask for verification on a transaction ask them to refund it if there is some sort of doubt don't give justification for everything they will make your case much more difficult.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 6:59pm On Jan 27
I did but my own way. Did a follow up with a screenshot of Google ads displaying the possible monthly leads.


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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 6:28pm On Jan 27
Sale alert (my very first in years!)

purchased at dyna ($6.99)
Hodl time 20 days
sold at Dan ($200) BN

OK where do I start?

Did you use the followup letter to make this sale possible?
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 3:37pm On Jan 22
Dan just add a touch to their lander. I hope they do same with their payment system lost some sale because of their payment.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 10:10pm On Jan 21
only page one will answer this question
How can people skip the most important page. Page 1? It's very annoying when some people come here and ask questions that has been answered in page 1.


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 4:57pm On Jan 18
plz how did Afternic pay u ? I recently made a sale on Afternic, I requested for payment through wire transfer, I was told the threshold payment for Nigeria is $1000.
Input your local bank details and make sure your payment currency is usd.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nkeona(m): 7:16am On Jan 13
Domain that I have been outbounding and they have been ghosting. After it sold see mail person Dey send me
same thing happened to me. I sold city+car+services and another end user was interested in the name after it was sold so i try checking if city+auto+services or singular of the domain was available. The city+auto+services was available i bought it and immediately pitch it to the end user same day domain was sold.


Crime / Re: My Recent Tragic Experience With The Police by nkeona(m): 2:39pm On Jan 08
This nonsense don't happen in the North.
Health / Re: Ask The Eye Doctor Any Problem Concerning The Eyes by nkeona(m): 2:45pm On Jan 03
hi there. Myopia could be progressive (gets worse overtime ). There is an option for refractive surgery but has its After effect . Also orthokeratology but has its limitations too.
ok thanks

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