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Sports / Re: Seven Countries Who No Longer Exist But Played At The World Cup - Including The by Noblewealth(m): 7:02pm On Nov 20, 2022
What about USSR that later metamorphose into todays Russia..
Health / Re: Photo Of Oko Poly Student Who Committed Suicide Over Failed Relationship by Noblewealth(m): 6:57pm On Nov 20, 2022
See fine boy like this go die cos of ordinary hole... This one mumu get first class
Politics / Re: Pictures Of Independence Day Parades Across Nigeria. by Noblewealth(m): 11:06pm On Oct 01, 2022
Nigeria is just like an elderly man, who has wasted is youthful exuberance chasing shadows.. Who cos of his greed and irresponsibility dampen the future of is children and also cause is generation to venture into diverse of menace.
He's becoming of age without any achievement or plans for the future..He has become a deficit to is generation. Well, there's still hope to adopt another father come 2023.the ball is in our court.
Happy independence to banditry, kidnappers, bad governance, Assu.. Those are the associations that have freedom, you see people like us who are in Christ are free indeed.
Sports / Re: Top 5 Painful Defeats In Nigeria Football History - Which was more painful? by Noblewealth(m): 4:29pm On Aug 07, 2022
Omo na that Afcon 2000 final... That ikpeba penalty still dey ring for my head.. very painful.
Religion / Re: Eid-el-kabir: Church Distributes Food, Cash To Muslims In Kaduna State (photo) by Noblewealth(m): 9:53pm On Jul 09, 2022
I don't take it as a sign of felicitating with them. why giving your enemies more strength... After feeding them today, they come against them tomorrow... May God damage our ignorance


Politics / Re: PVC: Governor Matawalle Declares 1-Week Public Holiday In Zamfara by Noblewealth(m): 6:12pm On Jun 18, 2022
This is just the best format to vote in their choice.. Here in southwest, all we know is to make noise about everything come 2023 some will still sell their vote just like the way they did in Ekiti today but you see the North they heed to their authority and it benefit them..That was one of the reasons they do have a million vote in every elections atleat 2 state..

But here, especially lagos in which we have more than 24million people living here we can hardly boast of 8thousand vote... It saddens the heart.. 5 days is not too much for them.
Romance / Re: Have Your Parents Ever Tried To Match Make You Before? Share Your Experience by Noblewealth(m): 3:29pm On Jun 11, 2022
I have a female who is presently serving who had this kind of experience. The guy das use to be their customer, so the man will always call the girl my wife..

Fast track, he introduce his son to this girl, they started dating, things was going smoothly not ontill she started requesting for things the guy start playing smart guy after he had bang kpetus multiple times. Long story short, the guy was a serial cheater and played along with his dad plan(I'm very sure the father was oblivious of the latter incident) and everything later ends in premium tears for her before she could realize that the guy is a gee after 5 month of Hard knacking and time..
I still console her till date.


Romance / Re: Man Apologizes to His Lover With A Benz After Breaking Up With Her (Pix, Video) by Noblewealth(m): 11:16pm On Jun 10, 2022
By the time he use the girl balance equation. Make Dem no come shout online...The film just start
Romance / Re: Romance With A Married Woman. by Noblewealth(m): 12:32pm On Jun 09, 2022
Been in your shoes before on two occasions, but the difference with mine is That we were already banging , and I later got to find out that they were married.. After a instinctive suspension
This make me to always run away from marriage, in our generation faithfulness is going extinct

She's ready to go any length for me. And am very scared, have tried giving her attitude but is not working out cos we are in same department and we need each other for effective delivery of service..
Romance / Re: Romance With A Married Woman. by Noblewealth(m): 12:25pm On Jun 09, 2022
Speak plainly, "I can't be with a married woman, not her or anyone else".

If na office rapport dey cause am. Stop it

Have said this severally to her, she said if I don't love her that won't stop her from loving me.. Always giving me things freely without even asking.. she's over choking me
Romance / Re: Romance With A Married Woman. by Noblewealth(m): 12:23pm On Jun 09, 2022
I'm confused and I need your advise pls.
Romance / Romance With A Married Woman. by Noblewealth(m): 12:15pm On Jun 09, 2022
A married woman is madly in love with me.Have tried all my possible best to restrict her but still she wouldn't let me be. We work in same organization and I'm also in a serious relationship.. Things are happening. I would av luv to cheat if had it been she's still single but I can't do it with a married woman.. Boomerang is real!

What can I do to stop this her mad feelings for me.
Crime / Re: Photo Of A Man And Woman Found Inside A Pineapple Which Washed Up From Sea by Noblewealth(m): 10:41pm On Jun 08, 2022
Wickedness of men lies with men.
Romance / Re: Giving Your Man Money Will Make Him Lazy - Counsellor Advice Women To Be Stingy by Noblewealth(m): 10:19pm On Jun 04, 2022
Scholars in the house I need you all to solve thess for me..

Adio is twice as old as he was five years ago.His mother was then six times as
old as he was.she is now 35 years old.
How old is Adio?
How old was his mother when he was five?_
How old will he be when his mother is 50?
How old was Adio's mother when he was born?
What is the difference between Adio's age and his mother's age?
Education / Who Want To Be A Millionaire? A Thread For Scholars by Noblewealth(m): 7:24pm On Jun 03, 2022
Scholars in the house I need you all to solve thess for me..

Adio is twice as old as he was five years ago.His mother was then six times as
old as he was.she is now 35 years old.
How old is Adio?
How old was his mother when he was five?_
How old will he be when his mother is 50?
How old was Adio's mother when he was born?
What is the difference between Adio's age and his mother's age?
Crime / Re: Pictures Of The Muslim Fanatics That Burnt Deborah Alive In Sokoto by Noblewealth(m): 10:42pm On May 12, 2022
All I know is that no denomination in Christianity preaches killing anyone that speak against Jesus Christ, Holy Mary, the prophets etc.

Deborah, our heart bleeds because this same people can tomorrow give their life to Jesus and be saved but your life was cut short.

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Religion / Re: MFM PMCH May 2022 Prayer Points by Noblewealth(m): 11:23pm On May 07, 2022
Many don't understand the reason for the pandemic prayers...The evil children which
the pandemic has given birth to,is what we are witness now.... The world witness a paradigm shift during the pandemic and the devil has to re-introduce different kind of infirmities to trouble people's life...After the pandemic,we begin to hear more barbaric devilish act,surge in ritualism, kidnapping, social vices,sexual perversion and immorality among children etc

Many lost their jobs.
Many lost their health.
Many witness lost

But with these peayers, things will begin to take turn and the evil children the pandemic gave birth to will go back to it cauldron..
Romance / Re: Man Struggles To Stand After Sleeping With 3 Sex Workers At A Brothel (photos) by Noblewealth(m): 5:48pm On May 06, 2022
E don eat the fruit of him labour...

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Politics / Re: Sit-At-Home & JAMB: What Is The Fate Of South-East Students? by Noblewealth(m): 9:17pm On May 05, 2022
Why do they need to endanger their lives cos of exam... They careless about education and they already see it like a scam..

Only if they can look into it holistically and make amendment just for that day..
Celebrities / Re: Ugezu: All Ladies Condemn Polygamy. Who Then Are The Ladies Dating Married Men? by Noblewealth(m): 10:51pm On Apr 28, 2022
Let it be known that, Men getting married to two wives isn't curse or cheat but it has been like that for generations and it's not gonna be different in this dispensation...

Once women have learn to live with their fellow women in harmony then longetivity and resolution just begins... There is more to life than to die cos your husband take in another woman.

Prayer won't stop any man from taking second wife but just one thing which is "convenant" ...

And the convenant has to do with the foundation of the marriage.. the scripture says, If the foundation is destroy what will the righteous do?

Inotherwords, if the foundation is solid, tell me the reason a man needs another wife.
Celebrities / Re: Osinachi: Police Parade Peter Nwachukwu Before His Kids, Relations by Noblewealth(m): 11:22am On Apr 23, 2022
Men like this feel like hulk Hogan when dealing with their wife..Thank God for social media who has and will still expose more of this beast in our society..

I remember that year when I was still in school, I rented an apartment outside campus face me I face you to be precise. So there use to be this couples that always fight. The man will always beat the woman just on a slightest provocation..

That fateful day, it was early morning,the woman was doing some laundry outside then the man ask her if she had bath the children then she said after she's done. The man then said something that shock us. He said it seems it weeks you have received beating then returned back and brought out belt and started beating her seriously not ontill we intervene...

That particular man, will continue beating the woman untill she lost her life then he will be looking like the beast in that video..


Romance / Re: Gracious Paradise: Sex Tapes Of Pastor John Paradise Daughter Leak Online by Noblewealth(m): 11:01pm On Apr 22, 2022


So because she's a Pastor daughter, she shouldn't live her life? was she the one that God Called or God called the father. The father is doing his own line of duty assigned to him by God, she has her own line of duty.

And you won't blame you immature male folks that releases girls sex tape at any slightest provocation.

I haven't seen people as childish, useless, insecure and stupid as male gender. Sometimes they will secretly record you without your knowledge just to show to their friends and brag. So stupid and childish

Reason I have different types of dildos in my possession, I service myself alone. I don't want any insult because of sex by immature gender.

Our girl will never learn, as this one is trending now, a girl somewhere is sending her nudes to a complete idiot of a guy, a girl somewhere is having sex with a fool and allowing the fool too record her. Just to prove her love to him, e go shock you soon.

I agreed with some part of your story but I dislodged the fact where you wrote God does not call her... If God does not call her does it means she should be wayward...

The son's of Elia were wayward which lead to their untimely death and that of their father.She ought to have been the light in that institution but she allowed darkness to cloud her... May God have mercy on this generation

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Education / Re: Flashback: Did You Read This Book While Growing Up? by Noblewealth(m): 3:54pm On Apr 21, 2022
Yes I did, we call it "reader" back then.


Family / Re: 15-Year-Old Boy Caught Trying To Lodge In A Hotel With 2 Girls (Video) by Noblewealth(m): 10:04pm On Apr 19, 2022
Everything wey dey happen for this generation sef dey surprise devil cos no be like this Dem plan am but everything just dey happen like series film... We never see anything..

Since we have kicked discipline out of the society then we should expert wotowoto.

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Romance / Re: Quit Toxic And Abusive Relationships Or Marriage by Noblewealth(m): 5:41pm On Apr 10, 2022
That old saying which goes by,"marriage is for better for worst" is a false teaching and which has sent many women into their early grave. Some would say, they are still with the man cos of their children... Is it not better to leave than to die in it.. cos after your demise the children will live fine and thrive without their mother..

And for those telling some ladies to leave their abusive relationship, abeg if they leave where would they get their upkeep money..

No matter how you advice some women, they are like slaves who like it chains..

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Romance / Re: I'm Crushing Or Liking My Reverend, What Can I Do? by Noblewealth(m): 11:10pm On Apr 09, 2022

If the said lady find another man who higher quality than you, she'll break your heart and leave you, just as she's doing with her fiancee now because of you.

Do you get?

Be a stoic man and not a soy. Tell her you love someone even if she knew already and you aren't not ready for any rubbish or nonsense. Tell her what's she is insinuating can not be possible with you.

Try and be polite with her at first while saying it. If she seems unyielding. Be brutal. She'll respect you by respecting herself.

God will help you

Thanks I appreciate
Romance / Re: I'm Crushing Or Liking My Reverend, What Can I Do? by Noblewealth(m): 10:46pm On Apr 09, 2022
This is currently what I'm facing with a female colleague of mine at work... It was just yesterday she confessed to me that she's madly in love with me and this lady is happily married with a one child...

She has been disturbing with calls and sweet msg and I have been ignoring in all ways.. I don't want to report the case to my fiancee cos she's a no nonsense person..

Pls nairalanders advice me on what to do inother not to put her marriage in jeopardy and my own relationship to ruin..


Forum Games / Re: Which Of These 10 Things Hurt You Or Will Hurt You The Most? by Noblewealth(m): 7:58pm On Mar 28, 2022
No 9.
Death is inevitable, anyone can die at any point in time. Brokenness has no respect for anyone it can hit one so hard when one is diagnosed with incurable disease... Seeing your life in a state of dilemma is so pathetic cos no matter the drugs one administered it will fall on infertile ground...

One can go broke and still rise, one can be ridiculed and still be praised at later when things align but you see that sickness is nothing one should pray for.. Job in the scripture as as case study.. upon all his riches "ordinary boil" which happens to be the wicked and stringent sickness in devil's capacity then almost turned him to nonentity...
May we not witness any form of sickness in our body.
Politics / Re: APC Convention: Did Fani-Kayode Attend As An Abia State Delegate? (Picture) by Noblewealth(m): 5:14pm On Mar 27, 2022
A very shameful person at that... Someone that doesn't it as bad thing.. Abi no be fani the synonyms of betrayal.
Sports / Re: John Dumelo: I Will Walk Barefoot From Accra To Lagos If Nigeria Defeats Ghana by Noblewealth(m): 5:59pm On Mar 25, 2022
If e sure John dumelo make he enter sportybet, and use his life savings and play Ghana straight win ���


Business / Re: How Can Somebody Be Selling Catapult For A Living by Noblewealth(m): 10:21pm On Mar 22, 2022
I don't believe in those trading at all.. I do tell my friends that you see all those guys selling rat poisoning and other menace. Most of them
are into hidden and secret things which deals with human lives...

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