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Education / Re: Mention A Popular Place In Your School And Someone Will Tell You The Name by Nwachi22(f): 11:05am On Nov 25
Guys, let's do this

Mention the name of a popular place in your school (university or sec school) and someone will tell you the name of your school grin

Workshop 3
Romance / Re: Can I Get Married To Her Now Or It’s Too Early? by Nwachi22(f): 8:00pm On Nov 13
I met this lovely lady (30 yo) online 2 months ago. She is in Nigeria and I’m in the Uk. We have been actively chatting, phoning and having lots of facetime. She’s got all they qualities I need in a wife. She has also gone to see my peeps once and they said nice things about her.

I’m planning on wedding her this Christmas and she can join me immediately (UK can be very lonely without a partner) on a dependent visa.

But sometimes I pause and ask myself, I hope I’m not rushing this whole thing? I hope she is not pretending to be nice? I hope she truly loves me? I hope she is not seeing me as a means to japa? A lot of questions going through my mind. This is marriage and I don’t wanna make mistakes.

Advice me please.

You won’t get the answer that you need here. Take your time to pray about your relationship with her. Let God direct you.
Travel / Re: Is Traveling Abroad Worth It? by Nwachi22(f): 7:20pm On Nov 06
I've stated it here on numerous occasions that by the second year of the next administration, a Dollar will exchange for close to #2,000. Maybe by then, you'd understand what's fuelling the japa syndrome.

The country had been murdered from the inception, the funeral arrangements is what's currently ongoing.

This really cracked me up.
Politics / Re: Wike Turned ‘As E Dey Pain Dem’ Song To Rivers Anthem On Independence Day? by Nwachi22(f): 1:11pm On Oct 07
grin This wike too funny aswear!

In another new:
I thank ALMIGHTY that there are still very sensible and wise People in Nigeria. The Best Comments below gives me hope that a better Nigeria is still Possible. As for majority of brainless Egoistic Slaves of destructive Pride that are hailing the guy for treating the lady and her family as crap, your very own sisters and daughters shall soon marry this kind of myopic heartless guy with no iota of empathy, respect or true love in his heart.

They are very few.

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Family / Re: My Wedding Was Stopped 6 Weeks To The D-Day by Nwachi22(f): 12:11pm On Oct 07
@Op, I know this is not a good time for you so I will try and be gentle but at the same time tell you some salient truths.

As it stands today in Nigeria, it is women that are chasing men for marriage, so you have to understand that whether you agree or not, in Nigeria of today, when a man says, he wants to marry a woman, he believes he is doing her a favour, and if she does not relate to him on that frequency, he will behave/react the way your boyfriend behaved.

Your boyfriend thinks you will boss him around, or your family will turn him to a simp if he marries you that is why he ran, I am not saying that is the truth, but as a guy myself, there are some salient things I look for when I am with a lady that I consider redflags, I am not saying you or your family is bossy, but he definitely thinks you will not submit to him, as a lady, you should never tell a man you want to call off a relationship, even if you just meant to scare him use another thing, the moment you mention that, the men of today, will vex and since we get plenty options, it will not cost us anything to move on.

If your man comes back congratulations, but if he doesn't come back, try to protect your man from your family in future, even if your parents are complaining about him, find a way to manage it and do not let him know or do it with wisdom, cos many African men will think you are trying to turn them to a simp and they will not be able to control you when they marry you if you give that kind of impression.

In case you are no longer getting married to the man, I am a single guy myself looking for a wife so just let me know and maybe we can work something out.... wink wink wink wink

Wow! You just confirmed that your mother begged your father to marry her. Heard all your sisters are begging men for marriage.
Nairaland is just full of kids.
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Aborted My Pregnancy! Can I Get Her Arrested? by Nwachi22(f): 8:46pm On Jul 02

What needful?

Pay her bride price and marry her? Then it turns out later they are not compatible and we begin to read about daily domestic abuse?

You sure say no bi bastard you be? Na only bastards dey reason like you. Efulefu!
Romance / Re: MY Girlfriend's Sister Is Acting Strange by Nwachi22(f): 9:36am On Jun 05
Hmmmm, I no dey always comment o Sha today I go post.

I'm 5 ft 9,( ajebutter barrack boy) fair and since from small na him Dem dey call me fine boy. Well to cut the long story short, I met a girl in school. She stays not too far from my apartment, so we became friends, after weeks we started dating, not too long I was introduced to her younger sister.

Although no sparks at first, we were always together as she became my friend, I broke up with the elder sister months after dating not because of the younger sis o but because our differences was too much.

A year later, the younger sis and I grew so fond of each other so I asked her out, she rejected but accepted one day. I got confronted by the elder sis Sha. I pleaded with her not to stop our affairs she agreed, but now omoh the girl no one see me for eyes she dey vex with the younger sis anyhow I don't know what's happening she wouldn't even greet me and now she's trying her best to keep us apart.

What should I do?

Another Twitter story…so fake.
Celebrities / Re: Kunle Adeyanju Finally Arrives Nigeria (Pictures) & Video) by Nwachi22(f): 5:37pm On May 29
Can someone remind me why some Bank still insist on the use of face mask till date!

Especially First Bank. Very useless bank.
Family / Re: Family Meeting Cos Of Wife Advise Needed Pls by Nwachi22(f): 8:17pm On Apr 29

Marriage is not easy and stop saying what u don't know.
How can u say this to our women? if u are normal and come from a respectable family u won't say all this trash.

U can only say all this nonsense because u are a textbook example of a prodigal child who does not see anything good about women

Allow those who are married to talk and render responsible advice and not be talking nonsense just because u feel like.

I wish I can like this post a million times.

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Celebrities / Re: Full Video Of Rita Dominic Traditional Wedding Yesterday by Nwachi22(f): 10:56am On Apr 20
Hahaha you think so?
I for like make we see ooo.
Make I use my eyes see that person weh pass me for all ramifications grin
Asides age,I wonder wetin person weh dey broker real estate deals located inside deep all the deep forests in Nigeria with her phone number littered all over the place looking for clients to make commissions make she for no starve use pass me.Ha! grin
Even people weh dey sell real estate for premium locations no go easily open their mouth tell me this before na you lol grin

I wasn’t wrong afterall, calling you a poverty stricken slowpoke with very low self esteem. You went to check my profile on nairaland. That is to show your level of reasoning, don’t worry, dial the number and contact me. I’m sure my boys will handle anuohia like you.

Won’t reply you again here. Just dial me. Ewu.
Celebrities / Re: Full Video Of Rita Dominic Traditional Wedding Yesterday by Nwachi22(f): 10:03am On Apr 20
If we stand face to face now to open mouth talk this thing go dey hard you grin

While will I stand face to face with you. You’re obviously not my mate in all ramification.
Celebrities / Re: Full Video Of Rita Dominic Traditional Wedding Yesterday by Nwachi22(f): 8:50am On Apr 20
I thought they said the guy owns vanguard,owns this and that,publisher extraordinaire,Dangote partner ,etc...And it's like he is ev senseless,see as e dey do like onuku grin
See as e look like all these starving tuaregs in Mali.
I have said it before and will say it again,no well to do man who's got things under his control will marry an old woman and keep at home in the name of wife.
It's always men that are looking for some kind of support system that are always doing this rubbish,100% of the times.

Says by first class poverty stricken sadist.
Even if they auction you and your whole lineage, the money realized won’t be enough to buy a pair of Rita Dominic hubby’s shoe.

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me Because Of This by Nwachi22(f): 8:00am On Apr 18
this is funny though..

look bro,that thing might be something very sensitive to that girl either from past experience or even her parents...you don't joke with such....some people joke with abusive words for example 'mad man,you be mumu o, you be crase etc'..me I don't take that at all...some people see it as getting close with their partner...it doesn't work for me...so back to your question..your girl may not like that at all...but she would have discussed it with you or maybe she just used it as an opportunity to break up with you...so bro..give her time...if she does not come around...move on...LEARN YOUR LESSON...SOME PEOPLE TAKE EVERYTHING LITERALLY..LEARN TO JOKE WISELY AND WITH MATURITY...using abusive words as joke doesn't show you're are free with your partner..there are a million ways to joke with the right words. .good luck

Matured comment

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Family / Re: Domestic Abuse: All The Women In These Pictures Are Dead! All Within 5 Months by Nwachi22(f): 6:59pm On Apr 15
All these talk cannot solve any problem except one learned to understand what is happening in people's lives and home.
Some of these domestic violence are cause by women themselves cos they seems not to understand the ways of life.
I don't think a man with a right senses can lay a finger on his wife without something behind, u see all these women wen they have more than u, they wants rule over u, they want to control and becomes the head of the house, they will insult and abuse u the way they can.
And wen u stood ur ground, the whole world will be blaming you for defending ursef, they will now turn against u.

One needs to investigate and asked questions about domestic violence.

You’re sick in the head. Woman batterer spotted.
Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Stabbed To Death By His Onlyfans Model Girlfriend In Miami (photos) by Nwachi22(f): 10:16pm On Apr 09


Where are the likes of Kriss216. Team foreign girls are the best while Nigeria girls are useless including his mama. Awon gold digger, obviously licking the ass of one white girl.
Romance / Re: Beautiful by Nwachi22(f): 5:27pm On Mar 26


Cute couples

But the man look more like Chike, dude is too hansom to fault.

Frustrated nairaland redpillers can only wish for this type of happiness, but can't even smell it.

You’re right. Most nairaland redpillers are frustrated male oloshos.

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Romance / Re: My Heart Is Shattered � Battered And Scattered by Nwachi22(f): 9:38am On Mar 23
My question is "what do guys really want"
I am not saying I am perfect but I know I am surely the best girlfriend any guy could ever think of yet I am still experiencing heartbreak at 31���

Had issues with my boyfriend since last year April bkos of a particular girl he posted on Facebook addressing her as the mother of his house. I became angry and told him I was only going to continue the relationship if I spoke to the lady in question bkos same lady posted him too calling him her first love.

He told me the lady was his cousin sister and ofcourse I believed him bkos she bares same surname with his cousin brother whoose wedding we attended together, He addressed me as his wife to be throughout the occasion so I had everything to believe in him

Just five days ago I saw his wedding notification on Facebook with that same lady. My heart has never been this broken B4 in my life. I have cried out my soul to the extent that I barely see clearly this days. I tried not to cry but I just can't. I am seriously weeping as I am typing this.

I have tried to encourage myself but I just can't stop crying and WAILING.

Who have I ever offended and what exactly do guys want?

I have searched all through the 5 yrs of relationship and aswear with my life that I never stressed him but I only requested Love not Money from him

My heart is bleeding.
I only sent him his pre-wedding pics and congratulated him then he replied "thanks''

He feels I don't deserve an explanation �����

So sorry my Dear. The signs must have been there but you were blindly in love to see it. You should be thanking God for saving you from what could have destroyed your life. I tell you that in the next five years, you will look back and thank God that this guy didn’t marry you. Dust yourself up girl and move on.

Watch videos by Tony Gaskins on YouTube. Search for books by Lisa Terkeurst, download them and read. God will see you through this phase.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nwachi22(f): 9:00am On Mar 22

Then WAEC isn't compulsory unless school states otherwise

Okay. Thanks a lot.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nwachi22(f): 7:16am On Mar 22

Ok. Yes, for undergraduate studies, you need the waec. But then, don't know how your intended school does it application. But you may need to buy waec scratch card/pin and upload for the school to use and verify your waec.

Not too conversant with undergraduate application requirements. So let others guide you accordingly.

All the best

Thanks for your advice. I’m applied for MBA.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nwachi22(f): 6:37am On Mar 22

What level of degree you sort. That will determine if waec is necessary or not

Bachelor of Technology (B.tech)
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nwachi22(f): 9:26pm On Mar 21
Good day all,
Please can I submit my documents without WAEC certificate. I misplaced my WAEC Certificate.

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Properties / Become 40% Richer By Trading In Real Estate by Nwachi22(f): 2:26am On Mar 13

Tried….Tested & Trusted in its 10 years and still counting._

EARN 7.5% TO 40% PROFIT WITHIN TRADING PERIOD of ( 3 to 12 months) ��


� 0808 325 7370
WhatsApp 0808 325 7370

Crime / Re: Male Vs Female Prisoners: Pictures Spark Reactions On Social Media by Nwachi22(f): 10:30am On Mar 12
you don't even know the meaning of figurative expression.

Baba Illiterate, wasn’t referring to you. Anuofia.
Crime / Re: Male Vs Female Prisoners: Pictures Spark Reactions On Social Media by Nwachi22(f): 7:26am On Mar 12
I earlier opined that society and nature are sympathetic and lenient to female gender and some people thought I was chasing clout.

Even in interviews, job hunts and what-have-you, females are highly favoured and considered more than men.

Truly, penis is very useless embarassed embarassed embarassed

If the penis is truly useless, then cut it off.
Politics / Re: Nigeria, AU Condemn Russia Invasion Into Ukraine, Urge Russian troops To Retreat by Nwachi22(f): 9:22pm On Feb 25



Abeg, Buhari and Geoffrey Onyeama are on their own. We, the Nigerians are not part of this statement.

Thank you
Education / Re: What's The Slogan Of Your University? by Nwachi22(f): 9:15pm On Feb 25
Aluta continua Victoria ascerta

Who fit guess where that school dey?? grin

Education / Re: Mention A Popular Place In Your School And Someone Will Tell You The Name by Nwachi22(f): 10:09pm On Feb 16
Hall of mercy! close to 750caps!

Properties / Promo! Promo!! Promo!!! by Nwachi22(f): 1:58am On Feb 16
We have properties in secured estates which are currently on promo all over Nigeria. Call or text us on 0808 325 7370 to secure your slot.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Funny Interview Experience With A Foreign Firm by Nwachi22(f): 6:09am On Feb 11
After sending loads of applications for remote web dev positions throughout December without success I stopped applying and went into blockchain development. Last week I was replying a message on my LinkedIn account when I saw this jnr WordPress developer vacancy that popped up. I just applied since it takes less than a minute to do so on LinkedIn.

I was surprised when they sent me a mail two days later with a link to an assessment which I took and submitted. They got back to me some days later to fix an interview date, I choose Feb 9 among the listed options. The time options included 7pm, 7:15pm and 7:30pm and I chose the 1st option. The interview was supposed to last for just 15 minutes.

I left Chelsea's match that I was watching at half time to prepare for my interview. I asked one of my Nairaland friends for data and he sent me 3gb, I was all set up by 6:44 pm with a Bluetooth that I borrowed from a friend for the occasion. I didn't want any stories. If only I knew what was lying in wait for me....6:52 pm.....Boom!!! NEPA took light.

My laptop was fully charged but knowing fully well that my battery was not trustworthy, it would last 2 hours when it's in a good mood and 5 minutes on it's angry days. I grabbed my charger and extension and ran off to a nearby restaurant in my area. You think Usian Bolt can run baa? If you see my speed this evening you will like me. It was a combination of Bolt and Ben Johnson. I ran like a criminal that was escaping an angry mob about to lynch him, with the way I was grabbing my PC under my armpit I could easily be mistaken for a thief by the way.

I got there by 6:59 pm, plugged my stuffs and connected to the zoom call by 7: 02 pm, the beautiful oyinbo woman was already waiting. While she was in a well lit apartment, I was in a place with red and blue bulbs with my face barely visible even though I supported the light with my phone torch light flashing straight to my face.

She smiled immediately I came online, and murmured something, omo the Bluetooth was not connected o. Something I tested before connecting to the call, I was fumbling with my Bluetooth settings while she kept talking and gesticulating if I could hear her. The Bluetooth was connected to the system but was somehow not working, she saved me from my misery when she suggested we port to google meet for the interview.

I used the opportunity to check my Bluetooth settings well and connected to the call through a link she sent to my mail almost immediately. In the middle of the interview the restaurant gen went off throwing everywhere into darkness.... Omo!!!

I had to keep shining teeth and stretching my small eyes to its elastic limit because they were the only visible things from my end. She burst into laughter and I couldn't help but join her. It was as if she was in heaven calling someone in hell. I apologized and she told me not to worry that she understands amidst another bout of laughter that she was struggling to contain.

She shaa finished the interview with the normal I will get back to you after accessing the performance of other candidates, I still apologized for my interview settings hoping it won't affect my chances, she assured me that it won't have any bearing on her decision making as regards to selection of the successful candidate. She couldn't stop smiling throughout the interview that lasted for like 20 mins.

I packed my kaya and went home. I laughed my heart out while I narrated everything to my friend who rolled on the floor with laughter. The image of my eyes and teeth in darkness was so hilarious. This was actually my first interview and it will definitely live long in my memory.

Have you experienced something similar?? Please share for the fun

Op, update us once you get the offer.
Family / Re: My Brother's Wife Wouldn't Let Their Children Go To School Because Of This by Nwachi22(f): 8:37pm On Feb 04

Women were not created for men. God made them specifically for aliens.

I fear who no fear women!

Your mother must be married to an alien.

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