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Celebrities / Re: The Moment Don Jazzy Met Kanayo O Kanayo For The First Time (Video) by Omzie(m): 2:52pm On May 11
Programming / Re: Why Is PHP Not Considered As A Best Backend For Web Development Again by Omzie(m): 8:10am On Dec 01, 2020
Oh i get it now, you're a stauch member of the copy-n-paste, aka they said, he said, she said group . .
when you're willing to show a practical demonstration, quote me. Till then, take care amigo.

See why i said you are unwilling to learn. I can bet you didn't read any of the articles i posted. Oh and the OFFICIAL DOC i posted was "he said, she said"? You're just shortsighted and wont go out of your way like we have to benchmark these things.

Okay let me educate you, let's do a simple bubble sort. We would Iterate over a million times over a 10-item array and sort.


function bubbleSort(input) {
var n = input.length;
var swapped = true;
while (swapped) {
swapped = false;
for (var i = 0; i < n; i++) {
if (input[i - 1] > input [i]) {
[input[i], input[i - 1]] = [input[i - 1], input[i]];
swapped = true;

for (var c = 0; c < 1000000; c++) {
const toBeSorted = [1, 3, 2, 4, 8, 6, 7, 2, 3, 0];


package main

var toBeSorted [10]int = [10]int{1, 3, 2, 4, 8, 6, 7, 2, 3, 0}

func bubbleSort(input [10]int) {
n := len(input)
swapped := true
for swapped {
swapped = false
for i := 1; i < n; i++ {
if input[i-1] > input[i] {
input[i], input[i-1] = input[i-1], input[i]
swapped = true

func main() {
for c := 0; c < 1000000; c++ {

Now run and benchmark those. Or, I should also post code to teach you how to benchmark from bash??

This brings be back to my earlier statement, I AM SURE YOU'VE NEVER WRITTEN A SINGLE LINE OF CODE IN GO. If you had, and actually done benchmarking, you wont come here saying stuff you dont know.
Programming / Re: Why Is PHP Not Considered As A Best Backend For Web Development Again by Omzie(m): 12:34am On Dec 01, 2020

I have said what I said and when i say stuffs i dont say them out of emotions . .
also please bear in mind that many coys do migrate their tech stack and yes, while some do so for better scalibility and performance, some also do so
to meet a specific use case only offered by that language in "convenience" . . .
And yes, people have called their apps shitty . . php guy said so
lets come down home a bit more . . to node packages . . even the creators of moment said you should probably not use it anymore
and offered recommendation . .but guess what, after practical test among the community, between stuffs like moment, dayjs, luxon etc . . they still found out moment held its ground . . only lacking for too much memory consumption cos it lacked tree-shaking . . .
But I'll like you to demonstrate to us on the same machine how a simple Go app will crush a simple node js app with it's ability to handle millions of routines and nodejs just being able to handle, uhmmn, 1,000 concurrent request? or 2,0000? right?

He said emotions, lol. Anyways, I’m a huge advocate of using what works for you. But for you to say node is as fast as Go.... HELL NO! Like I said earlier, in normal stuff like simple crud operations, they would perform similarly. The difference comes in CPU intensive tasks!

You said concurrency? Lol.... tell me how a runtime that operates on only two threads would outperform a language that can natively spin thousands to millions of goroutines at will depending on your Ram?

Oh, you want to argue that node uses more than two threads? Here’s an article from the official docs


One thread for the event loop, another for the worker pool. Or you don’t agree with the official docs too?

Let me leave you with a graph and a link with an article to the graph


I can bet you haven’t written one single line of Golang, that’s why you’re saying this. An interpreted language running in a runtime environment running faster than a statically typed compiled language that compiles ahead of time with concurrency built into it... smh

Programming / Re: Why Is PHP Not Considered As A Best Backend For Web Development Again by Omzie(m): 6:33pm On Nov 30, 2020

Lol, what you're probably thinking is that the node event loop handles most of the processing whereas in fact, it is sent of for i/o computations at the cpu's thread . . .
Nodejs is probably a bad idea for cpu intensive work though, such as object modeling and 3d rendering
but ur Go will be the first to give up if it goes head-to-head in terms of malloc and garbage collection.

C’mon man, stop making me laugh, an environment (this is for other readers that confuse node as a language, it’s just a JavaScript runtime) has a better memory allocation than a compiled language that is compiled ahead of time to native code? Really? Leemao

Uber, Upguard, Koding, etc. have migrated to go. They don’t know about node shey? Or they’ve never heard of it before? Abi they’ve never used it and saw that it didn’t scale well? Smh, plain simple, JavaScript would never outperform go in anything... NEVER! Talk less of a runtime environment for it.

Talking about garbage collection and malloc �

Comparing a “single threaded” environment to a language that can spin up thousands of goroutines without breaking a sweat.

The only thing node beats go in is the developer tools that are readily available now. And that’s because more devs are on the JavaScript side. Performance, Scalability, Concurrency... Go beats it hands down.

Before I leave, the creator of node.Js said and I quote verbatim “That said, I think Node is not the best system to build a massive server web. I would use Go for that. And honestly, that’s the reason why I left Node. It was the realization that: oh, actually, this is not the best server-side system ever.”

And here’s a link to the ycombinator post

So tell me, do you know more than the person that created node
Programming / Re: Why Is PHP Not Considered As A Best Backend For Web Development Again by Omzie(m): 2:02pm On Nov 30, 2020

Node is faster. On par or just slower than Go

Only matters for large apps though

Huh? Did I just read “on par or ‘just’ slower” than go?

No interpreted language would ever run as fast as or ‘just’ slower than a compiled language. Never!

Sure, in most basic stuffs that aren’t demanding, they’ll perform similarly. But, in major stuff, Go would kill it. I can spin up millions of goroutines to handle cpu intensive tasks concurrently at an extremely cheap rate (just around 4KB per goroutine). Wanna try that on node and watch the event loop choke?



Phones / Re: What Are The Best Fonts Out There? (Share Your Homescreen & Font Name) by Omzie(m): 8:16am On Nov 18, 2018
We no get choice na grin

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Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Arrives In Italy To Complete Juventus Transfer (Photo) by Omzie(m): 8:32pm On Jul 15, 2018
Are those nipples?

Wow, that’s all your eyes could see
Religion / Re: Why You Should Avoid Sexual Immoralities On Campus by Omzie(m): 9:07am On Jul 15, 2018
Okay, so how does this stop us from being h0rny undecided

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Fashion / Re: 5 Truths About Microblading; An Eyebrow Defining Method by Omzie(m): 5:09pm On Jul 10, 2018
I look like a werewolf at the moment, let me go and do this thing

A very fine werewolf judging from your DP wink

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Literature / Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by Omzie(m): 3:50pm On Jul 05, 2018
Lol, I wonder why y’all bother, this story taught me a very good lesson, Never read a story on Nairaland that has not been completed. Who wants to bet that the OP won’t finish this project undecided I bet he has even forgotten the plot twists and storylines.
Business / Re: Femi Otedola Suspends Twitter Account Due To Impersonators by Omzie(m): 1:36pm On Jul 01, 2018
Simply buy twitter and do the verification yourself grin


Celebrities / Re: Drake Gives Accolades To Wizkid And Tekno For Inspiring His New Album by Omzie(m): 11:52am On Jul 01, 2018
Romance / Re: 5 Warning Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You by Omzie(m): 11:38am On Jul 01, 2018
Happened to me undecided

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Celebrities / Re: World Cup: Daddy Freeze Mocks Those Who Prayed For Nigeria To Win by Omzie(m): 10:37pm On Jun 17, 2018
Freeze should shut up!

Were our 94 and dreamteam 96 squads not known for their prayers on the pitch?

Anyway, football has never been our calling again after Atlanta.

Too bad. cry

No offense, but you made no iota of sense in this post. Matches are won with skill, determination, and most importantly, preparation. The teams of 94 and 96 were far superior to what we have now, and boy were they determined. Did you see Croatia pray even once? Silly ass beliefs. Instead of them, immediately after the half time whistle, to quickly head back to the changing room, address their issues and get their shit together for the second half, they were there wasting valuable minutes in pointless prayers.

Now you see the major problem we have in this country? Senseless supernatural beliefs. Praying like the Croatians are any less God’s children. Nonsense!!!


Romance / Re: Transgender, Miss Sahhara Burns Her Boobs While Cooking (photos) by Omzie(m): 10:02pm On Jun 11, 2018
Who censored this picture ntori olurun? cry

Are you ins*ne!!! It is a transgender angry
Politics / Re: Ekiti Shooting: Bamidele Flown To UK In Tinubu’s Jet by Omzie(m): 9:04am On Jun 10, 2018
Celebrities / Re: Lady Goes Topless, Recreates Dbanj shirtles Photo To Celebrate His 38th Birthday by Omzie(m): 9:04am On Jun 10, 2018

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Education / Re: JAMB Generated N9 Billion And Remitted N7.8 Billion In Buhari's Administration by Omzie(m): 12:27am On Jun 10, 2018
This APC goons will never cease to amaze us.

zombies!! oya put on your thinking cap for once and think

if all things being equal across all year therefore jamb generates only a paltry 1.3million each year(WHICH IS NOT EVEN POSSIBLE)

Scenario 2: JAMB ALLEGEDLY GENERATES 52MILLION IN 40YEARS(whoever made this statement is surely experimenting with a new specie of janjaaweed).
Few months ago, the media was swayed with news of how a mysterious snake swallowed 36million naira in JUST one state office up north. If this is true, then you mean to tell us the snake swallowed over 27years of accrued hardwork from jamb undecided

You see how ignorant you are? Just take a look at yourself!!! The post says they REMITTED not generated! If you don’t know what to say, just keep mum and stop being a thrash generator.

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Romance / Re: Man Disappointed After His Girlfriend Left His House Without Washing The Dishes by Omzie(m): 1:04pm On May 04, 2018
trash trash trash.
take your respect to the kitchen by doing the needful.keep your kitchen neat,sweep and scrub.
don't be a lazy youth.

so long she's your girlfriend and not wife, you have no reason whatsoever to complain about not being birthed,brushed or cooked for.Dafuq,what are you guys turning ladies into??

is she your slave or your Nanny?

As a guy, when I go visiting my friends, they offer food as usual. After eating, I feel uncomfortable when I’m not allowed to go drop the dishes in the kitchen and wash them myself. It’s only if the host is persistent that I don’t go to the kitchen that I’ll permit my dish to be taken and cleaned up by someone else.

Now back to the matter, the girl went over, they had drinks and food, hence she had a hand in the kitchen litter. If she helped in packing the stuff to the kitchen and left em there, then that’s a no-no! The least she could have done to earn some respect was to do her dishes while having the courtesy of doing the guys dishes too. But, if the guy was the one that carted all those junk to the kitchen, well he can’t blame the girl, as he said, it was the girl’s first time there, some girls are rather restrictive when in an environment for the first time. So they would just play the guest until they become very familiar with that environment.

Well I guess there are different angles to see this though.

Personally, if a girl comes over to my place for the first time and she starts cleaning and doing stuff, well, it would be weird to me, more like she’s trying hard to please me or something which I’m not a fan of.
Celebrities / Re: Davido Visits Roadside Eatery To Enjoy Amala And Ewedu - Pictures by Omzie(m): 11:07pm On May 02, 2018
buka food na real deal walahi....May God bless iya billi, na only her food sweet pass my mumsi own grin

Omo Ale Jati Jati cheesy grin

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TV/Movies / Re: #BBNaija: Nina Apologizes To Her Boyfriend For Kissing Miracle In The Shower by Omzie(m): 7:53pm On Feb 01, 2018
So, in essence, she’s an open ashy

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Literature / Re: The 48 Laws Of Power- Which Of The Laws Is Your Favourite? by Omzie(m): 8:08am On Jan 14, 2018

Thats my Fav kiss

Bro, can I get the book from you? PDF or ePub. Thanks.
Celebrities / Re: “cyberbullies Need To Expire This Year” — Simi by Omzie(m): 5:27am On Dec 31, 2017
Una no dey sleep?

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Education / Re: Landmark University Begins Rice Production (Photos) by Omzie(m): 6:48pm On Dec 15, 2017
Just like the school, I'm sure the rice go expensive die too...

Wrong!!! All thru my stay in Covenant Uni, i never bought bottle water for more than 50 naira (Its hebron water and its also produced in the school, was buying pure water at 5 naira even though the outside world sold at 10 naira).

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Fashion / Re: Tailors Strike Swiftly As They Re-create Knockoff Version Of Ebuka's Agbada by Omzie(m): 11:04am On Nov 24, 2017

You see what i said? postinol overdose is worrying you. I net your ovaries have gone on permanent sabbatical? Tomorrow you will be telling your maga husband after 10 years of no kids that its the Lord that gives children.

I am sure your cv is impressive

deepthroat winner of class of 2003

wriggle la ballz mistress of class of 2004

MIss xhamster pageant winner 2005

Masters degree in arbortionism

PHD in analism

Blood of Jesus!!!! All these for just one gal

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Music/Radio / Re: Iyanya – Bow For You (official Video) by Omzie(m): 8:55pm On Sep 08, 2017
Phones / Re: When You Call From Abroad Do People See Nigerian Numbers? Twitter User Blames FG by Omzie(m): 3:13pm On Aug 30, 2017

This guy is probably an 18 year old kid

Why would i want my phone number to show when i call Nigeria or some other countries ??

That's why i don't have a phone number or SIM card in my phone, i just download a textme app on my phone and get a free phone number

This is 2017 and not 1965, no one trips for foreign phone numbers anymore

Yes you can do that quite alright. But perhaps the OP (and other people don't know about this, moreover, u have to pay to get that number on textme active, ITS NOT FREE). The main point here is that, when you receive calls from outside, it shows a local number instead of the international number, and when you try calling that local number back (trying to reach ur international counterpart) IT NEVER GOES THRU. Happens to me recently, I receive calls from our branch head in the U.K., but when I try calling the local number it shows, it never goes. I can only call him back because I have his U.K. Number saved on my fone. What of those that don't have his number, how do they reach him back when he calls them. So u see, the OP is right!
Business / Re: 5 Lessons I Have Learnt From Earning Over N6 Million On Fiverr by Omzie(m): 8:55am On Jul 24, 2017

Send me a PM

Kindly send me another mail, I didn't know it was my old mail that I no longer have access to that was stated in my profile, I have changed it now to the correct one, thanks a lot.
Business / Re: 5 Lessons I Have Learnt From Earning Over N6 Million On Fiverr by Omzie(m): 11:57pm On Jul 23, 2017

To be honest with you, getting a PayPal account isn't easy as a Nigerian. I'm not sure you have earned in fiverr and wanted to withdraw, because PayPal isn't the only option there.

I use payoneer to withdraw. Once I withdraw, I will sell to exchangers because the exchange rate is better compared to what I will have if I try to withdraw directly from the ATM.

Exactly, u're correct bros, I've not gotten to the point where I want to withdraw. Please can you put me through on this payoneer thing. How to set it up without making mistakes/errors.

Thanks a lot bro
Business / Re: 5 Lessons I Have Learnt From Earning Over N6 Million On Fiverr by Omzie(m): 11:33pm On Jul 23, 2017
I joined Fiverr on September 2015 and have generated over 6 million naira from it.

Prior to joining, I used to get angry with my friend who was a freelancer on Fiverr.

We were running an offline joint-venture business back then. Every minute he could steal from time, he will quickly log in to Fiverr to do what I didn’t know.

Back then, I always saw Fiverr as a $5 marketplace and I couldn’t imagine how he would always dedicate more time to his Fiverr account instead of our offline business which was making us good money…..(so I thought).

I didn’t miss any opportunity to make joke of him for slaving away on Fiverr and he wasn’t deterred at all by it……possibly he’d be laughing at me in his mind.

It was not until my fiancé finished school and was looking for what could keep her busy that the veil covering my eyes was removed.

I told my friend to teach her Fiverr so she could keep herself busy with it.

Her first month on Fiverr, she made $450.
That was huge compared to the time she spent on it.

It was then that I knew that there was something big happening in Fiverr and that was possibly why my friend gave good attention to it.

This was in 2014.

Fast-forward to 2015, our joint venture business started going down and I needed another supplementary income lest I go hungry.
My friend told me to come over to Fiverr and I lazily agreed.

My first month on Fiverr, I made $950……double of my income in the offline business I was running.

What really drew me in wasn’t really the money, but the fact that I wasn’t bothered about overhead, paying staff, going on marketing, etc. I just stayed back in the office, worked few hours per day and that was all.

I became really obsessed with Fiverr that I had to close down my offline business to focus on Fiverr…..that was very silly to many people, but it wasn’t to me.

Fast forward to 2017, I have earned as high as $3,000 in some months, with my lowest month being $850.

I want to share five important lessons I learnt from Fiverr. I believe if you learn it from me and apply it, you can earn a full time income, bigger than what many WORKING CLASS people earn.

Here are the five lessons:

1. More money is made in the upsell:

If you are in the internet marketing space, you will understand the importance of upsell.

Let me use a practical example to explain what an upsell is.

When you order a product from Amazon or Ebay, you would see something like: “those who bought this product also bought this”.

The try to show you other products you might possibly need based on your current purchase. They know you are still in the mood of buying and so may possibly buy more.

With this, they make more money from you while they can.

The same thing applies to Fiverr.

Each service you render on Fiverr will invariably have lots of interrelated service.
For example, I’m copywriter on Fiverr and I know that anyone who hires me to write the content of their sales page, will invariably need email copies and squeeze page copies.

So when you place the order for a sales page copy, I will quickly respond to you, thanking you for placing the order and recommending those other services to you. I won’t just recommend, I will tell you reasons why you need them if you want to maximize your sales and conversion.
Most times, the client agrees because they just bought and so I’ll make more money than I would have normally gotten from the client.
This has enabled me earn up to $700 from a single client in one order.

You can also apply this and see how your revenue will increase, even when your client base is not increasing.

Another method of using this is through gig extras.
Add all those upsells in your gig extra so the buyer can easily see it and make a choice.
If they don’t, then you communicate and convince the buyer yourself as I described above.

2. Don’t rely on Fiverr traffic

Fiverr sure has a lot of traffic that can help you get sales. But if you are serious about growing your sales and revenue, you don’t need to rely on Fiverr traffic.

The millions of traffic that Fiverr gets monthly is not for you alone. It is meant to be shared among the thousands of freelancers they have on their platform.

What is the probability that you will get a good chunk of that traffic to your gigs?

Of course, you can use some Fiverr SEO tactics to receive more visits to your gigs, but you should bear in mind that Fiverr algorithm for gig ranking keeps changing too and what you did today to get yourself ranked, might make you enter the second page by tomorrow.

Many top sellers on Fiverr have been hit by these algorithm changes, so you are not immune to it.

The best thing for you is to optimize your gig for Fiverr searches and in addition, get more traffic direct to your gig from outside Fiverr.

Use social media, forums and even paid ads to get more targeted traffic to your gigs.

Trust me that many business owners don’t even know about Fiverr. When you reach out to them through these platforms and let them know they can get a high quality service at a cheaper price on Fiverr, they will quickly move to it.

37% of my Fiverr revenue comes from clients who saw my gig from outside the Fiverr platform.

You can also use this tactics to make more sales and revenue even if Fiverr changes their algorithm every day.

3. Bidding early matters a lot…being 10th or down isn’t cool

On Fiverr, I’m not just a seller (freelancer), I also buy services there too. So I have had the opportunity of seeing things from both the buyer and the seller end.

When you visit the buyer request section, you will see over 20 sellers bidding on a single project.

For the buyer, they are usually overwhelmed with requests and so they end up interacting with the first 5-10 bidders. The buyer might even make a buying decision from the first or second bidder.

What this means is that if you want to increase your chances of getting the job, make sure you frequent the buyer request section and always bid on request as soon as possible so that you will be among the first five persons to bid.

That way, the buyer may see you and consider you among his options when making a buying decision.

Additionally, make sure your bidding proposal stands out with its content, else the buyer will just ignore your post and go for other bidders.

4. Your gig package is meant to hoodwink the seller to pay more

Fiverr introduced the gig packages last year and that to me is one of the best updates they have done since I joined them in 2015.

The three gig packages enable you to charge your clients higher amount for more services. It’s meant to make your buyer prefer to pay higher hoping to get more quality at lesser amount.

For example, if you offer article writing services, your basic package could be 100 word SEO article for $5. The next package would be 500 words for $15, while the third package would be 1000 words for $25.

This way, your client would think that 1000 words is the best since he will get more value (1000 words) for less ($25 instead of $50). So they will probably ignore the $5 and go for the $25.

This is how I package my gigs to make the buyer happily pay more.

Repurpose your gig packages so that your buyers see more value in paying you more.

5. You must see Fiverr as a real business

One of my most favorite business quotes is this: “if you want your business to give you full time income, then you must give it full time attention”.

If you want to make a sizeable income from Fiverr, then be ready to see and treat it like a real business.

By this, I mean that you should spend good enough time getting new customers both within and outside Fiverr platform. You should also endeavor to over-satisfy your clients by delivering quality service on time all the time.

Quality and on-time delivery will lead to your clients referring you to their friends offline….it has happened to me multiple times.

Even though, I now work less on Fiverr (I don’t drive external traffic to my gigs and I don’t even visit the buyer request section again) due to other internet businesses I’m trying to learn, I still get a considerable amount of sales and revenue from Fiverr.

Fiverr is not just a place for $5 jobs; you can make a full-time living from it if you will take time to learn more about it in addition to the lessons I just shared with you here.

If you want to learn how I did it, CLICK HERE

Good luck to you.

Sorry for quoting the whole thing lol. But I have just a question I think u can help me out with. I'm tired of being tossed around by people claiming to know stuff about fiver and at the end of the day no result.

I am a web developer/designer so I'll most likely create gigs in that category.

1. Mode of Payment. From my little experience, I know for sure that fiver only accepts PayPal as payment option. We in Nigeria, under normal circumstances can't receive money with our PayPal, now how do I counter this. I would love for you to put a brother through on how to receive money with a valid PayPal account. Setting it up and stuff.

Would really appreciate if you can put me through on this one, asked a couple of people before but all they do is take me round and round and at the end of the day leave me hanging cuz they don't know what they are doing too.

Education / Re: What Where The Biggest Lies You Were Told By Teachers In School? by Omzie(m): 7:29am On Jul 16, 2017
When I was in JS3, my Yoruba teacher then said he scored all A's in his WASSCE. He gave the impression that he didn't know jack, and did one kind of jazz. How this jazz worked was that, when he sits in the exam hall, on the top left corner of the black board, a funny looking face will appear, telling him all the answers correctly. The catch to it though was, if he laughed at how funny the face looked at any time, he would run mad for life.
LOL! People dey lie sha.

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