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Travel / Re: Finland Japa by pansophist(m): 9:04pm

Good evening boss

You think in business terms exactly like me

Please do you have knowledge about any country in Europe or South America I can penetrate the Agro industry fairly easily based on government policy

Romance / Re: Husband Shortage by pansophist(m): 9:04pm

Good evening Sir
I sent you an email, please kindly check

I responded.
Romance / Re: I Want An Educated Man Who Can Pray, Cook, Do Laundry, Loves PDA & Can ‘perform by pansophist(m): 3:09pm
Men should realize that even if they meet all these requirements, the unspoken rule is that she has to find the man attractive before inspecting if he meets these requirements.

If she finds you attractive, then you don't even have to meet all these, and it will be a yes from her, otherwise, even if you over-meet it, it will be a NO if there is no attraction.

If she continues without being attracted to him, then he won't get the best of her in the relationship. Your life will be way easier if you just pick a woman that finds you attractive.

Something just switched OFF in women if they do not find a man attractive, and that determines how crazy they will be in the relationship.


Romance / Re: Why Do Most Girls Look So Different Without Their Wig, Makeup Or Filter by pansophist(m): 2:59pm
And that's the source of female insecurities because they know they don't look how they falsely portray.

This baffled me about the shortsightedness of ladies who use excessive makeup, filters, etc. Giving a fake appearance when at the end, the person will relate with the real you, and see you for what you are.

Even worse, their requirements for men's appearance are up the roof, when in reality, the men look real, and you look fake.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin & Kim Jong-Un Drive Russian Aurus Senat Limo (Photo, Video) by pansophist(m): 7:26pm On Jun 20
When some people think of Putin, they see a powerful man who has led the world's largest country for decades.

When I think of Putin, I see a man with an incomprehensible burden that will break the average man. A powerful man who lacks the freedom to roam alone like the average Joe.

Some people are built for a difficult life, and the height of their power is just one side. Think of Mao, Stalin, Nelson Mandela, and Xi. If you flip the coin in the lives of these influential men, it is responsibilities, being misunderstood, paying heavy prices, and carrying a heavy burden so others can be free.

Salute Putin.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by pansophist(m): 10:03am On Jun 20

The bold was a topic of discussion a few weeks ago on Reddit/geopolitics. The OP asked how would Europe cope if it had a war with first-generation migrants and second generation migrants who still have ties with their homelands. Do we expect a Moroccan to die for Europe's cause? His other thought was should there be a war, most recent immigrants would flee immediately as they migrated strictly for economic purposes, not patriotic reasons.

Well, as I wrote in our thread, the migration movement in the West, especially Europe and increasingly Canada, would affect public affairs.

That reminds me.

Millions of Ukrainians moved to the EU after the war, but many of those Ukrainian women and the men who could escaped had dual nationalities. I particularly met a Nigerian guy with a Ukrainian wife, with Nigerian and Ukrainian citizenship, who escaped as a Nigerian to Poland.

It is okay to defend your newly adopted homeland, but to fight an imperialistic war, that destroyed another part of the world while ordaining itself as a beacon of peace is pure evil.

Just like Mohammed Ali, when he refused to fight for the US government in Vietnam, for conscientious reasons, not because he was a coward. Also, lots of immigrants fight for their newly adopted home country. French soldiers in Francophone countries are Africans with French citizenship

So yes, the immigrant should fight for their newly adopted home, that's why there is always a pledge of allegiance during naturalization but rather go to jail than fight an imperialistic war.

To fly a multimillion-dollar aircraft thousands of miles away, to throw missiles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, on people that earn less than 3 dollars a day, and didn't attack you, is a different level of evil.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by pansophist(m): 5:33pm On Jun 19

Pan, I want your opinion on something if you have one.

In my bed here, just tasking my imaginative mind, I’m having this suspicion or assumption that the reason why Europe and the US etc have allowed massive migration subtly is because of a possible and imminent war.

Like there’d be a need for workers, manufacturing operatives, builders and people to work on an ongoing basis or even to draft where possible when the time comes.

I perceive it could be an intentional orchestration or it’s just an inevitable immigration based on Bible prophecies of the end times.

The immigration level is unprecedented and like I know, everyone knows what they are doing so does the countries allowing the inflow.

PS - Just making things up but what do you think?

My mind have suggested the above to me before, so that is a possibility. Also, some precedents prove the above to be true. During the colonial period, most of the fighting armies of colonial empires are soldiers from their colonies.

Take China, with its 1.4B people, how can anyone dream of fighting them? so given western numerical inferiority, coupled with a dwindling birthrate, immigrants fills in the gap

I also see the migrants as an internally destabilizing force. Migrants vote in a certain way, and external forces can use them to manipulate internal policies and pressure the government. Like the recent French and Irish mass protests that led to billions of dollars of damages.

The Biafran agitation for example is an internal destabilizing force in Nigeria to pressure the government. It is in the interest of external parties to have it going on, since its. only a matter of activation.

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Agriculture / Re: Nigeria Launches GMO Maize, TELA by pansophist(m): 8:56am On Jun 19
What happened to the corn we ate before? why did the replacement?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by pansophist(m): 8:56am On Jun 19

American scientist indeed grin

Na name wey them give themselves. Make I just call am like that.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by pansophist(m): 8:51am On Jun 19
⚡Vladimir Putin arrives in victorious Vietnam tomorrow.

"The course of history cannot be stopped. There is no end to history and there never will be." — Russia FM Lavrov

Lavrov is stylishly referring to the book titled ''The End of History and the Last Man'' by the American political scientist Francis Fukuyama.

Francis argues that with the ascendancy of Western liberal democracy—which occurred after the Cold War (1945–1991) and the dissolution of the Soviet Union (1991)—humanity has reached "not just ... the passing of a particular period of post-war history, but the end of history as such: That is, the end-point of mankind's ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government."

If you need academic evidence of Western hegemony, that book is it. Every man should read it, to know the kind of world and imperialism Americans have prepared for you.

Thank God for Russia and China, evil must not win.

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Romance / Re: Imagine If Nairaland Did A Hangout And People Came by pansophist(m): 8:35am On Jun 19
Social media is not real life. The views, likes, followers and overall engagement many content creators generate online is nothing but the retention of people's boredom, which social media gives a false narrative that it is somehow valuable.

A Nigerian TikToker (@grace_Africa) with over a million followers, hosted a get-together for all her followers. She showed up at the venue, with bracelets, to welcome her fans, but not a single soul graced the event.

Before the event, many of her followers guaranteed their presence, with nice words and all the hype, but there was no attendant.

Your relationship with Nairaland should be to pass the time, write your mind, have fun, and log off. Don't take it seriously to be looking for a get-together, you have church, mosque, etc for that.

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Romance / Re: I Don't Keep Friends Anymore. Every Man For Himself by pansophist(m): 8:23am On Jun 19
bro it's not me oh. The thread made FP

The story is that the guy hungout with his friend and went out to make a call. When he came back, the friend opened his drink and poured it in a glass. So he rejected the drink

I was wondering why hangout with someone you can't trust mtcheww

Trust is not static, it is fleeting.

Because I trust you, doesn't mean you should coordinate yourself in a way that will make me suspicious of you. Let me give you an example.

Will you sleep in peace with your wife when you lift her pillow and see a sharp knife hiding under it? No matter her justification for keeping the knife there, will you believe her even if you trust her?

If she doesn't mean any harm, why is a knife under her pillow? It is the same thing with the Russia-Ukraine war. If Nato doesn't plan to destroy Russia, why bring it to Ukraine?

Trust is not like your gender, or age that is permanent and can't changed. Lots of people who died at the hands of their friends trusted them.

Most importantly, it is the responsibility of the trusted to keep acting in a way that retains that trust. You cant be angry at me for not trusting you, when your behaviors violate that trust, and make me suspicious.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by pansophist(m): 3:23pm On Jun 18

Atleast they were allowed. Can they try that in your Authoritarian coven??

Over 100 million Chinese citizens travel abroad either for business, study, or tourism, and guess what, THEY RETURNED. Chinese students in particular are known for always returning after studies and have no interest in staying back, like Africans and other Asians.

If China is an authoritarian hellhole like your darling Western media has brainwashed you to believe, explain to me why Chinese who have been outside China still choose to go back to China.

Also, explain why the Chinese government is a highly-rated government with over 95% ratings from its citizens, and it was Western institutions
(Harvard) did this research.

Perhaps you can learn to think for yourself, its the hallmark of a well-developed human.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by pansophist(m): 11:24pm On Jun 17
A summary of the full speech Russia gave one day before the peace summit in Switzerland gives an introduction to what is to come.

1. A new multilateral organization replacing the UN, WTO, ICC, Interpol, SWIFT, etc will be established. Plans and works are already in progress, and the upcoming BRIC summit later this year will confirm it.

2. A new payment system that falls outside the control of the West will be created. The new payment system will not be unilateral since it will be jointly instituted by BRICS.

3. A new global security architecture that considers the interests and security of all parties will be established. The world should not be divided into blocs and confrontation.

4. A complete pivot from the west to the east and the global south. Russia is securing its position as the pacemaker for the emergence of the global south and has completely lost interest in working with the West on an unfair basis.

5. A new security architecture for the Eurasian continent will be established, and European countries will be free to join, free from the dictate and control of external powers, such as the US through NATO.

6. Putin mourns the quality of current EU leaders, implying their puppet status to Washington, and how they were different from 19th-century leaders such as Charles de Gaulle and Helmut Kohl, who understood that prosperity in Europe means a good relationship with Russia.

7. He pointed out that the theft of Russia's funds will not go unpunished, and no matter how they twist the legal facts to claim it, it's still stealing.

8. He mentioned how the West through IMF and their sister institutions has restricted the growth and development of the global south, and how they have created barriers and rules for others to follow, which they do not practice themselves.

9. He laid out conditions for peace in Ukraine, which are the neutrality of Ukraine, the ceding of the four regions to Russia, and recognizing the minority rights of ethnic Russians.

10. He also blames NATO and the West for the conflicts, how they have broken every agreement and premise they had with the USSR and Russia, ignored the Minsk agreement to buy time to fight Russia, and how the US abandoned agreements that kept the world safe.

You might want to read the full report here, it may take you about 30 mins


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Romance / Re: Woman Confronts A Slay Queen Who Used Anal Sex To Snatch Her Husband by pansophist(m): 6:49pm On Jun 17
The woman should be having this conversation with her husband. Her husband cheated on her, and her husband has to be faithful.

The husband might have lied he is single, or whatever. And if he has five side chicks, and maybe one live Ghana, she will travel to Ghana to fight her?

What if she jam a slayqueen that is a malian without manners, them go beat her with her heartbreak.

I understand you are angry, but its necessary to still use your sense. You can be offended, cheated on, and still be guilty and locked up.

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Romance / Re: Woman Confronts Husband's Side Chick, Accuses Her Of Having Anal Sex With Husban by pansophist(m): 6:46pm On Jun 17
The woman should be having this conversation with her husband. Her husband cheated on her, and her husband has to be faithful.

The husband might have lied he is single, or whatever. And if he has five side chicks, and maybe one live Ghana, she will travel to Ghana to fight her?

What if she jam a slayqueen that is a malian without manners, them go beat her with her heartbreak.

I understand you are angry, but its necessary to still use your sense. You can be offended, cheated on, and still be guilty and locked up.
Romance / Re: How My Female Cousin Lost A Potential Suitor by pansophist(m): 6:37pm On Jun 17
The guy even tried.

So after all the insults your cousin and her sister gave him, he was still begging her to forgive him. That should have been the sign he needs to move on.

If she accepted his plea, he would be a simp in that marriage. You don't beg when you didn't do anything wrong. Otherwise, you are rewarding bad behavior, and by nature, bad behavior rewarded will punish you later. The snake you feed will bite you.

Sadly, lots of people only learn with regrets. And even more sadly, they won't ever appreciate you if they didn't suffer. They need so suffer first, get old (in her case), then she will learn.

That's her problem. Her regret is her karma, and it is sweeter when the only person to blame is yourself. She was her own village people.

Many are called, and few are chosen. Many are given sense, but few hardly use it.

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Religion / Re: Man Chooses ₦10M Over Adeboye’s Prayer (Video) by pansophist(m): 6:24pm On Jun 17
There is no place in the bible where God said you need a pastor to pray for you before he will answer it. Collect the cash, enter your room, lock yourself, kneel, and pray.

Our God is a democratic God, you can reach him directly, not through a proxy.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by pansophist(m): 10:12pm On Jun 16
they don't want to defeat Russia in the battlefield again 😂

The fear of SATAN2 is the beginning of all wisdom cool


Travel / Re: Before You Travel Abroad As An African Man by pansophist(m): 9:57pm On Jun 16
can you expatiate more on this please? with a scenario if possible, and how do you raise kids in this environment? if you as an adult is subtly made aware of your blackness, and it can sometimes be draining , how do you prepare your kids for this? and also been wealthy and physical attribute(height, fit, cute) can also be a "redemption "

My experience with what the OP described was during my time as a student. During group work, and also during internships working with other interns. So from a professional setting, I don't have it, since I run my own business and have formulated my life in ways that those nonsense have no place in it.

Then, we can all be in a group, but unbeknown to me, they share a subgroup where they do things without the awareness of those they deem undesirables.

And it's also not clear-cut racial. Their so-called clique can have a minority in it, also referred to as ''token black person'', to give it a multiracial flare, but the token minority in the group is a beech in that group. He has to lose his self-respect to fit in.

So you might also be facing disenfranchisement from the in-group black person, which may annoy you further because you may be expecting solidarity based on race. But mind you, the token person suffers, he just hides it.

As for kids, it's mostly bullying, and the above doesn't apply, but Western schools are increasingly becoming accepting and multicultural, so black kids don't feel left behind, and in many cases, black kids are novelty, and the love of the town. It is not always a bad story.

As for redemption based on physical attributes, it's a two-way thing. It can also be a source of jealousy. A short white racist guy will not treat you better because you are taller, instead, your presence will boost his insecurities.

The only redemption is not to play like I said earlier, and operate from a position of strength. So do not need anything from them, and know your turf very well. Be smart as hell. After they finish fooling themselves with their cliques, they all know that you're a boss on your own, and you only relate with them out of courtesy, not necessity.

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Romance / Re: Does Konji Also Hold Females? by pansophist(m): 9:23pm On Jun 16
If you understand female biology, you will be angry at God for not giving you a clitoris.

The sexual pleasure that things give women, I don't think a man can comprehend it, after all, he will never experience it.

That Ctoris is the single unfair sexual advantage women have over men. The orgasm that comes from that place eh? walahi its unfair.

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Romance / Re: Is This Normal!! by pansophist(m): 9:16pm On Jun 16
is kissing on the mouth that important .. I mean kissing me on the cheek or forehead would but which one be mouth ...

Btw, you just might be right..

Make I spoil your mood small

There are more bacteria in the mouth than in the anus. Yes, you heard that right. The misconception that bacteria are infested in dirty places is always not true.

Everything that goes out of your anus enters through your mouth. The tongue is the dirtiest part of a human's body.

So if you don't like kissing for health reasons, you probably are correct. And if you prefer to kiss the anus instead of the lips, you are probably healthier than those who kiss through the mouth lol grin

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Family / Re: How Do I Chase Away My Inlaws From My House by pansophist(m): 9:12pm On Jun 16
Plan a fake travel or conference together with ur wife...tell them ur family have to travel....they should have sense with this scope and fly out of ur life. Ur wife has to support u on this or else it won't work...
2nd scope is to tell them directly that, your ability to take full responsibility of the house is becoming unbearable in this hard economy that ur earnings can not support more than 2 mouths at the moment coupled with expensive baby food, that u are resorting to borrow.......If u can do this second trips... they will respect ur manliness or boldness and won't take u for granted cos they know u wont take rubbish.

3rd scope......If the above 2 don't work,,,,,,then reduce the quality of food they cook and eat drastically...This scope is a silent scope....u dont need to explain to ur wife, just cook a fake story of how u no longer have enough cash...maybe work related or project related...make ur wife believe the fake story....
E.g if they use fish for stew, cut it to only egg.....reduce soup to once a week or once in two weeks....let them eat more of beans( give them garri with the beans instead of dodo+bread) cook vegetables soup without meat, instead use Shawa fish...lol....this may cause quarell with ur wife,,,don't shy away from the quarrel, infact welcome it and use the avenue to voice out on ur wife so that everyone will hear ur complain of lack of fund and have sense.....
Economy is hard, they are using u to chop free food..... grin...u have to be smart or die in silence grin

grin grin

He should do number two. Why lie?

Tell them straight up that they are a burden on your family and they should leave. If them vex, that's their problem. Every person have a right to dump unwarranted burden as he deem fit.


Romance / Re: Is This Normal!! by pansophist(m): 9:04pm On Jun 16
I've got no fear for it. It just feels awkward and ignites no passion in me ..

All the while she was doing it .. my mind was just like "Wtf" ... She was getting intense with it, I was just there doing nothing waiting for her to finish .. I felt her tongue and this mild nausea almost engulfed me ..

Omoh French kissing go really make me puke oo ..

You don't like her, that's why.

This is common when you are horney, but not into the person in front of you. Its why prostitutes don't kiss their client. Shew will be like, ''just nack me and get out jare''. Lol


Travel / Re: Before You Travel Abroad As An African Man by pansophist(m): 9:00pm On Jun 16
For those who don't understand what the OP is saying, let me put in another way.

There is racial hierarchy the world is built upon, and most Africans who haven't left Africa don't know about it. Ngozi Chimamanda spoke about being aware she is black after she left Nigeria. She never knew it was a thing.

You might not know about it, but the world will show you where they think you belong, and it can be dehumanizing if you don't know how to navigate these terrains.

It's like how a bank manager may single out a millionaire standing in the queue, even if you all are customers. Or in a church, the big boys hang out with themselves, forming cliques.

You never thought your poverty could be used against you, after all, you didn't bother anyone with it. it's the same for race. I am black, but I didn't trouble you with my blackness, so why this treatment?

The best way to navigate such a scenario is not to play. You can only lose if you play. Just be in the group if you have to be there, but be mute, don't view their comments, mute the chat, and only respond and reply where it is NECESSARY.

Don't exit the group, to avoid giving a wrong impression, but you need to operate overtly since they are also operating overtly. You act like you don't know their game, and when they hope to catch and beat you somewhere, you are not there.

But make sure you are good at whatever you do, your competence is your redemption. Let them feel superior, or disenfranchise you from whatever, but when they are done operating in deceit, they will know deep down that you are good, and them no reach.

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Travel / Re: Advise On Tourism Visa by pansophist(m): 8:51pm On Jun 16


I happy say na you reply am. Be like say him dey eye your 2500 USD grin
Family / Re: How Do I Chase Away My Inlaws From My House Part 2 ( My Wife's Response) by pansophist(m): 8:49pm On Jun 16
This is why being straightforward pays. You might sound harsh, but people will know where you stand, and your mind will be less burdensome.

Only negotiate with someone that also has a stake, or carries equally your responsibilities.

Even if your wife starts feeding them, probably it would be from your money, and also, you are paying for the house I assume, and also, the inconveniences.

How tough are you? Can you ask them about their plans on leaving? Your questions should make them feel uncomfortable staying longer.

If they didn't give a tangible answer, then tell them to leave. Don't respect people that do not respect themselves. Any self-respecting human knows when he has overstayed his welcome. If they don't know, its not your problem.

You carry the load, and you have the right to dump the load, especially loads that does not serve you.


Romance / Re: Is This Normal!! by pansophist(m): 8:40pm On Jun 16
Silentgroper is suffering from philemaphobia. sorry


Romance / Re: Lol, I Just Found An Alternative To Beans by pansophist(m): 8:36pm On Jun 16
Haaa, that beans with a strong smell, that is used to make ofada sauce (ayamase). You get mind chop that thing in large quantity. Damn


Romance / Re: Only Stupid Girls Date Broke Boys. There Is No Loyalty In Survival. by pansophist(m): 8:32pm On Jun 16
What you wrote seems logical, but there is no wisdom in it.

If men operate on the mindset of the women you described, then there would be no more committed relationships, and at best, women will be sex objects.

Or baby factory, where a man will marry her, make babies with her, and dump her for a younger, less jaded woman. Two can play this game. Men can be cruel too.

Men's refusal to operate on the jungle law should be a testament to their virtue, not a sign of being ripe for exploitation or being a mumu.

And if a woman leaves you for a richer man, then be happy that she left.

Feel sorry for the man who has privatised a gold-digger, and if he knows about her monkey-branching and still keeps her, he is an idiot and deserves whatever she brings.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Two Indians Recruited By Russia Killed In Ukraine by pansophist(m): 8:54am On Jun 12

The west have lost any shot at truth or legitimacy. I don't believe anything from that source, and their slaves like the poster.

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Education / Re: Beautiful Picture Of University Of Nigeria Female Undergraduates In 1982 by pansophist(m): 7:51am On Jun 12

I replied you thinking your post was logical. My bad.
Social media is awesome.
It has made so many act as demigod and judges.

The egotistical nature of a Nigerian man will always manifest. Even those who depend on women for daily need.

The court is all yours kiss


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