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Foreign Affairs / Re: Biggest US Navy War Games In 40 Years To Prepare For WW3( Pics) by pansophist(m): 8:46pm On Aug 04
Everything USA does is always amazing.

Even if it's something terrible, these people will find a way to make it facinating and beautiful to see.

Greatest country in the universe.

Whats your criteria for qualifying the US as great ?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Biggest US Navy War Games In 40 Years To Prepare For WW3( Pics) by pansophist(m): 8:44pm On Aug 04
All na flex. Nothing will happen. And the world will be at peace if the USA can just accept that we live in a multilateral world, the American exceptionally and supremacy is bygone. But I don't expect them to go down without a fight though.

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Romance / Re: The Best Experience One Can Have by pansophist(m): 10:09pm On Aug 03

The only sense I can see here is your signature

You sabi read at all? I'm at your side brother. Enjoy your life.

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Romance / Re: Wow, Am In Love Again.. I No Do Redpill Again by pansophist(m): 10:07pm On Aug 03
TRP It's about understanding the rule of the game and playing like a pro. Na mgtow people no send women. What people see as TRP is what I see as common sense. If one use their God given brain and can engage in the art of deep thinking, observing, demystifying, connecting the puzzles, researching and more, then you're cruising in the level redpil folks wants you to, since it appears that most people are sheep mentally, and need to follow an ideology to navigate the world competently (eg religion) with. It's about using your sense.

If you get sense, rp knowledge will be common sense in the same way "water is wet" is common sense. Enjoy your woman jare. Anybody wey talk say make you no enjoy love, give am the middle finger. Slap am even if them carry am go far, break bottle for their head even, its allowed. cool

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Romance / Re: The Best Experience One Can Have by pansophist(m): 10:00pm On Aug 03
The madness of love is the greatest of heaven's blessings - Plato
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What's The Longest Time You Have Ever Been Jobless? by pansophist(m): 9:58pm On Aug 03
If by jobless, you means unemployed, as in, not working for someone, then its five years. If by jobless, you mean not being engage in an economical activity, then I've never been jobless. I run my business. Loss of patronage is my concern, not loss of job.


Romance / Re: Married Men Never Listen To Your Wife In Choosing Names For Your Kids by pansophist(m): 9:55pm On Aug 03
That question does not deserve an answer. It's a question devoid of reality and only serves to feed the imaginations of the person that asked it.

It's like asking don't bricklayers deserve to be rich after all their hard work?

No one deserves anything. You get what you go out to seek. So if a man goes out to seek for a good virgin woman he would find her. Whether he has slept with more women than King David and king Solomon combined is irrelevant.
If a woman goes out to seek for a virgin man she would find even if she is the worst olosho in the world.

That said.

Men and women aren't the same when it comes to virginity. Virginity in a man has never been a criteria for women when choosing a husband. But virginity in a woman has always been a criteria in a woman for men when choosing a wife(yes it has reduced somewhat in our generation).

Sometimes, silence implies agreement/conceding, hence, to avoid my response been misunderstood, I go deep the hole and clear shit up. Thanks


Religion / Re: Woman Wears Wedding Dress To Dunamis Church To Get Marital Breakthrough (Photo) by pansophist(m): 1:52pm On Aug 03

One million likes for Bible quote!

One million likes for having the cognition to understand the depth of that verse. I can increase the likes to 1 billion if you can tell what you understood from it cool

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Romance / Re: What Else Makes You Happy In A Relationship by pansophist(m): 11:00am On Aug 03

If you have been with a truly brilliant woman before, you'll undergo a kind of transformation known as sapiosexualism, that no matter how hot other women out there are, you won't feel anything if you can't connect with them on an intellectual level. Your Hot circuit will be seamlessly woven with your cognition, you'll have to be Hot mentally first before it happens down there. Now imagine been sophisticated enough to nack a woman in the calibre of Chimamanda, you will hardly go back to any low again. A brilliant woman is the one I can enjoy the simple things of life with like cooking together, holding hands in the rain, can strike a deep conversation with and in the next minute, play like a child.

A woman that can carry her own weight (worked on her insecurity, is contended, takes good care of herself, is feminine, a supporter, and more), without burdening me with the job to repair, or navigate through manipulations and insecurity. Imagine coming home from work, she knows you are tired, and will be going to play football with the boys in a few hours' time. And has arranged your boots, jerseys, water bottle, with intermediary meals in between match and a warm welcome. In a nutshell, a woman that her definition of good life and fun is not tied to materialism, because a good life is not materialistic life, but materialism aids a good life. To me, that's fun. Has nothing to do with sex.

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Celebrities / Re: Lucy Edet Rocks Sexy Swimwear (Photos) by pansophist(m): 10:51am On Aug 03
Beautiful, but again, hope she is matured enough to exit her fantasy land. Many of these women that upload sexually provocative pictures online live under the impression that there are dozens of wealthy men out there that will bombard her dm asking her out. Even if it may be true, they will probably just want to ejaculate and evacuate. No man that is worth his salt will wife a lady that her semi-nudes plasters all around the internet. I mean, why do you need to show a stranger your bikini? why?

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Religion / Re: Woman Wears Wedding Dress To Dunamis Church To Get Marital Breakthrough (Photo) by pansophist(m): 9:56am On Aug 03
She went too far. May her God grant her heart desires. I also hope that she doesn't have a ridiculous list of requirements she want from a man, because that is the reason why lots of women won't marry. I've been asked by some women to match make them with some good guys that I know.

One lady in the UK asked me to match make her with a good man. I sent her the Instagram handle of a single, God fearing friend that is a medical doctor at a leading research hospital at erasmus, she just rejected him instantly by mere pictures, without actually getting to talk and know him.

Her reasons was that he is short, and doesn't seems like he earns enough. I was shocked. This is a guy that is very low key, extremely brilliant and the few Nigerians I know doing extremely well with lots of white folks under him, and forking wealthy. And on what planet is 177cm short? At her age, you'll expect she has passed this fickle requirements but no, and that's the exact reason why lots of women won't marry. I guess a man must put lamborghini on insta before he is man enough to some women.

Lots of people will not find the lord ( lord" meaning the desires of their heart) because they refuse to look at places they consider beneath them. 1st kings chapter 19:11-13. That verse holds the answer to what most people seek.

11 The Lord said, “Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord, for the Lord is about to pass by.”

Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. 12. After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper from beneath. 13. When Elijah heard it, he pulled his cloak over his face and went out and stood at the mouth of the cave. Then a voice said to him, “What are you doing here, Elijah

Like most people, they believe they need to go to shiloh, pray on the mountain, slay on Instagram and so forth, but what you're actually looking for is around and even place you consider to be low. The cashier, the banker, choir master, your classmate, the guy that is boring but asking you out. In many cases, we mistakenly and egoistically filter these people away from our radar, and that is why we suffer. Don't be like Elijah that was searching for God in the mountain, but look around you. He is there. Goodluck to her.

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Romance / Re: Married Men Never Listen To Your Wife In Choosing Names For Your Kids by pansophist(m): 6:18pm On Aug 02
Do alpha males who have sampled all types of women deserve a virgin?Who will they leave the ones they've sampled for?

1. Do promiscuous women who have sampled lots of deeks and embezzled lots of cash deserve a good man? Who they leave the men they have used for? The answer to this question is the answer to your question, and if you can't answer it, then I don't have an answer for your question lol.

2. Also, the assumption that a man who wants to marry a virgin is a forkboy is wrong. Don't confuse a good/alpha man with a forkboy. An alpha man can be a forkboy, but a forkboy is not an alpha. And most men are not forking okay? What we have is a case where a few men are rotating most women. Most men in Nigeria are broke, or at least not rich enough, So they stay celibate or /and periodically patronise runs girl. This is not the same for women, and you know it.

3. Most importantly, you don't put women and men in the same box when it comes to the access to sex. Deeks for women are everywhere, it's like air. A woman just have to do nothing and there are armies of men in line waiting to bang her if she loose guard. There is nothing virtuous about a man that is not forking but there is something virtuous about a woman that is not.

So it in incumbent on women to close their legs. Just as it is incumbent on men to guard their wallet. Any man that allows easy access to his wallet by women is an idiot, and any woman that allows easy access to her sugar walls is promiscuous. Women target cash, and men target yansh. Is it clear now?

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Romance / Re: My Experience As A Rich Young Guy. by pansophist(m): 3:23am On Aug 02
There is something called "the hedonic treadmill", also known as hedonic adaptation, is the observed tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite major positive or negative events or life changes. It is not a coincidence that rich countries have the most depressed and suicidal people.

So what you're experiencing is well known in psychology. Even if I give you a billion dollars today, maximum in a week time, you'll resume to your usual emotional state, and sad if provoked. The billion dollars will just be a memory thing because last last, you're first of all, human. Happiness is in the individual, and not tied to material possession.

I'll advice that you should start buying experiences, only then you'll live an even more fulfilled life. I've hiked on mountains, I've ran a marathon, I learnt Slovak and communicated with lots of Slovak people that haven't seen a black person before, travel to far places where I felt like like zoo animal, and people touching my skin and hair, volunteered in old people home and hear their stories, and more that I don't want to write on a public forum.

You'll enjoy life this way more. Sleeping with lots of girls, buying material things are momentary and won't last you a life time. When I check my pictures library about things I've done, I feel joy and relive those moments everytime. And guess what? I'm still doing more and having more experiences.

Also, help people. That's where the joy of life truly is. You'll sleep better, and put more good into the world. It is only after people have made lots of money, they then realise it is not the answer. Of course I'm not advocating for poverty, but a reasonable amount that makes you live a decent life is okay. Start living, not buying. I hope more young people reach this level that you've reached, it's a peaceful place.


Romance / Re: Married Men Never Listen To Your Wife In Choosing Names For Your Kids by pansophist(m): 3:04am On Aug 02
Now you see why society value virginity in women, and why true alpha males goes for virgin? Make I no talk much, because that's a huge can of worms ill disseminate as times goes on.

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Romance / Re: My Pastor Told Me Not To Marry Her by pansophist(m): 2:53am On Aug 02
Your pastor is an idiot, because true pastors will not look down on a girl because she is not a graduate. Also, true pastors will advice but let you make your choice in partner, not impose his choice on you. Also, why on earth will another man determine the woman you should marry ? Where is your balls bro?

The only reason why I'll tell you not to marry your hairdresser girlfriend whom you love will be because you're not man enough for her, because such women are meant for real men who knows their value. Men that are not fickle and impressionable by idiotic pastors. You just described the characteristics of a wife material, a hardworking girl that spent her prime with you, and have passed the test of virtue which most girl will fail at.

Dont disappoint that girl. Lots of men out there have only one problem, and it is that they left a good woman that was loyal to them from day one. It is after you lost her, and spend the next five to ten years jumping from one meaningless relationship to the other with women that gives you headache and see you as nothing but a cash cow, you'll now appreciate the gift of heaven, and also hate your pastor for letting you broke off with heaven's blessing.

Don't leave her, marry her and give your pastor the middle finger. And stop going to his church. Man up abeg. I dislike seeing these kinds of topics, makes me feel like men have lost their masculinity.

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Romance / Re: What Made You Realize Life's Not Fair ? by pansophist(m): 2:42am On Aug 02
What made me realise life is not fair is that what determines if you'll have a good life is largely to an exaggerated degree, beyond your control. Now imagine a short man born to an even shorter uneducated poor parents in the core North, ravaged by boko haram. All his life will most likely be plagued with misery just by the mere accident of birth a cirxumstsnce he can not influence or have control over.

Now imagine an attractive looking man born to a wealthy business man in Australia, and has all the best life has to offer. He didn't do anything special, but things outside his control amalgamated to usher his life experience in the most fulfilling way, that suffering will be unknown to him. He will keep prospering effortlessly, while the short poor man Will keep suffering helplessly.

That's the story of life. A sad one indeed.

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Romance / Re: Looking For A Girl For Sexual Encounters by pansophist(m): 2:30am On Aug 02
For you to write this simply shows that you really do not know how women think. What you wrote is like a woman saying that she is looking for men that lives close by for financial engagement, of which the man will be the spender of course. grin

I'll even go further. See my guy, women knows that most men are sexually frustrated. They know that fact well. So for a woman reading this, in her head, it is nothing but a rant of a sexually frustrated male that should be avoided, and most likely broke too, the kind she should stay away from. Because for this Naija, it is impossible to be wealthy and be sexually frustrated. No matter how ugly you are, it is one of the cheapest place to fork.

I can bet my life that any message you receive will be from scammers preying on your desperation. Because no man worth sleeping with will expose his phone number publicly, and not be selective about the kind of woman he forks. So my guy, change strategy. This one no be am. At all.


Foreign Affairs / Re: China Stages Massive ‘taiwan Invasion’ Drills(Pix, Video) by pansophist(m): 8:39am On Jul 30

Bro, what is ICBM? I am really following the conversation.

Inter continental ballistic missles grin


Foreign Affairs / Re: China Stages Massive ‘taiwan Invasion’ Drills(Pix, Video) by pansophist(m): 11:42pm On Jul 29

story, keeping shouting brainwashed negro as if you know any better grin grin grin
none and i mean NONE can still match the US military and her allies till date, its not about launching 1st 2nd 3rd and 18th ballistic nuclear brouhaha as you mention as if you know with evidence...

US is still the UNO with regards to military, and what you just need is to test snd see....
not by noise making, and writing meaninglessly

True, but it is like saying because a Tiger is the most strongest and ferocious of the big cat means a crocodile cant defeat it. There are lots of determining factors. As I see it, if the USA takes on China on its home turf, then they will lose. If China takes on the USA even anywhere in North America, China will lose. Also, the Chinese military doctrine is defensive by nature, while the American is offensive. So China will never be so stupid as to fight the US outside its home region.

Regardless, as far as I am concern, the Chinese planned so long for this day patiently, and I strongly believe that the prime war advantages are on their side.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: China Stages Massive ‘taiwan Invasion’ Drills(Pix, Video) by pansophist(m): 11:33pm On Jul 29
truly illiteracy and ignorance is a dieses! Guy you posses the both!
The atomic bomb used in Japan was classified unheard of, unknown to Germany , Russia and even 89% of Americans didn't know it existed until that D day.

Forget Russia and her noisy display lately, there are so many classified American weapons that are unheard of. It would never be heard of until they day they use it on your big head. grin

And you think Russia and China also do not have classifies weapons ?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: China Stages Massive ‘taiwan Invasion’ Drills(Pix, Video) by pansophist(m): 11:31pm On Jul 29
China and Yankee go still fight last last. US cannot stand the idea that China will become the no 1 economy and it is unavoidable

And what's even worse? India would be next. Largest economy within the next decade, making USA dripping to the third. I'm watching to see how the white man's ego will take it grin


Foreign Affairs / Re: China Stages Massive ‘taiwan Invasion’ Drills(Pix, Video) by pansophist(m): 10:54pm On Jul 29
I just dey pity China grin
Even Putin wey dey try impress Russians know say America no be him papa agemate.
You'll never see America doing this kind, anyways them chinks are just showing Dutch courage.

The weaponry America will employ against them is still classified, no be everybody get the info.

Do your research, the whole Europe would've been a German colony if not for the US. France and the Britain are still grateful till today.

Ordinary China wey Japan invade, war is not won by numbers, Hannibal had fewer men but he almost conquered Rome.

Besides the US has Bases, submarines and aircraft carriers in their backyard whilst none of them have any Ally or base near the north American Continent.

ICBM's automatically renders any bases, aircraft carriers, submarines utterly useless. Ordinary North Korea, Americans dare not fight, I mean they just left Afghanistan weeks ago after wasting trillions of dollars, and you believe they will defeat China? Why do you also think China do not have its own secret weapons?


Family / Re: My Marriage Has Finally Crashed! by pansophist(m): 1:40pm On Jul 29

if you have to 'threaten' your spouse with divorce so that she does not misbehave then you have gotten married to the wrong person.

I didn't say that. Thanks for your correspondence.

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Family / Re: My Marriage Has Finally Crashed! by pansophist(m): 1:13pm On Jul 29

Wait a moment! Do people no longer promise 'till death do us part' when they get married? What's the essence of marriage if you need to remind her that you will leave?

Read my response to Tutu82. kiss

Furthermore, for better for worse is not biblical. There are religious, cultural, legal and ethical conditions for divorce. So you'll expect a man/woman to stay with a serial cheater or/and a violent partner because of "for better for worse"? Don't do that.

Your life is more important than marriage. And if a partner feel secured that you should accept their inhumanity under "for better for worse", then that should be more reason why you should dump them and move on. Enjoy marriage, don't endure it.

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Family / Re: My Marriage Has Finally Crashed! by pansophist(m): 1:08pm On Jul 29

I for one am not conversant with how a total * acts but it makes sense to contribute to a discourse without labelling and/or insulting people.Marriage is hard work and not for people who claim to have “options” and words like tolerate make it sound like he is a prize and she is not.partners help carry each other’s weight which is the first thing you learn on the counselling course some eventually cannot work and that is okay .We all were born of women and i believe non are female dogs to be called bitches be respectful to people.

I said "if" she acted like a b!tch, I didn't call her a bitch, two different things. You're trying so hard (although futile) to narrow the interpretation of my comment and put it in a negative light. And yes, he is the prize. If someone is with a low-quality partner, then the high-quality person (be it male or female) is the prize.

If in spite of her shortcoming, she refuses to change (which was implied by the op) and still wants the innocent man to still be with her because of one thing called "for better for worse", then she should be divorced. Marriage should be enjoyed not endured. True, partners carry each other's weight, but some weights are too heavy and should not even be carried at all. I'll give you examples.

If he beats her regularly, if she doesn't respect him, if he doesn't provide even when he is very capable, if he/she is a cheat, then divorce and move on. The weight that can be tolerated is if the person is trying hard to change it, after acknowledging their fault. Please read to understand, and don't narrow my stance negatively.


Family / Re: My Marriage Has Finally Crashed! by pansophist(m): 12:28pm On Jul 29

Before I used to berate redpillers but I come to realize they are talking facts

The worst that can happen to a man is married to a woman that you cater for everything but she doesn't appreciate it but rather makes everything miserable for you

Instant divorce. cool

Women's madness is limited when she knows well that you won't tolerate, and even leave if she continues. Lots of men really do not value their contribution in a marriage, hence a woman is assured that he will stay even if she act like a total b!tch. Nothing, I mean nothing puts a woman in check when she knows well that her man has options and will leave when she starts being mad.

Op, you did well. Your peace of mind is better should be above all things. If she can't carry her own weight (by keeping her emotions in check and just be a good person), then you must not carry it for her. Infact you insult yourself if you do.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Vladimir Putin Boasts He Can Hit Enemies With An Unpreventable Strike(pics) by pansophist(m): 10:29pm On Jul 28
I agree that it's possible for corruption to be shifted down to federating units. But in Nigeria for example would it not be much easier to fight corruption at the federating units because tribalism and religion would have been removed?

In the federating structure which I'm advocating, all the ethnic groups that make up Nigeria would have sovereignty over it's land and peoples.

Take the Igbos for example. It would be easy to persecute corrupt leaders because they can't hide under tribe or religion.

In the federating structure that I'm advocating, the federating units don't rely on other federating units.

So if the northern leaders refuse to develop their own federating units their failure can't be passed to other federating units.

Unitary system has its advantages. But in the case of Nigeria it can't work. Why? Because Nigeria is a heterogeneous country, with different ethnic groups, different religions, different ways of thinking, different languages.

See Buhari a Fulani man for example. In the Fulani way of thinking, cows are as important as human beings. Now we have a Fulani president now imposing that way of thinking on the rest of the ethnic groups. He is fighting for his own tribe. Naturally there would be resistance.

I have always stated that Nigeria needs to find a system of governance that is suitable to a heterogeneous country like ours.

Over the years it has been clear the unitary system is not working.

It's time to allow each tribe that make up Nigeria to have sovereignty over it's land and peoples.

The federating units that develops its people would enjoy it, the federating units that refuse to develop its people would suffer for it.

In fact I believe it would be difficult for corruption and underdevelopment to happen in a restructured Nigeria, because the govt is closer to the people and the people would be watching the govt very closely.

Imagine if the ijaw people had power over their oil, do you think the level of poverty in Ijaw land would be as it is? They would have probably chased away any of their leaders that would want to try nonsense.

Imagine if the Tiv and Idoma people have power over their security, do you think Fulani herdsmen would turn Benue State into a killing field?

China is far more multi ethnic, multi cultural, multi religious and multi everything than Nigeria, with over x7 of the Nigerian population, and still, it has a central government. Nigeria is dysfunctional because of leadership, not because a Fulani/Igbo/Yoruba man is on power. If it is about tribe, then how would you explain equally single ethnic African countries that are even worse off than Nigeria economically? It's about leadership.

So far, my point stands. Before we must move forward as a country, we have to look within ourselves and go back to the basics, and to a political system that is indigenous and will work us, and democracy is not it. By a long stretch. Even the so called democratical countries are not democratic de facto. America catapulting its democracy to far flung region of the world is structural a corpotocratic country lol.
Romance / Re: I Have Lost Interest In People In General: Anyone Ever Experienced This? by pansophist(m): 4:03pm On Jul 28
Why are you like this? You're making laugh inside toilet.
Go and wait at national theatre grin grin grin grin

There are people that their only usefulness is to be duped, and be the sacrificial lamb for others to be successful and I say this seriously. As far back as I can remember, I've got lots and lots of request by people in Nigeria that I should help them process admission and visa to go to the west.

Everytime I tell them how to do it themselves, they just refuse to go through that process and want me to do it. Infact they are even willing to pay and submit themselves to be duped, but its only few individual out there that will not take that chance. No matter how I explain, do the research and tell them what they have to do, they just refuse. They just want to drop money, and let others take care of the rest for them.

Same with people who are victims of pastors, I mean, there is no place in the bible where God said that you must go through a pastor before he will answer your prayer. All you have to do is knee down and pray to him. But no, they prefer to give hundreds of thousands of pastors to help them pray. I don't get that logic really. I can go on and on, but all these experiences makes me to be convinced that lot of people usefulness is to be scammed. They are braindead.

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Politics / Re: Masquerade Kneels, Begs Buhari To Free Nnamdi Kanu (Pix, Video) by pansophist(m): 3:48pm On Jul 28
Does the Nigerian constitution permit the president to pardon an individual just like Gowon did to Ojukwu?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Vladimir Putin Boasts He Can Hit Enemies With An Unpreventable Strike(pics) by pansophist(m): 3:46pm On Jul 28
You made good points on the reasons why you would Xi Jinping over Vladimir Putin.
But I would like to correct some impressions you might have regarding the 2 of them.

You are right that Xi is a leader and Putin is a ruler.

However, Putin is a ruler out of necessity or you might say because that is how the Russian system works. The Chinese system of government is different from the Russian system of government.

From what I have read on Quora, on the way Russia operates, it looks like Russians prefer a strong man leader(Tsar). A Tsar is like a monarch with supreme authority.

Before Putin, Russia had Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, another strong man ruler. It was Yeltsin that brought in Putin. Again, that is how the Russian system works.

Another thing about Russia are the Oligarchs. Who are they? They are the businessmen of the defunct USSR who rapidly accumulated wealth as the USSR was collapsing and privatisation of USSR assets was happening.
They are very powerful. Sorry. EXTREMELY POWERFUL. Putin has been playing a delicate game with the oligarchs. So even though Russia has an abundance natural Putin can't really do as he pleases.
However, even with the constraints Putin has improved Russia. Remember, also that your favourite uncle, Uncle Sam has been imposing serious sanctions on Russia which affects its economy.

The Chinese system is totally different. You are right, Xi had to work from the grassroots up to become the president of China.
However, the choice was between Xi and Bo Xilai. But Bo Xilai had problems that prevented him from being selected to be the president of China.
You actually made a "little technical" mistake in saying that the Chinese people 97% of them support Xi Jingping. Technically, that is not correct. The Chinese people support the CCP(Chinese Communist Party) of which Xi Jinping is the general secretary. In China the CCP is supreme no one is bigger than the party, just ask Jack Ma.
So tomorrow if Xi is no longer president of China and general secretary of the CCP, would the CCP still have a high approval rating? Yes.

Lol. I strongly disagree with you that if Nigeria had someone like Xi Nigeria would be transformed. You see, Xi would fail in the Nigerian system. In the Chinese system Xi has absolute power, he can bring billionaires(see Jack Ma) to their knees if need be. He has control over the lives of all Chinese citizens. The CCP operates with one mind.

In Nigeria with this our current system if it is not tribalism, it is religion, if it is not nepotism it is chop i chop.

This goes to the heart of what I have been shouting about for sometime here. Our current system of governance is not working for us. We need to change it by restructuring and putting power in the hands of the federating units. Even if you bring George Washington, Obama, Abraham Lincoln they would all fail.

The Chinese have a system of government that is working for them, bear in mind that there is no freedom of speech, you can't criticise the CCP, but it works for them.

We Nigeria need to find a system that would work for us.

Democracy na scam(especially in Nigeria and Africa) I am glad that more people are opening their eyes to it

An unpopular opinion that I have. I believe that the current unitary system is a good system to change Nigeria for the better, before it would be restructuring. I'll explain.

The problem associated with confederation (restructuring) is that the corruption is shifted down to each structure (eg The North might ended up being plagued with poverty, while effectively becoming a burden to the other structures in the south). With a unitary system that have a strong central government, this problem will hardly exist and even if it does, the central government have the power to reach every square each of its territory to deal with corruption. Also to harness the potential of the country in the masterplan.

Take russia for example, as huge as that country is, it is only the Moscow Oblast and the North Western District (Saint petersburg) that is well developed, while other regions are left to rot. Even though Putin is the president, his power is limited, and true power rest in the hands of the President of each oblast.

So in a nutshell, a restructure federating unit is effective when all regions are well-developed, but for an underdeveloped,  multi-ethnic, multi-religious country like Nigeria, a strong central government will do, but only if it truly have the interest of the people like the Chinese. What do you think ?

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Politics / Re: How FG Is Treating IPOB Vs Killer Herdsmen & Bandits - Vanguard Editorial by pansophist(m): 12:01pm On Jul 28
Bandits, herdsmen, buhari government are all like the vegetable components that makes up a salad. They are all one, indulged in an orgy deceiving Nigerians. One have to be really daft not to see it for what it is.

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Romance / Re: I Have Lost Interest In People In General: Anyone Ever Experienced This? by pansophist(m): 1:15am On Jul 28

This here is apt...you can't respect people who do not have a mind of their own, or people that are devoid of good judgement...if you look at the Nigerian situation, you will see most of the people are quite low in thinking.

There are some businesses I see going on in Nigeria and I wonder how people could be so dumb to patronise. The issue of lots of women voluntarily enslaving themselves to pastor who tell them fearful stories and milk their hard earned money on a regular basis. How about the crystal service Canadian immigration scam that happened few years ago, where the scammer duped thousands of people hundreds of thousand of naira, and ask them all to go wait at national theatre, that the chatrered aeroplane moving them all to Canada is taking off from there, and people gathered with their luggages in national theatre that day waiting for plane, and even worse, many of the victims have master degrees, phds, and are graduates, parents and people you would respect.

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