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Politics / Re: Dr. Uche Ogah's Quest For Governorship : A Huge Deceit by papaejima1: 8:16pm On Jun 03, 2019
Politics / Re: Aba Flooded... People Paying #150 To Be Carried On Back Across The Flood Waters by papaejima1: 4:06pm On Apr 23, 2019
You mean Aba people now Stock humans?
Politics / Re: Kadaria Ahmed: "Abdulaziz Yari Is A Hopeless Governor" by papaejima1: 11:47pm On Apr 06, 2019
You are calling on Buhari to declare a state of emergency in Zamfara when even Masari Katsina state Governor says he himself is not safe in Buhari's own state.

It's like you guys are just waking up to the fact that Bubu is a complete incompetent nincompoop


Politics / Re: Kadaria Ahmed: "Abdulaziz Yari Is A Hopeless Governor" by papaejima1: 11:45pm On Apr 06, 2019
Na now day dey break for una eyes abi?

Kadaria dear, sorry it is already nightfall, but we must still tell you Goodmorning.

Na when person wake be him morning nah


Travel / Re: Reason Commercial Airplanes Dont Have Parachutes Onboard For Passengers(Pics) by papaejima1: 10:12am On Mar 19, 2019

I do like your reasoning..... and really wherever someone ends up they can be located by GPS...that shouldn't be an issue. Now the part quoted... that's where the whole parachute thing would not be effective. Parachutes for individuals...or for the entire cabin section (which I like better)... need to be deployed at a certain height. Since planes usually go into distress during take off and landing...they will not be at the height for parachutes to be effective.
I was going to make the point that passengers bailing out at 30K to 38K feet will have breathing, pressure, hypothermia problems...but like you said... emergencies will not require a bailout at such heights. But then.... parachutes for the fat ones?...babies?...how will that work? More reasons why I'll prefer the cabin option...but.... all this be NL armchair brainstorming!

Parachutes can carry any human weight bro, fat, slim, adult or baby. I am yet to see any human weighing more than 300kg. Better a broken limb than dead.
Remember that the device is automatic and does not need human input to activate and deploy, so if anyone can wear it and get off the plane, the system takes over and guarantees some chance of survival as against the other option of fields strewn with charred bodies and luggage.

Much as this is a concept, more thought can be put into it to refine it.

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Travel / Re: Reason Commercial Airplanes Dont Have Parachutes Onboard For Passengers(Pics) by papaejima1: 8:22pm On Mar 17, 2019
Pls tell me we were friends but I never noticed

I enjoy Me in other guys.

Let's hook up bro

Lol. I'm game bro.
Travel / Re: Reason Commercial Airplanes Dont Have Parachutes Onboard For Passengers(Pics) by papaejima1: 8:00pm On Mar 17, 2019

Last resort how?

Did you read the parachuting is pre-planned?

They plan when, where, and how they jump before going airborne.

There is max speed/height when parachuting and this can only happen when a plane is in a good or normal working condition.

To have a plane where passenger can jump, there must be ramp at the back just like the military and cargo planes.

When there's emergency at about 30,000ft, then the crew will ask all passengers, over 200 to pick up their parachutes/gears including passengers with toddlers/babies, and the old.

After that, they will ask them to be on a single file and move to the rear end of the plane.

Then they start jumping, where's the landing sport? Ocean, Desert, Jungle, thousands of miles to civilization.

Think about rescue operation, picking up over 200 people scattered in the sea, desert or jungle.

There's nothing too difficult implementing a parachute system within commercial airlines. All these excuses you hear are just what they are, excuses! And it all boils down to economy.

Now let me explain.
Every aircraft seat is already a flotation device in case of a crash into the sea. In the event of an emergency, oxygen masks automatically drop for passengers to use too. Now, to get this system to work, a parachute is installed at the bottom of the seat complete with altimeter, a beacon and barometer which automatically connect to a GPS satellite.

The plane has a cargo hold which can be modified to act as a slide ramp or escape chute.

When the emergency arises, the time passengers take to wear oxygen masks can also be used to strap on the extra shoulder harnesses that indirectly acts as seat belts. The floor is opened from within the craft to connect the cargo hold, and the external chute is opened. Each passenger slides into the hold and out the chute. The altimeter, barometer and beacon are automatically activated by the pilot from the cockpit before the evacuation.

The parachute deploys automatically at the right altitude based on GPS readings.

The passengers need not even know a thing about controlling it. They simply land safely, that's all that matters, then search and rescue home in on their beacons to locate them.

Even if they fall into the sea, the flotation devise still keeps them afloat until rescue comes.

This is just one scenario. I could give you more based on dedicated escape pods that can carry 10 persons apiece. The important thing isn't the cost, it is to save lives. The dead count no costs.

Also, the argument about height/altitude is nonsense. Aircrafts don't crash at 30,000 feet! They crash on the ground! Every aircraft must fall to a safe altitude for people to jump out before getting to the ground no matter how high it flies.

It is simple to offer it as an option, just like you do for first class and business class etc. Or A/C and Non A/C buses in road transport. Those who want can take such aircrafts, those who don't want can fly normal if they so desire.

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Politics / Re: Ikpeazu Shares Kerosene To Abians (Pics) by papaejima1: 11:38am On Mar 07, 2019
The mofo doesn't even know Ikpeazu if the man in the photo is who he is referring to as Ikpeazu
Politics / Re: Okechukwu Ibeanu, Not Amina Zakari Is Chairman INEC Logistics Committee by papaejima1: 9:43pm On Feb 16, 2019
And why is Buhari considering sacking Mahmood Yakubu and replacing him with Amina Zakari?


Politics / Re: 2019 Election Will Hold After 6 Days. I See Postponement by papaejima1: 11:41am On Feb 16, 2019
The prediction has come to pass.
Election postponed.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Army Launches Armored Fighting Vehicles, Nigerians React (Photos) by papaejima1: 7:06pm On Jan 27, 2019
Same vehicles they will gift BH with when the terrorists come calling?

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Army Launches Armored Fighting Vehicles, Nigerians React (Photos) by papaejima1: 7:01pm On Jan 27, 2019
Tomorrow we will see them pushing them to start


Travel / Re: Travelers Sleep By Roadside At Abuja Airport As Staff Push Them Out by papaejima1: 1:39pm On Dec 25, 2018
The worst thing that can happen to a nation is for the people to lack the ability to change their leaders

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Politics / Re: Rivers Law Maker Who Called President Buhari A Lair Exposed by papaejima1: 1:37am On Dec 24, 2018
Yea, like the completed Ogwashi-ukwu dam.
Buhari tells the truth 10 times before waking up.

Hon. Chinda (PDP, Rivers) booed Nigeria's President Buhari during his budget presentation yesterday. He yelled 'lies' when the president said "we have started work on the long-neglected Bodo - Bonny Bridge to connect these long separated communities."

I noticed that the President stared down at the lawmaker, himself a former activist. I became curious as a reporter, knowing one of them must be saying the truth.

Today, I got two longtime friends and comrades Fyneface Fyneface and AkpoBari Celestine who come from Ogoni (the axis of the country where the road/bridge is located) to fact-check the claim. The two of them told me Mr President was telling the truth and Chinda was playing politics. The two of them said Julius Berger is handling the work and that work is ongoing.

Now, I see this as a very irresponsible politics. I wonder how Chinda's constituents would feel watching him behaving that way -- especially when he was the one lying! Our public officials should learn to draw a line between politics and governance. I am disappointed with Chinda and all his ilk!

Culled from Segun Odunuyi

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Joe Wilson Called Obama A Liar, What Happened After by papaejima1: 10:36am On Dec 20, 2018

This is a teaching moment for Nigeria and Nigerians in general. We copied democracy from America, but we practice democracy upside down.

Republicans and Democrats in America don't tolerate such disrespect and assault on the presidency, especially @ Congress.

The lawmaker was made to apologize to the president and to the general public.

The NASS leadership should have forced the lawmakers involved to apologize to the president or they themselves apologize on behalf of their members and their own failure to control their own NASS.

The American government too does not disobey court judgements and flout the rule of law

You reap what you sow. He sowed lawlessness and misbehavior, so he is reaping it in quantum values.
Travel / Re: This Is The Major Reason Why Pilots Dump Fuel Before Landing. (PHOTOS) by papaejima1: 10:24am On Nov 16, 2018
Ignorance is really a disease.
When I wa younger, anytime I see that whitish clouds from an airplane, I always thought it was a jet moving very fast.
Thank bro for enlightenment
Bros, those white trails behind the aircraft is not fuel being dumped!
OP has little knowledge of what he is saying.
They are called Contrails. Google it up and get better informed
Fuel is just an insignificant part of the whole contrail process
Politics / Ogundamisi's Time Magazine Interview by papaejima1: 12:08pm On Nov 14, 2018


Friday, October 27, 2000

Will Ethnic Violence Tear Nigeria Apart?

An exclusive interview with Kayode Ogundamisi, national secretary of
the Odua People's Congress

Since President Olusegun Obasanjo came to power in May 1999 as the
country's first democratically elected leader in more than 15 years,
thousands have been killed in clashes between Nigeria's main ethnic
groups. The problem has been exacerbated by the re-introduction of
Islamic Shari'a law in the predominately Muslim north and calls by
many groups for greater autonomy within the federation. Violence
flared this month in the commercial capital Lagos, where more than 100
people were killed in clashes between Yoruba nationalists from the
south and Hausa from the north.

President Obasanjo says he is working to end the violence. He blames
recent problems on the Odua People's Congress, a fast growing
"cultural and social group" representing Yoruba interests. Police
recently arrested the group's mild mannered leader Frederic Fasheun, a
physician, and 41 other members, charging them with murder, illegal
possession of arms, and arson. TIME's Nairobi bureau chief Simon
Robinson talked with OPC national secretary Kayode Ogundamisi, who
escaped police custody at Lagos airport before flying to the Kenyan
capital via Ivory Coast. "People haven't heard our side of the story,"
says Ogundamisi. "They're just spreading rumors that we are a
terrorist group and that we are just rag-tags in the streets."


TIME: How did the latest violence begin?

Ogundamisi: The state of insecurity in Lagos has become alarming.
Armed robbers have taken over the state. The police are corrupt and
inefficient. You call the police and they never turn up. So OPC
members have formed vigilante groups. The landlords now have to rely
on the OPC to protect them. But because of the viciousness of these
robbers we see some vigilantes lynch them when they catch them.
Because in most cases when they hand them over to the police, the
police will give them the names of the vigilantes and the armed
robbers will unleash terror on those vigilante groups.

We now have cases where if you pick a Hausa man and you mete out the
same thing you mete out to a Yoruba man, because of the ethnic problem
on the ground, the Hausa community will see it as an attack on the
entire race. This latest case was caused in that way. OPC cadres were
on patrol [in a poor suburb of Lagos] and got a Hausa man with arms
and ammunition. They took him to a Bale [a traditional leader] but the
Hausa got angry and launched an attack. It was not just OPC then. It
became Yoruba against Hausa. It went on for three days. I personally
counted more than 150 bodies. It would have become more than what it
was but we went around other zones and told the Yoruba not to get
involved and calmed our own people down. But the government just
announced that the OPC was the guilty party. And when they sent in the
military, which is dominated by northerners, if you had tribal marks
you were attacked and you started having extra-judicial killings. The
government declared the OPC a violent organization so we went
underground ... They arrested over 40 Yoruba but not one single Hausa.

TIME: Where are the other OPC members?

Ogundamisi: I took 150 with me to Benin where they are hiding out. The
Nigerian government wants to get the leadership, the articulate ones,
so they can paint who's left as hoodlums.

TIME: What will you do when your Kenyan visa expires?

Ogundamisi: I'm going to the Netherlands to hold a press conference on
the same day Fasheun appears in court. We want to let the world know
what the OPC is about. We want to save Nigeria from self-destruction.
So if we do have to take any action, people will understand that, oh,
these people have been pushed to the wall.

TIME: Is the OPC finished as a force?

Ogundamisi: The government thinks it has cut off the head of the OPC.
But there's a new dimension to it: we have formed OPC International. We
had a meeting at the University of Nairobi. Yoruba living in the
Diaspora are advised to come together and take this on. Because if the
world does not know what we actually stand for the government will
paint us as killers. But the OPC is still very much on the ground. I'm
keeping in touch with the cadres via e-mail. I'm telling them not to
act now, just to keep a low profile.

TIME: How many men have you trained to fight for the Yoruba cause?

Ogundamisi: The OPC is nothing less than 4 million people. We have
trained about 75,000 to resist state oppression. We could launch an
attack but that should be the last option. We're getting towards that
now, though. The government cannot continue to kill a race. In a
situation whereby two people have a problem and you keep clamping on
one race it becomes ethnic genocide. And we keep telling them, the cost
of not having a sovereign conference, the cost of not sitting down to
talk about this ethnic problem is more than the cost of doing it.
Nigeria might just end up with what is happening in other African
countries: chaos. You cannot suppress the will of the people. In order
to sustain this democracy we have to solve this ethnic problem. Ethnic
violence in Nigeria is a vicious cycle. It will keep coming up unless
we stop it finally through a sovereign national conference.

TIME: Is the introduction of Shari'a adding to the ethnic problem?

Ogundamisi: That's why our people feel aggrieved. Almost all the
northern states have introduced Shari'a against the constitution. The
government did nothing. That's a form of self-determination. The people
in the north say, 'We want to be an Islamic state,' and they have
declared a law. And we in the south have not even got to that stage. We
are only asking for dialogue. In order to please the north the
government is clamping down on the southwest. The mistake we keep
making in Africa is that if there's a small uprising the government
says it's just some hoodlums. But we shouldn't underestimate the
minority. Democracy is: the majority have their way but the minority
would have their say. Investors are not coming in because it's still
unstable. Forget what the government says, no one wants to invest when
it's so unstable.

TIME: Isn't Nigeria always just on the brink of chaos?

Ogundamisi: Yes, but we shouldn't capitalize on the fact that it's
always surviving the crisis. There might come a time when it will not
survive. It kept surviving until Biafra [the 31-month civil war
beginning in 1967], but when Biafra came it was disastrous. Now it has
reached that peak. There are emotions all over. Even Yorubas who never
supported the OPC are now supporting us.

TIME: Do you think the country should split?

Ogundamisi: No. We want restructuring. Evolve power from the people.
The ethnic nationalities should have control over their resources. The
Ijaws in the Niger Delta should have control over the oil and then pay
tax to the federal government and then pay a percentage to the federal
government, and not the federal government coming to take their oil and
then giving them a stipend. Let the federal government become weak so
that the President cannot just go to the central bank and take [money].
The people in the north don't do anything. There's arid land and all
they do is become oil contractors and they don't produce oil. But if
you restructure, people will be encouraged to go into agriculture. The
north used to be one of the biggest producers of cotton in the world.
Now the north does not do anything. Let us move this nation from that
mediocre state.

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Politics / Re: Segun Awosanya Blasts Keyamo On Twitter by papaejima1: 2:59am On Oct 28, 2018
Segun Awosanya just buried Keyamo after he was murdered by Chima Amadi

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Career / Re: Ibere Ugochukwu, The Gala Seller: 'My Prison Experience' by papaejima1: 11:50am On Sep 27, 2018
We need to help this guy
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze Reveals Paul Adefarasin Is Behind His Boycott From MC Jobs by papaejima1: 11:43am On Sep 27, 2018
Nonsense and freeze


Phones / Re: 7 Secret Android Functions Most Users Don’t Know About by papaejima1: 9:55am On Aug 03, 2018
Foreign Affairs / Re: Doomsday Bunkers: How America Will Survive If It Comes Under Attack (video). by papaejima1: 12:19pm On Jul 30, 2018
Biafrans built bunkers in 1966 and Nigeria was unable to penetrate them.
grin cheesy grin grin

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Politics / Re: Kemi Adeosun Fake NYSC Exemption Certificate And Other Credentials (Photos) by papaejima1: 6:02pm On Jul 09, 2018
They can be own by Yoruba but pushing an Igbo agenda, get lost you scum of the earth.
Are you by any means implying that the owners are sophisticated morons?

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Politics / Re: Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) Buys Giant Generator (video) by papaejima1: 7:13am On Jul 09, 2018
Chai Buhari


Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: 'I Won't Stop Cursing Killers & Sponsors, Upload It On YouTube' by papaejima1: 9:37am On Jul 06, 2018

My details are

Name: Henry Kolawole

Church : MFM

Position : junior pastor

I will not curse you but pray for you

Kindly state the branch, city and state so the herdsmen will know who and where to look for you. We don't want a case of mistaken identity now do we?

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Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: 'I Won't Stop Cursing Killers & Sponsors, Upload It On YouTube' by papaejima1: 9:32am On Jul 06, 2018
angry Even though I'm a born again Christian, i think the federal government needs to swoop on this mad man before he starts a religious war in this country with his misguided utterances. As a believer, the Bible teaches us to pray for the repentance of sinners not curse them. This useless bishop oyedepo is the reason why I'm sometimes ashamed to call myself a Christian. Even our Muslim neighbors have never laid curses on anyone nor instigate violence when fighting for Muslim rights. Organizations like MURIC comes to mind and we have a lot to learn from their way of demanding justice. Oyedepo should be arrested and jailed for incitement. Useless man.

Psalm 109.

6 Appoint someone evil to oppose my enemy; let an accuser stand at his right hand. 7 When he is tried, let him be found guilty, and may his prayers condemn him. 8 May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership. 9 May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow. 10 May his children be wandering beggars; may they be driven from their ruined homes. 11 May a creditor seize all he has; may strangers plunder the fruits of his labor. 12 May no one extend kindness to him or take pity on his fatherless children. 13 May his descendants be cut off, their names blotted out from the next generation. 14 May the iniquity of his fathers be remembered before the LORD; may the sin of his mother never be blotted out. 15 May their sins always remain before the LORD, that he may blot out their name from the earth.

God the same yesterday, today and forever.
Long and short; you have no inkling of what the bible teaches and have no iota of born-againism in you.

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Phones / Re: These Are Best 10 Chinese Phones Money Can Buy At The Moment. by papaejima1: 7:49am On Jun 28, 2018
6. VIVO X21

Vivo has made yet another appearance on our list of top Chinese smartphones. This bombshell smartphone is the first flagship from anyone to feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. Unlike the Vvo NEX, it has a notch at the top but still stands out in terms of design.

6.3-inch 1080p OLED display
In-display fingerprint sensor
Snapdragon 660 processor
128GB of storage, 6GB of RAM
12-megapixel and 5-megapixel dual cameras, 12-megapixel selfie camera
Headphone jack
Micro USB charging


This phone comes with fast charging system, Like the X21, however, it uses the less powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor and an attractive design. It is another flagship device from Oppo. This company should just come to Nigeria already. Their products are so affordable and of the highest quality.

6.3-inch 1080p OLED display
Rear-mounted fingerprint sensor
Snapdragon 660 processor
128GB of storage, 6GB of RAM
16-megapixel and 20-megapixel dual cameras
20-megapixel selfie camera
Headphone jack
Micro USB charging


This powerful second flagship from Xiaomi is more focus on performance rather than appearance. It has a transparent “Explorer Edition.” It has high-end specs, including a Snapdragon 845 processor, 20 megapixel selfie camera and 6.2-inch 1080p OLED display.

6.2-inch 1080p OLED with notch
12-megapixel dual cameras with telephoto
20-megapixel selfie camera
6GB of RAM, up to 256GB of storage
Transparent “Explorer Edition” with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage
Rear-mounted fingerprint sensor

9. MEIZU 15

As funny as the name sounds, this product was one of the first Chinese phone companies to make a name for itself among Western gadget followers, but its market share has dwindled significantly since the rise of giants like Huawei, Vivo and Xiaomi. Withs its 20MP camera, 5.5-inch 1080p OLED display and Snapdragon 660 processor, we find it worthy to include it in our list of top Chinese smartphones.

5.5-inch 1080p OLED display
12-megapixel and 20-megapixel primary cameras
20-megapixel selfie camera
Snapdragon 660 processor
4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage
Rear-mounted fingerprint sensor
Headphone jack

10. Huawei Honor 10

Release May 2018, this Huawei top range smartphone comes with Active noise cancellation, 64/128 GB, 4/6 GB RAM and comes in four lovely colors Phantom Blue, Phantom Green, Midnight Black and Glacier Grey. its also comes with front mounte fingerprint scanner and Fast battery charging.

5.84 inches 1080p IPS LCD
16 MP camera
Hisilicon Kirin 970 processor
64/128 GB, 4/6 GB RAM
Front mounted finger print scanner

Which one is your favorite ? Tell us in the comment section


ok. Noted
Politics / Re: Security Operatives Harass Oby Ezekwesili During Plateau Killings Protest(VIDEO) by papaejima1: 4:11pm On Jun 26, 2018
He who the gods want to destroy, they first make mad. Buhari has been marked by the gods.
Celebrities / Re: This Is Nigeria’: MURIC Takes Battle Against Falz To CAN by papaejima1: 10:58am On Jun 20, 2018
Bros, for this inspired comment, I owe you one year worth of 'Likes' on Nairaland grin grin grin


Celebrities / Re: This Is Nigeria’: MURIC Takes Battle Against Falz To CAN by papaejima1: 10:29am On Jun 20, 2018
MURIC is stupidly !diotic.
Politics / Re: Biafra Zionists in a failed attempt to seize Enugu Govt House by papaejima1: 10:06am On May 30, 2018
OP is a foolish idiot. When did Biafra Zionist Movement become IPOB. Either that the OP is daft or devisshly mischievous or both!
Not only the OP is daft, the one who brought it to FP too is.


Politics / Re: Breaking: Sit At Home Order, IPOB Shuts Down Aguleri Governor Obiano's Hometown by papaejima1: 9:32am On May 30, 2018
This is the most hilarious news today
What now will Oga govnor do?

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