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Phones / Re: How To Change Front Style In My Redmi 8a by peacesampson(f): 8:36pm On Feb 11, 2022
You will hv to change ur country from Nigeria to India 1st... Now go to theme's and search font.. pick the style you want and reboot... Now change bck to ur country Nigeria

Tanks alot, nawa ooh this people commot plenty tins for Niger peeps nawa
Phones / Re: How To Change Front Style In My Redmi 8a by peacesampson(f): 8:02pm On Feb 11, 2022

Pls how do I change location?
Phones / Re: How To Change Front Style In My Redmi 8a by peacesampson(f): 7:57pm On Feb 11, 2022
You will hv to change ur country from Nigeria to India 1st... Now go to theme's and search font.. pick the style you want and reboot... Now change bck to ur country Nigeria
Phones / How To Change Front Style In My Redmi 8a by peacesampson(f): 10:31pm On Feb 10, 2022
Goodeven guys..anyone with an idea of how I can change my front style in my redmi 8a ,or better style any app I can download that does it
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by peacesampson(f): 10:28pm On Feb 10, 2022
Pls how do I change font style in redmi 8a, like italics and the rest..
Business / Re: I Just Got My Inheritance; I Need Your Advice by peacesampson(f): 11:00am On Jan 24, 2022
In my humble opinion, I suggest u go for real estate business, if u have a land already, build houses (flats), put people in there, one thing about real estate is the fact that is evergreen esp..if live in a develop area

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Phones / Re: Is Infinix Smart 5 A Good To Go?? by peacesampson(f): 9:11pm On Jan 23, 2022
Yea, go for redmi, been using my 8a for two years now...they have strong phones ..I think redmi 9 or 9c is about the amount u budgeted

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Romance / Re: What Can 3-5k Do For Your Right Now (giveaway) by peacesampson(f): 9:29pm On Jan 17, 2022
It will really help me for transportation for school, as I come from home
Acct: 0506694629
Onuoha chinyere peace
Romance / Re: 'I Choose Him'- Woman Battered By Her Fiancé Announces She's Going To Marry Him by peacesampson(f): 4:51pm On Nov 28, 2021
You are Abnormal

I am delighted to hear this.

This brings back a glimmer of hope that we still have women today with our mothers' patience.

Being battered, cheated on, neglected or abused is not good enough reason to end a relationship.
The streets are tougher....why leave your own to go struggle for another person's own who will still treat you worse.

Our mothers suffered worse and they overcame.
May God give more women this spirit of tolerance. It's sad that women can endure menstrual cramps but can not bear a single slap.
Romance / Re: Ladies Can You Date/Marry A Guy Living In This Kind Of Apartment? (Photos) by peacesampson(f): 4:36pm On Nov 28, 2021
Of course I will, as far as I have my peace of mind,it really doesn't mean ....cos there is always a better plan..we can start by buying little stuffs..and God willing we expand..

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Education / Re: My Friends Abuse Me Because I'm Schooling... by peacesampson(f): 11:09am On Nov 04, 2021
Change ur circle.of friends nah, cos one day they will lure u, and secondly school isn't really a waste of time ...is better u carry certificate also carry handiwork...

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Health / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Celebrates Son, Uchechi Iweala, On Medical Feat by peacesampson(f): 1:12pm On Oct 28, 2021
Dear OD, in as much as most of our politicians are thief's, there are few person even without been a politician can still afford to give their kids quality training/Education, I think she is one of them ..she is a spec, she has always been needed ,of cos that means money and u knw the truth if u were in such position even as a Nigeria politician ..u selfnho like make ur child school abroad..
How come the boy no go any 9ja university? They loot Nigeria's resources to raise their kids abroad... While millions of average Nigerians languish in poverty and less qualitative education. angry

Afterall na Nigeria's resources she take sponsor am... undecided

Yet, the majority of the gullible Nigerians are gonna still congratulate him. cool

Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Is Asking For 549K Cause She Got Hnd Admission. by peacesampson(f): 11:15am On Oct 05, 2021
I need reasonable people to give me some advise here on how I can deal with such a huge fiasco,
The money isn't really my problem but she cheat and she has never accepted once even though I've evidence.
Is it appropriate to help her? Or help and give her road out0 of my life cause her cheating lifestyle has caused me more trauma than everyday..
This lady knew I had accident last week for God
Men with experience I await your response
Simple questions:does she have parents, who are capable of taking care of her?, U do u have siblings? Parents? Have u asked if they need help via their education or whatsoever, because if u be my bro I found out u gave such money to a girl not ur wife ..when I am in need ..I swear I would cut u off my life, u do u have any investment? No go do spend money anyhow...by the way na private university she dey go??
Politics / Re: Anti-Buhari Protesters Slap Nigerian Government Official In US (Photos, Video) by peacesampson(f): 6:34pm On Oct 03, 2021
IPOB holigans.
imagine ..can't u leave tribalism and focus on what is been said, shabi na only ipob dey suffer for this tins for cost and in general the bad economy... Very shallow way of thinking.
Phones / Re: Let's See Your Phone Home-screen (screenshot) by peacesampson(f): 7:53pm On Aug 06, 2021
Phones / Re: Kaduna GSM Village Launched By Governor El-Rufai (Photos) by peacesampson(f): 8:03pm On Jul 05, 2021
sweet baby, how are you doing?
am fine and u?
Phones / Re: Kaduna GSM Village Launched By Governor El-Rufai (Photos) by peacesampson(f): 3:12pm On Jun 29, 2021
Get banned for what exactly? Are you an IPoB miscreant? Why are you this pained? We can't mention IPoB again? Na wa o
he said the right thing ..must everything be about tribe..nawa ooh...everytime IPOB..kudos to the governor
Phones / Re: Kaduna GSM Village Launched By Governor El-Rufai (Photos) by peacesampson(f): 3:11pm On Jun 29, 2021
Get banned for what exactly? Are you an IPoB miscreant? Why are you this pained? We can't mention IPoB again? Na wa o
Career / Re: Can A Graduate Survive With N50,000 Salary A Month? by peacesampson(f): 12:54pm On Jun 24, 2021
Let him take The job ..one as the economy is now no job, some persons can barely see that kind of money.. my advice
If he wish to stay alone, he can hire a room apartment for the time been, he can then start buying furnitures little by little
Learning to buy foodstuffs and stocking the house will save him some money
Calculating his transportation fair monthly, will help him knw how much he is left with after
Relationship is not bad, and giving out to his girlfriend won't make him broke but is just having the right friend who understands and probably does something too
He also engage in other businesses that catches his fancy and won't interfer with his current work
Living within his income will help him alot ..
Politics / Re: Why We Should Change Nigeria To UAR (United African Republic) by peacesampson(f): 3:23pm On Jun 04, 2021
Hmmmm, changing the name isn't really the main issue here, how about changing certain policies, reviewing and amending our Constitution, giving the younger generation a chance to rule.. providing jobs etc ..alot of things needs to be restructured,even if the name ought to be included, it shouldn't be the first...my opinion
Education / Re: How Do I Stay Up All Night To Read? by peacesampson(f): 2:56pm On Jun 02, 2021
Read when you body best suits it, try reading in the day and night then compare ..and knw when works for you
Phones / Re: If You're Given N500k For A Phone, What Phone Will You Get? by peacesampson(f): 10:09am On May 21, 2021
I will buy phone of 70k highest and use the rest of the money
Health / Re: Surgery Gone Wrong: Dr Anu Gave Me An Infection - Lady Cries Out (Graphic Photo) by peacesampson(f): 12:52pm On May 17, 2021
Hmmmmm.nawaooo, what happens to been contented with what you have ...but even if you wanted to have such surgery, you left USA that u are living in and came to Nigeria to do surgery..okko
Health / Re: Teeth Whitening: Share Your Experience by peacesampson(f): 9:47pm On May 14, 2021
It is ��

Yup. That yellow teeth are stronger and healthier. Lol

So weird.

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Fashion / Re: Sewing Machine by peacesampson(f): 9:46pm On May 14, 2021
are you from Akwa ibom?
Health / Re: Teeth Whitening: Share Your Experience by peacesampson(f): 9:30am On May 14, 2021
But the whole essence of wanting to whiten one's teeth is for aesthetics. White teeth always look better on everyone, gives them more confidence and a better smile smiley
True sha

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Health / Re: Teeth Whitening: Share Your Experience by peacesampson(f): 10:24pm On May 13, 2021
The day I went to one govt hospital, the dentist I met told me me my teeth are ok except I want to waste my money but I know my teeth are not white at all, it got me wondering if they don’t know their job or there’s something they do not want to tell me
I read on goggle that a healthy most not necessarily be white

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Romance / Re: I Hate Nigerian Girls In North America by peacesampson(f): 2:39pm On May 10, 2021
is a free world sire� why dnt you marry from any of the other countries......since u think you have ill luck with Nigeria girls and thinks that they are worthless too... just an advise��

It's deep my sister. I dey vex now. In fact, I'm very angry right now. Nigerian girls don show me. This is not the first time. Why am I achieving phenomenal success in the dating game with other races, but with Nigerian girls, my sister, I've had zero luck.

I've never slept with a Nigerian girl. I've tried hard, but they seem a hard nut to crack. But when you analyze, the hard nut has nothing to offer.

Very sorry for them. Nigerian girls are losing out on a jewel.
Romance / Re: Reasons Igbo Women Prefer Fulani Men To Igbo Men by peacesampson(f): 2:33pm On May 10, 2021
This table you are shaking.....��� Na one leg e get ooh
Romance / Re: Born Unlucky by peacesampson(f): 8:54pm On May 05, 2021
You are not unlucky, just knw you are amazing...

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: At What Age Did You Land Your First Job? by peacesampson(f): 1:11pm On Apr 29, 2021
19 at a law firm

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Education / Re: Accommodating An Insolent Girl by peacesampson(f): 12:52pm On Apr 27, 2021
Good day NLers, please I need your take on this.
I'm a student in one of Nigeria's prominent public universities.

A girl decided to vie for admission in my school via the predigree programme but she had no accommodation. Because of the relationship between my parents and hers, I offered to take her in from January till now

I offered a roof over her head.

The first night she came, she slept on the floor and I wasn't okay with that, the following night, I told her she could have the bed, I vacated my bed and relegated myself to sleeping on the floor, we can't share same bed since she's neither my babe nor sister. And this sleeping routine has continued ever since then. The floor is my new bed

I gave her my spare key, uncensored access to my kitchen and everything within my legal occupancy.
Cut long story short, last week Tuesday she woke up, had her bath, ate then stepped out briefly, when she returned we were outta water. Tap water of course. She called my attention to it to which I remained calm. Meanwhile I hadn't eaten neither had I bathed. At noon, she came to me that she was hungry but couldn't cook due to unavailability of water, I then asked her if I am to fetch her water??!.

She said she was gonn take food stuff to her friend's place (upstairs) to cook.
I replied by asking how many of her friends had lacked water and brought food stuff to cook here??!

She got angry and took some money and left

That same Tuesday, I went to see Chelsea game, when I returned, I asked her if she cooked but she didn't dignify me with her attention talk more of a response.
I thought it was rude but considered it as one of the many tantrums of ladies

The following morning, she woke up, acted like I don't exist, couldn't greet... had her bathe and left. Returned, unlocked the door, walked in like I wasn't there, ate, left to her friend's place.

On Thursday she repeated the routine, I called her back when she was going out, I asked her if she considered me as her father, brother or boyfriend that she'd wake up and start throwing attitudes...
I made her understand that I am her benefactor.
Hardly did I finish before she left. She returned and continued in same path and that has continued till this very moment...

Last night she didn't sleep at home, when she returned in the morning, she unlocked the door with her spare, walked in, ate, brushed, dressed and walked out without a single word e come be like say I be ghost.

What I did, I changed the locks, took some stuff, sealed my door with strict instructions to the caretaker then moved to a friends place outside my lodge and I've been there ever since.

She has returned and has been calling my line but I've been ignoring...

Now, is my action too harsh or still in line??!

the did the right thing ..I dnt understand why some persons can't build their character...not that you have been treating her badly ooh..huncle please leave her outside small let her learn her lesson and if eventually she wants to leave..allow her to....

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