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Education / The Paradox . by philoedu(m): 7:51pm On Aug 21
Yes, the paradox, of the current state of the system in general. As I have said in some of my write up,the current epidemic, no doubt, have its positive side, in spite of what looks like deadly a deases,of cause, negative .

The same is true, that none withstanding, the negative effect in its revolution, there remain the lesson to behave, in what looks like a more dignified manner whether in private or in public. Indeed,a bunch of people believe there is more to learn from the current situation.

In fact, it tends to remind everyone that if history has any significant in the life of man. here it is , because this is not the first time, humanity have come to witness such a terrifying situation .

But in putting our situation here in context. we seem not only to believe but also behave as if we have nothing to learn in any of the situations, taking place, be it economic or security.

In fact , one could sense this through what we say on daily bases and in what we do. from outsider point of view . My reason is that what is happening here, is the same as what is happening in other African country.

We seems not to be interested in our history, through which we could correct our past mistskes ,after all, l think this could be one of the reason why we study history, not just to pass examination for its own sake.

The same is true, that because of lack of our interest in history. in this part of the world, we seems to be turning and turning around, without even recognizing that this is what we have been doing. And indeed, we do this in virtually every area of the so call developmental stride.

All this things happens, as if we are so distracted, not to do something about it, as if they are normal.
As someone coming from outside, it all seems pathetic and mind burgling that we do not seems to read any meaning to anything, as if we are really too brilliant that the basics no longer count in what we do,

I just think that weather we like it not, as long as we refuse to pay attention to our historical background to correct the situations, like the outsider do with history it will be just a waste of time, in terms of, economics, political or otherwise.

Take our school system, for instance, how many people know that , many of the problems of in disciple becomes so exaggerated with the consequence of corruption and other sickness of the society of today. This child of indiscipline was given birth and nurture when the Government took the school from the mission, with all the tools of ethics and tradition, as a word to guide with honour and dignity were just thrown away, in the name of authority.

I do not know whether these schools have been returned adequately back to the mission, but the damage have been done, and not until this children of Government finish their tenure, things may not change soon.

Because one of their tools is unethical connections and without the fear of God which is one of the reason the sleeping giant may not be awake soon for now and l must worn, that we lack principle and method and yet too brilliant and yet looking stupid. But only to think and call it smartness and normal as all a gift from God.
Education / The Value And Consideration Of "Context" by philoedu(m): 1:29pm On Aug 19
It seems it is more adequate for the sake of objective judgment, and in order to minimize any error and avoid sentiment, hence, it is always advisable to view things through the optic of the sense of the concept of “context”. Because, “context” as a concept is one of the many adequate means of looking at things. In the absence of context being put into consideration, becomes the cause of untold problem and conflict, in a cross cultural relations. In this perspective, it will be observed that very few people are aware of this in their daily judgment of certain situations , among the high context cultures and low context cultures systems that often has an intrinsic- impact on how we relate to one another.

Of cause, this may be in the form of an intrigue, in the different culture and environment of which between these two cultural system, being put in context, we can come to see how they operate between one and the other . In the High context cultures, there exist a distinction between insider and outsider than in “low context cultures, and the same is true that people raised in high context culture systems, expect most of the time, more from others than those in the low context culture systems. In particular, for instance, when a high context culture individual is talking about something he has in mind, he always expect that his listener knows exactly what is bothering him without the Nitti gritty of the detail explication, such that he does not have to explicate the specifics before they understand him.

But the result is often that the low context culture would be moving around the main - point, and in effect busy putting all the pieces in their proper position but living behind the very crucial and important point. But in reality, the listener should have been busy trying to place this pieces in their proper position without living anything behind -this keystone, which is the roll of the listener. Because to do this for them would be an insult and if you like, a violation of their individuality in a high context culture systems. And it will be observed that people in the high context culture systems, in particular, those in places of authority are personally and truly, (not just in theory) but in reality, are very often responsible for the actions of the subordinate down to the lowest man in the system.

The reason seems very obvious, which is due to the value of interplay of context, because in Low context culture system, on the contrary, the responsibilities are diffused throughout the system, and often very difficult, if not impossible to pin-down, of which those in high context culture system, no doubt, would often exploit to enhance themselves in every area of their interest. Just like what is happening in most of these countries and between our great patria and other nations of high context culture in the current dispensation of the eagerness to develop the society, in what looks like a low context culture system, and in the name of in-infrastructural development that have no point of rest. Paradoxically, the same is true that when something happen in a low- context culture system, everyone, no doubt, will run for cover, in a system that supposed to protect its people. Of cause, if a scapegoat, is ever sort for, the most plausible low ranking scapegoat is often those chosen in the low-context culture system as representatives.

In fact, there has been a long tradition in the Western hemisphere from Plato to Sartre, Plato a Greek philosopher and Sartre a French philosopher, with the exception of German philosopher Heidegger that considers emotions to be somehow a distorting reality, while the Chinese believe on the contrary. However, it is often obvious, that emotion tends to reveals something that is often true about a person and concern for the true condition of anything that pertain both the self and the society, that tends to sustain any tradition of mindfulness and awareness, if you like.

The same is true, that being true to any perceived emotion and true condition of any situation are often seen to be very critical for any interpersonal relatedness, and the route to developing this sensitivity is often through a deep -collective aspiring oriented culture that take place within a genuine-deep-heated-interaction without any form of deceit, with others and in any conducive environment for self-reflection.
Education / Theory Of Objective Principle-(par 2.) by philoedu(m): 12:35pm On Aug 19
This the second part of the theory of the objective principle and as at were, it will be observed that when the first principle is true merely for our minds, it may not be true in themselves. And secondly, when the first principle is true in every mind and everywhere, it simply means that they are objectively true in themselves independent of our thinking. The reason stern from the fact that because, in the first place, we tends to make them to be true by restricting their true-value in our intellect, thereby making it a purely a subjective concept. And secondly, their true-value no doubt, tends to conform to the reality that seems to indicate that there exist a direct perception of the very concept in its objectivity.

However, this simply come to put in evidence the importance of the problem involved in the knowledge of the very concept of the ‘First Principle” in its application, although, these principles tends to form the very foundation of all Scientific and Philosophical knowledge. The same is true, that the First principle is rooted in the “Principle of no-contradiction”, which states that a thing cannot be and be at the same time, or that something cannot be something and be something at the same time. In this principle what seems to be in evidence, is the comparison between the “being and not being “of which there cannot be middle way or thing between for instance that =”is and is-not”, but if on the contrary, there has to be something, the question is, what could that something be possibly be.

However, it is suggested that it will be nothing less than-“is or is-not” of which if it –“is”- it will simply mean, it –“is not” and the same is true, if is “being” it means it is “not-being”, therefore it means there will never be a middle something between the two terms, otherwise, it becomes a contradiction in term. In virtue of the principle of no-contradiction, it is clear that a thing cannot be there and be there at the same time. The same is true that, it is self- evidence that either it is or it is-not, which lead to the “Principle of excluded Middle”.

The “Principle of Excluded Middle” state that a preposition is either true or false and it cannot be true and false at the same time.in any of its application. It is clear that the ultimate criterion of truth as the ultimate motive of all certitude reside in in what come to be called the Self –evidence through the internal, immediate and objective evidence of reality as it manifest itself to our intellect and recognize by the intellect as such. If this is so, the question remains, of how is error possible, since it appear that error could not occur in judgment. However, error is attributed to a non-correspondence and non-conformity to the intellect with the object in question of judgment, because it involved the affirmation of what is true and in the denier of what is true, since truth is the result of what is self-evidence. Therefore, error has its origin from lack of the real, in the presence of apparent evidence.

Then is the “Principle of sufficient Reason “which state that, if a thing is “being or is not being ” this simply mean that it is “either, it has its being from itself, which means that it is neither reduce by others non introduce by another”. In this perspective, according to the metaphysical interpretation, it is substantial and not accidental in nature, hence, the principle of sufficient reason of being. It must be observed that when it is not –being or is- not, it means that it is substantially reduced or introduced by another, and it accidental in nature,therefore, has no sufficient reason for its being but only a necessary reason of being and therefore , it is accidental and not substantial in nature. Wherefore, it is evidence that every being has a sufficient reason for its “being” otherwise, there would be no difference between “being and non-being”.
Education / The Theory Of Objective Principle by philoedu(m): 12:37pm On Aug 02
I would like to say that the "First Principle " is rooted from the principle of no contradiction which state that a thing cannot be and be at the same time or something cannot be something and be something at the same time. It is also true that the first principle in its application tends to form the very foundation of of all scientific and philosophical knowledge. It is a known fact that no school of thought has been able to give in clear term and adequately any amount of the universality and the necessity inherent in the axiomatic truth or first principle. The same is true that in its application,none of the theories has been able to pass beyond the subjective boundary of the psychological necessity that could compel any individual mind to judge that the first principle is universal and necessarily true. Although, it can be perceived that these principles, even though, they seems not to be truly for us, but they are no doubt , for our mind and all things.

The reason for such assertion , stern from the very fact that why the subject and predicate of the first principle are logically connected with the absolute necessity, it must no doubt , have to do with something. And that something is the internal subjective and intrinsic nature distinct and logically independent of each other that may proceed from the constituent of the mind itself. however, there remain the question of what is it that force the intellect to place such absolute necessity in this judgment. As it were, we are here faced with the basic fact, which maybe due to the ultimate experience present in the consciousness through our introspection and reflection, through which we strive to extract an answer for such question.

However, attention must be exercised to know what actually take place when making any such judgment as to be able to discover what actually is the element that prompt and compel the intellect to consider such judgment to be absolutely necessary in their validity. But it mus be observed that, often, we can come to discover that reason tends to rely so much in what one may call, the cogent objective evidence of the logical relation that exist between the concept of any such judgement. But which may have nothing to do with any subjective necessity that may arise from the constituent of the mind.
Culture / Re: Second Part- Betrayer Of Identity. by philoedu(m): 12:46pm On Jul 09
Thanks indeed, l did it purposely out of frustration, due to our attitude to African problems, as if it does not exist at all.
Culture / Second Part- Betrayer Of Identity. by philoedu(m): 2:48pm On Jul 08
It must be observed that whatever the Africans are currently going through is not the fault of the present generation of the of European. Because I distaste the use of the word White or Black, of cause, even the Blacks are more of the advocacy of what looks like what bone out of self undoing, due to a bunch of psychological trauma of the past, from African perspective from one generation to the other till present day, that tends to become the norms. I must say again that among the current generations of whatever Continent or Culture, it is only the Africans who are still carrying the stigma of the past, even though, one maybe induce to believe to a large extent, that God had tried to favor them in terms of virtually everything to overcome their setbacks., yet they fail to recognize this due to external distraction.
Undeniably so, yet they still believe that they can do nothing on their own without anyone telling them what they must do, in the name of economic cooperation or marketing of oil because they have no idea how to convert this into other resources. Agreed indeed, but looking for instance other Continent like Asia, who were faced with the dilemma or others being colonized like the Africans: will any one say, through observation,they are not telling the Africans something?, of course, they are telling us something, but due to the usual distraction and maybe the almighty confusion, that culminated into an act of attitude of indifference, they fail to take notice of it.
It is instructive to know that African problem is the very problem of the most remote part of any African continent, except of cause, those of the North Africans, who sometimes, see themselves not really dispose to be part of Africans, and come to view the Africans as disappointing set of environment to be part, apart from the Economic aspect. But let us face it, history have always guides any individual or nation towards improvement, but not in the context of African politics or Economic front. Why?
This is true , because now there is the current believe that they must unite before they can know what their problem is and do something about. Really?, personally, I just think that such thinking is bone out of the almighty confusion and indeed, in what I may call mental laziness , of which I am pretty sure could make anyone to smile without say anything.

Personally, I get disturbed, not without mind bugling about this utterances, take for instance, that a Governor will say that they can do nothing unless other states join hand with them, before they can do something for their own people, even the most basic things in that matter. In fact, these are the same individual who are not even united in their villages , communities, or even in their countries, now talking about the unity of African before they could overcome their inability to manage their family affairs or community, I think they need to reflect over what looks like an utterances that hold nothing.

This same is true, that each of these African country, must learn to unite and develop their various country first through regional cooperation or state cooperation which is a process, and by extension to neighboring African countries just like the European. Remember that the Europeans never unite themselves before they develop. (To be continue)
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Culture / Betrayer Of Identity. by philoedu(m): 3:27pm On Jul 07
The view may not be widely shear by many and the reason is self evidence, in particular for those who in their mind and heart are disconnected. when there is a huge gap between the mind and the heart, there is always what might be called, insensitivity and indifference in any touchy issue. The same is true, that because the heart of man is often intertwine with that of the Divine heart, for those of believer, with a moment of reflection, there always come about an inspiration or an idea. .

On the other hand, the mind, is the bases for reason, and those of you who may be conversant with some school of thought will agree that between the 16th and 18th century there was what come to be called the age reason, of which somebody like Pain and others who think that, with reason man can do all things, make no mistake, this is just a sporadic explication, not detailed one, I must say any way. The bone of contention here is just to say,that it is the culmination and the consequence of what is happening in this contemporary setting, of course, not without positive effect, thanks to such radical and bold move at the time.

The same is true, that for any change to take place, there must be a radical step to be taken, just like in virtually in every thing, be it individual or collective means. those of us who have a taste of the school of Humanity, would agree that the problem of identity is a serious issue. this so, because for those of you who must have read the scripture extensively, must have seen how it all begin and the consequences of such betrayer. I just think, that Africans has come a long way in her evolutionary journey, and in fact, history no doubt, have said a great deal about this unique individual, called Africa.
But unfortunately, she tends to find her self in what I may call " II bivio"or Junction,- standing between this different highway, not knowing which exactly the way to take, as she choose to remain and often time becomes distracted due to the many noises and sometimes enticement coming from every direction. To this distraction, and confusion, something must be responsible, because there is no course without effect,either directly or indirectly. As one of the Video, I was fortunate to watch, and in trying to depict some of the current happening, he concluded by saying in what looks like a long sermon,as he refereed everyone to read Geneses chapter One of the scripture.

I must say however, at this point that the Africans distraction and confusion was master- minded just to make them think that they cannot do anything on their about the suffering of the their people without the help of anybody. Yet in this same Africa , there are bunch of individuals who from no where, have single handedlly make it on their own to become a Billonian and Millonian, just like every other places. (To be continue.)-Read more ;- http://www.philoedublog.com
Business / Re: Coronavirus: Folorunso Alakija Gives Prophetic Prayers by philoedu(m): 9:29pm On Mar 23
You are a great profettess., and of cause God can use anybody just as it has used Madam to encourage the Nigerian people in this trying time.
Indeed it is a credible message full of annoiting .
It must all come to pass, in Jesus mighty Name.
Education / Taking a Walk Through The Mind by philoedu(m): 2:21pm On Mar 23
This write-up is just to have an idea of how our mind works and here it goes. There seems to be three major parts of the mind that connects and operate to work together to create our individual reality. These three minds are known to be- (a) Conscious mind (b) Subconscious mind and (c) Unconscious mind and they are seen as the three level of the mind, of which Sigmund Freud, the famous Austria psychoanalyst was probably the first to popularized into main stream society as it come to be known today.

However, S. Freud tends to be the one who create the useful model of our mind into three tier or section, through the concept of triangular illustration for easy understanding. According to the triangular illustration, at the upper end is our Conscious mind, that occupies a portion at the top of the triangle, like an iceberg with a fraction of it showing above the water, represents just about 10% of our brain capacity. The question is, what is our Conscious mind is all about, and the answer to that, is that it is the part of our mind that people often associate with who we are, and which is responsible for our logic and reasoning. The reason is clear, the unconscious mind, could not reason clearly like the conscious mind.

It is in the Conscious mind that most people live on daily bases, because it is where all our action takes place. Such voluntary action as in our communication to the outside world and our inner self through speech, physical movement, thought and writing. The same is true, that unconscious mind can only communicate to the conscious mind through the subconscious to provide us with the meaning of our interaction with the outside world.

The Subconscious mind being responsible for our involuntary actions, like our breathing rate, heart beats, and the store house of our belief, memory and past experiences, filtered in the subconscious mind, the like of our belief, habit and behavior formed before reaching out to the conscious mind. Our Unconscious mind cannot take control of any of our actions, like the conscious mind does, hence, the Conscious mind act as the gate keeper of the mind.

[b][/b] And when someone tried to tell us we are “dumb” our conscious mind will intervene through reasoning and filter the statement, if we are really dumb or not. The same is true, when you are been criticized and called names . But the Subconscious mind only communicates through our feeling and emotion, imagination and sensation and dreams to the conscious mind after these concepts has been filtered.

Therefore, the Unconscious mind communicates to the conscious through the subconscious which is larger than the conscious and account to about 50-60% of the brain capacity. The section below the triangle, is the width of the base of the triangle of the Unconscious mind that fill out 30-40% of the bran capacity, which is however deep and largely inaccessible to our conscious thought, which is a bit like an ocean dept.

On how the subconscious mind affect our behavior, S. Freud, will made us to understand that, this is due to the fact that, the unconscious mind continues to influence our behavior, and experiences, without our least awareness. Therefore, being unconscious can include a repressed feelings, hidden memories, habit and reaction and desires under the control of the subconscious that operate without our awareness and which we do not even have control.

For the fact that our emotion are controlled by the subconscious mind, becomes one of the reason we might sometime be afraid, anxious and down cast simply because we are unwilling to experience such feeling. And also because they are still under processing in the store house of the subconscious before communicating to the conscious mind for the revelation of the reality of things.

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Politics / Re: How Nigeria's Kings Lost Their Power - BBC by philoedu(m): 4:58pm On Mar 22
It is all about the denigration of who we are as a people, and you have a choice to allow it or not to allow it. You do not politicize an identity and culture of a people. It is one of the reason, the black people we ever, may remain in what l chose to call - "lbivio" to be or not to be, which is the question.
The colonial master do not care about your identity and your culture, you got to know that.

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Career / Re: Ike Eweama Promoted To Colonel In US Army (Photos) by philoedu(m): 7:51pm On Mar 20
Congratulation, more grease to your elbow, your everyone in Nigeria pround.
Politics / Re: In Benin, The Governor Kneels To Greet The King, But Not So In Other Kingdoms.. by philoedu(m): 5:17pm On Mar 16
When the traditional ruler are respected as the Governor of Edo state has demonstrated, definitely, there will always be a change of out look in the society, due to what one may call the respect of tradition because it carry with it an honor and authentic identity of who we are and to be preserved.
" Ethical concept and Tradition is a word of honor and a word that guides"

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Politics / Re: Northern Nigeria Developing And Growing Stronger Than Ever Before(photos) by philoedu(m): 5:28pm On Mar 15
It has to be so, that the North is developing faster than it is expected. One of the reason, although, with other reason is that, the southerners are noise makers and until they stop making noise, and reflect, they will never know what the Northerner are doing or what they are up to. And we will always be cought up unaware with such development taken place out there politically and economically.May God bless Nigeria.

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Culture / Mind Trapped. by philoedu(m): 1:14pm On Mar 14
I just wish to blow my wistle here, in this write up,
although, l did not see myself as wistelblower.
My reason stern from the very fact that, we are been ellusive in the extreme by some basic facts, and we are been trapped by the enomity of what we have to contend with, as to end up dealing with, what l may called '"the Irelevancy, due to the " mind trapped" fenomeno.
One of the basic fact remain that - " family is the seed of any society, and when family goes wrong morally or otherwise, the society equally goes wrong, politically or otherwise, contestable? you might say,
The same is true, that every where, it is man that play politics, it is not the other way round. Without man, u do not talk about politics,(man/woman).
I would like, to add that, the current epidemic, has some lesson to teach everyone, and this is not the first time, history always there with self evidence, and of what humanity come to represent.
But for instance, in the context of Africa, it seems to be a man at the middle of a junction, not knowing which direction to turn.
I find this pertectic, and mind bugling in her passivity, most of the time. This is true, in particular -
over what looks like problem of identity, that often turn into a "blame game".
I think also that Nigeria problem is African pmroblem, because, as long as the African fail to address their identity problem, they must cease to blame the so called colonian master. The same is true, that where, any culture with its " tradition, is been tranpple upon, in the name of politics, it is something to reflect about. Why, because, there is a saying, - Ethical concept and tradition, it is word that guides and a word of honour". There is always a tradition to preserve and the to do away with due to its irrelevancy.

Therefore, the tradition must be respected and cannot be tranppled upon, -because it is the heart of the people, the root of identity of any culture otherwise, it is a trapped of the mind.

We often here the word, it is my tradition, why then do we have to trample upon it, and indeed, the traditional ruler who represent the people, in the name of politics or democracy. As it were in our primitive state, tradition were practice.

Therefore, we must refrain from looking down on our traditional rulers and our traditions because they represent the people, and without the people no democracy, and democracy does not play itself, and without man with an identity no politics.

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Culture / The Importance Of Maintenance Management- by philoedu(m): 10:00am On Mar 06
It is a known fact that maintenance management enables the smooth running and efficient working of organizational system and assist in improving productivity. The same is true that it helps to keep the equipment in their normal working condition. The maintenance of equipment in any organizational system, contribute in no small measure and indeed, an inevitable service function for any efficient productive system.

The importance of maintenance management, help to improve any operational efficiency as it contributes towards the decrease of operational cost, with improvement of quality of the system. Because any breakdown of equipment required recourse to outside source that no doubt, may increase the operational cost to run the system.

As a servicing function, it is related to incurring of costs effective, such cost that may depend a great deal in the method and staff employment couple with the administrative expenses of investment in equipment and inventory of repair component parts with materials for maintenance. Therefore, any lack of consistent and adequate maintenance plan may lead to frequent equipment breakdown and failure of productive services with the consequence of delay of various production activities

This could also result to poor quality production, with time consuming as t leaves the worker idle with high cost of maintenance. It will be observed that, although, the importance of maintenance management cannot be over emphasized in any organization, it no doubt, play a prominent role in any production management because any frequent breakdown of equipment create such problem such as;-
 Loss of production
 Material wastage
 Need for overtime that increases cost
 Need for Subcontracting

Therefore, lack of adequate planned maintenance services through preventive maintenance may result increase in cost of benefit analysis. The Main objective of maintenance management is to ensure adequate and consistent function. This is done in it’s regularly and efficient performance to achieve the prevention of failure and breakdown of any equipment at any given time.

The same is true, with the objective in the efficient maintenance of personal and equipment. Also to minimize maintenance cost of preventive, corrective and inventory associated to materials required for maintenance. Finally to improve reliability availability and indeed, maintainability.

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Culture / The Necessity Of Maintenance Management by philoedu(m): 1:00pm On Feb 06
This write up is to enable us to have a rough idea of the necessity of equipment maintenance management. The necessity of maintenance management, one might argue has to do with maintenance activities which are related with general repair, replacement and servicing of equipment, which embraces preventive, corrective, and schedule or routine maintenance.

The methods of maintenance enable the equipment to operate at specified “availability for a specified period of time. The same is true, that maintenance management has come to be associated with direction and control of availability of performance in any organizational setting or system. Thus maintenance may come to be viewed and treated as a restorative function with the task to keep the equipment ever available in proper operating condition.

Thus being saddle with the restorative function, must also being in position to minimize the level of breakdown of these equipment which seems the main objective of maintenance. But overtime, maintenance has come to be considered just to repair any faulty equipment at any given time, just to put them back to their normal working condition.

In view of the general purpose, and conventional equipment with the low level of production and output, the demand on maintenance “function” could be high. But with the fast development in design and mechanism of control, such as the “the electronic” operated mechanism of the equipment, the scenario of maintenance has completely changed.

The same is true, that this changed scenario of the design, also demand a stringent control of dimensional tolerance and surface finishing of these product that have tends to increase the very tendency to adapt “standardization and interchange-ability of component parts” of the equipment that require update and trainings.

This is one of the major reason that in current set-up, even any minor breakdown often lead to a serious production problem of different nature, both in terms technology and economic.
It is becoming obvious of the current tough competition in the industrial market, that what it requires is the need of update and training in order to leave up to the challenge of maintenance management that has become a necessity.

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Health / The Influence Of Toxic Thought In Attitude. by philoedu(m): 8:37am On Jan 08
There is what come to be called “toxic thought “ which is different from “healthy thought”. Toxic thought is rooted from what come to be known as “biochemical,” which is responsible for bodily stress. We are told, they are stored in our mind and in the cell of our body. The same is true that there are so many of such area of toxic thought in our life with disruptive crews called the “dirty dozen” that could be harmful as poison in our mind and body, hence , they are toxic.

As it were, the toxic thought often can just creep into our mind as a result of abuse or as a result of horrific trauma. It is also true that the result of any toxic thinking can translate into stress in our body that could just be more than fleeting emotion. Stress in a global term, is but the extreme strain in our bodily system as a result of toxic thinking and abuse . It is clear that toxic thinking has the potential to harm the body and mind in a “multitude of ways from just that patchy memory to that of a severe mental health, immune system, health problem and digestive problem”.

Thus every single thought, be it positive or negative move through the same cycle when formed, and we can “break the cycle of the toxic thinking as we start to build the healthy patterns that bring peace to our daily stormy thought life”. According to Dr. Caroline Leaf,(2009), when we change our thinking , some branches move away as new one is replaced and the strength of the connections change as well as the memories network with other thought and spiritually, this is a renewing of the mind.

When we are thinking, our thought is activated, which in turn activate our attitude, simply because our attitude encompass all of our thought put together, that reflect our state of mind. Therefore, our attitude is a reflection of a chemical secretion being released, which could be positive attitude with the correct amount of chemical secretion or negative attitude with distortion of the chemical secretion as a result of the disruption in the natural flow.
According to Dr.Caroline Leaf,(2009)-“the chemicals are of the like of little cellular signals that translate the information of our thought into that of the physical reality in our body and mind to create an emotion”. It is the combination of thought and emotion which is the result of our attitude that impact our body in a positive or negative way.

Thus our mind and body are inherently linked, that start with our thought and as we come to the understanding of how our thought are formed, and the impact in our emotion and body, we tends to have a true choice to make. The choice of, can we allow our thought to become toxic and poisonous or can we detox our negative thought for the sake of improving our emotional wellbeing in order to recover our physical health.

It will be argued, however, that many of us today are familiar with this verse in Deuteronomy 30;19, which says-“today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessing and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life , so that you and your descendants might live”.

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Culture / The Workplace Inspection: by philoedu(m): 10:52am On Jan 03
I deemed it necessary to write what it actually means in a nutshell, in any workplace, “an inspection”. Although, one is bound to view this in different perspective. I would like to add that, such inspection could also be applicable to our environment and homes as it demands some level of sanity.

1. Inspection is said to be the best understood and most frequently used as a tool for any assessment in the workplace for any form of hazard. To this fact much has been said and written about it of which checklist is often available for any such inspection.
2. The term inspection means a general walk-around examination of every part of the work- site just to locate a condition that do not comply with safety standard as it come to be known. This could include any routine work site hygiene monitoring and sampling and maintenance workshop hazards.
3. As often the case, the term “Audit “is sometimes substituted for the term “inspection” although, there is a little difference. Because “Audit” is actually an evaluation tool of which the process involve given a numerical rating of some kind to items that has been audited. But inspections on the other hand involve locating hazardous condition in the work site. In this perspective, audit tends to be more generally involve to locating ineffective or missing safety programs.

INSPECTION FREQUENCY: The regular site inspection must be carried out at specified intervals. The inspector should inspect as often as the type of operation or character of equipment requires. Such inspection must be carried out by qualified individual who is acquitted with the equipment concerned or work site. And any defective equipment or unsafe condition found by these inspections must- be replaced or repaired promptly.

To carry out such inspection in workplace site, “Safety committee, where there is any, come to play important role in the success of hazard identifications and control program. They come to assist in the evaluation and improvement of such programs. In addition, they can do the following:
1. Establish a procedure for the workplace inspection to locate and identify safety and health hazards.
2. Conduct regular workplace inspection
3. Recommend how to eliminate hazard and unsafe work practices.

[b][/b]Finally the inspection team can document in writing the location and identity of the hazards and make recommendation regarding correction of the hazards. Therefore, the frequency of the safety inspection, although, depend on the nature of work and workplace is also a judgment call due to the rapidly changing nature of sites and hazards.

Remember: Do it safely or not at all, because there is always time to do it right.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Edgar Lungu Wants U.S. Ambassador Out Of The Country For Defending Gay Couple by philoedu(m): 7:19am On Dec 21, 2019
Let us be frank, Mr. President, whatever anybody may say, in what has to do with " Identity" of African, does not amount to driving them away from the country.

That seems childish thing to do. The aid they provide, in reality does not get to the destination where it is needed.

It is all about diverse culture that must coexist, through dialogue, not of outright conflict.
Do not forget, you are reminded of the corruption and what is your take on that?.
Politics / Re: Danjuma: If I Talk About Nigeria, Nobody Will Sleep Again by philoedu(m): 1:06pm On Dec 20, 2019
The bottom line is that we are not just being patriotic, but one thing is clear, that God just love Nigeria. Indeed, a bunch of us has no sense of history, and people with no sense of history just move on like will are doing, always hoping that the situation will take care of itself. May God continue to bless Nigeria.
Education / The Value Of Philosophy by philoedu(m): 1:59pm On Nov 29, 2019
As to what is the value of philosophy, in this abstract, let propose some possible answer. In the first instance, it will be observed that, it is a natural wonder to ask question, and children seems to be well known in this act of asking question. It will be right to say, children are marvelous philosopher as they are never tied to ask question.

One might as well add that we do not have any duty to do what is natural but we do find it natural to philosophize. Secondly, philosophizing could be pleasurable in itself, and we could find joy in the act of asking question when we have such possibility. And indeed, this is why Plato, the Greek philosopher would say that philosophizing is a –“dear delight’. Although, one might counter such statement that it does not suit our taste.
Thirdly, we appeal to the usefulness of philosophy.

Therefore, any kind of knowledge always has its potential of enrichment, in its very usefulness. And if philosophizing is embedded with a bit of knowledge and wisdom, refuting it, would means that you do not subscribe to the kind of value of wisdom and knowledge, unless it is embedded with material reward. One would argue, that philosophical thinking, no doubt, protect against any unsupported ideology, unfounded belief, unjustified authority and questionable cultural values. But these are forces, however, that could manipulate one when they are not understood, and that could even made us to end up not thinking critically about them. The same is true they may not be our value, idea and belief, but can only accept them partially.
We might even say that reflection is laborious while ignorance is a bliss of which trust in authority and tradition, could be the only thing that can maintain culture. In this perspective, one can reasonable reject all the argument, such that in the absence of any definitive arguments, one can comfortably decide whether philosophy is really worthwhile to pursue. It is also true, we may decide as to whether the pursuit of wisdom, fame and knowledge, as well as everything else is really worth the effort. But about the value of philosophy, one must be convinced and believe that reflection, questioning and contemplation and indeed, wonder can enrich human life, hence, no wonder “Socrates” the Greek philosopher, would say that “unexamined life is not worth living”, which is but a reality.

It must be observed however, that philosophy, appear to result from wrong conception of the end of life and this is partly from the conception of the kind of goods which philosophy strives to achieve. According to some school of thought, if the study of philosophy has any value at all order than, the student of philosophy, it must be only indirectly through its effect upon the lives of those who study it. The same is true that it is through this effect that the value of philosophy must be allowed to primarily direct any attention. Philosophy like any other field of studies has the fundamental aim and objective at knowledge. And the kind of knowledge that gives unity and system to the body of science. It is also the kind of knowledge which results from critical examination to maintain the ground of conviction, prejudice and beliefs. Any question about the value of philosophy is closely connected with the issue of education in general as fact.

This is true because educations often transformed with increase of awareness to develop and improve our critical thinking skill, and at best, help us to be wise and happy as it transform the mind. According to W Durant, in his book, “Pleasure of philosophy”, about the purpose of philosophy-, he has this to say-“ that philosophy will not fatten our purses” – and added that we shall not be save without wisdom. It is true that we may not be able to provide a knockdown argument for the value of philosophy, if we insist to measure value in term of wealth. However, our culture is superficial today and knowledge very dangerous simply because we tend to be rich in mechanism but very poor in purpose.

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Culture / The Psychology Of Cross Culture On Productivity. by philoedu(m): 10:54am On Nov 18, 2019
The purpose of this write up is to see how culture affects the level of productivity in an environment where people are increasingly working across culture. In working across culture, we are often not truly taking cognizant of the underlying differences that may exist which though, are unintentionally sabotaging the system.

It is true that often, we are griped with the assumption that working in the same organization or speaking the same language, means we have the same objective and goals. It must be observed that we may have the same objective and goals but the path to get to such end often take many hazardous twist and turns.

There are some effective method, not only may increase the productivity level but also may enhance some level of communication skill in any given cross –cultural setting and they are as follows;-

In any verbal and non-verbal language, clarification must always be sort.

1. Because, often, what one may think, an honest way to bring up an issue may turn out to be, a misconception, due to the direct approach, that could create distrust and strain for any future interaction. Therefore, being aware of how one present any subject is vital as one watch for the body –language. It is also true that one must not assume to understand gestures, because what may be acceptable in one culture may be an insult in another culture. Therefore, one must strive to use verbal expression to explicate the non-verbal gesture in use.

2 .The avoidance of taking others mistake as “personal” one. When working with others in any project, remember that every culture has its own method of application. Therefore, what one may perceive as a grave error due to the different style of work, may not be, hence, one must be prepared to ask for an explanation to understand the reason behind every single gesture, so that one can learn from other culture.

3. Accept that you do not understand what you do not know. We often want everyone to believe that we are competent and highly skillful in all area of the job. But contrary, to this assertion, there always remain some slight differences, in both practical knowledge of understanding and differences in meaning due to the cultural differences. Therefore, in any behavior that may appear inappropriate, time must be taken to diagnose the action instead of a hasty assumption based on personal own cultural filters or outlook.

4. Increase awareness of your own, formed idea or opinion before enough information or experience.-(preconception). In this context, we must not forget that we all carry with us a cultural baggage, which prescribed our behavior, value and how we perceive others and the world around us. The same is true, that with this cultural baggage, it allow us to categorize people and situations.

Therefore, the more we are aware of this individual bias, the easier it may probably assist us to accept and understand our differences. It is true also; that this may ultimately help us to break up what might be called the “stereotype” and false generalization about people and their culture.

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Travel / Re: My France Picture Gallery by philoedu(m): 8:02am On Nov 14, 2019
Thanks, once again, as if i was there . by His grace, I still wish very much wish to be there ,however.
Culture / The Impact Of Culture On Productivity . by philoedu(m): 8:54am On Nov 08, 2019
The question of whether culture has an impact on productivity cannot be overestimated. The same is true, of the question of the impact of different culture on productivity. But first of all, let us see what we mean by the word “culture”. We mean by the word culture in this perspective, what we considered the societal norms in the workplace.

For the purpose of this write-up, culture can be simplified to their root origin that could be those of flat culture and hierarchy culture in nature. From the perspective of the side of objectivity, we must strive to concede that most of us prefer the flat –based cultures as the most likely least restrictive in nature.

The reason being that it tends to allow some level of freedom and it is beneficial to the overall productivity of any workplace from human resources perspective compared to the hierarchical culture. To buttress this assertion, Neil McEachern, CHRP, (2011), opined that there is always a time and place for both culture to strive throughout history of any organization. In addition, “this can be seen in technology firms as they grow from humble beginning into a full fledged corporate heavyweight, from flat culture based to that of a hierarchy based organization”.

According to Parkinson’s law-“work expands so as to fill the time available for completion” and as it were, this quote is still very much relevant in the 21st century and can still be applied in the hierarchical workplace culture. According to McEachern, (2011), it is a very little gap that separates the larger corporations from the inflated bureaucracies in term of workplace culture. This is true, such that one only has to think how difficult it is sometimes for anything to be accomplished in the workplace compared to getting anything done at the local municipal office.

For the purpose of clearity, when an employee is expected to be at work for a set of duration of time, it is highly unlikely that one will be on high level of productivity for the duration of time. It seems obvious that for the sake of the aforementioned quotation above, any individual is likely to find something to fill up the time, which may not necessarily be what one is employed to do, instead, one might end up with the like of extended coffee break and frequent bathroom trip and even in the minefield of irrelevancy side discussions.
However, this is related to hierarchy organization that are less flexible about work hours and how work should be conducted for completion due to their strict policy. Thus, contrary to the flat culture workplace, the hierarchical workplace culture is rigid in nature, in their imposition of the state of fear through which the employee is often penalized according to the strict guidelines and policy and not without inverse relationship to productivity. The similarity between flat and hierarchical culture of any workplace is the distinguishing factor of freedom afforded in the flat culture workplace. With this, any individual is able to use his/ her own initiative to determine the best possible method to complete any assigned task at any given time.

It is clear at this point, that with such freedom, it becomes a form of empowerment with positive impact of workplace culture of productivity. The same is true, that a flat corporate culture considered in this regard is often more relaxed by structure alone than the hierarchical culture that often tends to loses time filling the paper work instead of being productive.

Therefore, in reality culture do have an impact on productivity, because any persuasive argument for flat-base-culture workplace, would agree that, there is a time and place for both culture and it demand that with limited resources, capable hands must always be engaged to be productive ,regardless of the workplace culture.

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Politics / Re: Mobolaji Johnson: Sanwo-Olu Mourns Death Of The First Governor Of Lagos by philoedu(m): 2:45pm On Oct 31, 2019
He was a fine Amy man, may his soul rest in perfect peace
Culture / Creating And Maintaining A Cohesive Team. by philoedu(m): 1:33pm On Oct 25, 2019
It is found to be true that it is possible to have cohesive team, because such team member can value what it means to belong over all else, of which the need for internal pressure to conform may arise. And such need to conform can result to individual modification of behaviors to adhere to the group norms and regulations.

The same is true that the need to conform can lead to conflicts avoidance that may result to focusing more in trying to please each other for better understanding, with high level of interaction. There is also having less tolerance for deviant that may threaten the team’s static identity of which such cohesive group can excommunicate member who dare to disagree.

1. DEFINITION OF CLEAR ROLES: By demonstrating how individual contribution furthers the group goals and objective. Not without treating individual with respect and dignity-through which it demonstrate, there is no favorites and that everyone is valued in such group.

2. Situating team members in close proximity to each other through which they build a long term familiarity. The familiarity that establishes a common ritual by eating and drinking together, that reaffirms the group identity to create a shared experiences.

3. By frequently praising themselves, through which individual and group derive some level of benefit. Such praise that enable them to build
Individual self –confidence and reaffirm positive behavior to create overall positive atmosphere.

4. By celebrating the groups’ differences and highlighting individual contribution and diversity norms, because any possibility of being marginalized can keep members from being cohesive.

CONCLUSION;-Therefore, in building a cohesive group, it is imperative to develop a strong relational bonds , through which they are more committed, not only to each other but also to the group or team success. Individual must be made to feel they are needed, because when individual’s contribution is ignored due to not meeting up with the group standard, there is the tendency of discouragement and the likely future contributions.

There is also the need to assign highly engaging and inherently rewarding task, although, may be varied activities, not without significant impact on the individuals themselves as well as the external environment. Any open injustice in the group is harmful to any individual psychology of health and well-being that may contribute to stress.

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Culture / Creating And Maintaining A Cohesive Team. by philoedu(m): 1:27pm On Oct 25, 2019
It is found to be true that it is possible to have cohesive team, because such team member can value what it means to belong over all else, of which the need for internal pressure to conform may arise. And such need to conform can result to individual modification of behaviors to adhere to the group norms and regulations.

The same is true that the need to conform can lead to conflicts avoidance that may result to focusing more in trying to please each other for better understanding, with high level of interaction. There is also having less tolerance for deviant that may threaten the team’s static identity of which such cohesive group can excommunicate member who dare to disagree.

1. DEFINITION OF CLEAR ROLES: By demonstrating how individual contribution furthers the group goals and objective. Not without treating individual with respect and dignity-through which it demonstrate, that there is no favorites and that everyone is valued in such group.

2. Situating team members in close proximity to each other through which they build a long term familiarity. The familiarity that establishes a common ritual by eating and drinking together, that reaffirms the group identity to create a shared experiences.

3. By frequently praising themselves, through which individual and group derive some level of benefit. Such praise that enable them to build
Individual self –confidence and reaffirm positive behavior to create overall positive atmosphere.

4. By celebrating the groups’ differences and highlighting individual contribution and diversity norms, because any possibility of being marginalized can keep members from being cohesive.

CONCLUSION;-Therefore, in building a cohesive group, it is imperative to develop a strong relational bonds , through which they are more committed, not only to each other but also to the group or team success. Individual must be made to feel they are needed, because when individual’s contribution is ignored due to not meeting up with the group standard, there is the tendency of discouragement and unlikely future contribution.

There is also the need to assign highly engaging and inherently rewarding task, although, may be varied activities, not without significant impact on the individuals themselves as well as the external environment. Any open injustice in the group is harmful to any individual psychology of health and well-being that may contribute to stress.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Celebrates Yakubu Gowon On His 85th Birthday by philoedu(m): 5:36pm On Oct 18, 2019
Happy birthday Sir, and I wish you more years ahead with all the best wishes.

3 Likes 1 Share

Education / The Past As A Launch Pad To Imagine The Future. by philoedu(m): 5:33pm On Oct 18, 2019
According to an article written by Anthony Brandt and D. Eagleman (2017), a school teacher L. Esola had drawn an apple on the board and ask the students to draw their own versions. As it were, a bunch of the students merely copy what already was drawn. But what was expected was simply their own version, however, they were thought other dozen of ways of which an apple could be drawn. Then the student take their time to mimic styles of the like of “Surrealism, Impressionism and Pop Art, as they use watercolour, Mosaic and line drawing and many more method to get their drawing done.

Surrealism, is 20th century style of drawing and as a movement in art and literature, with the images and event unconnected put together in a strange and impossible way just like dream to express what is happening deep in the mind-like the “surrealist painters’.

On the other hand, is the “Impressionism”, a style in painting developed in France in the late 19th century that uses colour to show the effect of light on things just to suggest an atmosphere instead of the exact details, like the “impressionist landscape drawing”.

Nevertheless, with this various method of application, the teacher did not intend to stop at what look like “imitating existing paradigms”, which is a typical example or pattern to copy. However, accordingly the task tends to leads to “Anything Apple” assignment through which the student were free to mix and match any technique in any way they like.

At other time the teacher draw an apple again on the board, and guess what happen, this time no student copy the teacher. On the contrary, the classroom become a gallery of alternative apples of which all the student tends to take what they have learnt to launch in their various direction of apple drawing.

According to A. Brandt and D. Eaglemen, education in creativity often lies in “sweet sport between unstructured play and imitating models” of which the sweet spot tends to give the student what one might called the historical precedent to build upon. The same is true that while it may give the student the historical precedent to build upon, but it does not condition or constrain their choices-And often student tends to learn best of what has come before with the goal to refashioning it. (Op cit.

As it were, breaking the mode of the past tends to convey two lessons, which is to show the students how to mine the past for a new ideas and to teach them not to be intimidated by what has come before. The other creative way to display the understanding of the historical past is often through the very description of what would have happened if on the contrary the event had gone otherwise.

The facts must be known, to be able to demonstrate a solid platform in of “what is “through the creation of “what if “

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Education / Ways To Assist Kid To Be Creative. by philoedu(m): 4:29pm On Oct 12, 2019
The write up is an extraction from -Anthony Brandt and D. Eagle man, " from their article the "Three ways to help any kid be more creative".

Of course, after reading it, l find it so fascinating, hence, l decided, that it will be more beneficial to carry out the extraction as to extend it further to others, who may not be lucky enough to read it.

In fact, l must confess that, because of the academic pedagree of these two gentle men, who are, one a composer and the other neuroscientist, l thought this information has to be widely disseminated, to see what we get from it.

In their view, the current problem of the world " demand a bold new solutions" and it requires to develop open, agile minds, and must begin from the classroom with the children.

The reason is clear, which is that, in most cases, these children spend many of their " waking hours in the classroom". The same is true that, classroom becomes where their aspiration are nurtured and also get the first sense of the taste of what the society expect from them. And indeed, the classroom becomes a place where imagination is cultivated, of which in reality, the opposite is often the case.

According to these authors, " human brains surpose to digest the world to produce nolvelty" but unfortunately, many of the classroom of today offer little or nothing to be digested, instead they profer to produce a " diet of regurgitation" a sort of disapproval, according to the Oxford Advance learner's Dictionary-" read without really thinking about it or understanding it" and of which such diet tends to threaten the society to be hungry for future innovators.

The reason stern from the fact that we are still very much stuck in " educational system" born out of wedlock of " Industrial Revolution" with regularized curriculum, and of which school bells come to "replicate the factory bells that signaled a change of shift."

Of course, such model do not seem to prepare students any longer for an advancing world that is rapidly changing and of which jobs are often redefined.

In this rapidly changing and redefinition of virtually everything, demands that the " real job of the classrooms is to train the student to remake the raw material of the world and generate a new ideas".

As it were, to implement these ideas does not require destroying the existing structure, rather, putting up some " guiding principles to help turn the classroom into an environment that promote creative thinking".

According to the author, in the first place " -using the past as a launching pad to imagine the future and secondly, " exploring many, many options" .And indeed, it means we need time to think, reflect with less noise and be focus to do more in our educational sector.

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Culture / Nature Of Emotion by philoedu(m): 1:07pm On Oct 09, 2019
There are two major type of emotions which are Human emotions and Divine emotions.Ant it could be right to say that emotion is one of the basic structure of human experience, and a part of the consciousness of every human being.

The common emotion is the human emotion of the like of:- happiness, angry, peace, hopefulness and fearfulness etc, which are part of our inner life, just like the emotion of love. Then we have the Divine emotion, through which we address our relationship with the sacred and holy aspect of our being to the Divine.

The Divine emotion are the likes of :- reverence, praise, adoration, gratitude, devotion and love that bridges all form of dimensions of ways in the life of man that relate within the human dimensions.

It will be abserved, that the Divine emotion is considered the higher counterpart of human emotion. The same is true that these emotions are recognizable in different scope and intensity in the life of man. It is also true that the mystery of the very purpose of creation is embodied within God's salvific plan in the human experience as it relate to emotions.

Indeed, emotion becomes the very basic aspect of every human being, an embodiment of body and soul state, that live a long arc of time with a multiple life time experience.

In this embodiment of body and soul, human being come to the very recognition- "that we are what we feel".

The very long arc of time with its multiple life experience itself tends to create the identification and our identity as do with the significant others through which emotion plays its part in conveying the awareness of who and what we are- of the "self", as an individual.

Then, comes the process of individuation that take place within the human experience as part of our spiritual evolution. Through our spiritual evolution, is the God's consciousness that expand within the form, through time and accompined with process of re-unification with the Divine as it tap consistently into the Divine emotions.

It must be observed that this consistent taping into the Divine emotion is an act of yearning to return to the greater whole built into the structure of human experience as desired by individualized self, of who and what we are as human being.
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Politics / Re: Festus Keyamo Resumes Office As Minister Of State, Niger Delta by philoedu(m): 2:52pm On Aug 22, 2019
congratulation !!!

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