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Politics / Re: Address Us With Respect Not Threats Of War – Iran Warns US by plainol(m): 5:05am On May 21
Family / Re: Drama In Morgue As 4 Women Claim Body Of Man Each Knew As Their Husband by plainol(m): 5:39am On May 09
Like Peter Mwangi, Like Chief Daddy.


Celebrities / Re: People Who Help Sick Actors Shouldn’t Publicise It – Joke Silva by plainol(m): 6:21am On May 05

Do you have a mother?

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Travel / Re: See List Of International Airports In Nigeria - Photos by plainol(m): 9:57pm On Apr 10
Only Lagos and Abuja are truly operating on international level, others are Semi-International.


Travel / Re: The Functions Of Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority And 6 Ways They Make Money by plainol(m): 10:38am On Apr 05
What's the difference between NAMA, FAAN & NCAA.
Business / Re: CBN Rules Out Terminating Foreign Exchange Restriction Policy by plainol(m): 7:25am On Mar 22
Buhari and his miserable economic team will reverse Nigeria's growth further with this their daft and senseless increment of VAT.

Federal Government collects VAT

State Governments collect Consumption Tax

Both are the same thing but nobody is ready to talk about this.

I won't be surprised if Bismarck Rewane resigns from the committee he heads for the government. They will never listen to him. They just want to silent him.

Or at least, they just want to throw some bundles of Dollars at him so as to shut him up.

Reason why almost ALL MEDIA OUTLETS in Nigeria have been maliciously silent on this government's woeful and disastrous performance.

They ALL have been bought over. The corruption going on in this government is scary.

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Romance / Re: Lady Embarrasses Man In Public Over N5K Payment In Anambra State. Photos by plainol(m): 5:03pm On Mar 21
It will not be better for the first person that payed a lady/woman for sex.

Now, see what the idiot has caused, they now see sex as a trade which men must buy.


Jokes Etc / Re: #WorstBeatingOfMyLife: Nigerians share worst beating of their lives by plainol(m): 1:14am On Mar 20
The one I remember well was when I wanted to try my cycling skill on express (Iyana Ipaja - Ile Epo - Arigbanla - Mulero around NYSC Camp - Salem).

I never knew our neighbour ( a policewoman) who hated me with passion saw me.

She called out my parents into the passageway in the full view of other neighbors and started dishing out the horror like scene of me maneuvering betweens cars and trailers on the express (which were white lies coz I rode very close to the gutter side)

Dad said 'Thank You' and we all went to sleep.

Then, it all happened midnight, Dad woke me up with a 'fan belt' in his hand, mum was already seated.

The rest is history. But I still came out alive sha.

Mama Osaro, I still remember your amebo till date.

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Romance / Re: Have You Ever Had Serious Bad Luck Just After Pre-marital Sex? by plainol(m): 6:08am On Mar 18
I once slept with this lady, noticed pains on my left leg and chest but I didn't care.

Second time, same thing happened and I told her but she told me to ignore not knowing she knew the implication.

Finances went down and all doors of contracts closed. Things went from bad to worse but I didn't tell her because I didn't want to falsely accuse her.

Then I refused to pick her calls, cut all contacts with her and things started booming again.

Then, I wanted to confirm my suspicion, called her and slept with her again, then boom, things went from WORSE TO WORST and I had to fight her. While angry, she annoyingly or mistakenly said 'thank God you also didn't say I caused misfortune for you'.

That was when I knew she understood the signs I once had on my leg and chest.

On the other hand, there was this lady (Olamide), though slept with her once but had a relationship of over 2 years with but anytime I put a call through to her, THE NEXT INCOMING CALL WOULD ALWAYS BE GOOD NEWS. Either someone calls me for contract or I get a call to get paid a debt. I always call her to get fortune.

She was my lucky number, I only noticed after like 6 months but I knew that the period we dated, if I was in need of money, I just put a call through to her and Viola, money came rushing.

She later engaged her longtime boyfriend and I had to respect her relationship.

These things are real.

Some girls are bad luck personified while some are real good luck.


Properties / Re: Ibadan Building Collapse: Evacuation Underway As Victims Are Been Rescued by plainol(m): 5:22am On Mar 16
It's ritual time. They're about activating their Next Level.

When Buhari won in 2015, it was calamity galore, blood flowing galore from tanker explosions, hunger, suicide, pipeline explosion, SARS murdering, Shiite butchering to herdsmen butchering.

It's now building collapse madness.

Those who voted Next Level, all these are your portion, those of us who foresaw this madness are gonna be exempted.

Use your head to carry your cross.


Politics / Re: Atiku Floors Buhari In Taraba by plainol(m): 6:20pm On Feb 26
Since the poor love their poverty, let them enjoy their poverty.

A won eran iya.


Politics / Re: Atiku Lauds Nigerians, Says Collated Results Show He’s Leading by plainol(m): 6:43am On Feb 25
All PVTs indicate Atiku is leading.

Apc knows, pdp knows, independent observers know and international observers also know.

Only street Buharists are jubilating. I'm yet to understand their level of dullness.

All collated results from these sources indicates Atiku is leading by 4.8m votes. Only INEC is delaying its own version.

Can't you see APC bigwigs have all been quiet since yesterday? They already have the result, hence the desperate effort at rigging the result.

In all of Buhari's stronghold, Atiku is following bumper to bumper.

Even Tinubu is shocked with Lagos result.

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Politics / Re: Elections: Israeli Firm Debunks Alleged Contract To Jam Networks by plainol(m): 5:06pm On Feb 16
I just want to shake the table and make some broom wavers have some slight headache.

Like for BUHARI
Share for ATIKU

Let's go there.

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Politics / Re: Thugs Destroy President Buhari's Posters In Taraba (Pictures) by plainol(m): 11:27am On Feb 07
I had it for on reliable source that El-Rufai has always been the one paying Fulani mercenaries that invade villages. The operation is planned in Kaduna also.

Kwankwaso and Buhari also know about it.

Reason why that disaster in Aso Rock had never spoken against the invasion.

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Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari, Michelle Obama To Receive Awards At Miss Inspire Beauty Pagent by plainol(m): 5:56am On Feb 02
The people supporting Buhari, is it that they don't want a better life ni?

Me, I've resolved to direct anybody that needs help to the house of Buharists and APC supporters. They must be responsible for the poverty their Messiah has caused.

Shouting 'Sai Baba' must come with a price. You don't support a poverty induced minded leader and run away from the consequences.

I can't be cleaning up their mess for them again.
Politics / Re: Assets: CCB Refuses Access To Kyari, Amaechi, Fashola’s Declaration Forms by plainol(m): 5:42am On Feb 02
The people supporting Buhari, is it that they don't want a better life ni?

I've resolved to direct anybody that needs help to the house of Buharists and APC supporters. They must be responsible for the poverty their Messiah has caused.

Shouting 'Sai Baba' must come with a price.

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Politics / Re: Crude Oil Not Sold For $100 In 16 Years Of PDP – Atiku by plainol(m): 5:40am On Jan 31
Ghana has only 13m people but almost world class infrastructures while Lagos with over 21m people and a very robust economy only has ghetto amenities.

And Tinubu is still bent on choosing who will rule over it again.

If Ambode gets impeached, Lagos treasury will be opened like a dam for it's campaign purpose.

100s of Billions will flow out and Lagos might find itself borrowing like Osun.

I pity our mumu APC followers. Over mumu dey worry them.

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Crime / Re: Young Boys Caught Stealing Panties In Lagos, Forced To Strip By Residents.Photo by plainol(m): 5:43pm On Jan 19
One ritualist tagging themselves Yahoo Boys must have sent them.

I pity the incoming generation. Their future is in God's hand.
Crime / Re: How Customs, Police Caught & Released Truckload Of Codeine After Receiving Bribe by plainol(m): 5:02pm On Jan 19
Politics / Re: Who Can Point To One Single Beneficiary Of Jonathan's SURE-P Scheme - Osinbajo by plainol(m): 6:48am On Jan 17
You cannot be following Buhari and be mentally okay.

It is not possible.

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Politics / Re: 11 Investors Indicate Interest In Ajaokuta by plainol(m): 6:27am On Jan 17
Between now and election day, Nigerians will be fed with so much propagandas and lies termed achievements all in the name of forming busy.

Don't be surprised to hear that all our refineries are working at optimum capacity, electricity is at 50,000 MW, all hospitals have been taken over by WHO and US govt, all schools have been contracted out to be upgraded and mad work is going on on second Niger bridge.

All these will be churned out endlessly now.

The basic truth is that this government has performed at -0%.

Nigerians were doing better under Jonathan until Buhari.

Buhari is like a plague, His regime has been the most killing and devastating for average Nigerians. So many corporate beggars and Oloshos, Yahoo and rituals has been the saving grace from full time armed robbery, if not, we all would have ran away from the city because of robbery.

If Buhari wins again (God Forbid), it will only show that majority of Nigerians, no matter how much suffering they are going through have extremely low IQ and lack critical analysis of their life progression.

It will only make me conclude that with the right hypocritic behaviour from me, I can win any electoral position in Nigeria. I don't need to be intelligent, just the right dose of hypocrisy and I'm at the top.

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Car Talk / Re: Kenneth Bramor Buys 2019 Bentley Super Luxury Car by plainol(m): 9:09pm On Jan 16
Mohammed Buhari: Integrity La Scammer.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Shakes Kogi As Mammoth Crowd Welcome Him For Campaign -Vanguard by plainol(m): 6:47pm On Jan 16
Akwa Ibom was more than this for Jonathan in 2015 and he still lost.
Politics / Re: Atiku: NNPC Is A Mafia Organisation… I Will Privatise It Even If They’ll Kill Me by plainol(m): 3:40pm On Jan 16

1. Smokers don't grow old!

2.Smokers can not be bitten by a dog!!

3. Smokers cannot be attacked by thieves while sleeping.

1. Smokers don't grow old because they will die young due to lungs damage, as warned by the Ministry of Health.

2.Smokers won't be bitten by a dog simply because when their lungs are damaged they have to walk with a stick every time. And dogs fear people with a stick in their hands.

3.Thieves cant break into the house of a smoker at night because smokers are always awake coughing!

If you like these three benefits, keep smoking or start smoking!

This is the way APC and Zombies have been marketing Buhari.
Politics / Re: Umahi: Why Atiku Supporters Destroyed His Campaign Billboard In Ebonyi by plainol(m): 2:16pm On Jan 16
Nigeria is a country that can't progress except we divide. The current unity is only platonic with a common denominator of SHARING and not NATIONHOOD.

The moment that national cake dries out, that's the moment we will all know we've been living a fake life.

Buhari is not a nationalist hence why he's been hated from other groups and even his core loyalists. He's also a MISER that only thrives on past glory of fake integrity.

Atiku on the other hand comes with a baggage of corrupt background and only commands followership because he is a careless spender, just like Tinubu.

In all, they all are just playing on our intelligence. No sympathy for the poor.


Politics / Re: Warri Channel Dredging Contract Politically Motivated — Expert by plainol(m): 8:14pm On Jan 09
The hypocrisy in this government is worst than natural disaster.

Buhari's hypocrisy is equal to treason. He's killed thousands with it.


Politics / Re: I Won’t Decline Courtesy Calls By Opposition Candidates — Buhari by plainol(m): 6:50am On Jan 07
Buhari has mastered the art of hypocrisy so much that it has become his way of life.

He's a perfect carbon copy of Comrade Napoleon in George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Deceit is his only weapon to campaign now. Watch how he will LOUD his hypocritic Opposition fight tagged Corruption fight very well because he has come to realise that that is what massages the ego of his supporters.

Buhari can never move Nigeria 1 inch forward. Infact, he has dropped us from 100th floor to ground zero.

The only recessionist leader the world has ever seen. A Mugabe's ally.


Politics / Re: I Won’t Decline Courtesy Calls By Opposition Candidates — Buhari by plainol(m): 6:40am On Jan 07
Politics / Re: Boko Haram: Buhari Govt Fears Insurgents May Infiltrate Northwest by plainol(m): 8:26am On Jan 06
Their lies has caught up with them.
Evil government.
They thought their lies and propaganda will win the war. Idiotic leaders.


Politics / Re: Government To Spend N1.149 Trillion On Petrol Subsidy In 2019 by plainol(m): 6:55am On Jan 06
Jonathanians argued then that removal of subsidy was like operating on a cancer patient. The operation might be painful but the healing will be soothing.

Buharists on their own would argue that subsidy is a fraud, hence the need to remove subsidy.

The vice president, Yemi Osinbajo (someone who I once respected) would moronly conclude that price will come down only after some few months. Very foolish and false analysis.

Now, Buhari won't dare increase fuel price now but will still do after elections if reelected (Gob Forbid).

Nigerians sufferings will double or triple, people will be out of cash, economy will be down, borrowing will overshadow creativity, military will be deployed under the guise of operation Python dance and there will be revolution.

Nigeria may not exist beyond 2019. Any more economic push into suffering will only ignite Nigeria. Something Buhari is ready to do.

Most Nigerians are at the survival edge, a little push and 70% of the population falls off survival into extreme poverty. But the disaster in Aso Rock doesn't understand this.

APC and Buhari wants to destroy Nigeria, something the Estabs will fight against. He might soon be eliminated.
Travel / Re: What Australians Think About Nigerians by plainol(m): 6:51am On Jan 06
This is Nigeria!
A nation with a leader whose Identity is in question.
A nation with a leader whose age is in question.
A nation with a leader whose certificate is in question.
A nation with a leader whose competence is in question;.
A nation with a leader whose integrity is in question.
A nation with a leader whose patriotism is in question.
A nation with a leader whose followers' sanity is in question.
A nation with a leader whose love for humanity is in question
Welcome to Nigeria,
The home of most gullible and confused people on earth.
The home of people starving to death but chanting Sai Baba!
The home for the Poor and sickly myopic political followers
The home where anomalies are normal
The home where a Failed leader is seeking Re-election
The home where truth is hate-speech and lie is truth
The home where democracy is upturned and youths don't talk
The home with a leader with an open nature of Adolf Hitler.
Our home, where we have a leader,
Who stole NNPC's $2.8 billion (1977), $25billion (2018)
Who mismanaged $150 million PTF (1998)
Who has caused this nation brain-drain by his incompetence
Who believes that lawful expression is a treason
Who cannot tolerate criricism or opposition
Who has actively supported and encouraged terrorism
Who made our treasury experience rape and drain
Who is legendary for tribal and religious bigortry
Who insults Nigerians at will before foreign audiences
Who defies court order having no regard for Rule of Law
Who is anti-people...never signing bills good for masses.
You are welcome to a nation with a leader whose business in office is blame past government while having no competence to deliver on his own campaign promises. Sai, what a nation!.

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