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Career / Re: COREN Registration Thread by princefunmmy(m): 12:06pm On Oct 24
@Princefunming,someone will do that for u but she collects 5k for the service
How can we talk about this?
Career / Re: COREN Registration Thread by princefunmmy(m): 8:19pm On Oct 23
Please I'm scheduled for the interview on Tuesday26th Oct 2021 at Abuja but I am yet to get my technical report stamped.
Please is there a possibility that I'd get someone to do that for me at the exam venue that money?

Or anyone with another way forward?

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Online Surveys And Tasks That Pay by princefunmmy(m): 11:49am On Oct 21
Celebrities / Re: MC Edo Pikin Dedicates His House To His Son - Photos by princefunmmy(m): 3:02pm On Apr 11
Interviewer: What is the difference between a pikin and a baby?

Edo Pikin: A pikin is born in a ghetto or face me I face you house.
While a baby is born in a mansion.
A pikin is born in Umukoro maternity clinic or health centre
While a baby is born in Pearl House Hospital in Atlanta Georgia or Golden gloves Hospital Lekki.

A pikin drinks pap, dawadawa or pepper soup spices.
While a baby drinks SMA, NANs or Cerelac.

A pikin uses rewashable napkins for wrapping up and wiping themselves.
While a baby uses disposable diapers, wipes, Pampers etc.

A pikin shares his parents mattress with them.
While a baby has his separate Cot in his own room.

To be continued...

the oga patapata of them all is Son of God, He was born in a manger and yet became MV Baby

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Religion / Re: Church Member Drops A Note In An Offering Envelope That Reads .......... (photo) by princefunmmy(m): 9:49am On Feb 09
But God never told anyone of you to build Him a church or any other structure. undecided
He told you not to use His Name in vain, like you do when you pretend the house belongs to Him and the utility bills you pay are also on His Behalf. undecided

His instructions where clear that you give only to those who are least amongst you and certainly not to pastors and preachers.

And as per your question there, are you suggesting that not doing what God commanded (in the case of my poor neighbor) is reason why I should instead do that which God never commanded(give money to church businesses/kingdom of men run by pastors)? undecided
Hmmmm... Let me help you a little...
If you've studied your Bible you will know that from the old testament, the Lord gave a description of how the temple should be built during Moses's time. Then we have the temple built by Solomon which God was happy with (All the materials for building these temples were free will offering from people nobody was forced)
This Solomon temple remained even till the time of Jesus, there was no need to build another because there can only be one High priest and one Holy of Holies so they cannot have 2 temples. But after Christ's death and the temple veil was torn thereby making it possible to have multiple buildings for Worship. (Hope you understand why building multiple place of worship was not possible until after the Death of Christ) and after then, we saw the apostles meeting and having services in various places unlike before where everyone had to go the only temple for worship.

With regards giving.. you're not giving to the pastor, you're giving to God and let me tell you that God is interested in your giving. Jesus had to commend the widow who gave all she had into the temple (Mark 12:41-44).
Also Tithe is not just a old testament practice because Christ never condemned it. In fact, it recorded as a good work towards the Lord(Luke 18:10-14).

Read James 1:27. Pure Religion is about giving and helping the poor which the churches do. Churches go on outreach to interior villages, countries and society where you cannot go to preach the gospel, help them, establish schools and many more. I hope you see that the money you give is also a way to support those in less privileged society. It's through this giving that made missionaries bring education and civilization to Nigeria and we too are doing thesame to other nations

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Religion / Re: Church Member Drops A Note In An Offering Envelope That Reads .......... (photo) by princefunmmy(m): 9:36pm On Feb 08
paying for a comedy show or entertainment makes absolute sense since the services offered by businesses that provide them don't come for free.

God never asked any of you to pay Him a dime.He instructed you to give to those who do not have and in turn He who owns it all will give back to you. This man is right not to give to a pastor who has more than he does. He is wise for learning the Truth of God in this.

Wow! Impressive! clap for yourself..
it's like the church building was built free, the equipment used in the church are free, the nice environment or chilling A/C is free abi? or was the church service held on the mount or some plain grass field? Now you can see that the money is for the running of the church and if he/she doesn't give, someone else will.

Next time, ask the man with Toyota if he has ever given to the poor in his neighbourhood. Even you, shebi you pass by the poor in your neighborhood too, have you been benevolent enough to them?


Religion / Re: Church Member Drops A Note In An Offering Envelope That Reads .......... (photo) by princefunmmy(m): 8:35pm On Feb 08
For the person mind, he/she get sense!
funny how thesame person will compulsorily pay for a comedy show, music concert, cinema where. the performer is living large and goes on foreign trips steadily.
but thinks the pastor that doesn't make it compulsory for you to give before you are allowed into the church but admonishes you to give of your freewill is his/her problem?
The person needs to take a retrospect and be sure he/she is not being foolish trying to play God
Education / Re: #JusticeforDonDavis: Let’s Allow The Court Handle It - Deborah Okezie by princefunmmy(m): 2:57pm On Jan 09
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 30 Fresh Online Businesses To Cash Out From During Lockdown by princefunmmy(m): 5:11pm On Jan 08
Check my Signature for more opportunities
Sports / Re: Ronaldo Misses Penalty As Juventus Draw Again Against Atalanta by princefunmmy(m): 11:53am On Dec 17, 2020
Politics / Re: Abba Kyari In Katsina To Fight Kidnappers & Armed Bandits (Photos) by princefunmmy(m): 11:40am On Dec 16, 2020
I wish Nigeria the best!

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Politics / Re: Katsina Abduction: Shekau May Ask For Prisoner Swap, Ransom – Experts by princefunmmy(m): 10:50am On Dec 16, 2020
Even the NA haven't understood or let me say understudy the operations of BokoHaram that they have to be doubting if its bokoharam or not? What do you expect? bokoharam will surely claim responsibility na so that they will be more feared.
It's a pity and a shame that the supposed giant of Africa negotiates with terrorists.

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Politics / Re: Seyi Makinde: Nigeria Needs Security, Restructuring, Not Yoruba Presidency by princefunmmy(m): 8:51am On Dec 16, 2020
Of all the problems and retrogression happening in Nigeria, these people think having the "right" president is the solution? even Obama,Trump, Xi Jinping, Putin will fail if they rule this country at this state we are in... A country that does not have a realistic system? abeg! let us dissolve everything and rearrange it o.. Restructuring is one good step towards getting systems in place and if we don't, I'm not a prophet of doom but, it gonna get worse in this country

Well said Seyi Makinde

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Anybody With Virtual Examination Test Experience From Www.testmi.com by princefunmmy(m): 2:30pm On Oct 15, 2020
add me to the group
Romance / Re: Penis Captivus - My True Life Experience Getting Stock Inside My X by princefunmmy(m): 10:26pm On Sep 05, 2020
NB: Biko English no be get am, if you see any mistake here Biko kindly swallow em. This my true life story about getting stuck during sexual intercourse in my university days. I decided to share my story after 10 years because of this post https://www.nairaland.com/6093518/what-happens-biologically-when-man . Really don't want derail the thread so I created this

I do often read about magun, we Africans believe that this local charm/s can make someone stuck during sexual intercourse. Na BETTER BIG FAT LIE, if you like Put Magnum, Small Boyz will still be chopping your uncultured loose Madam.

During my university days, in my early 20; I had a girlfriend who was a virgin. Meaning, I have dated this girl for months without knowing she is a virgin because we kiss, give & take head, romance etcs often but she will not allow me enter the promise land.

It was on a particular faithful day I wanted to browse the main gate that I noticed that it was an Iron Gate o o and like for some minutes I was misbehaving like a child looking for the main gate (it was doggy). I then jokingly asked my babe what is the problem and she started laughing foolishly at me.

She later told me she is a virgin. I was really astonished and didn't believe she is a virgin until I fully browse em wella because this girl has A1 in giving head. My people, nothing happened that day again but I was so happy I'm dating a virgin and my love for her increase times 100.

After a week she called me on phone that she's visiting. When she visited she was acting funny that her stomach is paining/upsetting her. THAT SHE WANTED TO BE DEFLOWERED, THAT SHE IS TIRED OF BEEN A VIRGIN. My people na so the carry heavy duty task give me. We romance for the main stage. I increased the volume of my Home Theater (Almost to Highest) to distract my funky student neighbors.

To deflowered a girl no small task o o, na so I carry my propeller take start work o o. War don start be that o o, I gently push the Iron Gate for where. I gradually increased the workflow and tempo, deep shouting and crying full my room but my home theater was doing a wonderful job. God really did an amazing JOB in woman hymen, so so so strong like a concrete wall.

After a heavy workflow I was finally able to go deeply in and out of her for some minutes enjoying the wet tight punamy but I didn't know that Devil don plan heavily for me. I was gently going in and out when the unexpected happened.

Hmmm, I was sliding in and out when suddenly I was trapped inside, can't slide in or out again. My people, I don't enter be that o o, The force was so so strong holding me down there and she was totally dry like dryer. I tried to move my propeller out for where, go deeper for where. I was in 22/23 years then but thank Baba God for the kind sense he blessed me with. My babe was 18/19 years and she do wear fancy waist beads.

Meanwhile, I never allowed her know what's happening because I knew it will worsen the whole situation for me ( the Fear, the Painic etc) and tried my possible best to calm myself down knowing full well that is the only solution or option we have here. My people for like 10 to 15 minutes I was still heavily lock inside with no damn fucking any inch movement o o. To distract her, I was passionately kissing and romancing her. Today na today I said to myself.

Wow, after some minutes my technique pays out, she was wet again and I was able bring my propeller out. My people Devi is a big Liar, Did you know I continued immediately with my workflow after this scary incident but it never occur again. After the humanitarian service, I was feeling like a KING KON that finally in my life I have deflowered someone who I love and she is fully mine now.

The following morning, my babe says she want to visit her family. I pleaded with her to spend the weekend with me for where. I took her to the park and she left to see her people.

From that day she traveled, I was calling my babe but her number wasn't going or when it’s going she will not pick her calls. This happened for almost a week. I sent many text messages to her but no replies. I was afraid something bad might have happen or maybe I hurt her much during our workflow. She later picked my call and was seriously blaming me for deflowering her. HABA BUT NA YOU SAY MAKE I DO EM AND WE WERE NOT UNDER ANY ALCOHOLIC OR DRUG INFLUENCE WHEN IT HAPPENED.

My people matter long like river Niger. FEAR ANYTHING THAT DOESN’T FEAR WOMEN. My babe visited me after week, one thing led to the other and I try to browse her punamy. I was SHOCKED TO MY BONE MARROW what I experienced. When I enter it was like a mini express with no much shock absorber like before and I was like no be this my babe I just deflowered a week ago with JUST ONE ROUND BECUASE I DEY MERCY FOR HER AS MY BABE AS PER FIRST TIMER o o. Meanwhile, she was shouting, moaning and crying to confuse em PAPA not ME when I enter inside.

I was really really really really damn confused what was happening. Thank God I ‘m a sensitive and open minded guy who always follow his instinct. Suddenly, I pulled out propeller with a fucking HARD DAMN FACE, called her by real name, with a damn high deep voice and ask her how can she be loose like that . My babe started women blaming and fighting game o, HOW CAN I ASK HER THAT STUPID QUESTION, THAT I’M THE ONLY GUY THAT HAVE ENTER THERE, THAT I HAVE GOTTEN WHAT I WANTED & STARTED MISBEHAVING, she enter into Deep Deeper Crying etc

My people, I trust my instinct because I knew what I felt below, it can’t never ever be that possible just like unless there is concrete reason which I must know. Meanwhile, THAT GUY WICKED O O HE SCATTERED THE WHOLE GATE. I NOW INCREASE MY DEEP VOICE, ANGER FULL MY BODY, MY BODY DEY SHAKE. I CALLED HER BY FULL NAME NOW AND ASK HER WHO ENTER INSIDE MY CRIB WITH A MEAN DAMN FACE and this my babe started throwing DAMN BOMB at me that my propeller enter inside immediately o o.


She confessed that she travel to Lagos from eastern state the following morning after I deflowered her to meet with her Benefit Sugar Daddy who is sponsoring her through university. This Man happens to be HIGHLY ORDAINED RESPECTED OLD MAN OF GOD WHO PREACH THE WORD OF GOD EVERY DAY.

According to her own story, she met this Man of God when she was so tender like 15/16 years old when the family had a critical financial crisis but instead of the man to help turn her into his own sex slave. However, this man doesn’t wants to deflower her maybe because of the commitment or maybe he has tried to no avail.

This MAN OF GOD made and confuse her to swear A DAMN DEEP SCARY OATH. My people this LIFE is too deep o o o,


My people, FEAR ANYTHING THAT DOESN’T FEAR WOMEN. Before I deflowered her, there was a day she wanted me to give her head on her MENSTRUATION and I nearly slap her that day because she tricked me but THANK GOD I WAS ALERT LIKE A FISH.

It was the MAN OF GOD idea that she should find a clean school boyfriend that will deflower her so he can enjoy the fruits of his damn labour. Meanwhile, all this while I was dating (she was gaming me), this SUPPOSED MAN OF GOD do call her steady with long calls talking about her parent, sibling, life, events etc and you will never ever hear any sweet/pet name or maybe say I love you or maybe say I miss you etc. When I asked her about this OLD MAN SHE SAYS ITS HER BIG UNCLE and I was like wow what a caring UNCLE YOU HAVE THERE.


Thank GOD after I left her, years later I met my ever loving, most beautiful, supportive and caring woman my wife now. I’m blessed with 4 children.


Lastly, back to the main topic; when you find yourself lock inside a woman as a man. Please don’t alert the lady because her fear will worsen the whole situation. Take you time, make wet again, brother you thing will come out with time. It’s like someone who is drowning, to safe him/her you secretly push them to safety from the back and you will never allow them to hold/grab you because once the grab you, both of you are gone for good. IF YOU LIKE SHOUT EM GUN HE/SHE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU O O O YOU ARE THEIR god NOW.


in all what you wrote here op. there is nothing like magun here....
Magun is different from all what you wrote here.
In fact, getting stucked during sex isn't magun.
you need to know what magun really means...
Magun is a charm that works for both the male and female, if a woman has magun on her, she must have sex within 7 days or she will die except she has sex with someone within that 7 days. so magun is majorly used on married women

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Some Update by princefunmmy(m): 5:16pm On Aug 04, 2020

Pls have they started paying?

They've not started paying.. both for June and July.. let npowerng come and tell why the Ministry is witholding our money

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Some Update by princefunmmy(m): 3:17pm On Aug 04, 2020
Some update.

The registration portal for N-Power will close in two weeks.

Don't forget to tell your loved ones to apply.

What's happening now, I am yet to receive my June Stipend na!
Romance / Re: Please Help! I Have Over Dependent Girlfriend Relationship Is Demoralizing Me by princefunmmy(m): 4:57pm On Jul 21, 2020
Let me not bore you guys with my relationship history but this girl is my first love, i met her while i was in school 300l. Ever since then i have always been there for her despite even having a low budget as student because I'm not from a wealthy home, even her parents has times10 more than my family. But despite that i try all i could to maintain my role in the relationship because i don't fancy myself asking anything from my girlfriend.

Before anything else i need to tell little about my girlfriend, she is beautiful and nice. Almost every guy wants to woo her and all of that. Aside of that my girlfriend is very stingy to me, she can never allow her anything be in my possession, she doesn't have this idea that we could end up one day though she will always say something close to it only during fun time. But when she is at her leisures she will say how she fancy how husband to be and all of that which i no I'm not the person she could had been referring to. That not even my major issue.

She always been cruel when she asks me for anything and i refuse to give her maybe i don't have or just don't see needs to do so.
I also discovered that most of our fun times comes immediately money enters my hand. Because i remember when i was in school my first 800k i made was finished and squandered with her, i haven't dated anyother or even have another girl since i met her. Because i try to make her feel comfortable because i no how many guys wish her to be with her. So secondly i made another 1m i squandered it with her too. But when this money just finish guyz i always see hell in her. This was the ups an downs i was experiencing till i finished my school with her. It was a shame for me upon the money i made in school i graduated with zero account looking for money for my law school. I wasn't fortunate to get any help so i sat back to Hustle. Then i was begging looking for helper to assist me when i saw one big opportunity that i need to take but it the opportunity required money as my account was bleeding zero. I begged everyone including my girlfriend but she told me she doesn't have even if she happened to get money for me i will pay her interest. This words alone made me cry, did you no instead of helping me out she told me I'm not the only one that needs help she also need to invest on her self which she was right i believe her. She later invested her money in one fraudulent sheme which she lost the money.

FastTrack to what is happening now, i later got help from someone who offered me 50k and my mum 20k making it 70k i picked myself up and started my Hustle again. Within three months i made 800k again. All this times i was giving her update about my business and earnings. Could you imagine she had the gut to ask for money despite her behaviors. Because of my nature i don't believe someone's bad nature should change my own nature so i still sent her some money because i also no she is broke.

Since then i just forgot about what she did and all of those stuffs because my money kept coming and i don't keep grudges i keep taking care of her. Now i had issue with my business i want to fix something up i was also telling her. this girl went ahead to start asking me to send her money. I was really disappointed i protested because i noticed when i have money i become very careless. It seems money covers so many things.
I just need advice because i think it is time to let her go coz with her nature and type of girl it might end in tears for me. All she do is stay on social media, snap and post and look for who will send her money. No skills, i have begged her several times to look for something to be doing she refused and tells me how her dad won't allow her. She doesn't listen to me, always feel like boss when little money enter her hand. Guys i really love her but i think it is time to seek help because i will regret if this continues.

@olamila I feel your pain bro! she ain't gonna change.. you have to take your stand to dump her.. Even if you dump her, I'm sure she will come begging but don't fall for it!

Abeg, introduce me to this your business na. I really need to attain financial stability please.

Thanks in advance: my mail is princefunmmy@gmail.com
Phones / Re: Nigerians Wowed As Innoson Goes Into Phones Production ,to Compete Iphone by princefunmmy(m): 11:12pm On Jul 12, 2020
If we have functional refineries, some of the by-products from them will be used to make vehicles parts.

We also need independent power plants in Nnewi and flourishing Iron &Steel Industries.

we have a long way to go if we want industrialisation and I keep saying it "borrowing technology will not help us here like it helped china because we do not have infrastructure for industrialisation"
Phones / Re: Nigerians Wowed As Innoson Goes Into Phones Production ,to Compete Iphone by princefunmmy(m): 4:24pm On Jul 12, 2020
What we fail to understand is that if innosom does not find a way to start producing majority of say the expensive parts of his vehicle, it's only a matter of time before he goes out of business.
-As long as he imports major parts of this vehicle (if not all) and the Naira is getting weak compared to other currencies, his cars will continue to be expensive/low grade because of that.
- I work in an automobile industry and I have discussed with friends as to why innoson isn't having much sales in Nigeria. the answer remains, innoson vehicles are more expensive compared to other car brands (new) that have thesame features so why should i buy innoson? its better innoson produces small and cheap vehicles so that an average Nigerian can buy to build his market rather than competing with high end cars whose price is way higher than other brands
- the only thing innoson might be able to offer is a good after-sales service and spare parts but i must say is there any innoson spare part in the market or you will have to buy spare part for other vehicles to fix because innoson cannot produce spare parts, he has to import them? so after-sales/repair/maintenance is expensive.
- Every time i pass by the innoson service office along oshodi-apapa express way, the place looks empty and abandoned, the office doesn't seem operational whereas, you will see other vehicle brands that have office along that same area very clean, beautiful and operational. so if i want to buy innoson, how do o maintain/repair it?

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Health / Re: . by princefunmmy(m): 3:26pm On Jul 04, 2020
I wanna know too
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Works Online Get Paid by princefunmmy(m): 12:00pm On Jun 17, 2020
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Dear N-agro Beneficiaries, by princefunmmy(m): 9:13pm On May 22, 2020
When are we going to be paid for April?
Religion / Re: If Adam And Eve Gave Birth To The World Why Do Humans Look Different by princefunmmy(m): 2:25pm On May 17, 2020
We are all Sons and Daughters of Adam and Eve and we are all one blood. Eve gave birth to cain, abel, Seth, and some other girls. Cain married one of his sisters and gave birth to Enoch. And Enoch married one of their family member and that was how the world multipled. So if i see a stranger on the road, don't you think we're supposed to be related or look alike cos we all share the blood of Eve.

Genesis 6:1-2,4 KJV
And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,
[2] That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.
[4] There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Verse 4 shows were the gene of the original man became mixed up and compromised!

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Religion / Re: I Am An Atheist. Who Can Convert Me Without Using Religious Books by princefunmmy(m): 7:32pm On May 03, 2020
Is there a Supernatural life/force? I need real life
proofs without religious quotations.

Many are Christians, Muslims and so on just because of what they were taught or what was written in the Bible, Koran or other religious books. I here by challenge your faith. Prove your faith.

law of conservation of Energy!
"Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another"

Everything existing in this world is a form of energy. And as far as science and man can know, these energy cannot be created, everything science/technology does is only transforming/combining different energies to invent another. Also, there is no known process that can destroy these energies, they are only transformed that why there is an afterlife after a man dies, the soul is not destroyed but it is transformed into a new being that will face eternity...

Finally, you must be thinking, who then created energy and who can destroy energy? guess you know the answer now? The "SUPER"-NATURAL GOD!

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Science/Technology / Facebook Creates New Reaction To Posts by princefunmmy(m): 12:23pm On May 01, 2020
Facebook has updated its reaction emojis with another new reaction "care"
In view of current the situation we're in where movements and gatherings have been restricted, you can simply react to a post by chosing the "care" reaction to such post, especially when you might not be able to come in physical contact with the individual or some of us who have been cut off from friends and family during this period.

lalasticlala, mynd44

Health / Re: How Prepared Are You For Total Lockdown In Lagos, Other Parts Of Nigeria? by princefunmmy(m): 2:55pm On Mar 26, 2020
Just returned from the market now o.. bought some essentials and some other food stuff.. God help us... Heal the infected and protect others from this virus
Properties / Re: Please You Know Any Mold Fabricator In Nasarawa, Niger Or Abuja by princefunmmy(m): 8:48am On Mar 06, 2020
Kindly drop your contact, l will prefer to call. Thank you
I prefer mail or drop your contact and I will call you
Politics / Re: Yahaya Sharif-Aminu: Protest In Kano Over "Blasphemy Against Prophet Muhammad" by princefunmmy(m): 4:57pm On Mar 04, 2020
Firstly, it's wrong to insult other people's religion especially if it is a religion that is constitutionally accommodated. So that man should be apprehended for his sacrilege.

Secondly, those uttering insults above should be banned for their religiois intolerance. If we check now, they're from "religion of love". Religion of love indeed when they're the ones that go about insulting otger people's religion. But if their "lord, saviour and messiah" is called gay now they'll be kicking (bucket).

Finally, I urge the northerners to be calm and law-abiding. However they shouldn't desist in creating awareness till the culprit is punished.
Are you for real? you need a life
Properties / Re: Please You Know Any Mold Fabricator In Nasarawa, Niger Or Abuja by princefunmmy(m): 8:34pm On Mar 02, 2020
Yes, Kindly contact Hamstring Engineering Company in Minna, Niger State I've worked there and They can deliver. you can send me a mail for more info princefunmmy@gmail.com

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