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Crime / Re: Brother And Sister Banished From Imo Community For Allegedly Committing Incest by princeSammyz: 5:10pm On Jan 29
Siblings being sexually active with each other is more prevalent than we may want to admit.
Really? Share with us the story you know.

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Education / Re: Masturbation Written In A Pupil's Textbook by princeSammyz: 9:16am On Jan 14
For 10+ years or so. Book is What's happening to me? By Susan Meredith or so
Politics / Re: 2023: Britain Demands List Of Election Violence Sponsors by princeSammyz: 7:57pm On Jan 12
Irony is, demanding list of violence sponsors from the sponsors themselves
Education / Re: FGC Ijanikin, Lagos Students Lodge Colleagues In Hotels For Sex Romps by princeSammyz: 8:46am On Jan 04
Which of them get 1mil for account? I love making new friends


Politics / Re: Governor Ortom Endorses Peter Obi, Says LP Candidate Can Deliver Nigeria (Video) by princeSammyz: 1:09pm On Dec 26, 2022
He simply spoke like the gentleman he is. Trust me he is speaking for the G5. Just wait for when RuggedMan Wike will do his own endorsement of PO. Just no apology. Lol
Sports / Re: Kylian Mbappe's Father Speaks About Corruption In Africa. by princeSammyz: 5:59pm On Dec 22, 2022
I think it's a good time to talk about this cancer in the flesh of the continent. And ex players should lend voice to this, especially in Nigeria. We all know how it goes.
Programming / Re: What Programming Languages Do You Know? by princeSammyz: 3:22pm On Dec 16, 2022
Give the programming languages that you know as well as your level of proficiency on 5.

Let me start :

Javacript - 2/5
Python - 3/5
R - 3/5
Matlab - 2/5
I would really like to know what areas Matlab and python has been useful to you
Properties / Re: My Landlady And Her Daughter Want To Finish Me! by princeSammyz: 6:34pm On Dec 12, 2022
Ever since i packed into my new house, my landlady and her daughter have been disturbing my life one way or the other.

One day, I gave my landlady 10kg of mama gold rice which was given to me at my place of work and then the following morning she called me and asked me to lend her 10k.

I think she has taken my kindness for weakness and as for her daughter, her own inordinate request for money is unbearable. If it's not meatpie today then it's recharge card or even hair cream.

Please, Elders in the house, how can I cope with this burden?
Op, the 10k nko? She don return am?
Romance / Re: Lady Allegedly Turns Into Cow After Her Husband Caught Her Cheating (Video) by princeSammyz: 9:54am On Dec 10, 2022

For you to even contemplate believing at all shows they have got another educated dunce hoodwinked.
The fact that anyone with at least a secondary school education and able to use the internet would even entertain the possibility of this rubbish being real just goes to buttress the feeling that 'you can take some Africans out of the cave,but you can't take the cave out of them',because I sincerely believe only a caveman should believe this trash.
Damn! Lol
I was looking for the 'love' button when I remembered I was on nairaland. Let me make do with the 'like'
Romance / Re: Lady Allegedly Turns Into Cow After Her Husband Caught Her Cheating (Video) by princeSammyz: 9:51am On Dec 10, 2022

Do you want the efficacy of juju to be tested on you
We can go somewhere
Go which where?
If you want to test the efficacy, you don't have to do it on him. The world has gone beyond that. Simplify livestream the efficacy of bullet proof on any platform, and someone will try an AK47 on you. If you don't want, we can try it on any babalawo were e sure for am.
People manipulating people and calling it juju


Sports / Re: Canada Vs Morocco: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. (1 - 2) On 1st December 2022 by princeSammyz: 4:14pm On Dec 01, 2022
This Canada team can't wait to go back home. They are already missing their girlfriends


Sports / Re: Belgium Vs Morocco: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ( 0 - 2) On 27th Nov 2022 by princeSammyz: 3:20pm On Nov 27, 2022
Please what was wrong with the disallowed goal? I don't understand these refs o

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Sports / Re: Ghana Vs Portugal: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: (2 - 3) On 24th Nov 2022 by princeSammyz: 4:26pm On Nov 24, 2022

FIFA #61 vs #9

Senegal 0 Netherlands 2
Morocco 0 Croatia 0
Tunisia 0 Denmark 0
Cameroun 0 Switzerland 1

Can Ghana give Africa her 1st win?
Ghana to score at least two goals.
But for winning, I doubt.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City Vs Sevilla: UCL (3 - 1) On 2nd November 2022 by princeSammyz: 8:22pm On Nov 02, 2022
Someone make me understand this today abeg. Why e be say nairaland no de ever update other leagues aside English? So PSG Juve no suppose enter frontpage today?

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Family / Re: I Saw A Dead Family Friend Two Years Later by princeSammyz: 5:52pm On Oct 28, 2022
I have never believed in reincarnation but my eyes did saw one yesterday

Here's the story:

Year 2020, I think around may according to his parents because I can't recollect, this neighbor of ours and close friend to my sibling was into cultism.
There's was a cult clash at ikorodu that year and he lost his life, I wasn't told I was there life when police released his corpse to his parents and I was even part of those who digged the grave he was buried. Two years ago oo..

Now, this is year 2022, I saw this boy at orile, he wanted to board the bus I was in with my girlfriend. Immediately we both saw each other I wanted to scream but I couldn't I don't know how. But everyone in the bus saw my reaction, this boy disappeared on that spot.

This isn't a made up story, if there's any nairalander at orile bustop around that time will testify to this.

Omo! I still can't believe what I saw, I cried till I got home, my girlfriend was shocked and speechless as well. How did he do that? How did he disappear in midst of people? Why is he not dead? There's obviously something spiritual about this that I'm not told.

His mom has been hospitalized since we got home and I explained everything that happened. He was her only child. This is so disheartening and scary as well

Please I would really like to know if the other people in the bus saw this person, and also saw him vanish.


Politics / Re: Concession: FG Announces Preferred Bidders For Abuja, Lagos, Kano Airports by princeSammyz: 5:13am On Oct 27, 2022
I was hoping to read some background on the concession... The newspaper just entirely ignored that. It's says "they should know about this. Haven't they been following?"


Politics / Re: FIRS Starts Direct Collection Of Taxes From Online Gaming by princeSammyz: 4:58am On Oct 27, 2022
Welcome development.
In fact, the tax rate should be on the high side to discourage gambling addictions. Just the way it is I think on alcohol.
Mind you, this is coming from a gambler looking to be discouraged. Lol

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by princeSammyz: 2:32am On Oct 24, 2022
Hello gurus in the house, how can I pay for application fee, University of Manitoba? I have tried using my Zenith master card but not going.
2. Please when writing proposal for PhD do I need to include budget?
Please have you found a way around this? I am in a similar situation and will be glad to learn how you solved this.
Crime / Re: Man Shoots Younger Brother Dead While Testing The Potency Of Gun Charm In Kwara by princeSammyz: 4:52pm On Oct 03, 2022
Bullet proof charm no de work shi shi.
Bullet charm na make you no de for im way.

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Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by princeSammyz: 9:41am On Sep 11, 2022
I heard you can go any other day after your capture date once you missed the day you were given
Thank you

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Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by princeSammyz: 1:02pm On Sep 10, 2022

Kindly update us after you miss your capturing date. I’m not sure any one here missed their capturing date.
You actually encouraged me to miss it first. Yheeee!
Definitely someone here must have missed theirs at a point...
I'm just afraid I might have to reserve another date online. And that will mean another one month delay. Noway!!!
Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by princeSammyz: 8:42am On Sep 10, 2022
Hello house, please this is urgent. What happens if one misses his/her scheduled capturing day? Though have opened file in the office but I may not be able to meet up with my date. Anyone with experience?
Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by princeSammyz: 4:06pm On Sep 08, 2022
Hello everyone. Can I stamp the guarantor's form in any court other than the high court?
Also, can I get the court stamp before filling the guarantor's info? Coz I'm still searching for someone to stand as my guarantor.
Business / Re: CBN Grants Flutterwave Switching And Processing Licence by princeSammyz: 2:55pm On Sep 06, 2022
Good one. The home team should always have some home advantage

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Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by princeSammyz: 3:35pm On Sep 02, 2022
How Corrupt Immigration Officers Extort Nigerian Passport Seekers Despite the Launch of Digital Portal

This is an indepth investigation into the rot in NIS. We need this to trend everywhere, tagging NIS.


Sports / Re: UEFA Champions League Draw 2022/2023 On 25th August 2022 by princeSammyz: 2:44pm On Aug 25, 2022
Real Madrid to win the champions league again

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi: 2023 Will Be About Competence, Character, Commitment, Not Connection by princeSammyz: 7:00am On Aug 23, 2022
We need to hear his manifesto. He understands the problems. We must also know how he intends to solve them. Campaigns starts in coming weeks
Politics / Re: I Will Hand Over Federal Universities To State Govts – Atiku Abubakar by princeSammyz: 5:04pm On Aug 22, 2022
This is a promising perspective, and I think we should dissect and look into it critically. Most persons are afraid and rightly so, giving the antecedents of state governments in handling institutions. But it will now be every state to himself. One advantage of this will be that a situation as we have now where almost the whole tertiary education system is brought to a stand still by industrial action will no longer arise. It is up to each state to keep its own ship afloat. The FG will probably be in charge of control/standards.
Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by princeSammyz: 9:43am On Aug 20, 2022

I did it at shagamu immigration passport office, first time applicant. But my own process was quite long because of some minor issues.
Okay. Congratulations
Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by princeSammyz: 7:42am On Aug 20, 2022

I collected mine yesterday too, it was very fast and smooth.
Where did you process? Did you DIY?
Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by princeSammyz: 9:20pm On Aug 17, 2022

I'm having thesame issue, please someone should help us out
You are on the old site. Visit the new website
https://passport.immigration.gov.ng/ then click on guarantor form. and you would only be required to provide the reference number and maybe date of birth, then tick 'im a human' box to download the guarantor form.

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Education / Re: ASUU-FG Meeting Ends In Deadlock, Strike To Continue by princeSammyz: 7:00am On Aug 17, 2022

You seem not to understand the problem
1. There was an agreement between ASUU and the FG
2. The FG did not ask for anything in return for the agreement
3. FG refused to implement agreement citing lack of funds
4. Everyone can see that with the so-called lack funds, FG is still able to purchase luxury vehicles for Niger Republic, build railway to Niger Republic amongst others
5. Should ASUU believe that the problem is Lack of money rather than lack of commitment?
1. The initial agreement was reached 2009 between Jonathan led government and ASUU. He did not fulfill the agreement until he left 6 years later. Why was that? Being the original bargainer, one should imagine his government was well positioned to solve the problem, but it lingered.
2. FG is just playing safe. When they shout lack of funds, the next question should be what ways can the system generate more funds to help its own course? Today reference is being made of Peter Obi increasing school fees in Anambara and in a sense that he did not want poor Nigerians to go to school. We all understand how we take the suggestion of fees hike and why.
3;4 FG cites lack of funds for a lot of things in this country, and we know it's true. Out country is broke and that is to even sound very linient. Look at the level of borrowing in the last few years. Look at the situation of local government workers in recent times. This is reality! Now ASUU points at giving a couple of billions worth of cars to Niger Republic, of course I do not favor that move one bit, but ASUU's demand is not a onetime swing of the sword, this is recurrent bill we are talking about and the government must be sure to handle any commitments they put forward now and going forward.
5. ASUU must agree there is lack of funds, coupled with a lack of commitment that is worsened by corruption both on the government and on the university sides. ASUU must admit these and step back inwards to come up with more practical ways out and also other means of agitation.
Note: I am working towards joining the academia hopefully soon, and whatever the benefits of this struggle, if all works well, I believe it is for posterity. But I think even having that in mind, we must look at the persistence of the ASUU fg issue and look at how things can be done differently.

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