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Politics / Re: Oshiomhole Spotted Listening To Tinubu At Chatham House With Rapt Attention by princewarri1985: 8:16am On Dec 06, 2022
Oshiomhole Spotted Listening To Tinubu At Chatham House With Rapt Attention(Photos)

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the chairman and CEO of Bush Radio Academy.
Source iReporteronline.

why wont he sat down quietly and listen like someone about to take holy comminion because they are both birds of same feathers
Politics / Re: 2023: Atiku Battle Weary, Already Showing Signs Of Frustration - Keyamo by princewarri1985: 6:47am On Dec 06, 2022

I'm going to side with tinubu on this one! because the election next year is gonna be a 2 horse race next year between peter obi and tinubu. Atiku is a clown and he does not stand a chance. at the end of the day its gonna be peter obi all the way.
Business / Re: I Cant Believe I Am Surviving With POS by princewarri1985: 6:11pm On Dec 05, 2022
Last year frustsrate me no be small, I saw hell even though i had 150k earlier last year i still failed not until my elder sister gave me 20k and i had 35k i got a good idea one Night after long thinking, i used my remaing 15k to buy pos machine and used the other 20k for cash,i used my phone sim for the first day to suscribe on the machine.

i dont have a pos stand from the begining till date what i did was to go to a popular canteen in my school stand close to a womans shop i know so very well, then i ask everybody passing if they want to withdraw or send, I do this continiously from 7am to 7pm and guess what, I make up to 3k daily what i do is eat with 1500 and save the rest to boost my cash,those that were discouraging and laughing at me now envy me but God pass them.
you make 3k daily and you eat 1500 and save 1500. POVERTY NA POWDER? you sitdown from morning till night and make 3k daily, CHAI! them really need to bomb this country
Romance / Re: How Do I Tell My Neighbours They Moan Loudly!!! by princewarri1985: 6:02pm On Dec 05, 2022
Without long story, in what way can I tell my newly moved in couple neighbours who occupies the top apartment that they should reduce their moaning when having sex at night!

It's very awkward and annoying...

Matured Nairalanders I just need your advice on how to tell them politely without sounding rude or making them feel embarrassed. Thanks!

mind your buisness and leave them alone
Sports / Re: England Vs Senegal : FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 (3 - 0) On 4th December 2022 by princewarri1985: 9:39pm On Dec 04, 2022
I said it earliar on today say england go beat senegal llke who go thief! HOW E BE NOW

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Family / Re: Lady Confused As DNA Test Reveals Her Baby Isn’t Her Husband’s Biological Child by princewarri1985: 1:39pm On Dec 04, 2022
. Not really she might be telling the truth, due to genetic mutations called monogenic disorder
Are you from this planet? monogenic disorder is real and this same DNA test has been used to convict and send alot of people to death row, and alot of people to their via lethal injection in the United states of America
Family / Re: Lady Confused As DNA Test Reveals Her Baby Isn’t Her Husband’s Biological Child by princewarri1985: 1:03pm On Dec 04, 2022

Read the last part, it was confirmed she is the mother
meaning the hoe is on the defensive!
Family / Re: Lady Confused As DNA Test Reveals Her Baby Isn’t Her Husband’s Biological Child by princewarri1985: 12:48pm On Dec 04, 2022
she should match the DNA test with herself...if it shows the child is her child,then she is lying and should tell us the man that got her pregnant.. but if the DNA test doesn't match with her, She Should know that her baby was swapped in the hospital she put to bed...THESE ARE THE ONLY TWO SCENARIOS,NO BIG DEAL...let her find the solution herself... DNA test is always 99% accurate...but she can try another hospital for the test,if she is doubting
GBAM! you just said it all because thats the only way out.
Sports / Re: Why Senegal Will Defeat England Today by princewarri1985: 12:38pm On Dec 04, 2022
Says who? The OP must be high on some cheap drug because england go beat senegal like who go thief today, if it was morrocco it would have been a different ball game, senegal dont stand a chance
Phones / Re: NCC Reveals List Of Unapproved Phones In Nigerian Markets That Should Be Avoided by princewarri1985: 12:26pm On Dec 04, 2022
If you buy any phone no matter the brand and you insert your sim card and it works perfectly, you are good to go make una non mind all those idiots called NCC

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Family / Re: A Sample Of Bride Price In UGEP, Yakurr LGA Of Cross River State (Pictures) by princewarri1985: 12:14pm On Dec 04, 2022

This your neighborhood guy story shocked me o. What!

I am taking this thing to Twitter "#No hymen, no marriage " and I will not care who likes it or not. They will understand later.
I'm not bluffing it happened in jakpa road here in warri, and those on this platform who lives in jakpa road in warri here will attest to this story, it was a national anthem
Religion / Re: Can Tithe Be Given To Someone In Need?. by princewarri1985: 10:12am On Dec 04, 2022
I just like the christian on Nairaland to help me throw more light to this,
I once had my tithe with me when someone walked up to me for an assistance to discharge her family from hospital. After confirming that it's true, I just dropped my entire tithe to pay the bill and believe I had paid my tithe but somehow I was told that since I didn't drop it in the church am yet to pay my tithe.
you did the right thing! Because as a kid growing up i thought they normally take our tithe to God, but i later realize that na the pastors dey eat am. i have a friend back then in lagos who normally take his tithe to orphanage homes, and he is very rich and blessed beyond human comprehension. the ball is now in your court, you make your choice either to take your tithe to all these pastors or take it to those who really need it. take your tithe to orphanage home or those who really need them or take it to all these greed pastors with private jets, YOU DECIDE AND MAKE YOUR CHOICE.
Family / Re: A Sample Of Bride Price In UGEP, Yakurr LGA Of Cross River State (Pictures) by princewarri1985: 9:54am On Dec 04, 2022

I nor wan even marry at all sef

Nigerian marriages na big extortion

Na the men dey suffer am
The one wey dey pain me pass be say despite all the negative news about all these vagina people emanating from social media everyday, alot of men are still #SLEEPING and them non won wise up untill they become a victim theirself and the next thing they start crying fowl. alot of me are so foolish. they need to keep their guard up. real me cant fall for all this vagina people antics, i dey run key to key for warri here with them make we see who get key pass.
Family / Re: A Sample Of Bride Price In UGEP, Yakurr LGA Of Cross River State (Pictures) by princewarri1985: 8:43am On Dec 04, 2022

I stand with you brother.

virgin or no marriage!
No hymen, no commitment!
just imagine after spending millions for an over used pussy all in the name of marriage and the woman go still get mind carry the pussy go give another man for outside. A guy in my neighbourhoodiin warri here spent 1.2 million naira on his marriage 2 months later his wife was caught in an hotel fighting her ex boyfriend for sleeing with another woman, meaning she is still fucking her ex boyfriend. As we speak the marriage don pack up and 1.2 million naira gone down the drain, IS THAT NOT FRAUD?? for me we will keep giving them the dick and bounce and when i want to marry i will simply look for a good virgin and marry. NO #HYMEN NO MARRIAGE.


Family / Re: A Sample Of Bride Price In UGEP, Yakurr LGA Of Cross River State (Pictures) by princewarri1985: 6:48am On Dec 04, 2022
Only a virgin woman deserves your love and devotion.

Don't pay bride price, sponsor wedding ceremony and take care of in-laws just to have a woman who was fvcked in her best state (virgin) by a man who paid nothing.
You're not a fool.

Imagine how she moaned to another man's dicky before yours.
A woman whom u did nothing t disvirgin will fvck her ex the moment he shows up to her on Facebook or in the market.
Fvck any girl you want but when it comes to marriage, find a virgin. Nothing good comes easy.

Better to suffer to get a virgin woman and have a lasting peaceful marriage than to marry any girl and suffer in your marriage.

Marry a virgin or train another man's child and leave your inheritance for a child you did not father.
you too get sense my brother, but alot of SIMP on this forum wont listen because they have been folishly blinded by love, and tomorrow they will come back crying that their cheated on them. FOR ME VIRGIN OR NO MARRIAGE

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Family / Re: Cheating Wife by princewarri1985: 10:31pm On Dec 03, 2022

We are married for more than 5 years now and I love her
Reason for me to send her to study.
I'm a dog yo, i give her the dick and bounce continue to dey love brother, you never see anything yet.
Family / Re: Cheating Wife by princewarri1985: 10:28pm On Dec 03, 2022

We are married for more than 5 years now and I love her
Reason for me to send her to study.
Another simp spotted! i dont know why all these men wont learn.
Family / Re: Cheating Wife by princewarri1985: 9:58pm On Dec 03, 2022
I never expected that this day will come in my life.
I discovered that my wife I sent to school is cheating on me with her school matter and other married men.
Please I need advice on how to handle this.
then cheat on her back problem solved. Too much sense will not kill me
Family / Re: Wall Gecko Wipes Out Family Of Six In Ogun State by princewarri1985: 9:08pm On Dec 03, 2022

wall gekco? Thats a big lie. I remember when i was very young, my mom just gave birth to our last born and my dad was cooking a pot of soup to take to her in the hospital, i was standing in the kitchen holding the torch because there was no light, and 2 wall gekco was fighting on top of the ceiling and both of them fell inside the boiling soup, and my dad simply use the spoon and threw both of them out of the soup and they both were already dead, we all ate the soup that night and nothing happened, so i suspect fowl play here


Politics / Re: Olaiya Igwe Campaigning Naked For Tinubu (Video, Photo) by princewarri1985: 4:30pm On Dec 03, 2022


The internet is going crazy now with a shocking viral video of popular veteran Yoruba actor Olaiya igwe stark naked to campaign for popular presidential candidate Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In the video he was seen praying and making incantations for Tinubu to win.

The video has recieved serious condemnation since it went viral.

thats the power of money! The broke local actor did it for money and unknowingly morgaging the future of his kids and grand kids! I will do same for peter obi but the only difference is that i will do it for free because i dont want my grand kids and kids to surffer just like what the noble 95 years old yoruba leader told Nigerians

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Politics / Re: Obi Dey Go Program Wey Dem No Invite Am -Comedian Apkororo At 'The Experience' by princewarri1985: 1:50pm On Dec 03, 2022


He started off by warning the organiser to respect their ministry then. From 0:32 sec of the clip.

He said:

thats a very dry joke! Akpororo has ran out of jokes. Because if them non invite peter obi who them won invite?? Because he is the man of the moment and Nigeria incoming president!
Family / Re: Lady Catches Her Husband In Bed With Her Sister 4 Days after Their Wedding by princewarri1985: 9:55am On Dec 03, 2022
I'm not going to blame the man on this one because naturally all men are dog! about 10 years back my girlfriend younger sister came to visit me, after she prepared indomie for me, she was walking in to the kitchen, i didnt know what came over me i held her from behind squeeze her breast took off her bra and threw her on the bed, the funniest part was that she didnt even utter any work because she was enjoying it, i finally came back to my senses and stopped. she put her cloths back on and we both sat on the chair watching TV together like nothing happened! and the funniest part about it all was the she never told her sister about what happened, so the lady in question here should forgive her husband and take him back because nobody is perfect
Sports / Re: Suarez "Refuses To Apologize" For Handball As Uruguay Face Ghana by princewarri1985: 7:56am On Dec 02, 2022

i side with suarez on this one, let the past stay in the past! Ghana should go all out and take their revenge on the field of play just like their africa brothers morocco did, there is no need crying over spilled milk.
Sports / Re: Roberto Martinez Leaves Role As Belgium Manager After World Cup Group-stage Exit by princewarri1985: 10:03pm On Dec 01, 2022
Exit fire! Non be him won coach? He must continue his job as belgium coach! He's going no where. The idiot deserved to be flogged. They would have shot him if na columbia. What a shocker and disgrace
Sports / Re: Croatia Vs Belgium: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: (0 - 0) On 1st December 2022 by princewarri1985: 9:57pm On Dec 01, 2022

japan has already defeated spain! What are you still looking forward to??
Sports / Re: Croatia Vs Belgium: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: (0 - 0) On 1st December 2022 by princewarri1985: 6:34pm On Dec 01, 2022
Belgium is going home, what a shock! This world cup is the most unpredictable in history


Family / Re: What Is My Wife Doing ? Cheating? by princewarri1985: 6:24am On Nov 15, 2022
Celebrities / Re: Nollywood Actor Hanks Anuku Sighted By The Road Side In A Pitiable State by princewarri1985: 11:13pm On Nov 14, 2022
He is old now. Perhaps In his late 50s now.
This also looks like a movie cut
says who? Hank is in his early 60s but you cant see that in his looks because he has baby face. I really feel for the legend. This world is a very wicked place to live in

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Sports / Re: A Fan Throws Iwobi's Shirt Back At Him by princewarri1985: 4:50am On Nov 13, 2022
laugh won tear my belle here, i swear to God, some people are really crazy, the angry fan threw the shirt right back at iwobi
Family / Re: Married, But Living As Single by princewarri1985: 8:33am On Nov 12, 2022
Only a foolish man will listen to all these fake pulpit hustlers. My brother double your hustle and make money, your wife is not your problem, she is innocent, leave her alone! That woman must me suffering in silence.
Politics / Re: Zanele Sifuba Accuses Governor Douye Diri Of Leaking Her Sex Tape by princewarri1985: 8:19am On Nov 12, 2022
Top South African Lawmaker, Zanele Sifuba Accuses Nigerian Governor, Douye Diri Of Leaking Her Sex Tape, Describes Him As Her Lover


Previous thread https://www.nairaland.com/7424319/nigerian-accused-releasing-sextape-zanele
when fine fine responsible men full Nigeria, na ijaw man with their fish brain na the idiot see go date, now tell me why them non go leak her sextape? foolish girl
Webmasters / Re: Facebook To Announce Large-scale Job Cuts by princewarri1985: 12:11am On Nov 09, 2022
Bad luck for Facebook employees.

When you marry a woman who has opened her legs for another man before you, you will definitely experience bad luck in your marriage.

Only a marriage with a virgin woman brings good fortune and peace of mind.

Virgins are hard to find because NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY.

Fvck any girl you want but when it comes to marriage, find a virgin woman. Only she deserves your love and devotion.
mr virgin oga abeg make you rest small because we don hear, because i know say woman don show you shenge, even break your heart join and shred am to pieces

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