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Politics / Re: GRV: A Lagos Original For Inclusiveness, Not Division (Photos) by 989900: 10:54am On Mar 06
We are voting for Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, no buts, no ifs.

Politics / Congratulations Obidients by 989900: 4:40pm On Feb 26
Congratulations Obidients, we are winning NC, SS, SE, by a landslide, doing fairly well in the NE and NW, doing over 35% in the SW, winning Lagos by a landslide!

Congratulations, you have done well.

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Politics / Re: Labour Party Reacts As State Chairmen Predict Doom For Peter Obi by 989900: 8:43am On Feb 24

When i see some Yorubas that hate Tinubu i just Laugh they forgot that he brought YORUBA back into the game of politics when we have already lost our space in in this democratic era after Obasanjo sold us out without looking back!!!

The PDP (2011-2015) didn't have a single yoruba person in the top 8 political positions of Nigeria

1. GEJ- President
2. Sambo- VP
3. David Mark- SP
4. Ekweremadu- DSP
5. Tambuwal- Speaker
6. Ihedioha- Dep. Speaker
7. Katsina-Ala - CJN
8.Anyim Pius -SGF

Tinubu brought us back into the game and now we are back in the top 8 , and we currently have OSINBAJO & GBAJABIAMILA in top 4, 2023 is also our chance to rule this great country but some of us are lost
Politics / Re: Buhari’s Achievements Place Tinubu Ahead Of Others: Fashola by 989900: 4:44pm On Feb 23
You cannot support APC right now and say you get sense . . . see wetin Fashola turn to.
Politics / Re: Obaseki To Peter Obi: You Lack The Experience To Be Nigeria's Next President by 989900: 8:31am On Feb 23
On the contrary, Peter Obi is the most experienced of the candidates.
Politics / Re: We Need Cash To Buy Coke & Pepsi For Our Agents & Not To Buy Votes - Keyamo by 989900: 10:03am On Feb 22
Dey play.

Politics / Re: 2023: Nairaland Latest Poll For Atiku, Kwankwaso, Peter Obi And Tinubu (Photos) by 989900: 9:49pm On Feb 21

Anything built on lies will crumble..by this time Monday ...it will.be obvious to.you that all. Your labor is In vain. for Obi.

Tinubu is fake from top to bottom:
fake name,
fake school,
fake age,
fake workplace,
fake place of birth,
fake bishops,
everything fake.

Atiku, that one lies from every hole in his body.
A kleptomaniac, can't speak the truth nor stick with the truth (according to OBJ).

Una no dey shame?!!!


Politics / Re: The Biggest And Most Extensive Online Poll Just Ended by 989900: 8:58pm On Feb 20
13months doctor strike, 7yrs no local government election, saying Education is not meant for the poor, Peter Obi is the bigger evil, Buhari is better than Peter Obi, only weak and lazy in research person will vote obi

All these misconceptions have been bursted many times over, but agenda must agend.

No matter what y'all do, the good people of this country would never vote in another sick old octogenarian; not after Buhari's sick shenanigans.

You lot are nothing but criminals and vile mofos, who for whatever silly reason(s) are hell bent on putting us all into trouble again -- after Yar'adua and Buhari.

And, it's always these poor, semi-literate-bigoted-serpents .

Iya ti di omi ọbẹ fún yín.

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Politics / Re: The Biggest And Most Extensive Online Poll Just Ended by 989900: 8:18pm On Feb 20
People who will vote no dey online

Yes and No.


Politics / The Biggest And Most Extensive Online Poll Just Ended by 989900: 8:16pm On Feb 20
The biggest and most extensive online poll has just ended after 30 days.


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Politics / Re: Peter Obi: Why I Campaign In Markets by 989900: 11:21am On Feb 19
Oga Lagos is a no man's land..
It belong to all Nigerians..tinubu from osun was once a governor..ask your father where jakande,marcauly etc hail from..there is no indigenous lagosians...
Ask Benin people they will explain to you better..

Of course, there are indigenous people of Lagos, Tinubu is not one though.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi: Why I Campaign In Markets by 989900: 11:20am On Feb 19
The basic jealousy of Igbos against Yorubas is Lagos state. They wish to have a state like Lagos and they are deeply bitter about its progress.

My message to them... You will only labour in vain. The current generation of Yorubas won't handover the politics of Lagos to you ingrates. Although I understand that few bast.ards are now being born among Yorubas that are carried away by social media "Messiah" hype of the Igbos but you will all fail.

You can try in the next generation. grin

Shallow . . . try write something more substantial.
Politics / Re: Which Candidate Will Benefit From Buhari’s Naira Policy? - Farooq Kperogi by 989900: 12:53pm On Feb 18
Kperogi, hate/bigotry will not kill you.

You stay in America and think you know what is going on the ground in those states you just mentioned.

Well, it's just your opinion: "opinions are like armpits; some of them stink.

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Politics / PDAPC Has No Path To Victory by 989900: 10:25pm On Feb 11
NE: will be shared between NNPP, PDP, APC & LP.

NC: Locked down for LP.

NW: will be shared between NNPP, PDP, APC & LP.

SW: will be shared between APC, LP, PDP

SS: Locked down for LP.

SE: Locked down for LP.

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Politics / Re: I Don't See Obi Winning Anywhere In South South - Ayiri Emami by 989900: 12:59pm On Feb 09

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Politics / Atiku Vs Obi Vs Tinubu by 989900: 8:59pm On Feb 05
In 2023, Nigeria will never be ruled by some old ailing septuagenarian/octogenarian.

Tinubu has parkinson's with heavily pronounced dementia, dysarthria/aphasia.

Atiku his twin is an unrepentant con man.

Nigeria would not be ruled by the kleptomaniac drug user/baron.

Nigeria would not be ruled by the SPV con.

February 25, 2023, Nigerians, revenge all the ills of PDAPC by voting LP!

If you're not amongst those cashing out now or hope to soon and you're supporting any of Tinubu or Atiku, you need to see a psychiatrist -- Ẹni ku're! -- ọkan yin o ni balẹ!

57 year old Agbaje is too old to govern Lagos, but 80 year old Tinubu/Atiku aren't too old to govern Nigeria!

Politics / Re: Nollywood Actor: I Will Improve The Industry - Peter Obi Replies El-Rufai by 989900: 8:38pm On Feb 05
"Unintelligent person"
That is what same Nollywood you are trying to famz; dismissed you as.

Just as they tagged you, giving you a befitting adjective. You are still ignorantly trying to justify the 'tag' by acting like you can't comprehend the simple 'rejection message' passed across. That was an insult, Mr man, not compliment.

How can you be expecting people who tagged you 'unintelligent' , still unintelligently vote for you?

You are truly 'unintelligent' , Mr Pandora.

Àní, una no get sense sẹ!


Politics / Re: Naira Swap: Atiku Demands ‘slight’ Extension, Says Nigerians Discomforted by 989900: 4:39pm On Jan 28
No need for any extension.

Taiye and Kehinde want extension, awọn ọmọ-méjì-ole, ọmọ ìyá Kasali.
Politics / Re: Vote For A President That Will Sustain The Legacies Of Buhari – Shettima (Video) by 989900: 9:06pm On Jan 24
Na weed talk be dis.
Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Causes Stir With Her Braless Appearance At An Event by 989900: 10:57am On Jan 07
She's an incurable exhibitionist . . . let her be.
Politics / Re: Obi: No Aspirant Can Save Nigeria via The 1999 Constitution - Afe Babalola by 989900: 10:09pm On Jan 04
Interim government kẹ?
How well did the last one work?

Some of these our old men self?

I agree about reworking the constitution, but that can only be done within the ambit of the existing law with a willing C-in-C, a willing party and a willing legislature!

The rich lawyer should speak to stuffs that are legally and practically doable; not theoretical Wakandas.
Politics / Re: What The Lagos Fourth Mainland Bridge Will Look Like by 989900: 9:39pm On Dec 30, 2022
Every election year gimmick.

If ever it is commenced by APC, it will take 10 years or more to complete.

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Politics / Re: Rufai Oseni Posted A Pic Of Lagos Without A Caption, APC Supporters Blasted Him by 989900: 5:20pm On Dec 24, 2022

Hatred wont allow you to listen to what Obi is saying. He said that Human capital development is more important than Infrastructure. That if you dont pull people out of poverty and you build Infrastructure, they will vandalize the infrastructure to use to buy food to chop. Same thing is happening with power infrastructure and railway tracks

Same thing Bill Gates said when he came to Nigeria.

Same thing we as parents do: we sacrifice nice houses, fancy cars, overseas vacation, etc, just to send our kids to school, because knowledge is power!!!

Why do folks think it is different with the nation?

Infrastructure without commensurate HDI is CRAPOLA!!!!

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Politics / Re: Obidents Display PVC Cards (Photos) by 989900: 6:07pm On Dec 15, 2022
I move about with mine same way I carry my ATM card and NIN, should Incase election were to hold, even in my dreams, I dey carry am waka.

I take God beg you, no go lose am on!
Politics / Re: I Have Done My Best As President — Buhari by 989900: 8:14pm On Dec 14, 2022
Definitely not good enough.

Worst president ever!
Politics / Re: Image Of Infrastructure Used To Campaign For Tinubu From Indonesia - Daily Trust by 989900: 4:13pm On Dec 14, 2022
Na Dem way . . . Dem no Sabi anoda way!
Family / Re: Marrying A Masturbator! by 989900: 1:41pm On Dec 14, 2022
Let her sit in front of you, play with her tities while she plays with her kitten till she comes . . . S€x things would start getting better from there.
Na experience we dey take talk.
Politics / Re: Only Peter Obi Worries Us, Atiku Cannot Win – APC’s Osita Okechukwu by 989900: 8:27pm On Dec 12, 2022
This coming election is not rocket science really..

Bloc votes on religious ground - Obi wins
Bloc votes on regional basis - Obi wins
Bloc votes on literate/non-literate grounds - Obi wins
Bloc votes on political balance - Obi wins
Bloc votes on populace acceptability - Obi wins
Bloc votes on Age groups - Obi wins

What other marker can we use that has any other candidate winning bloc votes?

Bloc votes on agbero group: Tinubu wins.
Politics / Re: Atiku Will Sweep North, Get Required 25% In All States - Babachir Lawal (Video) by 989900: 6:48pm On Dec 09, 2022

pls send me your father's number before you totally run mad it is a matter of urgency

You're free to meet him and talk to him directly in his grave. Actually, you might have that opportunity you so seek very soon.
Politics / Re: Atiku Will Sweep North, Get Required 25% In All States - Babachir Lawal (Video) by 989900: 8:31am On Dec 09, 2022

pls send your parents number I want to tell them their son is running mad.. which planet are your from

Oponu, you get credit?

Ko ní r'agba fún àwọn tí wọn bí ẹ l'ọmọ!

Fill your tears in those drums.

Politics / Re: Atiku Will Sweep North, Get Required 25% In All States - Babachir Lawal (Video) by 989900: 10:43pm On Dec 08, 2022
Atiku has no path to victory.

Currently, none of the candidates has sure path to 25% in 24 states.

Obi looks set to win popular votes . . . asides other NC, SE, SS states in OBi's pouch, a win in Lagos (yes, Obi will win Lagos), massive win in Rivers and Akwa Ibom states would ensure that!

There are no KKK states in the bag for anyone like they did for Buhari over the years.

Underage voters and multiple registration ti lù lẹ.

No coalition centres a.k.a. rigging rings.

Obi ti gbe wọn rin!


Politics / Re: Throwback Photo Of MKO Abiola And Kudirat Inspecting A Building Project by 989900: 10:01am On Dec 05, 2022
He lost in the South East so do not go around dishonestly trying to mislead people
Igbos voted mostly for Tofa and have never voted for Yoruba candidates if they have an Igbo or Fulani alternative and Yoruba should learn from that don't you agree?

Oponu-apọda a fọ fún gbe mu ni ẹ . . . trying to be smart-by-half.

The data is attached. It is clear for every and anyone that can read to see.

Your bigoted existence has totally blinded you.

Those that sent you to school wasted their money.

You are a disgrace to humankind!

So, you're going to throw a whole tribe under the bus for your bigoted falsehood?

What happens to the:
Anambra: 57%
Abia: 41%
Enugu: 48%
Imo: 45% that voted for MKO?

Are you really this evil & ungrateful even when almost half of all the Igbo states combined voted for MKO?

Igbos voted for OBJ in 1999, while we voted for Falae, did that fly over your head too?

When have we as Yorubas ever given any Igbo candidate 50% of our votes?

O ni kure!!!!!

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