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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 3:39pm On Feb 04, 2016
Have you exited the program? If you have, that makes the issue more complicated.
my Oga at the top, long time. Puntersmind, since when have started this program, I didn't experience unpaid stipend but Gis want me to be missing them by not payment the last 3 months to my exit. Please how can I go about this? My employer AND I Have sent claim Form to finance@gisurep.gov.ng nothing come out from it. I was owed October, November and December, 2015 and other interns in my organization were owed October only.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 3:21pm On Feb 04, 2016
Good luck pal.
It would have be incomplete if I had faild to acknowledge or appreciate my great leader and my menntor @puntersmind for giving me the opportunity to serve as an intern when I needed it most,BIG BOSS I say thank you sir,may God bless you wherever you are.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 11:24am On Feb 04, 2016
I love "Congratulations" but I was never an intern, except you want to make me one now and keep me on monthly stipend. grin. Good luck to all the interns who completed their internship in December, 2015.
I want to Officially congratulate the exited senoir interns in d like of Puntersmind, Ladunal, Orangedream, Writepoker, Edokpia, Yeson, NobleAky, Rukoyah et.,al...wishing Gods best in ur next level of your endeavours... Don't forget us here ooo...hmmn I remember those days u guys used to grove this page b4 I got matched September last year...if I bring those post here each of u will smile with maturity, I swear grin...and to the incumbents and prospective interns pls let's continue with that spirit of Gods love...better job go soon come our way before we complete our internship in Jesus name
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 11:21am On Feb 04, 2016
Congratulations to you my friend and good luck in your future endeavors.
ALHAMDULILLAH December alert confirmed. Finally thru with GIS.

I wish all my colleagues here happy exit and those that remain all the best

Once again to God be the glory.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 10:10am On Dec 29, 2015
Good work people. GIS is expected to pay monthly stipend between today and tomorrow. The two outstanding months are in the plan, may not come in at once though.

Bros don't let get distracted with this, let's focus on tweeting and retweeting as we're doing, I think that's more important and urgent.

However, from antecedent, there is likelihood that both October and November payments schedule would have been made, but they wouldn't pay it once, possibly a week interval. That's how they paid June and July, if anybody can recall.

Pls let leave that aside, the tweet continue as usual.

God bless us all.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 11:02am On Dec 15, 2015
That's the spirit. Kudos.
1. Some people should help compile federal government and politicians harsh tags
E.g: @akubo_adegbe @NGRPresident @MBuhari @GarSheu @bukolasaraki @NGRSenate @saharareporters @doyakubu #akubo_adegbe #NGRPresident #MBuhari #GarSheu #bukolasaraki #NGRSenate #saharareporters #doyakubu has become unbearable for interns #FGPayGISinterns (more should be compiled together for easy copy and paste when facebooking & tweeting)

2. Some people should compile active phone numbers
E.g: 08175751778, 08105576779 (more should be added together)

3. If any of the intern don't have tweeter or Facebook account, please register because it's free

4. On or before monday early morning, all intern should be able to call, tweet, Facebook and possibly give them a continues and steady disturbance for as long as they withhold the stipends, pending when you see 3-6 UBA text alert on your phone.

Power of synergy matters, and the earlier the better


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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 11:00am On Dec 15, 2015
Glad to read this.
Thank you sir for your input. It is gratifying to know that you are still here with us. Basically, i think the pressure on stipend issue really lies with the new interns as most of us (the existed interns) do not feel the heat as much as they do. But we would keeping pressing on for it.
As touching the business plan, personally i do not take it likely as i have hired seasoned business experts to finish the job for me. I urge the rest of us to do same as you never can tell. Thank you
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 11:00am On Dec 15, 2015
Nice to hear from you friend.

You're most welcome my boss and mentor. As always your insightful advice and inspirational directive always send the forum alive with vigour.

However, we started this twitter campaign last 2 weeks, but it's very saddened, handful few supported the course on the twitter, instead lot scuttle it thru empty promises that the stipend will be paid this week, yet nothing.

Let's start right away with renew strength on the Twitter and Facebook.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 10:59am On Dec 15, 2015
Nice to see that you guys have kept the fire burning. Kudos.

Longest time big boss...
Glad to see ur face again.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 12:57pm On Dec 11, 2015
The social media campaign still works, use it @all.

The annoying part is that we are instead engaging on frivolous discussions, while neglecting the real problem, nonsense.
Now, the 3rd month is running to an end, xmas is around the corner.

1. Are they going to pay us or not?

2. Are they going to pay only for October

3. Are they going to pay October & November together

4. Are we going to just sit down and talk non general topic or discuss on how to fight for our rightful?

Any other interests are personal and group interest and not general interest.

Without any motive to hurt anyone's feeling, does it mean there nothing we can COLLECTIVELY do to make them feel our stipends is longer over due, and three months of non-payment isn't funny at all?

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 12:55pm On Dec 11, 2015
Merry Christmas and a Fruitful New Year in advance to you all. Just want to chip in a thing or two. :: Good luck to all the interns exiting the program after their 12 months internship. If you are one of the few that were asked to send in a Business Plan, please, send in a professional one. Pay a consultant to do one for you, or use a good Business Plan software to do a comprehensive plan. A good Business Plan Expert can tell if a Business Plan has been thoroughly researched and if it is practicable. * The sad state of stipend payment is embarrassing, but believe it or not, the problem lies on the doorstep of TSA. It's fast becoming a Fraud/Scam channel. You may be required to *sort* to get your money out once it gets into the single account. GIS started the process of withdrawing the stipend money out of the TSA, about 3 weeks ago and no success yet. Fingers crossed, you guys would likely receive the stipend next week as pressure is really mounting. :: There are several businesses you can start with very little money (as little as your two-months stipends) - Graphic/Web Design/Video Editing Business, Betting agent business, Money Lender business, Social Media Marketing Business, PR Consultant Business etc. :: The GIS continues in 2016 (except something drastic happens, as that is not beyond this government), there would be more modifications on GIS though. Enjoy your Christmas @ all. 1 Love.


Programming / Re: I Need Help With This Adobe Master Collection Software by puntersmind: 9:41am On Oct 14, 2015
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 3:34pm On Oct 13, 2015
Scan the document you got during the manual match at the Fair and send it to operation@gisurep.gov.ng with a little mail explaining the situation. Most times, the delays could be as a result of a glitch somewhere.
@ mr.puntersmind. sir, i have indeed see your good work and hoping fully well it will reach me.

my name is Ihedinoha Daniel c. GI-Imo-owm - 01782.ihedinohadan@gmail.com
Sir, Regards to the last internship fair held at owerri which i met my employer there. And we were told that we will be communicated through
our email. and i have not gotten any email since then. Pls sir am still hoping to receive your mail or rather help me check what the problem could be. thanks alot
Programming / Re: Official Thread For Experts And Begineers In Python by puntersmind: 1:03am On Oct 09, 2015
Drop the group's whatsapp number and interested people can contact you for add up.
I am a begineer in python I started about 2 weeks ago an since then I have been unable to talk to or seek advice from someone cause I don't know any programmers so I created this thread so pythonista's can all meet and chat.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 12:52pm On Sep 23, 2015
I have to make this clear. I have worked hard to help interns get their outstanding payments issue resolved. However, I believe these outstanding payments are perhaps delayed on purpose. Having checked the backend of some of the employers portal, I have come to the following conclusions. 1. Most of the payments have remained outstanding (delayed) not because Timesheets were not promptly and effectively ticked and submitted. 2. The Outstanding Claim sheet submitted by interns and employers are received, documented but most times, ignored. 3. There is a strong believe that maybe (a big maybe) someone is intentionally delaying these payments and creating the outstanding payment problems intentionally. 4. It's a know fact that SURE-P GIS has advised its partners (Employers) not to sign outstanding Claims Sheet for intern(s) who have exited the program - even if they existed with the whole 12 months stipend outstanding. Why is this so? I write this to make it clear that I have kept quiet on outstanding payment issue, not because I don't want to help, I do. In fact, I have been working on the list of outstanding payments that I have correlated, but have been meeting some subtle resistance. Perhaps, you guys would have to make it known to the person(s) in charge collectively that you want your monies. If not, someone may be pocketing all these outstanding payments. Cheers.

NB: Most people that got their outstanding payments cleared are just a lucky handful. Keep trying though.

August stipend came in whilst I was asleep, don't really know why my backlog complaints hasn't been looked into. @Puntersmind please any tips, i'm exiting soon, backlog for Nov and December 2014. I've emailed finance with details severally and even called Customers care.



Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 3:07pm On Sep 17, 2015
Yes. This issue arises sometimes when an intern is working in a location different from the one his/her Unique Beneficiary Code denotes. Example, Doing internship in Delta with a Unique Beneficiary Code that bears say - GI-FCT-ABM-*****.
Pls house is it normal and possible for an intern to have spent 9 months in this programme without being invited for a training, i mean the entrance training by SURE-P. I am almost exiting the programme yet no training.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Tanzania : AFCON Qualifier (0 - 0) ON 5th September 2015 by puntersmind: 3:05pm On Sep 05, 2015
Beinsports 2.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 9:38am On Aug 20, 2015
Asking for outstanding claims sheet? Please kindly ask @Edokpia or @Laduna1 and others.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 11:58am On Aug 19, 2015
Easiest Form: An "ACCESS DENIED" notification once the company signs into their account on SURE-P GIS portal.

plz how do we know the companies that are sure-p partners?

dnt think oo.buh u can google it nah dnt think oo.buh u can google it nah
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 11:56am On Aug 19, 2015
Be patient. Make sure your employer sends another completed Outstanding Claims sheet to finance@gisurep.gov.ng by the end of this month. Cheers.
@puntersmind: @olabest: Please I have not being paid since January. My internship ended in May. My employer sent the excel format outstanding stipend request form but i would like to know the status of my claim or if there is anything else that needs to be done.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 11:54am On Aug 19, 2015
Noted. I will email you.
Sir do kindly assist in getting my outstanding stipends as efforts made by my employer and i, based on suggestions frm cc have nt yielded positive result.
I exited d scheme in April 2015, attended exit training in March, no payment since November 2014. My employer sent d claim form up till July. Now he can no longer access my info frm his page. I rily dont knw what to do as my employer who has bn very helpful till date is at ds point confused himself.
Will appreciate suggestions frm d house too.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 11:53am On Aug 19, 2015
Hello, I can't promise I will be of any help to you as I cannot joggle SURE-P GIS with lots of other engagements again. However, a useful advice may suffice. Drop your email address.
Good mornings friends, pls how do I get puntersmind contact, I have confidential issue to discuss with him. Pls reach me on 08142247073. Tnx alot

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 1:07pm On Aug 11, 2015
It's Internship Fair season again. So keep your ears on the ground and be consistent in this forum. Peeps are bound to inform you once the fair gets to your state of residence.
Pls puntersmind help me,merge me with any company in ibadan oyo state,dis re my info,Alokan modupe grace,GI-Eki-AD0-02239,alokan.grace@yahoo.com tanx,my no 08162498262,God bless u
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 12:56pm On Aug 11, 2015
If they did not show up, it's no concern of neither the intern nor the employer. SO, no need to worry.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 12:52pm On Aug 11, 2015
Don't expect any email. In any case, the intern concerned can speak to someone in SURE-P GIS Operations to ask of his/her status.

pls my oga , how do one know if he has been delisted from the program by PIU. I think something like mail should be sent to the interns.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 2:02pm On Aug 10, 2015
I thought my earlier submission were sufficient enough as a form of explanation. To answer your question and comment on your observation. Those that were absent on the day of PIUs visit to their firm are NOT supposed to remain in the scheme. Every partner company in SURE-P GIS were sent an email notification about the visitation of the PIU's, so that serves as enough incentive on the part of SURE-P GIS to get employers to have their interns available for verification. There was no need to notify the interns as they are assumed to daily report at the place of their internship. It would NOT amount to a 'heartless' move by SURE-P GIS if the absent interns are removed entirely from the program. The employers of the interns are duly asked why their interns are not on duty (if found so), and in cases where the reasons provided by employers are succinct enough, the PIU's involved usually Oks it. What was observed more were cases where up to 5 interns of a firm were found absent, it raises suspicion. Many of the interns who were absent during the verification could yet go scot-free but once an intern is delisted because of absenteeism on verification day, then that is it. I hope this is enough explanation on the matter.


@ puntersmind
What is the final conclusion??
Those that are absent??
No more stipend again??
Just this June stipend they will skip or miss??
N/b:it will be heartless to just because an intern miss a verification to remove him or her totally..
A punishment of one month no stipend is ok
@ puntersmind what is your say in this whole matter??

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 12:33pm On Aug 10, 2015
Special mention for @Laduna1. The guy has a good heart. Good luck to you in your internship and other endeavors in life.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 12:31pm On Aug 10, 2015
I quoted what SURE-P officials said during verification which is ''If you are not here for the verification,no more alert for you..U don't exist''..And sombody called me a liar..Well,i hope for ya sake,i'm the liar this time around

That's what it is supposed to be but not what is fully obtainable. So many interns that were not available during inspection have received alerts since then. For some, their employers were able to convince the PIU officers, but others were probably not that lucky.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 12:26pm On Jul 31, 2015
I am neither here nor there on what measure interns should take like someone pointed out. I only shared the information I did because of lots of emails, calls, comments here addressed to me to comment on the true situation of things in SURE-P GIS. I only solicit that whatever option the interns chooses to make their voice heard should be civil. The fastest route is going through the media. The best option in the media is Twitter and Radio. I advise you guys use a Hashtag and get it Trending. I also advise you guys to email political platform 100.4 - Raypower, ask them to discuss your issue and you may get very quick attention. The email should be of a civil language, concise, yet be able to hit the nail on the head. The political platform email address is there for anyone that cares to have it - Just the name of the radio program @yahoo.com. I feel for the plight of interns, hence my little comments since yesterday. Peace All.

NB: When service normalizes, it would be easier for the SURE-P GIS unit to tackle other issues peculiar to a few interns.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 5:04pm On Jul 30, 2015
A little more patience may just do the magic!
In other words....






Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by puntersmind: 4:32pm On Jul 30, 2015
The problem with SURE-P GIS at this time is more of Administrative than any other factor. The new administration feels it's one of those conduit that corruption passes through. Like with every other area in this new administration so far, they are taking it slowly to figure out how to sort the system as they feel it probably needs sorting. I'd like to cite an example with the Amnesty programme - The funds have always been there, but FG felt they should go slow to make sure that corruption is stemmed at that end. Until the recent complains from some quarters, the rumoured/factual meeting of the Ex-militants, and media pressure, the returnees ex-militants sacked from their respective institutions due to FGs inability to pay their fees when due etc. FG finally appointed an administrator to harness the program. Perhaps, SURE-P GIS needs something similar. The SURE-P staffs are still there, with their offices in tact, albeit the relocation of their general office to another building in the complex. The issue is that there is some serious level of uncertainty over there, with the lack of Minister and certainty in direction. In a nutshell, the place is almost in disarray, with lack of electricity in some offices. Solution: Make your combined voices heard and perhaps you will get the attention you guys truly deserve. You need an administrator or just an appointment of Minister of Finance for your issue to be resolved or at least get attention. An appointment of a minister in that ministry would not solve all SURE-P GIS related problem but will at least get the personnel to focus and tackle the issues. Peace all.


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