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Culture / Re: Man Schools Reno Omokri, Poses Questions Over Debate Between Binis & Igbos by RedboneSmith(m): 8:25pm On Jul 24
It's sad that the Igbo individuals who are replying Omokri are the ones who don't know history, and thus are unable to do a clean job of tackling some of the inaccuracies in what Omokri said. Maazi Ogbonnaya here apparently doesn't know the history well enough to take up this task. When he said Itsekiris were not in the slave trade picture it became clear that he himself doesn't know much about the subject.


Culture / Re: See Bush Meat I Bought For 1k In My Hometown by RedboneSmith(m): 9:52pm On Jul 23
See the Bush meat I bought for one thousand naira. I know people who love bushmeats are in abundance here, and the ones that will deny in public saying they don't eat it but will munch it if given to them in secret �. I did not remember to snap before roasting.


Everything on that grill for just 1K?
Culture / Re: What Other Languages Can Unify Nigeria Except English? by RedboneSmith(m): 8:52pm On Jul 23

And colonization wasn't right. It brought together disparate peoples that had no business being in one country together.
Crime / Re: Man Who Took Pregnant 12-Year-Old Girlfriend To Hospital Charged With Rape by RedboneSmith(m): 12:54pm On Jul 23
Crime / Re: Man Who Took Pregnant 12-Year-Old Girlfriend To Hospital Charged With Rape by RedboneSmith(m): 12:52pm On Jul 23
Actually, it is near-impossible for a woman to think of such not to talk of doing it.
It is believed that men have high sex drive but it's quite unfortunate that they can't control their sexual urge.

It is not near-impossible. You are not a boy so you wouldn't know. Question a lot of men; they'd tell you their first sexual experience was with an older woman, ranging from a househelp to an aunt. Mine was with a househelp, and I wasn't even seven yet at the time. The news (especially from this same US) is filled with stories of female teachers engaging in sexual activities with their underaged male students.
Culture / Re: Ibibios May Be The 4th Largest Ethnic Group In Nigeria by RedboneSmith(m): 7:39pm On Jul 22
Oga do you even know what you are talking about?

some parts of Ahoada
are all ijaw clans in Rivers state, yet you think that ijaws are a miniority in Rivers state. oboy your head they touch.

Why was it so hard for Ijaw people in Rivers to keep their language? Of the 11 clans you listed here, only maybe 4 speak Ijo dialects.
Culture / Re: Is There Any Tribe/ethnicity That Has Exactly The Same Culture And Language? by RedboneSmith(m): 10:30am On Jul 21
I've been told that Itsekiri doesn't have dialects. Every Itsekiri person speaks the language exactly the same way.
Culture / Re: There Are No Indigenous Igbo Communities In Akpanya Or Igala Land by RedboneSmith(m): 12:21am On Jul 21
Ekwuloko in Igalamela/Odolu was originally an Igbo community founded by migrants from Ekwuru village in Nimbo, Enugu State. A lot of communities in that axis were founded in a similar fashion by the Igbo; and despite the Igalanization that has been going on there since the beginning of British rule, Igbo is still widely understood and spoken in that axis.

But you people will never tell this truth.

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Culture / Re: List Of Tribes In Rivers State Nigeria by RedboneSmith(m): 8:35pm On Jul 20

Do not mistake language with language in all cases. When American early leaders held a vote to choose official language for USA, English won by a single vote over German.

I guess you are unaware of it. Imagine if German language narrowly won. We would today see Americans as predominantly German. Cultural affinity with Germany might have kept USA out of WW2 and the world might be a different place today.

Try and be fact-checking things before you post them. There was never a vote to choose an official language for the U. S.


People don't even know this, but constitutionally the U. S. doesn't even have an official language.
Culture / Re: List Of Tribes In Rivers State Nigeria by RedboneSmith(m): 11:43am On Jul 20

The word Igbo didn't even exit in the late 1700s, otherwise Oluadah Equiano would of mentioned it in his book.

Lmao. See the confidence with which you are making reference to a book you've clearly not read. Olaudah mentioned the word Igbo (he wrote it as Eboe) in his book in the 1700s.

Olaudah wasn't even the first writer to mention the word. The Spanish missionary, Sandoval, mentioned it in the 1600s.

In fact, there is an even earlier reference from the 1500s that mentions the word.

Try and be covering your ignorance small.
Culture / Re: No Bride Price Was Paid- Facebook Feminist, Nkechi Bianze Says (PHOTOS INCLUDED) by RedboneSmith(m): 4:14pm On Jul 19
Y'all gonna bring this non-story here too? Is Nkechi Bianze holding you people's umbilical cord?
Culture / Re: Ibibios May Be The 4th Largest Ethnic Group In Nigeria by RedboneSmith(m): 8:39pm On Jul 17

Lolz. Infact it is taught in all Primary and Secondary school in Rivers state.

I don't know who usually allows lunatics access to internet.

Your mother. She's one of us, and she allows us access.
Culture / Re: Ibibios May Be The 4th Largest Ethnic Group In Nigeria by RedboneSmith(m): 5:31pm On Jul 15
no deh disgrace urself na.

I am Rivers state and we aren't 60%, we are second most populous after Ikwerre, we can't be 60% and still be second most populous

You are not from Rivers State, lol. No Rivers person will insinuate that the Ikwerre are the most populous in Rivers State. Every Rivers person knows Ogoni people are the most numerous in that state. Ikwerre just get landmass.
Culture / Re: Ibibios May Be The 4th Largest Ethnic Group In Nigeria by RedboneSmith(m): 9:53am On Jul 15
Any big city you go to Nigeria especially in the south after the original indigenes the next biggest tribe you will see are the Igbos after igbos are the ibibios or we prefer to call them calabars. Do you notice this too?

Business / Re: The History Of Money In Nigeria: 5 Things You Need To Know by RedboneSmith(m): 10:00pm On Jul 14
The British did not introduce the concept of money to us.

Cowries and other currencies were money in every sense of the word.

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Culture / Re: Yoruba Subgroups And Where They Are by RedboneSmith(m): 2:51pm On Jul 13

Thanks for this info. smiley

Where can we get the book to
buy? Or is there a PDF version
of the book?

I'm an avid reader of global history and grew up reading collections
of encyclopedia in my family library decades back.

I like the fact that Dr. Akinwumi Ogundiran is an archaeologist.
This would enable him to give
near-absolute historical accounts
of events.

In Prof. Jide Osuntokun's 2004 article on the Ife-Benin relationship and origins in The Guardian, He
did emphasize that there were many autochtonous communities in Yorubaland and the rise of Oduduwa does not signify the
origins of Ife or the Yoruba people since oral history and archaeology show that Ife was already settled. The rise of Oduduwa only signifies a new dynasty, just like the
Oranmiyan/Iweka Dynasty of
the Binis.

I don't know if there is a free copy of the book online yet. I got mine on Amazon. I think it is already fairly well-known that before the pre-eminence of Ife, various Yoruba groups were already established in their areas.

Ogundiran mentions a few areas with fairly advanced state societies before Ife became eminent. There was the large Òba polity, which is thought to have made the Esie figures. There was the Idoko polity in the present Ijebu area, and two other polities Ogundiran referred to as Ulale and Ulesun in the present Ekiti and Owo areas respectively.


Celebrities / Re: Sound Sultan Sang With His Children During Last Father's Day (Photo, Video) by RedboneSmith(m): 7:14am On Jul 12
In d next 5 days, South Dultan this south sultan than

Culture / Re: Yoruba Subgroups And Where They Are by RedboneSmith(m): 6:13pm On Jul 08

I know Owu homestead was originally in the area of present southern Osun state before they were dispersed by war and may of them ended up among the Egbas.

Have you (or anyone here) read Dr Akinwumi Ogundiran's recent book on Yoruba history? It's called "The Yoruba: A New History". I suggest everyone with an interest in Yoruba history should try to read it. Of the three major syntheses of Yoruba history that have been attempted in this century, it is my favourite by far. Dr Ogundiran is an archaeologist and cultural historian currently lecturing in some American university.

According to him the original homestead of the Owu was actually far north in present-day Kwara State. The Owu (according to Ogundiran) were actually the first Yoruba group to acquire horses and deploy horses in warfare, before Oyo. By the mid-14th century, they had established an expansive state stretching from Saki to the Igbomina areas and south into Oyo and Ibarapa territories. (This may explain why there are places in Igbomina with Owu in their names. This Owu was also the state to which Oyo paid tribute in the days of Ajaka and Sango.)

This old Owu state (according to Ogundiran) was later destroyed by Nupe militarists or the combined forces of Oyo and her allies, and the survivors moved southwards and reconverged in the rainforest in the late 16th century and built the Owu Kingdom there which was destroyed in the 1820s.

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Culture / Re: Somalis Are Not Negroid People/ I Hate Jareers. by RedboneSmith(m): 6:48pm On Jul 06
But why are you people giving this old-time troll the time of day?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Average Salary In Nigeria by RedboneSmith(m): 8:45am On Jul 02

How much be bank manager salary for branch? My fri3md wen dey drive one branch manager say e nor go reach 350k and yet you say if person dey earn 350k e poor.

How many people dey that level for this country? Or how many workers dey earn 350k?

Lol. It is not about being branch manager. My father was a bank branch manager. We lived okay. Driver took us to school. Everything was fine. But I understood that our financial position was precarious. There was a certain lifestyle that was just out of our reach. And one serious illness could wipe out our life savings. This was 20 years ago oh, when the economic situation in the country was far better than it is today.

350K earners wey get families dey struggle for this Buhari's economy. When they tell you the vast majority of Nigerians today are poor, believe am. Forget who get driver and who no get. Who dey work for bank and who no dey work for bank.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Average Salary In Nigeria by RedboneSmith(m): 8:44am On Jul 02
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Average Salary In Nigeria by RedboneSmith(m): 12:25am On Jul 02

18k to 50k - lower class

50k to 200k - middle class

200k to 500k - upper class

500k and above - Rich.

Unfortunately, more than 50% of Nigeria's population are on the lower class threshold, no surprise we're the poverty capital of the world.

If you find yourself in the middle class, na God's Grace. But right now, even they live like poor people due to the sky-high prices of commodities.

Honestly, I don't know why anyone would consider 50K middle class. A while ago, I left a job that paid me 130K, and while I didn't go hungry it was quite tasking for me to meet up with expenses: fuel and maintain my car, pay rent, send a little something from time to time to my people, dash girlfriend small money, add new stuff to my wardrobe from time to time, etc.

Abeg if your money no reach at least 350K monthly in this current Nigeria, you're not middle class. You're poor.


Culture / Re: Did You Know Ijebu-Ode Was Once The Largest City On Earth? by RedboneSmith(m): 9:04am On Jul 01

Our heritage sucks bro

Slavery, ritual killings, if we continued like that we would have self destruct

U will be surprised that this ur eredo is a mere temple to kill people or castrate them for no fvckng reason

We didn't even cross the Atlantic,

We only crossed the Sahara as slaves not as masters damn


And you think African heritage is the only one that has negatives? The Greeks, the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Aztecs, the Germanic and Celtic tribes, etc, didn't kill people in their temples and elsewhere? And you talk about castration. Lol. Nigga, the few African tribes that did castration learnt it from the Arabs and the Turks. We didn't practise castration historically.

We only crossed the Sahara as slaves? Lmao! Some of the Moors who conquered Spain came from West Africa, around the Senegal area. Taharqa came from Sudan conquered Egypt and even threatened Western Asia.
. West African scholars taught in the Arab world.

You, sir, are ignorant and self-hating.

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Politics / Re: Profiles Of Technocrats Jostling To Govern Anambra State (Photos) by RedboneSmith(m): 6:56pm On Jun 26
I hope Anambra voters realise that Soludo is a better choice than Maduka. Knowing the average Nigerian voter, I know how easily people in this part of the world are swayed by philanthropic displays, and how Nigerians think this necessarily translates into the ability to make a good administrator/policymaker.


Culture / Re: OLUKUMI: The Delta People Of Yoruba Extraction by RedboneSmith(m): 1:31pm On Jun 21

Who told you our culture is extinct?
We don't share any culture with igbos.

This comment has exposed you as a non-Olukwumi person. You are a southwesterner, and I bet you don't know even one single person from the Olukwumi communities.

Culturally, Olukwumi has been integrated into Aniocha. Only a person who doesn't know what he's talking about will say they don't share any culture with Igbos.
Culture / Re: Yoruba Subgroups And Where They Are by RedboneSmith(m): 10:44pm On Jun 20
Egba - Ogun and Lagos states - Egba lo lede

Oyo/Ibolo - Oyo, Osun, Kwara states and Benin Republic - Oyo a yo 'mole. Lol!

Olukunmi - Delta state

Okun - Kogi

Ikale - Ondo state

Ilaje - Ondo state

Yewa - Ogun state

Igbomina - Osun, Ekiti and Kwara states - Owo ni e je.

Awori - Lagos and Ogun states - Kitigbe, ogbere o.

Owo - Ondo state

Ondo - Ondo state - Ondo Egi, onila meji

Ijesha - Osun and Ekiti states - Oso ma a lo ti nfi gbowo mi; Ijesa osere Omo onile obi......

Itshekiri - Delta state

Akoko - Edo and Ondo states

Ijebu - Lagos and Ogun states - Ijebu nmu garri, won lahun gan o. Lol!

Ekiti - Ekiti and Kwara states - Ekiti kete.

Owu - Ogun, Osun and Kwara states - Owu aji fi egbe sere; Owu lakoda - First born

Ilorin - Kwara state - Ilorin Afonja Enu dun juyo - Alaafin Aole curse needs to be removed fast

Iseyin - Oyo state - Iseyin Oro Omo ebedi moko

Ibariba - Kwara state and Benin Republic.

If you're not mentioned, please indicate.

Ibariba/Bariba is not a Yoruba subgroup.

Unless you meant the Ibarapas.

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Culture / Re: Genetic Evidence: Negroes A Proto-semitic People by RedboneSmith(m): 1:34am On Jun 15
An hour-long video?

And a 4-hour, 39-minute long video??
Culture / Re: Fulani Jihadist Dare Delta State Capital With A Notice by RedboneSmith(m): 4:31pm On Jun 14
People of asaba and agbor wake up to receive this note of ultimatum give to the delta state governor okowa that he has 72 hours to reverse the ban of open grazing or except attack on asaba and agbor

Lmao. The people behind this 'letter' are not very smart. If you believe this letter came from Fulani herders, you will believe anything.
Culture / Re: Aba, Ngwa, Abiriba And Arochuwkwu Are Ancestral Ibibio Land. by RedboneSmith(m): 7:23pm On Jun 06
.....on a contrary,...I'm not your lesson teacher

Classic tactics of people who don't know what the frack they're talking about. They begin to dart around when asked for a simple clarification.
Culture / Re: Aba, Ngwa, Abiriba And Arochuwkwu Are Ancestral Ibibio Land. by RedboneSmith(m): 10:30am On Jun 06
..... Research man,.... history is there for you

In other words, you don't know what you're talking about?

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Culture / Re: Aba, Ngwa, Abiriba And Arochuwkwu Are Ancestral Ibibio Land. by RedboneSmith(m): 2:45pm On Jun 05
obong,nso mpko ke nnam,...me agreeing on fact don't mean we'll follow Biafra,...infact the way we lost Arochukwu and Abre iba was through greed, betrayal and backstabbing,.so it's still fresh in the memory of those that follow history,... I'd admit the fact ,but akwa ibom is not going with Biafra

How did you lose "Abre iba"?

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Science/Technology / Re: Take A Look At This Object We Dug Out In Anambra by RedboneSmith(m): 7:04pm On Jun 01
Wow. It's been more than 2 years and still nothing!

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