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Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by samuelson06(m): 9:32pm On Apr 16


Any ideas where this noise may be coming from? Please, pay attention from the 6th through the 20th seconds of the video.
Food / Re: Exorbitant Food Prices In Nigeria: How Come Nobody Is Talking About This? by samuelson06(m): 6:02pm On Apr 16
If there was no endsar, banditry, bokoharam, ipob and all those inciting violence, there won't have been increase in the price of foodstuffs.

Inflation is around 16% thanks to those "gentle" problems above

You talk like an id!ot. Isn't the government the one creating the environment that birth those menaces?

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Religion / Re: Do Born Again Christians Need Deliverance? by samuelson06(m): 9:58am On Apr 11
Everyone needs deliverance. Deliverance isn't a thing that should be attributed or recommended for people who may be possessed with demons. It's for each and everyone of us. It's something we should subject our spirit to from time to time. No one is out of touch of the devil. The devil can touch anyone.

And when you say you are born again, how did you do it? Was it just a mere confession of the Word? That's not enough! They must be deliverance in the process. Now, deliverance is a process of separation. In coming to Christ, you must be separated from your past and then catapulted into the place of Christ.

From there, it becomes your responsibility to maintain the new life or relationship you've got with Christ.

Worthy of mention are the two primary concepts: the Word and the Spirit. The Word is so you know the language of God and use it at all times, and the Spirit is so this language can work for you, keeping you in a cordial relationship with God. Like I said earlier, no one is out of the touch of the devil and to have the Spirit, you must avail yourself to the deliverance process from time to time. Deliverance is always a time of refreshing to keep the Spirit with you.

Don't be deceived that once you are born again you don't need deliverance. That's not true. To maintain your right standing with God, you sure need it. Take note that right standing isn't about being a good person because God doesn't look at our good deeds, but our heart for Him.

For example, Judas Iscariot was with Jesus for a long time but today we all know his story. So, would you say Judas wasn't born again while he was with Jesus? Of course, he was. But at some point, the devil possessed him and used him mightily. If only he was delivered before he sold off Jesus, he wouldn't have done it. Now, you see how important deliverance is in the life of a Christian? Brethren, we all need deliverance.

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Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by samuelson06(m): 11:19pm On Apr 06

I can't seem to understand your logic here cause the essence of money lies in it's purchasing power and we only devalue our currency during inflation. Are those freelancers richer compare to the former exchange rate?

Far richer sir. Go find out.

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Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by samuelson06(m): 4:53pm On Apr 06

If the business favors you won't you buy other things, you will also need to buy imported things also. Once there's a bad economy everyone suffers for it
Look at it from this angle my mum's friend was using 2008 corolla back then in 2011, now the car is luxury.

2010 you will get a tokunbo car for 650k

I understand all of that but how long can we continue to complain? The FG isn't willing to help, so what should we do? We just have to find a way to weather the storm. That's what I mean. But on the flipside, freelancers offering online services now exchange $1 for 478 NGN instead of $1 for 200+ NGN as obtainable in GEJ's era. Do you think they pray the dollar-naira ratio stabilizes? I don't think so. And there are other loopholes.

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Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by samuelson06(m): 12:07pm On Apr 06

Thunder go fire buhari
2006 car for 4million.
I cant even save that for 4years

See, raining curses on Buhari won't help you. No government was designed for your rising or falling. This present government that you think is bad is also favorable to many out there. Instead of getting mad against the man, which won't change anything for you, think or talk to people about how the Nigeria economy can favor you. If people can still do business and make gains in times of war, how much more Nigeria economy? For me, as much as the Nigeria economy situation is bad, I don't feel bad or regret anything. What I do is look for opportunities in the poor economy instead of complaining about it. At least, I know I can't change anything about Nigeria and I can't also commit suicide because of Nigeria. There are many loopholes that the bad economy of Nigeria has created, look for one and take advantage. Stop complaining.

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Family / Re: How Do I Stop My Relatives From Disturbing Me? by samuelson06(m): 10:41am On Apr 04

A river that forgets it source will surely runs dry. You have to help your mum, God gave you that job to support your family.

If it were your girlfriend, you would help her without thinking twice.

You can divide your salary into half, and give your sister to start a Saloon business/ become a hair stylist.

The next salary, you divide it and assist your brothers or brother to open a trade.

In 3 months time, there wouldn't be pressure on you to help the family. It is not good for one person to be rich in a family, let the rich one help others to get rich.

You should send 50% of your last month salary to sustain your mum.

You don't know what she passed through before birthing you. She would never tell you.

Switch of your cell phone and regret it for life.

Send her half of your salary for her health and remain blessed for life.

Story! You know it's easy to preach. So he should become the sacrificial lamb because he got a federal job? Did you even ask him of the salary? Suddenly, his own problems are insignificant and it's going to be about his family now. You've forgotten that he's also trying to raise a family.

Isn't the mom and dad that brought him into poverty? Did they plan for anyone? They'd tell you it's God that gives children, so let God also take care of her. Allow the young man to take it easy with his life. Allow him to breath and respond to them at his own pace. When you have your own job, use it to settle everyone in the family.
Education / Re: Is Sociology A Nice Course To Study In Nigeria? by samuelson06(m): 1:01pm On Apr 02
Hello guys...I wanted to study political science but I've not been given admission so I was referred to study sociology but I don't know much about the course...
And where can I fit into in real life if I study sociology

Advise please

If you are planning to study Sociology, get close to NGO. It's useful there, especially in OVC programming. You can also do M.Sc in Demography from your Sociology degree, which is still very useful in NGO in the area of M&E. Outside of NGO, forget about studying that course in Nigeria.

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Fashion / Re: This Is Ghetto Rubbish, It Is Also Evil, FFK Slams Fashion Designer Toyin Lawani by samuelson06(m): 9:05am On Mar 30
With some religion..., using their symbols in such manner will actually lead to chaos. But the message of Christ is peace.

You mean the religion with people carrying a black mark on their forehead?
Education / Re: My Lecturer Cited "Nairaland" In His Book. by samuelson06(m): 3:00am On Mar 30
Just so you know Nairaland is quite popular and it will be disheartening if the first air observed on visiting this platform is the stench of unrestricted tribalism..

I was simply preparing for my exams this morning and decided to peruse through my lecturer's book and to my greatest amusement towards the "godfatherism" subheading I saw him citing Nairaland.

It doesn't make any sense citing nairaland in a book. I mean, this is a faceless forum and people drop comment they can easily change or remove. Who knows, a comment he cited might have been removed or change. His citation of nairaland doesn't hold water. Nairaland is a merely a forum and not a dump for academic work.
Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves Pitch ANGRY After Disallowed Goal Vs Serbia (Photos) by samuelson06(m): 5:45pm On Mar 28

Sorry o, the only person thinking backwards is the one who is too emotional without capacity to analyze and evaluate assertions. Did you even understand what I typed Mr 16-bits brain?

Look at the image below, if you draw a straight line down from the outermost right circumferential edge of the ball, it looks like it will still touch the goal line, meaning the whole ball may not have crossed the line. How will the referee give such a goal when it was not completely clear and certain? Please learn to reason objectively for it will take you far. I'll say the same if it was Messi that was in this situation.

Are you sure you are not the one confusing yourself with grammar? You seem to argue like the Nigerian police. From the image you uploaded, that's a goal.
NYSC / Re: Should I Serve In Zamfara Or Redeploy? by samuelson06(m): 10:40pm On Mar 18
lol.you'd still be posted to Zamfara. if you like delay for the next 5 years, you will still be posted to Zamfara

Who knows, he might just be lucky. But I'm thinking the camping won't even be in Zamfara.
NYSC / Re: Should I Serve In Zamfara Or Redeploy? by samuelson06(m): 5:40pm On Mar 18
Pls guys I need your advice, I'm currently in a serious dilemma, I'm currently camping here in zamfara tsafe camp, I am unsure of whether or not I should stay, this state is predominantly dominated by hausa-fulani, will I succeed in business in this state? Or should I just redeploy to a state that I'm more acclimatized to in the south west or east? Is security an issue here as a southerner who cannot speak the language.

Pls I need speedy replies because I'm almost about to submit my medical report, is redeploying the right thing to do in this situation?

P.S I studied law, I have not gone for law school.

Don't even think of going to the camp because you may be kidnapped on your way. Pretend you never see the posting and remobilize yourself next time.
Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by samuelson06(m): 1:11pm On Mar 18

only in ladipo and nnewi

That's not true.

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Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by samuelson06(m): 4:28pm On Mar 17

Kindly elucidate

I mean to fabricate it.


Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by samuelson06(m): 1:47pm On Mar 17

this is why I hate Toyota and Lexus cars
the only upside is higher demand cars have great availability of parts

Most times, unavailable parts can be worked.


Politics / Re: Nigerians To Pay N144,000 For Solar Panels Govt Plans For 5m Homes by samuelson06(m): 8:48pm On Feb 26
So what's the power output of a unit of the solar panel?

A solar panel just convert the solar energy, you need other associated accessories which might even be more expensive.

Besides, solar panels that can comfortably power an average home with 2 AC, Fridge, and few low power consuming equipment can't be less than 500k.

Yes, I said it.

Please break down the 500k for what it can buy.
Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by samuelson06(m): 1:02am On Feb 24
What stocks can someone invest in now



Business / Re: SEC Seeks Regulation Of Digital Assets, Says $2 Trillion Crypto Can’t Be Ignored by samuelson06(m): 8:18pm On Feb 22

Size 45 Vegan leather sneakers for sale

13k. Brand new. Reach me via 08090660653

Where's your location?
Politics / Re: Expect To Pay N195 Per Litre For Petrol, Marketers Tell Nigerians by samuelson06(m): 1:14pm On Feb 22
Now I know that Nigeria is heading for a slit....development ought to progressive as we are advancing in age... In Nigeria's case we depreciating.. The years of greater achievement in this country was in the early 60s to 80s.. Whars going on with this country... It's only in Nigeria we call in God for social amenities that the govt should provide. I think it's time we wake up and elect people with integrity and with the fear of God to lead us in this country. God fatherism must be shunned cos it's the major why we are stagnant as we are. God bless Nigeria oo

It's the process that produces Nigerian leaders that is the problem and not necessarily the leaders. When we make the process right, the right people would emerge but with the flawed process in place, we'll continue moving from bad to worse.

Mind you, Nigerians don't elect anybody into political positions. The politicians use corruption and violence to get themselves there. It's sad to say, but I don't think Nigeria would ever get it right. Let's tell ourselves the truth. Nigeria is a jungle and if you can't survive it, then you die. Governance in Nigeria would never get better. I'm not praying for Nigeria not to work but when you look at the situation on ground, you'd agree with me.

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Business / Re: Crypto Dilemma: Banking Public, Regulators Differ On Cryptocurrencies by samuelson06(m): 12:30pm On Feb 08
Even the writer of this article criticizing government policies is clueless.

You mean people shouuld open a PayPal account that they can't operate from Nigeria.

People should go to the unregulated p2p crypto market where you can be easily scammed.

You cannot buy crypto with any Nigerian visa or debit card and you can’t withdraw crypto to any bank says the writer and then he wants you to open a paypal account

Now, Deposit in naira to buy crypto have been stopped by most exchanges ( binance and luno) now, this will affect everyone in crypto, another method will be found that will benefit those who have a trusted buyer living outside Nigeria.

The method can be, find a reliable Nigerian living abroad, deposit equivalent money in the person Nigerian account and then the person helps you to buy the crypto you want and then send them to your wallet, this method is good but it is crazy when people understand that sending btc and ethereum from one wallet to another is very expensive that will make you lose.

People don't understand how very volatile crypto is. The volatility can make you panic and make you lose your cash very fast.

Imagine you buy ethereum or btc worth 100k from luno, when that 100k worth of ethereum shows on your ethereum wallet, it can be 98k, in 2 weeks, that ethereum can be worth 110k, in 4 days time, can be worth 99k..this volatile coin can play with your emotions and make you panic sell.

What about network fee.

If i send 10k ethereum to my friend's ethereum account, sometimes, sending fees can be 6k.

The crypto world sometimes when you look at it clearly, works like an organized ponzi scheme.

At the end of the day, i prefer stocks to the crypto scam even though the returns can be huge, if you are an early buyer

You are very correct with your analysis. How can you operate PayPal from Nigeria? No way! When attention is turned to PayPal, those guys would sense it and block your account. Right from the beginning, i've never been a friend to this volatile currencies. The reason most people yield to it is because they can easily buy, hold it and then sell. But what exactly are you buying? What services did you render? No one can answer those questions. I think I support the CBN to go ahead with the ban. Monitoring crypto market can make you go mad.

If you have a good stock working for you, please share with me let me buy as well. I've account with T212 and I'm very new to stock trading.
Phones / Re: Payment With Paypal From Nigeria by samuelson06(m): 1:50am On Feb 05
Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by samuelson06(m): 1:42am On Jan 27

Hi bro, I forwarded you a copy, Kindly confirm....

Please help. I'm also interested. mailwilson3 @ gmail.com
Crime / Re: Man Curses Governor Makinde As He Survives Herdsmen Attack (Video) by samuelson06(m): 5:35pm On Jan 25
When you think you have heard it all!

Precious Daddy, I Depend on you to Fix Nigeria.
Let your Fierce Judgement pass through the length and Breadth of the Land.
Delete the Source of Strength of the workers of Iniquity.
Delete the Workers of iniquity!
In the Name of JESUS..

True Christians don't pray for people to die. In every situation, God is still saying something. Israel suffered a lot before the got to the promised land. While in Egypt, they were not praying for Pharoah or the Egyptians to die. Let's stop this rubbish in the name of practicing Christianity.

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Crime / Re: Cross River Demolishes Save Side Hotel Harbouring Kidnappers In Calabar (Video) by samuelson06(m): 11:59am On Jan 25
Ayade run turn rufai o. How hotel owner will take know a kidnappers guest?. My view is that all properties owned and used by these kidnappers should be demolished, not a place he lodged. That is a commercial building owned by non kidnapper

It's your responsibility to check how people patronize your business. But the love of money blinds many of us. Trust me, the management of that hotel knows the place was heavily used for evil activities but they kept quiet because of money. In business and life in general, you must learn to reject some opportunities. If you don't, some of them would come back to hunt you.


Crime / Re: Cross River Demolishes Save Side Hotel Harbouring Kidnappers In Calabar (Video) by samuelson06(m): 11:50am On Jan 25

You are right but what if the owner is abroad and has no idea that sometimes criminals lodge in his facility.

Stop talking like a child. Let the owner blame his poor management of his business. How can you have a business and you don't know what's going on there? If you feel you can't always be around to manage your business and you can't also get a good hand to do it for you then you should close down the business. It's safe shutting it down than allowing it create a problem for you.
Crime / Re: Attack On Sarkin Fulani: My Silence Not Cowardice — Gani Adams by samuelson06(m): 8:36am On Jan 25

What about the acclaimed yoruba leader Tinubu

Oh I forgot,
He is waiting for everything to die down for him to start his 2023 campaign which is most important to him than the lives of Yorubas

I said, well-meaning Nigerians. Tinubu isn't one. He's only striving after the wind. He'll go nowhere in 2023.
Crime / Re: Attack On Sarkin Fulani: My Silence Not Cowardice — Gani Adams by samuelson06(m): 2:06am On Jan 25
Everyone should rise up and speak against the evil of fulani herdsmen now. If there have ever been a time we need well meaning Nigerians, especially of the South West extraction to speak up, it is now. We need to rebuke this evil that the fulani herdsmen have taken too far. Without any corresponding brutal reaction, regardless of the FG's noise, the North in general would never stop trampling on us the way they feel.

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by samuelson06(m): 11:11am On Jan 23
Good morning,
I'm new to stock trading and i want to start local before going intl.
I want to invest in NSE please which broker can you recommend

It's same risk. Besides, businesses in Nigeria doesn't have a pattern.


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