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Health / Re: Moradeun Balogun Dies As Jolad Hospital, Gbagada Refuses Her Treatment by Shadydamsel(f): 12:24pm On Dec 04, 2019
We are all Moradeun.
Lagos' insecurity level killed her.
Her death could have been avoided�
RIP momo


Family / Re: What's The Reason Behind Your Name? by Shadydamsel(f): 8:04pm On May 22, 2018
I was name Shade because of my elder sister.

According to d story my mom told us, she kept running after a particular girl called shade who was a bit older than her. she couldn't pronounce d word 'Shade' properly so she ended up calling d girl Ede(Ede in yoruba means crayfish)
cheesy. My mom said d girl was always beating and telling her not to call her Ede again. she said she was always feeling bad and immediately she gave birth to me, she named me Shade and told my sister that she has her own Ede now.
ironically, we were told she never called me Ede since d day I was born. she pronounced my name clearly.

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Romance / Re: My Pre-wedding Photoshoot by Shadydamsel(f): 9:33am On Dec 27, 2016
thanks all
Romance / Re: My Pre-wedding Photoshoot by Shadydamsel(f): 6:33am On Dec 27, 2016

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Romance / My Pre-wedding Photoshoot by Shadydamsel(f): 6:21am On Dec 27, 2016
How do I write a story that is enough to make a storybook on Nairaland sef……

Anyway, I’m gonna summarize.

It all started in the year 2009, when I went to register at a computer institute. A week after I started, he came to introduce himself as our instructor. That was the first time I saw him and please don’t think I will say it was love at first sight cos it wasn’t but I just admired him because he was cute and friendly. Fast forward to December 2009, On the day of our end of the year party while I was dancing with my friends, he just walked up to me and asked if we could dance together. Initially I refused, but later went to dance with him. I remember we were dancing to D’banj’s Fall in Love when he was saying “we suppose marry but you don make me fall in love ooo” and instantly he was very blunt and asked “Can We Marry” and I remembered my responses which was “Olorun Lomo Oko Iyawo Ojuona” which means it is only God that knows the real groom. Few days later he asked me to be his girlfriend and I told him I gonna give it a chance. That night I remembered we spoke all through the night and that was how the beautiful journey started.
My borbo has been supporting, loving and encouraging, he cares for me effortlessly, he is always focused, never gets tired of saying I LOVE YOU, I NEED YOU, WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT YOU, YOU ARE THE BEST, THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME……… he always tell me he would he love me forever and two days more and I pray to God to help him. There are lots of things associated with our relationship, we pray together, we fight and make up like siblings, we think and plan together and can be very playful (we do erepa like kids) we gist like buddies (my partner in everything) he is my most trusted friends, confidant and my advisor. Baby I pray the Lord will Bless, Keep, Guide and Guard us through this next journey.

I’m going to love you endlessly….. So help me God.

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Politics / Re: Photos From Father's Day Celebration In Aso Villa by Shadydamsel(f): 6:03pm On Jun 19, 2016
Happy Father's Day to all the mothers taking the responsibilities of a father out there
Celebrities / Re: Shina Peters With Olajumoke Olayinka, His New Wife by Shadydamsel(f): 5:36pm On Jun 15, 2016
Kini big deal

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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Lady Goes On Her Knees Asking Her A Guy To MARRY HER (photo) by Shadydamsel(f): 5:31pm On Jun 15, 2016
No time to waste time
Crime / Re: Angry Husband Sets Wife Ablaze In Benin by Shadydamsel(f): 5:29pm On Jun 15, 2016
Wickedness at its peak
Celebrities / Re: Liz Da Silva Gets Endorsement Deal As The Face Of Royal Rack Fashion by Shadydamsel(f): 5:23pm On Jun 15, 2016
Good for her
Celebrities / Re: Saidi Balogun, Fathia Balogun Attend 1st Year Birthday Of Bimbo Akinsana Son by Shadydamsel(f): 5:21pm On Jun 15, 2016
How dem take reunite, they took different shut with the celebrant naa
TV/Movies / Re: Shocking Transformations (Costumes) Of Nollywood Actresses-pics by Shadydamsel(f): 8:34pm On Apr 09, 2016
@ least they now knw what they will look like @ old age
@ least they now knw what they will look like @ old age
haba wish them well naa
Celebrities / Re: Throwback Photo Of Actress Rita Edochie, Pete Edochie's Younger Brother's Wife by Shadydamsel(f): 8:13am On Mar 03, 2016
In other news TODAY is my Birthday


Celebrities / Re: Freeze Tells AY & Wife: "Please Don't Give The Devil A Chance'' by Shadydamsel(f): 5:57pm On Feb 23, 2016
It is well with you guys
Religion / Re: Is Glo Blackberry Subscription On Android Sin Before God. Pls Read This. by Shadydamsel(f): 10:12pm On Jan 19, 2016
hello nairalanders.
I have been using this Glo blackberry subscription for androidand am enjoying it.
the reason why I opened this post is to ask my nairalaners if this act is sin.
someone told me that it is cheating because Glo mobile thinks the user is using BlackBerry.
so my fellow nairalanders and christian friends. what do you have to say about this?
is it a sin or not?
is Glo mobile aware that android users are doing this?
thanks. I expect matured replys
Please I need the code to subscribe too
Thanks for your anticipated response
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: This Wedding IV In The Form Of Nigerian Passport by Shadydamsel(f): 12:04pm On Jan 19, 2016
Creative tho
Celebrities / Re: Toke Makinwa Or The Little Girl, Who Rocked The Outfit Better? by Shadydamsel(f): 12:01pm On Jan 19, 2016
Girlie ooo
Romance / Re: Things You Must Not Do For The Man You Are Dating by Shadydamsel(f): 10:57am On Sep 28, 2015
TV/Movies / Re: One Film You Can Never Get Tired Of Watching? by Shadydamsel(f): 10:14am On Aug 09, 2015
Religion / Re: Can We Form A Prayer Group Or Partners by Shadydamsel(f): 9:47am On Jun 10, 2015
We would be starting February ending.. Just drop your numbers so we can go from there.
Crime / Re: Business Woman Losses Millions To Herbalists & 3 Fake Witches [photo] by Shadydamsel(f): 12:26pm On Feb 23, 2015
No one in this case is blameless except the innocent husband. The jealousy of her next door neighbour led her to been swindled. She didn't think of using business strategies to increase her own sales. Advertising for instance, which is ironic because even the babalawo that duped her was smart enough to advertise himself in the papers, lol.

I am sure she didn't tell her husband anything, maybe he suspected it himself, I wonder what would have happened if the babalawo told her the husband was responsible for her misfortune and he should be eliminated. She probably would have killed her husband too. If I were the husband I will send her packing. This is why I will never marry a Nigerian woman, they are too secretive, think they are smart and are heartless. Make e no better for me if I marry a nigerian woman.

The funny aspect is when you ask people like this what there religion is, they will shout Christianity but small challenge they are at the doors of a native doctor.

Nigerian christians hypocrites since 1960.
don't generalize
Politics / Re: "I Will Reduce The Cost Of Land In Lagos When I Win" - Jimi Agbaje by Shadydamsel(f): 5:09pm On Jan 23, 2015
lol............. wenti we no go hear dis period of election cheesy cheesy grin grin grin grin


Politics / Re: CNN Lists Nigeria as 3rd Expected Fastest Growing Economy In 2015 by Shadydamsel(f): 3:07pm On Jan 23, 2015
Ofcourse Nigeria will grow coz we are populated.
Crime / Re: Married Man Killed By Jealous Badoo Lover by Shadydamsel(f): 3:03pm On Jan 23, 2015
may God help us
Romance / Re: Seven Reasons Why You Should Never Get Married - For Guys Only by Shadydamsel(f): 3:24pm On Nov 05, 2014

U de form tough guy, I can almost guess ur age. Ask ur grandfathr how miserable his life would hav been if he didn't hav ur fathr n his siblings, u neva knw the worth of family until ur aging, who would look aftr u, ah......yes, u talk abt maids, u can hav 20 if u want, sickly old fart they'll call u, if u grow very old n blind, u'll become a tin of ridicle, u call n call evry1 will just be busy doing whtevr they want, if u become deaf, a neighbor would be banging ur maid in the next room wit the door wide open, they'll scorn u, steal ur moni, laugh at u. U tink evrytin to life is jst moni, n whn u grow older some of ur maids will evn quit. U might say u would go to home of the elderly n pay ur moni to be proprly taken care of, wht abt all ur business, who would tak good care of dem, I used good to mak u see enphasis cos any1 can tak care of anytin, stangrs will run ur businesses, stangrs will eat ur moni, all ur sweat, ur lawyer would evn steal frm u, u'll become an open haus full of wealth evry1 can steal frm. U talkd abt obama, saying u'lld remembr him as being the first US black president, not becos of his children, yes, and whn US hav had many othr black president, 10years pass, 20years, 40, 60years, the 80th century would remembr you only whn they'r in history class, our first black president, wow!! Som of them would evn fail to get the ansa in their exam, who was our first black president? They might evn write my name. Whtz d ratio of men that married to those that didn't, my guess is 100k : 1, den ur saying the most acheiving once r in the 1, ur kiddn urself. Its a shame to evn hav peopl notoriously screaming on the streats yelling doom toward the wondrfully institution of marriage. Personally though I find, any many that has successfully raised a good health family to be very successful, the strong men not the weaklin's dat believ family would draw u back frm becoming "micheal faraday". Keep opoooonion to urself. Stop contaminating people

Don't mind me jare
Maybe he has been frustrated a lot because he is sound like 1
Romance / Re: Seven Reasons Why You Should Never Get Married - For Guys Only by Shadydamsel(f): 3:20pm On Nov 05, 2014
readers discretion adviced: this is a long post. get a bowl of popcorn and your glasses. turn off the TV , you don't want to get distracted. if it took me time to write such a lengthy post, I wonder why you should complain about reading it. below are the reasons.

1. We're too different to live together: women love people and relationships, men love objects (like cars, houses, gadgets, game consoles etc), a man's lot is his career, a woman's is marriage (according to the curse after the fall of man), women are indirect, men are always direct, men want sex before they develop feelings for women, women can't have sex without emotional attachment first(unless they r who.res, even if they are who.res lolzzz), a man wants to hv sex, a woman wants to make love (I swear she doesn't even mind just cuddling), men see having dinner as a time to quench hunger, women see having dinner as time for bonding, let me continue? A married man without money feels unfulfilled, a wealthy woman without a man feels similarly, I can go on and on! But no time, my point, you need a lot of patience, tolerance, understanding, endurance, compromise etc to survive in marriage. But life is too short, stay single and be free to be urself or get married and spend the rest of your life struggling to be another person. Continue reading, this is just one of seven.

2. Love doesn't exist: if you intend to stake your future with a woman on an emotion as erratic as love, then you need to have ur head examined. Love is an emotional convulsion which, like other sicknesses, are recovered from with time. Experience has thought me that a woman's love is only skin deep, but you can accentuate it with money. Ohhhh how women react to the smell of cash. Bleep love and go make some muller.

3. You don't need a child: the world will remember you by the kids you left behind. That's a big fat lie!! You don't need a carbon copy of yourself roaming the earth after your demise to ensure your immortality. Instead, the world will remember you by the feats you surmounted! Obama will be remembered not as the father of, I don't even know his child's name and I don't give a fvck bout it! But as the first black US President. Mother Theresa never had a child, Einstein's legacy is not his kids but his discoveries. My point! You are not remembered by the kids you had but the records you set. But if you badly want a kid, adopt one, or get a baby mama and impregnate her but never, never get married just to have kids. marriage is too great a price to pay.

4. There is absolutely nothing new marriage has to offer you: just be honest with yourself. A family? You already belong to one (or do you think you just appeared out of thin air?), love? Your mother loves you like die, trust moi. A woman to manage your home? Get a maid! pay her well and she will manage your home without complications like disrespecting you, PMS, etc. Sex? Gone are the days men marry for sex ooo!!! Sex is damn cheap, you don't need marriage to enjoy it. By the way, what makes you think getting married entitles you to sex when you want it, ie, if at all?? U never jam female Hitler. Continue reading, I'm not even close to the end.

5. Marriage is expensive: a woman's problems end when she gets married (at least on financial level), while a man's problems just begin. Most ladies don't have plans of making money(some stop after getting married). for a woman, after graduating from uni, a husband is top on d list above a job ie, if a job is on the list. Guys, stay alone and worry for one. Apart from financially, marriage drains you emotionally. You have to deal with a partner suffering from PMS five days in a month for life (by the time she reaches menopause, you'd be probably dead) and when she ain't suffering PMS, its worse cos she is pregnant!! Don't forget regular mood swings, test games, among other complicated female emotional ailments. Plus wait till you get divorced before you know how much financially and emotionally expensive marriage could be. That brings us to...

6. It may end up in divorce: possible causes of divorce. She gains weight, sex with one person for years gone stale and boring, the love (or whatever dumb ass name you call it) fades, you want a new woman, (men are polygamous by nature, hard truth. Deal with it), she is no longer the woman you married, (true, women do change after marriage for many reasons, that is story for another day), you cheat on her, she cheats on you, many many more. Don't scar yourself with a painful divorce. Stay single and happy.

7. You get to focus on your dreams without distractions. Like I said earlier, a man's career is his lot (or curse). As s man if you haven't got a successful career, you will probably die unhappy and unproductive. The compromise you have to make to keep her happy will slowpoke you from achieving your dreams to the fullest. Pleasing a woman and pursuing your dreams are mutually exclusive. don't get married.

disclaimer: its ironic when people say honesty is a virtue yet can't bear to hear (or read) the truth.

nota bene: I am not prejudiced towards women. I hate all equally.

I hope U will practice what u preach, and grow old with your career, money and sentimental believe.
As for me marriage is Honorable in all.
Romance / Re: Do I Have The Right To Collect My Phone Gift Back From My Ex? by Shadydamsel(f): 12:31pm On Oct 27, 2014
Firstly, i feel so stupid and used.
okay, the real story is this, I promised my girlfriend (Now ex) a Samsung Note 3 phone for her birthday. Luckily for me at my place of work, the cooperative had the same phone up for pick up. As a guy who is deeply in love and knows that giving is part of maintaining a healthy relationship, i decided to pick up 2 Samsung Note 3 at the rate of N130,000 to be paid over a period of 12 months. Good news, the birthday came and i delivered.
Bad news, just 2days after my warm heart gift to her, she BROKE UP WITH ME. REASON: She doesn't see a future, blah blah blah...family issues, cultural differences.
i'm in the second month of my payment now. still paying for my Ex phone.

Advice: Can I ask her for the phone back? i feel cheated. (To make matters worse, she even uses her new bobo as Dp's on her bbm, for a phone i'm still going to be indebted for the next 10 months.


Hello I'm a girl like her, don't leave the phone 4 her @ all, she is a thief and nothing less
Imagine, she even has d nerves to use another's guy's picture on a phone u haven't finish the payment . ITS WRONG. Take it back her cuz she is not worth d suffering.
When I broke up with a guy I dated 4 more than 2yrs, He bought me so many things while we were 2gether, but I return d tangible one I have with me Including d laptop he bought me as a birthday gift, but he reject everything and told me its mine.
So take ur stuff 4rm her, if u feel u can't let go.
Its better that way than to suffer in Silence.


Romance / Re: Why Nigerian Girls Should NOT Be Obsessed With Men's Height? by Shadydamsel(f): 12:11pm On Sep 22, 2014
Seriously, am loving this post.
I have a similar experience
Celebrities / Re: Muhammad Ali's Advice To His Daughters! (How not to dress) by Shadydamsel(f): 6:37pm On Jan 05, 2014
Nice 1
Romance / Re: Dear Ladies, We Do Not Appreciate It When You Do These In Our Presence by Shadydamsel(f): 11:20am On Dec 31, 2013
Rubbish Post... Don't make much sense 2 me Cuz I do all in my BF's presence and he even loves Me more...

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