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Business / Re: CBN Shuts Down AbokiFX Bank Accounts by Skyfly007: 4:29pm On Sep 16

This is FALSE.

To the news, the CBN is living a cloud cuckoo land. Nigeria needs to shut down the parallel/black market and concentrate on the CBN rates.

However, I am guessing that will only happen when a southerner becomes president because the industry is dominated by the northerners. We cannot continue to run a country where most vendors exchange foreign currency based on black market prices.
CBN freezed the account of fintechs in Nigeria thinking they were the problem...

Afterwards the dollar kept on skyrocketing..

Emefiele is just chasing shadows...

Being busy and being productive are two different things.

He is just busy!

Emefiele should go back to the drawing board or throw in the towel.

Mark this comment when naira falls to an all time low in the nearest future..

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Business / Re: CBN Shuts Down AbokiFX Bank Accounts by Skyfly007: 4:13pm On Sep 16
This will create unnecessary panic and tension which is not needed in this period of naira fall....
Celebrities / Re: Tacha Shows Off Her New House, Splashes Champagne To Celebrate by Skyfly007: 9:39pm On Sep 15
Congrats baby girl.

Who is going to take me out this night? I feel bored and bitter. I need to free up some thoughts.
I'm around wink
Health / Re: Help!! Withdrawals Symptoms From Anti Depressants by Skyfly007: 8:27pm On Sep 15
Don't stop antidepressants just like that
The doses have to be tapered off by your doctor before you stop
Go and see the doctor that placed you on it and tell him/ her of your symptoms.
Don't heed any advice anyone gives you here besides this
I'm a medical doctor and I concur with you...

Op take this advice...


Romance / Re: Addictions: Which Is Hardest To Quit? Sex, Masturbation, Drinking, Smoking Etc? by Skyfly007: 5:12pm On Sep 14
I had this conversation with some of my neighbors (three men) on which addiction was hardest to quit of womanizing, drinking and smoking.

My view was that it was womanizing, but they saw things differently from me and said it was smoking. They said it was easy to quit womanizing once the time for quitting comes, but the addiction to smoking was something else.

I had never smoked a cigarette or the likes before so I couldn't tell how difficult if was to quit, but I had a friend who was once a chain smoker, but once he repented and surrendered his life to God, that was it. The urge died instantly! It was so weird that a friend of his who knew him very well, said if my friend could quit smoking, that he also could quit the habit, because he knew how deep my friend had gone into it, that he himself was like a learner in the act.

That was perhaps what gave me the impression that it may not be that hard to quit the habit but my neighbors begged to differ.

I expect that there are others who may see things differently from us, because I know and have had of people who drink to the point that they become seriously ill but are still not able to quit.

Some others it's addiction to sex or masturbation that has made them to become depressed to the point of wanting to commit suicide, because they find it impossible to quit even if they know it's destroying their lives.

Hard drugs is another strong one which has held many in serious bondage, as some go to extreme lengths to pacify the urge. One married woman started paying for it with her body, by having sex with the supplier, after she had wasted all her life savings on it and no longer had money to pay for it.

Hence it appears that it differs from person to person, as an addiction someone finds hard to quit might be easy for someone else, and vice versa, but what do you think it?

May God help us all.
The hardest addiction to quit is gambling....
Family / Re: Older Bachelors How Do You Cope With Loneliness? by Skyfly007: 8:48pm On Sep 13

I beg to differ sir!

Merely seeing friends/family that are married then Bachelors know what they are missing.

I have a very close friend who is a 43 year old bachelor and he has turned my kids to his kids...

Dude calls me way ahead of time to discuss how he would celebrate my kid’s birthday (without asking for his help o)

We (Me and wife) tried hooking him up a lot of times but he was very choosy. The last girl we hooked him up with (That appeared to be perfect. 24 year old Young lawyer Who just finished law college) he said she had incision at her back and that was it...

He confided in me sometime ago that he envies me a lot, and that he knows something is missing in his life, which is having a family.

Reason he had been treating my family like his.

Truth is: Bachelor’s know they are lonely, and they miss having a family.
Not all bachelor's are lonely bro..

Don't use your friends case to generalize.....

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Sports / Re: Dolores Aveiro's Reaction After Ronaldo Scored His First Goal Against Newcastle by Skyfly007: 5:45pm On Sep 11
It doesn’t change the fact that Ronaldo always wait for tappings and penalty..penaldo for a reason smiley
Ronaldo is so intelligent to always be in a position to tap in the ball inside the net (a good example is today's first goal against Newcastle)

If it's easy everyone would have been tapping too grin

Celebrate Grace bro cool

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Politics / Re: Imo State: Buhari Visited An Empty State, The First Of It Kind by Skyfly007: 5:33pm On Sep 09

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Politics / Re: Compendium Of Pmb's Ongoing & Completed Projects & Policy Successes In S/E by Skyfly007: 9:06pm On Sep 07
the same thing was said about GEJ . Am surprised even PDP that brought Boko Haram to this country has the guts to point accusing fingers to buhari.
Buhari buy more than 25 aircraft to the airforce. Pls tell me any president that ever bought even 5 aircrafts?
Go back to the Navy also you will see the wonders of president buhari.
Let us not even talk about the army.
There has never been a president that supported the security personnels like the way buhari is doing.
No president can secure you when you are in support of the criminals.
In the south east, the igbos know those ipob terrorists but they will never give information to the security men that will enable their arrest.
In the north, people like Atiku,Gumi know who and who is the bandit or Boko Haram but they will never released the information to security men because they want to use blackmail to get power.
Security is everybody business!
I can see you are a buharist grin

So I won't bother reading the long epistle you wrote up here nor reply you again...peace
Politics / Re: Compendium Of Pmb's Ongoing & Completed Projects & Policy Successes In S/E by Skyfly007: 8:19pm On Sep 07
no president in this world can protect you If you yourself don't want peace. How many times did buhari appeal to you guys to drop your weapons?
Now you want to blame him for insecurity that is brought by you.
Nigeria under president Buhari is undergoing the highest level of insecurity ever in the history of the nation...

Even his kingsmen (northern elders forum) agrees to this known fact...

No need to argue this biko...
Politics / Re: Compendium Of Pmb's Ongoing & Completed Projects & Policy Successes In S/E by Skyfly007: 3:48pm On Sep 07
So long as a president can't protect lives and properties, then he has not delivered on his primary responsibility!!!

Na people wey de alive de use the infrastructure!!!

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Politics / Re: 2023: God Will Give Nigeria President With Good Heart Like Buhari ― Umahi by Skyfly007: 7:33pm On Sep 06
TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija: How Viewers Voted For Tega, Peace, Michael, Boma, Saga, Nini by Skyfly007: 9:56pm On Sep 05
Super story. Show in the bag for WhiteMoney.
Biggy fit shock una this season..
Politics / Re: IPOB Sit-at-home Continues: South-east Traders, Others Lament Huge Losses by Skyfly007: 10:06pm On Sep 04
Please this biafran holiday should continue....... cheesy

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Romance / Re: This Is Why You Must Run Away From Random Sex by Skyfly007: 8:57pm On Aug 31
How do u arrived with this ur statistics, how fornication cause cancer. Pls expatiate
Multiple sexual partners is a risk factor for cervical cancer in women...
Politics / Re: Simon Ekpa Vs Chika Edoziem: President Buhari Reacts To IPOB Infighting by Skyfly007: 8:27am On Aug 30
Why is this lifeless administration quick to label IPOB terrorist, but can NEVER recognize the bandits killing innocent souls daily as Terrorist
Health / Re: Cuba Pays Doctors $50 Per Month. by Skyfly007: 12:59am On Aug 26

You don't get it.
Each country should pay what it can afford.
And not doing stupid comparison with far richer countries.
Nigeria can afford to pay as much as the so called rich countries but corruption has directed the funds to few individuals..

That's the issue doctors are having with the FG..so much wastage of financial resources on irrelevant projects..and health is relegated to the background.. SMH

We don't know our priorities as a country!
Politics / Re: Finnish Company Flies 22 Year Old Nigerian Drone Maker To Finland (photos) by Skyfly007: 7:27pm On Aug 23
Congratulations..Grace found you...

That's my Testimony!
Politics / Re: Court Orders Resident Doctors To Suspend Strike by Skyfly007: 3:52pm On Aug 23
An unpaid, sad doctor that is forced to work is a danger to human life!

This Government is so dumb!

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Sports / Re: World U-20 Athletics Championship: Nigeria Wins Gold At The Women's 4x400m Relay by Skyfly007: 12:20am On Aug 23
Nigeria has won her 7th medal at the ongoing World U-20 Athletics Championship holding in Nairobi, Kenya.

Nigeria is 3rd on the medals table, behind hosts Kenya and Finland, with 4 Gold and 3 Bronze medals.

Jamaica (SB-3:36:57) and Italy (3:37:18) took the silver and bronze medals respectively.


The men's 4x400m quartet narrowly missed out on the podium finishing 4th.

Congrats Nigeria.
Congratulations to them...

BTW Favour Ofili is beautiful tongue

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread by Skyfly007: 9:02pm On Aug 22
Let's just fvcking tell ourselves the truth. The only time this show would spice up is when we see some real ships!

I mean some real banging meen.

That's d disadvantage of bringing aboki them come this show, they're too conservative for my liking even of they're the most corrupt under the sheets.

Na without condom I dey straff dem for here...
While straffing without condom, remember HIV is real ...

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo-malami 2023 Ticket Will Represent Tenure Elongation For Buhari–Bamgbose by Skyfly007: 9:05am On Aug 22
This is why these small Political Parties never do well. They are full of losers without the political vision, sagacity and outlook to suceed in Nigerian politics.

What visibility or polotically positive image does Malami have that will make APC take a gamble on him?

So APC should risk losing a Presidential election, all for the sake of maintaining Buhari's man in Aso Rock, by going with Malami when far more electable, popular, well-liked, well-supported and visible candidates like Zulum and even El rufai are available?

Barrister Bambgose, abeg talk better.
Don't mention El rufai...Zulum is a better choice..

El rufai is hated with so much passion at same level with Malami among most Nigerians!!!


Politics / Re: Osinbajo-malami 2023 Ticket Will Represent Tenure Elongation For Buhari–Bamgbose by Skyfly007: 9:01am On Aug 22
I totally disagree with Bamgbose. When Prof Osinbajo was the acting president, the "cabals" were present when he sacked Daura, having the security meeting to have all service Chiefs relocate to the insurgency areas, why wasn't he stopped in any way? I believe Prof is more confident and authoritative than he appears.
Yes Osibanjo is a good choice but the addition of Malami spoils everything!!!

If Osibanjo picks Malami as his vice, he will lose woefully....

Malami is hated with passion by most Nigerians!


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Saudi Arabia Recruitment Of Nigerian Doctors 2021 by Skyfly007: 3:23pm On Aug 19
Pure propaganda! Saudi has been recruiting Nigerian doctors and nurses before Adam met Eve self lol. They do this always - nearly every 3 months and in the same Sheraton Hotel so this isn't the first time.
They have not recruited for a long time since covid..

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Business / Re: CBN To Freeze Risevest, Bamboo Accounts for "Illegal FX Transactions" by Skyfly007: 7:09pm On Aug 18
Chaka as at my last longing are still receiving dollars.
Bamboo is still accepting withdrawal and deposit...Still working normally.
Business / Re: CBN To Freeze Risevest, Bamboo Accounts for "Illegal FX Transactions" by Skyfly007: 1:44pm On Aug 18

They were not guilty yet their account were frozen.

Stop contradicting yourself.

The result of the investigation are out that is why their account were frozen through a court order
Geez..Freezing of ones account does not connote guilt.. lol (understand this)

Investigations are not yet completed..

Read the article again
Business / Re: CBN To Freeze Risevest, Bamboo Accounts for "Illegal FX Transactions" by Skyfly007: 1:21pm On Aug 18

They were not accused, they were investigated which lead to their account been froozen.

Maybe you need to learn how the law works
I'm in the system bro with first hand info...

To investigate is to conduct an official enquiry..

To accuse is to say that someone is responsible for a crime or having done something wrong...

It does not mean the defendant is guilty!

The accounts were frozen so they won't be able to send money overseas pending the outcome of the investigations..

If you still don't understand, then there is nothing I can do at this moment smiley
Business / Re: CBN To Freeze Risevest, Bamboo Accounts for "Illegal FX Transactions" by Skyfly007: 12:42pm On Aug 18

They have been proven guilty with lot of evidences that is why their account has been frozen
Learn how the law works bro!

They have been accused of an offense(illegal forex transactions).

Investigations have started..

Accounts have been frozen till investigations are COMPLETED..

It is after completion of investigations that the court will either find them guilty or innocent of the accusations!

Innocent until proven guilty.
Business / Re: CBN To Freeze Risevest, Bamboo Accounts for "Illegal FX Transactions" by Skyfly007: 11:23pm On Aug 17
What's those companies are doing is nothing but economic sabotage ..taking scarce Forex to go and invest it in the American stock market ...Can they try that in America ? They will be jailed for 50 years
ignorance is bliss...pls enlighten us on how they are taking scarce forex to invest in American stock market.

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by Skyfly007: 10:36pm On Aug 17
They have done that already, you cannot withdraw on any of the platforms. The people I pity are RiseVest


Business / Re: CBN To Freeze Risevest, Bamboo Accounts for "Illegal FX Transactions" by Skyfly007: 10:16pm On Aug 17
Business / Re: CBN To Freeze Risevest, Bamboo Accounts for "Illegal FX Transactions" by Skyfly007: 10:15pm On Aug 17
you be big fool, this guys are registered with the U. Sthey act as middlemen to buy and sell stocks from the U. S .
Don't mind that ignoramus

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