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Properties / Re: Cost Of A Room (face To Face) Rent At Ogba Lagos by Skylee(m): 6:34pm On Sep 15
Thanks Bro
Properties / Re: Cost Of A Room (face To Face) Rent At Ogba Lagos by Skylee(m): 5:43pm On Sep 15
Per annum right? Does that include agreement & commission please?
Properties / Cost Of A Room (face To Face) Rent At Ogba Lagos by Skylee(m): 4:56pm On Sep 15
Hi Nairalanders, a friend just got a job offer at Ikeja and needs an accommodation NEARBY.
Please, anyone with the idea of the cost of a room (in a face me face you house) at OGBA & ENVIRONS should kindly respond as this is urgently needed. Thanks.
Religion / Re: Is It OK For A Christian To Use This? by Skylee(m): 10:13pm On Aug 14
Women are far wise than any creature, well, maybe not only serpent.
Unimaginable secrets abide with them. They know so much about everything.

Florida water.
You guys need to explain what this means pls

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Politics / Re: MURIC Reacts To Kidnap Of 5 RCCG Pastors, Members by Skylee(m): 6:23pm On Aug 03

The Muslim Rights concern group, MURIC has reacted to the abduction of Five pastors of the Redeemed Christian Church of God by unknown gunmen.In a statement sent to POLITICS NIGERIA on Saturday signed by its leader, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, the group urge Nigerians to pray for the safe return of the Pastors.

“We are deeply distressed by this ugly development. We empathise with Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the RCCG. We urge Nigerians to join Pastor Adeboye in prayer for the quick and safe return of the kidnapped pastors.“Our appeal for prayers is to all Nigerians regardless of religion or tribe.

We are one from Adam and Adam was from ordinary sand. It must be humanity first. Let us unite in prayers. A nation that prays together stays together.“In particular, we beseech Nigerian Muslims who are currently on hajj (pilgrimage) to add the safe return of the five pastors to their prayer points. We appeal to those among them who are already in Makkah to perform a special tawaf (circumambulation of the Ka’abah) and Sa‘y to ask Almighty Allah to intervene in the plight of the pastors. Those who are still in Madinah are urged to offer two rak‘ahs each at the Prophet’s (SAW) mosque for the same purpose.

“In addition, we call on all Muslim Asalatu groups throughout Nigeria to dedicate time to special prayers for the five pastors during their Asalatu sessions tomorrow Sunday 4th August, 2019. They should please pray to Allah to stop the spate of criminality in our country.“This is not the time for blame game. Those who concentrate on blaming government and the security agencies are chasing shadows. They have missed the substance. The reality is that security is the responsibility of all of us. These kidnappers grew up in some families. This is indubitable evidence of the collapse of family values. Greed has supplanted self-satisfaction and immorality has displaced self-discipline in our homes.

“In our concluding remarks, we affirm that our hearts go to the families of the abducted pastors. We are deeply saddened. We share their fears and trepidations. Nonetheless, we appeal to them all to take heart and to be strong in faith. We are with them every inch of the way. They must not lose hope as the nation prays for them. We are confident that the five pastors will return home unhurt.”


MURIC don dey get sense small small ooo. There's indeed a first time for everything.
Romance / Re: Wow! What Will You Do Next If You are The Boyfriend - Photo by Skylee(m): 11:14pm On Apr 14
Most guys would switch off their phone immediately and pretend not to be the one she came looking for!! grin
It seems you've experienced such situations before. Lol
Romance / Re: How Will You Feel If You Are To Undergo HIV Test Right Now? by Skylee(m): 8:39pm On Mar 22
The 1st time I did it was by my girlfriend (now wifey), a medical lab scientist. I was actually indifferent 'cos I knew I wasn't promiscuous but I knew it could be contacted through other mediums aside sex.
Second time was @ a general hospital, I felt relaxed & at the same time nervous. It's a mixed emotion. I did that at the request of my Church during wedding preparations.


Politics / Re: Muric Condemns Christian Terrorism In Newzealand by Skylee(m): 3:40pm On Mar 17
We expect CAN to condemn this dastard act, as it is perpetrated by one of the followers of Jesus (pbuh). We also call on Nigeria government as a member of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to donate money and other relief materials to the affected Muslim ummah in Newzealand.
Your stupidity knows no bounds. Read your comment yourself & see your foolishness in the open.

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Romance / Re: Curvy Tanzanian Model, Sanchi Shows Off Her Enormous Backside by Skylee(m): 8:20pm On Feb 28

This is why I don't like Christians, Always judging.
It's her life not yours, if you wanna live in a church then do it angry
We humans want to actually enjoy this life and have fun.
You aren't human! You're a condemned Lucifer.
Romance / Re: Guys pls advise me on this Bread Seller Girl by Skylee(m): 8:21pm On Feb 03

only a fool takes advantage of an innocent poor girl... if u love her, love her truly not cause of sex!
I guess you're a victim of such situation.
However, you're too quick to judge op. He didn't forced d bitch to enter his room. What friendship is there between a cat & rat.
Besides, d word 'innocent' is wrongly used here.
Education / Re: Hijab Now Allowed In Lagos Public Schools by Skylee(m): 1:05am On Dec 26, 2018

U are welcome sir! grin

We have heard you.

But about what you said, check this out... cheesy
Lol...you know what your siblings do in situations like this?
... innocent man on his knees, OladimejiRufai standing next to him with knife in his hand... shouting ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR while slaughtering d innocent man.
Your seven (7) virgins are waiting for you in hell!
Romance / Re: Drugs That Can Turn A Woman On Instantly by Skylee(m): 12:45am On Dec 26, 2018
A female friend of mine is finding it diffucult to have sexual urge and it is becoming a problem to her this problem have destroy her previous relationship is there any drug that can make a female go crazy for sex
Your moniker, Jesuschild247, should not indulge in sex as U're still a child.
Remember today is Jesus' birthday & he was born for you.
Romance / Re: Pussy Hole So Endless And Deep by Skylee(m): 12:31am On Dec 26, 2018
This one forgot to take his drugs today of all days, Christmas cry
You yourself knew he's right. Your hole in as described. grin grin grin
Romance / Re: How Did You Come Up With Your Username Or Moniker? by Skylee(m): 12:15am On Dec 26, 2018

Lol, thank you
Could you add me to ur WhatsApp contact? 08061611862
Education / Re: Hijab Now Allowed In Lagos Public Schools by Skylee(m): 12:11am On Dec 26, 2018
Muslims are not terrorist. Islam in no way encourage terrorism rather its a religion of peace. Why are we so sentimental whenever it comes to Islam or Muslim issue, practice your religion in peace and let me practice mine. In every religion there are blacksheeps who doesn't really unewsstand d concept of d religion but to my surprise those few blacksheep will be use to judge. I am a Muslim and I am proud to be one. I don't critisice ur religion. Let's learn to advocate peace and stay in peace, dat is d only way we can move forward and succeed as a nation.
When last did you hear Christians shout "our religion is of peace"?
The Bible says "...by their fruit you shall know them". Even English proverb says "action speaks louder than words".
You Muslims claims ur religion is religion of peace yet you're the most violent human being! Wherever you have Muslim majority, d minority groups are in danger. I'm speaking from experience!
Go to Arab countries, the minority Christians are oppressed and forced to change their faith. Iran, Jordan, Turkey, Syria, especially Saudi Arabia their shrine headquarters!
Don't tell us ur religion embrace peace, act it!
Education / Re: Hijab Now Allowed In Lagos Public Schools by Skylee(m): 12:02am On Dec 26, 2018

how do i seem confused

What Islam teaches vs what people do... they are two different things

how is this confusing?

If a Christian rapes, does that necesarily mean Christianity supports raping?

If a hindu steals, does that necesarily mean Hinduism supports stealing

Kindly show me what is confusing there and please when u want to give that a try, make sure ur brain is activated in the activity

I mean make sure u use ur brain
Your religion is evil. Anywhere Muslims are, peace will be wanting.
Of course, you won't reason with me because what you've got in your brain is pure water.
Romance / Re: The Best 100 Monikers On Nairaland by Skylee(m): 11:17am On Dec 24, 2018
I think the OP has a very bad taste of choices
Romance / Re: I Don't Want Him To Touch Me by Skylee(m): 10:22am On Dec 24, 2018
Lol, thanks dear. I have no intention of replying such comments, they are out to troll and i Cant allow such comments get to me
Hi gloria34, of course, those hurling abuse @ u are wrong. However, I think I understand their feelings towards your post.
You're a single mother if am right & this guy came to you with love & passion, probably it might work out btw you too. You knew that but don't want that, probably now or even never.
Also, you want him around to keep your company or whatever U want him around for.
You're imprisoning him please.
Tell him straight you don't have feelings for him, then you'll not feel guilty of delaying & wasting his time.

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Romance / Re: Can You Marry A Lady Who Has Had An Abortion Before? by Skylee(m): 1:48am On Nov 14, 2018
what lady (age 18-45) hasn't done an abortion before.
all na wash.
u suppose dey thank her for telling u sef lolz.
women don't usually say things like this, unless she really loves you, its to grave things. fool, go on your knees and thank her.
Abortion Expertise!
Romance / Re: Is It Love Or Just Sex ? Why Do So Many Women by Skylee(m): 1:17am On Nov 14, 2018
Message not understood!!
Love issa scam,those in it, are doing it for their selfish gains!!
I don't believe in it
Once you found true love, you'll understand it really exist. Actually, I understand that love brings lots of heartbreaks, that's why I prefer friendship to love too.
Thank God I've found true love. Hope you find yours.
Education / Re: Hijab Now Allowed In Lagos Public Schools by Skylee(m): 12:57am On Nov 14, 2018

What exactly does Islam itself say about a woman wearing make up and revealing her adorned face before non mahram men (strange men)

That is why whenever I see an argument against Islam, i dont bother to argue sometimes because some times, what Islam is being attacked for is NOT even part of Islam or endorsed by Islam.

look at ur post now. U attacked Muslims saying what u said making it seem like Islam is irrational if it commands women to cover thrmselves and allow women to use make up

meanwhile, what u are attacking Islam for, Islam itself forbids it.

in the Shareeah, it is PROHIBITED for a woman to display her adornments before strange men hence what u see in that picture is HARAM for a woman to do.

But u saw a Muslim doing it and u assumed that is what Islam supports.... That is a weak and poisonous mentality that u need to get rid of ASAP

Never judge Islam by the actions of Muslims, rather judge the actions of Muslim by Islam

What Islam itself teaches vs what Muslims do... these are two different things.

Before u criticize Islam for anything, make sure it is actually part of Islam. if it is what u see people do, then it is not tenable enough

meanwhile the prophet pbuh also told us that there will come the time when Muslims will be deviating from the right path. Now think about it. if that is the case, what if what u see a muslim doing and thinking it is part of Islam is actuslly a manifestion of the prophecy of the prophet (meaning what that Muslim is doing is a form of deviance) will it be right to judge Islam by it?

Educate urself man/woman

Now read the message and not the conveyer (me)

I am not a saint

U seem confused yourself.

"...What Islam itself teaches vs what Muslims do... these are two different things."

Islam preaches peace but Muslims are violent right? Correct!

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Romance / Re: How Did You Come Up With Your Username Or Moniker? by Skylee(m): 9:45pm On Oct 15, 2018
My name + first letter of my surname
Is your surname Oyenusi?
Romance / Re: How Did You Come Up With Your Username Or Moniker? by Skylee(m): 9:35pm On Oct 15, 2018

Thank you smiley

116. LolaO(f): Quote Post
You are beautiful

Don't mind him, you're not that beautiful, my opinion though.
Romance / Re: How Did You Come Up With Your Username Or Moniker? by Skylee(m): 9:33pm On Oct 15, 2018
Sky is the limit

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Romance / Re: What Will You Do? by Skylee(m): 3:55pm On Oct 14, 2018
You don't need to reply. Act as if you didn't see anything because sending it to you might be a mistake on her side.
Crime / Re: Ajila Seun Fionna Raped And Stabbed To Death In Ondo(Photos) by Skylee(m): 11:23pm On Oct 05, 2018

What if she raped and stabbed herself just to implicate somebody?
No doubt your brain has been washed in Tetraoxosulphate vi acid

52 Likes 2 Shares

Crime / Re: Ajila Seun Fionna Raped And Stabbed To Death In Ondo(Photos) by Skylee(m): 11:20pm On Oct 05, 2018
May her soul rest in perfect peace and may God comfort her family & loved ones.


Career / Re: Which Profession Do You Think Has The Most Rude Set Of People? by Skylee(m): 6:20am On Sep 27, 2018
I am an Architect, and I am not rude
I am a Civil/Structural Engineer & I am not rude.
Nikky, we can work together. Here's my number 08061611862
Romance / Re: Ladies Please Share Your Sexual Molestation Experience. by Skylee(m): 1:13am On Sep 07, 2018
too many... way too many.......

All I'll say is, parents should keep eyes on their children especially the girl child. we have a lot of perverts and paedophiles in this world, you won't believe what little girls go through at their tender ages...

Create a bond with your children so they can tell you anything... In my case, I was too scared to tell my mum so it kept happening and happening and happening....

When I see random children, I just imagine what they may be going through....It's saddening....
So sorry for your experiences. Sorry again. I hope it wasn't your dad's doing? I'm sure you'll hate all men but just know dt all men aren't d same.
Romance / Re: Ladies Please Share Your Sexual Molestation Experience. by Skylee(m): 1:08am On Sep 07, 2018

12 dumbos actually liked this post and some other idiots shared it ... anything to boost your wrecked ego and validate your mentality about women.....you all are stupid..

As for the element that typed this trash, you are sick and you've got no one to tell you.
You seem upset! Did Wilfredpat22 right? Did u gave ur virginity away for a plate of meal too? Just asking...
Romance / Re: Ladies Please Share Your Sexual Molestation Experience. by Skylee(m): 1:05am On Sep 07, 2018
Only 2% of us get molested by men. We just like playing the victim or vulnerable part. If you ask any average Nigerian lady how she lost her virginity, Rape is the common answer. No one will like to say she gave it up freely for a Hungry man size indomie and two fried eggs.

As early as the age of 13, most of us already know the ‘Bottom Power’ and using it to gain more financial strength from men

As we ladies always say in our small discussions

“Closed legs does not pay the bills, Open legs does’
Does that mean you have it away @ age 13 too? Just asking...

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