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Crime / Re: Sex With Dog: Kemi Olunloyo Exposes The Reason Behind It by sparog(m): 9:52am On May 01
Assuming the pictures aren't fake, I don't think the hapless dogs were "enjoying" the act. The dogs look like they were trained to act the way the did so as to be filmed. If the dogs didn't cum, the chances of transmitting any disease to the stupid women would be almost zero. As for spiritual/moral/emotional implications of the despicable act, those cursed daughters of eve will live with it for the rest of their miserable lives - the filthy lucre they made will vanish before their eyes while their misery continues .

So you think the exchange of bodily fluids can't cause infections right?

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Career / Re: Bento Africa Suspends CEO Ebunoluwa Okunbanjo After ‘Toxic Workplace’ Report by sparog(m): 9:18pm On Mar 25
Dem dey suspend CEO?!


Of course, the board of directors of a public liability company can suspend or remove the ceo and appoint another ceo
Foreign Affairs / Re: (Graphic Video) Russian Soldiers Rain Bullets On Father and Son... +18 by sparog(m): 8:07am On Mar 04
Lost his Dad in an attempt to save dogs

My thoughts exactly, they wasted their lives because of animals that may even survive the war if left alone.
Education / Re: Photos Of 15-year-old Best Player At CAF U16 African School Cup Sparks Reactions by sparog(m): 6:03am On Feb 23
Very funny

Anyone seeing this guy will know that he’s no longer a teen. He should be around 23yrs -30yrs of age already grin


Romance / Re: Help! This Churchgirl Is Back Again by sparog(m): 2:51pm On Feb 15
If you remember this thread I posted last year
About this girl that wants me to become a member of her church which is politely refused because I didn't like their doctrine

,ever since then it has become a thug of war she stubbornly insist I go to her church until I had to sit her down and clear her before she stopped trouble me a bit I didn't see her throughout December last year till this February,this girl can call for Africa,she doesn't mind calling me 50 times in a day even if I don't pick, especially Thursdays and sundays i wanted to be rude to her but I always hold my anger because she is a preacher doing God's work,my elder sister and neighbors told we she is in love with me that's it's not really about church but I don't want to be in a relationship for now,she is a law graduate and I am yet to complete my first degree.she came to my new workplace on Saturday despite hiding away from her I was surprised she found out the place like ;Dshe has being investigating,we talked and she looked so happy to see me,next thing she started telling me about the new programme they have in church grin that Sunday that I should be there I told her I will try next,did you know around 6am I woke up to see 6 missed calls ... embarassed I had to put my phone on flight mode I don't just understand what's going on..what else should I do?

She definitely loves you grin

She must have got a revelation that you’re gonna be her husband
Politics / Re: I Trusted Tinubu But He Repaid Me With Betrayal- Aregbesola by sparog(m): 12:56pm On Feb 15
This is just the beginning, let’s all see as things begin to unfold grin

Naija politics na rat race
Education / Re: What I Discovered About My GF by sparog(m): 12:08pm On Feb 05
Oga if you want to end things and move on with your life then so be it, don't let anybody shame you by saying "you are not matured".

If you were the one with health issues,I doubt she will stay with you undecided

You have sense bro, can you see the ladies comments above yours saying rubbish. The same ladies that won’t even dare date any guy with even mild mouth odor. grin
Crime / Re: Lady Caught Trying To Kidnap A Child In Kano (Video) by sparog(m): 8:05am On Feb 04
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Former Chelsea Manager Avram Grant Accused Of Sexual Harassment by sparog(m): 1:40pm On Feb 02
Is this the same Toto I dey bang left n ryt be this wey they pull men down Mendy, greenwood now avrant grant so when I done blow some body go come open her dirty mouth say I molest am sad why dem no talk now wey I never make am

Become famous first and ask this question again grin


Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Wins FIFA Special Award For All-Time International Goals by sparog(m): 5:21am On Jan 18
christiano doesn't deserve anything in the year under review sad

Read you no go gree read, na una type dey talk school na scam.

Did he just become the all time leading goal scorer this season under review? Something he’s been working on for the past 20years

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Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Wins FIFA Special Award For All-Time International Goals by sparog(m): 5:19am On Jan 18
Religion / Re: Mummy G.O Fabrics Now On Sale by sparog(m): 10:48pm On Jan 08
This was how Noah was mocked in the Bible when he said God will flood the earth


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Education / Re: Sunday Kayode: Maths Should Be Taught In Nigerian Languages by sparog(m): 12:54pm On Jan 01
Without doubts, you'd agree with me that many students preparing for STEM subjects at O'level and undergrad really found it challenging. One of the reasons is the way mathematics some of this topics are being taught. Another challenge is the use of complex terms to explain the concept. I still recall my experiences at High School smiley

I think I agree with this FUTA Professor, I think all science subjects we ran away from should be taught and explained in our mother's tongue.

What do you think guys?


This should be encouraged. This is one of the reasons why Asians are doing well technologically better than Africa. Most Asian countries all use their languages to teach the STEM courses.
Food / Re: The Most Delicious Part Of New Year Jollof Rice! by sparog(m): 12:48pm On Jan 01
No be lie, e dey always sweet cheesy


Crime / Re: Man Gets 70 Strokes Of Cane For Stealing Keke Tyres In Bayelsa by sparog(m): 12:47pm On Jan 01

If you steal, You will be stripped naked, filmed and flogged or , you might even be burnt. If you are not happy with your situation, then 2023, vote the right person not tribe.

Yes, it is Jungle justice and that is the only true justice in this jungle. Others are waste of time and money

I like your response

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Family / Re: Is It Right For My Wife To Serve Her Brother Food Before Me In My Own House by sparog(m): 5:42pm On Dec 23, 2021

It takes an idiot to recognize one.
A tale of two idiots
Family / Re: Is It Right For My Wife To Serve Her Brother Food Before Me In My Own House by sparog(m): 4:26pm On Dec 22, 2021
She have been together with the brother long before she met you.

Who is this idiot grin

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Family / Re: Is It Right For My Wife To Serve Her Brother Food Before Me In My Own House by sparog(m): 4:25pm On Dec 22, 2021
Hello friends, I'd like to ask intelligent and older minds for advise about an issue before I react.

My wife's elder brother is visiting my house and my wife has been serving his food first before serving and bringing my good, in my own house.

Please I just want to ask if this is wrong or right or even just normal?

I worked all through the night and was famished by the time the day broke this morning. I gave her some dough and told her to prepare me noodles and sardine, emphasizing on the fact that I was very hungry.

NOTE: Her Brother was still asleep at this time.

She prepared the meal, split it into two. Woke up and served her brother first in my guest room before coming to my room to give her hungry husband his food.

I was so mad, I ignored the food, went out to smoke a cigarette. While I was doing that it occured to me ask for advice here, because I didn't want to ask anybody I knew personally.

I still don't know whether to be mad, or to just ignore it.

I am a strong believer of common sense and respect and her actions this morning lack both! It would have take her less than 30 seconds to give me my food then go wake and serve her brother!

Is she told me she needed money for something and I put my younger sister's need over her's-no matter how tribal her's might be-i know how she'd react and the amount of making up I'd have to do.

I am trying to be very mature about this, that's why I keeping things anonymous?

Besides I'd like to know, I possibly can't be the only person who has experienced this sort of situation because they say there's nothing new under the sun. Please who has ever felt this way, I am very understanding and if something irks me, it would irk every body else too.

Wish I could explain better

You’ve got the right to be pissed bro. If you always put her needs above that of your family members then she should do the same. I know how women can be when she wants something and you tell to wait that you wanna help out a bro or sis first.

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Celebrities / Re: The Sad End Of Brenda Fassie: Bad Addiction Destroys by sparog(m): 10:56am On Oct 23, 2021
I really liked her then. So energetic in her videos and performances on stage.

I bought almost all her albums in the early 2000 and was always blasting it in the office.

My favorite of her songs are
Wedding day
Mi do do do la do ti
Tender care
And her hit song in yr 2000. Vulindulela. In fact, I love all her songs. Including the one she did with magic system " Matilsso".

Her death shook the world because she had fans all over.

I know she used to date Awilo Logomba
They made a very cute couple

It’s so sad with the way she died
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: DSS Is Recruiting (2016) by sparog(m): 5:03pm On Oct 12, 2021
how much do de pay after training assuming am taken with HND, bcs my connect bill me no b small

You better don't get scammed. Most connect that can help won't and don't even need your money.


Romance / Re: Moment A Nigerian Lesbian Was Being Brutalized By Her Father And Family Members by sparog(m): 11:06am On Oct 09, 2021

If you really think that the billions of people in the world were born straight, then you don't really know how nature works. Look around, tell me one aspect of nature that is constantly consistent. Even day and night isn't. Exceptions are part of nature. Therefore, being different doesn't always mean unnatural. I shouldn't listen to science but I should listen to you? Meanwhile, you're using what you learned from the same science as the core of your argument. Overries and sperm theory? What of those born with both organs? They're also mad? Or because, theirs is more physical than hormonal, you can appreciate that?

You see, it's so easy to judge people from afar and tell them about themselves. I'm sure you've never bothered to chat with a gay person with an open mind to thier life journey. But somehow, you feel you know them more than they know themselves. Reality is, homophobia is ignorance at its peak just like killing of twins was. Those that introduced homophobia to Africa have longed moved on but just like in most areas of life, Africa remains stagnant.

I'm already having a busy weekend. Just believe whatever works for. Just know that there's no justification for hurting people because they're not like you. You don't have to agree with them but it's your responsibility to speak up when they're discriminated cause the excuses we make for discriminating others will be employed by those discriminating our own herd one day.

Good night.

Thank you
Celebrities / Re: Regina Daniels Bonds With Her Son, Munir, In London by sparog(m): 10:42am On Oct 09, 2021
And this is news ?
Sports / Re: Paul Pogba Blames Messi & Ronaldo For The Critics He Faces In Manchester United by sparog(m): 8:07am On Oct 07, 2021
He is right though!

Messi and Rinaldo have redefined football and created a very big shoe that even greats like Ibrahimnovic, Frank Ribery, Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Busquet etc couldn't match.

Messi is the greatest sportsman ever! Next is Ronaldo...

You’re like the only one that has spoken with sense reading from the top of the comments. But Messi isn’t the greatest sportsman in the world, he might be the greatest footballer though
Crime / Re: Buhari Orders Chima Igwe's Trial For Using Phantom Certificate For 18 Years by sparog(m): 7:51am On Sep 30, 2021
Sports / Re: That's Not What Leo Does: Ferdinand Shocked That Messi Laid Down Behind The Wall by sparog(m): 7:29am On Sep 30, 2021
Abeg, na who swear for Ex Man U players with criticism?? If Scholes is not ranting, Ferdinand will be blabbing or Neville who was fired as Valencia manager in less than 6months will be justifying rubbish on sky sports. The rate at which they criticize serving players and coaches, one would think they won the world cup.
My point is, why is it peculiar to those that played for Man U especially the so called English guys?

I have never seen Terry, Lampard, Gerard, Joe Cole, Ashley Cole and Tony Adams doing such and even if they have, not as frequent as these ex man u guys.

Are they the only guys that played football? Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan & Bayern get legends too nau!
They were surprised, they weren’t criticizing him

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Religion / Re: Godwin Ebuka Ebenezer: Best Graduating Student Of NPA Salutes God Of Chosen by sparog(m): 10:31am On Sep 26, 2021
Unfortunately he can't be Inspector General of the Police force because he's Christian and Igbo.


As if ibos have not become IG in the same country not too far ago
Education / Re: How Students Pay ‘mercenaries’ To Write Final-year Projects by sparog(m): 10:51am On Sep 21, 2021
how much do you charge?

What's your project topic and time of delivery ?
Crime / Re: Okada Man Who Broke The Story Of Glory Okolie Is Thrown Into Keffi Prison by sparog(m): 7:01pm On Sep 17, 2021

It's quite unfortunate but we should bear in mind that even though it more likely in Nigeria, this also occurs in developed countries. Bottom line is that God should not allow you be roped.

You're right

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Crime / Re: Okada Man Who Broke The Story Of Glory Okolie Is Thrown Into Keffi Prison by sparog(m): 5:30am On Sep 17, 2021
This kind stories dey put fear into me, you can be innocent and the police will tag you a criminal and that’s the end for you if you’re less privileged

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Family / Re: My Neighbor Has Been Cheating On Her Husband With A Bike Man by sparog(m): 12:37pm On Sep 15, 2021
Okay, this should work though wink wink

Please don’t do this ooh. It’s better you try and advice the woman or you keep quiet. Don’t be an instrument to break people’s home. Consider the poor children which lives you’re gonna change forever if the home is broken

Remember, no one is a saint. How do you know if the husband doesn’t cheat too
Romance / Re: Princess Shyngle Parades Her Bare 'Nyash' On Street (Video) by sparog(m): 2:22am On Sep 14, 2021
This lady get ribs at all?

I think she went under the knife and had some reshaped or removed grin

In the future now, they'll start asking Nigerians for donations for treatment

They are busy doing all sort of risky shit just to trend now

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