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Travel / Re: Living In Saskatchewan, Canada by STOICREALIST: 6:42am On May 03, 2023

Hello Stoicrealist.

I have been hoping to immigrate to Saskatchewan but my present score is 63.

I am hoping to get a positive advice on how I can boost this score before I submit my EOI.

Or do you think I still stand a chance of being invited despite this score?

I am an Electrical Engineer.

Yes I think you positively stand a chance of being invited. As long as you scored above the cutoff mark/points that gets you into the SPNP Pool and draws.
The question is when. No one knows. For now the points are in their 80s. And based on local and international factors, it can fluctuate.

The last draw of 20th April where 444 and 623 people where invited, the point was 69. Meanwhile in March 23rd draw it was 82!!! So you see how things fluctuate to cater for delays, set backs, etc. For instance, IRCC guys have been on strike with other Government workers in Canada. The strike was just called off yesterday. I expect this delay to lead to a bit of drop in points for invitation. They have quarterly and annual targets and the fact is anyone qualified to be on the pool deserves to be selected. It is just that some seem to be better profiled than others.

Concerning what you can do, for now look at your profile on the Portal and see where you don’t have maximum scores. For instance:

1. Do you have just a BSc or you have an MSC/PHD? You get more points for having post graduate degrees.

2. How did you do in IELTS? What is your CLB and can that be improved? Higher CLB has higher points.

3. Did you study French a bit and wrote the French Language equivalent of IELTS?

4. Have you tried getting a job from Saskatchewan?

5. Do you have close relative who are Legal there, can say they know you and can vouch for you to the extent of providing the Government their details?

I hear that 4 and 5 Nigerians have some way they do it that it works. But you need to pay the Agent. I usually don’t advise this. Besides, just as they started disregarding it in Manitoba or so, soon they might also start disregarding it in Sask. if it is abused.

I will summarize and conclude as follows that:

1. You remain in the pool with hope, expectations and gratitude that God has made it for you. Remember that you only need to update your profile in the pool. Some people delete and start afresh. But remember that whenever a draw is done, people tie and one of the factors used to select those who tie is who was the first/has stayed longer in the pool.

2. Look at your profile and see where you aren’t scoring the maximum points. Those are your areas of focus. Then see and think of ways you can improve and get maximum points there. BSc only? Go and get an MSc. Low IELTS CLB?then retake IELTS. No job offers? Use free resources that teach how to get jobs in Canada from overseas and try to apply for jobs. No relative? Then contact extended and other family members to see if you might just have someone there they know.

3. Concerning meeting agents for jobs and relative claiming, I don’t subscribe or advice it. The risk is too high and must be someone you trust and a money you don’t mind loosing. However, I would be lying and deceiving you if I claimed I haven’t seen people who successfully did it. “Yahoo” is a crime, I seen people successfully do it. BUT I WILL NEVER ADVISE OR ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO YAHOO. EVER!!!!

I see that you sent me an email and I am hoping that this response speaks to the questions in the email and will benefit others on this group.

Finally, I have taken liberty to attach the SPNP draw scores and number of invitees. Since the last one. You can find this online to review and see the trends.


Romance / Re: What Is A Woman? My Understanding So Far by STOICREALIST: 7:52pm On Apr 30, 2023
Adult female human species born with a vagina as a sex organ which enables her to be able to get pregnant, give birth and suckle/nurture the baby.

Instinctively, they typically always seek pleasure in, and want and desire for themselves and their offspring:

-Protection (to be protected)
-Provision (to be to provided for and catered for)
-Strong leadership/perfect role model for offspring

However like every human we take decisions based on

- Instinct
- Intelligence

Mainly To achieve:

-The highest form of Pleasure possible
-At the quickest/shortest possible time
-Through the least expense of energy
-Through the least exposure to risks

The instinct of is always there for every human. However, compared to many animals, humans are born with not much or not very advanced survival instinct. We need societal influences and a lot of observation to develop self and intelligence. Unfortunately, societal influences are hacking the intelligence of many because the society and societal structure is badly influencing this intelligence.

Good Intelligence typically should rule over the pleasure seeking instinct especially when instinct wants to lead to destruction of self. But pleasure seeking and poor/ bad influence on intelligence is making the world progressively go mad today.

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Travel / Re: Living In Saskatchewan, Canada by STOICREALIST: 10:48pm On Apr 23, 2023
go to Regina. The capital city is always better.

Thank you. If you have time can you expantiate on your suggestion/recommendation?
From my personality and the fact that I do not want to be bored, I would rather choose Saskatoon.

For now I am trying to find out good neighborhoods that will be suitable.
Travel / Re: Living In Saskatchewan, Canada by STOICREALIST: 8:56pm On Apr 22, 2023
Hmmmm. Oga which Saskatchewan are you describing? It's not a crime to say I don't know. I just returned from the province. The only issue there is the extreme cold weather. Very beautiful place just like any other province in Canada

His description still amuses me till date. And Indont know why I find it funny. It is just pure mischief. smiley smiley smiley
Travel / Re: Living In Saskatchewan, Canada by STOICREALIST: 8:46pm On Apr 22, 2023
Biko I will welcome ideas about flights.

Intend to travel from Lagos to Saskatoon. Any ideas about airlines and routes and fares will be welcome and appreciated.
Travel / Re: Living In Saskatchewan, Canada by STOICREALIST: 8:44pm On Apr 22, 2023
Hello house, I recently landed in Regina a few days ago. Trying to settle in. Please add me to the telegram group. @Nwachi1

How far with your settling there and the experience? Fully settled?

Coming in around 19th of June. Saskatoon though.

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Travel / Re: Living In Saskatchewan, Canada by STOICREALIST: 8:40pm On Apr 22, 2023
Regina my home....

Did you intentionally choose Regina as a place to reside? Or you are there because of studies? Will be arriving in June under the PNP and I have not decided between Saskatoon and Regina. It is never an easy decision.
Travel / Re: Living In Saskatchewan, Canada by STOICREALIST: 8:27pm On Apr 22, 2023
Good morning everyone, pls am new here.

I applied to SINP, for those who got ITA from the province what was your score in the pool and how long were you in the pool before the province invited you to apply.

Thank you

The score for invitation of course varies. Depends on the number of people in the pool, the target number they want to invite, etc.

Score was 78 last year July/August draw which I got invited.
Travel / Re: Living In Saskatchewan, Canada by STOICREALIST: 8:21pm On Apr 22, 2023
Hi everyone pleased I got received ITA from Saskatchewan under NOC 21211, I want to clarify if anyone here has successfully scaled though and if it requires professional licensing

Please respond

To the best of my knowledge, It is NOT a regulated profession. It doesn’t require any. NOC 21211 is for Data Scientists isn’t it?

Try this link and read up


However, it is good to get course/skill certified for marketability.

Please look at job sites in Canada and specifically for Sask and find out if such job posting require any certification requirements. Such job posting are good yard sticks for the determination of what to expect when it comes to jobs.


Family / Re: If Your Wife Mistakenly Sleeps With Another Man, Pray & Fight For Her - Bukunmi by STOICREALIST: 2:53pm On Apr 19, 2023
She is being satirical. It isn’t a big deal. She is simply trying to say men do these things and get away with it. So why not women. Men will argue it was a mistake and bring children home from outside. The society will ask for the woman to pray for the man. And advise her not to leave.

Her arguments are valid to a lot of extents. No doubt. However, she lacks understanding in some things concerning evolutionary psychology and human nature. There are three things that shall ever be there and stand and last for ever. And I mean forever.

1. Men shall always control wealth
2. Men will always control brute strength/force
3. Men will always control who they want to go into a long lasting relationship with.

Any woman that doesn’t like these facts can order a Bolt, take the trip through third mainland bridge, order the driver to stop in the middle of the bridge, get out of the bolt cab, climb the protective railings on the bridge, stretch a foot forward (any foot) and jump off the bridge.

Women will typically control child bearing and sexual pleasures. No wahala. Not a big deal. But as long as men control the three things listed above, Women shall and will do as men say and men will control matters and issues.

Unless the man is stupid and doesn’t know his true worth or hasn’t developed himself and his value /wealth/income.

So we didn’t say women should not commit these mistakes. We are saying the consequences will be so grave.

The society will not pity you. As a woman you will be an outcast and subject of derision. You will be ostracized. The child will practically have no rights unless the man fully accepts that child and in some cultures perform certain rites of acceptance and adoption into the family. And in many instances the consequences extends up to immediate murder/death of some of the women. Yes. Some men will kill you. In the North will women open their mouths and speak all this rubbish? They know what will befall them. It will be swift and immediate. We do not support or promote violence against women. But in instances such as this, it is inevitable.

Women take note and know peace that Men shall forever and ever and ever control brute strength and violence. Men shall always also control wealth. And men shall control who they want to go into long lasting relationships with. So before you make these mistakes, know the man you are married to and understand that any stupidity of fidelity from you might be followed by grace severe and exacting consequences including your life being in danger.


Romance / Re: The Battle Line Has Been Drawn, Men Don't Jubilate by STOICREALIST: 4:07am On Apr 19, 2023
Men typically seek sexual pleasure, children and home making/keeping from women. Women typically seek a provider, protector, support system and validation from men.

In the end, love/romance is the “wayo” emotion which is used for this highly criminal and selfish transaction. It is also the basis for foolish decisions we make when in a relationship. Without the deciet of love and romance , sexual relationships will be considered so vile, so filthy and dirty that women may not even want men near them and vice versa.

In the midst of all these, some men and women get their heads out of the cloud of “love” and “romance” and all the other hogwash. They take decisions on self preservation. This is probably what Hakimi did. He may not even have done it consciously with the intent of protecting his wealth. No one really knows. But it has worked for him. He is lucky he escaped the snare of divorce overseas where men are practically punished for it.

My take is people should be very conscious and plan these moves to protect themselves. I totally welcome ANY WOMAN who can devise a means to control a man’s wealth. Because as men, no man should be foolish enough to allow this from a woman. So women can try, but I advise men to be smart and ensure that this does not happen. And any man foolish enough to allow a woman outsmart him when it comes to his wealth deserves the woman he gets and the consequences of his foolishness.

She was talking about prenups like they are shoved down mens throats. Should women insist on prenups that are unfavorable, men will simply not sign. So I don’t understand the intentional idiocy displayed under the prenup matter. If you say we sign a prenup we will read it and give it to our lawyers. We will ensure that PRENUPS ARE ALWAYS FAVORABLE TO US MEN. If you don’t like it, then please keep your vagina. Just like joysticks are everywhere, so are vaginas too. What we don’t have everywhere is wealth. That is mainly in the hands of Men! Men control wealth, brute strength and also control relationships. Hence we will always lead. Nature expects us to lead. Women expect us to lead. The society expects us to lead. And leading we shall always do.

See, this life is not hard. Seek a man/woman who agrees with your principles in a relationship. If a man feels women should not be leaches, and you feel otherwise, DO NOT GO INTO A RELATIONSHIP WITH SUCH A MAN NO MATTER HOW RICH HE IS. Especially if your plan is to sit around and spend his money. If a woman feels that she doesn’t deserve to be at home and take care of the home front, don’t marry such a woman if you feel otherwise, no matter how beautiful she looks.

These things are to be done consciously. Conscious decisions and discussions are to be made before relationships develop too far. Instead I see couples spend time and go about wasting time at restaurants and outings claiming romance. Taking useless photos and selfies. Please to all couples, after the fanfare and delusion of romance and love, please COME BACK AND SNAP BACK TO REALITY and discuss real issues and desires and preferences and expectations in the relationship.

Hakimi was probably very conscious of a lot of things. I HOPE HE WAS. Every woman should be like him too. Don’t trust and love foolishly, and protect your interests at all costs. But remember this THAT MEN SHALL FOREVER AND EVER CONTROL RELATIONSHIPS AS LONG AS WE CONTROL WEALTH AND HAVE BRUTE STRENGTH. AND EVEN IF WOMEN CONTROL THE WEALTH WE CAN TAKE IT FROM THEM BY BRUTE FORCE. Anyone who doesn’t like these facts knows where 3rd Mainland Bridge is.

Unless of course some women are lucky to meet a simp/weak man or the women simply marry down/below their standards, like most men have typically done all these years, but even when men complain, men have come to accept it.

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Celebrities / Re: “DNA Reveals Popular Nigerian Celeb’s Son Isn’t His”: Daddy Freeze Spills(video) by STOICREALIST: 2:00pm On Apr 14, 2023
Every sensible man should conduct a Peace of Mind DNA Test on every child born. Immediately the child is born. I have had the opportunity to discuss with many men and they aren’t even aware of what a Peace of Mind DNA Test is.

When it comes to the issue of paternity, no woman should be trusted. No woman is worth the trust, where you assume that she has not slept with another man. Especially when she pushes the burden of quick marriage or burden of childcare to you.

Every human has the potential to cheat as long as they have functional and functioning sex organs. I don’t care how conservative you were raised. As long as you have a penis and a vagina and even worse so when you have slept with a man or woman before, then you have the potential to cheat. And during cheating, only women can get Pregnant. I repeat, during cheating ONLY THE WOMAN CAN GET PREGNANT. Consequently, No man should ever trust a woman as carrying his child until he confirms same.

Hence any sensible man with an ounce of brain should carry out immediate tests just to confirm. Even if he is sure, there is nothing wrong to be double sure. To be scientifically sure.

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Politics / Re: A Total Ban On The Use Of Ethnic Slurs On Nairaland by STOICREALIST: 2:31pm On Mar 28, 2023
Fellow Nairalanders,

We have noticed the use of ethnic slurs and other derogatory names by a small but persistent group of political actors and trolls.

This practice of derogatory name-calling adds no value to the forum. It's bad for our mental health, our harmony as a community, and the reputation of Nairaland. It's simply toxic. It's absence and the absence of the people who use those slurs will not be missed.

Therefore I have decided to ban the practice entirely. I have instructed dominique, mukina2, Lalasticlala and Mynd44 to ban anyone who uses an ethnic slur or derogatory name on Nairaland. The antispam bot will also contribute to the effort. Please report any case that you see.

- Seun Osewa, Founder of Nairaland

This young man.

You have just woken up?!

Good morning.
Career / Re: Can Chatgpt Replace Doing Traditional Research Work by STOICREALIST: 4:21pm On Mar 21, 2023
Interesting perspective.

But kindly note that the performance of this AI System depends on:

1. The version you deploy.

2. The specific prompts you have added to what you have requested for.

For instance ChatGPT 4 (paid version) is way better than the free version. Using the free version at times, it will get stuck while composing a response. Yes. It will just get stuck mid composition. And it is typically a bit repetitive when providing answers. At times it picks irrelevant perspectives and tries to force them to apply to what you searched. Even when those perspectives have nothing to do with one another. It tries hard to make them make sense and as an intelligent human, I can spot these perspectives as unrelated if I should find it in any academic work.

Secondly, I can inform the system to change details of the response to a particular request by simply adding one or two prompt words. Take for instance:

a. “Write a top-notch PHD Proposal on the topic….”


b. “Write a top-notch Harvard Style PhD Proposal and include academic references on the topic……”

Prompts like the above will yield various quality of details and eventual results.

I realized recently that the academia is visibly angry and apprehensive about the possibilities of AI in the academic world or in the world of learning, research, contributing to knowledge and improvement of life. The academia is very rigid in their thinking and they are ALL VERY wrong because they have cunningly only focused on criticizing the limitations of this AI tool. The academia must “have sense” that AI is also ML. It will continuously improve until it gets as good as humans. What about its merits? Why arent they focused on it? Why are they concerned only with the fact that students will become lazy? Why not create rules of use and create methods for ensuring that such AI tools add the necessary value into making research fun and unnecessary stress free? And Why call it a bad name just to hang it?!

AI has come to stay, and stay it would. It will only get better. If humans during normal research exercises can also legally copy and quote ideas and information from journals and books etc and call it “properly referencing your sources”, then AI can also be trained and improved to do so just as humans do. In fact quicker and more effectively.

ChatGP/OpenAI gives me broad information on a subject. It is to me a better version of a Google Search as it doesn’t just throw search results at me to just rummage through, but it organizes them for me to make better sense of the information out there on a particular query.

Why should this tool be termed as laziness? Laziness is when you get the response from the AI tool and you refuse to proof read and apply your brain in properly editing. That is Laziness. It is like copying your friends answer in an exam word for word. Or copying figure and page number of a textbook in an open book exam. Users of OpenAI must also use their own brains!

So to me, it isn’t laziness. And like every technology there are rules and norms to its usage. But it isn’t laziness at all. After-all, We can as well say that driving is laziness and the. call trekking for hours and miles as being hard working. Why must we accept that something must be stressful for it to be valuable ? This is old and archaic dogma and mentality. This needs to change in the world of today. Everything now is smart. Smart tools for academic research isn’t a bad thing either. Just know how to use the tools and their limitations.

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Romance / Re: Married Men Why Do You Cheat On Your Wife by STOICREALIST: 7:28am On Mar 19, 2023
Don't you love your wife ?

Mature Minds

No critics lets discuss

Oh that is simple. I don’t know why people try to paint it and play it nice. I am not debating with you. I am telling you. Not liking a message doesn’t not remove the facts from the message.





Look at the society today, women too are beginning to loose all sense of sticking to one man too. The traditional female values are gone. So now more and more women cheat too because they can and they want to. Perhaps for sex, money, provisions, protection, feeling of being loved and desired, fame, clout, climb up status ladder, fun, etc.

Now, Whatever the reasons given here by other men, first let’s us ask humans generally why they cheat not just in marriage but even in business, and other dealings. Because they want more resources and because there is a feeling of being smart to have achieved and pulled off the cheating stunt. So, please note that not just men cheat in sexual relationships. Men cheat, women cheat. Let us not pose the questions like only one gender does. Because women cheat too. Let all readers avoid this trap of pointing accusing fingers to one gender.

Now back to the question. I repeat again that the reason why men cheat is because WE CAN. We bloody can. Sex is pleasurable. Sex is sweet. We like sex. Sex is like something to chase and have and want. It is delicious to us. Chasing women is pleasurable so much that no level of description can explain the desire. As men, the feeling of having multiple women is pleasurable. We desire it. We crave it. And it is a motivational factor that has led men to hustle and progress the society. Men do it because they can. Their Libido wants it. Just as some women do it for protection, provision and feeling of being loved and wanted and cherished. It is like asking women why they call themselves foodie and are always looking for men to pamper them. Because it is pleasurable. The feeling is inexplicable. So sex with multiple women is for men. We like the pleasures of an orgasm, with multiple women. As many women as possible.

For those who want to simp and tell you how they are different and how I should speak for myself, good luck to them in trying to impress you and get a phone number and the unlikely chance of getting into your pants. For those who say they don’t cheat, they are scared of the consequences or effects that it can have. Some men care about the consequences. Some men don’t. Just like when women nowadays act like whores wearing skimpy things, taking photos with revealed boobs and contorting their bodies to reveal their sexuality, they do not care about the consequences of being branded whores only good for sleeping with and nothing else. You women cannot sleep around from ages 16 to 30s, then come back and tell men to stick to you alone. A man that has worked, hustled and built wealth. How many women controlled their Vaginas when they were young and hot with firm bodies? Now majority of you come with something used and expect us to stick to it alone? Even if the woman is a virgin, note that men love sexual relationships with more than one woman. And yes sex is pleasurable like food. Like amusement parks. We want different experiences, escapades and different sexual connections and expressions.

In the dynamics of marriage and relationships, the age that you see those married men, are when they are very powerful. That is when they are in their prime societally. Blossoming business, wealth, cars, more mature female acquaintances, more experience in matters of life and more experienced in the art and psychology of female manipulation. Yes. Every woman wooed, “toasted”, and married/befriended is manipulated. Deal with it. Any woman that doesn’t like this fact can go jump off a bridge. Now, At that stage in the life of men when they have money, wealth, resources, etc they also want the never satisfying pleasures of sex and more sex with multiple women. Sticking to one partner is considered boring by men and it is NOT by force and never will. And as a matter of fact, since female folk have made sex and sexuality very cheap with things like only fans, and the modern feminist behaviors, the men shall be ever ready to sleep with as many as present themselves.

Men cheat because they bloody can. And they will continue to. Nothing will change this. Nothing. And the earlier women realize this that the world WILL NEVER CHANGE FOR THEM, the better. And it is left for the women to do their worse and revenge. I hear some women claiming they cheated on their husbands too as revenge. Please that is what men secretly pray for. That women make sex cheap and available. Men are logical and practical and adapt quickly. To the regular man, If all married women in his area want to sleep with him because their husbands cheated on them, then that is a goldmine. And to most men, a cheating wife isn’t a big deal anymore. Look at this forum and the number of men that casually talk and report about cheating girlfriends. Not a big deal. Men shall personally welcome any woman who wants to get back at her partner through spreading her legs. If my wife is foolish enough to cheat, then good for the lucky guy. As long as other women too come to other men too to help them cheat on their husbands, then no wahala. Most men are ashamed and afraid of stating these facts. They want to be politically correct. I don’t want to be. I don’t care who doesn’t like the facts. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

Men cheat because they can. And when women have the same power and authority that men have, they have been known to do worse. Men can face the consequences of cheating better than the women. Finally, Women cheat too and for every action their is/are consequence(s) and you MUST take responsibility for your actions.

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Romance / Re: Share A Experience Of A Female Friend Spending The Night With You by STOICREALIST: 9:59pm On Feb 23, 2023
I do not keep female friends.
It is a waste of time, resources, energy, effort.

However, I do recall when I was residing in a particular compound on the island. I had just completed NYSC and got my first job. It was not super but it could afford me the opportunity to rent a “self-con” which was the BQ in the compound of four (4) units of three (3) bedroom flats. The landlord lived in one of the apartments and had a daughter in Year 1 then. She was a real trouble maker in a light hearted sort of way. One thing I had noticed was that she would always greet. While she was sassy with playful sarcasm, she was also respectful in the African sense. On one of those new year eves, I was the only one in the compound as everyone had gone to church. The parking area in the compound was empty with no cars. While I sat outside to observe the typical fireworks, I noticed a car drop off someone by the gate and hear the lock of the gate’s pedestrian side open from outside. Walking in was this “troublesome” girl. She greeted, headed into their house, perhaps showered and then came back out. She went to the gate to probably check if she had closed it properly.

We got talking and compared various fireworks. She told me she came home because she wasn’t feeling fine and her dads driver was instructed to come drop her off at home. I asked if she wasn’t scared of staying alone in the compound and she said she wasn’t because she wasn’t really expecting anyone to be around. Besides she planned to lock herself in and could call for help if need be.Also, her parents had plans to stay in church till around 5:00 am on new year’s morning.

Anyway, one thing led to another we talked, played, cracked jokes, until around 1:30 am when I told her I needed to really go to bed. Wished her a happy new year and proceeded to my veranda to lock the metal protective door. The sad look in her eyes made me ask her if everything was okay. She told me she really wished she could stay with me a bit. I told her it wasn’t a good idea because of her parents. She insisted that she may not be able to sleep at all and would not be any trouble. She promised to watch movies on my laptop and then perhaps leave for their apartment by say 4:00 am. I thought it wouldn’t be fair to ignore her concerns and told her to come in, but apologized that there was no light and I had just a rechargeable fan that we could manage in my room. She did come in and then started being a little pest about movies on my laptop. I provided my laptop, showed her the movies folder and turned on the fan, then went to bathe. Came back out and this girl had slept off with the movie playing. Suddenly, it was as if I was seeing her for the first time. Noticing her. Her arse. Her hips, her boobs. All this while I never had any real sexual thoughts. I would usually acknowledge she was young and pretty but never thought beyond that. But watching Alice sleep on that bed created an awakening that she was a woman. A full woman was on my bed with an oversized cotton yarn T-shirt and shorts. However, I advised myself to respect myself and not try anything funny with a 17-18 year old, before I get insulted and reported. I didn’t want any “me too” situation. I Put the laptop to sleep and set it aside. My bed was big enough hence there was enough room. The moment I got on the bed she edged further into the bed, turned and faced me. Through the dim light from the rechargeable fan I could partly see her face. As she slept, I decided to take off my boxers and see her reaction. The moment my boxers came off and I guess that she took at peek at my erection in the dimly lit room, she became a bit nervous changing positions, her breathing shaky and while laying on her tummy she spread her legs wide on the bed. Her average sized arse was there shooting up and challenging my ceiling. I started by taking my arms a little close to her thighs and she didn’t move. Then I moved my fingers ever gently up her arse cheeks and saw her shake a bit, perhaps it tickled a bit. I got to the waist band of her shorts and started pulling down gently. She moved and brought her thighs together a bit which made it easy for me. I gently sat up and worked the shorts off her body leaving one part hanging on her foot unintentionally. I knelt in between legs using my knees to part her thighs. Now my dick was pointing at her arse. And I slowly leaned forward on my arms at both sides of her while I controlled my hips to lead my dick into her pussy. Her pussy lips were already wet and when I was about to slide in she quickly turned to face me and starred and starred and starred. I became unsure. Her face was like she was afraid, wanted to cry, but wanted me all at the same time. I kissed her on her lips gently and she kissed back quickly as she now flipped fully on her back and wriggled herself under me and spreading her thighs for a full missionary while kicking off the hanging leg of her shorts.

That night (or morning) was passion filled. She was young, a bit naive, but she was a pretty little tight tigress. I was as gentle with her as possible but, with her response to every thrust, her moaning, her wrapping her legs around my hips, her shooting up her arse in doggy position, her getting untop while riding slowly at first and becoming “Chief Crazy Horse” riding wildly, I figured that she really could withstand what I had to offer. I realized that she was a real “troublesome professional” at guessing just when I am about to cum and jumping off, stopping the ejaculation by doing some tricks with her hands and lips through a hand job and Mouth Action. Eventually, I had to practically wrestle this girl down, went down on her with my tongue and ensured that she had an explosive orgasm that way. As she was in the middle of cuming, I crept up unto her, kept her tighs spread and gently and slowly penetrated deep into her, displacing a flood of wetness in her, while her orgasmic contractions were ongoing. I Pinned her two hands above her head and slowly made love to her till I came inside her. She has this inclination to detect when I am just about to cum and she starred into my eyes with a bit of fright when she realized that I was about to cum. But even with this concern she leaned up and encouraged me with hard kisses that felt like bites on my lips. Besides the pleasurable fear in her eyes, she didn’t resist but spread her thighs wide open allowing me as deep as I could, so deep that the tip and eye of my penis touched her tiny pointy cervix, while I came inside her.

Our breathing was raggedy as I held on to her to lay on my chest while caressing her shoulders and hair. We must have dozed off for about an hour or so when suddenly her phone rang. Her family couldn’t have access into the compound despite having their keys because she had not only used the lock from inside but also the bolt, bolting the gate shut. She quickly dragged on her night shorts and extra large T-shirt type of gown forgetting her bra behind. She quietly snuck back upstairs and came back down to open the gate, while I was scared that they may perceive she has been having sex. Nothing happened and latter my fears waned off. Interestingly, it became very difficult for us to ever have such an opportunity. It never presented itself again. All we could do was kiss and smooch at night very quickly. Nothing more afterwards.

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Romance / Re: I Am Confused In Choosing A Wife Partner by STOICREALIST: 10:16pm On Feb 20, 2023
Pls my fellow Nairalanders, I am in confused state of mind right now... I am in my early 30. I am not super rich but I am financially comfortable, at least living in my own apartment and having a business that give me atleast 600k monthly.
I am equally the first son and my parents are late, so I am like the head of the family to my younger ones...
Age is no longer at my side and I have no reason why I am still single.. But there is a problem.
I have plenty female admires.. Even some which was suggested for me through families and friends.. But only 2 of them I will talk abt now

Let me call one of them Judith and the other one IFEOMA.
Judith is from from the same local government with me.. I knew her when she was still in secondary school and I was apprentice then... I don't even know what was called love then.. We only greet like brother and sisters because we are in far away north then.
I have relocated to another state and she too is now undergraduate, studying nursing at uni zik Awka. I normally call her because I was in good term with her mother.. She feel in love with me. But my own fear is that I am not sure if she will understand the language of hardship. She was only Dauther and last born, the family is average comfortable.
The only thing she always rely most is her beauty... She is so beautiful no wonder she just won a beauty queen competition, the sun newspaper even carry the news.. But her beauty is not what attracted me..
Last December I visited her parent with just one of my uncle and they welcomed us very well..
Another issue is that she still have abt 4 years to finish her education.. And I don't want to waste more than 2 years ahead.

Now let me talk abt IFEOMA. She is from Nsukka, very far from my local government.
She is living with her sister here in the same state I am staying...
She is 25 and years and Judith is 22 years.
She is NCE holder.. Based on my findings so far she is good in business and came from a poor family too.. She is equally a virgin, I am very sure of it..
She not too beautiful but have showed her love to me... The problem is that I have no feelings for her.. But I love her hard working..
I am planning to invite Judith to spend some weeks with me to understand her characters.

Pls I don't know how to write more..
Which one should I marry?

Share your dreams with both of them and see which of them will be excited to play a role in the future you decide to create for yourself. Which one will let you lead the way and she follows, offering you full and total support?

Listen, beauty will fade. And a virgin can become a rascally slut tomorrow. However it is very important to understand the fundamental mentality of these two ladies when it comes to :

-being Respectful
-being Submissive
-being Loyal
-being Modest
-being Chaste/Faithful
-being Agreeable
-being Industrious
-Trusting your leadership and
-Supporting the family structure
-Staying with you in a ride or die manner

There are numerous indirect ways of knowing a woman’s and human’s mentality.

Know now that Marriage is like a business. You are CEO, and the woman you marry has to be the MD. Liken your kids to Staff Members. (No.. You cannot have two CEOs. Leave that nonsense mentality that both the man and woman are equal for the Europeans). Now Ask yourself, that in this Company or organization of marriage that you want to set up/register with the government(yes you register it and even have a certificate), which of these two ladies will be a better MD? Which will be loyal to the company even when things aren’t so good? Which will ensure and give her possible best to make sure the company grows and the staff flourish and are happy? Which will jump ship to another company( another man) or complain and develop animosity towards you if things go bad?

Everyone can love you when things are comfortable. True test is when things are hard or challenges come. I do not want to encourage you, I would have given you examples of tests of loyalty. But these tests while they reveal true motives of women and individuals, they fail to account for the fact that people change for better or change for the worse in future.

Personally, I would go for the Virgin and see if I can fall in love with her. I like sexual purity in a woman. Many women like that have handled temptation and overcame. Being chaste is something I truly like. I take pride in knowing that no one will see my woman and smile to himself thinking and recalling how he bleeped her like this and flipped her like that in his bed. I do not fancy women who do not mind having their “business” out there and being carried in Magazines. My younger sister,funny enough, was “Sun Girl” too some years back and back then they usually printed their phone numbers and emails with their photos. Her phone number didn’t rest for Weeks back then. Men kept calling and emailing and offering gifts etc.

But you are not me. So take your time and make a choice. A choice that will best suit the type of family establishment you want to have, run and maintain. Some men want wild girls they can flaunt. Some of us want simple ladies to live a quiet life minding our business. Choose wisely. As you will have to live with the good and bad sides of ANY CHOICE YOU MAKE.


Romance / Re: How Does A Young Teenager Figure Out What To Do In Life? by STOICREALIST: 10:43pm On Feb 17, 2023
Let's assume you were giving this advice to your junior brother; how'd you suggest a young boy(less than 21) figure out what to do in life, or how did you figure out what to do with yours at that age range?

Cc: pansophist pls help

I recommend you use the Ikigai Workbook. It is very good. Then turn your Ikigai into a job/money making venture. Create a business around it and seek/strive to grow the business.
Travel / Re: Businesses Owned By Nigerians In Diaspora by STOICREALIST: 3:18pm On Feb 12, 2023

From what i understand, the Indians do get support from the family back home. It is more like a family affairs. They dont employ outsiders and only employ family members, so the cost of operating these stores are always cheap.

the family in India will gather capital for the extended family who will then use that money to buy a store in the United states, they will lìve together and then take shift in running their stores, these help in reducing cost, so it is easier for them to save and also buy another store. I think it is similar with the Chinese too..i believe, it is more about their cultural and communal culture that is why the business are run efficiently and cheap.

It is actually an interesting way to go about it. Family/Blood efforts. Just like the Jews do. Interesting. There must therefore be sincerity and dedication to family ties and success than the individual. In fact in the UK, I hear the Arabs do it. They pool houses, cars etc together. They succeed as a group, usually as group of family units.

That is the mindset I am afraid Nigerians MAY NOT have. The average Nigerian is taught and feels he has to outdo even his own siblings. Two cannot work together if they do not agree.

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Travel / Re: Businesses Owned By Nigerians In Diaspora by STOICREALIST: 3:12pm On Feb 12, 2023

Soon Coming to Saskatoon.

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Business / Re: Five Major Companies Leveraging On Africa's Untapped Rich Potentials To Create by STOICREALIST: 9:08am On Jan 28, 2023
Five Major Companies Leveraging On Africa's Untapped Rich Potentials To Create Wealth

The African continent is home to a wealth of untapped potentials, and many companies are working to unlock these wealth lying fallow in the continent. From revolutionizing agriculture and financial inclusion to driving technological advancement and economic growth, these organizations are playing a vital role in transforming Africa. In this op-ed, we will take a closer look at five major companies leading the charge on Africa's development.

*Jumia:* Founded by Sacha Poignonnec and Jeremy Hodara, Jumia is Africa's leading e-commerce platform. With operations in over 14 countries, Jumia is revolutionizing the way people shop and access goods and services on the continent. The company's CEO, Sacha Poignonnec, has been recognized for his work in driving innovation and growth in Africa's e-commerce sector.

*M-KOPA:* Founded by Nick Hughes, Jesse Moore, and Chad Larson, M-KOPA is a leading provider of pay-as-you-go solar power systems for off-grid households in Africa. With over 500,000 customers, the company is helping to bring clean and reliable energy to some of the continent's most remote areas. CEO Nick Hughes has been recognized for his work in driving the adoption of clean energy in Africa.

*Andela:* Founded by Christina Sass, Ian Carnevale, and Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Andela is a global talent accelerator that trains and connects top developers in Africa to companies around the world. The company's CEO, Christina Sass, has been recognized for her work in empowering African talent and driving economic growth on the continent.

*Tingo Inc:* Founded by Dozy Mmobuosi, Tingo Inc is an innovative company that aims to empower small-scale farmers and rural communities in Africa through access to markets, information, and technology. The company's Nwassa platform is a leading digital agriculture ecosystem in Africa, providing farmers with access to market and product buyers. Through its work, Tingo Inc is helping to improve agricultural productivity and reduce poverty in Africa.

*Afrocentric:* Founded by Chuka Ofong, Afrocentric is a fintech company that is leveraging technology to increase financial inclusion in Africa. The company's mobile-based platform allows people to access financial services and conduct transactions, regardless of their location or access to traditional banking services. CEO Chuka Ofong has been recognized for his work in driving financial inclusion in Africa.

These companies are just a few examples of the many organizations that are working to transform Africa. Their founders and CEOs are among the many visionaries who are driving innovation and development on the continent. They have set out to solve some of Africa's most pressing problems and are making a real impact in the lives of millions of people. As we look to the future, it is clear that Africa has the potential to be a major player on the global stage, and these companies and many others like them will play a vital role in making that happen.

There are many other organizations who aren’t loud about their activities but silently and quietly contribute to the community without fanfare and without noise. They do not pay to get fake awards, and carry out fake charity all for publicity and marketing sake. They conduct quiet and genuine outreach and do not need any media house to praise them. They have added their value in diverse ways and continue to grow their brand at their own comfortable pace, and slowly expanding operations within NIGERIA and sooner than latter, outside NIGERIA.

OmniCorps Ltd

OmniCorps Ltd

OmniCorps Ltd

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Romance / Re: What Occupation Would Stop You From Dating Or Marrying Someone? by STOICREALIST: 4:56am On Jan 25, 2023
Personally, I can marry someone in any Profession as long as it is Legal. However, I will be extra careful and pay special attention during courtship and even during the marriage if I marry a woman in the under-listed occupations. For this reason I would generally avoid them for my sanity and peace of mind:

1. Nurse
2. Lady in the Military
3. Lady Mariner
4. Lady Banker
5. Actress
6. Model /Online Influencer
7. Lady who claims to deal on Male Clothes, Male Perfume, Duvets, Interior Decor, etc.
8. Lady that does out of City/State Catering Services
9. An Administrative Assistant
10. Bartender/Restaurant Worker
11. Hotel Staff (Receptionist, waiter, housekeeper)
12. Fuel/Petrol Station Attendant
13. Flight Attendant/Hostess
14. A Lady into Sports/Female Athlete
15. Wedding/Event Planner
16. Cashier (in Supermarkets,shops,pharmacies,etc)
17. Female Politician

The major reasons for me are:

1. Potential for promiscuity.
2. Secondly is potential for absenteeism from their duties as a wife/mother.
3. Third is the attitudinal/behavioral changes that come with such professions were the women are abrasive, disagreeable, quarrelsome, obnoxious, etc.
4. The fact that women in these occupations/professions don’t typically create, keep and enforce strict boundaries with male customers/clients/audience/fans.

Dating and having flings is one thing. Marrying them is another matter. Currently in a fling with a Female Politician. She is two years older. Due to her political career, I can never consider marrying her.

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Crime / Re: Woman Drags Her Pastor To Court For Raping Her Daughter For 3 Years In Lagos by STOICREALIST: 4:14pm On Jan 10, 2023

Let proper investigation and conviction take place if He is found guilty.

Nonetheless , Women are usually foolish when they are seeking a high value man. You want to be close to pastor and daddy G.O. And you want your daughter to also have access to him. Alright. Now her has accessed her panties and fu..cked “don’t be silly” out of her brains.

Oh Yea Irresponsible Nigerian Mothers, please harken and hear this. Pastors have erections. They have joysticks. They are humans. They are randy. In fact they are one of the most loyal consumers of performance enhancement drugs and herbs, and they partake in many acts of sexual deprivation. They are mainly randy savages. It is why I will never trust any woman that clings to her pastor or male bestie. These are men who are awaiting opportunities to get into their female members’
Panties and deposit thick hot cum inside. Regardless of whether these female members are single, married, teenagers or even children.

THE MISTAKE THESE PEOPLE MAKE IS THAT THEY ASSUME BECAUSE A MAN HOLDS THE BIBLE AND MENTIONS GOD, SUDDENLY HE IS NOW DIFFERENT AND NO MORE HUMAN. These pastors are hypocrites and are lairs mainly. They are corrupt. And they are sexual adventurers. In fact their recreation is to have illicit sex and sexual acts that has a lot of adrenaline rush. Yes.

Verily verily I say unto you, oh you Nigerians. These pastors are human and they are rapists and child molesters with sick sexual fantasies. Keep your children (male and female) away from them. The same goes for those in Arabic schools too. There it is pedophillia and sleeping with wives of men who have sent their kids to learn.

I pass by these churches and I spot young ladies sitting and awaiting their turn for “counseling” and I just smile or laugh and shake my head. At times with some pinch of jealousy. So this man is the one fucking all these women in his office and at dark corners and hotels around town. I see young teenage girls, young adults and mature ladies sweeping and cleaning and being at the so called pastor’s beck and call. I just shake my head.

WOMEN, Keep your daughters from Men and teach them not to allow any man take advantage of them no matter on what authority he stands. Whether cursed/demonized Pastor; or Foolish Teacher;or Stupid Principal; or Bastard Father; or Useless Uncle; etc. Teach them to respect themselves in the face of a man with authority or so called/self delusional “high value man”. Because to these stupid women, the daddy G.O. Is the high value man they must “catch”. Foolishness. It is not only you madam. Other women too want what you crave for and will also go after him. He will sleep with all of you. Then go to your daughters and nieces and sisters.

It is just unfortunate how people trust human’s just because of religion. It is also very unfortunate, the types of crimes religious people commit “in the name of God”.

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Romance / Re: Who Have Slept With A Married Woman by STOICREALIST: 8:34pm On Jan 07, 2023
Just wondering what the feeling is like ? I have a married neighbour of mine who is such much into me. About to give in to her, thought of getting advice here .

This has been trashed over and over again. This is not to battle anyone’s opinions here. I look at this not from any “supernatural balablu blublu and bulaba”.

1. You DO NOT WANT THIS ON YOUR CONSCIENCE! You conscience will never rest. You will keep thinking that every problem you face is related to the act. You will worry when you get married if someone will also sleep with your wife. You will become over protective and have sleepless nights. Yes, to me ALL Women are easy to sleep with. And I mean ALL. But you don’t need this on your conscience. It stays with you forever. The “gazelle gagaraga” and street cred you think you will get is not worth it.

2. You RISK BEING KILLED OR MAIMED BY THE HUSBAND IF HE FINDS OUT. You are threading in another “Lion’s” territory. Already marked. You are joking with another man’s pride. You are risking your life. He may either kill or harm you or you kill/harm him. Either way you are looking for trouble. Not only looking for it, you are also chest bumping and hugging it after finding it. Some men don’t blame the women when they find out. They go after the man. “If you think say na because you get money pass me or toast pass me or fine pass me or go school pass me, I go show you say I wicked/strong pass you”. Oga, some men will kill you.

3. It will damage your reputation within that neighborhood and among friends, family members and neighbors. You don’t want to be the guy who betrayed his fellow neighbor and slept with his wife. You don’t need that. You are asking for trouble. The memory will not be pleasant. The only benefit is the sexual pleasure and the recalling of how much you fuc.ked her and how she moaned. And with time you even lose the details in the memory. The consequences you may face however may live with you for ever.

4. You don’t need the attention from the woman monitoring your moves. Telling you which girl you should talk to and not talk to. You don’t need woman monitoring to see if other girls are coming to visit you. It is just too close to home. Married women as someone has pointed out are possessive, aggressive, fearless. She will write you love notes, especially if immature. She will call you and send you text messages at odd times. You DO NOT NEED THIS DRAMA in your life.

Human character and action is controlled by instinct and acquired intelligence. Instinct is pushing you to get an erection when you see her. You see her washing clothes and bending over washing dishes, or cooking, etc. and you immediately dream of getting behind her and ramming deep into her. You imagine how it would be with you thrusting away and she moaning the urging you on and wrapping her legs round you. You imagine the shape of her thighs and arse and boobs when she walks round the compound and how her face will be sexily cute when she moans. You can’t wait to tear that wrapper off. Your imagination is tempting you.

Apply instead your, conscience, wisdom, intelligence, knowledge and understanding. These include using experiences of people in the past to avoid the various consequences. Apply these and not the erection you get when you think of her.


Career / Re: What Skill(s) Do You Plan To Learn This Year? by STOICREALIST: 8:55pm On Jan 05, 2023
Acquiring a new skill is a way of adding value to yourself.
Every time you learn something new, you become better than you were.

This year, be encouraged to learn as much skills as you can, so that in the near future, you can be better than you are now.
So that when you look back, you can be proud of the person you have become and what you have been able to achieve.

So, without further ado, what skill(s) are you learning this year?

Mainly I.T Skills for me.

1. Data Analytics (Excel and BI/BA Tools)- already working with PowerBI and Tableau at Work)
2. ComptiaA+ (Just for fancy certification and reminder of basic computer appreciation knowledge)
3. Cyber/Information Security (Watching some free videos as a start)
4. Coding/Programming (Python. Currently self learning and hope to improve)

This is with the intention of delving into Cloud Computing as a background and progressing towards the ultimate goal of being a specialist understanding IOT, AI, ML and DL. It is a life long journey for me. Not a 2023 matter.

Along the way I intend to specially prepare and sit for professional certification examinations in these areas.

Currently, seriously taking fundamental courses on YouTube. After which I shall enroll to boot camps, etc. The Main purpose is NOT for money or to get a job. I am Highly comfortable as I am. The main purpose and motivation is passion. Passion to understand these as they increasingly become things that will control the society of the future.


Politics / Re: What Is Your Best Political Quote In This Election Cycle? by STOICREALIST: 11:57am On Dec 11, 2022
“As We are, We expect NOTHING; We expect ANYTHING and We expect EVERYTHING”
. (B.H. Tinubu, 2022).

This is a very Wise and Stoic Quote from Tinubu.Though, not a Tinubu, Obi or Atiku supporter, it doesn’t remove the wisdom and knowledge in this Quote by Tinubu. Being stoic myself,I often use it now.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG To Sanction FIRS, NNPC, Other Mdas For Backdoor Recruitment by STOICREALIST: 9:12am On Dec 03, 2022
Travel / Nigerians Relocating Avoiding Responsibility-ex Nigerian UN Envoy by STOICREALIST: 6:01am On Nov 14, 2022
I have found this topic interesting and would like to disagree with a lot of his points. Interested members should also constructively criticize his points raised.


Nigerians relocating avoiding responsibility – Dr Martins Uhomoibhi

By Nicholas Kalu, Abuja On Nov 13, 2022


Nigerians leaving for greener pasture are running away from responsibility, former Nigeria Permanent Representative to The United Nations, Dr Martin Uhomoibhi, has said.

Speaking at the First Annual Convention of the Old Seminarians Association of Nigeria (OSAN) in Abuja at the weekend, he said only Nigerians would develop the country.

Uhomoibhi, who was the guest speaker at the event, urged Nigerians to rather get involved in the democratic system, make their voices heard and get the positive change they desire.

“Escaping from the country is your choice. But it is wrong to say that the grass is greener outside. You are accusing God, because I know from experience that there is no country more blessed than Nigeria. But when you are not taking responsibility for your own failure, you are passing the buck and that is what you do when you do with the japa syndrome. You are blaming others. What have you done in your own little corner and that is ultimately what determines the trajectory of the nation’s growth.”

He also said Nigeria’s problem is spiritual but it needs conscious efforts by the citizenry to get better.

“I have expressed that Nigeria is at the crossroads economically, politically and socially. Indeed, some will even say that we are facing an existential threat. In my encounters everywhere, I have never shied away from saying that the problem that faces Nigeria – the contest that goes on in Nigeria – is not canal, it is spiritual. The challenge of Nigeria is not canal, it is spiritual.

“From my field experience, I know that the battle that we fight is not canal, it is spiritual. The confrontation is between light and darkness. Talking from an empirical experience – one who has held offices and still, perhaps, holding one or two, I know that if you are not strong spiritually and if you do not value the privilege that God has blessed you with, of being who you are, there are consequences. That Nigeria, my country, still exists today is a shock to many people. Shocking! Plan A failed. Plan B is failing. Plan C will fail. Nigeria is an enigma. Nigeria has remained strong. Nigeria is not in the hands of anybody. The destiny of Nigeria is not in the hands of whoever, it is in the hands of Him and us. All we need is to work with Him to preserve the entity and unity of Nigeria. The problem of Nigeria is not God, the problem of Nigeria is Nigerians.

“The day that Nigerians decide and agree that these potential that are locked and bound in this country must be actualised and become reality, the work is done. Americans built America. Britons built Britain. Who will build Nigeria? Nigerians must build Nigeria. Would there be a South Africa today without a Mandela? Mandela was in jail for 27 years. That was how South Africa became free. Would there be a Rwanda today without Paul Kagame? No. Where are our Mandelas? Where are our Kagames in the Nigerian space? They are there but they are hiding. They are in their bedrooms lamenting and wailing; some are actually also praying. If you choose not to allow yourself to be used by God, or you made wrong choices, how can you blame God for that? You can pray from now till next year, but God will say ‘I have done my bit, where is your part?’ There is a problem of leadership, there is also a problem of followership. There are inconsistencies and contradictions in our constitutional framework. The judicial space is in a deplorable condition at this time, and the democratic process is challenged.

“In the middle of the problems our dear country is facing, do we fold our arms and wait, vegetate and die? The answer is obvious. No! Therefore,Old Seminarians Association of Nigeria (OSAN), which boasts of professionals of integrity who have respect for diversity having been properly groomed by the Roman Catholic Church in our formative years, must build a vocal fraternity to strengthen our nation that is floundering between the dark and the deep.”

He urged Nigerians to ensure they vote and protect their votes in next year’s election.

He added: “Nigerians should vote their conscience. Get your PVC. Don’t be sleeping in the bedroom when elections are taking place. And vote. By that I mean you would take responsibility for whatever decision you take. This journey is about you. When God sees you on the last day, he is going to call by your name, but he will not say Prof, or Bishop or Pope. He will call you by your name. The name they called you while you were in your mother’s name. What did you do with the talents that I gave you? You will account for it and he will accept no excuses from you. So please get your PVC and vote your conscience and make sure your votes count.

“Our system is not against youths. I am a historian, so I would talk from the experience of history and I have lived sixty plus years in this country as a Nigerian except for the years when I go to represent our country outside.

“At the age of 32 General Gowon became the Head of State of this country. Dietee Spieff became Governor of what is now Rivers, Bayelsa etc. At what age was he? 25 or thereabout. Obasajno was Head of State and President of this country at what age? So much as I appreciate the benevolence of the not too young spirit. We must stop the habit of passing the buck. Power in history, and I speak authoritatively on this, it is not given. It is taken. I gave an example when I was talking.

“If Mandela did not come out to do what he did not come out to do what he did, where would South Africa be today? But he was in jail for 27 years. So lamentation and wailing is not a solution to our problem. What is required is for people to get out from their hiding places and be part of the democratic process that is ongoing and ensure that their voices are heard and they are taken into account.”

Source: https://thenationonlineng.net/nigerians-relocating-avoiding-responsibility-uhomoibhi/
Crime / Re: Adetutu Adedokun: Engagement Photos Of DSS Staff Who Plunged Into Lagos Lagoon by STOICREALIST: 8:49am On Nov 12, 2022
The general netizens should note that the Nigerian DSS carries out full background checks before female operatives marry. No female DSS operative can get married without the intending spouse passing the background checks. Even if she is marrying Buhari’s son, the Organization will conduct full background checks on the spouse.

While I have seen a lot of speculations and theories based on wild imaginations of Nigerians, it must be stated that until the driver is found and interrogated, phone logs retrieved and reviewed to know what discussions took place, and the husband interrogated and questioned, nothing is a fact here yet. NOTHING FROM SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS WILL BE TREATED AS FACTUAL OR ACCURATE INFORMATION ON THE EVENTS LEADING TO THE SUSPECTED SUICIDE. Yes suspected suicide. She could have been murdered too. Expect nothing, expect anything and expect everything then use facts and build your case.

I would expect the DSS to get to the bottom of this. It is an organization I love and know a lot about. Forget whether I work for them or not. However, people should not expect a revelation of the true events from the DSS. They hide and protect their own, their image and their organization. And even IF and when the DSS releases such information, do not expect full disclosure or complete facts. This is an organization that will do ANYTHING to maintain national civil peace. Naturally, they do not like the spotlight. I am surprised that she was immediately identified as a DSS operative. In the past this was not the case. The world of social media.

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