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Celebrities / Re: #NigeriaVsArgentina: Piers Morgan Blasts Nigeria In Pidgin by sugarwiz(f): 7:48am On Jun 27, 2018
He just wants attention


Celebrities / Re: “mercy Johnson & Toyin Abraham” Latest 2018 Movie Gets Cinema Date by sugarwiz(f): 7:44am On Jun 27, 2018
All the fights to get more attention.
Health / Re: New Look Of Man Who Couldn't Smile Before Due To Facial Tumour. Photos by sugarwiz(f): 7:50pm On Jun 26, 2018
grin grin ... Show me your 32
Feyin eee
Sports / Re: Nigerian Fan And Iceland Fan Exchange Jerseys After Nigeria's Win by sugarwiz(f): 8:07pm On Jun 23, 2018
Health / Re: Knuckle Cracking: Annoying And Harmful, Or Just Annoying? by sugarwiz(f): 6:23am On May 17, 2018
The sound can be so annoying....
Politics / Re: Why I Didn’t Discuss ‘shithole’ Comment With Trump – Buhari by sugarwiz(f): 9:13pm On Apr 30, 2018
This title of this post is primarily to get people to view it. Kudos to the op
Celebrities / Re: Maje Ayida And Lola Omotayo Okoye's Throwback Photo. by sugarwiz(f): 7:17am On Mar 02, 2018

This is exactly what Late Mrs Josephine Okoye and Jude complained about.
This Lola isn't wifable.
She was too experienced for Peter
Too old for him.

But Peter didn't and wouldn't see.
Still shocked thay anyone will marry someone with such a long history.
Someone whose register has been marked by so many.

The worst thing that can happen to a man is to spread his wife's thighs and mentally see 'Kola was here', Razaq's base' or 'Fatai's dinning table' inscribed all over it.
is he complaining?
Family / Re: Why Nigerian Men Hardly Forgive A Cheating Woman by sugarwiz(f): 3:56pm On Mar 01, 2018
Before I start this, I want to make it clear that I'm not a sexist. People say it is a man's world, and honestly, it is.

I will show you how. Nature gave us some bonus and women gave their support. Even if a man forgives a cheating wife, the women (society) will not.

Here are the few reasons some men find it difficult to forgive a cheating wife (They are what I heard men say. I didn't author some of them)

1: EGO:- It certainly has a lot to do with their ego being bruised. The thought that another man was able to sleep with Someone they believed they had "ownership" of breaks them to pieces as most of them think the women incapable of sex without emotions, meaning the woman loves another. Remember men are like a lioness that can kill most animals for its cubs but will not allow another animal to even play with its cubs.

2: GUILT:- If a woman cheats, the man will never forgive not only the woman but himself no matter whose fault it is. He feels he has failed as a man to protect and keep his own.

3: THEY CAN'T FORGET:- When a man is making love with his wife, it is a sacred rituals the way she moan shows that his sacrifice has been accepted. So if she makes love with another man he will be thinking the temple is no more sacred and when he makes love to her and she moans, it will be disgusting cause it will be like that is the way she moaned for the other guy!

4: YOU HAVE LOST HER IF SHE CHEATS:- Female infidelity is often much more damaging to a marriage. Don’t get me wrong: Male cheating is definitely harmful. But when a woman fools around, it’s often the beginning of the end of the relationship. For men, cheating often tends to be opportunistic — they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time and the cheating doesn’t necessarily mean anything emotionally. In fact a man can sleep with a woman today and not remember her again but for a woman to have sex with you (in most cases) you must win her heart to win her body.

5: HE PAID YOUR PRICE:- I guess i gotta be blunt here. I know we call it marriage but I think women are being bought in a way. Don't kill me yet, let's analyze it. He buys engagement ring. Proposes to you, you accept then he decides to see your people. Your people accept him and give him a list containing heaven and earth. He agrees to pay, he pays for everything and when your parents feel they have collected enough, they hand you over to him. Then you automatically change your name (Change of ownership) which confirms that you are now his own. I have seen where women sponsored their marriage and the men don't care when they cheat so I believe the day you stop asking for head-cutting bride price for us to marry then we won't bother much, imagine paying all that money and she gives it to another man..

On a serious note. A cheat is a cheat and you can't quantify cheating. Who is cheating doesn't matter.

Stay Faithful

You are a sexist. Check the definition of sexist . It's fits your profile. Don't try to be modest here. No one Will flog you.
Family / Re: Boy Writes “I Will Never Hit A Woman In My Life Especially My Sister”. See Why by sugarwiz(f): 1:15am On Dec 25, 2017
The mistake parents make.
1) They assume violence is the monopoly of the male child and forget to teach daughters that violence is a no no in every relationship .
2) They assume only the female child can be sexually abused.
3) They assume the male child shouldn't be taught how to cook and do home chores.
To be continued when una pay me for the one wen I Don write. ......

I don't think so neither did my parents
Celebrities / Re: Actress Eniola Badmus Looking Gorgeous In New Photos by sugarwiz(f): 9:43pm On Nov 10, 2017

I didn't think I was body-shaming her, just thought I was stating the obvious. But I've heard you, ma'am.
You were obviously body shaming her. There are better ways to describe fat people.
Celebrities / Re: Actress Eniola Badmus Looking Gorgeous In New Photos by sugarwiz(f): 2:28am On Nov 06, 2017
She looks like a sperm whale on two feet.
Body shaming is bad. No one is perfect.
Travel / Re: Beautiful Pictures Of Ibadan City by sugarwiz(f): 9:32am On Oct 15, 2017
Op you are a fvcking liar Ibadan will never be complete without this picture
OP made it clear. But u didn't get it.
"Beautiful pictures of ibadan city"
Hope this time u do.
Religion / Re: CAN Criticises Churches For Inviting Nollywood Celebrities, Musicians & Comedian by sugarwiz(f): 3:00pm On Oct 13, 2017
I thought Christ came for the sinners not the righteous.
He came for both. Sin is celebrated with pride in churches today
Politics / Re: Parents Withdraw Children From School In Anambra Over Army Medical Outreach by sugarwiz(f): 7:00pm On Oct 11, 2017

no sir, even if is a false alarm it doesn't matter for now until the government says so. for now is inhumane to condemn the news as false without any followed protocol.
It is also inhumane and illegal to pass rumors and fake news around without confirming d truth

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Politics / Re: Parents Withdraw Children From School In Anambra Over Army Medical Outreach by sugarwiz(f): 6:57pm On Oct 11, 2017

Why shoot people and kids? Why are these beasts in uniform senseless?

There is confusion in Nnewi as we speak. People are running helter-skelter with their kids. Some children are crying as their mates are taken home by their parents.
Looks like a typical war situation.

Kanu and IPOB is right. The East is under siege.
Are you speaking as a witness?
Business / Re: Aishah Ahmad: Profile Of The CBN Deputy Governor by sugarwiz(f): 8:30am On Oct 06, 2017
I could vivdly remember when Buhari made that "other room " statement, people were too quick to tag him a chauvinist.

Now the truth is staring at them.
He is one..
Family / Re: Woman Dumps Her Husband Over Short Manhood by sugarwiz(f): 8:20am On Oct 06, 2017

Very shocking & shameful.

So sexual gratification only is the reason why she went into marriage. God gave her a caring husband but she despises his joystick.

This woman is so ungrateful!

Useless & worthless piece of trash.

Its better than avin an extral marital affair. Like most men of nowadays do.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Las Vegas - Mandalay Bay Shooting Updates (Photos, Video) by sugarwiz(f): 11:43pm On Oct 02, 2017
If the shooter was a Muslim, we'd call this a terrorist attack. This was a terrorist attack, committed by a 64-year-old white American.
Trump must take measures to secure the US from within, focusing less on US outside threats and more on internal threats. This event that took place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas is an event that shouldn't happen. It's an event that should be recognized by Trump as a "Terrorist Attack", not just a Mass Shooting! The gunman Stephen Paddock was a TERRORIST, period!. It is indefensible.
Well it's not really about that now, it's about the innocent people
that have lost their lives. All terrorists have a mental illness! Doesn't
matter what the motivation is! Terrorism is sick and evil and we must condemn it all.
Terrorism is terrorism!
Isis already claimed responsibility. I knew from the beginning it has an Islamic undertone.
TV/Movies / Re: Nigeria Grants Tax Reliefs To TSTV Africa by sugarwiz(f): 5:25pm On Oct 02, 2017
Nollywood producers will still prefer to give Africa Magic their new movies because DSTV pays them better.

DSTV has poured millions of dollars in into the Nigerian Professional Football League without any profit yet the govt did not give them any tax relief. I see this development making the NFF very uncomfortable.

TV stations like Soundcity and Hip TV will still prefer the DSTV platform because they pay them better. Besides DSTV is partly responsible for the acceptance of Nigerian music across Africa.

Many people are addicted to the shows Telemundo and Zee World which TSTV does not have. Not everybody watches sport. That was the same assumption that killed HiTv.

I don't see DSTV collapsing. They're in so many countries although Nigeria is their second most important market. They have over 200 channels with something for everybody.

People don't know that subscription is actually cheaper in Nigeria than for instance Ghana. Cable TV is a luxury everywhere in the world. Sky is expensive in the UK too.

This competition will be good for the Nigerian consumer and is welcome but people please let's not get our hopes too high. TSTV has to earn credibility and our support.
Family / Re: 17-Year-Old Girl Weds 18-Year-Old Boy In Abia (Photos) by sugarwiz(f): 9:59am On Sep 17, 2017
This 18yr old girl is a pedophile and child molester regardless of whatever customs her people observe. A 17 year old boy is undeage and should be dating his age mates or immediate junior.

The girl should be found and arrested immediately, and quite honestly should be sent to life imprisonment for endangering the welfare a child, aggravated rape and pedophilia.

These are the kind of issues the government should focus its attention, instead they are busy chasing after multi billion dollar looters. This issue affects the common man more so than all the efforts spent chasing after looters.
The boy is old enough to marry according to our constitution.
You are so clueless spitting rubbish without fact.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Flees, Now Hiding Over Terrorism Charge by sugarwiz(f): 9:06am On Sep 17, 2017
You don't need to hide if what you do is right.
#bring back ourgirls didn't hide....

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Politics / Re: Soldiers Launch Manhunt For Nnamdi Kanu As Probe Of Foreign Links Begins by sugarwiz(f): 9:03am On Sep 17, 2017
That's the best thing to do by kanu
no leader ever surrenders himself to the opposition.
From Adolf Hitler to Idi amin to ojukwu and
even the onilorin of Ilorin that ran to ogbomoso from danfodio army.
all those people have a character problem.
What about Mandela?

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Politics / Re: "Ndi Igbo Peace Movement "Set To Meet Arewa Youths by sugarwiz(f): 8:52am On Sep 17, 2017
Lol....Anti-Biafra APC 'group' that hates 'IPOB' and love fulani herdsmen.. grin

You will never see their videos, they exist only in the imagination of the pro-almajiris and 'We hate IPOB and love fulani' nincompoops..

The 'I am benue' pro-almajiri intellectual elf 2 posts above me is already jubilating and thanking allah for the fake 'ibo' group' tinkered by liar mohammed and co. grin

Such desperation to live with 'potor region people' and 'uguarians' as he calls them. Lmao! grin
Shame of you for saying those things. Please let peace reign. What do you gain from been ethnocentric?
Family / Re: My Mother Is Seeing Other Men by sugarwiz(f): 9:05pm On Sep 16, 2017

wow,you grab everything even up to what I didn't put there.

I really dont like the idea of her living alone,it could give room for many men visiting her and I can't stand such from my mom.
But you can stand your dad continuously disrespect her?


Celebrities / Re: Bimbo Akinsanya: I Left My Irresponsible Husband When My Son Was 3 Months Old by sugarwiz(f): 8:06pm On Sep 16, 2017
It's not about comparison or equality... It's about mannerism and good morals...

Are you a feminist? And why do you want to force words out of my mouth?

What is your opinion on the conduct of this woman?

" you speak like you have manners ". Was a figure of speech. I'm surprised you didn't get it. Seriously you kept swearing throughout your statement and you think it's okay?
I think women are humans too. I don't think little kids should be raised around irresponsible people. We are very quick to condemn people based on our bias minds. You didn't hesitate to point out a limiting factor about her which to you is that she is a woman.
Celebrities / Re: Bimbo Akinsanya: I Left My Irresponsible Husband When My Son Was 3 Months Old by sugarwiz(f): 7:36am On Sep 16, 2017
Sounds a bit flattering smiley but yea I do have manners...and a woman should be gentle, speak slowly and count her words...

And a man should speak anyhow it pleases him.
Celebrities / Re: Bimbo Akinsanya: I Left My Irresponsible Husband When My Son Was 3 Months Old by sugarwiz(f): 7:36am On Sep 16, 2017
Sounds a bit flattering smiley but yea I do have manners...and a woman should be gentle, speak slowly and count her words...

And a man should speak anyhow it pleases him.
After all he is a man
Celebrities / Re: Bimbo Akinsanya: I Left My Irresponsible Husband When My Son Was 3 Months Old by sugarwiz(f): 3:14pm On Sep 15, 2017
How can I marry a piece of sh*t like that... cry

I hate uncultured women, young or old, I can see a mannerless woman from 1k miles away, I can detect it from the way she replies my "good morning"....

I can't just be found around a loud saucy piece of sh*t like that... embarassed

You speak like someone with a lot of manners.
Celebrities / Re: Bimbo Akinsanya: I Left My Irresponsible Husband When My Son Was 3 Months Old by sugarwiz(f): 3:13pm On Sep 15, 2017

I so deslike too forward arrogant senseless and always defensive women, who claim equality with men and call themselves feminists undecided

Arrogant enough to call your husband "irresponsible" in public WTF!! angry
Call a spade a spade
Foreign Affairs / Re: President Mugabe Blasts Zodwa Wabantu Who Doesn't Wear Panties To Shows by sugarwiz(f): 2:19pm On Sep 13, 2017
Africa most respected president when it comes to ethics.
I remember him warning Obama dat if he's coming to Africa to preach gayism he should avoid Zimbabwe.
Ethics you say, u doesn't respect human rights, his citizens, he takes life, he imposes his rule on others. He is just an hypocrite
Religion / Re: Why Do Christians Fast? by sugarwiz(f): 2:07pm On Sep 11, 2017

Thanks for this advice, that I should do everything Jesus did as a true follower. So what about the transfiguration? Should I also do that? What about raising a dead man from the grave? Have you tried doing that since you were born?
Pls advice me more because I'm beginning to love your sound advice.
Not everyone has the healing gift. You can never perform miracles sef not with ur believes. Why don't u better still act like d devil.
Religion / Re: Why Do Christians Fast? by sugarwiz(f): 3:36pm On Sep 10, 2017

Must we do everything Jesus did? If we must, then are todays Christians observing fasting the way Jesus taught us?
Dude u have issues. That's a stupid question to ask as a Christian. Yes u must do everything Jesus did if you are truly a follower of Christ. Christian means christlike

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