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Religion / Re: Have You Praised Him Yet, Today? by sunnshyn(f): 7:01am On May 05, 2015
No, I haven't praised him today...
I praise you Lord! It's been an eventful week, I give glory to your name!
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by sunnshyn(f): 10:16pm On May 03, 2015
I'm always sitting on the side walks and reading this thread...great cooks here!!

I really appreciate EfemenaXY alot!! Kai!! Lots of kids and she takes her time to cook good, healthy, delicious-looking meals for her kids each day....Your kids must be so proud of you...just like I am. Same with Babyosisi...well done.

All4naija, you are neither married, a chef nor even a mom. You ask your questions especially those directed at EfemenaXY as though you are attacking her. You have apologized, yes, but I still see you doing that to some other people...

You come across like a very difficult and insensitive person...(I mean this in a nice way)..

*Goes back to sitting on my side-walk*


Religion / Re: Have You Praised Him Yet, Today? by sunnshyn(f): 8:03am On Apr 24, 2015
I'll bless you lord at all times...thank you for today!!!
Food / Re: Washing Of Rice Before Cooking by sunnshyn(f): 5:03pm On Apr 16, 2015
Does it matter how many times we wash it before cooking as long as we'll still parboil...

Won't cook/eat un - parboiled rice ooo...hian!!
Travel / Re: Xenophobia: View Of A Nigerian Living In SA by sunnshyn(f): 2:53pm On Apr 16, 2015
South Africans generally hate foreigners

its not abt them taking their jobs

I joined one of their facebook groups
when I told them I was Nigerian
they started acting mean 2 me

esp their bitchy girls

There are bitchy girls everywhere Onila...

In my opinion, SA chics are so easy and friendly. Ask any of your brothers or male frnds in SA. A beautiful SA chic as compared to a beautiful Nigerian chic isn't full of 'airs'. Come to SA and see the kind of chics guys from 'abule' roll with you'll be amazed. SA chics would like to be your friend irrespective of age or status...

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Travel / Re: Xenophobia: View Of A Nigerian Living In SA by sunnshyn(f): 2:33pm On Apr 16, 2015
How many Africans here in Nigeria has qualification,... you are here talking rubbish.. defending what is bad.. what kind of human being are you..dont worry i hope you pray you never yourself caught up in one of this S.A wicked attack.wicked soul.

Next time you quote me, speak politely or do not quote me at all. That being said:

I haven't justified the killings and all and will NEVER do so...

We must always remember that Nigeria and Nigerians are accommodating people...in fact, Nigerians love foreigners and would gladly give jobs to a foreigner(expat) before a citizen. but because we are such people doesn't mean other people are like that. While I was back home I didn't even know there was anything known as resident permit and all. I couldnt even tell an immigrant to a citizen when except by their accent.


Travel / Re: Xenophobia: View Of A Nigerian Living In SA by sunnshyn(f): 2:25pm On Apr 16, 2015

I agree with you but my question is this....should they be killed because they went to SA to hustle?

Capital NO!!
Travel / Re: Xenophobia: View Of A Nigerian Living In SA by sunnshyn(f): 2:16pm On Apr 16, 2015

That is not my question, i wasn't talking about some areas in SA but SA as a whole, do you want Nigerians and other Africans to stop going to SA?

SA isn't europe, if Nigerians or other Africans must come to SA, you must come with a purpose! E.g to School, join your family and maybe work in his shop as in the case of Ethiopians, indians and Pakistanis, meet your husband or wife as the case maybe.

SA isn't a ground for hustling, things are tough. Go to Europe or wherever!
Travel / Re: Xenophobia: View Of A Nigerian Living In SA by sunnshyn(f): 2:11pm On Apr 16, 2015
I'm a Nigerian currently living in SA, lived here for 4 years, enjoyed free education down to Masters' level. My husband has been here for 7 years, did his Honours, Masters and PhD(3yr) all the while enjoyed free education(Bursary-paid)...even though we've got medical aid, I also enjoy free medicals.

I've also been privileged to work here in SA, and in my first job I realized my boss though crazy lolz(mixed race-referred to as coloured) would rather associate with me than other Nationals or black south Africans, his family accommodated me for FREE, he trusted me and found me worthy to the extent that I had the code to the Alarm systems in the house(ADT), if he needed to travel and maybe I also wanted to travel, I'll be begged to stay back as he couldn't trust his house-keeper(South african). This was 1yr after I got into SA.....In fact, all this while, I lived in a beautiful house for FREE, ate FREE food, enjoyed FREE education all in South Africa.

Now back to the recent xenophobia attacks...I'm not really privy as to what really happened because I've heard various versions ranging from President's child saying immigrants must go back, to de-facing the statures of their colonial masters.

In my opinion, I'm not going to exonerate SAans by saying they are not racist or xenophobes, however, in every country, we do have a bit of racism and what have you.

Taking Nigerians living in South Africa as a case study, Nigerians are generally known to be happy and loving people but very LOUD and such Show-offs!. I find it totally appalling that you come into someone else's territory and decide to behave the way you choose, even when there are laws to be abided by. My family & I live in the suburbs by God's grace and I've got spare rooms but would NEVER allow a fellow Nigerian live with me. We(Nigerians) simply lack comportment....let's tell ourselves the truth.

South Africans say Nigerians do crime(drugs and what have you) this is true, however, I know as a fact that Pakistanis also do BIG crime(drugs), but these people comport themselves in such a manner that I am marvels people.

I was at the bank recently for moneygram, and these group of Nigerians(mainly yorubas and edos) comes in to get same moneygram. The least amount I heard from these guys was 50,000 dollars, you begin to wonder the kind of jobs this boys do. And insead of you to discreetly speak themselves, they were shouting and causing a scene trying to intimidate everyone. I just simply walked out.

I'd say this and not take back my words, if you are not an academic, or skilled you simply have NO business in SA. There are so many unskilled workers in SA which comprises mainly the blacks from the rural areas, now imagine a guy coming from Nigeria, without any form of education or skill, what do you tink will happen to him? Since the unskilled jobs will first be given to their citizens, and next to those from SADC. He'll end up doing crime, then buy big cars and start driving and living lawlessly as if his father is the president..

I'm all against xenophobia in any form, but I must commend the SA govts, it hasn't also been easy for them post-apartheid. Most of them didn't get the opportunity to be educated like the whites and are only trying now to do the best they can....

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Religion / Re: Have You Praised Him Yet, Today? by sunnshyn(f): 12:31pm On Apr 15, 2015
Thank u lord
Food / Re: I Decided To Cook After 3years! by sunnshyn(f): 10:55pm On Apr 14, 2015
Kudos OP!

I'm happy when I see people who eat home cooked meals...

It's cheaper and healthier...one can control what goes into one's system this way e.g Sodium.

Tips on clean up:

I see your stove is a mess, it can be discouraging I know. So try this.

- Get a plastic(nylon) close to you and dispose all wrappers( seasoning cubes, chicken wraps, foil paper et al) immediately. Do not pile up and say : when I get done I'll clean up.

- Again, when cooking, e.g rice that bubble and spills, keep a napkin close by to always wipe the side of the stove(burner) intermittently..

- Return all used utensils back to their respective places immediately after use. E.g - knifes - into its holder or cabinet, bowl - back to its position, etc

- Wash-up as you cook. E.g - while stew is on the stove getting ready, wash up used utensils and all, dry and return back to their positions.

- keep a mop within reach. As soon as you spill water on the floor, clean immediately.

By the time food is ready, kitchen is tidy too.


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Religion / Re: Have You Praised Him Yet, Today? by sunnshyn(f): 10:35pm On Apr 14, 2015
Thank you Nnam!

I praise you today for everything!!
Celebrities / Re: Adewale Ayuba Honours Igbo Wife, Says His Marriage Is Peaceful by sunnshyn(f): 10:31pm On Apr 14, 2015
jaiye aboderin married stella damasus and died, is that a blessing.

Do you know what Stella Damascus saw in that marriage? Jaiye allowed his siblings to bully that woman to the ground. Yet she stayed on. Maybe if he had been supportive and stayed on her side, he'll still be alive...it was reported he died of a heart related disease(attack).

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Celebrities / Re: Adewale Ayuba Honours Igbo Wife, Says His Marriage Is Peaceful by sunnshyn(f): 10:21pm On Apr 14, 2015
I'm married to a yoruba man ... and I can equally say he's the best thing that has EVER happened to me.

Truth is - when you see a man irrespective of tribe that's well brought up, and one who has some sort of self-development it reflects even in his home..

Did y'all see Adewale's response to the issue on marrying more than one wife?

Adewale Ayuba must be well brought up. Kudos to his parents.

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Religion / Re: Have You Praised Him Yet, Today? by sunnshyn(f): 12:53pm On Apr 14, 2015
Words fail me Oba mi!

Just to say I love you and would continually praise you!!

The lifter of my head, my ever present help in time of trouble, my saviour, the lover of my soul.

Serving you brings me so much pleasure!!

I praise and worship you today!!
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by sunnshyn(f): 6:56pm On Apr 12, 2015
MAama, werent u given preventive therapy for malaria wen u were preggy? abi u were given bt didnt tk. I think its wrong to tell her nt to tk d antimalarial

Oh! It's standard practise? My bad then!!

I still stand on what I wrote earlier though.

Cheers mama!
Health / Re: HIV/AIDS Support Group.... by sunnshyn(f): 5:19pm On Apr 12, 2015

My younger sis has been on this for a long time. I, for my part, have not given up hope on her case.
Sunnshyn, let's see how it goes.... sleekluiz@gmail.com

Whatever transpires between us via email should be acknowledged here(on this thread) for creating awareness..
Health / Re: HIV/AIDS Support Group.... by sunnshyn(f): 4:15pm On Apr 12, 2015
You are contradicting yourself.

HIV does not exist so a cure is not required.

All the victims need to do to recover their health is to discontinue the HIV meds.

No I am not...I'm saying, if anyone believes they have it, I'll tell them there is a cure. You get??

And let me ask you, will discontinuing their HIV meds and just continuing their lives keep them healthy?

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Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by sunnshyn(f): 4:14pm On Apr 12, 2015
Hello mamas, hw's the weekend going? Hp d LOs r punching well? Lol may God continue to be wt us n grant us all safe delivery. Ameen. Pls, I was given this drug GILANOX for malaria prevention, I'm 11wks+ is it safe to take at this stage? Can I take it now? I dn't av any malaria symptoms bt d mosquitoes for our hse dem pass Boko levels lol so shld I take it? I was also given my 1st tetanus dose yestiday. 10x mamas in advance

Please do not take any medication...you do not have malaria and you shall not have any....work on your immune system by eating home cooked foods, fruits and veggies( Ugwu, green et all), if you have lots of mosquitoes in your house fumigate, use insecticides while you not home to get rid of them, get treated mosquitoe net and always sleep in it, keep your doors closed so they don't find their ways in, repair door and window nets if they need to be repaired and .....PRAY ALWAYS!!

God bless you!!

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Health / Re: HIV/AIDS Support Group.... by sunnshyn(f): 4:00pm On Apr 12, 2015
You say AZT was designed to kill the virus, but Virus HIV does not exist. I think I recall from somewhere that AZT was originally developed for cancer treatment, but was discontinued for being to harmful to health.

I think we need to be honest and say the West chose AZT simply to kill off people who they label HIV+ mainly in Africa.

Kill off isn't the right words...these people make so much money from these toxic drugs and that' why the cabals(manufacturers) keep thriving...

I'm conversing with you now GenBuhari, I have seen personally people especially pregnant women who originally are healthy, then go for their antenatals, are asked to get tested, and the result comes out positive. They bring their partner who they've been having sexual contact with(unprotected) from the word go and he tests negative. Then, the person administering the test says he's on the 'window period' meaning that at that time the virus cannot be detected and should come back in 3 months, he goes back and still the same result(negative) even after 1 year and so on...what does that say to us?? Meanwhile, the poor women will be placed on the toxic ARVs just to prevent mother to child transmission as they and then the child get delivered and tests negative...lol...

This is just a scenario...
Health / Re: HIV/AIDS Support Group.... by sunnshyn(f): 3:42pm On Apr 12, 2015
I'm really going to be very careful with my words...

I'd like to support GenBuhari who goes around saying there's no HIV/AIDs...however, I would need to be careful.

All I'd say is - if you believe there's HIV/AIDs, I'd tell you there is a CURE...

It's sad 'cos the west have thrown this at us for far too long and NOW is the time for people to speak up and fight them and their conspiracy!!

I'm careful with my words here remember...

If you have been diagnosed with HIV, diabetes, viral diseases, whatever it is and want a CURE and want to live a healthy life again without all this synthesised medications, drop your email....(Can't access my PM)

I should have done this a long time ago, however, there is time for everything.....

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