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Politics / Re: Abia State Development Thread- PICTURES by superlightning: 10:48am On Jan 14, 2021

we are gradually seeing the end of a generation. The late admiral was one of Nigeria's brightest before the war, and during the war he was one of our best naval officers. He oversaw the building of biafran gunboats and defence of Biafran naval territories.
After the war, he joined the Nigerian Navy becoming a captain and eventually the no 2 man in the Navy. The Igbo-phobia prevalent in our nation was the only reason he didn't become no 1.
As a military governor of old imo state,he laid down plans for new owerri (yes new owerri), the imo broadcasting corporation,estates and roads. Obj wasn't too happy with how he was recovering a state devasted by war (he claimed in his biography that some projects were removed from the list of places obj would visit during a state function).
He was removed from imo state and then made military governor/administrator of Lagos State.
Abia has lost a giant tree today. May his soul if rest in Jehovah's bossom

Amen o....my brother
Politics / Re: Abia State Development Thread- PICTURES by superlightning: 12:24pm On Jan 13, 2021
Isikwuato son, Rear Admiral NDUBUISI KANU (retd), a former member of the Supreme Military Council in 1975, former Governor of Lagos and old Imo states, has passed on.

Abia state has lost a son.

Condolences to his family, Abia, NADECO and Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Rear-Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu Dies Of COVID-19 Disease (Ex-Imo Military Governor) by superlightning: 12:15pm On Jan 13, 2021


He is from isikwuato, in Abia state. We are STILL NOT SURE IF HE DIED DUE TO COVID-19. But it may be sha

He was not just a member but also played a LEADING role in the pro-democracy group NADECO against Gen. Abacha.

Yoruba shouldn't think NADECO was all about them.



Politics / Re: Why I’m Yet To Construct The Road To My Village – Ikpeazu by superlightning: 7:34am On Jan 12, 2021
I believe you're from Abia state,....Pray your next Governors is compassionate to the people....

Atimes ,I wish peter obi or chime was the governor of Abia state... because these men prioritize road network....

sure..... we have learnt our lesson. Abia is where it is today because of visionless leaders. They just want to build their own political empire.
Politics / Re: Why I’m Yet To Construct The Road To My Village – Ikpeazu by superlightning: 7:06am On Jan 12, 2021
is there anything I miss ,so almost five(5+)at the saddle is not enough to prioritize your village road as a Governor,...

The caption is misleading, that's my point.
Politics / Re: Why I’m Yet To Construct The Road To My Village – Ikpeazu by superlightning: 6:56am On Jan 12, 2021
The question is, which road has he ever constructed since he came to power 6years now?
Abaribe , the hypocrite Senator. He's only active when it's time to criticize Mr President. Of which, his state, nothing is happening there. No single infrastructure development

The coward fugitive kanu, this is where you need to begin your Biafra or death agitation from.
Practically Abia is in state of comatose

Why so much hate and ignorance in you? Did you read the full content of the interview? Jesus! You are so lost.
Politics / Re: Why I’m Yet To Construct The Road To My Village – Ikpeazu by superlightning: 6:55am On Jan 12, 2021

Truly nobody can have it all,....Abia is curse with leadership but bless with industrial citizens...

but ikpeazu is not even ashamed to admit not taring his village road ,whereas,Akpabio, as a Governor tare road even to his village Stream... Akpabio loot and work ,...Chime loot and work....Amosun loot and work , peter obi loot and work ,Ambode loot and work ......

Ikpeazu,suswam, Theodore orji ,have not business being in government for the only came there to loot

Apart from udom buying air line, I'm yet to see a real tangible work he laid now...

Did you read the full content of the interview? Abia leadership needs to be followed up with a carrot and stick approach.
Celebrities / Re: Famous Celebrities From Abia by superlightning: 10:23am On Jan 09, 2021
Ezinne Akudo(formal miss Nig) and Bright Chimezie are from Imo state...Arondizogu and Mbano respectively.

Bright Chimezie is from Umuahia in Abia State
Celebrities / Re: Famous Celebrities From Abia by superlightning: 10:18am On Jan 09, 2021

Nne you are wrong. Google it. She is from ukwa east, but married to an ohafia man. She now bears CHINYERE KALU (nee Onyenucheya) I think someone called abiyamo opened a comprehensive thread about her some years back here in nairaland. I think 2013. Thanks.
Celebrities / Re: Famous Celebrities From Abia by superlightning: 10:08am On Jan 09, 2021
Nice repping.....also remember OC UKEJE, NKIRU SYLVANUS, jay martins, 2shots, RUGGEDMAN. Don't also forget Samuel ACHILEFU, capt.CHINYERE KALU (nee CHINYERE ONYENUCHEYA), ABRAHAM GODSON, nnamdi ASOMUGHA, NDUBUISI EKEKWE, GEN. Ike NWACHUKWU.....the list seems endless....
Celebrities / Re: Famous Celebrities From Abia by superlightning: 9:53am On Jan 09, 2021

Celebrities / Re: Celebrities From Anambra- PHOTOS by superlightning: 9:32am On Jan 09, 2021
international supermodel Oluchi Onweagba

(born August 1, 1982) is a model. who grew up in the suburbs of Lagos, Nigeria with her two brothers and sisters. She is the daughter of a civil servant father and mother who was a nurse. When Onweagba was 16 years old, she won the “Face Of Africa” contest. In August 2005, she married her longtime companion, Italian fashion designer Luca Orlandi. Onweagba’s first name comes from the Igbo language and means “God’s Work”.
She was urged by a family friend to enter into the M-Net “Face of Africa” preliminary screening at the M-Net office in Victoria Island, Lagos. The agency groomed her to be one of Nigeria’s entrants for the 1998 competition (now called the Nokia Face of Africa). This despite the fact that, growing up, she had maintained a relative ignorance towards fashion and modeling, but with the support of her family and friends, she decided to compete in the inaugural edition of the Face of Africa in 1998. This was the first-ever continent-wide model competition, organized by the South African channel M-Net in collaboration with Elite Model Management. She won the competition. She was just seventeen years old. Elite Model Management awarded Onweagba a three-year modeling contract.
After moving to New York City, where she still lives, Onweagba graced the covers of Italian Vogue, i-D, ELLE, Untold, and Surface; she also was featured in Nylon, Marie Claire, Allure, and other national editions of Vogue around the world. She became the face of campaigns for Gianfranco Ferré, Gap, Express, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor, as well as working for Victoria’s Secret. Onweagba’s runway experience has been with John Galliano, Christian Dior, Costume National, Chanel, and Giorgio Armani, amongst others, in London, Milan, Tokyo and Paris. She has worked with such notable photographers as Steven Meisel, Nick Knight, and Patrick Demarchelier.

Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi is from ISIUKWUATO, ABIA STATE.

Please Leave Abians alone biko.
Politics / Re: The Northern Nigeria They Won't Show You by superlightning: 3:02pm On Jan 08, 2021
The same picture take from different angles

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Education / Re: Must A Teacher Be A Teetotaler, A Non Smoker And Pious??? by superlightning: 6:44am On Jan 08, 2021
Now again let us look at it this way....

Sometimes I work as an hypeman at parties, clubs, carnivals

Then there was this new year and we have this carnival on a street where some of my students stay....
It held in the night from 9-3am

At this carnival I drank and was rather baffled that I saw some of my underage students who were suppose to be in their beds, in their homes at that carnival at that ungodly hour.... The students also saw me but they gave me a wide berth, I am sure they saw me drank and dancing with girls because I am an adult and it was suppose to be an adult event....

Do you think I could have sent them home or should have abstained from drinking or dancing seductively there because of them?

but every other person was doing the same thing, why shd I be different

To some extent, they weren't my responsibility....

Infact they felt at home among their folks

Now who is to blame

You are not actually at fault because this was an occasional event for adults. But since you saw your students around, you should have restrained yourself and query the kids as to why they should be awake in an adult event.
Education / Re: Must A Teacher Be A Teetotaler, A Non Smoker And Pious??? by superlightning: 8:04am On Jan 07, 2021

I don't understand, what's your definition of being moderate? Like I should not drink, I should not smoke. Well lemme ask you a question, what's your vice, or properly put. What is that vice, that's at least socially acceptable that you involve in? Example smoking, drinking, betting. I don't care if your involvement in this activities or vice are moderate. I just want to know, then we can continue from there.

There are certain things you don't indulge in or be known for if you want to groom children as a respectable teacher. Alcoholism, smoking, gambling, etc. All these vices have a way of affecting your job. As an experienced educational psychologist who have had years of experience in teaching, I have counseled teachers who extort, use foul language, show gambling attitude, etc many atimes UNCONSCIOUSLY towards children because it has become a part of them.

If you must drink or smoke, it MUST be occasional and far away from children. It's not hypocrisy, it's responsibility. You are model to children and they are likely to "do as you do" not "do as you say"
Education / Re: Must A Teacher Be A Teetotaler, A Non Smoker And Pious??? by superlightning: 10:11am On Jan 06, 2021

This is so pointless! May be u should give the job to your pastor or imam , since you want an immaculately pious being to teach your children

A teacher should (that's the word - should) live a moderate social life if he wants to do a good job at mentoring children, I repeat - children.
Education / Re: Must A Teacher Be A Teetotaler, A Non Smoker And Pious??? by superlightning: 9:01am On Jan 06, 2021

So in all

We have seen pastors who are not what people expected them to be,

We have seen such policemen

Why is a teacher different?

There's too many hypocricy

Most bad people you see today we're not taught those things by their teachers, they learn from their family and environment....

While I believe that a teacher should be entitled to his or her lifestyle I don't believe that a teacher should indulge in pornography, violence but I think a teacher can drink and smoke off duty wether in a bar or event.

Afterall there is no way you can ensure that some teachers won't do this, human is human

Fine by me.

But in general, a teacher should be seen as exemplary, his lifestyle notwithstanding.
Education / Re: Must A Teacher Be A Teetotaler, A Non Smoker And Pious??? by superlightning: 7:45am On Jan 06, 2021

Remember that those kids have family, friends, they watch TV, they use internet and teacher was once a student too....

Can any human actually be a role model to another? because we often hear that no one is perfect

The World Economic Forum predicted that most job will be overtaken by Artificial intelligence/Robot in the future except for TEACHING. A human being is the best role model to another human being. This makes the learning process realistic and flexible.

Children are influenced by the "human characters" they see on tv social media or listen to on radio. However, the closest influence they have are their teachers/parents particularly when the teacher knows his/her job well or the parents are ever around their kids.
Education / Re: Must A Teacher Be A Teetotaler, A Non Smoker And Pious??? by superlightning: 7:07am On Jan 06, 2021
A teacher is a role model to children, so YES.

Even if you secretly live a boozy life....it will at some point manifest in front of the children.
Politics / Re: Throwback Photos From The Burial Of Aguiyi Ironsi In 1966 by superlightning: 7:00am On Jan 06, 2021

It would have been better for you to provide answers to the posers I put before you. Here they are again

1. Why are you Igbos the only non native tribe that is given quit notice in the North?

2. Why are you the only non-native tribe that propagates the Lagos-is-no-man's-land narrative to the resentment of the Yorubas who actually own it?

3. Why is it only you Igbos that were targeted by Hausafulanis in the 1945 and 1953 pogroms in the North?

4. Why were you the only tribe Ahmadu Bello so hated that he granted an interview in which he labelled you people as unduly domineering? Why didn't he say same of Ijaws, Edos, Urhobos, Yorubas, Efiks, Ibibios, Isokos, etc?

Unless you answer these questions satisfactorily, all your rants above will remain a way of trying to avoid the shame and stigma wrought on your by the history of your greedy and dubious approach to life.

1. Because the sit-at-home solidarity with the biafran dream made the northerners feel extremely insecure.

2. The context of no-man's-land speaks of present day lagos where non indigenes runs the show in Lagos, not because there weren't Lagos indigenes before. How many times has this been clarified? You are so bitter o.

3. Ask the colonial masters - Envy and jealousy, just as jews too were resented. When we begin to outshine you and your northern masters in your own trade and commerce, your bitterness boils.

4. He didn't accuse same about others because those ones weren't a threat to their (fulani) hegemony. Fulani knows it's only the igbos that are capable of dominating them.

Before you start ranting the self-concocted answers in your bitter and jealous head, read books from neutral sources and stop disgracing yourself with lame posts.
Politics / Re: Abia State Development Thread- PICTURES by superlightning: 10:11pm On Jan 05, 2021

Bro why not create a thread for this Since it has a link Then tag the mods to drag it to fp
I think someone did it already
Travel / Re: Hoodlums In Abia Uproot Rail Lines, Sell To Recycling Companies by superlightning: 7:24am On Jan 05, 2021
A lot of e-diots on this thread claiming it's abians imaginary poverty that is responsible for pipeline vandalism.

LAGOS, IBADAN, BENIN, PORTHARCOURT, KADUNA, OGUN, etc are all battling different forms of VANDALISM


Shameless alarmist including the OP himself.

Travel / Re: Hoodlums In Abia Uproot Rail Lines, Sell To Recycling Companies by superlightning: 9:06am On Jan 04, 2021
Foolish people,the energy used to damage what will benefit them and the state should have been used to remove the cabals from government that has render abia and its environ filthy and slow

please don't come and disgrace your family tree here.

Politics / Re: Opinion: Harvest Of Projects, A Testament Of Ochendo’s Impactful Representation by superlightning: 8:50am On Jan 04, 2021
When I said before that Abians enjoy supporting mediocrity and criminals, one drunk on this forum quoted me and started foaming in the mouth. Now take a hard look at the OP and tell me if he's balanced for celebrating T.A Orji,a well-known thief.

"Abians....."? please stop generalizing abeg.
Romance / Re: The Fate Of Tunde Thomas! A Lesson For All Men Out There!! by superlightning: 7:52am On Jan 04, 2021
There are unfaithful men and women everywhere. This Adam Nuru and Moyo Thomas episode is just one case among so many.

As a man, your principles mustn't waver, or else the woman won't feel you are in control.

As a man, you must be able to read signs in your relationship. Act decisively on any activity by the woman you consider suspicious. It is better to be proven wrong than merely wishing.

Love your woman sincerely. be affectionate and stern at the same time.

Pray with your woman everyday just as you f*ck/romance her too. It deals with her conscience unless if she is a readymade stone cold harlot.

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Travel / Re: Hoodlums In Abia Uproot Rail Lines, Sell To Recycling Companies by superlightning: 7:42am On Jan 04, 2021
The Vandalism in Lagos is so terrible yet underreported.
What is NSCDC doing?
Politics / Re: Opinion: Harvest Of Projects, A Testament Of Ochendo’s Impactful Representation by superlightning: 10:02pm On Jan 03, 2021
In the last couple of months there has been deluge of commissioning of completed projects while many others are still ongoing, these harvests of infrastructural deliverables are visible across the 6 local government Areas of Abia Central senatorial district courtesy of Senator T.A. Orji.

Coming from the opposition, though a second term senator, Ochendo, must have weighed in his political capacity, experience and sagacity effectively to be able to attract such generous number of democratic deliverables, he has also proved that he is a senator who understands his environment and passionate about his constituency, he also understands how to maximize the legislative business to create developmental impact in every part of his senatorial district.

These harvest of constituency projects by Senator Orji has also further amplified his performance rating in the senate that placed his current report card as the most productive senator (June 2019 – May 2020), this may be heart breaking to his detractors but those who knows and follows the senator's activities, are aware, he is very active and hardworking and deserves greater recognition.

Senator Theodore Ahamefule Orji, has within his period in the green chambers recorded Seven (7) Bills to his Standing in the Bills Chart of the 9th Senate with one of his bills on the establishment Of the “Nigerian Centre For Disease Control And Prevention (NCDC) And For Matters Connected Therewith” passed into law. This bill was widely hailed as not only foresighted but timeous given the outbreak of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases.

He has also attracted the construction of twelve Classroom Blocks at Okwuta Community, Umuahia North Local Government Area, with conveniences and Headmaster’s Office. Twelve Classroom Block at Ikem Nvosi, Isiala Ngwa South Local Government Area, with conveniences and Headmaster’s Office, Ongoing Road Construction Project at Nbawsi, Isiala Ngwa North Local Government Area, construction and equipping of Umuariaga Health center in Ikwuano Local Government Area, Umuetegha primary health center, Isialangwa North, Primary Health Center at Ukome Umuahia North LGA.

Senator T.A Orji had also undertaken rural electrification projects and had delivered transformers to so many communities in Osisioma, Isiala Ngwa North/South, Umuahia North/South and Ikwuano Local Government Areas.

The annual Ochendo scholarship scheme which had empowered over 1000 students in tertiary institutions across Abia central, this year had over 100 students benefitting to the tune of 100.000 naira each.

Other sustainable empowerment programs attracted by Ochendo include Agricultural Empowerment Training Programme at the National Agricultural Mechanization, lllorin, Kwara State, Empowerment Training Programme for Widows at the National Directorate of Employment (NDE), Umuahia, Abia State, A Five Day Training of Youths on SNAILERY with Start Up Kits at Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Abia State, Annual Scholarship Program for over One Hundred Students drawn from the six local government Areas of Abia Central Senatorial District etc.

Senator Orji’s records in the red chambers has remained tops in the list of all those who had represented the senatorial district till date and it is therefore debatable if any of his predecessors has rivalled his achievements given the volume of democratic deliverables attracted by him within his period in the red chambers.

Ochendo, having severally repeated his intention to retire from active politics in 2023, has assigned a lead to whoever will take over his seat at the red chambers but before you bow out, I must state that you have done well but like Oliver Twist “Abia Central Needs More”

Uche Aguoru

Writes From Umuahia

rubbish.....I'm from umuahia but this is total rubbish!
Travel / Re: Hoodlums In Abia Uproot Rail Lines, Sell To Recycling Companies by superlightning: 7:52pm On Jan 03, 2021
The owner of slot is from Ubakala in Umuahia Abia State.
This is the edifice.

Travel / Re: Hoodlums In Abia Uproot Rail Lines, Sell To Recycling Companies by superlightning: 7:51pm On Jan 03, 2021
This is the news that detractors want to sell... to make this vandalism an abia thing while there is overwhelming evidence that even worse is done is other parts of the country

You won't hear news of the newly constructed REGIONAL SLOT HEADQUARTERS that recently took place in Umuahia recently. Sometimes I suspect the OP is anti-abia in everything.

See development taking place in Umuahia...


Politics / Re: Abia State Development Thread- PICTURES by superlightning: 7:41pm On Jan 03, 2021
Dr Onyema Ogbuagu and his pfizer/BioNTech team's Covid-19 vaccine has been approved by the World Health Organization after series of clinical trials.

He is an associate professor and lead researcher from Yale University. He is a medical graduate of University of Calabar. His father was the former VC of Abia State University while his mom is a professor of sociology.

Though a Nigerian-American, he is a proud Igbo of Ohuhu, Umuahia stock in Abia State.


Politics / Re: Abia State Development Thread- PICTURES by superlightning: 7:29pm On Jan 03, 2021
Nnamdi Ezeigbo, founder of Slot Systems Limited is known for his innovative injection of ideas across board, one of which brought about the invention of his now multi-billion naira empire.
Slot Systems Limited a leading retail company for affordable phones, computer accessories and various electronics founded by the Nsukwe, Ubakala Umuahia, Abia State born, currently boasts of 70 retails stores across Nigeria.
Announcing the official launch of Slot Regional Head Office in the Eastern part of the country, Ezeigbo said, “It is with a deep feeling of excitement that I announce the opening of our 70th retail store and Regional Head Office in the East, precisely at No 1 Ohafia Street in Umuahia, Abia State on Wednesday 30th.
The building accommodates the SLOT Academy, Electronic store, phone experience store and a roof top bar.
In conjunction with the opening, scholarships were awarded to 200 Abia citizens for a-6 month mobile phone and laptop engineering training”.
Inauguration of the gigantic edifice which serves as Slot Regional Head Office promises to maximize job creation among youths in the region as well as providing top class shopping experience for customers who are in search of original electronics products.
Slot Systems Limited was founded 22 years ago by Nnamdi Ezeigbo an Electrical Electronics Engineering graduate from Yaba College of Technology.
Ezeigbo born August 4, 1966, from Nsukwe, Ubakala Umuahia, Abia State is a Nigerian entrepreneur. In 2014, he was awarded with the Nigeria Entrepreneurs Award For Excellent & Business Innovation…More on this soon.
-Written by Desmond Ike-Chima : https://e-nigeriang.com/slot-nnamdi-ezeigbo-opens-multi-million-naira-regional-head-office-in-umuahia/


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