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Education / Admission In Lagos- Based Polytechnics by suprman: 2:43pm On Aug 21, 2008
I ve OND in mthematics and Statisrics@ lower credit level from a state poly, and will like to go for my HND. any poly in lagos doing admission right now?
pls help if u know of any.
Computers / /\ _ /\ Hi, How Are You /\ _ /\ A Dangerous Virus! by suprman: 1:47pm On Aug 08, 2008
Pls help o.
My network is infected by what i think is a virus . eachtime i open a window like My Computer and so on what i see is /\ _ /\ Hi, how are you /\ _ /\. and just yesterday one of my systems loose all user files mysteriously. i scan with my bitdefender antivirus but it sees nothing , what can i do? pls help
thnx for ur response
Computers / Re: My Hp Compaq Desktop, Pls Help: by suprman: 10:00am On May 16, 2008
Thanks to everybody that has contributed to my enquiry amd grateful.
Though i ve not gotten to the final solution but with ur replies amd sure am very close to it.
For purpose of clerity, when i said the screen is blank when booting i mean nothing at all is shown not even the DOS- like promp"-". At leastthe Cmos configurations should be able to show during booting even if it cant load the OS from the hdd. but nothing of such is showing. I tested it with another monitor of a working system unit, but the situation is still the same. Or do i suspect the failure of the CMOS memory or somthing?
still waiting,
Computers / Re: My Hp Compaq Desktop, Pls Help: by suprman: 12:11pm On May 14, 2008
Thnx alot for ur contribution i ve checked all cables both vga and power. the led lights of both system unit and monitor are ON but no P-O-S-T operation nor even beeping sound. inshort nothing showing on the screen. a blank dark screen.
Still waiting
thnx alot
Computers / My Hp Compaq Desktop, Pls Help: by suprman: 10:45am On May 12, 2008
Dudes, pls 2 of my hp compaq desktop( dx 2200 microtower) just suddenly stopped booting at all. When i removed the RAM and tested it on the other system with the same configuration it ram is working aslo i checked the processor is hot which indicates that the board is working and most likely the proccessor too. The faulty system when powered only show power light, Harddisk light blinking and the CD ROM light blinking without booting.
Pls someone help me. its urgent. what do i do?
thnx for ur care.
Properties / Re: Three Bedroom For Let by suprman: 6:06pm On Apr 08, 2008
pls i also need either a two bed flat or mini flat around yaba, akoka, palmgroove, onipanu surulere, pls its urgent
my e-mail address is andstel_andstel@yahoo.com
Computers / Network Security Issue: Someone Making Voice Call Over My Internet by suprman: 1:04pm On Feb 29, 2008
If u are told by your ISP that someone is making voice calls over internet without your knowledge which slows down your network, what will u do? Ihave a broadband internet supply from netcom and eachtime i complain of slow signal, they tell me someone is making voice call using my network. last year b4 i setup wireless, i was told the same thing now they keep saying it, and i have being checking ll along without finding one doing it. What do i do pls help m here.
Computers / Re: Straightthrough Or Crossover Cabling, Which Should I Use Pls? by suprman: 5:40pm On Jan 31, 2008
thx all contributor on this post, considering the fact that it worked with a cable b4 and now its not working again like i staed earlier, someone advised i use radio device to connect the two points. basically the distance should be about 97m .
and if u subscribe to this radio stuff what type or capacity will u advise?
i thinking going for radios by the time i configure wireless.
God bless u,
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Huawei Tech Bss Technical Sales Engineer by suprman: 3:43pm On Jan 25, 2008
oboi u are on ur own o grin
but dont panic sha u go excel
Computers / Hda Audio Driver Not Found . Pls Help! by suprman: 2:39pm On Jan 25, 2008
happy new year dudes in the house.
pls what do i do? the OS of my hp compaq nx 6325 laptop had problems recently and after reformatting and reloading with win xp professional, no sound was found . On attempt to download sound, i got a message promt saying'' HDA audio driver is required and not found'' and after that no way to download the driver. Pls what should i do to this problem
Education / Where Can I Do My Hnd Statistics? Pls Help! by suprman: 2:04pm On Dec 14, 2007
Hi friends,
Do u know of any Poly offering admission to study HND statistics or university for direct entry into statisstics ? sad pls i am highly interested intimate me ,
God bless u.
Education / Differences Btwn Pgd, Hnd And Bsc. Pls Help! by suprman: 2:43pm On Dec 13, 2007
Hi Dudes,
I will like to know if there is any difference as in job placement level, rating , discrmination and in furthering of education btwn PGD(Post Graduate Diploma) holders, Bsc and HND. Pls will help me to advise someone on the way forward.
Talk about this if you know what is really say.
Health / Doctors Pls Read This! by suprman: 6:02pm On Dec 05, 2007
Hi Drs. in the house, pls for over 3weeks now i have cough that refuses to go despite medications. wat shld i do. or what drug can i take to stop it.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nairalanders Help; I'm Dying! by suprman: 12:08pm On Nov 28, 2007
All these things happening to u are just trying to build for u a history that will tomorow inspire others that may find themselves in same or worse conditions. In all, thank God cos atleast u are alive some are jobless and sick no one around them to help. yet u are strong and alive. I graduated yr 2000 since then i ve being doin one 10k or 15k job since then and kept on praising my God until last month when He finally answered me with job whose salary is close to 100k. Those who used to laf at me now greet me first and want to be my friends. Dont compare yourself with others, cos u dont have the same destiny. U were not born the same day neither shall u die the same time. U only see those who are employed b4 u, but u fail to see those whom u started school the same time even graduated but they are in the graves now. U need to thank ur God. I am convinced that ur miracle is very very near. Put a smile on ur face cos soon u will be celebrating. I wish to invite u to shiloh 2007 at canaanland ota, 11-15th of dec 2007, where i contacted my own favour last year. Smile for  ur tof times are already over.
Politics / Re: Senate Rejects Transfer Of Bakassi To Cameroun by suprman: 1:41pm On Nov 26, 2007
i dont blame u for saying bakasi does not belong to nigeria who are u to say that? Perhaps if bakasi was in ogun state u would have still opened ur filthy trash bin to say that. thats wat ur broda obasanjo tot that made him tlk carelessly that any decision by icj on the matter will be accpeted in good fate by nigerians as if he was nigeria. And others in the room who say nigeria accepted the judgment, let me tell u that obasanjo accepted it not nigerians.
on the other hand i still understand why u are panicing over war treat by the issue, u are a yoruba person well known for fears. una no get liver at allllllllll. grin. una too de fear death grin
Look as a real man u better call a spade spade and die honourably rather than living enslaved.
Computers / Windows Xp Professional Sp2 Cd Key Plssss! by suprman: 10:23am On Nov 26, 2007
Hi all IT Engineers in da house,
Pls my win xp Sp2 Cd key is missing as such i cant install without it . Can someone help me with it here. pls
thnx and God bless
Health / Rashes On The Skin Pls Help Dr.s In The House by suprman: 6:14pm On Nov 06, 2007
Doctors in the house pls help,
I ones experienced severe waist pain for some months after which some rashes appeared on my face, back and chest all these while i never suspected anything until now where i discovered my sperm is watery and these rashes give me a disgracefull appearance. i ones went for a test they said they saw nothing just gave me some antibiotics after taking them, i see no improvement. at some point i was afraid whether its Hiv.
pls help
Career / Re: Advice Needed by HND Holder by suprman: 8:51am On Oct 16, 2007
Look my guy,
Great u have got all those monies, experience and so on, but i think if u have an opportunity to do masters direct without PGD over there then do it with immidiate effect, here in Nigeria they respect and honour foreign degrees expecially Post Graduate. Ones u have ur masters, nobody borders about ur first degree here. NOTE: let ur Msc be on the course u studied at Ur HND level. U dont need to go for Bsc spending money, time and so on.
Computers / Configuring My Office Server: My Job Depends On It by suprman: 3:17pm On Oct 08, 2007
Friends pls help,
Where in lagos can i get a breif private 101% practical lecture on server configuration within one or two days and to be able to configure my office server which they said i must do or forget my job. pls help i beg ooooo.
All along i have managing the network only without having much knowledge on how to configure the server.
cos my company is runinng both Lan/wan.
just tell me all u know can help me.
God bless u.
Jobs/Vacancies / Entry Level Pay Of Sabrud Consortium! by suprman: 6:38pm On Sep 19, 2007

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Southern Pride Hotel by suprman: 4:30pm On Sep 07, 2007
The Southern pride Hotels is at Opp. Obio/akpo local govt. secretariate Rumoukoro,  PH. they advertised on Guardian newspaper on 28th of  July and have already shortlisted for interview scheduled to take place on 21th of this month
Best of Luck
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Southern Pride Hotel by suprman: 4:11pm On Sep 07, 2007
The Southern pride Hotels is at Opp. Obio/akpo local govt. secretariate Rumoukoro, PH. they advertised on Guardian newspaper on 28th of July and have already shortlisted for interview scheduled to take place on 21th of this month
Jobs/Vacancies / Who Will Teach Me Exchange Server And Active Directory For A Fee? by suprman: 10:13am On Sep 06, 2007
Hi Dudes,
Where can i learn Microsoft Exchange Server, Active Directory and MS -SQL database to prepare for an interview. I am ready to learn for a fee in private arrangement.
Jobs/Vacancies / Southern Pride Hotel In Ph Urgent! by suprman: 6:55pm On Sep 03, 2007
Hi Dudes,
Pls whats the entry level pay of Southern Pride Hotel based in Port Hartcourt? If u know pls help out for interview.
God bless u all
1 luv
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Intercontinental Bank Plc Recruiting by suprman: 11:07am On Aug 20, 2007
Hi every contributor on this topic in here, pls i am in lagos n wants to submit the hard copy of my CV, which of thw branches is more appropraite to submit to?
Education / Re: Unilorin ,very Urgent Pls! by suprman: 1:15pm On Aug 17, 2007
Thanx for all dat responded to my enquiry. [b][/b]Ones more i will like to know how, where and how much i can purchase Direct Entry Form . Pls help me its urgent
God bless u all.
Education / Unilorin ,very Urgent Pls! by suprman: 3:31pm On Aug 16, 2007
Hi Friends, i need information on Direct entry requirements of Unilorin into the dept. of Statistics. In short i have OND lower credit in statistics from a Poly , i want to know whether i am qualified for direct entry there. Besides, when will their forms be out or if out already, when is closing date for purchase and submission. and in short all u know about the issue pls.
God bless u as u do
[size=8pt][/size]1 LUV
Music/Radio / Re: My First Album Pls Help! by suprman: 1:18pm On Aug 15, 2007
cammax7,i think u got it all wrong here. no good job without advise or criticisms. generally, no one is perfect, i only needed to asses some other peoples' opinions and see if they could offer a better suggesion. afterall, i will still weigh all the contributions b4 furging ahead.
Menawhile , if dats ur own contributions then, thanks so much.
Music/Radio / My First Album Pls Help! by suprman: 9:34am On Aug 15, 2007
Dudes, pls i am about working on my first musical album and i am confused whether what i am about to do is correct. ie in one of my tracks, i will sing the first stanza and rap the second one all by myself. so i want to know if that is musically fit. or do i need someone to do the rap part while i do the singing part ? of which that will be a little time wasting for me and more disturbing.
Please whats your idea or suggestion help me out.
One luv
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Invitation From Central Bank of Nigeria by suprman: 10:34am On Aug 03, 2007
Oboi they sent the list to my e-mail. u can check ur e-mail if ur name is among then u will find it there and ur invitation letter too.
Goodluck .
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: CBN Calling! by suprman: 10:21am On Aug 03, 2007
it doesnt matter both are the same afterall i got both e-mail and text message invitation. the time on my e-mail is 11am while the one on my text message is 8am. just try and be there early enof dats all.
goodluck as we meet there.
Career / Central Bank Of Nigeria (cbn) Urgent Pls! by suprman: 10:39am On Aug 01, 2007
Pals in the house,
God bless u all here.
Pls i ve being invited by CBN for aptitude test scheduled to take place on the 8th of August at Unilag multipurpose hall by 11Am prompt. If u are interested and so detertmined u can try but from their invitation letter and list of shortlisted candidates sent, it might not be very easy to have gatecrashers.

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