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Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Taofeekdboy(m): 1:36pm On Aug 03, 2021

You should have use Turkish airline, u are going to Poland?
And there is discount for student, emirate is costly l, me that is in Dubai can't use them
I sent you a PM bro. Please, I want to ask you something urgent.
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Taofeekdboy(m): 9:16pm On Jul 30, 2021

Maybe the branch you’ll go to will be able to help but over here, the staffs were confused. I ended up with fcmb. I pray it is fast enough. They’ve debited the money though..
Please when did you make the payment for the Form A, because someone told me that it takes time with GTB and Zenith.
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Taofeekdboy(m): 10:24am On Jul 28, 2021

Taofeek you can post the email where the polish embassy told you this on here to clear up the issue.
God bless
that's it

Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Taofeekdboy(m): 8:23am On Jul 28, 2021

who is they ?
Polish embassy and most of the countries issuing one year or National visa.
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Taofeekdboy(m): 7:47am On Jul 28, 2021

The polish embassy won’t deny your visa because it’s expiring in 9months time .
The only thing a passport that is expiring in 9months time will cause is this ; you won’t get up to one year polish visa if your visa gets approved.
I have a friend here who got his visa approved on a passport that was supposed to expire in less than 6months time. (He applied for visa in October 2020, got his visa in 2020 November, passport expired in March 2021)
Are you sure about this?. I have the same issue as well, I have gone to renew my passport but they told me that it will take 6 weeks and I need to resume September 1st.
I still have a year validity on my passport but they said they need a year and 3 months validity on the requirements page.
Crime / Re: Fraud On My Account, I Need Urgent Help. by Taofeekdboy(m): 5:23am On Jan 06, 2021
Thanks you for this...Did you petition EFCC online or how did you do it? Plan to involve as many security agency as possible

I have friends in EFCC, they wrote a petition for me and I threatened the bank as well to jail their staffs. UBA were calling me day and night. Banks don't want someone to be gentle with them regarding fraud. You need to take it with iron hand.

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Crime / Re: Fraud On My Account, I Need Urgent Help. by Taofeekdboy(m): 8:02pm On Jan 05, 2021
I woke up this morning to see that a large sum of amount has been debit from my GTB account to an account in ECO. I have however blocked the account to prevent further activities on my account and I have also raised a case file with police report to ensure the fraudster account is frozen(if the money has not been withrawn).

The bank official ask me to get a court order to get the fraudster arrested when found. I then called the IPO in charge of the case for this update. She said the court order can only be done in Ibadan, Oyo state and said it will cost me real money. I contacted a police friend who said I should go to state CID Panti to lay complain.

If anyone has experienced this before or has an idea should kindly advice me on what to do next. Help a brother pls.

Bellow is one of the transactions done. It was done several times.
Same thing happened to me last year December, someone gained access to my UBA account and transferred 400k to different accounts in zenith bank. I am not in Nigeria but I fought hard for it and threatened the bank that I will send alot of their staffs to jail. I involved CBN and EFCC. I got back my full money with transfer charges after 20 days.
Dont take it lightly with them, involve CBN and write a petition to EFCC. They will be the one to do everything for you and follow the person that transfered your funds.
Crime / Re: 500k Withdrawn From My Account by Taofeekdboy(m): 9:49pm On Dec 30, 2020
please help me on how to recover my bet9ja account from bet9ja. I have already posted the whole situation here
I don't really know about bet9ja, but you need to call their customer care and explain your ordeal to them as well if you can contact your bank to present an evidence. If things remain the same, involve efcc, they will act fast because that's what I did on my case and have gotten back my money.
Crime / Re: 500k Withdrawn From My Account by Taofeekdboy(m): 6:20pm On Dec 30, 2020
[i][/i]....may God help u to recover ur money...
I got back my money today being the 19th day of the incident. I didn't take it easy with them and I threatened them alot. So I got the alert this night.

Crime / Re: 500k Withdrawn From My Account by Taofeekdboy(m): 9:27am On Dec 18, 2020
I have the same issue, on 10th of December, someone hacked into my account and withdrew 400k to two different accounts in zenith bank, I told my UBA bank and they said they will investigate, but I have been doing my underground investigation and I have the contact details of the accounts they transferred my money to. I have called him and he hsaid he knew nothing about it that his bank has called him and he will return the funds on Monday but the second account still yet to say anything. I have promised UBA that some of their staffs will be in prison before 25th, they have been calling me everyday though I am not in Nigeria.
Programming / Re: Dear Python Programmer, How Do You Implement Interfaces, Abstract Classes by Taofeekdboy(m): 5:38pm On Nov 25, 2020
I noticed python doesn't come with come with easy and clear way to implement interface and abstract class and because of this, some python articles I've read played down on the importance of these in python.

How do you as a python programmer implement these especially before python 3?

Does popular frameworks like Django and Flask have abstract classes and interfaces?
In Python Class, We have Encapsulation, Polymorphization, Abstraction and Inheritance.
Each of the above terms has its own function and you can implement abstraction especially in Django, cos all you need to write inside the class is abstraction = True.
Programming / Re: For Django Developer by Taofeekdboy(m): 5:57am On Oct 17, 2020

If your project is small, go for HEROKU. Personally I haven't tried AWS but the testimonies from people who have doesn't seem positive. You may end up been debited/charged.

As for DO, their lowest charge is 5usd per month.
even you can use Heroku if your project is big but you have to part away with some money... The reason I prefer Heroku is the fact that it supports some external features and libraries for your app or project, something like websocket, redis and many add ons... Django hosting in general is not cheap, that's why many people prefer PHP cos it's hosting is very cheap.. If you are building in django and you want to go live to the public, just make sure you have enough money to part with cos it's not cheap.
If you can look at pythonanywhere as well, their cost is cheap as well, relatively cheaper than Heroku but they don't support websocket and also their postgres database is paid unlike Heroku that's free.
Programming / Re: For Django Developer by Taofeekdboy(m): 5:51am On Oct 17, 2020
FBVs in django rest, that'll be a lot of code and things to import. My problem with FBVs in DRF is the many things to import and use, it gets me confused
when writing serializers, CBV is mandatory because you will inherit from many classes such as model serializers but when I am writing views, I prefer to go for FBVs with the decorators because CBVs also will include decorators when writing complex views and concerning the import, practice makes perfection, when I started, I always struggled to find the import module but now, everything got sticked to the brain. GRAPHENE is using only post data with additional queries features but mostly common used API for Django is DRF because of its rich features and simplicity such as Post, Get, Delete, Put and so on....
Programming / Re: For Django Developer by Taofeekdboy(m): 5:06pm On Oct 16, 2020

how do you go about using django and react ...i'm really intrested ..i'm a new comer to django currently learning after just finishing python
you can easily fix django and other javascript frameworks with the help of Django Rest Framework, so you create APIs endpoint where your frontend will be making calls to... I will advise you to be more grounded with Django first before learning DRF so that you can easily plug everything.

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Programming / Re: For Django Developer by Taofeekdboy(m): 6:36am On Oct 16, 2020
Taofeekdboy, did you send a PM to me?
yes, I sent you a PM
Programming / Re: For Django Developer by Taofeekdboy(m): 6:35am On Oct 16, 2020

Bigger than what freetier on AWS will run without been charged along the way
On Heroku, you can still host your app there, the only problem is the cost of hosting on Heroku, it is not cheap. You can also look at digitalOcean as well cos their price is relatively cheaper than Heroku.
Programming / Re: For Django Developer by Taofeekdboy(m): 6:32am On Oct 16, 2020

yeah thanks, about to hop on react. any tips going forward?
React is awesome and easy to setup, just make sure your javascript knowledge is solid so that you won't encounter difficulties along the way.
Programming / Re: For Django Developer by Taofeekdboy(m): 5:02pm On Oct 15, 2020
Wow, interesting there is a django thread on NL.

Anyways anyone in for some exploration with Django? More of a contribution to a project I'm building. Comes with a lot of technologies
what's the project about?
Programming / Re: For Django Developer by Taofeekdboy(m): 5:01pm On Oct 15, 2020

django app. a quiz maker app. not the best of functionalities or designs but built to demonstrate CRUD.
tech: django, jquery cry cry , bootstrap cry cry cry (my ogas at the top are bending the DOM with reactjs me i dey here dey use jquery. cry cry )

up next e-commerce..
that's cool brother, it is awesome... Keep it up.
You can learn of the javascript frameworks to complement Django
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Taofeekdboy(m): 11:05am On Oct 14, 2020
I can confirm 1000% that there’s employment visa for Nigerians as I saw one from my company with my eyes today. Congratulations to everyone
please is the employment visa from abu dhabi or dubai?
Programming / Re: For Django Developer by Taofeekdboy(m): 12:27pm On Oct 12, 2020

You're one of the few. I started with FBVs so it feels more natural.
I'm warming up to class based views though as FBVs in DRF na stress

What problems do you have with user authentication?
I only used CBV in drf when writing serializers and simple blogs views or sort. Recently e-commerce I developed for a client, the views was written in FBVs as I am more comfortable with FBVs, tho CBV gives you the leverage to write less code but I am more comfortable writing FBV unless I am writing a module.
Programming / Re: For Django Developer by Taofeekdboy(m): 5:15am On Oct 12, 2020

you can use Django channels for Django async. flask is similar to express but instead of callbacks it uses wrappers

how was your nodejs and expressjs experience
It was a nice experience, you have the full control over your application, you can customize it the way you want. I suggest you look deep into expressjs.
Programming / Re: For Django Developer by Taofeekdboy(m): 6:34pm On Oct 11, 2020

Yeah i frequent the docs, read up on the new async decorators and views but didn't find an application for it till i used express.

Wow! maybe i'm learning express the wrong way. What resource did you use?

Also which has brought in more $$$, between express, django and react? I need to streamline my roadmap
Express and flask has something in common, their easy setup.
I used the docs and StackOverflow. I will try the new asynchronous feature with Django, try express, it is really interesting and you do things by yourself unlike Django where things have been written for you, only little customization.
Programming / Re: For Django Developer by Taofeekdboy(m): 5:20pm On Oct 11, 2020

Tried express and it felt so different from how things work in django. Still not getting why express is more popular than django, aside its asynchronous nature, express na just stress plus javascript too is one weird language.

What do you mean by "one way no enter road", i thought express had more jobs opportunities
Django is now asynchronous in the new release 3.1.4. I fell in love with express the first time i used it, it is easy to setup and use. What I meant by that is you need to know more than one stack to get more job opportunities.
Programming / Re: For Django Developer by Taofeekdboy(m): 4:30pm On Oct 11, 2020


Thought you moved on to express and node
No, I just added MERN stack to my skills... One way no enter road, it is good to try new things.. If you are solid with Javascript, then express is easy to pick up and moreso, if you are good with data structures and algorithms, then you are on the track of making beautiful apps.
Programming / Re: For Django Developer by Taofeekdboy(m): 3:53pm On Oct 11, 2020
You have really gone far.Mine level is to create simple CRUD apps like blogs etc.Integrating react and django is like shockwave man! Security and speed impact.
yes bro, practice makes perfection, yes I really like the combination of React and Django... Most importantly, it's security. You will get there bro, just keep on practicing!!!!
Programming / Re: For Django Developer by Taofeekdboy(m): 3:16pm On Oct 11, 2020
After a long time working, I looked at how Django and React can work together in creating real time application, Django channels would have been a better option but as I am too busy at work and its tediousness is second to none, I opted for pusher and it is easy to setup and work with.
Tech used are Django, React, HTML, CSS and fontawesome
You can checkout the github page if you wanna clone: https://github.com/taosand1991/Django_Chat
or checkout the link: https://legacychat.herokuapp.com/

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Programming / Re: Node Js Gurus @nswer This Biko by Taofeekdboy(m): 5:16am On Sep 17, 2020

Please do you know any resourcesthat I can get that will help me learn how to write code for large scale applications. Please I would like to improve on my self
There are courses on design patterns, if you cannot afford the courses on udemy, you can watch YouTube videos of Mosh Hamedani and others on design patterns and structural programming. There is a lot of difference when writing your own project and working for a client or production environment.. I learnt that in a hard way.
Programming / Re: Node Js Gurus @nswer This Biko by Taofeekdboy(m): 5:22pm On Sep 16, 2020

You arent a newbie ... are you?
For a newbie . . ., I'll advise they try to rack up hours working in a production environment. Coding in your bedroom , doing a todo app is way drastic in change than when coding for production and enterprise uses cases .e.g ur custom tic-tac-toe app might not require custom domain or workspace implementation, but for productions, customers will require it. This single task alone will take you a to a whole new level of computing and it's gang of wahala that it comes with. Then when you must have racked up quite some experience, you start thinking as a product engineer and not a software engineer. A SE can write code, but a PE can deliver a fantastic product that has a market and passes customer validation.
Building a product as a SE alone is a recipe for disaster, it takes a more than writing codes. At this stage, you should try do one of two things for yourself. The first few might fail, dont give up. The next one will be a banger !!!
you have said it all brother... Most importantly, learn how to structure your code.. Structural programming is always advisable because it improves your coding ability and as you have said, working on production environment requires a good knowledge of design patterns as well. Working with other devs or senior devs will get you there.
Programming / Re: Node Js Gurus @nswer This Biko by Taofeekdboy(m): 2:20pm On Sep 15, 2020

yes, coming from drf makes it easier because u will have understood the concepts which is the most important thing, but drf takes care of all the manual work, e.g I use permission based class and add an auth library at the settings which will depend on drf token table, drf is very easy if u are using class based view. jwt is easier than password but when I was doing MERN, i read that the token doesn't expire and if another person access ur device they can easily copy the token. I built a personalized API auth for flask I use decorators to make sure it can be used by anyone. i might release to make developer more lazy! lol. why did u switch to node.js, I would like to know I am very u will miss Django orm, except if u use mongoose
No, I didn't leave Django and I can't leave it, I am just adding to my skills.
As you have said, drf makes it easy but also, it inherits most of his authentication from Django authentication, so whenever I want a custom authentication, I set a custom authentication which I can use.
As for node js, JWT in node js has expiry date same as using any frontend Javascript frameworks, as cx9 said, the problem comes in when you try to invalidate a token, as a MERN stack, you can set a function in your application that will invalidate the token after the expiry of the token, though some do it with cron but I do it usually with a function and it will automatically log you when the token expires... It takes time and consistency tho...
Programming / Re: Node Js Gurus @nswer This Biko by Taofeekdboy(m): 5:19am On Sep 15, 2020

I have my forum running on AWS and I do things manually, though I use supervisor instead of pm2 cause i am using python.

but I don't touch nginx

I push the code to github

then I ssh into the server

I go to my Ubuntu root directory
I activate my venv
cd to the project
pull the new changes
if there is any change in staticfiles, I recollect them
lastly, I restart my supervisor

and my forum is updated
this does not take up to 10min of my time. maybe because I am the only one writing code on the repo

though I am not a devops engineer but I will like to know how to automate with CI/CD in d future.

I started with node js. but I don't do node js anymore cos of it's callback, hell to debug, immature framework like express js though it is getting better, difficult orm like mongoose, to authenticate na war in nodejs. well some of u might say it not that difficult, but as a self taught learning from free materials, it is very difficult. the only advantage I missed in nodejs is it events and asynchronous native which I can simulate in python with asyncio. in short if I didn't switch to python on web I would have stayed with reactjs with hooks! lol. I prefer flask for APIs and small SSR site, Django for big SSR site like my forum, though I can still write APIs or SSR site with ejs or handlebars in nodejs, cos I spent more time with that js runtime than flask or django
From a Django developer as well, I have been working closely with node js recently and if you are coming from Django rest framework then node js and express will be something really easy to work with provided your Javascript understanding is very solid. Based on the authentication, I work closely with JWT because passport authentication to me is a little bit tedious and working with MERN stack makes it easy to work with JWT authentication. I will release a project I am working on it soon.
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Taofeekdboy(m): 3:15pm On Sep 10, 2020

My brother, you just spoke my mind. God bless you and we don't know how longer this might linger as many working Emirates id are expiring soon
As per renewal of work permit, your company can renew your work permit but fresh application for work permit will not be approved

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