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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 1:35pm On Jun 07
This is why you should get a professional email, it doesn't still mean that you won't make sales with free email.... just to be on safe side, some endusers won't even bother telling you this
that is why Dynadot is a must.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 3:11pm On Jun 06
Treat as urgent please!!!

My bosses in the house I sold my first domain on Dan and have already transferred the domain to them. So they're asking me to update my payout method.

Please which option has the highest payout at the moment.. payoneer, crypto or wire? This is my first sale.

sapiosexuality awesomeduru erjo U1 iykepromotions James39 jamescool2 trafficpools and other bosses in the house
Bank transfer
Download Grey app.
and create a GBP account and link it to it
Programming / I Need Collaboration To Achieve This Project... by Telegram234(m): 9:38am On Jun 06
Good day my fellow programmers and Tech geniuses.

I have a project idea at hand which i will need the help and collaborations of programmers, UX designers and other tech geniuses to achieve and implement the project perfectly.

I believe it is a very big project, and i believe of planned well, it is going to a be the next big thing in the world.

If you are interested to help me on this, please signify or text me on WhatsApp 08021575760
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 12:30pm On Jun 05
Like pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.com? 😎


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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 12:28pm On Jun 05
Good morning folks, I'm liquidating The following domains for Cost price of #11k each

Hit me up if you're interested in any.


Registration is all at dynadot.

Reply via DM or reach out to denverfitnessclub@gmail.com
11k each
you never ready cheesy
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 6:06am On May 22
I have A domain name Methodplumbing.com. I have the two end users, they keep reading my emails but haven't responded... I have sent them emails with countless follow up, but no reply even though they always read. My domain name is more better than the current ones they use.

One of them uses Method-plumbing.com, while Methodplumbing.net and Methodplumbingservice.com is redirected to Method-plumbing.com

And the second end user uses Methodplumbingnw.com

So you see, my own domain is the best.... I just don't know why they are not replying to my emails

Please I need someone that make a call for me, please you should have past experience of doing this.

If you can make the call, then you should message me on WhatsApp let's talk about your pay
same issues here
My enduser is using .NET extension
i have been sending mails but they are viewing but not responding back.
Travel / Re: Domain Business With No Capital by Telegram234(m): 7:54pm On May 03
Learn everything you need to know about:

Domain Business i.e. you will be able to know site to buy and sell domain.

Also how to start a domain business with no capital.

Forex trading will also be added to the training.

All these is coming for a price fee of #1000.

SEND "INTERESTED" to these email address and include your whatapp number.

I am interested.
Romance / Re: How I Met And Slept With A Girl Under 36 Hours by Telegram234(m): 2:17pm On Apr 15
in one sentence, Can you tell us what is the moral lesson of this story?


Romance / Re: What Is Your Greatest Addiction? by Telegram234(m): 8:54am On Mar 12
junks oo
Every mins every seconds my teeth must be grinding on something..

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 10:39am On Mar 11
Good morning.

Has anyone here managed to sell a domain name that has higher-than-usual monthly views? I know some of these views may just be from bots.

The typical highest monthly views on my most-viewed domains (on Dan) are in the range 20-60. It's, therefore, unusual (for me) when you see a domain name doing 100-300 views in a month. I have two of such currently.

The first domain name that I experienced something similar with didn't sell in three years! At a time, I pointed it to a platform that showed ads on landing pages; I didn't earn a dime! That domain was a Geo, but the current two are not.

Please can someone advise me on what best to do with these domains?
what is the name of the domain first?
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 12:04am On Mar 08
Sales Report


Sp/Bin.. 3500 ( this pricing wey I did for year 1 cause I didn't wanna price higher cause of fear not anymore tho)

HT- 1 year and 7 months

Saw something on hold yesterday wen I wanted to add domain and I confuse ... cause I barely remember the name and if I did I would increase the price cause wen renewal comes I tend to increase price cause I dey vex for end users....cause why u dey make us wait years na.... cheesy

Drop reg in my year one.... For some reason majority of my sales are from drop reg and 4 out of 5 of them are things I regged in my first year.. Despite adding alot of auction/ closeout names last year and this year lol... Omo be like my year 1 know better than me now oh....na to time travel beg am ...

Not sure why I regged it tbh... I only own 2 enterprise names in general nothing else so maybe someone sale or something..... The Plural version Owl Enterprises expired recently and I wanted to take it but owner do redemption so closeout cancelled.....

Portfolio now 360+ up from 240 in Jan .. na one mumu experiment I begin to reg names I don't like but has nice end users but I no do again lol.... It dey chop money too much I go just dey my few quality regs a month in Peace as before for now (my quality reg is prob trash too sha but atleast make I love am first) ... I never reach that level...

Wishing us a nice march hopefully.. cheesy
if to say i be boss.
i go close domaining for 6 months lol.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 8:07pm On Feb 24
Can naira cards now make international payments? Anyone tried it recently?
chairman e work?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City Vs Chelsea (1 - 1) On 17th February 2024 by Telegram234(m): 5:44pm On Feb 17
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 12:36pm On Feb 16
its almost a week i submitted a name for review on Squadhelp, up till now i have gotten any response from them.
is that how they do?
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 11:17pm On Feb 07

50 message a day and you can do unlimited follow up. Just download the streak app and go use mail merge when you want to send email
app for Mobile phone or Application for laptop?

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Pets / Re: My Siberian Husky Gave Birth To 3 Pups. by Telegram234(m): 5:47pm On Jan 24
Family / Re: How Much Is Fuel In Your State by Telegram234(m): 5:45pm On Jan 24
may be in Morocco
no maybe in Ukraine.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 11:25pm On Jan 17
Happy New Year Folks... It is 2024, let's go harder.

Congratulations to all domain sellers.

iCausetrouble how have you been bro?

Iykepromotions, Kedu?

BrandUche Nna, what's up?

AwesomeDuru, congrats on your growth. Not surprised about how far you have come. I noticed you would be a badass salesman when you started dropping those sales email on here, I also stated the copywriting skill you exhibited.

Bonsu, how is Ghana grin

Treasure28, thanks for those calls in 2023

Beckplanet, thank you for always sharing your milestone each year.

Learner47, I hail bros.

Ikhalyfah, where have you been?

HayKay2005, you just forget us for here. no b so ooo.

JudeAnajama, don't leave us here. Please come back.

God bless everyone involved in this journey and growth, 2024 is going to be great year, let's make it count.
God when I go enter this kind Squad Line-up list . sad


Family / Re: Man Celebrate 6 Years Of Marriage, Regret Later(photos) by Telegram234(m): 11:54pm On Dec 22, 2023
Boys will always be boys. It's hard to forget right? I mean how could you? grin grin

One gorgeous bird of mine back then posted beautiful , happy wedding photos of her and her man and, all I could think of was back in the days when I used to spread her wide, pumping relentlessly like a stallion grin, the wild things we did together...the rainy cold weather sessions, hot sweaty afternoon fun times, the long sleepless nights of passion, morning breakfasts and quickies, not forgetting the weekend Garden of Eden specials grin

At the time, she was young and super nubile and I made sure to have her to my utmost satisfaction. I mean, we knocked each other out! grin

I did wish her a HML and hoped she had some arousal and drive left for her new man because it doesn't always feel the same like the first times, does it? Nahh it doesn't. With age the hormones diminish, weaker orgasms, and also, you've had enough so it gets boring and not as exciting anymore 😭

Testosterone sha smiley
And who told you were the only one drilling her Cave at that period? wink
Business / Re: Coca-Cola Harnesses The Power Of AI To Deliver Holiday Magic Across Continents by Telegram234(m): 1:47pm On Dec 13, 2023
It’s Christmass period, AI dog for sale

7months old male husky for sale urgently
allow the dog chop Christmas rice for your hand first nah


Romance / Re: Are These People Monitoring Me? [Picture] by Telegram234(m): 6:19am On Dec 12, 2023
Are These People Monitoring Me?

Last 3 months, these light people took our light more than 7 times in a day. I was pissed because my phone was down, so I ordered for 3 powerbanks from different companies. (You know, when light dey always dey, you no go care to charge your phone.)

The moment these powerbanks arrived, they've not taken light. It's more than 2 months now. I have been praying for the light to go, but dem no gree.

Also, I don't even know if my generator is working again because I can't remember when last I used it.

Today, something good happend. They finally took the light and I was excited. I inserted the cable (my USB cord) on my baby, the powerbank.

I went to turn on the gen to make sure it's still working, but before I could start it, they brought back the light. It's so frustrating.

One day, I know everyone Nigerian will have access to constant light. Though, it may not be free like ours, but there will surely be constant light in Nigeria. It's just a matter of time.

Even though, the Hausas, Yorubas, and Igbos have taken all the juicy positions in these oil companies in our land, make we use the free light carry make mouth out.

I know how much I have saved on gas, kerosine and fuel since 2004. May the gas in this land never run dry so that these gas plants will keep generating us free light in Jesus name.

Also, may the suffering of my fellow countrymen and women who are going through alot NEVER be forever.

As the light no gree go, I come dey think say dem dey monitor me. I no even know how much cooking gas be for market because the last time I bought it, it was around 700 or less.

This light has saved my so much money.

Why not get solar, it is nice
Romance / Re: The Devil Is Tempting Me. Should I Do It? [Picture] by Telegram234(m): 11:31pm On Dec 09, 2023
Things can be boring at times even with constant free light and almost everything for free, but I'm cooler alone. That has been my life after secondary school. At least, I have Aljazeera, NatGeoWild, music, and football to watch. Oh, YouTube and Tiktok. grin

I have mingled way too much in my university days. It's no longer fun to me. Also, I have travelled a lot too, but now, it's scary with too much insecurity, accident, etc.

But, the most fun thing I do now is meditation or longing and shorting crypto while watching football. The adrenaline rush is exhilarating. I'm even doing it as I type.

I don't like movies or computer games. I used to be addicted to them as a child, so I stopped permanently except my visitors force me to.

Anything that is addictive, I'm always careful, but I always want to try them first hand. Cuz normal normal, I no dey hear word. I love telling real life stories, so first hand experience gives me authentic stories.

I'll still fund that betting account, but I'll use it on Champions' League final or World Cup final.

Why not get a pet like dog or cat that will keep you busy at home..
Romance / Re: My Wife Watches Cartoons More Than My Kids At 37 Help! - Man Laments by Telegram234(m): 9:19pm On Dec 08, 2023
Anything but comedy. lipsrsealed
How about Invincible, Blood of Zeus, Boondocks?
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 11:30am On Nov 23, 2023
bHow did you get a work email to sign up?
I used gmail
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 11:37pm On Nov 22, 2023

Does it work on mobile?
Yeah it works.
Use kiwi browser and download the extension on the browser

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 7:44pm On Nov 22, 2023
Please, is there any free email validation tool on line now?
The one I am before using is now paid
I use AeroLeads extension, it is free and I use it to send bulk messages at once.
I have eve sent 130+ mails at once, it got delivered and even tracked..

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 4:24pm On Nov 21, 2023

Me I include price in my 1st email.

To aviod that question "how much"

After which, they ghost you.

Dem go still ask you how much?
Phones / Google Voice Issues by Telegram234(m): 6:39pm On Nov 20, 2023
I have been trying to make a call through my Google voice app but it keeps saying It can't connect my call.
How can I solve the issue please?
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 6:36pm On Nov 16, 2023
Romance / Re: Why Do Women Throw Bra At Male Celebrities? by Telegram234(m): 8:48am On Nov 09, 2023
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 7:05am On Oct 22, 2023

How much?
Reply your email.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Telegram234(m): 10:45pm On Oct 20, 2023

I fit get that Gptwonder for 15k?
I get ThermoGPT.com

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