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Education / Re: Miracle Anele, Rivers University SUG President & His Bodyguard (Photos) by Theicecode(m): 8:47am On May 06, 2023
When people who really wants your head comes for you
That thing Called body guard would run...
And na just one bodyguard him get self


Politics / Re: Ike Ekweremadu & Wife Nwanneka Sentenced To 10 Years, 6 Years Each by Theicecode(m): 3:03am On May 06, 2023
Justice served
This ain't Nigeria, thank God they were sentenced in a saner clime
Crime / Re: Police Officers Beat Man In Lagos; Force PRO Calls For Probe (Video, Photos) by Theicecode(m): 5:20pm On May 04, 2023
The cameraman is useless, just one thing and he couldn't do it properly.
Politics / Re: Sudan: Nigerian Evacuees Get N100,000 Each, N25,000 Recharge Cards, 1.5 GB Data by Theicecode(m): 1:41pm On May 04, 2023
That's highly commendable
Celebrities / Re: Eedris Abdulkareem, Tony Tetuila And Artquake At The Club by Theicecode(m): 10:47am On May 04, 2023
everytime i see you faraway away, my heart goes jigijigi bombom
I played that song nonstop back then 😁
Celebrities / Re: Eedris Abdulkareem, Tony Tetuila And Artquake At The Club by Theicecode(m): 6:09am On May 04, 2023
I was busy trying to make sure the show succeeds. Idris had some serious wahala with some guys. That day he will have killed someone or he will have been killed . The whole thing no allow person concentrate on the yansh wey he bring sef. The guy too strong head
Idris na confirm stubborn guy, someone that almost had a fight with 50 cent, I also remember how he brought 50 on stage publicly and apologize to him.
Celebrities / Re: Eedris Abdulkareem, Tony Tetuila And Artquake At The Club by Theicecode(m): 6:05am On May 04, 2023
My best Tetuila's tracks in that order:

1. Morning time.
2. Omode meta
3. My kind of woman (Ogogoro be like woman)
4. My car (u don hit may car).
5. My heart go jigijigi
6. Fefenefe.
7. To bami ke.
I remember when I used to play Omode meta and My heart go jigijigi on my cassette player back in early 2000's, I'm old now oh.

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Celebrities / Re: Check Out Rapper Kanye West New Look (pics) by Theicecode(m): 6:56am On Apr 29, 2023
Omo, the comment section reek of ignorance, and stereotype. Mumu one at that.
So person no fit grow em beards out without being referred to as homeless? 🤷‍♂️

He chose to look this way, which one be "Kim you do this one", "weak man". E come be like say people no dey think again. This is his choice, why should you have a problem with how he choose to look!
What do u expect from fools here?
Celebrities / Re: Check Out Rapper Kanye West New Look (pics) by Theicecode(m): 6:53am On Apr 29, 2023
Two cueless male species above me (above the first two) completely clueless and find it hard to believe a woman can look good and post her pics on her profile and not actually be interested in no man.

These people reasoning so low I sometimes wonder.

I been a member here since 2006 registered under Rokiatu and yet not one man has come out to say anything if I was really here looking for man as they claimed. Someone should have come out by now with solid evidence that they fu…cked me or even meet up with me.

Do you know how many DMs I get on the regular and not only from nairaland my instagram Facebook etc?

These fools really think I am here looking for a man, I just like to have fun and I am obsessed with myself and why not so imma always post my pics.

The whole being a man claim is just funny to say the less lmao.

On a flip note if I was really looking for clients I wouldn’t even come on nairaland home of a lot of broke and misogynist men lol da fu…..ck.
Keep shut... nobody give a rat ass about the epistle u typed

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Romance / Re: Cojoined Twins Share A Pelvis,vagina & Liver–one Has A Boyfriend & Other Asexual by Theicecode(m): 6:47am On Apr 29, 2023
They should have separated them long ago
Foreign Affairs / Re: Mogadishu Somalia Continues To Experience Rapid Development Despite Ongoing War by Theicecode(m): 6:41am On Apr 29, 2023
Despite ongoing war, not that the war has been ended..

Hahaha, when one mad person from the factions fitneske up tomorrow and destroy all the development..

Why do people still go to war in this century fa?
With the absurd way u re thinking no wonder u re supporting a drug baron called Thief-nubu..I really pity ur way of thinking

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Properties / Re: Lady Laments As Flood Takes Over Her Street Where She Pays N4 Million A Year As by Theicecode(m): 6:36am On Apr 29, 2023
E no go pass Lekki, I paid almost 3 million for a 4 bedroom duplex in Lekki few years ago and when rain started my properties worth millions of Naira almost got destroyed. nobody told me to run away before I did and I made sure I collected my money from the untrustworthy agent that lied to me.

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Politics / Re: Rauf Aregbesola In 1999(photo) by Theicecode(m): 6:29am On Apr 29, 2023
He was really an ogbeni 2pac
Tinubu made this man

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Romance / Re: Former Fitness Model Loni Willison Now Eats From Dumpsters After Breakup by Theicecode(m): 4:42pm On Apr 28, 2023
Such a beautiful woman

Stay away from drugs
Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu Appoints Nurudeen Yusuf As New ADC by Theicecode(m): 4:17pm On Apr 28, 2023
He's Yoruba
Aboki for the job
Celebrities / Re: Linc And Yul Edochie Unfollow Each Other On Instagram by Theicecode(m): 10:43am On Apr 28, 2023
Nigerians always pokenosing in people's business, useless people.
Celebrities / Re: Emanuella Is Now A Big Girl - New Video Of Comic Star Stirs Reactions Online by Theicecode(m): 9:55am On Apr 28, 2023

Ugly according to who you? Are you now the chairman who decides who’s ugly or beautiful?

Please that’s your opinion and opinions are not facts.
Even u too no fine
na just yansh u get 😒

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Celebrities / Re: Emanuella Is Now A Big Girl - New Video Of Comic Star Stirs Reactions Online by Theicecode(m): 9:06am On Apr 28, 2023
what do you mean by ugly?
Emmanuella is a gorgeous girl. Please appreciate her
She's ugly but not very ugly..when she eventually becomes an adult her appearance might change

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Crime / Re: Parents Put Padlocks On Daughter's Grave To Avoid Rape In Pakistan by Theicecode(m): 7:46am On Apr 28, 2023
Most Indian and Pakistani men are perverts, they're the ones who send their nude pics to random women on the internet.

Those putting cages on their daughters' graves may be culprits too.
For it takes a thief to know the pathways of a fellow thief on a mountain.
Olè ló n m'ęsè olè é tò l'órí àpáta.
Send bobs and vegen 😂😂
Business / Re: Countries Worldwide Dump U.S Dollars, Embrace Russia & China Currencies (Photo) by Theicecode(m): 8:47am On Apr 27, 2023
America will fall


Romance / Re: This Is Why Gay Men Have Higher Risks Of Contracting Hiv (photo) by Theicecode(m): 8:44am On Apr 27, 2023
Coronavirus targets airways food passage and stays due to richness In Oxygen, minerals from. Food and respiration

HIV targets rectum, anal cavity due to richness in feaces , undigested food, decayed food, poop, and other waste

Anal sex is strictly forbidden for men women and animals, your ass is for pooping and farting nothing more
Tell them
I don't know what some people enjoying by putting their dick inside a sh!t hole?

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City Vs Arsenal (4 - 1) On 26th April 2023 by Theicecode(m): 1:59am On Apr 27, 2023
Sorry Arsenal, City is winning the league.
Celebrities / Re: George Wade, Empress Njamah Ex-Fiancé Victimized Over 20 Women – Liberia Police by Theicecode(m): 9:52am On Apr 26, 2023
Travel / Re: What Common Things Surprised You In Other Countries that is lacking in Nigeria? by Theicecode(m): 9:49am On Apr 26, 2023
I'll go first...

1. Cooking gas: Cooking gas is very cheap in ivory Coast. It costs an average of #330/kg of gas. So refilling a 12.5 kg cylinder should cost you #4125 at most.

2. Kerosene: kerosene costs relatively about #650/ litre in the fuel station, where the black market sells for #800/ litre.

Note : This country's oil production is very poor o. They're not even anywhere close to Naija's production.

3. Organisation: Ivory coast is very well organized that you can barely run into unorganized environment. Many areas are safely guarded by their local police officers stationed almost everywhere. You can as well make friends with the officers easily without any form of threat from them. They're very welcoming.

4. Very low violent place: People can move around as late as 10pm till dawn without the fear of harassment or violence. In fact, children play in the tarred road as late as 10pm. They have already come to terms about how safe they are in the country. People can stay up late wherever they went to without rushing back home due to nightfall. Night movements was my best !

5. Good Road network: I spent close to 7 months in ivory Coast and could barely see a road untarred. Almost every road I used was smoothly done and stretched to various cities and States. The only place my leg touched Sandy soil was in my compound because the landlord was still constructing more buildings in the site. So our compound was sandy at the moment.
Tarred road stretched into all compounds in ivory Coast. It's not the responsibility of the government to do your compound, it's yours. I was marvelled by such development though I spent most of my time in the rural area.

6. Security: Police is your friend is the Moto in ivory Coast. Really nice people. I guess I've said it somewhere before now.

6a. Theft is ALMOST uncertainty. The prepaid meter of every individual house is stationed outside the main building without burglary or iron shield. Anybody can touch it. It wasn't even stationed very high from the ground level. It went only as far as 3-4 feets high. A child of 10 can touch it too.

Our apartment is in a 2 storey building comprising of almost 33 units of one bedroom apartments. The building was built like a shopping complex. All of the prepaid meters used in this apartments are stationed outside where everyone can see and feel it. But no one steals it, likewise every other houses there.

6b. Once there was a particular theft in my ivorian friend's shop that I know of. There were 5 boys who was involved in burgling his computer and phone shop one night. But before 5am, the boys were all caught with the complete stolen items retrieved. Funny enough, my friend didn't know. He was woken up by the police to come to his shop and see the guys. And he didn't have to SETTLE THE POLICE FOR DOING THEIR JOBS grin.

7. There is constant electricity in that country. CONSTANT.
I only observed a few nightouts and those periods were understandable. They all know when the lights would go off in the week or month and have come to terms with it. Light doesn't go off intermittently as obtained in Nigeria. And throughout my stay there, I didn't pay for light bill or water. My caretaker didn't mention it to me too. I was surprised. Steady light cheesy

8. Economy: Their economy is very good. It's almost equaling to the Naira at the time I left. So, if you hear 500 CFA there, it's almost equivalent to 500 Naira. So don't do too much calculation.

8a. Minimum wage is very much respected and applied. A POS attendant over their is living a good standard life. A bar attendant earns about 20,000 CFA weekly... WEEKLY o. I mean a local bar attendant. How much more a corporate hotel or bar attendant or waiter.

8b. The money you earn can fetch you a standard living. Their money is easily made and spent too.

9. FOOD grin grin grin: Our area of specialty.

Food is over cheap compared to what's obtained in Naija. You can see someone who earns little but could afford chicken or any frozen food. Food is not part of their problems for now. Banana can go as low as 50 CFA or 50 Naira and it is not the small quantity we're talking about.

A bunch of Bananas that you can get from a roadside vendor in Naija for 800 could be gotten for 150 CFA. So you see it. Once I bought 2 Bunches of banana for 50 each, I couldn't finish them for 3 days.

9a. So sorry, vegetables can be scarcely found there my dear. I made most of my soup without vegetables. That part I didn't enjoy undecided

That's for now. Anybody can add.
Can't you post pictures?
Celebrities / Re: I Can't Remember Saying I Was A Virgin - Destiny Etiko by Theicecode(m): 9:40am On Apr 26, 2023
Not everyone is like your sisters
See this mumu...na thunder go fire u there
Sports / Re: NBA: Ime Udoka To Become New Houston Rockets Head Coach - Sources by Theicecode(m): 5:07pm On Apr 25, 2023
Hate them all you want, but these guys are blessed and highly favored.... I mean the Igbos.

They excel in almost anything they lay their hands to do (Apart from selling suya)

They might be too proud sometimes, but don't blame that too much.

A beautiful Yoruba Tennis player made us proud of our Nigerian heritage... Ime Udoka is also making us more proud.

APC and some useless politicians has created an ethnic division amongst us, and some unintelligent poor fellows here are championing the course.

God bless the Igbos
God bless the true Omoluabi's
God bless my beloved Delta State.
God bless Nigeria.
Otondo... he's from Akwa ibom
Properties / Re: ₦500 Million Lagos House Causes A Stir Online by Theicecode(m): 8:57am On Apr 25, 2023
Please if anybody can help me with any little amount to eat I will be very happy. Feeding is a big problem for me and my family please no matter how small. I havent eaten anything since yesterday in the morning pls. My dad is a retired teacher and my mom is late. Am a single mother with my own son mouth to feed, the little money i make have use it to cater for my dad illness and pay house rent but his health is getting worst. Now we can't even eat or buy water to drink. Please if you're reading this message pls come to our aid, no matter how small it will go a long way pls. May God meet you at the point of your need as you have show us mercy amen

Acct num:
First Bank
This scammer...how many accounts u get?

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Celebrities / Re: I Can't Remember Saying I Was A Virgin - Destiny Etiko by Theicecode(m): 3:42pm On Apr 24, 2023
Hoelosho dey claim Virgin... someone that has uncountable body counts..😂

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