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Family / Re: The Six And Seven Books Of Moses by timifizzy(m): 9:02am On Jun 20
Have you read the books yourself ? Has it helped you ?
Politics / Re: IGP Obeys Osinbajo's Directive, Orders Immediate Overhaul Of SARS Nationwide by timifizzy(m): 7:32pm On Aug 14, 2018
Now let's see if there wont be another overhauling of the newly overhauled SARS
Technology Market / Re: Samsung S7 Edge,S8,S8+,Note8 Screen Repair Centre.Also trade broken s8 s8+ not8 by timifizzy(m): 11:44pm On Mar 28, 2018
So, i somehow managed to ruin the less than a week Excitement i was having on my Brand new Samsung Galaxy S8+ **do i need to say how much i bought it? i don't think so***..... I can hardly tell which is more painful between driving a sharp needle into one's thumb, and the heartbreak that accompanies watching in slow motion how the once sleek, beautiful, smooth and perfect phone makes the Southwards trip of doom and earns a nice but heart retching web pattern on the supposed super amoled screen ..ooops as a result.. Oh, i'm ranting again.. blame me not.. i am still pained..

Back to the matter... i switched to my blend of journalism and FBI mode instantly and it didn't take long before i stumbled upon this post by Mayorall (A soft spoken cool guy **no homo so please don't think too far joor**). Too eager to know if there is a solution to my already flickering S8+ screen, i skipped detailed scenerios and gists, i extracted his number and gave him a call. yes, as late as 11:15PM (I guess it's true when they say lagos never sleeps). He picked and i felt calvary must be around.. We talked extensively on the situation and possibilities.

I will withhold details for now. but He assured me i can have my sweet sleek perfectly smooth Brand new phone back to how it was just few hours ago.. I am sure going all in on this.. and i will update the house as it goes..

**My poor phone, It's going to be a long long night without you.. pheww !!**


Crime / Re: 82-year-old Man Remanded For N41m Fraud In Oyo by timifizzy(m): 2:20pm On Mar 27, 2018
Hahahaaa..... what kind of wickedness is this Mr Red or wettin u call urself seff.. bad shild
Family / Re: Pls Help A Nairalander's Baby Win Cussion's Baby Contest by timifizzy(m): 12:08pm On Mar 05, 2018
Cute Baby. VOTED
Pets / Re: Adult Male Boerboel Ready For stud Service by timifizzy(m): 2:41am On Feb 17, 2018
Bro.. that must be an original "BOABUU" not a "Boerboel" stud market is not looking good for your boy bro.. Consider upgrading to something really original... oh, i mean pure..biko..

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Pets / Re: A Very Big Snake Killed .... by timifizzy(m): 4:45am On Nov 03, 2017
Land for sale.. plots pls
Family / Re: Is It Right For A Father To Bath And Clean Up His Female Newborn? by timifizzy(m): 11:58am On Oct 30, 2017
You are very stupid.

Lala.... pls how can I like a comment more than once ? I dash this comment 10 likes...lol cheesy cheesy cheesy

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Family / Re: Is It Right For A Father To Bath And Clean Up His Female Newborn? by timifizzy(m): 9:28am On Oct 29, 2017
i hope my wife wont see it as running away from responsibilities

You still don't get his sarcasm do you ? cheesy grin

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Religion / Re: Can A Lawyer Makes Heaven by timifizzy(m): 8:44am On Oct 29, 2017
In as much as this grammatical blunder is inexcusable, I want the OP to make good use of the functioning part of his brain by telling us

1(a) why he thinks lawyers wont make "heaven" in his context.

1(b) proceed to evaluate which of those reasons is not applicable to any other profession.

You see, the concept of this heaven is best treated personal. Your typical heaven might be different from the heaven I have conceptualized in my mind. So, please take this supposed problem question down as it is dead on arrival.

You can also answer these questions to open your mind.
2.(a) What do you do ?
2.(b) And tell us why you think you are sure of making heaven based on what you do.
2. (C) Juxtapose your answers in a and b above and weigh it side by side with your initial question. Don't you think you should be busy thinking out ways for you to make the supposed heaven?

3. Will your initial question be different if you are opportuned to be a lawyer?

N:B. If you think lawyers makes their living through lies and baseless claims, I bet you're only envious of a success you can't understand nor explain. The life of a real lawyer is too responsible to his cause than mar a good name with petty lies. Dig further and You'll understand more.
Pets / Re: 7 Months Female Labrador For Sale. by timifizzy(m): 12:14pm On Oct 17, 2017
What i see is "La-BASTARD"... bro take this post down, don't come and insult people's intelligence here abeg. Better still l, put GRAPHIC CONTENT !!!! embarassed embarassed


Pets / Re: #dog Gurus by timifizzy(m): 6:13pm On Oct 14, 2017
9th 11th 13th, and if possible, 15th. Observe all necessary medical practices and Pray.
Crime / Re: Bhadmus Habdulakeem Reveals How Two Policemen In Lagos Robbed Him Of N100k Today by timifizzy(m): 6:47pm On Aug 17, 2017
Sorry bro.. But 10k+5k =15k.. what's with the 100k ? Am I the only one who noticed ? Let it be clear if you intend to claim excess. Upon all, sorry bro..this is one of the daily hazards of living in this country.. God help us. #firetherogues
Pets / Re: german Shepard mix Caucasian to form pure black l For Crossing(badagry) by timifizzy(m): 8:23am On Jul 17, 2017
One bottle of honourable for you bro!!!

Belief is a very strong thing...it has healed many, it has made some rich because they believed in their dreams and followed it....

But on this case.....no matter how much u try to hold on to the lie of the vet/dog merchant.....this goat will never become a cow...

#Caucasian Sherperd bawo!!!!
Crime / Re: Zenith Bank Compensates Families Of Slain Police Officers by timifizzy(m): 5:34am On Jun 14, 2017
Kudos to all who reached out to them. Gallant officers

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Pets / Re: Supercharged Male Boerboel Pup by timifizzy(m): 10:39pm On Jun 07, 2017

All it needs now is NPK and H20 grin

Hahaa fertilizer ke ? Try me with Milo, milk, cornflakes, semi, Garri, you fit add ponmon seff instead sir grin grin
Pets / Re: Bingo Dry Food For Dogs From UAC - What Do You Think? by timifizzy(m): 10:36pm On Jun 07, 2017

So according to you, what one feeds his dog with plays an insignificant role towards the overall growth and development of the dog.


Nope, you got me totally wrong. That was an indirect way of saying feeding bingo in isolation of other thorough overall care you gave your dog wouldn't have given you the good growth you have experienced with your dog... read the conversation again.

TV/Movies / Re: Which Cartoon Do You Still Watch Now You're Grown Up, And Why? by timifizzy(m): 2:57pm On Jun 07, 2017
There's an animated series i'm trying hard to remember but can't. Someone help out. It involves niggas [black american] using strong language. There's a small boy in the midst of it all.

Very amusing. I remember a part when a prisoner said 'pick the damn soap' to a new inmate in a bathroom. Another one, when there was a deadly disease, obama was mimicked saying 'i'm at d top of d situation' while he was jst sitting in d office

Talking about The Boondocks bro cool
Pets / Re: Supercharged Male Boerboel Pup by timifizzy(m): 2:54pm On Jun 07, 2017

Thanks bro, yes that litter.. He is Andre of HOK and hes the last man standing grin. The rest are doing very well in their new homes

So lovely.... these guys are really planting the seed of love for boerboels in me o... cool cool

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Pets / Re: Supercharged Male Boerboel Pup by timifizzy(m): 2:33pm On Jun 07, 2017
Oh boy...... this is super pup is from the same litter with Alpha, Adolf and co shocked shocked shocked ..... such a good growth.. thumbs up HOK wink wink

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Pets / Re: Flies On My Dog!! by timifizzy(m): 2:28pm On Jun 07, 2017
Check at vet shops for flies repellant spray..... it will reduce them greatly but keep trying to clean up the environment.. it's a situation that can't be totally stopped except you'll cover up your whole house like a screen house for plants... I'm sure you won't do that cheesy

Condolence on the loss of your precious dogs embarassed embarassed

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Pets / Re: Original Male And Female Caucasian Pup For Sale.....not Fake At All by timifizzy(m): 2:17pm On Jun 07, 2017
Original bawo ! Plastic ones dey before ?
Pets / Re: Gett'n Nicky Pregnant (estrus stage) by timifizzy(m): 10:21am On Jun 07, 2017

hello timifizzy,
she was never fed foetus......i will do as you say concerning the antibiotics.... But if I may ask Brucellosis won't make her conceive,even if she does it would be still birth all through but at least one pup survived and lasted for 3days.

Brucellosis attacks in many ways, and yes there are good chances that a bitch with brucellosis will conceive and be pregnant. That the pup that survived only struggled to do so for a short while is another sign. Please research more on it. I pointed at brucellosis firs because of the picture of the pup you shared. That pup looks a little "not well formed" only that she carried them to full term.

Another possible reason is if the pregnant bitch was exposed to parvo. Being that the bitch is already an adult dog, parvo might not bring her down, but most times affects the unborn pups because parvo attacks the intestinal linings and yes, gets to the uterus as well in bitches. If it's not severe, the bitch carries the pregnancy to term and Phelps, but most times, the pups comes out still birth or dies soon after birth. Double check these possibilities with either a "GOOD VET DOC" or do some more research. I'm not a doc, I am just a breeder who has seen so much. We are all students of the breeds we raise, we continue to learn and you're doing great. Stay positive.

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Pets / Re: Bingo Dry Food For Dogs From UAC - What Do You Think? by timifizzy(m): 10:09am On Jun 07, 2017

hahaha...... 17 months 66inches at withers.

Lol, the credit should go to you for taking "all other" necessary steps and precautions into ensure the good growth of your dog, and also to your dog for being a good pet with good growth..... only little credit to what you fed the dog if you know what I mean.. lol
Pets / Re: Gett'n Nicky Pregnant (estrus stage) by timifizzy(m): 10:44am On Jun 06, 2017
Has she been fed with foetus at some time ? If yes... pls discontinue and place on antibiotics properly before next mating... You can do so under guidance of a vet for proper recommendation of antibiotics to use and dosage. Brucellosis causes this most times....
Pets / Re: Bingo Dry Food For Dogs From UAC - What Do You Think? by timifizzy(m): 10:33am On Jun 06, 2017
maybe bingo ain't good for your dogs. started with bingo and am ending with bingo.

just my 0.5 cent though

Get adventurous, try diamond or booster, or Royal canine for 2 months on one of your dogs while continuing bingo on the others. Examine after 2 months max. You'll discover what injustice has been done to the growth of your dogs so far

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Pets / Re: Canines And Soyabeans by timifizzy(m): 10:26am On Jun 06, 2017

thanks Timmy for ur contribution....(a positive feedback)...I plan on use of grinded soy +crayfish+dried plantain etc..it was mostly used by breastfeeding mothers back n d days..heard it is highly nutritious n proteinous

You're always welcome meekohli.. Yes, you have a good combo. But you still have to be mindful of the age grade of the dogs you want to feed so you can add up appropriate fibre content like rice, and some other classes of food as well.. Good protein is awesome for canines, but too much of protein content also has adverse effects on dog's kidneys as unlike excess fats that can be stored and used up later in times of inadequate fatty contents, proteins can't be stored.. excess protein is ejected via the kidneys (urine) and once the kidneys are overworked too early, it's a time bomb situation.. to complicate matters, it's hard to come by vet labs/clinics that handles such surgical operation in this country.. best bet. Feed confirmed, tested and trusted working formula or mix/formulate yours with "great" caution sir.
Pets / Re: Canines And Soyabeans by timifizzy(m): 7:59pm On Jun 05, 2017
Dry grind and feed in very minimal quantity to avoid loose stools. It's high in plant protein as you rightly observed and if you have used booster before, you'll easily pick the scent from the dry food.. as high as it is, canines' digestive system do have issues handling it if not properly mixed in right proportion,
Pets / Re: Please,help Me Identify This Dog Breed. by timifizzy(m): 7:52pm On Jun 05, 2017
Seems to me like a boerboel - mongrel mutt.... it's an output of mistake, or better still, senseless breeding. Don t pay a kobo to discourage the trend. You deserve a full blood of whatever breed you love.


Pets / Re: How To Differentiate Between A Breeder And Marketer by timifizzy(m): 12:19am On Jun 03, 2017
Only few people with good insight will realize the truth in this without taking unnecessary offense.

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Family / Re: Albinism Is Beautiful by timifizzy(m): 5:53pm On Jun 02, 2017
Pets / Re: 2 Local Dogs Charged My GSD Puppy Tonight! Can Someone Explain What Happened? by timifizzy(m): 9:35am On May 29, 2017
Op why you dey talk like this now. You must be new in dog thing.
You expect the dog to fight?
A five month old dog?
With local dogs of age maybe 3 years + diseases
Next time don't even look back. Train your dog to keep walking.
Last year in abuja..i was walking my boerboel ,local Hausa hunters with their plenty dogs were telling me to release my dogs to fight. My dog was charging too.. I just carry okada with my dog. He was 2 years old then. What do they know?..illiterate and ignorant people.

#wisdom. Awon alakoba

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