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Family / Re: A Christian Couple's Quiet Prayer Before Wedding Touched Thousands Of People by Tinkybabe(f): 10:06pm On Nov 13, 2013
This is so sweet.

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Culture / Re: Lists Of Yoruba Names And Their English Meaning. by Tinkybabe(f): 4:38pm On Nov 09, 2013
I asked som1 to give me a yoruba name, he said itunu!

I know it means somtyn about peace! But it sounds like a curse word to me.

E.g look at this girl, itunu like you embarassed

Pls I need a sweeter name,ejo

OMG!you're so hilarious cheesy cheesy cheesy..Itunuoluwa-(peace of God) is actually a beautiful name.
I guess you confused it with oponu,which is an insult
by the way,oponu means daft. cheesy
Culture / Re: Lists Of Yoruba Names And Their English Meaning. by Tinkybabe(f): 4:27pm On Nov 09, 2013
Cool!My name is on that list but OP you have time cheesy
Music/Radio / Re: Tiwa Savage Ft. Don Jazzy - Eminado (Video) by Tinkybabe(f): 10:37am On Nov 05, 2013
The video is classic!just perfect,couldn't ask for anything more..nice one D.Jazz nd T.Sav

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Business / Re: Foreign Languages That May Help You In Business by Tinkybabe(f): 9:45pm On Nov 03, 2013
Vivly: What about Chinese? Considering their large exports?
Their official language is mandarin which is fourth on the list.

Mandarin and spanish are amazingly highly spoken..there are more speakers of each of these two languages than english.
Family / Re: The Nice Gene- Is There A Genetic Component To Kindness? by Tinkybabe(f): 6:06pm On Nov 03, 2013
yamakuza: Can i buy, OTC?
No,but it's available as a POM after which it would be genetically ingrained into your system tongue

Gene for niceness,wow!Seem everything as got a genetic explanation...more studies to prove this is what we await.

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TV/Movies / Re: Dennis Okike Wins Gulder Ultimate Search 10 by Tinkybabe(f): 1:42am On Nov 01, 2013
He deserves it.I mean not after digging up those 12 bags of sand cheesy
Congrats Dennis..Anthony would be so gutted now.
Jokes Etc / Re: smlie by Tinkybabe(f): 2:31pm On Oct 31, 2013
Mr cóck,are you ok? no offeinse angry
Celebrities / Re: Janet Atayero Oluseye Is Dead (Nollywood Actress) by Tinkybabe(f): 11:00pm On Oct 29, 2013
Such a beautiful lady!may her soul rest in peace.
TV/Movies / Re: Mercy Johnson Tied To A Truck & Dragged Along Muddy Street In new Movie Role by Tinkybabe(f): 2:58pm On Oct 29, 2013
Mercy is an actress!
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Manchester City (2 - 1) On 27th October 2013 by Tinkybabe(f): 6:07pm On Oct 27, 2013
HAHAHA..I knew it!My babies are at the top of the game!Go City!

Time to top it with two more goals-show 'em the master of the game
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Manchester City (2 - 1) On 27th October 2013 by Tinkybabe(f): 5:29pm On Oct 27, 2013
City I'm sure won't disappoint.It's only a while before we show them that blue is greater than blue..

Blue moon city baby!!!!Wooohoooo
Religion / Re: Praise Or Worship, Which One Do You Prefer? by Tinkybabe(f): 4:47pm On Oct 27, 2013
Question: "What is the difference between praise and worship?"

Understanding the difference between praise and worship can bring a new depth to the way we honor the Lord. Throughout the Bible, the commands to "praise the Lord" are too numerous to mention. Angels and the heavenly hosts are commanded to praise the Lord (Psalm 89:5; 103:20; 148:2). All inhabitants of the earth are instructed to praise the Lord (Psalm 138:4; Romans 15:11). We can praise Him with singing (Isaiah 12:5; Psalm 9:11), with shouting (Psalm 33:1; 98:4), with the dance (Psalm 150:4), and with musical instruments (1 Chronicles 13:8; Psalm 108:2; 150:3-5).

Praise is the joyful recounting of all God has done for us. It is closely intertwined with thanksgiving as we offer back to God appreciation for His mighty works on our behalf. Praise is universal and can be applied to other relationships as well. We can praise our family, friends, boss, or paperboy. Praise does not require anything of us. It is merely the truthful acknowledgment of the righteous acts of another. Since God has done many wonderful deeds, He is worthy of praise (Psalm 18:3).

Worship, however, comes from a different place within our spirits. Worship should be reserved for God alone (Luke 4 vs8 ) . Worship is the art of losing self in the adoration of another. Praise can be a part of worship, but worship goes beyond praise. Praise is easy; worship is not. Worship gets to the heart of who we are. To truly worship God, we must let go of our self-worship. We must be willing to humble ourselves before God, surrender every part of our lives to His control, and adore Him for who He is, not just what He has done. Worship is a lifestyle, not just an occasional activity. Jesus said the Father is seeking those who will worship Him "in spirit and in truth" (John 4:23).

In Scripture, praise is usually presented as boisterous, joyful, and uninhibited. God invites praise of all kinds from His creation. Jesus said that if people don't praise God, even the "stones will cry out" (Luke 19:40). When the Bible mentions worship, however, the tone changes. We read verses like, "Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness" (Psalm 96:9). And, "Come let us worship and bow down" (Psalm 95:6). Often, worship is coupled with the act of bowing or kneeling, which shows humility and contrition (2 Chronicles 29:28; Hebrews 11:21; Revelation 19:10). It is through true worship that we invite the Holy Spirit to speak to us, convict us, and comfort us. Through worship, we realign our priorities with God's and acknowledge Him once more as the rightful Lord of our lives.

Just as praise is intertwined with thanksgiving, worship is intertwined with surrender. It is impossible to worship God and anything else at the same time (Luke 4vs8 ). The physical acts often associated with worship—bowing, kneeling, lifting hands—help to create the necessary attitude of humility required for real worship. Wise worship leaders know how to structure a worship service to allow participants to both praise and worship the Lord. Often, services begin with joyous praise songs and transition to a quieter, more introspective opportunity for worship.

Worship is an attitude of the heart. A person can go through the outward motions and not be worshiping (Psalm 51:16-17; Matthew 6:5-6). God sees the heart, and He desires and deserves sincere, heartfelt praise and worship.


I praise God but prefer worship because it avails me the opportunity to revere and communicate with God.

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Religion / Re: Praise Or Worship, Which One Do You Prefer? by Tinkybabe(f): 4:46pm On Oct 27, 2013
Fashion / Re: Afro, Dreadlocks, Low-cut, Cornrows Or Skincut? Which Do You Prefer? by Tinkybabe(f): 8:54pm On Oct 26, 2013
Didn't know our men were so vain!cheesy
In fact ehn!see some posting pics, endorsing and sulking over women's choice cheesy cheesy

I'm team low cut sha.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Stoke City (3 - 2) On 26th October 2013 by Tinkybabe(f): 4:05pm On Oct 26, 2013
In the jungle,the mighty jungle(Old Trafford) the lion(Man Utd) sleeps tonight.. cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

Carry go Stoke,nothing do una..Lay them flat in their house and even cover them with a duvet.. grin grin

The fall of the mighty.RIP United embarassed cheesy

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Stoke City (3 - 2) On 26th October 2013 by Tinkybabe(f): 3:58pm On Oct 26, 2013
Man Utd fans!You guys need to bury your heads in shame,you've completely lost it since the beginning of the season.

I don't know if this is the aftermath of Ferguson's resignation or not,the fact remains that you've been tamed..buhahaha
TV/Movies / Re: Trailer Of "Dead City - Rise Of The Aliens" (A New Nigerian Movie) by Tinkybabe(f): 3:51pm On Oct 26, 2013
Looks like a video game..Op sorry o. I'm not trying to dampen your spirit but truth be told,there's no iota of perceived realism(pseudo sef) in it.
Family / Re: Reasons Why That "Court Marriage " Might Not Be The Solution by Tinkybabe(f): 6:27pm On Oct 25, 2013
But registry wedding provides the most insurance as far as the law is concerned
Religion / Re: Yoruba gods In Human Form. by Tinkybabe(f): 6:11pm On Oct 25, 2013
The first set of ibeji(the guy(s)) is/are dayuuuummm
And isn't eledumare and Olorun supposed to be the same person.
Oba is very pretty too..
How come you haven't got representations of Oduduwa,Oranmiyan,Ogun etc

Nice concept.
Music/Radio / Re: Nigerian Music In The Good Old Days by Tinkybabe(f): 10:18am On Oct 25, 2013
franktolk: Funmi Adams - Nigeria

This song!!!!!!!nostalgic cry
I loved this song...used to sing it like everyday though with the lyrics jumbled together
When our faith in Nigeria was still resolute.

then there's love me jeje,love me tender
I used to say love me jeje,love me tender (2ce)locosuna,I send I send my lover... grin enough nonsense in the name of singing the lyrics

Anyone know where to get this song ?

Caro yellow baby,Caro yellow sisi
Caro carry my money follow oyinbo....

Romance / Re: For Them Nice Guys Like Graham And Danhumphrey by Tinkybabe(f): 10:35pm On Oct 24, 2013
Hmmmm!Deep words for the wise guys
OP,good one from you to the men!
This would make no sense to the boys cause they are still "chopping and cleaning mouth"
Literature / Re: Nigerian Story - Chocolates And Sushi by Tinkybabe(f): 5:55pm On Oct 24, 2013

not giving u any spoilers lol

hahaa..busted! embarassed
Crime / Re: HIV-Positive Doctor Molests Patient In Benue by Tinkybabe(f): 4:55pm On Oct 24, 2013
The man is wicked!!!
He should be arraigned on two charges-rape and slow murder
And his judgement is easy..life imprisonment with hard labour!wicked,wicked fellow angry
Science/Technology / Re: "Giant George" World's Tallest Dog Dies At Home by Tinkybabe(f): 4:48pm On Oct 24, 2013
George looks like Clifford "the big red dog" grin
Is it appropriate to say RIP ?
Career / Re: Career Tips For Women: How To Succeed In A Workplace Dominated By Men by Tinkybabe(f): 4:35pm On Oct 24, 2013
sanb: @Op; this is fabulous. The aspect of training which also includes continuous professional development is highly recommended and as the saying goes "Knowledge is power".....

True!Infact CPD is mandatory in many professions
Education / Re: Strike: A Wrong Approach To Nigeria's Educational Problems by Tinkybabe(f): 4:19pm On Oct 24, 2013
Lord Babs: Are you minding the clownish write-up? Even an industrial nationwide strike becomes almost immune to the Nigerian Government, let alone dialogue, which hitherto, had burgeoned the government's deliberative table. Besides, framing Strike as 'archaic' is hypothetically crucifying and subjugating the expediencies of RADICALISM, since the subject matter is one of the fulcra of radicalism. And by the way, it's only a mischievous f00l or ignoramus that will say Nigeria needs no holistic metamorphosis!

Easy on the grammar man cheesy.Nigerian students are on strike.

The strike which should have been the effective way of making the government hearken to these demands doesn't seem to be achieving it's desired result and the reason isn't far-fetched.
The government is aware that there are alternatives to federal university education-private and other universities that didn't partake in the strike action.Given this,there's no extra pressure on them to implement the signed agreement.

If the sector affected were to have a heavy and direct impact on the aggregate production of the country,they(the government) would have yielded a long time ago .

And quite frankly,if strike doesn't work,I doubt any other national action would except we seek international intervention.

It's just so sad that the innocent ones(students)are the ones to suffer the brunt of this.
TV/Movies / Re: Chimamanda Adichie At The "Half Of A Yellow Sun" Movie Premiere by Tinkybabe(f): 1:28pm On Oct 24, 2013
Chiamanda is very beautiful!
Not only is she beautiful,she's got a brain that's directly proportional to her beauty and her sense of style(emphasis on her hair), hmm topnotch!simple,classy and unique.

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Phones / Re: [Android] A Step-By-Step Tutorial To Bypass BBM Waiting Line by Tinkybabe(f): 10:31am On Oct 24, 2013
Seun: I could not download it from the Google Play store. Apparently its not available[b] in my country.[/b]
What country are you in?
Family / Re: The Family Section Fun Room!! by Tinkybabe(f): 10:27am On Oct 24, 2013
Accept my sympathy CC.May the lord keep the family she left behind

damiso: Good morning everyone.CC condolences oh It is well.One day by His Grace we will beat this disease called Cancer.

Amen !
I'd always thought bréast cancer was peculiar to women alone until my dad's friend was diagnosed with it and no,he's not transgendered.

Helloo house!Good morning

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