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Romance / Re: In All Honesty, Whom Will You Call Back? Romance Section Apt Test by Tinkybabe(f): 12:15pm On Nov 24, 2013
And yet people keep falling for the trick..haha...
I thought it's an aptitude test not an attitude test .

Op,we could use this to prove a theory about the romance section.

Hypothesis- Most romancelanders are more sentimental than logical.

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Romance / Re: Never Argue With A Woman Just Use Your Brains Like This My Guy by Tinkybabe(f): 12:50am On Nov 24, 2013
I find the comments on this thread funnier than the topic and that's why I'm going to laugh grin cheesy
Romance / Re: In All Honesty, Whom Will You Call Back? Romance Section Apt Test by Tinkybabe(f): 12:43am On Nov 24, 2013
Creamychic: I'll call the girl i got a MISSED call from.
If I received a call from the doctor, my boss, dad, sister or BF, it would mean i already spoke with them right?

You are absolutely correct! Lol @how almost everyone fell for the trick...


Family / Re: Mod Please Give It Suitable Topic by Tinkybabe(f): 6:27pm On Nov 23, 2013
I think you all are being hard on this young man. He's frustrated and his mention of suicide I'm assuming is to attract attention.

He seems like a serious person who wants something tangible for himself. That he suggested arming himself with some vocational skills whilst the strike is on is an effort on his part and I must confess I'm disappointed in his parents for not supporting him..Who better should encourage and support him to make the best use of this involuntary break?

And really,it's weird for him to expect some money from his parents while at home? shocked.I'm shocked!I'm sure these parents are not financially incapable,cuz if it's the case it's a different matter entirely.

Anyway OP, it's your life at the end of the day and you know what you want for yourself. If your parents are not ready to support you...Hustle reasonably, get a part time job or something, make some money and acquire whatever vocational skills you want( Though it looks like the strike is drawing to a close).
Family / Re: Terminally-ill Father Walks Unmarried Daughters Down The Aisle Before Dying by Tinkybabe(f): 2:44pm On Nov 23, 2013
So touching
*dabs tear filled eyes*

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Family / Re: Digital Infidelity - Social Media And Your Marriage by Tinkybabe(f): 7:57am On Nov 22, 2013

The irony of it is that it's as bad or even worse than physical cheating because one plunges deeper and deeper and feels they are still in check of their emotions until they are completely overturned leading to a sort of detachment from their partner..

I call it a silent destroyer because it feels harmless ,the signs are subtle until it boomerangs
Family / Re: The Family Section Fun Room!! by Tinkybabe(f): 7:17am On Nov 22, 2013
All these talk of food is not fair on some people na..now I'm craving jollof rice and turkey this early momo sad

Morning house!!

@Serubawon,wonderful profile and I'm so happy for you on your imminent wedding,congrats..Read your post on "Nairalanders,tell us about your marriage" two years ago.Wish you the best.
Celebrities / Re: Happy 21st Birthday To Davido by Tinkybabe(f): 6:50am On Nov 22, 2013
kennyonthrone: Taa dat nigga aint 21
Dat should b his music age.al d same HBD BOy!

You don't have to be a doubting Thomas because the guy is a young achiever.He posted a picture of his American passport two years ago to debunk speculations like this and his year of birth was 1992.

Try to be less of a doubter and be sincerely happy for him
happy birthday Davido.
Family / Re: Ways To Reduce Maintenance Fees by Tinkybabe(f): 12:19am On Nov 22, 2013
@post,are you for real?

Why don't we go back to the 18th century when these devices were not available and forget about technology altogether.
Celebrities / Re: Karen Igho Celebrates Becoming A British Citizen by Tinkybabe(f): 6:51pm On Nov 21, 2013
She didn't have to ditch her Nigerian passport to procure a red passport..Doesn't she still live in Nigeria and dual citizenship is still allowed in both countries or am I missing something?


Romance / Re: Why Are Young Girls Rushing To Marry Lately? by Tinkybabe(f): 6:24pm On Nov 21, 2013
It begs the question how many of these girls are psychologically,emotionally and financially mature to handle the responsibilities that accompany a marriage?

Many of these girls enter the institution for the wrong reasons and with the wrong mindset.For those that had dreams,their dreams become thwarted when they are faced with the realities of marriage.

No one is saying they should become old cargos before considering marriage but they should at least tick these boxes that would put them in a better position.No one wants to be a liability in their home.Failure to plan results in planning to fail.

The road to achieving one's goals is far easier when single,when one's not saddled with marital responsibilities as concentration and focus is more then than when one begins a family.

If at 19 ,a girl has what it takes to run a home then by all means she's good to go .
I still maintain though that not many of these girls do.


Romance / Re: What Will You Miss If Your Partner Ends Your Relationship? by Tinkybabe(f): 2:46pm On Nov 21, 2013
@post ,Everything about his being,he's sweet.

freecocoa: This long distance is killing him grin.
your head is there grin
Romance / Re: What Will You Miss If Your Partner Ends Your Relationship? by Tinkybabe(f): 2:38pm On Nov 21, 2013
sexkillz: With you is where I'd rather be, sweetheart. . . kiss

".....but you're stuck where you are,so far ,so sad......"

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Family / Re: The Family Section Fun Room!! by Tinkybabe(f): 1:54pm On Nov 21, 2013

The latest fad Naija people are doing here now is to say "no children" at weddings and events like the oyibos do.

So true!Went for my close family friend's wedding 2 years ago
She of course had the "no children allowed" rule on the IV and in addition had
"For gifts,please get a gift card from ..... store or come with a monetary gift.thank you"
I think the latter is cool though,no one wants 20 deep fryers as gift

DutchesSsS: I'm really depressed....I want to end my life, I'm tired of it all...
DutchesSsS,pls don't think of harming yourself...share the problem with us.

pickabeau1: Welcome omo Yoruba salsera
Tinklybabe... u nko...intros.....sowieee. ..thats wat I see everytime u post.....

I've introduced myself in fact I'm one of the pioneers of this thread.lol -not true but my introduction is on one of the first few pages
Family / Re: Inspiration FM by Tinkybabe(f): 12:43am On Nov 21, 2013
By his stripes,she is healed!

Op what of your dad or older relatives?If she's feeling as bad as you've highlighted here then she should be placed on admission.I want to believe her ailment is beyond house treatment medics,she probably needs to be under the close supervision of a health professional.

You guys should take her to a better hospital and have a chat with the practitioner to know what's wrong.
It is well.
Family / Re: The Family Section Fun Room!! by Tinkybabe(f): 12:26am On Nov 21, 2013
salsera: @all UK based people

How do guys cope with this tradition of paying for your own meal when you're invited for a bday party at a restaurant

I go soon reject offers oh -person go still buy bday card again

I remember when I got into the country newly and a friend invited me to her sister's bday outing..I was reluctant at first but later agreed only for her to tell me to hold atleast 20pounds to order..I exclaimed ogini! no be your sister dey celebrate birthday..I quickly activated my reluctant mood and turned down the invitation..when I have food in my house..ehnn..lol.

I'm used to it now grin
Family / Re: Help!! He's different on nairaland by Tinkybabe(f): 6:29pm On Nov 20, 2013
Interesting turn of event cheesy
The hunter has become the hunted
The knower ,the known and the question,the answer

Take heed lest thou fall ...

Family / Re: I Have Not Been True With My Man by Tinkybabe(f): 2:58pm On Nov 20, 2013
OP your boyfriend seem like a good guy but insecurity (if it's true ) is a major problem.No doubt, you've seriously erred and it's time you started on a clean slate.

Open up to him,tell him everything withholding nothing and why you acted the way you did.If as a result of saying the truth,the relationship hits the rock because he can't stand a woman working or earning more than him,then so be it.

I know it's hard but I tell ya,it's better you know his stance now on issues like this than in marriage.

Don't stall any further,tell him everything now!He would be so justified in ending it if he hears it from an outsider and your reason then would make absolutely no sense.
Family / Re: To The Men, I'm Just Wondering Why. by Tinkybabe(f): 1:16pm On Nov 20, 2013
It boils down to the upbringing.For men that are lazy and believe they have no business doing house chores,their mentality and training should be faulted and this is mostly due to the influence their mothers had on them.

In a household where the female child is responsible for everything,cleaning,cooking,washing etc while the male child is treated like a demi god and left to do nothing you can imagine the type of man such a boy would grow up to become.

I thank God for the type of family I was raised in-no gender possesses the monopoly of a chore.
And this is the same mentality that would be instilled in my kids,boy and girl.
Romance / Re: Good Old days by Tinkybabe(f): 11:58am On Nov 20, 2013
Op you lack confidence because you are scared of rejection.
One thing you should know is that rejection is almost inevitable.The world's most successful people have at one point in their lives faced rejection but why they have risen to the height they are now is because they didn't allow the rejection or fall to deter them.They kept trying and used these rejections to their advantage.

About women,first of,women are human beings and are not superior to you.The worst a girl can say to you is no.One thing you should have at the back of your mind when walking up to a girl is that it could be a win or lose situation.

Now on approaching girls,try to make friends with them first-don't come on too strong.In fact try not to make a romantic relationship your priority...Just come on as a basic friend.

Engage them in general and sensible convos,be humorous whilst being yourself and just endeavour to socialise generally-with the right company of course..

Build that confidence not in a bid to get a girl but to make yourself a better and stronger person overall.


Romance / Re: Marriage Proposal Without A Ring by Tinkybabe(f): 10:53am On Nov 20, 2013
Just like many have said,an engagement ring is significant.It is the evidence or proof of a proposal..We know how signicant proofs are these days to establish or confirm a worded agreement or claim.It has to be physical,something that can be seen.

Now why a ring?A ring is a round object having no start or end point and this symbolises life eternal.When a man extends a ring to the woman he purposes to spend the rest of his life with,he's assuring her of his eternal love for..a love that has no end(whether he stays true to this is subjective)

Why it is given by the man and not exchanged by both parties?proposal is the prelim stage,an introductory stage.He is the one doing the proposal-all he requires from the woman is a positive reply,her acceptance.He brought up the deal,he has to prove the seriousness or sincerity of his proposal with something physical ,a ring.

The deal is then completely sealed by both parties when they exchange wedding rings

But really,this was started by someone and has been practised over generations so it's a tradition..if you ask me though,I think it's logical.
Politics / Re: Happy Birthday To President Goodluck Jonathan! by Tinkybabe(f): 9:42am On Nov 20, 2013
A happy birthday to the first man of Nigeria.
Family / Re: Help!! He's different on nairaland by Tinkybabe(f): 9:13pm On Nov 19, 2013
My take on this,no serious minded human being would maintain a negative facade over a long time especially when serious/pressing issues are being discussed and advice being solicited.

He says he's having fun,trying to appear unattractive to women at the expense of that grieving woman,girl or man who came here for help?

Nairaland I say,is an extension of a person's real personality(who they are or who they'd be if an opportunity avails itself).I understand there are times one would want to have fun and act an alter ego but when this is being reflected in every single and serious topic,it is very likely such a person is exhibiting his/her character .

The best place to be who you really are is an anonymous forum where no one knows or can judge you.

Anyway,be careful and just watch him closely (don't mean you should start snooping around )to see if he has (no matter how subtle) any of his online traits in real life.

And if you have a little conviction that he's for real,worry less about his online persona..and take his word for it.All the best.


Family / Re: Meet Baby Born On 11-12-13 At 14:15pm by Tinkybabe(f): 10:11am On Nov 17, 2013
Well I only reckon with the dd/mm/yyyy format.So this news is not credible...news dismissed!
Romance / Re: the beauty of nairaland women (reloaded) by Tinkybabe(f): 9:41am On Nov 17, 2013
yea,I know I've got a cute smile cheesy
Happy sunday everyone


Education / Re: Test Your Intelligence quotient by Tinkybabe(f): 11:01am On Nov 15, 2013
Family / Re: She Wants More Children. by Tinkybabe(f): 9:53am On Nov 15, 2013
Just as bludeville as said..these are the things you guys should consider.

Try not to force your refusal down her throat..Make her see reasons,reveal the bigger picture- table the options/ consequences before her and jointly weigh them.

Your reason should go beyond" I'm okay with three".
Romance / Re: the beauty of nairaland women (reloaded) by Tinkybabe(f): 2:26am On Nov 15, 2013
Awww..thanks guys
Mondicheeks,you're so beautiful too and Idowu I've been waiting to put a face to the name for the past two years..honour me this one time now,biko wink


Romance / Re: the beauty of nairaland women (reloaded) by Tinkybabe(f): 2:06am On Nov 15, 2013
mazizi tonene:
Yes o...so where's yours ? cheesy
Romance / Re: the beauty of nairaland women (reloaded) by Tinkybabe(f): 1:57am On Nov 15, 2013
Shoo..see all these fine fine babes.. smiley
Career / Re: Pharmacists, Pharmacy Students And Interns. At Home Or Abroad, Let's Meet Here. by Tinkybabe(f): 1:18am On Nov 15, 2013
Pharmacy student
I came,I'm seeing and I'm out to conquer

Glad pharmacy is experiencing unprecedented growth and development and people's outlook of the profession is changing...At least pharmacist are no longer referred to as glorified shop keepers..

pls what's the prospect of pharmacy practice in Nigeria?

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