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Literature / Re: Endorse Topics To Make The Frontpage by Tinkybabe(f): 5:36pm On Oct 16, 2013
I'm endorsing my poetry thread .It may not have the perfect poems or be versed in the best lyrical/poetic language but it carries a deep message and everyone should be able to relate to one or more.


I would appreciate if considered

Thank you smiley

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Crime / Re: Businessman Murdered In Lagos For Refusing To 'Settle' Area Boys by Tinkybabe(f): 2:35pm On Oct 16, 2013
This is sad!RIP

He was hit,he wasn't hit..I guess the autopsy report will reveal the truth though it wouldn't bring back the dead , it would serve justice.

And this area-boyism needs to be discouraged.Why should able-bodied men stand on the street coaxing people to drop their hard earned money?

On a lighter note,what type of name is Saturday?I've heard of Friday,Sunday,Monday ....It seems Saturday has now joined the list..shooo!
Health / Re: Surgery Done With a 'rechargeable lamp' In Nigeria... by Tinkybabe(f): 2:16pm On Oct 16, 2013
This is terrible!like seriously?

After all,I will pay tribute to whom/what it's due

Tinkybabe: Rain calls
Light exits
Darkness adorns
Brightness vanishes
Sight beclouded
Temporary blindness
An alternative
An improvise
So crude
So old
Abode for rust
An artifice
Not as clear
Yet still
It does the work
A match lit
Alive it comes
The dark room
It illuminates again
Forever appreciated
Oh ye lantern

Lantern ,saving lives since the inception of black-out in Nigeria!


Politics / Re: Hours Into Hunger Strike, Activists Give ASUU, FG Ultimatum To End Strike by Tinkybabe(f): 2:03pm On Oct 16, 2013
Strike for Strike
ASUU please call off the strike,FG pls yield to their demands so that this man can call off his strike

The blood of this man will be on your heads angry and a bit on his foolishness undecided should anything happen to him
Long story cut short,let the Nigerian youths go back to school.
Career / Re: There’s Nothing Wrong With Being A Pessimist. by Tinkybabe(f): 11:25pm On Oct 15, 2013
I think you have some good points up there,you only confused a realist with a pessimist.
A realist is hopeful for the best ,yet prepares for the worst-because he realises that "uncertainty" is the word for life so he works with the positives and negatives .
A pessimist is always negative regardless
and an optimist-well,sees the bright side of all,even when it's obviously gloomy.

There's everything wrong with being a pessimist but being a realist puts you in a safe spot.

A pessimist sees the glass half empty,an optimist sees it half full but a realist sees the content of the glass.


Nairaland / General / Re: Rate Her And Leave Your Comments by Tinkybabe(f): 7:51am On Oct 15, 2013
You look like Tonto Dike before her weird transformation.cute pic.

But putting your full name and pic out here isn't really necessary.
Romance / Re: Girls Regretting Not Giving Their Phone Number To A Guy At The First Place by Tinkybabe(f): 11:28pm On Oct 14, 2013
You ehn. Never knew you could look for trouble. Lol

I'm a gentle girl o embarassed
how are you?
Romance / Re: Girls Regretting Not Giving Their Phone Number To A Guy At The First Place by Tinkybabe(f): 9:55pm On Oct 14, 2013
OP ,she didn't give her number because of your grammatical bomb.


Family / Re: I Hope And Pray That This Is Not Breast Cancer!! by Tinkybabe(f): 7:07pm On Oct 14, 2013
First things first
She should go to the hospital for a diagnostic test.If they say there's nothing wrong,she should insist on a wide test till they can give a name to what's wrong with her.
The earlier the better!

Secondly,you should calm down and continue reassuring your mum that all is well.Worry kills faster than an actual ailment.
Though I can imagine how you feel..just try to pull yourself together and stop speculating the worst.

Should your worst fear be confirmed(God forbid though!).It still isn't the end of the world,chemotherapy is available and if it hasn't spread a mastectomy could be an option.

Trust me when I say I've been there before,though I wasn't this apprehensive and the whole fear turned out to be fake.

Romance / Re: If Your Car Stops, Should She Get Out And Push? by Tinkybabe(f): 12:49pm On Oct 14, 2013

Ehhmm...elaborate on the bolded please tongue

Me sef wan know cheesy cheesy

@topic,Women are too posh to push and no one should shush me on this tongue grin cheesy

[size=4pt]I am kidding o[/size]
TV/Movies / Re: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals Fan Page by Tinkybabe(f): 12:38pm On Oct 14, 2013
Rokiatu!!!!where have you been?Thought you had left nairaland.
Good to know you're still around smiley.
Poems For Review / Re: Poetry: The Thin Line Between Love And Hate (Edited version) by Tinkybabe(f): 12:31pm On Oct 14, 2013
I haven't read all of it but I understand that it's a poem composed to encourage and uplift the heavy-laden.

I think it would look better if arranged into stanzas/verses but if that can't be achieved,try paragraphing it.

Right now,it looks cluttered, jumbled together and really not encouraging to read

Deep content though.
Religion / Re: Christians Which Society Do You Belong To In Church? by Tinkybabe(f): 12:08pm On Oct 14, 2013
^^Thanks,I don't feel bad grin..My comment was sarcastic to play her joke back on her cheesy
Health / Re: Your Urine Colour And Health Status by Tinkybabe(f): 10:29am On Oct 14, 2013
Thanks OP
but what does a rainbow colour urine indicate?
Family / Re: Nowadays Kids! by Tinkybabe(f): 10:15am On Oct 14, 2013
OP,your son is a smart cookie and most likely become a strict but successful businessman. cheesy
He's already exhibiting the traits,nothing goes for nothing-money has to be made..lol

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Family / Re: How Do You Know Your Best Friend? by Tinkybabe(f): 4:52am On Oct 14, 2013
Everyone can know a good friend not a best .You only instinctively choose a best friend.
Your choice of a best friend lies with you.It's not a one cap fit all principle.
Your bestfriend would most likely be a good friend, ticking all/most of the qualities you term good..but they become "best" due to some attributes they possess which you see as unique.
This uniqueness is subjective.
Family / Re: The Family Section Fun Room!! by Tinkybabe(f): 4:37am On Oct 14, 2013
^^Really amazing video.The perfect video for that song-so real!
I must commend the brain behind the video..A really god job to him/her/them.
And yea,it's not about the money but the joy and fulfillment sown into the lives of these underprivileged ones.
Thanks for sharing Wu.
Religion / Re: Christians Which Society Do You Belong To In Church? by Tinkybabe(f): 4:09am On Oct 14, 2013
peppy luv: Catholic no get department! Department dey for school undecided

Oh!thanks for that.Didn't realise the question was directed at catholics,my bad! undecided
Celebrities / Re: Fashola To Pay Pa Kasumu's Medical Bill by Tinkybabe(f): 12:06am On Oct 14, 2013
God bless Fashola
Eko o ni baje!
Religion / Re: Christians Which Society Do You Belong To In Church? by Tinkybabe(f): 8:11pm On Oct 13, 2013
I guess you mean department?

Anyway,I'm in the technical/visual dept and the finance dept
Yea,I multitask grin.That's my church at home though

I'm a bench warmer in the church I attend here sad embarassed

Nairaland / General / Re: Zodiac Traits do they really reflect in your character by Tinkybabe(f): 10:31am On Oct 13, 2013
k2039: Their fiction would have made more sense if you see twins with identical traits, unfortuantely I'm yet to see a set of twins with identical traits.

Oh thank you!!!That's another dimension I didn't think of..so believers of zodiac signs,make una come explain
Romance / Re: Is Kissing And Romancing Before Marriage 'Fornication' ? by Tinkybabe(f): 10:29am On Oct 13, 2013

We don't need to beat about the bush about this.

What Jesus meant is that as long as the thought already occured you have sin. In essence he is laying emphasis that our thoughts are really what matters on the long run.

Besides, has the girl become your wife that you are so sure you are not coveting another man's wife.

By the way, all pleasures are reserved for marriage and marriage alone, stop twisting scriptures to please yourself.

Just want to clarify the bolded.A thought occurring isn't a sin, dwelling on the thought is the sin.
Mind you when Jesus Christ was tempted by the devil,he didn't come to him physically.He came in form of a thought but Christ was quick to resist the thought(Satan)
Family / Re: Nigeria: After 31 Years Of Marriage, 56-year- Old Woman Gives Birth To Twins. by Tinkybabe(f): 10:18am On Oct 13, 2013
Great!Amazing testimony!Thank God for them

On another note,if the babies were triplets they would have been named
Surely,Goodness and Mercy cheesy.
Family / Re: My Mother Wants To Take My Son... by Tinkybabe(f): 9:14am On Oct 13, 2013
Haba CC,your dismissal of this story as a fiction is quite surprising cause these things do happen.BTW her mum says "aunty is back" to her child not the other way round and the baby is yet to speak in fact.

You have to relieve your mum of that position and find an alternative.Be tactful about it since you said you do not want to hurt her.
Though I would say she's overstepping her bounds and that shouldn't be condoned.

Quick question op,is your friend an only child?if not,does she have male siblings and is her baby a boy and the first granchild?
I would expect this action from a mother-inlaw than a mother ,but well..
Fashion / Re: Models Wear Milk-Created Clothes by Tinkybabe(f): 8:48am On Oct 13, 2013
Royver: I am a genius. cool
^^Not really,it's not rocket science! it's common sense from the brief intro at the beginning of the post grin
Nairaland / General / Re: Zodiac Traits do they really reflect in your character by Tinkybabe(f): 8:21am On Oct 13, 2013
Aggrippa: hey miss don't conclude just yet! these zodiacal signs and attributes are the results of centuries of intense critical research.

Oh really?And this intense research is based on what?
People born in particular months exhibit peculiar traits?
When are these traits formed in a person;calculation from conception through birth or just birthdate?
For instance if a person is delivered later or earlier than their EDD which puts them in a different zodiac month,do they show zodaic attributes of their expected delivery date or their birthdate?

Until you can give a satisfactory explanation,it remains a scientific fiction to me.
Nairaland / General / Re: Zodiac Traits do they really reflect in your character by Tinkybabe(f): 10:16pm On Oct 12, 2013
These zodiac signs and attributes are just mere coincidences and pseudo-beliefs.I mean, all the attributes are positive so people would obviously want to relate with them.

We are in actual fact a product of our environment.

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Fashion / Re: Models Wear Milk-Created Clothes by Tinkybabe(f): 9:42pm On Oct 12, 2013
talent amplified @photographer
creativity peaked @milk pourer
continue what you do best@models
Good job to the team!
Romance / Re: Patriarchy - 'The Male Privilege' by Tinkybabe(f): 9:29pm On Oct 12, 2013
jumbotron: I have found that you can not have these discussions in a room with SOME African men. I look forward to when we all can talk about this without y'all asking questions like "If women are so XYZ, why are they not in the BH sect"? Or coming back with retorts like "Its a Man's World".

Sisters, keep doing it for yourselves. Work hard, keep taking care of your families. Women do not blow their trumpets about their hustles, they just...hustle. If you are blessed to have reasonable brothers, enlighten them on how to treat women. Shout out to the men in my family!! When you raise boys, teach them to be self sufficient as well. Our mothers are at fault for some of these comments. If you are married, the man is the head of the household but he is not the slave master. Get your education and be about something. Better yet, marry a man who will train his sons and daughters to be self sufficient as well. Meet men who are comfortable in their masculinity and their place as a man to allow a woman climb the ladder and assert herself. Too many of these comments reek of bruised egos.

Guys, no one can take away the fact that you are a man. Stop making it seem like we are challenging your masculinity. We get it, there is no competition. Just learn to share. Times have changed. The quicker you get hip to this, the better for you.

C'est fini!
Having arguments on this topic with some men is futile cause they'll never reason it out with you even if the truth is there staring them in the face.
Education / Re: Patience Jonathan Honoured With Doctorate Degree In South Korea by Tinkybabe(f): 9:00pm On Oct 12, 2013
OK!I want to get something straight
This woman is being honoured outside her country while her country people do nothing but criticize her.

So why the discrepancy?Are we failing to see something or are those countries failing to see something or does she prefer to effect change outside the shores of her country?

Abeg help a wondering mind out cheesy


Music/Radio / Re: Use Song/Rap Lyrics To Describe How You Feel~Here! by Tinkybabe(f): 7:32pm On Oct 12, 2013
lakesguy: [/color][color=#990000]we jusst ordinary people
Maybe ѱє̲̣̣̣̥ should take it slow
Cos ѱє̲̣̣̣̥ al ordinary people
Maybe ѱє̲̣̣̣̥ should take it slow
Take it slow
Its time to take it slow
Take it slow
It time to take it slow!

"Ordinary people"-John Legend

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