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Music/Radio / Re: Use Song/Rap Lyrics To Describe How You Feel~Here! by Tinkybabe(f): 7:32pm On Oct 12, 2013
lakesguy: [/color][color=#990000]we jusst ordinary people
Maybe ѱє̲̣̣̣̥ should take it slow
Cos ѱє̲̣̣̣̥ al ordinary people
Maybe ѱє̲̣̣̣̥ should take it slow
Take it slow
Its time to take it slow
Take it slow
It time to take it slow!

"Ordinary people"-John Legend
Literature / Re: Nigerian Story - Chocolates And Sushi by Tinkybabe(f): 5:34pm On Oct 12, 2013
^^lol see fight on top fiction. cheesy

If she tells Yemi, it doesn't change what happened in the past. Yemi will probably dump her and hate his father more. Sometimes, the truth should be withheld.

I don't think Yemi would dump her. He sure would be infuriated but he would realise it's no fault of hers.He would probably take a break from her for some days to reflect.He would then realise how empty he is without her and call her back.

As for his father,he would detest him so much that he could scheme murdering him.

Glowingscenes!you are an amazing writer,I must confess.The turns, twists and suspense you give the story is intriguing..You are the bomb!


Music/Radio / Re: Use Song/Rap Lyrics To Describe How You Feel~Here! by Tinkybabe(f): 5:17pm On Oct 12, 2013
Caduceus: It's just a thought, only a thought,
if my life is for rent,and I don't learn to buy,
well I deserve nothing more than I get,
'cause nothing I have is truly mine

"Life for rent"- Dido

A lonely place to be
Depend on me

That special place
.............to a lonely place
Find your strength....#

Title and artist?
Fashion / Re: Mercy Aigbe Photo-shoot For "The Makeup" Magazine by Tinkybabe(f): 3:32pm On Oct 12, 2013
She's modelling for a magazine called "the Makeup" and some people expect her face to be makeup free undecided

Anyway haters gonna hate.

She looks beautiful.
Family / Re: What Proffession Would You Want Your Children To Take On? by Tinkybabe(f): 1:38pm On Oct 12, 2013
In all sincerity,I would not influence my child's choice of profession as long as what they want is respectable,legal and economically viable.
Family / Re: Loosing Ur Virginity 2a Man After Marriage Dose Not Make Him Value U D More by Tinkybabe(f): 1:26pm On Oct 12, 2013
Da Julee: "She lose lost her virginity after I married Her".

OP,your post makes no sense to me but I have done the needful,corrected your grammatical error embarassed
Family / Re: Help A Nairalander Achieve His Educational Dreams by Tinkybabe(f): 9:37pm On Oct 11, 2013
This is amazing!People's readiness to help .
I join my faith with others for the re-opening of the portal.
You will graduate when you ought to in Jesus' name.
It is well


Romance / Re: I’m Pregnant For My Cousin Again, After 2 Abortions by Tinkybabe(f): 8:13pm On Oct 11, 2013
O sorire!Congratulations!!
Family / Re: ............. by Tinkybabe(f): 8:08pm On Oct 11, 2013
Lordlexyy: Your spirit is surely bless.

Hahaha..how I wish you can see beyond your nose.The word is SARCASM!
Family / Re: ............. by Tinkybabe(f): 2:26pm On Oct 11, 2013
jay bee:
How do you propose they pay the bills in the short term?
I mean over here most bills are done via direct debit hence my suggestion that one should be opened for this reason alone

The guy doesn't even bring anything to the table..The OP is responsible for everything.

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Family / Re: ............. by Tinkybabe(f): 2:00pm On Oct 11, 2013
jay bee: I think most of the people here have already adviced you accordingly on the best approach to take concerning the matter at hand.

Here is how I would advice you go about it
Sit him down and make him understand in a firm/concise manner how the current situation has to stop and how he has to accept your non negotiable proposal on immediate/medium term.

Immediate Plan
Retrive your ATM cards from him – You are not his slave but his wife
Open a joint account – This is necessary so you can tightly control your expenses. All bills should be paid from this account
Do up a monthly expense analysis – If he has absolutely no income then be prepared to pay for all the essentials (accommodation, food) for an agreed period. I will suggest 6 months or thereabout.
Agree an interim monthly upkeep – As an example, if you are left with 50K after all expense has been taken care of, give him 10% of that and save the rest.

Medium term
You expect him to have an income within 3-6 months
Withdraw the monetary upkeep support you give him within 3-6 months
Reduce your monetary contribution to the upkeep of the family in stages (You can do a gradual 5-10% incremental withdrawal up until he is able to shoulder the majority )

All the best

The emboldened..Joint account for what?after the access he has to her personal account she should then open a joint account making him a signatory to the account..Mba nu!

OP,your siblings are right,you definitely spoilt this man..Kai!I'm so gutted for you..He is just an irresponsible man who has decided to be a leech..I know it's not in my place to call your husband names but,I mean,this is the height of irresponsibility angry

You need to apply tough love like someone said,does he even realise he's a family man at all?Living off his wife?
I don't know how you intend going about it but you need to withdraw all the stipends you give him..Stop indulging him if you want the best for him and your family..

What nonsense..I'm angry sha angry


Family / Re: The Family Section Fun Room!! by Tinkybabe(f): 10:07am On Oct 11, 2013
Morning house!
God bless and direct our steps as we step out today.
Have a great weekend ahead.
Politics / Re: National Assembly Plans Prayer To Avert Plane Crashes, Terrorism by Tinkybabe(f): 10:03am On Oct 11, 2013
kaeyame: Dear National Assembly Members,
This is indeed a good development, please those who profess Christianity amongst you should remember James 2: 14-26 which tells us that "faith without deeds (works) is dead"
Pray all you want, without works (actions, leading by examples, "doing the job Nigerians elected you to do"wink all the prayers will just be...noise!!!


You spoke my mind verbatim
Computers / Re: 9-yr-old Boy Is Nigeria’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional by Tinkybabe(f): 10:00am On Oct 11, 2013
Wonderful..his name speaks for him "Jomiloju"(surprises me)
bless him.


Crime / Re: Plumber Excretes 57 Wraps Of Cocaine At Lagos Airport by Tinkybabe(f): 9:56am On Oct 11, 2013
Don't these people learn?
With all the news making wave about drug trafficking and the alacrity at which NDLEA officials nab culprits..
Shoo!he'll spend his supposed fantasy fortune with inmates and endure a lot of threats from the drug baron.

And this still won't serve as a deterrent to those guys seeking sudden wealth..smh

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Family / Re: Help!! A 27yrs Old Guy Need A Foster Parents To Adopt Him As Thiers... by Tinkybabe(f): 9:46am On Oct 11, 2013
And yet you keep giving excuses for him.Doesn't it sound absurd to you,adoption at 27?!Are you the guy in question?

Anyway,you've heard it.No one would adopt a 27 year old man.he/you should continue hussling and God will bless your hardwork in due season.
Family / Re: Why Do Married Couples Look Alike With Time. by Tinkybabe(f): 9:23am On Oct 11, 2013
This is how it works;agreed that people marry people they look like initially.The increased resemblance we see isn't rooted in their genetics or exchange of genetic materials.It is because they have through the years learnt to do the same thing,look the same way,frown the same way,pose for pictures with the same or similar facial expressions.

When we see these similarities in their facial expressions ,our brain process it into genetic resemblance but it is infact a perceived resemblance.
That's what I mean by psychology turning our heads.
Family / Re: Who Dies First? by Tinkybabe(f): 9:25pm On Oct 10, 2013
I've never thought of it..well,I want to believe and hope we'll go the way we came.
I'm the last by the way,so go figure cheesy
Family / Re: Should She Ask For Flight Ticket? by Tinkybabe(f): 9:09pm On Oct 10, 2013
The guy should foot the bill or shey na ticket money.
I don't even expect the lady to ask before he gives.
He invited her so he should be ready to shoulder the responsibility,the lady could chip in if he's not bouyant enough but it's not for her to drop the whole money unless she really wants to.

An entirely different case if the guy has been making trips to Nigeria.
NYSC / Re: Nuella Njubigbo Passes-out with Batch C Corpers (Photos) by Tinkybabe(f): 7:36pm On Oct 10, 2013
tankara1010: What is " Passes-out" ? I thought she collapsed or something...
oh well,congrats to her.
Family / Re: Stages Of Pregnancy From Conception To Birth. (Pictures) by Tinkybabe(f): 7:33pm On Oct 10, 2013
So beautiful..Amazing stages of bringing a new life to the world. smiley
cute baby
Literature / Re: Alice Munro Wins The 2013 Nobel Prize For Literature by Tinkybabe(f): 7:30pm On Oct 10, 2013
WOW!82 years old!!!..Who says there's no reward for hard work.
In due season,the fruit of one's labour would be yielded.
Congrats to grand/greatgrandma.

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Entertainment / Re: Skelewu Dance Winner Bello Moshood Abiola Says ''thank You'' To Nairalanders by Tinkybabe(f): 7:06pm On Oct 10, 2013
This is beautiful..one thing I admire Davido for is his generosity.
OP a hearty congrats to you once again


Business / Re: Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss by Tinkybabe(f): 3:32pm On Oct 10, 2013
jay bee:
A smart interviewer will then do a follow-up question along the line of:

How would you stay motivated if we fail to match your expectation monetarily since money is the key determinant factor in your chosen career

Yes,I'm here for the money but experience also birth wealth(wealth of knowledge).The experience I get from working with you would propel me to my money-making land.With that in mind,I would stay motivated cheesy cheesy cheesy

(I was messing around with the initial post-it's just amazing how the most sincere ans-"I'm here for the money" is loathed by interviewers/recruiters)
Health / Re: Horrifying Things That Can Happen During Pregnancy by Tinkybabe(f): 3:14pm On Oct 10, 2013

9 Hot Tubs Can Cook Your Baby’s Brain

Relaxing in a hot tub during pregnancy can cause major complications for the fetus. Raising your body temperature as little as four degrees (which can happen by spending even 10 minutes soaking in a hot tub) triples the risk of the fetus developing horrifying conditions like spina bifida and other neurological birth defects. The risk is greatest during the first four to six weeks of pregnancy, a time when many women don’t even know they’re pregnant.

This is the scariest. shocked
May God help us
Education / Re: Lecturers At Kogi Polytechnic Charge For 'handouts' by Tinkybabe(f): 3:11pm On Oct 10, 2013
It is really shameful!
Aren't there rules against such ?and punishment for violators?
Politics / Re: Agagu’s Son, Feyi Condition Critical; Flown Abroad by Tinkybabe(f): 3:06pm On Oct 10, 2013
iterator25: Flown abroad

I thought you would highlight Flown since that's what got him into the condition in the first place.

Wish him a speedy recovery
Romance / Re: What Is Wrong With Your Younger Sibling Getting Married Before You? by Tinkybabe(f): 3:01pm On Oct 10, 2013
There's nothing wrong with it but you know the type of society we live in,they'll make it a subject matter and a reason to mock the older one.
Family / Re: Are You Enjoying Your Marriage? by Tinkybabe(f): 2:53pm On Oct 10, 2013
If given the chance to start one Billion times,sorry,uncountable times over again,honestly,God is my witness,I will endlessly choose my Darling Wife(Oluwatoyin Ayodele Arike Precious and my children)
Define joy and comfort in whatever term;they surely represent it!

I love this!such conviction !!May God continue to bless your marriage smiley

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Business / Re: Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss by Tinkybabe(f): 2:49pm On Oct 10, 2013
Interviewer: So why do you want to work with us?

Me: In all sincerity,it's because of the money But I understand that nothing good comes easy hence I decided to gain knowledge and skills that would help me achieve this. Your company happens to provide the right platform for me to exhibit these skills and put my knowledge into use thereby make money .

I was only being sincere,would it be fair if I'm turned away?
TV/Movies / Re: Mercy Johnson And Funke Akindele On Set Of New Movie by Tinkybabe(f): 2:10pm On Oct 10, 2013
^^I like them too
seems M.J is already losing the "lactating mother" fat
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Do Online Job Applications Ever Work? by Tinkybabe(f): 2:02pm On Oct 10, 2013
Your paper qualification looks attractive and so I want to assume you're not being shortlisted due to lack of experience.I can imagine you saying where would the experience come from when they are not ready to recruit you.

That's where sacrifice comes in-if it means working voluntarily to garner the required experience or settling(in the mean time) for a low pay job that would gratify the needed experience,then do it.

Your poise and responses to interview questions matter too,how convincing you sound that you're the man for the job.Attend seminars,read books that would help improve these skills.

Also develop other transferable skills (you know them)that would give you an edge over your counterparts-don't rely on your paper degree alone.

And to your question,Yes!online applications very much work.

All the best with your search.


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