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Politics / Re: Tompolo's Invasion Of Ugborodo Community Under The Over Lordship Of The Olu Of W by Tobrasky: 2:49pm On Nov 11, 2021
Same person makes a post (Ijoh), same person uses his alternate moniker to reply himself (Captain8)... Ogogoro mixed with acute multiple personality disorder is a really dangerous combination. And come to think of it, why do these Ijaw idiots type and articulate themselves the same way?


Crime / Re: Gun Wielding Fulani Men Took Over Family Land In Lagos Erects Structure by Tobrasky: 1:52pm On May 18, 2021
The only heritage of pride the Yaribas have got left which is Lagos is gradually been taken over by the Fulani herdsmen, maybe Thiefnubu will soon invite the herdsmen to Bourdillon to share the largess of his loots from the Lagos State treasury since he said yorubas and fulani are one.

Foolish people who think they are sophisticated.


Politics / Herdsmen Destroy A Farmers Oil Plantation In Oyo State by Tobrasky: 1:31pm On May 18, 2021
Millions of Naira worth of farm products and cash crops wasted by these savages.

Politics / Re: Message To The "We The South South" Charlatans by Tobrasky: 1:04pm On May 18, 2021

The mods closed two of my threads challenging these “we Niger delta” , “we south south “ minorities.
Cause the mods are the enablers of these "we South South" idiots, but we must continue to drum it into the thick skulls of these bastards that the Igbo nation is moving on solidly without them. We have to come together and end this IPOB madness of constantly disgracing us by adding useless minorities to the struggle.

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Politics / Re: Aseyin To Igboho: Don’t Come To Iseyin, Our Mood Not Suitable For Any Rally by Tobrasky: 12:13pm On May 18, 2021

The moment you involve IPOBs in anything.. such endeavour is bound to fail.

Igboho took a wrong step associating a proscribed terrorist group like IPOB with Yoruba struggle.
Well that's Igboho's cup of tea to deal with, IPOB didn't ask or solicit his alliance, you can call IPOB a failure but they are not only globally recognized world-wide, they are also a registered organization in many countries today and a membership that keeps getting bigger... also remember If not for Ipob we won't be having anything like national dialogue and calls for restructuring at the level of seriousness it is now in Nigeria today! IPOB is the reason why Igboho is even relevant in his demands for Odua Republic!

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Politics / Re: Aseyin To Igboho: Don’t Come To Iseyin, Our Mood Not Suitable For Any Rally by Tobrasky: 11:28am On May 18, 2021
Igboho lost my admiration the moment he joined Yoruba struggle with known terrorist IPOBs in SE..

We don't even share boundary with those people so how is it our business if soldiers deal with them.
Na dem go price market for Nigeria Army hand, so let them face the music.

That's because Igboho was smart enough to realize his oduduwa agitation would gather momentum if he made overtures to your Igbo masters, especially now that thousands of his people are refugees in Benin Republic, Yoruba BMC miscreants like yourself are naturally conditioned to be daft so I don't expect you see the bigger picture grin
Politics / Message To The "We The South South" Charlatans by Tobrasky: 11:18am On May 18, 2021
Including the usual suspects from a particular tribe who are known to create fake multiple accounts to claim they are from the South South, PLEASE Igbos don't want you when Nigeria finally breaks, you non-Igbo speaking minorities were never relevant to the Igbo nation and were not even in the discourse, plans, and road map to core Igbo nationalism on the premise of the Biafra struggle before the likes of IPOB came and messed it all up by including you in their own useless map of Biafra; thus giving various irrelevant groups who are not even up to the level of the worst outcasts in Igboland the mouth and temerity to talk rubbish. IPOB might have a huge audience because of their controversial views on sociopolitical issues, but they don't have the ultimate mandate to decide the fate of the Igbo nation, they are just the much needed radical-wing catalyst that will hit up the polity of this fragile nation.

Once again it's important to reiterate that the ideal Igbo nation every rational thinking Igbo person envisages is a puritan, homogenous and undiluted Igbo union that will consist of mainly the 5 SE states and then the Aniocha/Oshimili axis of Delta state where I proudly happen to come from, and thankfully hasn't been affected by the embarrassing stain of identity crisis like we see from the Ika/Ukwuani part (but we respect their decisions to identify themselves however way they want), the Igbo nation is too big, noble and far removed from all these unnecessary side distractions when we've got bigger fishes to fry anyway.

Now I've noticed that the biggest conundrums of Igbo phobia are heavily concentrated in Rivers state, the condensation of various Igbo-phobic groups in Rivers state is almost comical as much as downright frightening...maybe as a way to justify their ridiculous fear/envy and hate towards the Igbos, we've heard various concocted tales from these minority groups of how Biafran soldiers persecuted them during the Nigerian civil war, when challenged to substantiate the veracity of these claims by providing fact-based evidence, they get defensive about it. I will seriously advise the Igbos to avoid these toxic people, they are a needless distraction right now and the IPOB hierarchy needs to be seriously warned to stop embarrassing Ndigbo by shamelessly adding and tagging these minority groups into the struggle.

The Enuani people are proudly and unapologetically Igbos, and we stand with our comrades in the trenches of the struggle fighting for the Igbo nation.

Chukwu gozie UmuIgbo nile


Politics / Re: Niger Delta "Igbo" Cant Give Biafra Direct Sea Access Because Of These Tribes by Tobrasky: 10:23am On May 18, 2021
The Biafran army messed up by her cowardly act in the COR areas. Biafran sympathizers were left unprotected and allowed to be killed easily. It started from Bonny where the Navy shelled for days. During those shelling the Biafran jets or ship were missing in action. Bonny was left undefended to the surprise of the Nigerian army. It was in Bonny that the Nigerian military perfected their plans for other rebel held territories. Calabar fell next with the same shelling carried out in Bonny.

After Bonny fell the Nigerian government made Ken Saro-Wiwa the administrator of the Island. It was during this period that the divisive programme was test run by the likes of Biriye, Boro and Saro-Wiwa. After Bonny was captured, P/H became next as the shelling became profound for weeks. And guess what after P/H fell, the same divisive tactics that happened in Bonny was orchestrated in Kalabari, Ogoni and Ikwerre. Brother against brothers and sisters against sisters. How do you now expect morale to be high among Rivers people?

Had the Biafran army shown the commitment they showed in the hinterland, they won't have easily lost the support base of the locals. No one will support a Biafran army who failed to protect them against the Nigerian army. In fact it was safer to support Boro’s 15th Brigade than go against it. Showing opposition to Boro was instant execution, but supporting it means survival.

The Biafran army messed up by her cowardly act in the COR areas. Biafran sympathizers were left unprotected and allowed to be killed easily. It started from Bonny where the Navy shelled for days. During those shelling the Biafran jets or ship were missing in action. Bonny was left undefended to the surprise of the Nigerian army. It was in Bonny that the Nigerian military perfected their plans for other rebel held territories. Calabar fell next with the same shelling carried out in Bonny.

Bro you have to understand that the Biafran military was seriously handicapped and overstretched, most of the Biafran defence lines were breached by just heavy naval and air bombardments by the Federal troops because they knew we had no effective reponse to these attacks. The situation was even more dire in the COR sectors because we were not only seriously under-equipped in hardware to stem the tide of the Federal advance, the Biafran command in those minority areas also had to deal with hampering acts of sabotage from the hostile minority people who were morbidly and inexplicably more afraid of "Igbo domination" than the uncertain possibilities of a Nigerian army massacre as was proven to be the case. Biafra simply had no air and naval defence system aside from scraps of old Nigerian transportation vessels, boats, crafts, and converted tugs that were all fitted with 6 pounder guns or machine guns to face the more sophisticated armada of Nigerian war ships with heavier artillery guns, effective radar systems, submarines etc all supported by heavy air bombardments on poorly defended Biafran positions defended by men armed with bolt action rifles and no anti-aircraft guns.

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Politics / Re: Niger Delta "Igbo" Cant Give Biafra Direct Sea Access Because Of These Tribes by Tobrasky: 9:35am On May 18, 2021
A lot of families are actually keeping quiet for peace to reign. If people begin to talk about the brutality of Isaac Boro on Rivers people, the Ijaw clowns talking trash will never set foot again in P/H to do their useless Asawana meeting.

Adekunle was child’s play compared to Boro. A lot of people don't know that had Boro survived the civil war, he would have made sure that only Anambra and Enugu remained as Igbo states. Dude was deliberately killed by his kinsmen in the 15th Brigade who had to stop the maniac from his killing spree. Boro’s ensured that anyone who spoke in favour or supported Biafra in the Riverine communities got shot. Go to Okrika, Kabalari and let people open mouth, you’ll shed tears.
The summary of Isaac Boro's short, intriguing but miserable life in that war was that he wanted to be bigger and more ambitious than his master (Adekunle) in the game of megalomania and power play, but he forgot his place, he failed to understand that he was just a mere minority Ijaw man who was just opportuned to have been given a Brigade command structure to lead, and a substantive rank of Major in Adekunle's Third marine commandos to help in the "liberation" of Rivers state after been released from detention by Gowon. Adaka's surprising rise to such unexpected spotlight got into his head, and he thought he was "THE MAN OF THE MOMENT" after he and his 15th Brigade succeeded in "liberating" some parts of Rivers state with his vast knowledge of the terrain... for a while it seemed like Boro was the man if the moment as he was able to accomplish what the Federal troops from the other units failed to do with the cost of heavy losses in men and materials. Adekunle just wouldn't let this ordinary minority man (a renegade for that matter) take away the spotlight of fame and attention from him... Boro was just a pawn in the game and after he was allowed to do all the dirty work for Adekunle, he was later killed at Okrika sector I believe by Adekunle's henchmen... gunned down by friendly fire from the rear in the heat of battle and left to die. At the end the bigger man in the game from the majority ethnic group (Adekunle) won and he took all the glory for the guts and efforts of another man.

After Boro's death, his Ijaw soldiers of the 15th Brigade were to be used as cannon fodder in Adekunle's final push into the Igbo heartland, and as expected they were crushed, massacred, captured and consequently disbanded all in a suicidal bid to capture Igboland, the nonsense Boro and his men got away with in the COR states (Calabar, Ogoja, Rivers) where they had massive support from minorities in killing so many innocent pro-Biafran minorities was duly avenged when they stepped into Igboland to wreck havoc... thanks to warriors of Colonel Achuzia, Captain Iheanacho, Timothy Onwuatuegwu, Asoya etc... Ijaws and thousands of Nigerian soldiers were decimated like rats in the battles of Owerri, Umuahia and Aba.


Politics / Re: Yoruba Marginalization: Elders Met Jonathan To Complain - SMH by Tobrasky: 9:20am On May 18, 2021
Highlight of this thread: Yorubas voted in Buhari to spite Igbos for supporting and benefitting from GEJ's administration... So yaribanzas had to even the score which they did. But the prevailing national disasters of Buharis terrible administration didn't evade them despite been biggest beneficiaries of his govt... for the first time in yaribanza history they've now added an embarrassing record of been refugees in Benin Republic after been sacked and displaced by ordinary Bororo cattle herders... so much for been sophisticated people! What a funny conundrum grin

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Politics / Re: KILLER HERDMEN KILL PEOPLE AND BURN HOUSES IN OZUBULU by Tobrasky: 8:24am On May 18, 2021

The video link you posted was from the unknown gunmen attack on vigilante personnels some weeks ago. You're a worthless bastard for posting this fake news here, is it the Ozubulu in your fathers house that fulani herdsmen attacked? what an idiot.


Politics / Re: Livinus Owalum-Barnabas: Police Arrest Ex-Soldier Who Trained 2000 ESN Militants by Tobrasky: 1:21am On May 18, 2021

What a nice consolation. There is nothing concerning any "Afonja" with your misfortune in the south east.

Your grandfathers thought they could overwhelm Nigerian military in 1967, las las the begged OBJ and co with attendant surrender on 15th January 1970.

Despite the fact that Nigeria celebrates this day every year to remind people like you of the day your grand parents regretted ever carrying arms against the good people of Nigeria, you appear to learn nothing.

The military will deal systematically and ruthlessly with you people that you will curse the day that hunch backed albino was born. You never see anything, you dey call Afonja.

If you are intelligent enough, you will know that the names of all your sponsors and financiers are already known by the government. A lot of activities will commence soon, very soon.

So, the Yoruba are not your problem

Dude STFU, you talk of misfortunes in the East as if your region is any better? despite been the biggest Beneficiaries of this disastrous government there is still prevalent poverty and dissatisfaction in your region, we saw how the last Covid-19 lock down exposed the palpable poverty in Yoruba land with throngs of hungry and impoverished people fighting over palliatives of garri sachets and agege bread, more yorubas across the SW this year alone had either been killed or displaced by herdsmen, currently thousands of your people are still stranded in Benin Republic with no efforts made by the Ogun state government in rehabilitating them back to their homelands... There are still insecurities of all types pervading the SW region, so once again STFU and accept that you worthless yorubas with your deceitful characters are responsible for foisting this demonic government under which probably more than any previous administrations has witnessed Nigerians experience more ethnic strife, killings, banditry, poverty, kidnappings etc.
Politics / Re: Separatist Terrorism In The South East - Daily Trust by Tobrasky: 11:36pm On May 17, 2021
So, according to you, south east is more peaceful than the south west?

When your terrorists finish the police, you will now tell them to stop killing abi?
There's no comparative metric or fair benchmark to gauge which region is more peaceful than the other, every region in Nigeria is currently dealing with its own peculiar issues...but it will be utterly disingenuous of you say the SW is more peaceful than the SE cause the stats don't tally up to such assertion. Aside from the occasional attacks on the security personnels in the East (which I vehemently condemn) which other serious crisis is the East dealing with? you guys and your evil media just love to blow things out of proportion cause it pleases you to see bloodshed and chaos in the East (a reaffirmation of your old time fantasies of relishing Igbos been killed since the Nigerian civil war) we're aware of the morbid hate so there are no pretenses about it... but God pass una.
Politics / Re: Separatist Terrorism In The South East - Daily Trust by Tobrasky: 11:02pm On May 17, 2021
I can not be crying more than the bereaved. The south Easterners love what is happening in their region. My only worry is, they will flood the south west like refugees when the terrorists turn their guns to the populace.

Dude, you literally have several hundreds if not thousands of your people still stranded in Benin Republic as refugees, all displaced by mere fulani cattle rearing teenagers! and you still have the time and guts to worry about some imaginary Igbo refugees flooding the SW? Igbos are not uncivilized fanatics like Aboki desert-dwellers, there's a method and level to our madness and we know when to put the brakes to the situation before it escalates to peak level. You should worry about your yet-to-return refugees in Benin Republic who are probably learning French by now, worry about the ritual killings, abductions, rape and sexual molestation of minors, and other forms of criminality going on in your region.
Politics / Re: Niger Delta "Igbo" Cant Give Biafra Direct Sea Access Because Of These Tribes by Tobrasky: 10:42pm On May 17, 2021

To you this crap you wrote makes sense!
Ijaw people would not give their children out in marriage to Igbos. That's a let down. The only exception are those wey carry church for head. Apart from church nothing brings us together. The only reason you can boast Igbos risking their necks in the drug trade in Asia is because being in Igboland is already a death sentence. You Igbo are natural born slaves. As Ijaw people and their European trade partners stop the trade in Igbo slaves, not being satisfied with that, your Igbo IPOB leader took Igbos to Libya as slaves.

As an Igbo nudist I can appreciate your hatred for clothing. That is why you will abuse people for using an accessory like the hat. I don't blame you, I blame the British authorities who made it mandatory for you Igbos to wear clothes. We Ijaws were handsomely rewarded with able bodied Igbo slaves by your elite in exchange for snuff, European used clothing no one Ijawland would use. Upon all our attempts to tame primitive beings like you, close to 400 years of doing that didn't yield much result. Till date you have still failed to develop a fashion sense.

Fool, you that has not smelled the corridor of power since your ill advised Biafra adventure does not have the wherewithal to dictate how the oil industry should function or the political power to determine who gets what.

You that your leaders are already begging for Ijaw support in your bid to get Nigeria's presidency.

People will talking and 5th class citizens self go open mouth talk!

To get the position of chief of Army staff you had to wait for over 40 years before a president of Ijaw extraction made that possible.

Boastful bunch of empty barrels!

Couldn't even bother myself reading this repetitive nonsense, a reply as usual replete with pure and undiluted Ijo sewage filth. A low tier category of unrefined savages still evolving into full human beings, a people with no central language, no historical equanimity of proud civilizations, inventions, or notable imprints in the sand of time except when Igbo breeds had to make that possible for you *COUGH COUGH* King Jaja of Opobo and a host of others grin

Dude for every 10 Igbos hooked for drug deals and languishing in Asian prisons, there are 100 more Igbos in thr USA, Europe, Canada etc and other parts of the world also putting Igbos positively on the global map for various groundbreaking achievements, it's no coincidence that many top world organizations today are headed by Igbos you ogogoro-guzzling dim-witted Ijo scum! from WTO, ICC, Harvard Institute of various research programs, US legislative positions, UK top parliamentary offices etc I could easily give you all the notable Nigerians heading these organizations and guess what? they are Igbos! so your redundantly boring hoopla about Igbos in Asian prisons is stale! meanwhile where are the Ijo global icons positively putting Nigeria on the map? are Ijos so worthless that they can't even boast of a simple list of 4 global icons? meanwhile even smaller tribes in Nigeria have produced legends and achievers in all fields of achievement... you now see why you Ijo scums are bottom barrel thrash? You have no discernible language that unifies you, your only true homogenous state Bayelsa receives some of the highest budget allocations in Nigeria as an oil producing state- yet your IGR is competing with first position from the rear with barren war-ravaged and bandit colony states like Borno, Kastina, Zamfara states etc, the typical Ijo remote villages look like relics of where nearthandal cave-men live...even the Ijos in Rivers state (who are 6th class citizens with no sociopolitical value) aren't any different, even tiny Ogoni people sef have far more value than you subhumans! When will an Ijo person ever be Governor of Rivers state in our lifetime? politically you lots have been completely relegated to the oasis of eternal irrelevance, on the national level your only bargaining power is your "oyel" which now belongs to us your masters and our foreign allies, if Nigeria were a porn industry... Ijos will be the most prolific porn stars of the era considering how you keep getting rooster-slammed by everybody.

And you say Igbos have never smelled the corridors of power? you see why I've always insisted why a typical Ijo man has an IQ unit of a gnat? excess toxic fumes and pollutions in your ramshackle land has diminished every shred of intelligence left in you... Zik was what again? who were the top military and civilian leaders in Nigeria post independence era during the first republic? Alex Ekwueme who was the major founding fathers of PDP was what again? Dumb dumb dumb Ijo ape.

Meanwhile provide the Ijo equivalent to these Igbo giants who are just a few listed among many:

Professor Chike Obi
Professor Ngozi Okonjo Iweala
Pat Utomi
Chinua Achebe
Cyprian Ekwensi
Buchi Emecheta


Politics / Re: Oduduwa Republic: Tinubu, Gbaja, Govs, Others To Hold Meeting by Tobrasky: 5:12pm On May 17, 2021

Ibo people sef ......
My refugee bloda I feel your pain, the grace of having free wifi graced with generous rations of Beninoise beans and garri must be doing you a whole world of good, at least you are safer there than having to return home and have your head or organs harvested for ritual purposes...it's well Egbon mi cheesy
Politics / Re: Oduduwa Republic: Tinubu, Gbaja, Govs, Others To Hold Meeting by Tobrasky: 5:04pm On May 17, 2021

Jagaban of Nigeria

Yoruba Nation would hold a robust meeting with Vice President, number 2 in Nigeria, Speaker of the House Number 4 in Nigeria, 6 out of 36 executive Governors, Nigerian Governors Forum chairman, National leader of the ruling Party, a former President and a Former interim President

Ibos would hold such meetings without a former President, a former Vice President, no major ruling party member, only Senate Deputy chief whip and minority leaders, plus 5 irrelevant Governors of landlocked state

Benin Republic refugee camp must be treating you real nice omoluabi , so they allow you free access to their internet services like this? the fulani displacement of my yaribanza blodas from their ancestral communities must surely be a blessing in disguise sha cheesy
Politics / Re: Niger Delta "Igbo" Cant Give Biafra Direct Sea Access Because Of These Tribes by Tobrasky: 3:27pm On May 17, 2021

Being the dumbo that you are, you don't even know who is Ijaw or isn't. I won't dignify a commodity like you that is worth a matchbox pack of snuff with intellectually challenging responses.

The fact that an Asian detention facility his more homely to you Igbos than your red mud homeland should show you between Ijaws and Igbo who the cursed people are.

Ijaw people are chanting asawana while Igbo IPOB pigs are chanting Biafra or death and are being made die after being made to drink the filth of your dirty urban slums you call cities.

The irony is that Igbo are busy dying to be named after an Ijaw waterbody that has since being renamed.

Always dying to be associated with Ijaw people!

If the monkeys from Ijawland are being sort for employment and Igbo humans are competing for jobs with our monkeys it just tells how low you guys are.

It is not a new thing for you Igbos to come and slave in our place. Your great grandfathers did in the past, you are doing it now.

Neither the Fulani, Igbo, Yoruba or any other group in Nigeria is better off with all they stole. Nigeria has remained a failed state and her people are treated as pariah all over the world
Honestly under very normal circumstances, I wouldn't even be engaging an absolute inferior Ijo subhuman like yourself, it's a disservice to everything I hold sacred including my precious time. So Ijo sewage rat consider yourself even lucky say I dey even give you audience. Like I told you earlier, I couldn't give a care in the world who is Ijo or not, you savages don't even have the brains and ability to organize a proto-language of your own as your people speak different languages that are not even mutually intelligible; goes to show your ancestors were just uncivilized apes who couldn't come together to evolve a language, culture and identity of their own, they were just mere inferiors who spent the better of their dark ages spear hunting fishes in the creeks and chasing each other around naked.

The Asian prison facilities you keep yapping about don't represent the Igbo nation, those Igbos in Asian prisons are the cast-aways who only answer to themselves and their crimes, they even those cast-aways are far more superior to the very best the whole Ijo sewage creek-dwelling nation can offer, I'm sure your wretched fathers, mothers and sisters will roll out a red carpet and beat drums in celebration for those Igbos in those Asian prisons cause they can definitely buy up the whole of Ijo land with extra change left to last several more pathetic generations of Ijo bastards grin, the bottom barrel worst of Igboland is FAR FAR FAR better than the best you apes can ever offer.

Bros, you apes have been shouting asawana since 1900 yet we've continued to rape you subhumans off all your "oyel", we own oyel blocks and we have taken all the best jobs in your oil companies while we contract you be our security guards, we send you like a pack of brainless zombies to blow up oil pipelines to sabotage your own region and earn your usual peanut cuts, we toxify your air with polluted gas flares so that you apes inhale enough lungfuls of polluted air and further lose your brain cells, we pollute your waters and make sure your IGR keeps reflecting very low figures despite the giant allocations been given to you, we give you a meager 15% derivative from your oyel resources and deny you resource control while you cry and chant asawana from moon rise to moon fall ... it's all a carefully worked out plan you despicable Ijo scum, and it seems to have worked so perfectly!

Keep crying and wailing on your wretched fate, you've been condemned to remain where you rightfully belong, right in the background of irrelevance and economic serfdom to your Igbo, Hausa and yoruba masters who have diligently collaborated with the foreign multinational companies to meticulously Bleep that Ijaw nyansh well well with no condom or lube grin, know your level as a slave and forever know peace you ogogoro-drinking bowler hat wearing slave with no language, culture and identity... aren't you nondescript Ijo apes descendants of Ghanaian slaves sef?

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