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Business / Re: Ethereum ‘Merge’ Officially Goes Live by tonicyril: 2:09pm On Sep 15, 2022
And wat is Thoma Muller doing there?
Crime / Re: How A Fake EFCC Official (Ime Ifechukwu) Scammed A Belgian Woman by tonicyril: 2:07pm On Sep 15, 2022

You don't know this people
They are very smart and calculative
Ghana: Ashanti empire, Nigeria: Oyo empire, Benin Republic: kingdom of Dahomey

These where some of the kingdoms that participated in the slave trade.
What the whites did was that, if they come to you and you refuse to sell slaves to them, they will go to the next kingdom and buy slaves and exchange it with guns.

As a result, those other kingdoms become more powerful than the ones that refuse to sell slaves

So in other to stay strong(having guns) you have to sell slaves otherwise your neighboring kingdoms will be stronger than you and may one day invade.

That was the technique they used.

Okkkkkk, now I understand the logic. Wao...just wao
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Just Venture Into Akara Business??? by tonicyril: 12:10pm On Sep 04, 2022
Seems marketing with insurance company is one of the worst jobs in Nigeria, infact some say it is enemies that pretend to like you that will recommend the job to you.
See that job eehn!! Dem really sakamaje me ooh.

Na so dem brainwashed me, me sef con dey daydream in money grin

A con dey target how a go see a retiree wey go do anuity grin grin

Abeg, in this current Nigeria, how would u convince a man that has worked for 35years or more to now withdraw all his money from his bank and deposit it into ur sakamaje account in the name if annuity grin grin me sef go gree do am?? grin

If not for my mum, my sole for tear for ikorodu grin

Do u know that worst tin, the person that introduced me to the job was convincing me against learning a trade, not only him, many pipu like that.



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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Just Venture Into Akara Business??? by tonicyril: 11:44am On Sep 04, 2022
Hi Fellow Nairalanders!

I am typing this piece with Disappointment, I least expected this.

So, I finished My Youth Service with Joy and gladness, and was back home till I get a good paying job, since I studied Metalogy/Civil Enginnering in the University..

As a Sure guy with Parly (Certificate) cheesy
I was very much confident of getting a nice paying job, So I started my Journey as a Job Seeker..

1st year, 2nd year, went by, and still nothing, So i decided to digress into something else for the meantime, everyone knows how Nigeria is .

I decided to pop into Teaching, atleast 'head still fresh'
I got this job, in a Primary school, the Headmistress and I agreed on a 30,000 monthly salary... I was happy though .

I resumed work, truth be told it was fun, but Sour at last..
I never knew this Madam was in for a trick..

Things were going well oo!
Firstly, Late to work a day - 5,000 deducted
Not being audible enough in the classroom - 3,000 deduction
Pupils not able to grab the day's work - 2,000 deducted
Failure to mark pupils note/ asessment/ assignment - 5,000 deduction
Few pupils failing Test, Oral questions and Examination - 5,000 deduction....

I was called for my salary, then Mrs. Headmistress brought out my file of report and defects , i was shocked when she tabled a sum of 15,000 naira as my salary for the month and Said "Welcome" I couldn't Fanthom where I was but i gathered myself and said "Thank you ma"

According to my fellow staff, this was the hidden principle in The School, people's salaries were deducted to nothing ...

I went home and slept throughout the week ..

Now Do you think I continue in this Mess or Venture into frying of akara and become self employed..

what are your thoughts, help a brother!!
Op u dont need to ask anyone, pls do whatever will put food on ur table and still remain pocket money.. a take God beg u.

Me sef na civil engineering i studied for school, tot in school for some months, did a marketer in an insurance company for a week den i jakpa wen sapa nearly turn me to its errand boy.

Now a no dey do civil engineering again sef, a don forget wat i was tot, laslas na trade/business a go learn at age 28

But today a no regret am, i am happy cus i now have a wife and a kid and they are all fine, me myself i am not a liability.
Next tin for me now na to jakpa.


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Travel / Re: Man Attempting To Cross Into Italy By Sea From Libya Changes His Mind (Video) by tonicyril: 5:54am On Sep 03, 2022

Thanks bro but na lesson I go learn even though I learned the hard way
so how did u return to Nigeria bro, and how did u handle ur friends that false-tripped u into it.
Or u later cross the sea to the other divide??


Travel / Re: Man Attempting To Cross Into Italy By Sea From Libya Changes His Mind (Video) by tonicyril: 5:52am On Sep 03, 2022

I’ll just make it brief, I was in my early 20’s, my friends talked me into the journey but I didn’t know they were not travelling with us until the day we left Nigeria.

I didn’t have much information about the journey but because they told me it’s easy and fun I left Nigeria with them.

We were first held by rebels in the desert for 28 days, mind you I left Nigeria Feb 3rd 2009 and I got to Libya in March.

The owner of the uncomplicated building we were living brought the police to arrest us 4 days after I got to the house, some guys were arrested but i and some other guys escaped, we ran into the cemetery and slept there till 6AM.

I found a Nigerian who offered to allow me stay in his house, few days later I told him that I got a connection to cross to Italy and I will be living the following day.

The following morning this guy left the house and locked everyone inside, he returned in the evening with 3 guys, a Ghanian and 2 Nigerians. The moment he entered the house he pointed at me saying this is the boy before I knew what was happening they stated beating me asking me to follow them. I resisted and fought back, the landlord heard the noice, he came knocking so the guys quickly ran away.

The following morning this guy asked me to pay him $300 before he will allow me leave, I said you should have said that instead of bringing people to beat me up. Then I gave him the money and left his house to the camp from where we were to be taken to the sea side.

The same night we were taken to the sea side, when we got there we were ask to sit on the floor and not make noice, about 3 minutes later a small balloon boat came and was taking us 30/30 to the big boat, I was on the 3rd batch, few minutes after I entered the big boat, we saw boats coming towards our direction behold they were coast patrol.

The person that was to sail our boat told everyone that we will all die instead of him to allow the police arrest him then he zoomed off, the police chased our boat till they caught us when we were almost out of Libya territory.

We were arrested and taken to prison on Sunday and we broke the prison on Tuesday and escaped. We were chased all night……. Na long story bro I hope I get to document all that happened on that trip one day. I lost my left eye as a result of the beating I got from the guys that were invited to beat me.

What is happening here??

Bro are u for real?? shocked shocked shocked

All this at ur early 20s?? But u were supposed to be in school by then na?

They even beat ur condemn ur eye, that means the beating must have been so brutal.

Imagine a fellow Nigerian setting u up to be beaten, for what na embarassed


Crime / Re: How A Fake EFCC Official (Ime Ifechukwu) Scammed A Belgian Woman by tonicyril: 5:35am On Sep 03, 2022

The whites battered our eagle and depleted our population by using us as slaves.

They also destroyed our history, ancient civilization like the oyo empire, the Benin kingdom, kingdom of Nri, Ashanti Kingdom of Ghana etc. These cities were thriving on their own and would have been world class cities today if not for their collapse. Instead, they forcefully merged people and tribes together, tribes who hate each other so that we can start fighting and hating on each other and become underdeveloped and import everything from them (phones, food, etc)

You should know that poverty brings desperation to survive, which in turn brings corruption, which in turn introduce more suffering and poverty. And the cycle continues.

These white people are the ones who started the cycle and now we are struggling to stop it.
Guy wait

If person come now and said he want to exchange ur sons and daughters with iPhone, will u accept the offer?? I am sure u wont.

But African forefathers accepted the offer, what africans are suffering now are due to the imbecility of her forefathers and nothing more.
Crime / Re: How A Fake EFCC Official (Ime Ifechukwu) Scammed A Belgian Woman by tonicyril: 11:44am On Sep 01, 2022
I don't support crime but I don't feel pity for these white people, they are the ones who put Africans in poverty, that poverty and hardship they put Africans in is what gave rise to the scanning they are experiencing. This is just a ripple effect of the evil her ancestors committed.

I don't support fraud though.
how did they put Africa into poverty??

Na dem talk say make Africa forefathers no get sense??

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Romance / Re: The Reason Why Most People Will Never Succeed In Life by tonicyril: 4:36pm On Aug 31, 2022
grin grin grin grin
you talk am yourself say you no get money. Should i tell you to go sell kidney ni? Lmao
Romance / Re: The Reason Why Most People Will Never Succeed In Life by tonicyril: 4:14pm On Aug 31, 2022
start reading


Ooh, ok.. fine.

Which means u re indirectly telling me to take my mind off student visa grin.

Thanks for ur tym sir
Romance / Re: The Reason Why Most People Will Never Succeed In Life by tonicyril: 2:50pm On Aug 31, 2022
do you have a degree or masters Work experience

*Yes, i have an hnd in civil engineering
*I have a vocational certificate on bricklaying/mansory
*And i have a working experience (like 8years) in construction sir(both as a manson jobber and site engineer)
*I also have four years experience as a warehouse manager sir.

Modified:: Did i just forget that i am also undertaking a software engineering course!!.
Romance / Re: The Reason Why Most People Will Never Succeed In Life by tonicyril: 2:28pm On Aug 31, 2022
Bros i am still waiting for your reply sir
Phones / Re: Facebook (Lite Version) Is Down by tonicyril: 1:20pm On Aug 31, 2022
Na lie

Na my own be this
Romance / Re: The Reason Why Most People Will Never Succeed In Life by tonicyril: 1:09pm On Aug 31, 2022
I want to migrate to either Canada, Australia, us or New Zealand. But this is my problem sir.

I wish to go with a student visa but i dont know how i would generate the bogus school fees wen i get there, so i got scared.

So i opted for an express visa, but i dont know the uncertainty about this route sir, how long it would take?, What will necessitate my chances of bn selected?, How much i would need? And what & what i am expected to have or posses

Remember sir, my primary aim of migrating is for hustling, schooling is secondary, tho i wil eventually school but that would be wen i gain my feet(and i dont know how long it would take me to gain ground)

I tink i should also let u know that i dont have a sponsor but i have a robust bank transactions over the years, so an account statement is not the problem sir..

These and many more are what makes up my fears sir. Pls i shall be expecting ur response in earliest time sir. Thanks.
Travel / Re: Untold Truth About Why Immigrants Are Leaving Canada by tonicyril: 3:02pm On Aug 30, 2022
I don’t mind please. I am ready to pay the price. Thanks
He's not talking about monetary price alone fa

Bodily kindness is included ooh grin
Travel / Re: Untold Truth About Why Immigrants Are Leaving Canada by tonicyril: 2:47pm On Aug 30, 2022
Lol big deal working in Amazon and a bank in Canada. Forget story 95% of Nigerians that migrated to Canada regret deep inside upending their established life in Nigeria to move to that dead country.

And i want to move there ooh, infact a don dey take steps sef.
Romance / Re: The Reason Why Most People Will Never Succeed In Life by tonicyril: 2:29pm On Aug 30, 2022
you can be frugal with spendings and still remain poor for ever too lol
for those without foresight.. not me..

Definitely not me.

And secondly, i dont pray to be poor again.

That apart bro, pls i want to make some enquiries from u..i wil be asking those questions here and not tru pm sir.
Romance / Re: The Reason Why Most People Will Never Succeed In Life by tonicyril: 1:52pm On Aug 30, 2022
The current civilizations we have in the world today was not designed to make people succeed. Only few people can be successful for the system to function . Make una rest
And wat gives u the guarantee that u re not going to be among the rich??

Op is not saying one shouldn't rest, he's only admonishing us to be frugal with our spendings when are wealths are still embryonic. U can spend more when u finally get more comfortable.

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Education / Re: ASUU Rejects EKSU Resumption Order, UNIOSUN Tackles Union by tonicyril: 10:49am On Aug 27, 2022
Trash from a a quack state university

Show me one successful research the school has carried out...

Show me the school farm,let's see the progress..

Ndi ala
frustrations grin grin

All wil be well sir...

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Politics / Re: What Would Happen To Yekini Amoda Ogunlere If He Loses The Election by tonicyril: 2:36am On Aug 23, 2022
You are wrong but it's your opinion. Explain how the split would end corruption
Wao wao wao!!!

So now i am wrong??

Wen we were all shouting for splitting or referendum we were all right but the moment peter obi put himself on the ballot we are now wrong...

Human nature in display grin grin

Wait lemme ask you, wat if ur preferred candidate no con enter, wetin u go do??
Politics / Re: What Would Happen To Yekini Amoda Ogunlere If He Loses The Election by tonicyril: 2:31am On Aug 23, 2022
Whatever decision you take in the name of teaching Peter Obi a lesson will only affect you. Look around you, the lesson you wanted to teach GEJ has turned Nigeria to a desolate land while GEJ is in his home town of Otuoke eating Nkwobi in peace. Your choice affects only you!
What is this onê sayin??

How does it relate??

Which peter obi a wan teach leason??

Peter obi wey a dey pray make i reach for age and status and wealth?? Abi who?

Lol, look forward, a no get anybody to teach any lesson.

Just make sure ur decision is right and not based on tribalism sir, not only to u but to all the voters??
Politics / Re: What Would Happen To Yekini Amoda Ogunlere If He Loses The Election by tonicyril: 11:30pm On Aug 22, 2022

Everyone had his own opinion. Do you think it's everyone that would like you?

Noo u dont get me,

What im trying to say is that, Obi that majority of igbos knows that he failed as a governor is now seen as Messiah abi??

Me i am not even against him but i know he has nothing to offer us, atiku has nothing to offer, tinubu self, mtcheew.

The only people i know that may offer me hope are either MNK or Sunday Igboho.

Nigeria can not work bn conjoined together, e no fit work. We need to split abeg.

But here are our youths shouting Obi, tinubu, agbado, pandora, him tu lie all over the net.

We never ready.
Politics / Re: What Would Happen To Yekini Amoda Ogunlere If He Loses The Election by tonicyril: 11:24pm On Aug 22, 2022

The coward has gone to hide behind his language to insult me. But I forgive you, my boy. We Obidients are very forgiving. grin grin grin grin grin grin
Lol, i even tot u understand yoruba that is why i typed in yoruba na grin grin grin

Below is what ur fellow ibos had to say about obi in 2012

Politics / Re: Non-igbos Only by tonicyril: 11:21pm On Aug 22, 2022

Because. BAT is an evil Bird. No one associates with BAT only witches.
u will say that again comes 2023 grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Non-igbos Only by tonicyril: 11:20pm On Aug 22, 2022

Don’t mind them bro. Obi is now the messiah they have been waiting for. 2023 will be full of dramas when they start chanting “Biafra or death” like they usually do. They are marketing their Obi while ridiculing Yoruba candidates. The stvpid zombie Yorubas were laughing… chai
I was having the meaningful argument with Acidosis this morning, the man was faulting tinubu and said its not tinubu that built lagos that lagos has bn built before the emergence of tinubu.

I said he is right, but tinubu ensures the continuity of lagos greatness and he cant deny that.

I now ask him to coment about peter obi, show us the track record, and he should also discuss about his allegation from pandora, and how he siphoning Anambra funds, how he lied that he left so so amount for the incoming governor but the incoming governor denied such amount, the guy went mute immediately.

Since morning till now he never know wat to reply, maybe he's thinking about the next lies to produce.

These people are full of hate and venom. And the funny tins is they now dominate nairaland, they wont even allow u to air ur opinion without maiming and nailing u with reckless abandon. A just taya for them.

But i know that after 2023, they wil be put to their place as usual.


Politics / Re: What Would Happen To Yekini Amoda Ogunlere If He Loses The Election by tonicyril: 11:08pm On Aug 22, 2022
Pa Yekini is old, frail, and sick. It is not advisable for him to go through the campaign stress. He clearly needs a rest. Now imagine if he loses, how would it affect his health? His supporters are not helping him. Someone needs to tell him the truth. We want him to last long for his children and grandchildren. His Jumbo pension as formal governor of Lagos state should be enough for him.
instead of u to think of what will happen if Nigeria fail again to choose the right man for the job

The PO u re campaigning for, how are we sure is the right ma??

How are we sure its tinubu, even atiku??

Dey der dey hate, ok?? Una go get sense by force.
Politics / Re: Non-igbos Only by tonicyril: 10:59pm On Aug 22, 2022
Obi may be a humble guy, but his people are generally a chest beating tribe, who see others as inferior and are quick to show this.

When Obi loses they will go back to calling yoruba Afonja's, Hausa's malu, almajiri and foolonis, south South and Delta Igbo counterfeit, and the Nigeria they claim to be fighting for a zoo.

The Igbo man is obedient to no one except his belly, and only makes a move for self aggrandisement and personal gain. He has no sense of nationhood, and his only thought of development is wallowing in tribalism.

Those non-igbos who join the obidient group are the real jokers, and are gradually loosing it. Keep an Igbo man at arms length the way our leaders have kept them at national level as an Igbo can kill his neighbour and has no compass of right or wrong. Go to internet and see them celebrate the death of even their own kinsmen, as soon as they sense he did not have the same believe of the terror caused by Ugm, MNK and Ipob.

They creep into your land like they do in Dei Dei market, ladipo market, Kafanchan and want to dictate the state of play, meanwhile are so tribalistic that they would not even sell their land to fellow citizens in Nnewi or Onitsha.

Voting for Peter Obi is seeing a ditch and falling sheepishly into it.

Time to wise up non-igbo youth, no Igbo man can be your friend without ripping you in the end, stabbing you on the back and beating his chest afterward. They actually think they are smarter than you, and sing it all over SM as a song.

Don't fight another man's course


they wil eventually roast u for this my brother.

I hope ur head will still remain intact before dawn grin grin

Me a just dey wait for 2023, people wey go hang themselves go plentyyyyyy, while some go go back to biafra or death grin grin

Obi wey Anambra people dey condemn bitterly wen he was the governor na hin some nonsense people wan sell give us, make we dey see.


Food / Re: Take A Look At The Pears I Got For 2k. How Much Is This In Your Area? by tonicyril: 10:31pm On Aug 22, 2022
What do you mean, please? Is it cheaper there or expensive?
plenty and cheaper
Food / Re: Take A Look At The Pears I Got For 2k. How Much Is This In Your Area? by tonicyril: 9:23pm On Aug 22, 2022
The tin sara for benin here


Family / Re: Little Girl Practices Hair Plaiting With Her Dad's Hairless Scalp (Pix, Video) by tonicyril: 4:29pm On Aug 22, 2022

Hahahah lovey baby .. I ll soon have one
Amen, by the grace if God.

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