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Family / Re: Wife Pranks Husband She Is Going Out In Skimpy, Curves Revealing Outfit by tujays(m): 3:57pm On Sep 21
A woman pranks her husband she is going shopping in a dress showing her thighs,skin and curves.


black dudes can die for obese women. grin grin grin
Crime / Re: Yahoo Plus Boy Caught Cutting A Niger Delta University Student's Neck by tujays(m): 3:52pm On Sep 21
Breaking News
Suspected ‘Yahoo Plus’ boys were caught cutting a girl's head off at Ogobiri Community, Bayelsa State

News reaching us is that, one of the boys has been apprehended and handed over to the police.

We were also rightly informed that the girl who is from Nembe LGA has been rushed to Tantua Hospital in Amassoma
Details soon...

See more

Southerners are saints only Northerners are devils. this southern dude is doing this because buhari didnt give our youths jobs but buhari gave all the northern youths jobs and they are still the poorest and backwards. clowns grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Sudan Military Foils Coup Attempt, Dozens Of Soldiers Arrested by tujays(m): 11:21am On Sep 21
why is Africa having issue of leadership.
because Africans are greedy, selfish and never united. black people are "sellouts" they would protect other race other than theirs. na swear wey dem swear for our ancestors that's why Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba thinks they are not related in anyway even when they are all blacks and clearly share the same ancestry from the beginning. so our adopted tribes and religion makes us think we are different. give Igbos Biafra, Yorubas Oduduwa and Hausa Arewa Republic. they would forget nation building and start fighting for whom to be in Control. na that time dem go remember say majority and minority exist within them. crazy humans.

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Politics / Re: Noor Buhari: Being A President’s Child Is Very Testing (Photo) by tujays(m): 1:26am On Sep 21

If I talk now they will say I am broke shaming you but I have to tell you this,
I don't know your age but I am 28 years and what I have achieved at 28 I am so sure that nobody in your lineage has achieved it.

Broke dimwit
lmao clown. only empty vessels talk this way. people who have achieved much In life don't have time for hatred talk less of coming Into Nairaland to curse on people that are far better than them. you are clearly a frustrated soul. You claim to have achieved more than My lineage even when you have no single Idea of who I am and I agree with you knowing you're just deluded grin but don't Divert from the topic and the fact that Buhari and His daughters are millions miles away from your poverty striking lineage. grin I don't know you and don't wanna know you but one thing for sure is I'm not an Ignorant lame ass chest beater like you, I don't trash talk people randomly on social media I know nothing of... "A fool at 28" grin
Politics / Re: Noor Buhari: Being A President’s Child Is Very Testing (Photo) by tujays(m): 4:34pm On Sep 20
Story for the gods

You eat free food
Drive free cars
Wear free cloth
Collect allowance when you are not working
Get free data
Free security and everything

Noor Buhari ko Ajinomoto Buhari ni

Perhaps she wanted to write TASTY instead of TESTING
bitter and envious souls. she no send you come from poverty striking lineage. next life choose wisely. okpokri grin
Politics / Re: Igbos Share Ancestry With Jews - New Report Says by tujays(m): 4:39pm On Sep 19
IGBO PEOPLE too funny aswear. grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

You wonder why they full entertainment industry pass.. dey produce low budget children drama they call movies. grin


Politics / Re: Second Bach Of A-29 Super Tucano Fighter Aircrafts Depart US For Nigeria by tujays(m): 3:05pm On Sep 19
These ones should be kept in the south, the other ones were kept in the north. If war start for Nigeria, na them go get hold of it.
yeye fowl grin. e shock you abi? South need to order for their own as e be say dem be country on their own different from the North. foolish southerners. grin
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: PDP May Lose Again If Northern Candidate Emerges, Says Okupe by tujays(m): 4:23am On Sep 19

President of the 19 Northern states.
. If he North does not handover by 29th of May, 2023. All Northerners in the South should just pack their bags and leave to go and enjoy the rule of the Northern President. That is when you will realize that Nigeria's unity is negotiable and it must be negotiated.
how many northerners resides In your tribalistic south? come to the north and see how southerners are everywhere. the north is home to millions of southerners but your ignorance and stupidity wont make you do research. yeye fowl.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Fainted Severally In Kenyan Custody, Smeared With Faeces by tujays(m): 3:08pm On Sep 18

Nairaland Ipob counter defense typing right now to brag on how they will deal with Buhari after hearing this news.. grin

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Politics / Re: IPOB: The Taliban Of Igbo Land By Vanguard Newspapers by tujays(m): 2:55pm On Sep 18

Who would have believed that a group that placed a 100m bounty on Gov Wike’s head would see Buhari in Owerri and choose sit-at-home? If they are gifted with such an amount of tact then why can’t they see that they need to win hearts and minds rather than intimidate people into submission? lol this is the quote that got me laughing out loud. grin grin grin when Buhari turn up, all of them wey dey make mouth run enter room dey eat akpu and osala and brag say Igbos no dey hungry on Nairaland. freaking clowns grin

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Politics / Re: Akeredolu: Southern Governors Will Oppose Any Party That Fields A Northerner by tujays(m): 11:13am On Sep 18
North would have completed two terms which is 8 years by 2023.. common sense dictates that power should move South for another 8 years for equity sake except the North have evil agenda or something to hide.

Southerners no come sell groundnut for Nigeria now. Kilode
The south ruled for 14 years since the return to Democracy. the North 10. for Equity sake the North has 4 more years to match the south. una think say una get sense. yeye pipo. grin
Autos / Re: Covid-19: Hundreds Of Exotic Taxis Turned To Vegetable Farm In Thailand (Pics) by tujays(m): 11:09am On Sep 18
No be 2013 Camry I dey see so?

Na him be Taxi?
They change their Taxis yearly to the latest Corolla. that's the Standard here.
Politics / Re: Pay Pentecost Tax – Osinbajo Advises Preachers by tujays(m): 11:02am On Sep 18
Osibanjo now fighting against Christianity.. Power really intoxicates..
How much cut you dey receive in church offering and tithe from your G.O?
Politics / The Confusion Called "Nigeria". by tujays(m): 3:42pm On Sep 16
Growing up In Kaduna, I never Knew Nigeria was this Divided until the introduction of the Internet and social Media where I began to see very disparaging Comments from Mostly people of the Southern parts of Nigeria on their views about The North. back then this name tag "Northerner" and "Southerner" didn't exist. As someone from the minority and a Christian, I grew up with mostly people from different parts of Nigeria. As a matter of fact I grew up with mostly people from the South living in Kaduna, Went to school with them and all my best friends, good memories are with different tribes from the south. I attended Catholic school in my Primary days and mission school In my secondary days. I have never had a Hausa or a Muslim friend all my life.. My biggest shock presently is how I read disparaging comments from mainly folks from the south against the northerners.. most of those accusations about the North are false from the part I grew up. yea, there are some happenings in the core north but it's been exaggerated by the media and southerners. I just don't know where all these hatred is coming from. and to crown it all up they think everyone In the North is Hausa/Fulani (what ignorance) Many southern folks started their career In the North and were/are blessed bountifully but never gives the North the credit it deserves. presently they generalize hisbah alcoholic ban In kano by attributing such actions to the North. In Kaduna where I came from, It's home to one of the Biggest Nigerian Breweries.. The Southern Kaduna people where I am from and the vast southerners living amongst us are alcohol guzzlers. Bars and clubs Everywhere, Churches In every corner of Kaduna state. Jos is also home to many breweries and churches, and many other states in the North. So this narratives and generalization about some happenings In the core North Is pure silly. you generalize us as Northerners when you want to trash talk the North and call Us middle belt when general population is being counted or when you want to make the Hausas feel they are the minor. what sought of hypocrisy is that? The main reason why Nigeria can Never disintegrate is that majority of the Southerners don't realize that Nigeria is bigger than Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. That is the reason why anyone who starts agitation by underestimating our vast ethnicities fails woefully in achieving that aim. Study the Nigeria map well, Travel to various parts of Nigeria and get the real picture of the entity called Nigeria before displaying your ignorance on social media spaces. Thank You!
Crime / Re: How Immigration Officers Broke The Neck Of 28-Year-Old Applicant In Ekiti by tujays(m): 12:37pm On Sep 16


On Thursday September 9, 2021, a 28-year-old Omoboriowo Emmanuel who hail from Ijero-Ekiti, like every other law-abiding citizen of Ekiti State, in the company of his fiancé (Tomilola) visited the Immigration Office situated at Odo-Ado in Ado-Ekiti to apply for international passport.

Emmanuel, an ICT Consultant, who is presently admitted at the Emergency Ward of the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital narrated his ordeal to newsmen; “I had called earlier before that day to book an appointment with one of the officials of the Immigration who is helping out on some travel documents. On getting to the gate of the office complex, I was told by one of the guards at the gate house to make a U-turn and park outside the premises but I asked him why I won’t be allowed to use the parking lot, he insisted I take my car outside. I was concerned that it won’t be safe or wise that my car is parked on the road side as this is against traffic rules on that route.

“As a young responsible citizen, I wouldn’t want to flout traffic rules or be found in the wrong books of traffic officials so I insisted I was going to use the parking lot instead. Suddenly, I was surrounded by three other officers (one of them was fully armed) who started yelling at me to leave the complex. As I attempted to drive my car out, one of the officers started hitting me with his belt and even refused my fiancé entry into the vehicle. While the car was on motion, I accidentally hit two other cars at the lot due to the confrontation by the officers who eventually damaged my car.

“The three officers beat me so hard till I passed out. I was taken to a cell room afterwards where they tried to revive and so they later took me to the nearest police station as one of the officers suggested, saying, “Let us take him to the police so he won’t die here.”

According to the doctor’s assessment, Emmanuel who is in a critical condition, has suffered neck fracture, broken left ankle, femur and toes, and a dislocated right arm. He has been referred to the Afe Babalola University Teaching Hospital for further examination.

Omoboriowo Emmanuel, while lamenting his situation, has demanded that justice be served and have informed his lawyer of his ordeal. “I have done nothing wrong. These officers have treated me unjustly and I want justice. Many citizens go through this horror everyday in the hands of uncultured uniform men and I want the government to proffer lasting solutions.

Source: https://kikiotolunews.com/immigration-officers-batter-passport-applicant-in-ekiti-breaks-his-neck-full-details/
Which Kind law abiding Citizen dem dey try drag out of his car and e no gree respect himself drop quietly before they broke his neck? a law abiding citizen would just drop quietly and answer his query jejely. ask African Americans many of them don die because of this I no gree i no gree attitude or claiming right. when law enforcement agencies confronts you don't be too quick to claim right. listen to them respect them to avoid stories that touch. those zombies hates to be Intimidated by common citizens.


Health / Re: Help!! Withdrawals Symptoms From Anti Depressants by tujays(m): 3:40am On Sep 16
I have been on Amitriptyline for almost 10 years now, the first day I missed a dose i nearly died.
Now am afraid to stop, even the doctor that placed me on it has died.
Buying the drug is always a challenge cos I don't have prescription.
Hope I can find a solution here
lol.. so as the doctor died you didn't go see a new doctor, you just keep taking the one prescribed by the previous dead doctor.. bro you need to go find that doctor's grave and ask him on what to do next. grin grin grin

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Romance / Re: Careers Of Men That Turn You Off As A Lady? by tujays(m): 1:50pm On Sep 15
i'm not pissed, i just feel that nigerians judge alot, and those who even do arent even any better, it is not even like they can even feed themselves anyways.
Abject poverty, bitterness and ignorance is the root cause. only in Nigeria you see someone that doesn't have a bicycle calling out someone with a Camry muscle. like "this one na car?", "this na pure water na" or you see one ugly looking person saying things like "obasanjo is too Ugly" you see many hungry folks here on Nairaland, making mockery of Buhari and calling him names like Illiterate and shitt... for someone that has achieved that far in life that no one In your entire Lineage has ever attained a quarter. just plain Bitterness grin


Politics / Re: President Buhari Thanks Imo State People For Giving Him A Warm Reception by tujays(m): 4:54am On Sep 11
There is no town you will visit in Nigeria without seeing the Igbos being in-charge of economic activities. The evidence is there for everyone to see, that Igbos are in charge of Nigeria’s economy

Originally, na hypeman buhari suppose dey do for club..
See whinning..
If you understand this tribe very well. na to dey play dem with over hyping them, to Inflate their dry ego. the thing dey sweet dem die. I recently read some comments where Dangote was the only African Richest man to appear on Bloomberg Richest folks, some of them were commenting that If they got the support Dangote is getting from the government they would be the richest on earth, Richer than Benzos and Bill gates. this people no well at all.. grin grin
Family / Re: I Hurt My Mom Badly, How Do I Pacify Her? by tujays(m): 10:33am On Sep 10
Good morning N'landers, I will make this post as brief and concise as possible.

Some months ago while I was home on break from school, I visited one of my in-laws that owns a school to introduce a software to him for his school. The man complained that I was too distant from him, citing how I never call him or ask him for favours whenever I'm in school. I told him I will reach out to him more often.

I told my mom about my visit and she told me without mincing words to resist collecting money from the man. My mom is the religious type and has been skeptical about the man's source of wealth.

When school resumed things were difficult at home and I couldn't resume school. I spent close to three months after resumption at home due to lack of funds.
Note that since my admission from my first year to my final year, I've never asked any relative for help no received any help from anyone aside my immediate family.

I lost my resolve not to ask for help when my project supervisor called me and scolded me over the phone for my inability to resume school. I sent the man a text soliciting for help, he sent me 5k which I added to the little I had and resumed school. I didn't tell my mom because I knew she won't be happy about it.

In school things were so hard for me, during a particular period I went almost one week living on just water, that period I'm sure I would eaten food sacrificed to a deity if I had access to one. I called the man again and he reluctantly sent me 4k after many calls and text messages.

This early morning I got a phone call from my mom, she was crying over the phone. She was hurt and said I betrayed her because I went behind her back to collected money from a man she told me to avoid. She said that singular act of mine has destroyed all her efforts and prayers to break us free from bondage. I tired to explain that the money wasnt a physical cash hence it has no effect on me but to no avail. She said I've broken her for life and she would never forgive me.

I have a very close relationship with my mom and everything she told me really hurt me and I'm confused on the action to take. I am 28 but I hardly hide anything from her, I didn't tell her about the money because I know she wouldn't approve of it and I needed it. This is the first time any relative has contributed to my education ever. I don't even know how she got to know.

Please how do I pacify her and get her to forgive me? I really love my mom and can't bear to see her this heartbroken.
Sorry to say this, but from my experience your mom is a typical Nigerian Narcissist mother who is trying to manipulate you to the fact that she's your mother and you must do as she wishes. my mom has same traits as your mom, my eyes got opened to her manipulative ways when I was 30 and above. she's a very churchy woman and always reminding us on how she can lay curse upon us if we disobey her but she won't, even though the devil is trying hard to push her to do it when we annoy her or disobey her. she wont provide your basic needs 100% and ask you to go on your knees in prayers to ask God. at 28 your mom still thinks you are a kid and tries to play with your emotional Intelligence to keep you that way. If you don't break loose from a typical Nigerian mom manipulation you would end up marrying the wrong woman or your marriage will be full of problems coz of your mom. know this and know peace. you are a man and grown enough to know what's good enough for you.
Health / Re: A True Tale Of My Old Friend, Now Insane And Roams About The Streets. by tujays(m): 3:06am On Sep 10
This is sad.
A Mad Man is still better than a dead Pwrson. Someday, He will recover from his madness.
you need to work seriously on your mentality. a mad person is suffering in pains while a dead person is resting. (at peace)

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Politics / Re: Okorocha: Those Blackmailing Me For Leading Igbos To APC Now Beneficiaries by tujays(m): 11:41am On Sep 09
Imo state governors both past and present has always been a hindrance to Igbo nation
Buhahahaha e no get who no dey Hinder Igbo nation for this world. omadioha Dem carry Victim Mentality take swear for all of Una. grin grin grin


Politics / Re: Buhari In Imo: Photos As President Buhari Steps Off The Plane by tujays(m): 10:51am On Sep 09


Buhari the Chief sheriff is In town, the slayer of Ipigs. they shiver on sighting his presence. make una make sure una sit at home today so as to make DSS and SSS work easier for them. at least the security alertness wont be intense. mumu people with IQ of a pig. grin grin


Politics / Re: PDP Is A Terrorists’ Party – Aisha Yesufu by tujays(m): 11:27am On Sep 05
Nigerians failed to understand that they're not the ones thinking but rather allow few Politicians to think for them using social and mainstream media.
Between 2011-2015 average Northerner believed that GEJ was behind Boko Haram and FG and DSS were used as an agent of terrorism. Many believed GEJ used security agents to bring weapons to terrorists BH by deliberately allowing the terrorists to ambush arms transported to military in North-East, at the peak of BH insurgency more than 60% of BH weapons were looted by insurgents from military ambush; these allegations was further propelled by Late Gen. Andrew Azazi who was former COAS, and NSA who publicly claimed that PDP is Boko Haram and he shortly died in plane crush which many people believed that he was assassinated for trying to expose hidden agenda of PDP and Nigerian Politicians which is commonly acceptable by average Northerner.

More over, some few years after PMB took over in 2015, BH was pushed to boaders of Borno and Yobe and banditry by Fulani herders become the order of the day, they kill, rape and kidnap people. This prompted many people especially from the south to believe that PMB and APC are terrorists and behind all these insecurities.

Finally, it is very sad how both educated Nigerians and illiterates are so brainwashed & delusional not to understand the media twist and unfounding speculations of dangerous accusations we play which will never solve our seemingly unending problems. Media houses are being paid by opposition parties to play such a dangerous game and the gullible citizens believe everything media feed them especially propaganda driven by ethno-religious bias. This mistrust is proliferated by some extremist religious leaders from both Christians and Muslims who have strong affiliation to party politics and politicians use them to propagate falsehood which they believe gullibile citizens will quickly believe. These religious leaders know nothing about governance but they've few people around them who tell them that they've access to security reports and they know what is happening and govt is planning to do this and that; during GEJ era many of such people deceive Northerners that Southern, Christian President is using BH to depopulate them while under Northern Muslim President they deceive southerners that North want to Fulanize/Islamise them when in reality North is the worst hit and biggest victim of the banditry and kidnapping.
We all have to wake up from being used by ethno-religious division politics!
you couldn't have said it any better. this is exactly the situations of things in this country. the general public are so dumb that they don't keep records of happenings in this country. they believe so much in "I hear say" ""we hear say". that's why one foolish albino can easily sit his asss in far away London and tell them that one Jubrin is the one ruling and Buhari is death or cloned , and these foolish people including the so called educated easily bought that story. The leaders we have been recycling is as a result of the mindset of the general public. because of sentiments some parts of the population tag Goodluck Jonathan a saint after he was disgraced out of office for turning Aso Villa to market place and his personal property, they even claim his tenure was better. Goodluck knowing how foolish these people are suddenly began to play the role of a saint he's not. I just dey laugh at the general populace of the entity called Nigeria. It's the poor populace vs the rich elites but foolishness can't make them to see clearly. they keep Killing and hating on each other for nothing sake.

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Politics / Re: IPOB Sit-at-home Continues: South-east Traders, Others Lament Huge Losses by tujays(m): 3:41am On Sep 05
IPOB sit-at-home continues despite suspension, South-East traders, others lament huge losses to protest

all these biafulani people will never seems to amaze me. grin
Politics / Re: Nigerian Arrested For Trafficking 117g Of Cocaine In Adheri, India by tujays(m): 9:12am On Sep 04
Let him face the music ... Wish he had done this and nabbed in Thailand or Indonesia
Thailand don't execute drug dealers, except if the drug pusher is a dangerous drug baron. cocaine is a class b drug in Thailand. Ice and other local drug called Yaba meaning (Craze Drug) is class A. In fact many Igbos are rotten In Thailand jail. some finish their jail term and deported back to Nigeria. Indonesia, China and Malaysia executes drug peddlers no matter how small the quantity.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Why PDP Cannot Afford To Cede Its Presidential Ticket To Any Region by tujays(m): 4:02pm On Aug 30
that the point bro I will prefer goodluck Johnathan to atiku. Nigerian need to start working again. If APC and PDP feed northern candidates let this country divide no be them get country
Is it in this condition that you are you will be able to divide the country?

Politics / Re: Bishop Ndubisi Obi: Leave IPOB/ESN Alone, Go After Bandits & Terrorists by tujays(m): 8:19am On Aug 30

logic and ipobians dey very far apart. so you mean leave one terrorist alone and face the other? Instead of facing all the terrorist from all parts of the country at the same time. what is wrong with these people's IQ sef?


Politics / Re: PIA: When 3% Is Greater Than 30% by tujays(m): 8:18am On Aug 29
Politics / Re: PIA: When 3% Is Greater Than 30% by tujays(m): 7:43am On Aug 29

It's your stupid parents you should be mentioning and not mine.... I really don't know how some of you just come online, quote a stranger and insult their parents.... Maybe cos you never had respect for yours.... Being a bastard that you are.

The only dumbass I see here is you.... Trying to claim smartness with your one digit IQ.
still looking for any part in my write up where I insulted your parents tho. I only asked you a simple question If your parents were the ones who gave the bribe and your mumu brain couldn't comprehend it. rather you translated it to Insults on your parents now you see who's IQ is below -0 digit? stop spreading fake news all over social media just to make a cheap points that suits your narratives.
Politics / Re: PIA: When 3% Is Greater Than 30% by tujays(m): 7:14am On Aug 29
Don't blame the North.... If all the Southern House of Rep Members had voted no, the bill wouldn't have passed.

Some decided to vote for it for whatever reason or reasons.... I heard they collected bribe to pass it, I don't know how true it is.
say no for what exactly? for what seems right or wrong? all these poor people can be very pathetic both in reasoning and in actions. you heard they collected bribe, bribe from your father or from your mother? where you heard that from? from ogogoro joint or palmwine joint? mumu people go dey claim smartness. clowns grin

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Politics / Re: Garba Shehu: Shoot-At-Sight Order On Bandits Worse Than Terrorist Designation by tujays(m): 3:54pm On Aug 28
Fulanis are an irritating set of people.
nope every tribe in Nigeria has their Irritants within. stop with this bullshit stereotype and myopic generalization. unless If you agree that all Igbos are criminals and drug pushers or all Yorubas are yahoo yahoo and skull miners then I'll agree with you. I'm not even related to Fulani.
Politics / Re: Soyinka To UN: Declare Nigeria As Protectorates To Stop Bandits ‘Slave Trade’ by tujays(m): 1:20pm On Aug 28

I'm aware Aboki means friend in Hausa, if you don't know it's generally used to refer to idiots like you, then nothing can ever enter your head again.
Inyamiri is used to refer to what? and bayerebe? common sense far from una I swear. to think fools like you think you're smarter is beyond my Imagination. grin

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